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photos by Jason House, words by BBG

Brain Killer

While I was watching a man beat another with a pizza box, Boston hardcore band Brain Killer played a pair of shows as part of a memorial in honor of Nick Poot, the first of which hit Tommy's Tavern on Jan 15th with Nomad, Earthpig, State of Decline & Longpigs (some pics are over at show booker Undead's site). The second show, where the photos in this post orginate from, took place over this weekend (Jan 22nd) at 538 Johnson with Parasytic, Perdition, and Nomos. Jason House reports:

It was really intense, especially when it came time for Brain Killer. There was PA trouble right before Parasytic was set to start, and it was switched out for one that obviously wasn't able to handle it. It did the trick, but the last 2 sets essentially sounded like they were being screamed through a CB radio. By the end, nearly everyone in the room was singing along so it didn't really much matter anyway. I never had a chance to meet Nick or see him play, but judging by energy in that room, he will be sorely missed.
R.I.P. Nick. More photos from #201 at 538 Johnson are below.

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by BBG

Atakke played their final show at Knitting Factory (more pics)

Atakke has decided to call it a day. It's been a great ride over the last 4 years. We've met a ton of great people, had the opportunity to play with more than a couple of our heroes and friends, and gotten to make some of the best music I've ever had the pleasure of playing. I've always said that my only goal in a band was to play music that I like, with people that I like, to people that I like. If nothing else can be said about this band, it is that we did just that... Thanks to everybody that played with us in one capacity or another, and most especially, we dedicate this band to the memory of our fallen friend and brother, Nick Poot. The LP will be released posthumously on vinyl if we can afford it, and on CD with all of the recorded material on it, including some live footage of the last shows we got to play with Nick. There is a new project in the works, with a demo and shows happening early 2011. We're thankful for what we've had, and excited about what the future holds.

For Victory.

The above-pictured 10/30 show at Knitting Factory, where Atakke shared a bill with AGE, Hellshock, Perdition,and Cervix, wasn't advertised as Atakke's final show, but it was the last show they played before this announcement that, sadly, they've broken up. Their scheduled appearance with Toxic Holocaust at Acheron on 1/12 is cancelled.

In Atakke's statement, the band also took pause to honor Nick Poot, former bassist for the band (also Absurd System) who recently lost his battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The punk community banded behind Poot, throwing benefit shows in his honor. RIP Nick "Poot" Mardanes.

Atakke have thus far released a pair of 7"s, the latter of which was produced by Philip Cope (Kylesa). No word on when their final and posthumous disc of new and unreleased material will be released.

The good news is, in addition to the new project they reference above, other Atakke-related projects are ongoing, including Mutant Supremacy (who played on 12/4 with Evoken and Gorephobia at Brooklyn Fireproof). MS will play Union Pool on 1/23 with Cannabis Corpse, the second time in three months that the pair have played together (the last was at Bowery Electric at the end of October). Mutant Supremacy released their new LP Infinite Suffering earlier this year.

Attake's full statement and some video is below.

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