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photos by Ebru Yildiz

Neil Michael Hagerty @ Saint Vitus, 12/8/2012
Neil Michael Hagerty

In the continuing confounding genius of the Royal Trux legacy, Neil Michael Hagerty assembled the cast of the 1988 Royal Trux lineup - literally a cast, other people he's met recently that resembled the 1988 lineup, to perform their notoriously difficult and drugged out album... Twin Infinitives.... the show was actually the antithesis of a reunion on purpose - not only were the other members not there, but the twin infinitives material was hardly even played live 20 years ago... (and they did a pretty damn good job...)

neil even announced the title of each song before they played it, and counted off the end of each one - "ONE TWO THREE FOUR" - in as close recreations of what these mini-disaster songs could sound like live. No surprises, but that's the point. and also very uncharacteristic for a guy who's known to frequently play only brand new material live and has continously said in interviews that he'll never reunite the original trux lineup. -[Gary Canino]

Neil Michael Hagerty performed Royal Trux's Twin Infinitives at Saint Vitus on Saturday (12/8), a rare, one-off showcasing of the 1992 LP. Pictures from the show are below (though none of supporting band Pigeons).

Meanwhile Jennifer Herrema (also ex of Royal Trux, but not part of this show) participated in a store window installation called She's Crafty at New Museum which ended on Friday. Herrera's current band Black Bananas is slated to play Austin Psych Fest in 2013.

More pictures from Saint Vitus are below.

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