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the cover of this week's 'NME'...
NME goes free

In the face of decline print sales/subsciptions, long-running UK music weekly New Musical Express is entering a new era, becoming a free publication after 63 years. Editor Mike Williams announced the change on NME.com today, saying:

So what we're giving to you is a major brand transformation that will deliver on all of these things. A brilliant new free weekly magazine that will reach more than 300,000 people each week, a new look NME.com that will bring you closer to the stories that you care most about, some shiny new digital products which I'll be able to tell you more about very soon, plus more live events, new video series and more interaction with you guys on new social platforms...

...As I type this, some of the NME team are locked away in a dark basement in NME Towers working on even more ideas to make sure it's not only a brilliant magazine, but that it gives you everything you asked us for. I'm confident that it will.

The new free NME launches on September 18 in the UK.


It's the last week of November and we've hit Best-of List Season. Especially in the UK where we've already seen album lists from Rough Trade, MOJO, Q, and Uncut. Now here's long-running UK weekly NME with their LPs and tracks of the year. Topping the lists are St. Vincent's self-titled album, and Future Islands' omnipresent "Seasons." (Sorry, The War on Drugs, you're slightly lower on the list here.) And just to remind you they are British music magazine, Kasabian figure into both lists. Check out NME's full Top 50 LPs/Tracks of 2014 lists below...

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"There was a certain amount of science to it. An entire week of work experience students left the office thinking that cutting-edge music journalism in 2014 mostly involves calculating which bands have been mentioned most in NME in the past two years, then hunting out references to the bands that influenced those acts online and finally adding up the number of times each influence came up. This gave us a rough list which our editorial team - heads swimming with all of the bands that Wolf Alice (or whoever) have raved on about over 4am ciders - then took to the pub, tore into shreds, fought and shouted about and finally reconstructed in the rundown of 100 you see in the mag today. The Beatles didn't make it. Sorry." [NME[
NME went ahead and listed who they think the 100 most influential musicians and bands are (their latest cover story). Radiohead topped the list. Read the rest with justifications at NME, or just look at their full list below...

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Music magazines NME and UNCUT are owned by Time Inc who also own Time, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, LIFE, a whole bunch of magazines about hunting, and a ton of other titles too. Time Warner just spun off Time Inc into its own public company, while they're meanwhile rumored to be making a huge investment in Vice who also recently got a lot of money for 5% of the company from Rupert Murdoch (Fox).

What will the future bring for Time after Time? Only time will tell...

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Slicing Up Eyeballs reports that NME's celebrated C86 cassette compilation will receive a massive reissue treatment. UK label Cherry Red plan to release an expanded edition on June 9, which will spread 72-songs over three CDs. The original comp. was 22-tracks, so that's 50 additional numbers, including four that were previously unreleased. New additions include the Jesus and Mary Chain, Brilliant Corners, Happy Mondays, and more. You can check out the complete tracklisting at the bottom of this post.

Official word is that "It'll be housed in one of those 'clamshell'-style hinged boxes, with a chunky booklet including a 11,500-word sleeve-note by Neil Taylor [the NME writer who helped put the original comp. together] and lots of pretty pictures."

Tracklisting below...

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UK music weekly NME has just published its end-of-year issue, with their Top 50 LPs and Tracks of 2013. As for the albums list, we'll let you read on to find out what their #1 pick is, but it might just be the one NME called "absolutely and unarguably the most incredible album of [said band's] career" and "the greatest record of the last decade." It's not Palma Violets, who were last year's Track of the Year, as their debut LP came in at #32 on the list.

As for tracks, their single of the year is a pretty obvious (certainly ubiquitous) choice. Check out the full lists of NME's Top 50 LPs and Tracks below...

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by Bill Pearis


Things are going great for Morrissey whose new book is selling like crazy. The new Issue of NME, as you can see from its cover above, features "The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time." The UK music weekly picked these for the Top 10:

1. The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead
2. The Beatles - Revolver
3. David Bowie - Hunky Dory
4. The Strokes - Is This It
5. The Velvet Underground & Nico - The Velvet Underground
6. Pulp - Different Class
7. The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses
8. Pixies - Doolittle
9. The Beatles - The Beatles (White Album)
10. Oasis - Definitely Maybe
Just keep in mind these are mostly British people making this list. Outkast's Stankonia is #500 if you were wondering, and the Top 50 are listed in this post. If you're wondering how NME came up with this list, here's what they said:
It means emailing a vast array of alumni from across the NME generations, from the sixties swingers through the hip young gunslingers of the 70s right up to today's troupe of rock'n'roll toreadors, and begging/bullying them to submit lists of their favourite fifty albums of all time. Some joined in, others were too busy/famous now, but we managed to gather together around 80 voters to submit lists, at which point the serious number-crunching began.
One of those 80 was '90s-era NME editor Johnny "Cigarettes" Sharp, who talked to The Quietus about how he came up with his ballot (and these kind of lists in general):
I and the rest of the NME alumni were simply told to vote for our 'favourite' albums - Ideally a top 50 but really anything we could rustle up by the following Monday.

And herein lies a flaw inherent in all such lists: The results are bound to be slanted towards the choices of the voters who they happen still to have contact details for, which will inevitably be the more recent contributors (Still, having first written for them over 20 years ago, they didn't do too badly tracking me down).

Inevitably, with the whole thing being a bit last-minute and no-budget, the votes were also those of individuals who could be arsed to sweat over a difficult task in their free time for no financial reward. Welcome to 21st century publishing.

The mag does have a sense of humor about all this. The bottom right corner of the cover has a picture of Morrissey saying "...until the next 500." NME is publishing the whole list -- in not annoying slideshow format -- throughout the day and you can click through 500 - 401, and 400 - 301 right now. Their top 50 are listed below....

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Jack White @ ACL 2012 (more by Glen Brown)
Jack White


Jack White has issued the following statement to correct an excerpt from his upcoming cover story in British Esquire that was taken completely out of context--and actually edited to change its original meaning--in an NME.com news post.

The original quote referred to the state of image-based celebrity in general was twisted by the NME who changed the original quote, tacking the words "Lady Gaga's music" on to the original quote--words Jack never actually said.

White commented in full:

I'd like to address the recent tabloidesque drama baiting by the press in regards to Lady Gaga. I never said anything about her music, or questioned the authenticity of her songs in any way. I was in a conversation about the drawbacks of image for the sake of image, and that it is popular nowadays to not question an image in front of you, but only to label it as "cool" or "weird" quickly and dispose of it. I don't like my comments about Lady Gaga's presentation being changed into some sort of negative critique of her music. If you're going to try to cause drama, at least get the quotes right. I think journalists should also be held accountable for what they say. Especially publications like the NME who put whatever words they feel like between two quotation marks and play it off as a quote. maybe somebody with more lawyers can take them to task, but I'll just use the internet and twitter instead. I also think that kind of tabloid drama encourages artists to not express their opinions in the press, and instead give polite soundbites that don't stimulate thought about creativity and the consumption of art in its many guises. Peace to lady gaga and I fully congratulate and compliment her on her championing of gay rights issues and the momentum it's given to help create change.

Thank you.

Jack White III
Jack White's 2012 album has been named one of the best of the year by NME - and by MOJO, Rolling Stone, SPIN, Q Magazine, The Alabama Shakes and UNCUT

by Bill Pearis

Palma Violets

What we're all falling in love with in here is a sound centred around echo-laden guitars, Spiritualized-style Farfisa organ and basslines picking out instantly euphoric, simple chord sequences. Oh yeah, and singer Sam Fryer's voice - Ian McCulloch, Jim Morrison - and the way it rises into ecstatic shrieks that launch the band into similarly ecstatic psych-garage freakouts. There are already five or six awesome songs - direct, clever/simple, totally fresh'n'new-sounding fired-up rock'n'roll of the type we've been waiting for. They finish with a cover of Eddie Cochran's 'I Remember', and then everyone screams, so they play another tune that goes, "I've got a brand new song, I've got a brand new song". Except literally everyone here knows all the words already.- [NME]
"The best new band in Britain," according to NME, are Palma Violets who so far only have a double-a-side single out, both sides of which you can stream via YouTube below. At the start of the quoted-above review, NME actually begins with "OK, yes, you might think we at NME have a tendency to get over-enthusiastic about bands sometimes," but then goes on to say they're sure they're right about these guys. "It's time to get very excited."

That was written back in April and the mag has stuck with them, and just named that single, "Best of Friends," as the NME's #1 single of 2013. (Tame Impala's Lonerism was the #1 album.) With the UK in the throws of hype-fueled rapture, it's time for America (well the Northeast at least) to get very... cautiously curious. Palma Violets will be coming over in January for a few North American dates, including Shea Stadium on January 19 (no word on advance ticktets yet) and two shows at Glasslands on 1/23 and 1/28 and tickets to both Glasslands shows are on sale now.

UPDATE: The second Palma Violets Glasslands show got moved from 1/30 to 1/28 and changes were made in this post to reflect this. The Suzan is now playing at Glasslands on 1/30.

The 1/23 show is with Canadian funsters Hollerado and the 1/28 show has El Sportivo on the bill. Right after their stateside visit, Palma Violets will release their debut album via Rough Trade which was produced by Pulp's Steve Mackey. They'll also be part of the NME Awards Tour 2013 in February which packages a bunch of new bands together and trucks them around the UK. In this case, Django Django, Miles Kane and Peace.

The full list of for the NME's tracks of the year is below, along with a Spotify playlist, along with all tour dates, Palma Violets' videos and a live clip as well.

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Long-running UK music weekly NME has just published their Year-End issue and have named Tame Impala's Lonerism as album of the year, with Grimes, Frank Ocean, Crystal Castles and Alt-J rounding out the Top 5. Tame Impala offshoot Pond comes in at #7. Check out the entire Top 50 list below.

As mentioned before, Tame Impala just announced a 2013 tour, and will play Terminal 5 in NYC on February 19. Tickets for that show go on sale Friday (11/30) at noon.

NME's Top 50 LPs of 2012 are listed below.

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Alt JAlt J

It's that time of year already I guess. NME quizzed a whole bunch of artists about their favorite album of the year. Bat For Lashes chose Alt-J who recently won the Mercury Prize and who chose Polica as their favorite. That and more, if you can understand what they're saying, in the video, below....

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by Andrew Sacher

Big Deal
Big Deal

UK duo 2:54, who we suggested you check out when they made their US debut in NYC in late November, has a few US dates scheduled with fellow UK duo Big Deal surrounding SXSW. Those dates include March 11 at Glasslands and March 12 at Mercury Lounge, before they head to SXSW and finish up with a date together in LA. Tickets for the Mercury show go on sale today (1/13) at noon and tickets for the Glasslands show are not on sale yet but check ticketfly for updates.

Big Deal (aka Kacey Underwood and Alice Costelloe) will release their debut LP, Lights Out, on January 24 via Mute. They don't seem to be using more than an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar and their voices. They've got enough indie rock tendencies that it's bigger sounding than folk, but with the complete absence of drums, it's not nearly as large as their songwriting could lead it to be, and it ends up working to their advantage. A few of the tracks from the album are available to stream below, including the single, "Chair," and an accompanying video, "Locked Up," "Homework," and perhaps the most memorable, "Talk," which revolves around the repeated chorus of "All I wanna do is talk/but seeing you fucks me up," a refrain with the brutal honesty of emo but without its stigmas. The artwork and tracklist for Lights Out is below.

2:54 @ Pianos in December (more by Erik Erikson)

2:54 also have some upcoming dates in the UK with another UK band, The Big Pink, whose new album, Future This, comes out next week and is streaming in full with track by track commentary from the band on SPIN.

NME also points out in their review of The Maccabees' new album, Given to the Wild, which came out 1/9 in the UK, that, "On their forthcoming tour, the band will be supported by 2:54." The two bands, who are now labelmates (2:54 signed to Fiction), also toured together in 2011. The Maccabees also have dates with another UK band we said you should check out, Trailer Trash Tracys, whose great debut LP, Ester, comes out February 7 via Domino.


In NME's review of The Maccabees' Given to the Wild, they called the album the "first classic album of 2012" and gave it a 9/10, the highest score they've given to any album by the band thus far (their first two got 8's). The album is pretty great. It was produced by DFA's Tim Goldsworthy, and he helps bring in a more ambient feel to their sound. It doesn't have the powerful choruses of Wall of Arms but it reaches similar heights by taking a step away from that and exploring layers of new and different sounds. Check out the videos for "Feel to Follow" and "Pelican" off the album below.

Speaking of bands that NME loves, Howler (who have 7 NYC shows coming up, 5 of which are this month) are featured on the cover of NME's 'New Music 2012 Special Issue' and their debut LP, America Give Up is streaming in full on NPR.

All dates, videos, and streams below...

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Rough Trade listed These New Puritans at #3. NME listed them as #1. The UK magazine's full list of favorite albums of the year, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Make It Better (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Knocks - Make It Better" (Stylus Dust Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Knocks - Make It Better (Monsieur Adi Remix) (MP3)

The Knocks
The Knocks

"I DJed a show with DJ B-Roc of The Knocks a few months back. Dude was on point and I was blown away. Unsurprisingly, the highlight of the set came when B-Roc dropped his group's new single "Make It Better." The song is so dope, so summery, so perfect. And you can download it now at the Neon Gold blog. Be sure to pre-order the single so you can cop all of the remixes when they drop." [Panda Toes]
NYC's The Knocks are listing "NYU w/ Mystery Guests (dj set)" happening on September 7th on their tour dates. That would be the annual NYU Mystery Concert which I accidentally revealed will also include a set by certain member of Outkast on the bill.

The Knocks then have a few other scattered dates scheduled before CMJ, and then at least three scheduled during CMJ including the just-announced late show happening at Bowery Ballroom on Wednesday, October 20th with DFA's Holy Ghost. Tickets for that show will go on sale Wednesday, 9/8, at noon (or you can try to get in with your CMJ badge).

If you can't wait that long to see Holy Ghost!, don't forget that they also happen to appear on the lineup of this weekend's final 'Warm Up' of 2010 at PS1:

September 4th
Holy Ghost! / DFA Records, New York (live)
House of House / Whatever We Want, New York (DJ set)
DJ Mehdi / Ed Banger Records (DJ set)
Plus Special Guests TBA
The Knocks also list two other CMJ shows already. One is a Neon Gold / Chess Club showcase happening at Public Assembly on October 21st and the other is an NME show happening at the Studio at Webster Hall on October 23rd.

All dates for the Knocks & Holy Ghost!, below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

El Perro Del Mar

If looking for a way to see some of CMJ's top bands without a badge or tickets, three stores - Sound Fix, Other Music and Apple Store Soho - are all offering free in-store performances through the week.

Other Music in Manhattan hosts El Perro Del Mar tonight (10/20 @ 8pm). El Perro - real name Sarah Assbring - was to play a Joe's Pub show on November 9th. That's been canceled. She's opening for Peter, Bjorn & John this November - their Nov. 10th show was moved from Terminal 5 to Webster Hall and bumped a day earlier (now Nov. 9th).

If you're out today (10/20), El Perro Del Mar will be DJing (4-5pm) at Pianos this afternoon. Perhaps she'll spin something from her new record, Love Is Not Pop, which is out today (there's some nice dance remixes on at the end of it).

Also at Other Music, The Very Best play a daytime in-store (noon) on Thursday (10/22), which is probably less than 12 hours after they play (Le) Poisson Rouge's Green Owl CMJ showcase on Wednesday night with Theophilus London, Violens, Grandchildren, Ninjasonik and Nat Geo Music (the late show after LPR's New Amsterdam/Cantaloupe Recs showcase).

At Sound Fix (all shows 7pm), Antlers play a short acoustic set on Wednesday (they also play a BV showcase tonight, 10/20, at Music Hall of Williamsburg), and Cymbals Eat Guitars (at BV Pianos party Saturday afternoon) perform on Thursday. Tonight (10/20) at Sound Fix, you can catch Brooklyn's own Bell. More dates below.

At the Apple Store Soho, the extremely busy the xx play on Thursday and Portugal. The Man on Friday. More details below.

Speaking of the xx's busy schedule, let's just go through it: They're also at Mercury Lounge on Wednesday (10/21), Music Hall of Williamsburg on Friday with School of Seven Bells (now sold out) and a late-night Tribeca Grand party on October 23rd with FIXED's DJ JDH + Dave P (RSVP).

If you're after the Antlers and the xx together in one convenient spot, they're both playing a late-night NME CMJ party on Thursday, October 22nd at The Delancey with We Are Enfant Terrible, Reni Lane, Yes Giantesses and Ultra Violent Lights. The xx are the "special guest" on that show.

All times for the CMJ in-stores, tour dates and details are below...

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Friendly Fires @ the BV party @ Pianos on Oct 23, 2008 (more by Leia Jospe)
Friendly Fires

Soft Pack (Muslims) @ the BV party @ Pianos on Oct 23, 2008 (more by Leia Jospe)
The Soft Pack

White Lies, one of the most hotly tipped new British bands of 2009, confirmed that potential with a No. 1 debut for their first album, "To Lose My Life" (Fiction/Polydor) on the new U.K. album chart. Lady GaGa's "Just Dance" (Interscope/Universal) started a third week atop the singles survey.

White Lies was known as Fear Of Flying until about a year ago. The band has released three singles so far under its current name, of which the most successful, also titled "To Lose My Life," edges 35-34 this week. Its instant album chart success came as the Script's self-titled Phonogenic/Sony BMG debut slipped 1-3, while Kings Of Leon's "Only By the Night" (Hand Me Down/Sony BMG) held at No. 2. [Billboard]

Friendly Fires, The Soft Pack and White Lies have joined forces for a North American tour presented by NME. That includes two nights in a row at Bowery Ballroom in March. Tickets for both shows go on sale today at noon. All dates below...

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photos by Faith-Ann Young

DOWNLOAD: Little Boots - Meddle (Baron von Luxxury's Technicolor Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Little Boots - Stuck on Repeat (Fake Blood remix) (MP3)

Little Boots

"I had a photo shoot for a big fashion magazine thing yesterday [October 26, 2008], I've never really done anything like that before so it was kind of weird, within about 5 minutes I had 6 people descend on me involving things like this:

Yeah I know, I have no idea either, it was a bit like Stars In Their Eyes except I wasn't quite sure who I was supposed to be at the end. Anyway it was quite an experience. After that we legged it to soundcheck at The Annex for the NME Showcase but unfortunately we were already too late and it turned out half of our techy stuff wasn't working not to mention my throat is still in ruins but we got through it and there was a good crowd. I tried to teach them the phrase "put a donk on it" but I'm not sure if New York is quite ready for that!

Stayed around to watch Passion Pit, by which time it was absolutely rammed. They were good, I like some of their songs a lot, one about 'tears like diamonds' which I think is a nice phrase."
[Little Boots]

That CMJ blog entry on NME explains why Little Boots' hair looks so different than it did in the pictures from her show the night before The Annex, and two days after The Annex. More pictures from that show, and a couple of newly scheduled US dates, below...

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Slow is the brand new single from Tricky, released on October 20th. It is the second single taken from his critically acclaimed first album for Domino, Knowle West Boy, released in July.

The only cover on Knowle West Boy, Kylie's Slow is given a drastic make-over, humorously and inappropriately transforming the coy pop hit into a seedy electro-punk track. Asked why he chose to cover this track, Tricky replied 'I covered Kylie's Slow because I love that song. And the video is one of the best fucking videos I've ever seen. It's sexy as fuck.'

Tricky is promising to return to the States again soon because tickets are on sale (@ 10AM) for a February 28th show at Irving Plaza. It's the same venue he played when he was here in September.

In related Tricky-has-never-listened-to-them news, people are talking about Portishead's planned 4th album again.

Tricky plans on coming out with another album too. You can hear him talk about it in the video below. His only tour dates at the moment are in the UK for NME, and you'll find them down there too...

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Bjork and Evan Dando

"Waking up in Wolverhampton and travelling to London. Putting on a dress and hanging out with Björk. Soundchecks, interviews, meet 'n' greets, guest spots with support bands and great, celebratory gigs... It's all in a day's work for Evan Dando. As The Lemonheads' leader's year of success, stress and crack confessions comes to an end we spend a day with the languid love-God, still cool as the pressures increase." [From NME 25th December 1993]
Evan is playing some solo shows this month. The first is December 18th at Maxwell's in Hoboken (tickets), and the next is one day after that at Southpaw in Brooklyn (tickets). All dates below...

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The Bowery Ballroom show Glasvegas are playing during their Letterman to Ferguson tour in January sold out pretty quickly. The Webster Hall show they're playing on March 30 goes on Am Ex presale today at noon - regular sale on Friday. All tour dates below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: Chairlift - Evident Utensil (MP3)


Chairlift played a free show at the 92YTribeca last Saturday, October 11, but if you missed that, there are still plenty of NYC chances to catch the Brooklyn three-piece in the next week.

First, this Saturday night (10/18), a Bowery gig with dance guru Juan MacLean and a Holy Ghost (DFA) DJ set (Tickets $15).

Then the band plays a packed CMJ-Tuesday (10/21) with three different showcases: After the Jump @ Pianos (5pm), NME @ the Annex (7pm) and the Deli Magazine @ the Hiro Ballroom (9pm).

The band (friends of MGMT) will then take off with Yeasayer (who previously toured with MGMT) for a bunch of October dates before taking off on their own to Europe. In December they rejoin Yeasayer in DC and then open the first of two shows Yeasayer are playing at Music Hall of Williamsburg. The date of the Brooklyn show is December 5th. Tickets are still on sale. Tickets are also on sale for the December 6th Yeasayer show. No openers are listed for that one yet

Grab and an MP3 above, and check out Chairlift's song "Bruises," off their new Kanine Records album Does You Inspire You, in an iPod commercial (btw if you haven't heard of these yet, what a fantastic, fantastic product).

All tour dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Billy Bragg - O Freedom (NEW MP3)

Billy Bragg & Kate Nash @ FILTER Courtyard, SXSW 2008 (jinners)
Billy Bragg & Kate Nash @ SXSW

"Our friendship is based around an affinity for the Shangri-las," said Bragg as he strapped on Nash's guitar, suggesting that this was more than just a deft move by her people to insulate her from knee-jerk criticism ("Well if Billy Bragg thinks she's a bit of alright then maybe..."), while also placing her within a grand British tradition of songwriters like Ray Davies, Paul Weller and Bragg himself. The two traded lines like old friends, before launching into a three-song set of the Shangri-las' "Give Him A Great Big Kiss," Bragg's classic "New England" and Nash's "Foundations," a tell-off song that's everything "Dickhead" isn't: clever, introspective and fun. [Time Out]
That's not the first time Billy & Kate performed together - videos from SXSW and another time can be found at the end of this post.

Billy Bragg played a few shows while he was in Texas for SXSW, and then last night (March 16th) he opened for The Pogues at Roseland Ballroom in NYC.

Billy also has a new album coming out April 22nd on ANTI called "Mr. Love and Justice". The MP3 on the top of this post is from that album. Download that now. Then check out the videos of he and Kate below.......

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I'm running a little behind again today...


Bigmouth has struck again and, heaven knows, he’s miserable now.

Morrissey is suing the NME and its editor for defamation after the music magazine quoted him on its cover this week as saying: “The Gates of England are flooded. The country’s been thrown away.”

The magazine lambasts the former Smiths frontman for taking a “naive and inflammatory” stance on immigration by employing language that “dangerously echoes” the British National Party’s current manifesto.

Morrissey’s reported comments come 15 years after the NME accused him of experimenting with racist imagery in some of his solo songs and by draping himself in a Union Jack at a gig in Finsbury Park, North London. The singer, 48, says that his words have been taken out of context and now, after one of the most intense relationships in British music, Morrissey and the NME could be heading for the High Court. [TimesOnline]

Well, it was actually on the inside...

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