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photo: Moss Icon at LPR in 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro)
Moss Icon

Maryland post-hardcore veterans Moss Icon continue to play every now and then since reuniting in 2012 and releasing their discography as a triple LP on Temporary Residence Ltd. They last made their way to NYC on New Year's Eve with Rainer Maria, and they'll return for a free NYC show on Friday (4/24) at Brooklyn Night Bazaar.

Also on that bill is Guerilla Toss, Beech Creeps, Multicult and Voice Coils. Like most BKNB shows, the venue's open from 7 PM - 1 AM, and you can RSVP to skip the line.

Listen to an Rdio stream of Complete Discography below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Andrew Sacher


"i attended 75 concerts in 2014, many of them great; but Rainer Maria's reunion show tonight was just epic. such a perfect way to start 2015." - @LHH_CC53

"God damn. For a band that broke up eight years ago, Rainer Maria absolutely destroyed @ Bowery Ballroom tonight." - Lauren Barker

Rainer Maria
Rainer Maria
Rainer Maria

One of the many New Year's Eve concerts in NYC this year was the reunited Rainer Maria playing their first show since 2006 at Bowery Ballroom. The show wasn't sold out, but it was pretty close, and it seemed like most people were huge fans and knew all the words. And judging by some tweets, like the one above about making a 3,000 mile trip or this person who came from Texas, people traveled from all over to come. They sounded great, were super tight, and looked like no time had passed since their initial run as a band. They seemed to be having a blast on stage too, smiling the whole time and getting really into every song. They played tons of favorites from all of their albums, including "Artificial Light," "Catastrophe," "Planetary," "Ears Ring," "Tinfoil" and plenty more.

Moss Icon
Moss Icon

Opening the show was Petal, the project of Scranton, PA's Kiley Lotz with Tigers Jaw singer Ben Walsh on drums, who were a good match for Rainer Maria and in the holiday spirit, dressed up and wearing New Year's tiaras. Then came Moss Icon, who have been reunited for a while now but were pioneers of the '90s emo scene that birthed Rainer Maria and other bands from that era. While RM were mostly bouncy and upbeat, Moss Icon provided a darker contrast with the kind of stuff that mesmerizes you rather than gets you singing and dancing.

Rainer Maria's reunion continues in Chicago on Valentine's Day. More pictures from Bowery Ballroom, with videos and the setlist, below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Sweet Jesus (photo by Angela Owens)
Sweet Jesus

As discussed, DC/Dischord vets Soulside are reuniting for some shows this year including two in NYC: December 17 & 18 at Saint Vitus. Hopefully you got your tickets because those are both sold out now, but if you are going you might want to show up early for the just-announced openers: Sweet Jesus. The band (not to be confused with the '90s Britpop band) has only been around for a few years, but their members have been around longer, having played in Have Heart, Verse, Dropdead and Soul Control. With a resume like that, you know you're getting totally crushing hardcore which is exactly what their new Box EP on Triple-B Records is. You can stream that in full below.

Soulside's other two reunion shows are in DC. The first is with Moss Icon, who open the Rainer Maria reunion show on New Year's Eve in NYC (tickets). The second is with Dot Dash (ex-Youth Brigade, Julie Ocean, Saturday People) and Office of Future Plans, whose Gordon Withers is on a new compilation with another Dischord band Alarms & Controls (and Chuck Ragan and Tim Kasher and more). OFP singer J Robbins is on tour with Jonah Matranga as we speak, and hitting NYC later this month.

And speaking of DC and Dischord, Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC 1980-1990, premieres in NYC tonight (11/14). Fugazi's First Demo (which made Rough Trade's top albums of 2014) is also streaming.

Updated Soulside dates are listed, with the Sweet Jesus EP stream, below...

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Rainer Maria

As discussed, another emo reunion is on its way with Rainer Maria getting back together for a New Year's Eve show at Bowery Ballroom. And it's doubly exciting because another veteran band, Moss Icon are opening. Tickets for what is currently Rainer Maria's only upcoming date (and first since 2006) go on sale today at noon.

Moss Icon at Le Poisson Rouge in 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro)
Moss Icon

Two weeks after they open for the reunited Soulside in DC, Moss Icon will come to NYC to open for the reunited Rainer Maria at their New Year's Eve show at Bowery Ballroom. That's a great double bill, and though Moss Icon are a heavier band, the pairing makes sense -- their style of post-hardcore heavily influenced the emo scene that Rainer Maria grew out of in the late '90s. Tickets for the show go on sale Friday (10/17) at noon.

Soulside meanwhile play NYC that same month, 12/17 at Saint Vitus (tickets) and again the next night (sold out). Still no openers announced for those shows.

Watch a video from Moss Icon's 2012 show at LPR below...

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The group's sound could be described as clean, heavy, and warm, with lyrics focused on politics. Soulside was one of the first DC bands to bridge the hardcore emo sound of "revolution summer" (see Rites of Spring) and move into a sound of post punk deconstruction. Scott McCloud's SG sound greatly influenced the sound heard from Ian MacKaye's SG in the band Fugazi. [Last.fm]
Soulside, the Dischord-signed DC post-hardcore band who were around from 1986 to 1989 before they broke up and three of its members formed Girls Against Boys, have reunited. They've already announced a hometown show for 12/20 at Black Cat with Moss Icon (sold out) and have a second Black Cat show happening a day later (tix on sale Fri), and they've now scheduled a NYC show too. They'll play Saint Vitus on December 18 with a special guest TBA. Tickets for the Vitus show are on sale now.

UPDATE: 2nd Saint Vitus show added.

Watch a live video from 1989, below...

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The unwavering NYC video god (((unartig))) has swooped in with his best of for 2012, listing off important topics like "Best Album", "Best Show", "Goosebumpiest moment" and the all important "The show at which I wished I could secretly inflict everlasting and agonizing pain upon everyone." His picks for those are listed, along with accompanying video, below. (see his 2011 list HERE and 2010 HERE)

(((unartig))) was last seen shooting video at Eyehategod at Saint Vitus on Tuesday (11/27). Pictures from that show are HERE and last night's show are HERE. Stay tuned for his footage.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Bitch Magnet / Moss Icon @ LPR, 10/25/2012
Bitch Magnet
Moss Icon

Post-hardcore pioneers Bitch Magnet and Moss Icon played Le Poisson Rouge last night (10/25), one of two NYC shows scheduled for the former and the solitary and possibly only NYC show for the latter. Though both bands have not played NYC in decades, Moss Icon treated the crowd to a new song "George" during their set of favorites.

If you missed it, Bitch Magnet play Knitting Factory tonight with Turing Machine & Violent Bullshit (tickets). Until then, gear up for Knit with a recap of last night in pictures, video and setlists below.

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DOWNLOAD: Bitch Magnet - Mesentry (MP3)

Bitch Magnet in the day
Bitch Magnet

Post-hardcore crew Bitch Magnet still have a few tickets left for their show with Moss Icon at Le Poisson Rouge on 10/25, but it can't be too many. In addition to a small sprinkling of shows across the country, the reunited trio have expanded their tour to include another date at Knitting Factory on October 26. Tickets are on sale.

The shows are in celebration of the band's reissued catalog, out now via Temporary Residence Limited. Download "Mesentry" from their anthology above and get your copy via TRL.

All Bitch Magnet dates are listed below.

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by BBG

Moss Icon at Chaos in Tejas (more by Tim Griffin)
Moss Icon

BrooklynVegan: You've announced "select live appearances" to be in the works. Outside of Chaos in Tejas, are there any other plans to do other select cities in the US? Baltimore? NYC?

Moss Icon: We never actually said that, someone else did...but yes we'd love to. Alex & Zak have very young children so getting away is difficult. We may play NYC, or elsewhere, hopefully soon but time will tell.

It seems that Moss Icon may have been jerking my chain a bit and already had shows in the works when we interviewed them earlier this month, including an NYC date supporting the great Bitch Magnet!
Bitch Magnet was a post-hardcore band during the late 1980s and early 1990s who formed in 1986 at Oberlin College in Ohio and later moved to North Carolina... Lead singer Sooyoung Park later joined Mac McCaughan of Superchunk fame and Lexi Mitchell to form the band Seam. Post-Seam, Park also played guitar in Ee. David Grubbs, who was a founding member of Squirrel Bait, was briefly a member of the band while also leading Bastro. Orestes Morfin went on to drum for Walt Mink and God Rifle. Jon Fine formed Vineland and Coptic Light, and was briefly a touring guitarist for Don Caballero.
Bitch Magnet's lineup of Fine, Morfin, and Park (the original recorded incarnation) reunited for ATP's Nightmare Before Christmas last year and played a handful of shows outside of that. Now comes word that they'll headline Le Poisson Rouge on October 25th with Moss Icon, their first NYC appearances in 20 years. Tickets are on sale. The show will be Moss Icon's sole East Coast performance for the forseeable future (according to the label).

Temporary Residence reissued Bitch Magnet's three LPs late last year as a limited edition 3LP package with a fair share of bonuses/unreleased tracks. The label also recently dropped the Moss Icon discography as well. Order both at their label store.

Check out video from the Bitch Magnet and Moss Icon reunions below.

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Moss Icon @ Mohawk - 6/3/2012 (more by Tim Griffin)
Moss Icon @ Mohawk - 6/3/2012

Moss Icon played their first show in more than ten years last night at Mohawk (6/3). The Chaos in Tejas event was the band's only scheduled show thus far, and the "rock band" (their words, from our recent interview with Tonie Joy) were joined by performances from Iceage, Ceremony, Give, and Thou with a second stage featuring Pygmy Lush and Gun Outfit. Head to BrooklynVegan Austin for a full set of Moss Icon photos.

by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Moss Icon - "I'm Back Sleeping, Or Fucking, Or Something" (MP3)

Moss Icon

If you can only see one band at Chaos in Tejas year, bets are that you'll probably try and catch Moss Icon. The semi-reunited emotional post-hardcore heroes (dont say emo!) will play a single show at the annual Austin, Texas festival in conjunction with their recently released discography out now via Temporary Residence Limited. This triple LP (or CD, if you so prefer) features an etching on side F and out now via the label. Stream all of that discography below. and order yours, or try your luck at winning a copy of the test pressing (one of only twelve in existence)! Details on how to win are below.

In honor of Moss Icon's upcoming show and their current discography, I asked member Tonie Joy (also of Universal Order of Armageddon and The Convocation) about the reunion, UOoA, new material (!), and more. Tonie also mentioned that Moss Icon "may play NYC." Let's hope they do. The results of that discussion are below along with details on how you can win that uber-rare test press.

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by BBG

Saint Vitus @ Irving Plaza in 2011 (more by BBG)
Saint Vitus

Chaos in Tejas (May 31-June 3 in Austin) have announced ANOTHER batch of bands to add to their ridiculous lineup including Saint Vitus, Church of Misery, No Statik, Toys That Kill, Pegasus, Martial Canterel, Anasazi, Bloodwing (mems of The Spits, who are on tour soon), Harm's Way, Hatred Surge, the Hex Dispensers, John Wesley Coleman, Joyce Manor, and many many others. The current full lineup and flyer is below and tickets are FINALLY going on sale TODAY (1/31).

Doom legends Saint Vitus are currently preparing their new LP Lillie: F-65 for Season of Mist. The record, their eighth and first in seventeen years (!), is tentatively set for release at the end of March. More details are forthcoming.

In related news, members of Mind Eraser also serve as personnel in Magic Circle, another Chaos in Tejas band. Look for Magic Circle to team with Pilgrim (who we recently interviewed), Windhand, and Natur at Public Assembly on March 1st.

The updated Chaos in Tejas lineup is below along with the flyer.

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by BBG

Dropdead at Europa (more by Keith Marlowe)

Chaos in Tejas have announced another round of bands for their 2012 shindig (first round here), including rare appearances from legendary post-hardcore band Moss Icon (a one-time only reunion), as well as Japan's Reality Crisis and Skizophrenia (their only US dates), and repeat offenders/favorites like Dropdead, Municipal Waste, Midnight, Ares Kingdom, Puerto Rico Flowers, Xeno & Oaklander, Thou, the Rival Mob, Boston Strangler, Crazy Spirit, Brain Killer, Power Trip, Wiccans (who just played one of the final shows at Emo's), and many many others. A full list of additions and the new flyer is below.

Since the original announcement, two previously announced bands have dropped off the original lineup: Mexican black metal band Nyogthaeblisz disappeared from the lineup after their anti-Islamic/Semitic/Abrahamic stance and involvement in known NSBM (National Socialist) label Satanic Skinhead was pointed out by a few blogs. That led to Antisect and The Mob even threatening to not play. Word then spread that Disma's Craig Pillard released nazi-glorifying records under the name Sturmfuhrer. Disma then dropped out as well due to "the drama" that ensued. Craig would not comment on the matter, but other members of Disma say he has changed.

In related news, Thou will hit the road for a string of dates with The Body this week on the West Coast. Both bands will also be at the inaugural Gilead Media festival (chaired by the Gilead Media label) in Oshkosh, Wi on 4/28 and 4/29 which will feature appearances from (in alphabetical order) Arms Aloft, Aseethe, Ash Borer, Baby Boy, Darger + Plague Mother, False, Fell Voices, Get Rad, Hell, Loss, Mutilation Rites, Northless, Protestant, A Scanner Darkly, and Sleepwalker. More details are available at the site.

All tour dates, new additions to Chaos in Tejas, and the show flyer is all below.

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