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Anna Calvi @ SPIN House (more by David Andrako)
Anna Calvi

We're throwing a BrooklynVegan Holiday Party at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Tuesday, December 13, 2011! What does that mean? Well, so far it means a set of music by Mercury Prize nominee Anna Calvi (she lost to PJ Harvey) and a low ticket price of $8.00 with $1.00 from every ticket going to to Toys For Tots! Stay tuned for more details, including lineup additions, but tickets go on sale next Friday, September 16th (which is one day before another BrooklynVegan event takes place). Tickets will be on ticketmaster, but you can also get them without a fee at the Mercury Lounge box office, or at the MHOW box office on Saturdays.

For Anna it's one of four North American dates in December. They're all listed below...

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DOWNLOAD: Oberhofer - "Gotta Go" (MP3)

photos by Bryan Bruchman

Les Savy Fav

A Les Savy Fav show is a parade of ridiculousity mixed in with taut post-hardcore/punk. They're the perfect mix of seriously good band and seriously fun - a perfect band to have playing on the occasion of a four-year anniversary celebration. Brooklyn venue Music Hall of Williamsburg blew out the candles on four years last night (9/6) with the sometimes-scantily-clad-but-always-zany antics of LSF vocalist Tim Harrington, whose band headlined the rainy evening with cheery Brooklyn band Oberhofer and opener Chron Turbine. Pictures from the show are in this post.

The show was one of only two US dates scheduled for LSF in 2011 (10/7 in DC is the other), and one of only three total shows scheduled for LSF if you include their upcoming appearance/curatorial duties at ATP's Nightmare Before Christmas in Minehead in December (featuring the return of Hot Snakes and Bitch Magnet, along with appearances from Battles, Sun Ra Arkestra and many esteemed others).

For Oberhofer, their appearance at MHOW was the second in the past few weeks including their appearance at the Spotify show at Mercury Lounge on August 25th with The Suzan and Exitmusic. Oberhofer recently dropped a new song "Gotta Go" due on their upcoming debut full-length for Glassnote (who, after a long label bidding war, Oberhofer recently announced they signed to). Download it above.

More pictures from the show below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield and Bao Nguyen

Little Dragon @ MHOW (by Amanda)
Little Dragon

After a tight opening DJ set and great band introduction by Rich Medina, Sweden's Little Dragon played a set of vocal-driven live dance music to a sold out crowd last night (8/16) at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. It was a BV-presented show in honor of the release of their great new LP Ritual Union which they played many tracks from - most notably for me, the title track, which sent shivers down my spine when they played it early on.

Little Dragon @ MHOW (by Bao)
Little Dragon

The four-piece band's approx-100 minute set included a mix of old and new and two encores, which even if planned, felt fan-driven. The room was going nuts - cheering as the band entered the stage, cheering even louder when otherworldly frontwoman Yukimi got on stage, and continued loud cheering throughout the show. Yukimi returned the love, letting us know multiple times how happy she was to be back in Brooklyn, and saying the crowd inspired her. People danced and sang along, and we all were brought to another place (the early 90s) when Little Dragon ended the first encore with a spot-on cover of Crystal Waters' "Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)", mixed with a bit of the instrumental parts of Robin S's "Show Me Love".

If you missed,the band will be back as part of a tour before the end of the year. We have two sets of pictures from the Brooklyn show. Bao was backstage and on the stage while Amanda covered the front of the stage and balcony. Check 'em out, below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Andrew Sacher

Panda Bear

After an opening set by recent Domino signees Ducktails, Panda Bear came on stage with Tomboy-producer Sonic Boom (Peter Kember of Spacemen 3) to perform the recently released album in its entirety at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Sunday night (7/3). The sold out venue came off as a bit of an underplay for Panda Bear, whose last NYC show was headlining Governor's Island, though the intimacy made for the perfect setting. Panda Bear spent most of his time on guitar and vocals as Sonic Boom handled the knob-turning duties. Together, they took psychedelia to an entirely different level. Audience members' senses were blurred as the venue was filled with excruciating volume, while smoke machine smoke sifted through the air and trippy visuals swirled on screen. The hazy atmosphere was even more obscured by lights and colors shooting over the audience from projectors. I found myself needing periodic reality checks to remember I was at a Panda Bear show and not in some other weird dimension.

The delivery of the album was spot-on, and in typical Panda Bear/AnCo fashion, he ditched song breaks for droney interludes, extended passages, and trancelike repetition, adding at least 20 more minutes to the 50-minute album. The drone parts especially came through live. They added breathing room into the intense set that you didn't realize you were getting until the songs picked up again.

After one other non-Tomboy track ("Ponytail"?), he ended the show with Person Pitch-favorite "Comfy in Nautica" to much excitement from the crowd. And while I was equally excited to hear that song, it helped further illustrate how cohesive Tomboy is. The album's unlikely marriage of drone and Beach Boys-y psych pop is like no other. Tomboy lacks the immediate standouts like "Comfy in Nautica," and performing the album from start to finish showed how well it works as a continuous piece of art, and not a collection of singles. Panda Bear chose not to do an encore, which was fitting. The Person Pitch tracks, although great, already felt a little tacked on to what was a very complete set.

More pictures, the setlist and some videos from the show below...

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Frightened Rabbit at Terminal 5 in November (more by Lionel Bergeron)
Frightened Rabbit

As mentioned, Frightened Rabbit are touring with Death Cab For Cutie. That tour brings them to Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn on August 2, one night before Frightened Rabbit will headliner their own show at Music Hall of Williamsburg (8/3) with Right On Dynamite! Tickets are on sale now for the more intimate show, and are still on sale for the Waterfront show too. FR continue their tour with Death Cab on August 5 in Philly. It runs through August 25.

photos by Amanda Hatfield

Art Brut @ Music Hall of Williamsgburg
Art Brut

"...So here was Art Brut, on a Friday night [in Toronto for NXNE], playing to a two-thirds full Mod Club. And from the outset, it was rough. "Formed a Band" sounded like "Formed a Band," but something was off. It was a bit of a rush job and the energy felt fake. Rolling straight into "My Little Brother," it seemed as though there was an acknowledgment that Art Brut's "hits" were all anyone wanted to see, and this would be a middling trip down nostalgia lane. And that is when things took an unbelievably meta turn and Art Brut saved the day.

Midway through that second track, Argos admitted that his "little brother" was now 29, and a school teacher. And when he got to the line about how all songs have the same message -- "why don't our parents care about us" -- he went on a longer tangent, basically explaining the brief success and slow decline of Art Brut. It was stunningly honest, endearing and hilarious. And at the end of it, the entire room was in Art Brut's corner.

A little later, a long comedic digression in "Modern Art" finished with the bulk of the crowd sitting on the floor with Argos at the middle, telling a (mostly?) fictional story about a trip to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. I can't do any of it justice, but I can tell you it ended with the entire audience jumping full bore around the singer at the song's climax." [National Post]

A week after that Toronto show, and after they hit Maxwell's in Hoboken, Art Brut brought their tour to Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn on Thursday (6/23). Reptar and MiniBoone opened the show which is pictured in this post. More pics, including Art Brut's setlist, below...

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words by Andrew Sacher, most photos by Jessica Amaya


After watching Deervana at Brooklyn Bowl on Sunday (6/19), I ran over to Music Hall of Williamsburg to catch whatever I could of YACHT's set, which had already begun. I ended up being able to see the last 45 minutes or so of the Northside Festival show. They played a ton of material off the new album which vocalist Claire Evans mentioned was not out yet (it came out today, June 21) but admitted that many of us had probably heard it already. Being that she was very right in her assumption, the new material made for some of the most exciting moments of the night.

It was my first time seeing YACHT, and given that I hadn't heard too much about their live show, I wasn't expecting anything like the performance they gave. Not only was the music spot on, but the band's image really added to the entire show. Claire provocatively pranced around stage in all white with a white microphone/mic cable, while the rest of the band, Bobby Birdman included, stayed a bit stiller at their instruments in Devo-esque matching suits. On the few songs that Jona Bechtolt sang lead vocals, he was actually as animated as Claire, but in a manner that was more goofy than sexy. Jona jumped into the crowd where he sang the majority of one number. Both frontpeople had choreographed complementary dance moves, including one which crossed between the macarena and hear no evil/see no evil/speak no evil.

Midnight Magic and The Miracles Club both opened the show, but I obviously missed them, as did Jessica who was at Deervana too. More pictures of YACHT below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

Mirah & Thao
Thao and Mirah

"Thao is a raw and bombastic performer, while Mirah has a strong, guileless voice befitting her emotional and introspective tunes. Their performance Thursday night was a delicate blend of both performers' sensibilities: more sedate than a typical Thao and the Get Down Stay Down concert, but more upbeat and vivacious than a Mirah show. Along with three backing musicians (one of whom opened the bill as Led to Sea, performing live-looping solo viola tunes), Thao and Mirah went through nearly the entire album, throwing in some of their solo work for good measure and frequently singing each other's material." [Philadelphia Inquirer]
That review refers to the Philly show which was one day after the NYC show on the ongoing Thao & Mirah tour. BOBBY is also on the tour and played both shows. The BOBBY pictures are HERE. The rest of the Brooklyn show, with a video too, is below...

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photos by Andrew St. Clair

Femi @ MHOW
Femi Kuti

Chicago Sun-Times: You're always discussed in relation to your father's musical legacy. What does that mean to you? What was his musical legacy?

Femi Kuti: It's one that started within our family, creating a music that was unique. Folks in Lagos and Africa can identify. It's very homely for us. It's like funk is to America, or rock. It's a distillation of the native sounds made into something a wider audience can appreciate...

Chicago Sun-Times Is it a burden to carry your father's legacy?

Femi Kuti: No, because I understand what I am doing. I enjoy doing the music myself. People want to know about him and I'm obliged to answer. I love my father. Some people are not close to their parents, they grow up and don't want to be identified with them. It's not a problem for me.

Nigerian royalty blessed Music Hall of Williamsburg last night (4/27), as Femi Kuti headlined his second of two NYC dates in NYC (Highline Ballroom occupied his Tuesday night). Lord Huron supported last night at MHoW and will play a headlining show TONIGHT (4/28) at Mercury Lounge with North Highlands, The Wilderness of Manitoba, and Spanish Prisoners. Tickets are still available.

Femi is out on tour supporting his new album 'Africa for Africa.'

More pictures from Music Hall of Williamsburg and some recent video of both bands in action, including video from Highline Ballroom, below.

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by BBG

Floor @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

A shade more than a year after their return which has included a Brooklyn show at Europa, Floor made their way back to Brooklyn to play Music Hall of Williamsburg last night (4/14) (the same venue that TV On the Radio, who were headlining Radio City at the time, played one night earlier). The Floor show was part of a tour with Hawks that hits Philly tonight.

Floor's genetic makeup last night was the same as their recent touring lineup (Steve, Anthony, Henry), and the band played a similarly crushing setlist comprised of faves like "Scimitar", "Trangle Song", "Tales of Lolita", and "Iron Girl" among countless others. The reunited Floor-ida band was supported by Atlanta's Hawks (not the basketball team), who churned out Am-Rep-faithful noise rock that featured a David Yow-sound-alike in front who took cues from Eugene Robinson in the wardrobe department... slowly, but surely stripping down to his underwear.

Magrudergrind opened the show to a meager crowd, and dependably delivered their grind-y hardcore with vigor. Small crowd or no, you can't keep some kids from going apeshit during songs like "Heaviest Bombing".

Floor's Steve Brooks will be back in NYC and at Music Hall of Williamsburg on July 20th with Torche, who will be on the road as part of a string of dates with Big Business and Helms Alee. Tickets are currently on AmEx presale and go on regular sale Friday (4/15).

And, heavy music invaded the whole block on N6th lastt night, as right next door The Ocean was teaming up with East Of The Wall and Flourishing at Public Assembly. Those pictures are on the way. Check out more pictures from Music Hall of Williamsburg below.

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James Blake

On around February 2nd James Blake's "James Blake" went from having a February 7th UK release date with no U.S. release in sight to getting Universal as its U.S. label and a February 8th U.S. digital release date just like that. February 8th is today, so that means the album is out there and here, though iTunes only mentions the UK label but it looks like you can in fact buy it.

And now, hopefully all the haters who didn't see the "purpose" of the last James Blake post (album review included) will be ok with this one because this post points out that James Blake (not the tennis player) will in fact play a NYC show, his first U.S. show, at Music Hall of Williamsburg on March 14th, right before he heads off to Austin for SXSW for at least four more performances. Tickets for the Brooklyn gig go on sale Saturday at noon (and there will be a presale announced - stay tuned). The full list of SXSW shows is below...

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photos by Andrew St. Clair

Tapes N Tapes

"In the music industry, buzz can feel like an unseasonably warm stretch in the dead of winter. It's nice while it lasts, but it never does. The buzz dispensers quickly tire of this week/day/moment's object of adoration and soon move on, and the aftermath can be unpleasant.

Consider Tapes 'n Tapes, who first gained notice when 2006's self-released album "The Loon" turned the Minneapolis quartet into blogosphere darlings. But that quickly faded, and each subsequent Tapes 'n Tapes album has picked up worse reviews than the one before. You can trace the devolution of their critical reputation in hipster circles through the influential website pitchfork.com, which awarded "The Loon" an 8.3 (out of 10) rave. But 2008's "Walk It Off" dropped them all the way to a 5.9 rating, and their current album "Outside" (Ibid Records) just picked up a wince-inducing 5.5.

Alas, slings and arrows are part of the gig.

"I don't think there's much value you can put into reviews because they're just somebody's opinion, and we realize that," says Tapes 'n Tapes frontman Josh Grier over the phone from Minneapolis. "I mean, we all love our music and everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Reading too much into that would be a recipe for disaster - make you into a head case trying to cater to someone else. We make the music we want to make. if somebody else doesn't like it, well, we can't let that affect the music we make in the future."

Undeserved opprobrium aside, "Outside" is an immensely likable record that wears well, setting Grier's nervous yelp to elastic, skittery grooves with hooks sharp enough to stick. It's a less-self-conscious take on Vampire Weekend's worldly underground rock, with a vibe recalling prime Talking Heads." [Newobserver.com]

The ex-buzzy Tapes 'n Tapes were joined by the currently-buzzy Oberhofer (their tour-mates) and the ladies (and men) of Xylos (who play Cameo on 2/11) at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Friday night. More pictures from the sold out show (including some backstage shots and one of T'nT's setlist), with an MPLS.TV video and the rest of their tour dates, below...

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The Hold Steady @ Northsix in 2007 (AngryCitizen)
Hold Steady

Brendan was at The Hold Steady's second of two shows at Music Hall of Williamsburg last night, 1/31, and had this to say:

"Remarkable set. One of my favorites, no doubt. Great crowd energy, band seemed to be having a great time. Keys or no keys, they still rule.

Craig noted that they played their first show there eight years ago to the day when it was North Six on January 31, 2003. Interesting that they're now closer to that lineup than they were for most of their existence. Full circle."

If you missed both shows, tickets are still on sale for their April 8th Terminal 5 gig.

Videos from the MHOW shows, including proof of Craig's comment about 8 years, and both setlists below...

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photos by Natalia Moena


Prince and Janelle Monae (both playing MSG tonight), were among those in attendance at Music Hall of Williamsburg last night (12/28), though it's not clear what time those notable attendees got there. If they got there at 9pm, they would have waited just over three hours for Lauryn Hill to take the stage while a DJ played to a restless crowd who braved the snow and paid $75 a ticket to be there. Realizing he was the enemy by that point, the keyboard player put a sign on his keyboard that said "I was on time." Lauryn later took it down after telling the audience she was sorry. She apparently knows what people say about her because she also explained that she reworks her songs to keep them fresh.

That all aside, Lauryn played a 14-song set. One friend in attendance said she sounded great, though another brought up the previously-mentioned issue of the band overpowering her. Lauryn continues her tour at Bowery Ballroom and then the Blue Note in January. She later returns to NYC and NJ for shows in Atlantic City (1/29), Highline Ballroom (2/1 due to being postponed), and Wellmont Theatre (2/4). Updated dates, and videos, more pictures and the setlist from last night's show, below...

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photos by Andrew St. Clair

Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann has never bought into any happy-go-lucky notions of human nature.

Rather, the singer and songwriter works in less optimistic territory in her music, which centers around smart, well-constructed pop songs illuminating hard-luck characters who are essentially victims of their own heightened expectations.

It was a theme of her performance Saturday night at Infinity Music Hall in Norfolk, where Mann and a pair of backing musicians played a 19-song show that focused mostly on her more recent material, including three tunes from a still-developing musical that takes as its starting point her 2005 release "The Forgotten Arm."

It's a loose concept album about a boxer named John, who struggles with addiction; and Caroline, the woman who loves him. The concept became more concrete on the new songs, chronicling an upbeat flirtation over Tin Pan Alley-style piano, bleak commiseration over slower accompaniment from piano and guitar, and the strain and heartache that come with loving an addict.

Uplifting? Not so much, which Mann herself noted in introducing the second of the three songs: "In case you were worried this musical won't be depressing ..." [Courant Sound Check]

That review comes from the CT show of Aimee Mann's tour that hit Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg last night. More pictures from the latter, below...

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Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival 2010

It's a little bit later this year, but the third annual The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival will take place across two venues in Williamsburg on December 18th: Music Hall of Williamsburg and Public Assembly (if you didn't know, they are right next door to each other). The "fest" will feature acts from across the digital spectrum ("emerging and established bands, DJ's and producers from the Boroughs and beyond") including Sinden, Kid Sister, Javelin, Tittsworth, Class Actress, Brahms, Lemonade, and many others, with more to be announced.

Tickets are currently on "Super Limited Reduced Price Advance" sale.

Lemonade meanwhile is out on tour with their True Panther labelmate Delorean. Two NYC shows happen very soon and both are still on sale.

Initial BEMF lineup and two videos from last year below...

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photos by Chris Gersbeck

Deer Tick
Deer Tick

Last night's Deer Tick show marks the 2nd time that a couple got engaged on stage at a Deer Tick show in Brooklyn. The first time it happened, it was frontman John McCauley who proposed to Nikki Darlin on stage in Prospect Park. This time, at Music Hall of Williamsburg, it was a fan. And she said yes! Pictures of the happy couple below.

Last night's show was also not the first time Titus Andronicus frontman Patrick Stickles joined Deer Tick, whose guitar player is ex-Titus member Ian O'Neil, on stage. This time it was for a cover of the Replacements' "Can't Hardly Wait".

Jason Anderson of K Records fame opened the show, which I thought was weird until I found out the connection. John McCauley has played drums for Jason, and they were both Tiger Saw collaborators! J Roddy Walston and the Business played 2nd, and all bands joined Deer Tick on the stage at the end of the show. Beer was spraying everywhere.

Things will probably be slightly less rowdy when John McCauley goes on a solo tour in 2011. Dates are TBA, but tickets are already on sale for a January 19th show at City Winery (not sure if he'll be playing any drums at this one).

More pictures from Music Hall of Williamsburg, below...

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photos by Andrew St. Clair

the Blow's Khaela Maricich
The Blow

"Sometimes I feel like when I do the moves," the Blow's Khaela Maricich says toward the end of the night, dancing in front of a rapt audience at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, "certain members of the audience look at me like they could have me." She pauses a beat. "Could they have me? No." It's the most subtly bold audience confrontation I've ever seen someone attempt at CMJ, and it comes directly after the Screaming Females's Marissa Paternoster has just pretty much lit the stage on fire at the same venue, and there were probably people wondering about having her too. Now, hopefully, they're not. These are the acts that CMJ needs far more than they need CMJ, that we need far more than they need us. It restores your faith in this process, watching people do it right.
[Village Voice]
Thanks to all the ticket and badge holders who stopped by the sold out BrooklynVegan CMJ showcase on Thursday night at Music Hall of Williamsburg, and to the bands: Young Man, Suuns, Screaming Females (who should be headlining Webster Hall, not playing third on a bill at MHOW though I am very happy they did), The Blow, and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

Both Young Man and Suuns were a treat for those that got there early. I felt bad for the Blow a little, playing her one-woman show after the assault that was the Screaming Females, but naturally Khaela was not phased and did her thing on stage to the lovers, the haters and the confused alike. The Pains ended the night right with their sweet and shoegazey indie pop, two new songs included.

More pictures from the night, below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Rachel Kowal

Gay Mormon Kissing Club

Going into last night's show at Music Hall of Williamsburg (9/15), I admit I had little idea of what to expect not only from CocoRosie, but from the extravagantly worded opener as well. (To borrow the phrasing of the Bowery Presents event listing, the opening act was a "Gay Mormon Kissing Club DJ Set with special guests Nomi Ruiz, Kembra Pfahler, Laundrymatters and Rebecca Wright.") This was clearly more than a straight-forward DJ set.

As if attempting to live up to the frenetic nature of the description, the "DJ Set" was a wild mixture of music manipulation and performance art. I arrived about midway through the set - not long enough to witness all of the 'special guests,' but with plenty of time to get a sense of the strange scene. Immediately upon entering the room I was so distracted by the spectacle on stage of the two DJs - their faces obscured by multiple scarves and handkerchiefs - that the music blaring through the speakers became only ancillary. After quite a performance, which involved an angry monologue set in part to Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" (and a host of other attention grabbers), the stage cleared and the crowd pushed forward.

In between the sets, the stage was adorned by a number of Mylar helium balloons that depicted mixed messages. (Was it someone's birthday? No wait. That one said "Get Well Soon" and another - "It's a Girl!") Though the meaning of the balloons was never made clear, the stage was set for a theatrical and highly spirited performance.

Sisters Bianca (Mom called her 'Coco') and Sierra (you guessed it, 'Rosie') Casady create an intriguing combination of hip hop and "freak folk", and their live show is certainly a spectacle worth witnessing. Set to a background of swirling, carnivalesque projections, their first song began with a lovely little piano intro. Then, enter Tez, the skinny, hipster-glasses-framed beatboxer, and Sierra on vox. Like a woodland nymph, Sierra danced around the stage, singing sweetly.

Sure, the dancing, sound effects (cue haunted house noise), outfits (Bianca had a severed ponytail hanging from the front of her dress), and beatboxing were a bit over-the-top at times, but the sisters seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves on stage. These were not cool, aloof, self-appointed divas. One look at Sierra's huge smile between songs made this abundantly clear. As if performing for the first time, the girl could not contain her glee, and the effect was charming.

Midway through their set, Sierra and Bianca left the stage to Tez, whose impressively powerful beatboxing quickly caused technical problems. No more than a few minutes into his performance, his mic gave out. He began again, after a quick apology and some assistance from the tech guy, but his new mic gave out even more quickly than before, and he bashfully welcomed the others back on stage.

Apparently, the short break had been enough time for a costume change - at least for Bianca who now wore a satin bustier. For the second half of their set, the number of performers nearly doubled thanks to the welcome addition of a 4-piece horns section. Invigorated by the additional force of the brass, CocoRosie delivered an impassioned performance, that began with the song "Hopscotch" and concluded with "Lemonade."

Though their stage personalities seem to greatly vary, the dynamic and highly collaborative nature of their music makes for a compelling scene. Throughout the show, they switched off vocal duties regularly, Sierra's operatic vibrato interestingly pitted against Bianca's spoken word raps.

The crowd's fanaticism following the conclusion of CocoRosie's set was impressive. The floor was shaking due to all the clapping, cheering, and stomping... but of course, the room was filled with admirers who had willingly (and even lovingly) paid the steep $30 entry fee. It's no secret that the merits of CocoRosie are stringently debated in the blogosphere. Between Bianca's baby-talk voice, and the duo's bizarre theatrical personas, the Casady sisters make music people love to hate. But then again - how many fans would stick around long enough and cheer enthusiastically enough to invoke a second encore... and how many artists would be gracious enough to respond to the call?

Cocorosie are now on tour. More pictures from the Brooklyn show below...

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photos by David Andrako


"show was amazing.got to hear try it on and stella.paul was smiling and actually speaking a little to the crowd about being spaced out about the setlist.
i was so happy to go to the show i was in interpol withdrawl thinking i would have to wait for november.
the setlist was awesome.the crowd was beyond into the show.it was nice to be with fans who really are into the band and to be in NYC made it all the more special for me.
very happy this morning.daniel and sam were on point as usual.i was dead center about 5 feet from the stage and i felt like the king.thanks guys." [julianerikson]
Interpol played a last-minute show at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn on Friday night. More pictures, a video, and the setlist from the show, below...

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Interpol @ the Creators Project (more by Benjamin Lozovsky)

Interpol have added a Brooklyn show, taking place at Music Hall of Williamsburg THIS FRIDAY, September 10th, and tickets are on sale now.

Interpol were supposed to play Wellmont Theatre in Montclair in August, but it was cancelled so the venue could do some emergency renovations. Their last NYC show was part of the "Creators Project", Their next one after this new Brooklyn show is not until November.

The band, in the midst or promoting their new album, played Kimmel last night.

Spoon @ Lollapalooza 2010 (more by Josh Darr)

Spoon's last two NYC shows took place at Madison Square Garden where they opened for their Merge labelmate Arcade Fire. And there's been a rumor floating around that the band might also be playing their own show at Williamsburg Waterfront this summer or fall, but it has been announced that Spoon will play the much smaller Music Hall of Williamsburg on September 13th (one day after they play a free show in NJ).

The new show is part of Music Hall's 3rd anniversary celebration, though unlike the Wooden Shijps show which costs $3.00, Spoon will set you back $33.33. Stay tuned for Tickets go on sale Saturday.

All tour dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Wooden Shjips - Shrinking Moon for You (edit) (MP3)

Wooden Shjips @ ATP NY 2008 (more by Abbey Braden)
Wooden Shjips

San Francisco psych-rock quartet Wooden Shjips are big fans of All Tomorrow's Parties. They played the ATP NY fest in '08, and they'll be back again this year for another set. They'll also be playing at ATP's Inbetween Days Fest in the UK in December.

The day after their ATP NY performance on September 5th, Wooden Shjips will be in Brooklyn for a Labor Day (9/6) set at Music Hall of Williamsburg. That show will also serve as the venue's three year anniversary party (with $3 tickets and drinks, to boot). Tickets are on sale Wednesday at noon.

The band also hits up Philly while in the area. All tour dates and live videos from their European tour this summer are below...

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words by Kim Kelly, photos by Markus Shaffer

High On Fire

Kim Kelly, no longer a Philadelphian, made the jump to the concrete jungle known as NYC in between her stints on tour with Zoroaster (check out her tour diary part 1 and part 2) and upcoming van-adventures. Welcome her to town, and check out this report she filed from the 7/27 High On Fire melee. -BBG

The Music Hall of Williamsburg is super close to Public Assembly, which is the only way I managed to find the damn place - you can't play the "black t-shirt game" (i.e., follow someone with a band shirt or long hair to find a show) in Brooklyn, 'cause too many hipsters have embraced the longhair lifestyle. Regardless, it's a cool (if labyrinthine) venue, and big enough to hold a packed crowd of High On Fire fans. Presented by Osiris & Bowery, tonight's show kicked off with some old-school thrash, courtesy of brand-new but Fenriz-approved Brooklynites Natur. I honestly wasn't expecting to like these guys at all, but was pleasantly surprised by their high energy vintage thrash attack (replete with epic NWOBHM-style vocals!). Dudes were having a killer time up there, and their enthusiasm was infectious judging by the madly thrashing hashers down the front.

Unearthly Trance brought things down several notches with their murderously heavy, bastardized doom ("God Is A Beast" was simply MASSIVE). They ran into some technical trouble midway through their set when a bass head went kaput (after intrepid photographer Markus Shaffer pointed out that the stage monitors were, uh, smoking), but luckily managed to borrow one from Natur. UT then plowed through the rest of their dark, angular, and menacing black/grind/death/doom compositions and unleashed some new material off of upcoming opus "V"(due out on Relapse on September 28th). Sounds like it's gonna be a beast. Check out a new song at their myspace.

High On Fire came out with guns blazing, tearing into their crowd-tested, stoner-approved brand of Motorhead-meets-Melvins metallurgy. Indomitable frontman Matt Pike and the lads hauled out a fair share of chestnuts from earlier albums like "Devilution", "Blood from Zion", and "Hung Drawn & Quartered", ending (pre-encore) with the title track from their new jam, Snakes For the Divine (full setlist below, though no "Blessed Black Wings." What the fuck, dude?). Pike roamed the stage like a boozy, shirtless gypsy, flashing his trademark gap-toothed perma-grin and swinging his axe like the pro he is as the crowd hung on his every grizzled invocation. After ambling offstage for a couple minutes, the trio returned for a thunderous encore of "Bastard Samurai." Even if you don't listen to their albums, it's impossible to deny the sheer power and sonic excess of a High On Fire show. They're one hell of a fun live band, and nowadays that counts more than any number of record sales.

More pics from the show, with two of the setlists, are below...

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photos by Brook Bobbins & Alexander Stein

"saw Die Antwoord & MIA @ HARD NYC last night. FRESH! Gummo + Vanilla Ice + Mortal Combat = Die antwoord." - Katy Perry

people copping a feel @ Die Antwoord @ MHOW Sunday night (by Brook Bobbins)
Die Antwoord show

After making their US debut at at Coachella and their NYC debut at at the Creators Project event in June, South African internet-rap group Die Antwoord dug in with a pair of weekend NYC shows on July 24th and 25th. On Saturday, they were part of the M.I.A.-headlined HARD NYC Fest on Governors Island (where they 'stole the show' ), and on Sunday, the group headlined their own show at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Love them them or hate them, there's no denying they cause people to react. To quote Lori Baily who was also at the sold out show at MHOW Sunday night, it was "one of the most rapturous receptions for any band I've ever seen live. Amazing". Saturday's show at Governors Island was just as off the hook, and vulgar, and fun. Regardless of what you think, the signed-to-Interscope, YouTube sucesss story are here to stay, for now at least.

The Answer (aka Antwoord's name translated) have more shows coming up this year (including Virgin Mobile FreeFest at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD, on Saturday, September 25th.

More pictures from both NYC shows, and a few videos, continue below...

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