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Blake Judd

Despite being notorious for stealing and screwing people over (and even going to jail for it), people continue to work with Nachtmystium's Blake Judd (also of Twilight, Krieg, and Hate Meditation). Last week Century Media released an unfortunate, but noble statement saying they will send records to anyone who got scammed by Blake's recent, fake, direct pre-order for the new Nachtmystium record ("the last album NACHTMYSTIUM has with Century Media Records"). Blake is known for never sending people orders, but yet he found more people to send him money. Read that statement in full below.

Now, Blake's long-time friend and bandmate Neill Jameson (Krieg, Twilight) has also had enough and wants the world to know his full story. It's a long, sad tale of being screwed over by a heroin addict again and again and again and again. It paints Blake as an even bigger liar and scumbag than the public knew. The whole thing is at Noisey. Here's an excerpt:

"I decided to do the third Twilight record [with Blake] simply because of the other musicians in the band. By this point, I was fed up with the Blake-circus-shitshow but went ahead anyway. The night before I was to fly out to record Blake called me in tears. He told me that the money that was sent to cover my expenses and my cut of the publishing advance (totaling around $1500) was gone. He told me that his wife had left him (no shit, Helen Keller saw that coming) after they got into a fight; He threw her and she broke her leg in several places. When he took her to the hospital they would only accept cash because they didn't have insurance. He fucking sobbed and said everyone in Chicago wanted to kill him and he couldn't leave his house and he hoped I didn't hate him. What the fuck was I supposed to do? I already had paid for the flight and was in the hole from the "tour" a few weeks before."
Twilight is/was a supergroup that featured Blake and Neill along with Thurston Moore, Aaron Turner, Jef Whitehead (Leviathan), Stavros Giannopoulos (The Atlas Moth), and more. No wonder Thurston said black metal is "music made by pussies of the lowest order".

Century Media's recent statement below...

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by Wyatt Marshall

Nachtmystium at Saint Vitus in 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro)

One day after Nachtmystium streamed a new (good!) song from their supposed final LP, The World We Left Behind, Nachtmystium front man and mastermind Blake Judd told Metal Mayhem Underground that Nachtmystium actully isn't finished. From the interview:

"I decided that after all the shit hit the fan, I needed to get out of the spotlight for a while, get myself some help, and start a new and more normal life. At the time, I really felt like Nachtmystium needed to end for that to happen. Now that I have had a good nine months to clean myself up as far as my drug problem goes, and have regrouped mentally and made a new life for myself, I've been able to really think about what I'm doing and where I'm going with music. Due to the immense amount of feedback I have received from fans on our Facebook page telling me how sad they were that I was bringing the band to an end, I decided that ending the band was not what needed to happen in order to live a new life. I just reprioritized how the band is going to be present in my life, and I have also decided that I will no longer be touring at all. But just hanging up the name, all the momentum and success I've had with the band doesn't seem logical to me now that I have had time to do everything I've mentioned. I don't really care what people say or think about my decision to continue on with the band after announcing that it was coming to an end. I'm sure some people will talk shit, but that is nothing new for me or this band. I'm looking at The World We Left Behind as the end of a chapter in Nachtmystium's history. What I do next will be something new, theme-wise and musically. I'm not sure what direction I will take, but it's definitely going to be something new and different."
So, to summarize, it looks like there may be more Nachtmystium in the future, but no tours.

We've followed the ups and downs of Nachtmystium over the last year or so, including Judd's arrest on theft charges, canceled shows, and more. In the interview with Metal Mayhem Underground, Judd also addressed the allegations that he ripped fans off, selling merchandise that he never delivered.

I fell behind on many orders in late 2012 and a lot in 2013 due to my drug problem. Orders were made or taken and never filled, or weren't filled for a long time. I admit to that absolutely. I was a fucking mess and this is one of many areas in my life that problems were arising from as a result of my drug abuse issues. Since then, I have worked extremely hard to get these old orders either filled or refunded in an effort to repair the damage to my reputation and most importantly, get my fans taken care of. I hope that through these efforts, and the fact that I have been selling merchandise again through our Facebook page, and filling orders promptly, that I will be able to achieve that goal.
While we wait for the next chapter, stream Nachtmystium's new song, "Tear You Down," below...

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by Wyatt Marshall

Nachtmystium at Saint Vitus, 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro)

Despite debating calling it quits before finally calling it quits, Blake Judd's black metal band Nachtmystium lives on with one final LP, The World We Left Behind, due out on Century Media on August 5. "Tear You Down" is the first song off the album, and, as is often the case with Nachtmystium's work, it's good -- creeping, brooding and blasting, with electronics that stutter in and out over the track. Judd's vocal delivery is whispered and, later, hysterically barked. A maniacal laugh ushers the track out.

Stream "Tear You Down" (via Pitchfork) below...

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by Doug Moore


We were pretty confused/excited when indie rock figurehead Thurston Moore joined Chicagoan black metal supergroup Twilight (no, no glittery vampires involved) back in 2012. It's been a long wait since. The rest of their then-lineup went through the wringer, with both Blake Judd (Nachtmystium) and Jef "Wrest" Whitehead (Leviathan) dealing with legal issues and Aaron Turner (ISIS) folding his beloved Hydra Head label.

Twilight finally announced the details for III: Beneath Trident's Tomb, their forthcoming third album (and first with Thurston Moore), today. The bad news is that this album will be their last -- the band has already been "dissolved." Turner and Judd are out of the picture; it's easy to imagine that Judd was booted because of his recent troubles. Wrest has hung on, though, and performs bass, drums, and some vocals on the album. The rest of the lineup is rounded out by Moore (guitar/vox), Neill "Imperial" Jameson (Krieg) on vocals, Stavros Giannopoulos (The Atlas Moth) on guitar and vox, and Chicago sound guy extraordinaire Sanford Parker handling synths and electronics. The album will come out on March 18 via Century Media.

The really noteworthy bit here is the new track the band has posted -- "Lungs," which is both the album's leadoff cut and a total burner. The press release credits Wrest and Imperial with the composition, but man, if that noise-freakout intro isn't a dead ringer for a Sonic Youth part. (I hear shades of "100%" from Dirty.) The rest of the song is a pretty major departure from Twilight's past work, too -- it plows away in grubby, antagonistic noise rock fashion underneath a skein of layered harsh and clean vocals.

Thurston Moore also just listed his favorite songs of all time.

Stream "Lungs" and check out III: Beneath Trident's Tomb's track listing below...

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by Doug Moore

Nachtmystium at Saint Vitus, 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro)

So it's official: Nachtmystium, the long-running Chicagoan black metal band helmed by the ever-troubled Blake Judd, is no more.

This announcement caps an ugly month for Judd, during which he was arrested on theft charges, jailed for roughly a month (which forced his band to cancel some shows), publicly shamed by a t-shirt for past shady behavior, and eventually released. Upon his release, Judd issued a statement via Facebook in which he suggested that he was preparing to put Nachtmystium to bed.

Earlier today, Judd confirmed that the band was done in another FB post:

Alright everyone - it's official: Nachtmystium is R.I.P. Today, I turn 31 years old and as a gift to myself, as sad as it makes me to do this, I'm letting go of something that I've put blood, sweat and tears into for the last 13 1/2 years. It's been an amazing ride full of extreme highs and extreme lows. It's taken me around the world to places I'd never have imagined getting to see / experience. I've toured with some of my favorite bands ever and met some of the most amazing people I could ever have asked to meet. These experiences are fond memories that I will be able to reflect on until the day I die and be eternally grateful for having in my mind.
Here's the TL;DR version of the rest of his lengthy statement:

--Nachtmystium have two posthumous releases coming out: a split mini-LP with The Many, which will be released in "the coming months," and a final LP entitled The World We Left Behind in the spring.

--The band will also release a box set of their discography on vinyl.

--All told, the band will have 25 releases under its belt after its two posthumous efforts.

--Judd is thankful to his producers and the fans who bought his merch. Aw.

Read the entire statement and stream the Nachtmystium live vid that Judd included with it below...

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by Wyatt Marshall

Nachtmystium at Saint VItus in 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro)

Nachtmystium frontman Blake Judd has been released from prison and is at home, nearly a month after his arrest for misdemeanor theft. While in jail, Judd, who also performs with black metal supergroup Twilight (now with Thurston Moore) and Hate Meditation, was forced to miss some Nachtmystium shows, causing the band to cancel their appearance at Metal Insider's CMJ showcase, among other dates.

Judd's arrest brought with it a storm of controversy, including a mocking t-shirt from the record label Hell's Headbangers, who, like others, have claimed that Judd has failed to deliver purchased merchandise. Judd addressed these accusations, as well as his struggles with addiction, in a new statement, which he posted to Facebook but since removed. Judd also wrote that he will take a break from music while he seeks additional treatment for his addiction, and he considered the possibility of walking away from Nachtmystium after the release of the band's forthcoming album, The World We Left Behind. You can read the letter in full below.

Nachtmystium put out a new song from the album today (via Stereogum) titled "Voyager." For fans that may feel worn thin by recent drama, it should serve as a reminder of why Nachtmystium is relevant in the first place. The song deals with Judd's battles with addiction. Here's what Judd had to say about it:

Given everything that's going on currently, I've decided to put something positive out there and give the fans who are behind the band a little something new before I retreat into silence for a few months. This is a track entitled "Voyager" off of our upcoming album, "The World We Left Behind", that will be released in early spring 2014 on Century Media Records worldwide. I've chosen this track specifically because the lyrical content and motivation behind the music written for this track has everything to do with the demons I've been battling leading up to this very dark period of my life, and I felt that it rings true to everything that is happening right now. Enjoy this track and look for more news on this recording, me and the band in general later this year or in early 2014. Thanks again to everyone who's written me personally or left a comment or a 'like' on my recent response to all of this via my personal Facebook account. Your support is something I am deeply grateful for.
Read Judd's other statement (the one he posted to Facebook), along with a stream of "Voyager," below...

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by Doug Moore

Hells Headbangers's Blake Judd shirt
Blake Judd shirt

If you're following metal news at all right now, you've no doubt heard about Blake Judd of Nachtmystium's recent legal problems. Judd was arrested on October 5 on theft charges; though he's only being charged with misdemeanor theft of less than $500 worth of property, his bail has been set for $25,000. Not exactly chump change for the black metal milieu.

This development was no doubt troubling for Metal Insider, whose CMJ showcase at Europa on 10/16 featured Nachtmystium as the headlining band. Earlier today, Metal Insider announced that Judd's court date has been moved to November 1, thereby ensuring that he will not be out of jail in time to play the showcase. (Nachtmystium's 10/15 date in Columbus, OH is no doubt canceled as well.) Condolences, guys.

The Metal Insider showcase is going down regardless, and the lineup remains strong; Byzantine are now headlining, with Black Anvil, Ramming Speed, and Vatnett Viskar in support. Both Black Anvil and Ramming Speed made CMJ's rundown of must-see metal bands at this year's festivities, as did Pelican, who are headlining both nights of the Invisible Oranges's CMJ showcase. You can get tickets to the Metal Insider show here and the IO showcases here.

In the meantime, Judd's public stock continues to plummet. His reputation of stiffing people on merch orders and playing fast and loose with other people's money in general has become a subject of popular discussion. Worse (better?) yet, one of the many folks he has crossed over the years has taken it upon himself to print a limited run of anti-Judd t-shirts, which you can see above. In case you're not enough of a metal nerd to catch it, these shirts are parodies of the slain Mayhem guitarist Euronymous's logo for his own Deathlike Silence label. Seriously, buy one; these things will sell for a major mark-up on Ebay in a few years.

by Wyatt Marshall

Blake Judd's mugshot

As reported on BV Chicago, Nachtmystium singer and guitarist Blake Judd was arrested this past Saturday (10/5) on a charge of theft, according to the Cook County Sheriff's Department of Corrections. The charge (720 ILCS 5/16-1) is described as theft by unauthorized control of property not exceeding $500. Judd's bail was set at $25,000, and he has a court date set for Friday (10/11). The charge is a Class A misdemeanor, according to the Illinois General Assembly.

Judd's a well known figure in the US black metal scene, and in addition to fronting Nachtmystium, he performs with the black metal supergroup Twilight (with new member Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth) and his new band Hate Meditation. Unfortunately, Judd has often found himself at the center of attention in less than favorable light. Judd has been accused by fans of ripping them off -- specifically, failing to deliver merchandise paid for by fans. In his defense, Judd offered an explanation for at least some of the allegations. Judd has also publicly discussed his struggles with substance abuse.

Nachtmystium is currently scheduled to play a few shows in the immediate future, including a Metal Insider CMJ showcase on October 16 at Europa with Byzantine, Black Anvil, Ramming Speed and Vattnet Viskar. It remains to be seen if Judd will make it to the shows, but tickets are still available. Stay tuned.

Nachtmystium's upcoming dates are below...

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by Doug Moore

Nachtmystium at Saint Vitus, 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro)

Metal Insider have announced the details of their 2013 CMJ showcase. The show will be on October 18 at Europa and will feature Nachtmystium, who were supposedly on hiatus for the year and who haven't come around since their November 2012 Vitus date in support of Silencing Machine. Byzantine (who haven't played NYC in six years), New York's own Black Anvil, Ramming Speed (who played a sold-out Vitus gig with Windhand last week), and Vattnet Viskar round out the lineup. Tickets are available now.

The metal lineup around CMJ weekend is starting to fill out. The Invisible Oranges showcase, featuring two headlining Pelican performances, will go down on October 17 and 18. Lineup and venue details are still emerging; stay tuned for those. As we mentioned, the MetalSucks/Metal Injection showcase -- featuring Fuck the Facts, Fit for an Autopsy, Hivesmasher, Meek Is Murder, and Stomach Earth -- is at the Acheron on October 18. Tickets are available now. And Godflesh's first NYC date in basically forever is on October 19 at Irving Plaza. Tickets are still available for that one, somehow.

Liar in Wait

In addition to Jeff Wilson's undertakings (pardon the pun) in Wolvhammer and Chrome Waves, the guitarist has announced another new death-rock/gothic project in Liar in Wait. The band, which also features members of Mourner, Iron Thrones and more, have released the first track from their forthcoming EP for Profound Lore, Translations Of The Lost. Stream that below in full.

That EP will be released while Wilson is out on the road with Wolvhammer, part of a trek with Glorior Belli in late May/early June which sponsored by Invisible Oranges. Union Pool gets the look on May 24. Check out the tour flyer below.

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Eyehategod at Saint Vitus, Dec 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)

As discussed, Corrections House is a supergroup of sorts, comprised of Scott Kelly (of Neurosis), Mike IX Williams (Eyehategod), Sanford Parker (producer/engineer, Nachmystium/Minsk) and Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Bloodiest, etc). The upcoming tour will feature "solo sets of spoken word, acoustic and experimental music with an end times collaboration to close out the night." What we didn't know was that recorded material was also on the way...

Corrections House have produced a video for "Hoax the System," a new track that will appear on a forthcoming 7" on War Crime Records, a collaborative effort between Parker and Lamont. The flip will feature a second track, "Grin With A Purpose," though no additional recordings have been reported. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, swoop below for a look at the new video and all tour dates. And if you want to see it live, Corrections House hits Saint Vitus on Jan 21 (tickets).

In related news, Neurosis plays a sold-out Brooklyn Masonic Temple on Saturday, the same day as the mega-Catharsis/Deathcycle/Gehenna/Withdrawal show at The Acheron (tickets).

Video and a list of tour dates are below.

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photos by Fred Pessaro // BBG; words by Lauren Jackson

Nachtmystium @ Saint Vitus, 11/19/2012

On Monday night, Chicago's Nachtmystium exercised a sonic assault on a packed St. Vitus, which was one stop on a BV-sponsored tour. The band found support from local favorites Batillus, Mutilation Rites and Sannhet, as well as fellow Chicago metal outfit, Lord Mantis.

Sannhet started the night off at a properly late hour, complete with light show and white noise projections during their set which, incidentally, fit their extreme performance perfectly. Straddling the line between clear riffs and static, Sannhet's songs were highly structured, but drenched in a top layer of noise--much like the garbled images one can almost make out under TV snow.

Batillus carried through that same noisy sensibility, with frontman Fade Kainer's harsh vocals, manipulated to a point where they could have been confused as something inhuman and otherworldly. The band's industrial sensibility lent an edge to their doom-influence dirges and, while slower than all the other bands on the bill, made Batillus equally brutal as next band Mutilation Rites' most unforgiving riff.

Raw and fast as hell, Mutilation Rites brought down a set that seemed to make everyone at Vitus grind their teeth and brace themselves for the two remaining bands--Lord Mantis and headliners Nachtmystium. And by the time the headliners took to the stage, Vitus was packed, humid, and frenetic with the furious energy from each unbelievable performance.

To attend a show so consistently brutal and so consistently good, with band after band bringing all the energy they could to bolster up American black metal favorites, Nachtmystium, was a true treat for the metalhead's soul. And, as usual, Nachtmystium did not disappoint, and punctuated the night with an assaulting set that lasted just over an hour.

By the end of the set, the hooded black figures who had filed in at the start of it all came out sweaty, some with fogged glasses, and all with grins because everyone had gotten what they wanted: blackened brutality.

Check out more pictures and video from the show below, including video of Batillus performing a new track "Mirrors."

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Salvation at Power of The Riff East, August 2012 (more by Greg Cristman)

With their  dates with Night Sins now behind them, Salvation have plotted a course back to NYC for a show on January 13 at Saint Vitus. There the band will join NYC black metal favorites Raspberry Bulbs and noise terrorist extraordinaire Pharmakon. Tickets are on sale.

Similarly, support for the previously discussed Nachtmystium show has changed yet again, this time with Mutilation Rites, Batillus, Sannhet and Lord Mantis. Tickets are still available for the 11/19 show at Saint Vitus.

Meanwhile, support for the previously discussed Eyehategod shows at Saint Vitus have been announced, with Magrudergrind, Clean Teeth and The Communion taking on 11/27 (tickets) and Mortals (Record Release), White Widows and one more TBA taking on 11/28 (tickets).

In other Saint Vitus show news, look for the great Pinkish Black to team with Naam for a show at Saint Vitus on December 1st (tickets).

by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Nachtmystium at The Studio at Webster Hall, Sept 2010 (more by Markus Shaffer)

"Nachtmystium, regretfully, has to reschedule its upcoming US tour due to an unavoidable family emergency. The band (and Nachtmystium co-horts Lord Mantis) will still be able to perform the last four dates of the tour on the east coast, but all other dates will be rescheduled for the near future. Nachtmystium apologizes to all the fans and promoters as this was an unavoidable circumstance and we wish that things were different. However, we are beyond excited to come play for you soon. To those fans who will still be able to see us in November, we can't wait to destroy your eardrums. See you soon!"
As stated above, Nachtmystium's tour has shrunk considerably, but what it doesnt mention is the loss of Canadian black metal terrorist Weapon from the bill as well. Though the bulk of the dates are cancelled, Saint Vitus on 11/19 is still a go and now with Jarboe, Bruce Lamont and Batillus. Tickets are still available.

In the meantime you can also catch both Bruce Lamont AND Batillus this weekend, though at different shows. The latter will perform at 285 Kent as part of the Show No Mercy showcase while the former will be on stage as part of Yakuza's exclusive NYC showing at Saint Vitus (aka the BV-BBG showcase). Tickets for the latter show are still available or use your CMJ badge (a limited number allowed in). Entry includes PBR, Sailor Jerry's and Mercy drink while supplies last.

All tour dates and the BV-BBG showcase flyer is below.

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Sky Burial

Sky Burial, the one-man electronics project of Michael Page (not the Tennessee band of the same name), is preparing to release a new LP in There I Saw The Grey Wolf Gaping. Encompassing elements of ambient, power-electronics, shoegaze and industrial, the eight-track release is bursting with guest appearances from names like Danny Hyde (Coil), Bridget Wishart (Hawkwind), Xiphoid Dementia and more.

The opening track, "Incantare," features both Troum and Jarboe and you can check out a video for that track below, along with a stream of "Silence Moves." Look for the the CD release of the album on November 17t which is available for preorder now via Small Doses.

As we've mentioned before, Jarboe is on the road with Nachtmystium this fall, a tour that hits Saint Vitus on 11/19 (tickets).

Album art, said video, and the tracklisting is below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG


If you were wondering about the third band on the upcoming Wolvhammer / Krieg / Doomsday tour, you aren't alone. Doomsday is yet another project from Jeff Wilson, current mastermind behind Chrome Waves and also-guitar-player behind Wolvhammer. He'll be serving as a member of all three bands during said tour, and joining his Chrome Waves bandmate Bob Fouts for Doomsday, a new black metal project.

Chicago-based Doomsday is preparing to drop their debut EP on Disorder Recordings, a blasting whallop of a release that speeds along six songs in 20+ minutes and includes a cover of GG Allin favorite "I Kill Everything I Fuck." Currently slated for release on CD/digital on November 6, the EP's fury is evident in the first song to emerge from the LP, aptly titled "The Punishment" which makes its debut in this post.

Don't miss Doomsday when they hit the road this fall at the tour listed dates below (including 11/3 at Union Pool -tickets), and while your down there stream the new track, check out the album art and tracklisting as well.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Nachtmystium at BV-SXSW 2012 (more by Greg Cristman)

Dates are starting to trickle out for the previously-discussed, in-the-works Nachtmystium/Jarboe/Weapon tour. Though the full tour-sched is forthcoming, a chunk of dates have been released and are viewable in handy list form below. Those dates include the previously-mentioned stop at Saint Vitus on 11/19 (tickets).

BrooklynVegan is proud sponsor of the Nachtmystium/Jarboe/Weapon jaunt. More details are on the way. If you missed it, make sure and check out the interview/new song stream with Weapon.

All known dates are listed below along with the tour flyer.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

"We do our own thing, on our terms or not at all. Kvlt can suck my fucking dick. I want it all. Evil has no boundaries" - Vetis Monarch of Weapon

Weapon at Rites of Darkness 2011 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)

Canadian black metal horde Weapon have made a few major transitions of late, moving from a staunchly independent black metal label (The Ajna Offensive) to one of the bigger labels in the genre (Relapse) and taking their show from recording-only to full-on tour mode. The occasion? The release of their third LP, Embers and Revelations, due on October 9th. Stream the new song "Vanguard Of The Morning Star," which we're premiering below, and you can order your copy at Relapse.

Weapon see these transitions as opportunites (as they should) and as such, we cornered the creative mind behind Weapon, Vetis Monarch, for a few interview questions which you can read below.

Don't forget that Weapon will be in NYC on 11/19 at Saint Vitus with Nachtmystium and Jarboe. Tickets are still available.

Song stream and Q&A are below.

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Nachtmystium at BV-SXSW 2012 (more by Greg Cristman)
Nachtmystium, Jarboe and Weapon are hitting the road for a string of dates this fall surrounding Blake & Co's appearance at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin in early November. The confirmed dates have the bands in Portland, ME on 11/10 and then at Saint Vitus on 11/19. Tickets are on sale. The shows are in celebration of the Chicago band's new LP Silencing Machine.

In semi-related news, Jarboe's old band Swans recently added some new dates including 10/28 at Bowery Ballroom and 10/29 at Music Hall of Williamsburg. The band's new LP The Seer is out now.

All known tour dates are listed below along with a Nachtmystium video.

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photos by Greg Cristman, Pallbearer photos & words by BBG

Alcest @ Lovejoys
BrooklynVegan Day Party at Lovejoys on 3/17

By the time that Hull hit the stage at around 2:20pm, the deal was sealed; intimate Austin bar/venue Lovejoys was officially one-in-one-out until we closed the doors. The Saturday BrooklynVegan day show during SXSW included the awesome lineup of Alcest (their only Austin show), Nachtmystium (with Will Lindsay and Sanford Parker in tow), The Atlas Moth, Pallbearer, Speedwolf, Hull, Bruce Lamont with Man's Gin (their only show), Mutilation Rites and Vestiges. All of the bands ruled and I can't thank them enough.

Vestiges opened the party at 12:15 to a relatively large crowd of people (considering the inevitable hangovers from the night prior), and proceeded to wake us all with their spacey hybrid of black metal, hardcore, doom, and crust. A truly amazing band that is definitely worth looking out for. Mutilation Rites followed with new bassist Ryan Jones (Wetnurse/Today is The Day) in tow, but seemed no worse for the changeover; the band's punk-y black-metal-thrash ripped as usual.

Bruce Lamont and Man's Gin collaborated next, using everything from guitar, sax, and bass ukelele in their renditions of Man's Gin songs. It was a special one-off collaboration during the festival, and one that I was grateful to be hosting in such a small space. Hats off to Erik, Josh & the Man's Gin crew, as well as Bruce Lamont.

After that relatively low-key set, of course Hull brought it up a few notches with their thundering post-metal stomp, the first of three shows for the band that day. The rattling doom power of Hull live cannot be denied, but neither can the Motorhead-y beer-swilling pummel of Speedwolf who followed directly after. Speedwolf is currently on a US tear, so look for them at a town near you (including NYC).

Pallbearer @ Lovejoys
BrooklynVegan Day Party at Lovejoys on 3/17

Pallbearer, one of my favorite bands from SXSW this year, are undeniably great and just destroyed after Speedwolf. Their melodic doom riffs and soaring vocals owe a lot to the doom-fathers of yesteryear but still reimagine some of those approaches on their stunner of an LP Sorrow & Extinction. Pick it up if you can, and don't miss them when they come to NYC with Loss!

The Atlas Moth and Nachtmystium, out on tour together, played the following two sets with the latter featuring Sanford Parker on keys and Will Lindsay (Indian, Middian, etc) on bass. The Atlas Moth was also in a different configuration, with Andrew Ragin out with medical issues and replaced with his brother-in-law and former member of Stabbing Westward Marcus Eliopulos. Despite configuration changes, both bands were fantastic.

Alcest, who in no way resembles a metal band other than in pedigree, closed out the night. The French quartet's focus is on shoegaze-influenced beauty and were a perfect way to end the hectic and brutal day at Lovejoys. Alcest are on the road in the US, and will play NYC at Public Assembly next week with another BV-SXSW-show-alumnus, Deafheaven (I'll be DJing).

Yet another successful year at Lovejoys in Austin, and I'd like to send a big thank you to the staff, Jester King for the free suds, all of the bands, and most importantly all of the fans who came for the day. Thank you so much, and I can't wait until next year!

More pictures from the whole day, below...

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by BBG

Alcest at Gramercy Theater (more by Greg Cristman)

On March 17th, 2012 (Saturday), BrooklynVegan will return to the scene of the crime (where we hosted two shows last year) for a FREE show at Lovejoys in Austin during SXSW! From noon until just before 7PM we'll host a lineup that includes:

Alcest (their ONLY appearance during SXSW)
The Atlas Moth
Bruce Lamont
Mutilation Rites
This is the ONLY time you can see Alcest (from France!) during SXSW (and for FREE), so head to Lovejoys on March 17th. Get there early and down some FREE Black Metal Stout on draft courtesy of Jester King Brewery (while supplies last).

The show is one of several shows that BrooklynVegan is hosting during SXSW including four days at Hotel Vegas, and our back-to-back day party as part of Converse/Thrasher Deathmatch followed by one of our (with an exclusive appearance from Black Breath) three official SXSW showcases. Stay tuned for more details on Hotel Vegas and the other two showcases.

Nachtmystium is currently in the studio sawing away at their new LP Silencing Machine due on July 31st via Century Media. The band will be hitting the road for a set of Midwest dates right around the album release, with an assist from Krieg and Murmur. Details are on the way.

The Atlas Moth and Pallbearer will both play an upcoming Scion showcase in LA on March 31, and for free! RSVP now. Pallbearer recently released their monster new LP Sorrow & Extinction via Profound Lore and are heading to NYC with Loss for a rare one-off show.

Alcest is heading out on the road for a string of dates with Deafheaven (who play our Deathmatch day party in Austin) including NYC at Public Assembly on 3/31 with Vaura (who have a new album) and yours truly on the turntables. Tickets are still available.

All Alcest dates and some streams and video below...

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Andy Nelson with Paint it Black at Fun Fun Fun Fest (more by BBG)
Paint it Black

Mamiffer, Tombs, Locrian, Thou, Fuck The Facts, The Atlas Moth and many more contribute to the second part of our continuing series where we asked some of our favorite artists about their 2011 highlights. Part One HERE. Part Two below...

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We previously discussed Phily's Riot Fest East that will feature an appearance from the mighty Descendents and The Suicide Machines who they also play with in NYC. Riot Fest East, an offshoot of the Chicago festival, happens on September 24th.

The Chicago version of the festival, October 5-9, previously announced that Weezer, Social Distortion, Descendents, 7 Seconds, ALL (two different eras!), Helmet, and X (playing Los Angeles) were all on the lineup, but left one big announcement for today...

On Friday October 7, 2011 Danzig will headline Riot Fest and perform a career spanning show featuring sets of Danzig, Samhain and Misfits songs with none other than Doyle joining on guitar the Misfits set. We've waited years for this and we can't wait to see the inside of the Congress Theater turn into a churning sea of humanity.
Tickets for both Riot Fest Chicago and Riot Fest East are now on sale, and more band announcements are stil to come(!).

Tickets are now also on sale for the Descendents show at Roseland Ballroom that Suicide Machines and H20 are opening.

X are performing Los Angeles at both Riot Fests AND on two nights at Irving Plaza in NYC. Tickets are on sale for those shows too.

Riot Fest show flyers and some videos is below.

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DOWNLOAD: Avichi "Under Satan's Sun" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Disma"Spectral Domination" (MP3)

Gallhammer Only in Japan will you find the unique combination of bratty punk rock, crust, doom, and drone all rolled into one. After releasing the well-received Ill Innocence in 2007, Gallhammer is back albeit without founding member Mika Penetrator. The now-duo hit the studio late last year to record their follow-up LP, The End, which will see its release via Peaceville on May 31st. Recorded by Maniac (Skitliv, Mayhem), the new LP (thats the art to the left) visits familiar blackened themes from their previous Fenriz-approved debut, like the riot-grrl inspired new song "Aberration". Stream that below and preorder a copy at Peaceville.

Reminder, Inter Arma will link up with Bastard Sapling, and Castevet on May 7th at Mother Pugs in Staten Island and at Acheron on May 8th with new addition SALO (Saturday & Sunday).

And you can make Sunday a day of heavy music, as Woe has added a last minute show in NYC, and its an early one. The show goes down at 3PM at Semi-Legit (6 Charles Place in Brooklyn) and will also feature appearances from Primitive Savagery, and MAD. $5 gets you in to the early 3PM show. Flyer below.

Bastard Sapling at BV-BBG CMJ (more by Keith Marlowe)
Bastard Sapling

Check out some snippets from the upcoming Autopsy LP Macabre Eternal at their mini-site. We recently posted the first track, "Always About To Die".

Dark Castle is streaming a new song from their forthcoming Surrender to All Life Beyond Form at Invisible Oranges. The band will go on tour with YOB (with Rob Shaffer of DC on drums) and hit Le Poisson Rouge on July 12th (tickets). Invisible Oranges is also hosting a pair of interviews with Earth.

Stereogum is currently hosting a new track by Premonition 13 due on the forthcoming 13 via Summer Solstice/Volcom on 6/21.

AvchiBlake Judd admits that Nachtmystium's Addicts was inspired by his own battle with heroin, and that he is working on new Nachtmystium material with members of Avichi as well as Sanford Parker. Judd is also scheming new material with Von! Speaking of Avichi, look for their new LP, The Devil's Fractal, via Profound Lore on 7/19 (thats the art work). Check out "Under Satan's Sun" available for download above.

Last but not least, Disma will release their new LP Towards The Megalith via Profound Lore Records. Check out the new song "Spectral Domination" available for download above and look for the LP on 7/19. More brutal death from these long-time metal/hardcore vets.

That Gallhammer stream and some suggested NYC shows are below...

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DOWNLOAD: Nachtmystium - "A Seed For Suffering" (live) (MP3)

Nachtmystium at The Studio at Webster Hall (more by Markus Shaffer)

While Nachtmystium may experiment with different directions from LP to LP, there is always one constant, an unstoppable live show. Now that punk ethos and those icy blasts are the focus of a new release, Nachtmystium Live at Roadburn due on Feb 17th via Roadburn Records (on 2LP) and currently available for pre-order in Europe and at select US distros.

Nachtmystium has been known to feature different configurations on the live stage. Their Roadburn appearance not only featured Ron van Herpen from The Devils Blood/Astrosoniq and Teun van der Velden from Astrosoniq on guitar/keys respectively, but it was the first time they played with them following the abrupt departure of Jeff Wilson mid-tour:

"For your information, ...these two guys had THREE HOURS of practice with us EVER, on the day of the show none the less. We had not met them in person previous to the day of the show. They'd been asked to help us out (due to some unfortunate circumstances with a member of Nachtmystium having to leave for home mid-tour) about nine days before our performance at Roadburn. Both of them learned the entire set from the album recordings of the songs we played in these nine days, and then had a three hour window in the afternoon on show-day to rehearse with us as a full band.
With all of that turmoil, it's hard to envision the live document to be anything less than calamatous, but I submit "A Seed for Suffering" as proof to the contrary. The song is taken from the live 2LP. and you can download it above, and stream it below.

Nachtmystium will hit the road with Cradle of Filth, playing Best Buy Theater in NYC on March 3rd and Starland Ballroom in NJ on March 5th as part of the "Creatures From The Black Abyss Tour". Tickets are still available. All dates are reposted below.

The song stream and the tracklisting/art for the new release are down there too...

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