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by Andrew Sacher

Loss Leader
Loss Leader

The insanely prolific Patrick Kindlon of Self Defense Family (formerly End of a Year) and Drug Church is also in yet another band, Loss Leader. Here's what Patrick said about the band's formation:

We started when Nick Fit (fill-in guy for Trash Talk and about 50 other bands) approached me to start a band. I told him, "you're the best live bassist I've seen, but you're also a terrible musician. Can you not over-extend yourself and just write shit that is on your level?" He did that and we put out a demo of that type of hardcore you only see on hip festivals.

When we decided to record more, we ended up writing something real different. I'm not sure what it is besides barf-rock. But it's very, very sick.

We're premiering their new video for "Stickman," which comes out on Patrick and Nick's new singles-only label, Anybody's Flowers, which is being distributed by Deathwish. That single, and a new one from Night Sins (the project of Nothing drummer Kyle Kimball), will both be out this Saturday (4/18) and are the label's first two releases.

Patrick's a pretty diverse vocalist, and on "Stickman" he's dishing out raw screams, but they're met by cleaner, airier vocal harmonies and music that's closer to straight rock than hardcore. It's a good mix, as you can hear for yourself below.

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by Doug Moore

Night Sins at Rituals, November 2012 (more by Lukas Hodge)
Night Sins

We've mentioned recently that Philly goth/post-punk troupe Night Sins will hit the road with Youth Code in about a week. In anticipation of the tour, we're debuting the video for "To London or the Lake," the first single from their upcoming second album of the same name, which will drop early in 2014 via Avant!/Ascetic House.

Despite the song title, this video is all about Philly -- it's comprised mostly of grainy black-and-white shots of the city's skyline, interspersed with clips of the band bumming around the streets and a young couple getting sexy in a drained pool. (Perhaps the same drained pool that Mac and Charlie get trapped in during that one episode of Always Sunny?) The clip has a gritty, first-year-of-art-school feel that perfectly matches the track itself, which is the real star here. It's a gloomy but propulsive cut that falls comfortably into the 80s post-punk kingdom carved out by Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division/New Order, The Mission (who play tonight), and so forth. And man, that drum sound!

Check out the video, along with their full tour schedule with Youth Code, below.

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Youth Code at Nothing Changes, May 2013 (more by Fred Pessaro)
Youth Code

As discussed, Youth Code are logging dates with Night Sins (members of Nothing) and are scheduled to hit the NYC area in early September. Now comes word that the previously discussed Coco66 show has now been moved to Saint Vitus on the same day (9/13). Tickets are on sale, and updated tour dates are listed below.

Meanwhile, Youth Code is welcoming their debut LP for release on DAIS Records next week. Head below for a stream of one track and over to Pitchfork for the whole thing.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Merchandise @ 285 Kent, 12/31/2012 (via @lkj)

Florida's Merchandise closed out their 2012 with two shows at Brooklyn DIY venue 285 Kent. The first happened on Saturday (12/29) with Philadelphia's Night Sins, plus Pharmakon, Shoxx, and Herzog Rising. Both shows featured Elsner Nino of Shoxx who is now Merchandise's official drummer and gave the songs a harder edge, steering the band a bit back to their punk roots. It almost made stagedivers during "Time" and "Become What You Are" seem semi-normal. OK, not really. You can check out two good-quality videos from Saturday's performance below.

Pharmakon, meanwhile, played a brutal noise set that featured washes of dissonance peppered by blasts of hallowed screams from mastermind Margaret Chardiet. There is a simmering fury that sits just beneath the surface for Chardiet, and in the moments when she lets out that primal scream, it is absolutely terrifying.

Night Sins, who ripped in the small K&M bar back in November, were swallowed whole by the cavernous soundsystem at 285 Kent. The band was sporting a new guitarist with a 12-string awash in reverb which, considering the ambient sound, was completely lost in the mix.

The Saturday show was a last-minute show that was in addition to their previously-announced New Year's Eve show where they played alongside Tonstartssbandht, Blanche Blanche Blanche and "secret" headliners DIIV (though most people had figured out they were playing).

Additionally, Merchandise contributed a list of "merchy's ten taypes_2012" to Pitchfork's end-of-year "Guestlist" feature and you can check out their cassette picks below, along with the video from 285 Kent.

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Night Sins at Rituals in November (more by Lukas Hodge)
Night Sins

As you know, moody Tampa post-punks Merchandise will be in NYC to play a New Year's Eve show at 285 Kent with Tonstartssbandht, Blanche Blanche Blanche, and a "speciial guest." Tickets for that show are still available and it's also just been revealed that Merchandise are the secret headliners at the 285 Kent show two nights earlier (12/29) with Night Sins, Pharmakon, Shoxx, and Herzog Rising. It's a much cheaper way to see Merchandise than NYE ($8 as opposed to $20), and when Merchandise played previous NYC shows with Shoxx, they were joined by Shoxx's drummer so hopefully that happens again.

As mentioned, Pharmakon will play Saint Vitus on January 13 with Salvation (whose lineup includes members of Night Sins) and Raspberry Bulbs. Tickets for that show are still available.

The flyer for this show, a list of updated Merchandise dates, and some song streams/videos below...

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Raspberry Bulbs at Saint Vitus, Oct 2011 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
Raspberry Bulbs

The previously discussed Raspberry Bulbs / Salvation / Pharmakon show at Saint Vitus on January 13 (tickets) has expanded to an extended weekend tour. Check out the dates of the four-day run below. Raspberry Bulbs contains members of Bone Awl, Rorschach, Italian Horn and more, and the band recently reissued Demos 2009/2010 via Personnel Records (a subsidiary of Seed Stock).

UPDATE: Raspberry Bulbs have also joined on as support for the previously discussed Iceage show at 285 Kent (tickets)

Pharmakon is hitting the road for a string of dates with Soren and Foreplay on the West Coast next week.

Members of Salvation also serve time in Night Sins, who have a new LP and recently played NYC.

All tour dates are listed below along with video.

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photos by Lukas Hodge

Night Sins
Night Sins

Night Sins joined Hot Guts for last night's show at K&M as part of the darkwave party Rituals (11/29). The trio (guitar, bass, vocals) didn't start their set till well past mindnight and leaned in the Joy Division direction of post punk.

As discussed, members of Night Sins serve time in Salvation, who will play NYC on January 13 at Saint Vitus with Raspberry Bulbs and Pharmakon. Tickets are still available.

A few more pictures from last night's K&M show are below, along with a music video.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Night Sins
Night Sins

Though the band passed through these parts a few weeks ago with the similarly great Nothing (who have a new LP and play A389), Philadelphia darkwavers Night Sins (mems Salvation/Mother of Mercy who also have a new LP) will play the Rituals party at K&M tonight (11/29 at 225 N.8 St) alongside an appearance from fellow Philly band Hot Guts. The party is FREE.

Speaking of Nothing, the band recently released a video for "Downward Years To Come" and you can check that out below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Night Sins

As discussed, gothic post-punk crew Night Sins (mems of Salvation, Mother of Mercy) are out on the road with A389 signees Nothing, logging their first date on the road last night as part of their joint tour together. Much like Nothing, Night Sins are also proudly welcoming a new baby, the New Grave LP freshly birthed via Avant! Records. Check out the video for "Playing Dead" and the track "Wild Eyes," is making its debut here.

All streams and tour dates are listed below.

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Nothing album art

A389 Records is known for their annual whopper of a festival (sold-out!) populated by some of the vicious hardcore miscreants on the label, but maybe that mindset is changing. Between the recent Anne releases and some forthcoming efforts, A389 is showing a different side of the meaning of heavy.

Shoegazers Nothing are the latest addition to A389's roster, and are gearing up for a new release due later this fall. Preorders for Downward Years to Come hit on October 31 (spooky!) and you can hear the title track below for the first time.

The Philadelphians are touring the East Coast in the tail end of October in the weeks leading up to the release, roping in support from Night Sins as part of a US/Canadian campaign. The shoegazers hit St. Vitus on October 23 with NYC's Italian Horn.

All tour dates are listed below, along with the track stream.

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