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By Ian Chainey

The Mongoloids

If you're going to go out, go out with a blowout. New Jersey straight-edgers the Mongoloids are living that axiom with their last show. They'll be featured at Back to School Jam 2014 held at GameChanger World in Howell, New Jersey on August 23. And, as long as you're not allergic to camo shorts, X'd up hands, and breakdowns, the bill is absurdly stacked: Foundation, Death Threat, Bitter End, the fresh off of Black n' Blue Bowl Incendiary, and a ton more. Advanced tickets, with some early bird savings, are available now.

The Mongoloids are wrapping up a near ten year career that has seen the band tour with some of punk's finest -- Agnostic Front, The Cro-Mags, Terror, H2O, Sick Of It All, etc. -- as well as releasing splits with bands like Kids Like Us and Broken Teeth. Their discography includes three LPs, the last of which, Mongo Life, was released in 2013. Before they check out, the crew will do one last loop of the Eastern/Midwestern United States in late May through June.

In fact, a few of the Back to School Jam bands have a slate interesting engagements lined up. For instance, Death Threat, Incendiary, and Suburban Scum will be at This is Hardcore and Foundation will be on the outrageous bill of Judge, H2O, and Blacklisted in Chicago this June.

The list of all Mongoloids tour dates, the Back to School Jam lineup, and streams aplenty for your quiet office cubicle moshing needs appear below...

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photos by Lukas Hodge

Night Sins
Night Sins

Night Sins joined Hot Guts for last night's show at K&M as part of the darkwave party Rituals (11/29). The trio (guitar, bass, vocals) didn't start their set till well past mindnight and leaned in the Joy Division direction of post punk.

As discussed, members of Night Sins serve time in Salvation, who will play NYC on January 13 at Saint Vitus with Raspberry Bulbs and Pharmakon. Tickets are still available.

A few more pictures from last night's K&M show are below, along with a music video.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Night Sins

As discussed, gothic post-punk crew Night Sins (mems of Salvation, Mother of Mercy) are out on the road with A389 signees Nothing, logging their first date on the road last night as part of their joint tour together. Much like Nothing, Night Sins are also proudly welcoming a new baby, the New Grave LP freshly birthed via Avant! Records. Check out the video for "Playing Dead" and the track "Wild Eyes," is making its debut here.

All streams and tour dates are listed below.

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by Fred Pessaro //BBG

Integrity at A389 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro //BBG)

Integrity have scheduled a three-date, mostly East Coast jaunt that will include a stop in Connecticut, Boston and Cleveland. Look for Dwid and co to take on The El N Gee in New London, CT on October 26 alongside appearances from Ringworm and The IG! Fits. Tickets are on sale. Integrity is also scheduled to appear at the now-sold-out A389 Anniversary in January.

In other early Victory Records band news (sorry if that sounds like a dirty word), Strife have reunited and will play a pair of shows outside of NYC, including stops at The El N Gee on 11/30 with Supertouch, Death Before Dishonor and more, as well as 12/1 in Philadelphia at The Barbary with Down To Nothing, Mother of Mercy, Suburban Scum, Dead End Path and more. The shows are in celebration of Strife's Witness a Rebirth, the band's new LP due on 6131 Records.

All Integrity dates and video of their full set at the same venue last year is below.

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photos by Jason House

Agnostic Front @ Santos Party House
Agnostic Front

Agnostic Front headlined Santos on 10/16 as part of their Victim In Pain anniversary tour, the same occasion that brought them to The Bell House in late February. Inhuman, Mother of Mercy, Product of Waste, and Our Gang supported the NYHC legends, and along with the standard post-stage-dive bruising, pit scarring, and hurt feelings, the show went off without a hitch. Unlike the DC9 show in Washington DC just days earlier:

Hardcore punk band Agnostic Front played at nightclub DC9 on October 14 as part of their "Victim in Pain Tour." The title of their tour would take on dark irony at about 2:30 a.m., when, following their performance, police found Ali Ahmed Mohammed splayed on the sidewalk just down the street. Five men who work at DC9 are accused of putting him there, after Mohammed threw a brick through one of DC9's windows. Metropolitan Police chief Cathy Lanier called the alleged violence "savage" and "vigilante justice."

...[Skip Coburn of the D.C. Nightlife Association is] careful to say everyone will have to wait for the facts to emerge, but Coburn repeats some of the rumors that have circulated within the pro-DC9 crowd: That the five men who chased Mohammed--Spieler and employees Darryl Carter, Reginald Phillips, Evan Preller, and Arthur Zaloga--after he shattered the club's window in retaliation for not being let in had merely tackled him. That they let him go after, and Mohammed walked away unharmed. That police arrived on the scene to arrest a conscious and alert Mohammed who somehow, later on, died in police custody. And, most importantly, that a recording of a 911 call placed to police that night would exonerate the defendants. The defendants' attorneys also say their clients are innocent of the charges the police originally made, and that once the facts are out, that'll be clear to everyone.

But a police source involved in the investigation into Mohammed's death says those rumors are likely wishful thoughts on the part of DC9 fans. (The source spoke on condition of anonymity because he's not authorized to talk publicly about the case.) He says it's unlikely that Mohammed died merely of a tackle, and that he would bet that a least one of the five arrested will face murder charges. He also claims, as do recently filed charging documents, that the first officer on the scene began administering CPR to Mohammed... -[Washington City Paper]

Shitty. More details on the investigation as they arise. More pictures from the NYC Show are below...

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Agnostic Front @ The Bell House in March (more by Tod Seelie)
Agnostic Front

The previously-mentioned Agnostic Front / Mother of Mercy / New Lions / New Lows Product of Waste show taking place at Santos Party House on October 16th will be the end of a 2+ week tour for the three bands that kicks off September 30th at Popeye's Pub in Peekskill, NY. Tickets for the NYC date are still on sale.

Tickets are also now on sale for another upcoming NYHC show, one happening in pretty much the biggest venue possible for a hardcore show. I'm talking about November 14th at Terminal 5 when The Cro-Mags and Underdog open for Suicidal Tendencies who are playing the show as part of a larger tour. By the way, Cro-Mags are now being billed as "Cro-Mags" and not "Cro-Mags NYC" as they were at first. Drama.

Agnostic Front dates below...

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words by BBG, photos by Brian Reilly

Mother of Mercy in Warren, NJ
Mother of Mercy

Agnostic Front will Victim In Pain it up once again, this time at Santos Party House on Oct 16th with a much younger cast of characters: Mother of Mercy, New Lows, and more. Tickets are on sale. The show looks to be part of a larger tour for the trio, though only four dates have surfaced so far.

Mother of Mercy are currently on the way to Chaos in Tejas, the monlithic hardcore/indie/metal/punk/all-of-the-above festival in Austin THIS WEEKEND (May 28th). The band recently played Warren American Legion in Warren, NJ alongside Foundation, Backtrack and Swamp Thing; pictures of that show adorn this post.

Foundation and Backtrack recently announced that will be back in our area when they team up with Terror for a string of dates that include Long Island and Clifton, NJ on July 2nd and 3rd respectively.

All Terror and Agnostic Front dates, and more pictures from the Warren American Legion House, below...

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words by BBG, photos by Chloe Rice

George Hirsch of Blacklisted, belting it out

We ventured out to the Jefferson stop on the L train and after a few wrong turns we made it to the [Blacklisted/Mother of Mercy] show... It was a pretty awesome space, two levels, with the entire middle section of the floor on the second level cut away so you can see everything that was going on downstairs.

The band set up so that the pit was directly below the hole in the upper floor, everyone present on the second floor had a perfect birds-eye view of what was going on downstairs without having to worry about getting hit in the face by flailing arms and legs. The hole in the floor also allowed the more brave souls in the crowd to perform a psychotic stage dive from the second floor down into the pit below. -[livefastpartyhard]

After laying down a primer for the mass hysteria that was HopeCon at Cake Shop, Blacklisted and Mother of Mercy shot on over to 538 Johnson in Brooklyn to play a surprise late show in the loft space. Pics from that show adorn this post.

If you missed Blacklisted both times this weekend, no worries. The Philadelphia band will be back in NYC on 3/8 at Cake Shop when the band teams up with Gods & Queens, Tiger Flowers, and Chambers as part of a BrooklynVegan/1000 Knives production.

More pictures from the show are below...

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by BBG

Rorschach at The Charleston (more by Ryan Muir)

Last year's jaw-dropping lineup at Chaos In Tejas was sick, and 2010 is proving to be no different. For four days across four different Austin venues, May 27th to the 30th at Emo's, Mohawk, Red 7 and Beerland, the festival will offer some of the most impressive names in the independent/underground scene including the indestructible Rorschach, the first ever US appearance from Australian punk greats X, a one-time reunion of Japanese crust-core band Bastard, the quirky cutesy indie pop-punk of Grass Widow, Gehenna (who just played A389), Subhumans, Bastard Noise (who have a new record), Bone Awl, BV faves Jeff The Brotherhood, The Spits, Psychedelic Horseshit, Ty Segall, The Ponys, Iron Lung (who recently played Cake Shop), Poison Idea, Inquisition, and many many many others.

In addition to the obvious mayhem that will ensue over the four days, Chaos in Tejas will also showcase art from some of the scene's most interesting names including Tim Kerr (of Big Boys), Winston Smith (responsible for tons of collage work, including the Dead Kennedys best album art), and Bryan Ray Turcotte (best known for his book Fucked Up and Photocopied).

The full (and intimidating) list is below...

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words by BBG, photos by Samantha Marble

Hope Conspiracy
Hope Conspiracy

Much like my experiences with Lightning Bolt, I spent a portion of The Hope Conspiracy show at Cake Shop on 1/15 testing out my quads. By pushing back on the crowd from the front, I did my personal best to pacify the onslaught of fans behind (and above!) so they didnt come crashing down on me AND the band. My best wasn't good enough.

Pointing in broad circles at the floor directly in front of their amps and the drum kit, HopeCon's vocalist Kevin Baker said, "I love that you guys are having fun, but we do need to be around HERE to actually play our instruments."

Of the times that I have seen a packed out Cake Shop, this was the most fierce crowd. Burnt By The Sun's tight front rows and rabid pit had nothing on the chaos of 1/15 that included people crowdsurfing underneath the low Cake Shop ceilings.

All opening acts impressed. Mother of Mercy's riffy hardcore comes off more metallic and muscular live even though their energetic and distinctly hardcore vocalist brings it back to their roots. As usual, Blacklisted>'s heartfelt, thundering hardcore was never better with George Hirsch's dynamic lyrical content matching his empassioned performance. Make sure and catch them again at Cake Shop on 3/8.

The real surprise for me was United Nations. Thursday has never been my bag, but this side project featuring Geoff Rickley in addition to Ben Koller of Converge (drums), Jim Carroll of HopeCon (bass!), Lukas Previn of Acid Tiger (guit), and Jonah Bayer of The Lovekill (guit), ripped through insanely great post-hardcore-y screamo powerviolence. They were tense, powerful and beyond awesome and I can't wait for their return at Union Pool on 2/12 with Unsane and MOoB.

More pictures from the show below...

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by BBG

The Hope Conspiracy (photo by Meghan McInnis)
Hope Con

We are proud to present, in conjunction with 1000 Knives and Chronic Youth, The Hope Conspiracy, Blacklisted, United Nations, and Mother of Mercy at Cake Shop on Jan 15th! The date is one of a select few for HopeCon, and the only east coast date scheduled so far. No advanced tickets. Stay tuned for giveaways to what may be the first must-see hardcore show of the new year.

The Hope Conspiracy released the True Nihilist 7" earlier this year on Deathwish. Their last LP was 2006's Death Knows Your Name.

Blacklisted played Santos Party House on 10/24 along with Bane, Maximum Penalty, Cold World, and a host of others as part of the Deathwish - Chronic Youth Day Party at Santos Party House. Blacklisted shares members with the incredible Mother of Mercy who recently played Cake Shop with Iron Age. We profiled Mother of Mercy here.

United Nations is a supergroup of sorts, featuring Thursday's Geoff Rickly playing what is described as "emo powerviolence". The Hopecon show isn't the only one that United Nations has lined up, as the band is also scheduled to play Starland Ballroom with Glassjaw, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Rickly's main squeeze, Thursday. Tickets go on sale at noon on 10/30. The show is part of a larger tour. All dates below

Thursday played Bowery Ballroom on Sunday with Midnight Masses and Far, who also headlined Mercury Lounge on Monday. At Bowery, Thursday performed Full Collapse in its entirety.

They never really seemed to miss a beat, save the quick breaks in among songs, and I think that could probably be attributed to the fact that a lot of these songs have been set staples for years, anyway. They were just stringing them all together here (Rickly's wide-radius mic swinging for the "rain rain down" part in "Paris in Flames" came right on time).

Despite no barrier, Bowery was awesomely lax about crossing the stage threshold; some crowd-surfed, others stage-dove. In the pit, you could witness everything from goofy push-mosh and hardcore two-stepping to that silly watered-down version thereof I remember being amused by at "post-hardcore" shows like these around 2001-2003. Both cases made for a pretty good indicator of the crowd's diverse makeup.

But all loved it, and when the band came back out on stage for a bonus six-song encore it was even better. The audience was notably less responsive for the trio of tracks off Common Existence songs, but the band probably expected this; almost a dozen gigantic black balloon-type spheres were launched onto the crowd as Thursday kicked into the mournful, new wave-y, morose textures of "Circuits of Fever." But when it ended, everyone ceased slapping the buoyant balls into the air and bugged out when the band kicked into their best complex anthem in "Jet Black New Year." And speaking of anthems, "War All the Time" could not have demonstrated that stripped-down quality of Thursday's songwriting better as a closer. [Punk News]

Thursday and Far's set lists from Bowery Ballroom below.

The Cake Shop flyer, a few Hope Con videos, a recent Dillinger Escape Plan Studio vlog chronicling the making of their new LP Option Paralysis, and tour dates are also below.

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Final - "Wrong Signal (alt. mix)" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Laudanum - "Invoke" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Infernal Stronghold - "Destruction of Life...Unworthy of Life!" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Infernal Stronghold - "Curb The Trend" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Rot In Hell - "Black Omega" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Tournament - "Something Temporary" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Jesu - "Deflated" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Mother Of Mercy - "Back To The Agony" (MP3)

Laudanum cover art

Laudanum, who released the stunning Sacred Death split with Stormcrow earlier in the year, has released The Coronation on 20 Buck Spin. Featuring members of the much revered Graves At Sea as well as Pig Heart Transplant, The Coronation is a downtuned massive slab of doom interrupted by ominous dark ambient passages. Pick up The Coronation NOW at 20 Buck Spin and dig on one of those tracks, "Invoke", above.

Speaking of Stormcrow, that band along with Converge, Malevolent Creation, Naglfar, Wolbrigade, Deceased, Rompeprop, Gorod, and Nazxul have all been added to the Maryland Deathfest 2010 lineup!

A BIG FAT congratulations goes out to Salome who have signed to Profound Lore! If you missed it, Salome are hitting the road with Batillus and Hull.

French shoegazey black-metaller Alcest is preparing a new album which will contain six tracks, four new and two of which will be re-recorded from the Le Secret EP. Alcest, aka Neige also of Amesouers and Pest Noire fame, will employ Winterhalter (also Peste Noire, et al) to handle drum duties on the release, which should appear in January of 2010. Alcest's last LP was the critically acclaimed Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde

Who likes Dio? Who likes Black Sabbath? Who likes 'em both TOGETHER? I have one pair of tickets to see Heaven & Hell with Coheed & Cambria at the WaMu Theater @ MSG on August 25th! Details on how to win are at the bottom of this post.

In case you missed it, Shrinebuilder are coming to NYC!

Pennsylvania band Mother of Mercy, who features members of the great Blacklisted, recently dropped their killer album III via Six Feet Under Records. This is one seriously pissed off hardcore record... highly recommended! One track, "Divide", is streaming here but you can also download "Back To The Agony" above!

Rot In Hell's 2006-2008 discography, Hallways of The Always, is out NOW via A389 Recordings (vinyl) and Grot Records (CD). The UK band follows a similar path as Integrity and Ringworm... a sick/bleak metallic hardcore, and this LP is a must have for Holy Terror fans before they drop their debut LP on Deathwish! Download a song from Hallways of The Always, "Black Omega", above.

Prepare for another Aaron Turner (Isis) supergroup... Jodis featuring James Plotkin and Tim Wyskida of Khanate! Their debut LP, Secret House, will be released via Hydra Head on 10/27.

Lately, I have been giving the new Infernal Stronghold LP alot of burn. The project, which shares a drummer with the black metal monsters in Woe, treads an old school black metal-punk aesthetic and is one of those bands that can usually be seen at an ABC No Rio matinee. And that's where you can see them on October 3, when the band lands in NYC supporting Cannabis Corpse at one of two shows that day, at the Charleston and ABC No Rio (matinee). Infernal Stronghold's new LP Godless Noise is out NOW via Forcefield Records. Check out a pair of tracks, "Curb the Trend" and "Destruction of Life...Unworthy of Life!", available for download above!

Javelina is currently streaming "Black Blizzard" from their upcoming monster Beasts Among Us, the tracklisting of which is below!

If you have been to a single underground metal or punk show in NYC, chances are you have seen Tournament (though I missed their set at Union Pool on Sunday night). The band's Swordswallower EP was a fave, but now they have a NEW baby, Years Old, out NOW via Forcefield Records. Check out "Something Temporary" available for download above and check out the band at either the Chronic Youth Launch party with Cannabis Corpse on 8/21 or at the recently added Dark Castle show on 9/13 at The Charleston. Flyer is below.

A video from Fuck The Facts, news on Jesu/Final, Goes Cube, Pig Destroyer, Weekend Nachos, and much more as This Week In Metal continues...

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