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DOWNLOAD: A Place to Bury Stranger/Holy Fuck: "Lovely Allen" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: APTBS/Holy Fuck: "To Fix the Gash in Your Head" (MP3)

APTBS @ MHOW - May 22, 2009 (photo by Tim Griffin)
Holy Fuck

"I've settled into a routine here at Death By Audio. I wake up at 8:30, do some Kundalini Yoga that I learned from Drew, make a huge breakfast, pack my PB&J sandwich for lunch, and bike the 8 miles to work. Then I arrive home around 8 pm and am too tired to make it past midnight, usually.

I guess I'd like to have some more time off. I really don't do anything for myself anymore. I don't play drums or saxophone or guitar, I put off all my circuit-bending projects, since both the altoid amp and the theremin are having problems that I don't feel like fixing. I have been writing sporadically, and I occasionally still do sound effects for Columbia students. I think I may leave this job after the busy season. Thinking about a cross-country trip, couch surfing with some friends. I can make it to Wisconsin from here, at least. I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to get the rest of the way.

Anyway, one of my roommates' bands played the other night with Holy Fuck at the Williamsburg Hall of Music [5/22]. They're called A Place to Bury Strangers, and before I lived here I had not listened to them." [Kleeb Verses the World]

Kleeb goes on to say that, "As far as the actual music, it's not really my thing. But I will say that A Place to Bury Strangers was one of the best live bands I've seen recently". Holy Fuck and APTBS also played Bowery Ballroom one night later (5/23). All HF dates HERE. Grab two APTBS/HF mashups, courtesy of Pitchfork, above.

Now that both of those NYC shows have happened, it has been officially announced that the secret guest at this Wednesday's Shilpa Ray show at Pianos (5/27) is in fact A Place to Bury Strangers. Death By Audio artists Coin Under Tongue and Sisters are also on the bill. Tickets are still on sale.

photos by Lori Baily, words by Andrew Frisicano

Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth ended the second night of 2009's No Fun Fest with a seated set of distorted guitar noise and drums. Instead of Lee Ranaldo (who was busy at Cannes?), guitarist Bill Nace performed with the band. (No Mark Ibold either.) The noise shifted from heavy chords, made by drum stick on guitar, to strangely tender sustained feedback and sample-and-hold-esque, skittish riffs. Like a standard SY set, Steve Shelley's tom-heavy drums weighted the action and marked changes in movements. His pummels echoed the intro to "Wipe Out" as the three others on stage took to twisting SY's sonic palette into a No Fun appropriate adventure. After one 20-minute-or-so sustained set, the musicians left the stage. A brief encore continued in the same vein. Kim Gordon intoned into the microphone ("I don't want to leave you behind," I think), causing not a few crowd-members to peak up with hopes of some classic or The Eternal material. No such luck. After four more minutes of music, the band left for good.

Radio23.org, who streamed the SY set and other parts of the fest live, tweeted, "I think we can excuse the Youth as no one else has delved into short-form improv so far... We liked the 3min30sec encore :)" Other bands on the night's bill included Blank Dogs, Mattin, C Spencer Yeh, and Pedestrian Deposit. Hearts Arena wrote...

Pedestrian Deposit: Most thrilling set of the fest so far. Even the dillweeds in the audience were quieted by the end of this. Pedestrian Deposit explores and exploits the frayed edges of sound and texture, wherever they find them on the spectrum. Moving with aplomb from penetrating high ends to heaving silences pulled back from the edge of explosive noise and percussion and then off to the final gorgeous tones of the cello. Soft landing. Everybody in that room knew that something special had just happened. Me, ecstatic.
TripWire said....
Yellow Tears was the unexpected surprise of the night, winning over everyone in the room with their meticulosuly warped sample manipulations and sounds. Out of all the bands, here's one that took the twenty minute time slot and really found inspiration, breaking into sweat and taking off their shirts, and getting genuinely into it. The stage was illuminated by a single bright red light bulb. The best part of the set was the member who kept striking a large scrap of metal and sending it through various effects processors, throwing it onto the ground and making a spectacle yet wrenching some pretty freaking insane and wicked sounds from it. Their energy was welcome and the crowd response was thunderously approving from the sold-out crowd. A dude on the L train was raving about them on the way back, displaying the record he bought of theirs; I have a feeling he's not the only one.
Bardo Pond played a set right before Sonic Youth, and a few others played the second night too. Who was your favorite? Review and pictures from Night One, HERE. More pictures and videos from Night Two, below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Lori Baily

Bastard Noise
Bastard Noise


After leaving Melvins at Webster Hall on Friday (May 15, 2009), where the thundering basstones of Trevor Dunn were vibrating my chest, it was a little odd that the sounds emanating from British power electronic terrorists Grey Wolves over at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, were comparatively silent. As their No Fun Fest set went on, the volume would increase from "mildly harsh" to "razor sharp", but one thing stayed constant: the squalls of caustic harsh noise squelching out of the PA.

Sound fun? It was. Behind that backdrop, Grey Wolves spewed caustic lyrics about hate, terrorism, and a desire to "fuck the pain way", and not like Peaches sang playfully in 2000. In between the confrontational lyrics, the vocalist sneered and grabbed his crotch, but not in the Jackson Family manner, the kind that would make your mother call the po-po. Intense, immense, a tad shocking, and completely enjoyable.

After Grey Wolves, my journey into the Melvins past would continue with their ex-bassist Joe Preston and his solo project Thrones. With a looping pedal, drum machine, and some sort of vocal harmonizer (anyone know?), Joe churned out compelling and doomy rhythms, leads, and everything in between, making for a fascinating one man show. I had originally thought that the Wolves In the Throne Room/A Storm Of Light show coming up with Krallice at The Studio @ Webster (5/26, tickets here) was the definite winner of the NYC shows on that tour, but after seeing Thrones on Friday, its a toss up... unless I make it to Coco66 on 5/21 to catch him with Blues Control, then I may go see him again with WITTR at Europa on 5/22 (tickets here)

The last act for the evening was Bastard Noise, the noise project of fallen powerviolence legends Man Is The Bastard. I caught a few songs from the noise-terrorists, enough to see Eric Wood thrashing around like a madman and require another listen from their awesome new album Rogue Astronaut.

How were all the acts who came before them? For poor Raglani, it was his last with his gear. Pictures and video from the whole night below...

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photos by Zach Dilgard, words by Black Bubblegum


Mastodon, Kylesa, and Intronaut were back for round two on May 10th at Music Hall of Williamsburg, one night after Irving Plaza. As advertised, the showpiece for the evening was the band's new album Crack The Skye, in it's entirety and in order with an accompanying video show. Until that point, I fell into the sub-section of Mastodon fans that believe the new album is a bit overwrought and uninteresting, figuring the tunes would be given new life on stage. That was not the case, and even though portions of the Crack The Skye live set were impressive, my opinion of the record hasn't changed.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the new material, their live show is better than ever. Mastodon may have seemed alot less comfortable on stage with the new material, but it was well-executed, and the signature Mastodon-ian big volume and theatrics were still present. In addition, the Crack The Skye set emphasized some surprisingly impressive vocals by drummer Brann Dailor and vocal harmonizing by Troy Sanders (bass) & Brent Hinds (guitar)... a big compliment considering the show I was just at on friday. The new material was followed by a set of highlights from the remainder of their discography ("Iron Tusk", "March Of The Fire Ants", "Capillarian Crest", others). The full set list is below.

Intronaut (who I missed... sadface) and Kylesa opened the show, with Kylesa drawing from their awesome album Static Tensions and closing with "Hollow Severer" from 2006's Time Will Fuse It's Worth. If you haven't caught Kylesa and their crusty-doom-ridden-dueling-drum attack, you have two additional chances in the coming months.... Cake Shop with Stinking Lizaveta, Unearthly Trance and Darsombra on May 30th and Maxwell's on May 27th with Wetnurse and The Nolan Gate (tickets here).

More Mastodon & Kylesa pics below...

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photos by Tim Griffin


So how was [Thursday] night's Music Hall of Williamsburg show, only the second on their tour for Entertainment, and the first of a stand that [continued Friday] at Webster Hall? Hardly rudimentary, my dear. Let's dispose first of the big news: Madonna was in attendance (hanging off of some man, Lourdes knows who).

Spooner, surely to her dismay, made Madonna's presence known -- probably mischievously, as he also asked, seemingly with mock surprise, where she'd gone to once the set was over. (Madge ducked out after a few songs.) So what new material might she have gathered for her own live show? We were too busy attempting to move in rhythmic patterns to jot down any notes, but with four dancers (in a variety of often shiny costumes), two stand-up mirrors, two flat-screens, and a large video projection, the crew created an ultraenergetic, unapologetically arty, but resolutely playful stage show. [NY Mag]

If you count the three rehearsals, Fisherspooner has now played five NYC shows in the past 2-3 weeks. More pictures (including the NSFW opener No Bra) from MHOW below...

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words & photos by Dominick Mastrangelo

Loney, Dear

It's a confident musician who can go an entire concert and not play his/her most popular song. Emil Svanängen, aka Loney, Dear, managed to do just this at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on Tuesday. As his set wore on and Svanängen played more material from his new record, Dear John (Polyvinyl), it seemed "I Am John", the ebullient single from 2007's Loney, Noir (Sub Pop), was a lock for the encore. But it never arrived. Perhaps it was disappointing that he didn't break down and play it, but its omission certainly didn't detract from a set that was, haunting without being heavy, and enjoyable without being campy. Svanängen entered the room to the sounds of fellow Swede El Perro Del Mar's "Inner Island" blasting from the PA, and he began in hushed tones with "I Was Only Going Out" from Dear John - his fragile, high-pitched voice straining through the verses before his backing band sprung to life with keyboards and drums and whistles. Audience members shouted requests and at one point someone shouted "Carrying A Stone" (from Loney, Noir.) A bit later, between songs, as the requests continued, Svanängen demurely quipped, "Someone requested 'Carrying A Stone' earlier... I didn't have the heart to tell her we already played it."

More pictures from Tuesday night's show below...

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King Khan & Darren Mabee & the Shrines @ MHOW (EssG)

King Khan and the Shrines played Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn last night (5/1), and as if King Khan doesn't already provide enough eye candy, the one and only Darren Mabee showed up to make things even more interesting. According to one message I got, there was a "naked fat bearded guy onstage wearing nothing but a cape." which was followed by "He's actually wearimg a leopard speedo thong, but appeared nude bc the fat rolled over the speedo! He has girls lathering him w baby oil also."

You can catch King Khan again tonight (5/2) at Maxwell's, and Sunday (5/3) at Santos Party House. All dates HERE. A video from last night's show below...

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photos by Tim Griffin


"that group up front was obnoxious. the girl tried to dance with me during 2 Rights, when I politely declined she took it upon herself to aggressively plough into me every chance she could. I loved the equally annoyed reaction the surrounding folks gave her and her male friend when they started air guitaring and swaying into everyone around them. A cute girl with curly hair gave the guy a seeeerious toss. Then their douchebag friend joined in and maxed out the annoyance...... If you want to get wasted at concerts, go for it, but recognize that not everyone is and that a three person mosh pit might ruin a bit the show for those around you. I really hope that they were so hungover that they lost their jobs the next day or were mugged on their way home.

and so what if frat guys like mogwai. I always thought it was hard to peg people for being mogwai fans....You can fit any sort of stereotype and get down to mogwai, just don't be pricks about it. I really hated those three, such buzz kills....anyway, that show was amazing, tonight was too.... can't wait for tomorrow.

Props for Mogwai giving us three shows" [Carter]

Mogwai complete their three night run at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn tonight (4/29). We caught them on night one, and last night (4/28) too...

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by Black Bubblegum

Torche @ Highline Ballroom (more by Justina Villanueva)

We can confirm that Harvey Milk and Torche will team up to play a Brooklyn show at Music Hall of Williamsburg on July 26th. Ticket details, and possibly full tour details, are to come (thx anon).

Torche recently played NYC with Dredg and From Monument To Masses.

Harvey Milk is set to play ATP: The Fans Strike Back in Minehead with Sleep, The Jesus Lizard, Devo, Spiritualized, Killing Joke, M83, Grails, Electric Wizard, Jesu, Lords, and many many others. For the lucky few who are going, you can plan your day now that the set times have been released.

All known tour dates below...

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photos by Ryan Muir

DOWNLOAD: Mogwai - The Sun Smells Too Loud (MP3)


"Mogwai were seriously great. Only disappointments were a truncated "2 Wrongs" and a bizarrely chatty batch of non-fans in the back of the room. "LIke Herod" was a HUGE highlight but there wasn't a wasted moment, really. The room suited their dynamics brilliantly. Can't wait for the next two nights, though I imagine fans will be shushing more aggressively, so plan to do your chitchat in the bar." [Anonymous]
Mogwai played their first of three shows at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn last night (4/27). More pictures, including one of Mogwai's setlist, below...

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photos by Fresh Bread

DOWNLOAD: Think About Life - Paul Cries (old MP3)

Think About Life

I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but I'll stand by my statement that without Marnie Stern, the "Ponytail / Think About Life show at Music Hall of Williamsburg" is/was "still exciting, but slightly less interesting". Real Estate were good, but pretty much any bill will become less interesting when Marnie Stern drops off it.

That said, the highlight of Saturday night's show for me was Think About Life. As the Montreal three-piece (drums, vocals, and Graham Van Pelt on guitar/keyboard/sound effects) pointed out from the stage, it was [almost] three years since the last time they played NYC. I hope they don't stay away so long again.

It was unfortunate that Think About Life played first, but everyone who got there in time to see their 9:30 pm set seemed to be having a good time. And TAL frontman Martin Cesar (aka Dishwasher) was ESPECIALLY having a good time. He let everyone know it, more than once, and it rubbed off. He would occasionaly come into the crowd, and people were actually, even dancing.

Think About Life's set featured a lot more of Martin actually singing than I remember from their sets in the past. It's not that he didn't sing before, but I remember it being heavier with more speaking/screaming than singing. I liked the band a lot before, but this was even better than I remembered. Can't wait to hear their new album, Family (and see them again soon. hopefully).

Ponytail, who TAL are currently still on tour with (updated dates below), also "killed it" (as usual). More pictures from the show below...

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Phoenix, last here to play Saturday Night Live, will return to North America in June to tour from Bonnaroo to California. As previously mentioned, that trip includes a June 19th NYC show at Terminal 5. Now it also includes a show one day earlier at the much smaller Music Hall of Williamsburg. Tickets for the June 18th show go on sale Friday at noon. Amazing Baby opens both NYC shows. All dates below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

Just finished performing David Bowie's "Moonage Daydream" with Of Montreal for the encore!!!!! F$$$ing amazing experience. Rock n' Roll!!! - Janelle Monae

Of Montreal

Janelle Monae and The Ladybug Transistor opened for Of Montreal on Friday (4/17). It was the headliner's 3rd of three shows in a row at Music Hall of Williamsburg (and their fourth at the same venue is less than 6 months). As you can see from the quote above, and the pictures and video below, Janelle also joined Of Montreal on stage during the encore...

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photos by Tim Griffin

Janelle Monae

"...next was janelle monae ... i wasn't sure what to expect from her, though i'd heard rave reviews of her for the past few months, so i figured she couldn't be bad. little did i know, she would be flippin BRILLIANT! she's got pipes for days, and she's totally adorable, and shit, she can dance! i basically wanted to be her.
ugh, so awesome." [imaginary moustache]
Janelle Monae opened all three Of Montreal shows in Brooklyn last week. On Friday (4/17) she came on after Ladybug Transistor and later joined Of Montreal on stage during their set. More pictures from her set from that day below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

Ladybug Transistor

The Ladybug Transistor and Of Montreal, both members of the Elephant 6 Collective, released a split 7" in 2000. This past Friday night (4/17/2009), the Ladybug Transistor opened the third of three Of Montreal shows at Music Hall of Williamsburg in their hometown of Brooklyn. They went on before Janelle Monae. More pictures from their set below...

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Of Montreal @ Music Hall of Wiliamsburg - Apr 16, 2009 (jen c)
Of Montreal

"So I walked into tonight's show at Music Hall of Williamsburg waving a white flag, and anxious for a the live freak show that is Of Montreal. And what a freak show it is. Last time I saw them was at Bowery several years ago. At that show, lead singer Kevin Barnes walked on stage in a full white wedding dress. My friend Lauren told me the first time she saw them he entered the stage on a white horse. So long as he didn't walk out dressed as a Blooming Onion (a kangaroo would've been ok), it should be a good show." [100 Bands in 100 Days]
Of Montreal played two of their three shows at Music Hall of Williamsburg this week. If you're going to the third, tonight (April 17), don't forget to get there in time to see opener Janelle Monae.

A video from Wednesday's show below...

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James Murphy & Pat Mahoney dressed for the prom (more by Ryan Muir)
Pat Mahoney

After years of raised expectations and inevitable disappointment, after Pretty in Pink and Saved By The Bell season 4 (we remember it, too), 826NYC and Bowery Presents are happy to finally bring you THE PROM YOU WERE PROMISED, a night of formal wear, butt-kicking dance music, and actual spiked punch, featuring rare DJ sets by VAMPIRE WEEKEND, PAT MAHONEY (of LCD Soundsystem), and HERCULES & LOVE AFFAIR, along with jokes from host LEO ALLEN.

The evening will benefit 826NYC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.

Who: You, and a date. (Date not required)
Dress code: Prom attire (Your old gown/tux/suit, or the jeans and sneakers you wished you'd worn.)
What: The prom night you've been waiting for.
When: Thursday, May 21, 2009, at 9 p.m.
Where: Music Hall of Williamsburg, 66 North 6th Street, Brooklyn
1) For the kids-all proceeds benefit 826NYC
2) For the music-three killer DJ sets, each of them worth the price of admission
3) For the replacement memories, made to last a lifetime

$25 tickets are on sale at noon.

A video about 826NYC below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

Comet Gain
Comet Gain

NY Press: This is the 17th year of Comet Gain's existence. How has the band changed in that time?

David Feck: We lost a few and the ones that have stayed got hairier. There was a moment in our history where it became clear that Comet Gain was going to be a band about carrying on. That for every joy and blunder and hard time that goes on we have our songs for it... and that keeps happening... unfortunately there are more blunders and hard times but fortunately there are tons good times


Is there anything in New York that you're excited for? When was the last time you were here?

We were here 10 years ago...and it's been about that long since we've seen a lot of friends.

Comet Gain played Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn last night, April 12th (Easter). Time Out says,
The venue was not packed, but the cluster of fans were enthused--a cult defined.

The New York label What's Your Rupture? recently issued Broken Record Prayers, a compilation of singles that Comet Gain released over the past decade. It's an apt showcase for the sloppy band, and the ostensible reason for its presence in Brooklyn last night. Comet Gain came to town short a member--guitarist Jon Slade does not fly--appearing as a five-piece. They were fronted by singer-guitarist David Feck and Rachel Evans, who stands at center stage, singing and vigorously clapping like a cheerleader. Feck is Comet Gain's songwriter and sole original member; Evans is its secret weapon. The interplay between the two singers, along with the group's ragtag charm, was reminiscent of the Mekons. Its tiny jumpy songs, with Velvets guitars and drone from a Vox, funnels an army of the stubborn and underappreciated: the Clean (whose "Beatnik" is covered, beautifully and loudly, on Broken Record Prayers); the Pastels (namechecked onstage during a Hitler joke); and Television Personalities (whose "Part Time Punks" was requested and performed, briefly, as an audience sing-along led by Evans).

Bill said it was a good show with lots of witty stage banter by David Feck. One highlight was when opener Crystal Stilts joined Comet Gain on stage for a cover of Teardrop Explodes' "Sleeping Gas". Comet Gain, who concentrated mostly on their garagier/punkier material, played two other covers: Felt's "Ballad of the Band" and New Order's "Love Vigilantes." Both CG and CS shared a drumkit that read "Love is All" (another What's Your Rupture band). CC (Cold Cave) was the first of three bands on the bill.

And speaking of Crystal Stilts, they were added as the lucky opener for Dead Weather at Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday.

More pictures from Sunday's show below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: Of Montreal - First Time High (Reconstructionist Remix of "An Eluardian Instance") (MP3)

Janelle Monae @ Irving Plaza, 2008 (she opened for Gnarls Barkley) (by Bao Nguyen)
Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae has an upswept hairdo that's part R&B pompadour, part Mohawk, and perfectly strategic. For most of an afternoon [SXSW] party set at Peckerheads, a club with nonexistent sightlines, the crest was the only part of the petite singer visible from 10 yards away -- a shame, since she has some sharp dance moves.

But her voice was vivid as she belted socially conscious neo-soul songs, rapped about feeling like a stepchild and an outcast (she has worked with OutKast) and crooned a melismatic version of the ballad "Smile." And for her finale, after singing about apathy that turns people into the "walking dead," she gave everyone a chance to see her: fearlessly jumping into the crowd and surfing it from front to back to front. [NY Times]

Janelle Monae will open all three of Of Montreal's sold-out shows at MHOW (April 15th-17th). After that she shares two more bills with the band - one in CT, and Bonnaroo in June.

Of Montreal has other shows scheduled too. That includes a stop at Sasquatch. All dates are listed below. The track above is from the band's Jon Brion Remix EP, which came out on Polyvinyl in January.

This June, Janelle Monae will kick it up a notch (exposure-wise) when she opens several dates for the newly reformed No Doubt, who have a nearly-three-month tour planned. The band brings Monae along when it plays NYC-area shows at PNC Bank Arts Center on June 26th and the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater on June 27th (all dates below). No Doubt is also at work on a new, sixth album - their first in nine years, due in 2010 (in case you were wondering).

Other bands opening on the No Doubt tour include Paramore, The Sounds, and Bedouin Soundclash.

Of Montreal videos, and all tour dates, below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

Asobi Seksu

Asobi Seksu headlined the Bowery Ballroom in NYC on Thursday night (4/2). The great triple-bill featured both Crocodiles and Tyvek as openers. The pictures in this post, of the headliner only, are from that show.

Currently supporting their new album Hush, out now on Polyvinyl, the band has two more NYC shows scheduled in the near future. The first has them acting as opener for Yann Tiersen at Irving Plaza on April 16th. The next is a headlining gig at Music Hall of Williamsburg on June 13th. The Brooklyn show is part of the Northside Festival. That means badgeholders can try their luck at getting in, or you can buy tickets which go on Am Ex presale at noon.

Northside Festival shows @ MHOW
June 12 - John Vanderslice & TBA
June 13 - Asobi Seksu & TBA (Am Ex presale @ noon)
June 14 - Bill Callahan
All tour dates and more Bowery Ballroom pictures below...

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DOWNLOAD: Grizzly Bear - Cheerleader (MP3)

Grizzly Bear @ Lollapalooza 2008 (more by Zach Dilgard)
Grizzly Bear

Like they've done before, Grizzly Bear added a show at Music Hall of Williamsburg to their previously announced itinerary. The new May 31st Brooklyn date goes on sale Friday at noon (tickets are $26). The other NYC shows are May 28th and 29th at the seated Town Hall in Manhattan. Tickets are still available for both.

The band's new album Veckatimist will be released by Warp Records on May 25th. The first legally available track, "Cheerleader", can be downloaded above. A single for the song "Two Weeks" will be released on May 18th.

Grizzly Bear were also recently confirmed to play the Green Man Festival in the UK (August 21-23), and the Pitchfork Festival (July 17-19). More dates HERE.

Former Grizzly Bear tour-mate, Beach House, are opening for The Walkmen at Webster Hall on April 16th. Beach House's Victoria Legrand makes a guest appearance on Grizzly Bear's Veckatimist - on the song "Two Weeks" actually. At SXSW in March, a festival both bands played, Victoria joined GB on stage to help perform it. Check out the video below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

Primal Scream

"Never one to play by the rules, the Scream eschewed a greatest hits set and instead focused on the latter half of their career. Just over a third of the 16-song set was devoted to tracks off of their last two records, Riot City Blues and Beautiful Future. Group think/conventional wisdom is that these two records don't hold up very well next to the band's Vanishing Point / XTRMNTR / Evil Heat heyday, but "Country Girl" and "Jail Bird" sounded right at home next to older staples like "Kill All Hippies" and "Miss Lucifer."" [DCist, review of Friday's DC show]
Primal Scream played their final show on their US tour last night at Music Hall of Williamsburg (3/29). One night earlier they were at Webster Hall. Kuroma opened both shows. More pictures and the setlist from the Brooklyn show below...

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photos by Jacob Blickenstaff

Deer Tick

Call it folk, country, rock, folk/rock, alt-country or Americana, the young members of Rhode Island's Deer Tick write and play some of the most soulful, inspired music around, littered with lyrics as sharp as a shot of whiskey and rapid-fire guitar solos strong enough to blow the dust off your boots.

Though the band's Wednesday night performance at Club Deville exploded immediately, Deer Tick found its footing on Friday night a few songs in with a galloping rendition of "Art Is Real (City of Sin)."

"There gotta be some old recipe/'Cause I gotta get drunk/I gotta forget about some things," the loopy-eyed frontman Joseph John McCauley crooned in his raspy howl, cigarette stuck between his guitar strings.

But that was one of the only songs the band played from its 2007 release "War Elephant." The rest were a tantalizing preview of the forthcoming "Born on Flag Day," due out in June. [Austin 360]

Deer Tick, pictured above and below at the BrooklynVegan official SXSW showcase at Club De Ville on March 18th, has a Brooklyn show coming up - June 9th at Music Hall of Williamsburg to be exact. They're opening for Jenny Lewis whose last NYC show was headlining the Apollo Theater. $22 tickets go on sale Friday, April 3rd, at noon. More dates TBA soon. More SXSW pictures below...

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by Black Bubblegum

Ghost LIVE in 2003

Before Michio Kurihara was involved in a little band named Boris, he played in another long lasting Japanese band named Ghost. Ghost have scheduled a North American tour in April and May. That includes a show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn on May 9th. Tickets go on AM EX pre-sale beginning Wednesday, today, at noon and go on general sale on Friday.

A collective of psychedelic-minded Japanese musicians headed by guitarist Masaki Batoh, Ghost records commune-minded free-range psychedelia with equal debts to the Can/Amon Düül axis of Krautrock, as well as West Coast psych units like Blue Cheer and Jefferson Airplane. -[allmusic]
Ghost's last release was a live album CD/DVD for Drag City in 2007, Overture: Live in Nippon Yusen Soko 2006.

Also on May 9th, just across town, another great Japanese rock band will play as part of the Wordless Music Series... MONO have added a second night to their Hymn To The Immortal Wind engagement with a live orchestra. You can also catch them on May 8th.

Amon Düül are scheduled to play as part of Roadburn 2009, along with Saint Vitus. All Ghost dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Harlem Shakes - Strictly Game (MP3)

photos by Jonny Leather

Harlem Shakes

Now officially a fan of the Harlem Shakes since listening to the new record, it was great to see them live back on Valentine's Day at Southpaw right after the rockin' set by Shilpa Ray (who is also a HS fan..)...

My pals the Harlem Shakes are gonna take the stage and they haven't played live in New York in two years! I'm so wired to see them again! I recently heard a track off their new record and so surprised with how much their sound evolved from their first EP. Though both styles are great, I have so much admiration for artists who constantly take risks and disregard formulas on how to be an artist. Shakes, if you're reading this your new sound is crazy awesome and I can't wait to see you guys live! It's been too long. [Shilpa Ray]
Overall a great, crowded, fun, and late night. As Shilpa pointed out, it was the first show Harlem Shakes had played in NYC in a while. The size of the crowd (it was very sold out), and the amount of cheering and dancing made me realize how many people were waiting for their return - and the new record isn't even out until March 24th (they apologized at one point for playing songs people may not have known).

Tonight at Webster Hall (2/25) they are the opener. Ends up they go on at 8pm, followed by Born Ruffians at 9, and then Tokyo Police Club at 10. Then they are opener again on the previously announced March 14th Bell XI show at Highline Ballroom. Then it's headliner again... Tickets go on sale Friday at noon for a March 26th show at Music Hall of Williamsburg. The last one is in honor of their album that comes out two days before that.

Some more pictures from Southpaw, and all tour dates, below...

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