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50 Kent

As we mentioned, Northside Media Group, the people behind the Northside Fest and The L Magazine, will be booking the concerts at 50 Kent (fka Williamsburg Park) this year, but concerts is not the only thing OSA is putting there as part of the "2014 50 Kent Festival":

OSA is pleased to announce the 2014 50 Kent Festival at the North Brooklyn waterfront - the ninth consecutive season of OSA's outdoor summer programming series. This year's series will have live concerts produced by Northside Media Group, including just-announced performances by The War on Drugs and Beirut on June 13 and 14. Free outdoor movies will be provided by Nitehawk Cinemas and each Sunday will feature an open-air market operated by Brooklyn Flea. Bike New York will install a Community Bike Education Center to offer free learn-to-ride and bike skills classes for children and adults, and Gotham Girls Roller Derby partners with Five Stride Skate Shop to set up a pop-up roller rink to host classes and free public roller skating one evening in July and August. Finally, in September, Renegade Craft Fair will operate a festive weekend-long craft market.

The Festival will operate May through September with programming every Sunday and concerts throughout the season. A full calendar will be available on OSA's website in the coming weeks. Proceeds from the 50 Kent Festival will go towards OSA's mission of maintaining and improving North Brooklyn parks.

Meanwhile, tickets for the two announced concerts are on sale.

photos by Ryan Muir

Williamsburg Park

New Williamsburg outdoor concert venue Williamsburg Park opens for business with three shows this week. We stopped by this afternoon to check out the progress and take some pictures while they were busy getting ready for tonight's Counting Crows show (7/17). We won't be back tonight, but we are looking forward to Refused & Off! on Wednesday, and for the free comedy on Thursday. Check out more pictures of the giant space, pretty sky-painted ground included, below...

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Pretty Good Friends @ Williamsburg Waterfront 2011 (more by David Andrako)

New Brooklyn outdoor venue Williamsburg Park (located at 50 Kent), which formally announced itself along with news that Refused were playing there, and then today announced a My Morning Jacket show, also have three other shows on the schedule, and they are all listed below...

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Williamsburg Park
Williamsburg Park
Williamsburg Park

Goodbye state park Williamsburg Waterfront. Welcome city park Williamsburg Park. Located less than a block away from last summer's venue, between North 11th and North 12th at 50 Kent (I hope they book 50 Cent), Williamsburg Park is the new outdoor Brooklyn venue that will host OSA-presented concerts this summer in Williamsburg. The new space won't have a water view, but it also won't have a caged off beer area or state troopers walking around. And unlike at Williamsburg Waterfront, all money raised at Williamsburg Park will stay in the city. There will be food and, as mentioned, beer.

With a capacity of roughly 7000 people, the work-in-progress Williamsburg Park will host as many as 20 shows this summer, with about 1/3 of them being free. There might be other things happening there too (they still have a lot to figure out). You can see artist renderings of the space above, though those are not final sketches. In fact, there will definitely not be a raised viewing platform right in the center of the space.

The first show announced is Refused & OFF! on July 18th, part of a tour for the two bands. Tickets are on PRESALE now (username: refused, password: tickets). And:

Tickets to the July 18 concert will be available on Friday, March 30 at 12pm EST via Ticketmaster.com, charge by phone 800.745.3000, Service charge free tickets are available at the Best Buy Theater box office, 1515 Broadway at West 44th Street, 212.930.1950, and Sound Fix Records, Williamsburg's independent record store, located at 44 Berry Street in Brooklyn.
Stay tuned for more show announcements soon.

"Post-concert drug orgy mob nightmare erupts on North 7th Street in Williamsburg thanks to the Open Space Alliance."

the calm before the storm @ Williamsburg Waterfront (photo by Schoetz)

As you may have heard/noticed (if you weren't at the Hold Steady at Beekman Beer Garden that night), jam banders (who weren't at the rescheduled Dave Matthews Band Caravan on Randall's Island) invaded Williamsburg Saturday night because Widespread Panic headlined the Williamsburg Waterfront.

Not surprisingly, some residents weren't too happy with the scene and widespread panic ensued. Gothamist points out that some people still aren't over it and the following open letter to OSA, aka the Open Space Alliance, was drafted:

On Saturday night, September 17, 2011 between approximately 9:40 PM and 10:20 PM the following events took place on North 7th Street off the corner of Kent Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

A lawless drug nightmare erupted on my street after Saturday night's OSA concert featuring the band called Widespread Panic.
At about 9:40 PM the noise from the concert in the East River State Park had finally ended. So I was about to try to get some video editing work done on my computer when my attention was drawn to loud popping sounds, sounds of gas rushing and the roar of large crowd outside on the street. When I looked out my front window I was horrified to see a huge mob collecting. A group of nitrous oxide balloon sellers had assembled next to a dumpster across the street. Hundreds of people, if not more, were gathering up and down the block buying balloons filled with the gas and inhaling them. Concert-goers already drunk from the East River State Park were becoming even more highly intoxicated from the nitrous oxide. They were wandering around like zombies holding fists full of balloons.

There was not ONE SINGLE COP to be seen anywhere. I called 911 and explained what was taking place. The 911 operator was having difficulty understand the situation so I gave him the location and pleaded, 'Just send the police now. We need help here!', and hung up. Afraid for my safety while filming on my stoop, I used my heel to keep the door open behind me just in case I had to escape. In one of the last clips you can see a couple of men coming toward me in a menacing way.

Nitrous zombies are going to eat your brains! (thus making it impossible to edit videos).

Anyway, I'm really sorry to anyone that appears in these videos, but there are videos which were posted to the StopOSAConcerts Youtube account (the quote at the top of this post comes from one of the video descriptions), and so, well, you can watch them below....

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"I lived in Manhattan in the '80s and we used to talk about 'bridge and tunnel' people," said Sunny Chapman, 60, a dance instructor and artist who moved to Williamsburg 16 years ago. "Now we talk about bridge and tunnel people coming in from Manhattan."

The crush of outsiders in the neighborhood "absolutely is Topic A," Ms. Chapman said. "One person will mention an episode of rudeness and the floodgates will open. They walk into me when they walk down the street texting."

That is not all. "Don't get me started on their giant $800 strollers running over my ankles in King's Pharmacy," she said

She added: "A lot of people from the old days carry guns. One of these days one of these suburban kids is going to say the wrong thing to the wrong person." [NY Times]

Watch your backs.

The focus of the NY Times article is mostly the now familiar battle between the Williamsburg Waterfront concerts and some angry residents.

The first and one of the only free shows happening at the Waterfront this summer is Coheed & Cambria on 6/11.

The first pay show is currently Thievery Corporation on 6/24, a show which now also has Raphael Saadiq on the bill. Tickets for that and other Waterfront shows are on sale.

Williamsburg Waterfront last year (more by Benjamin Lozovsky)

As I previously wrote, "there will be concerts at the Williamsburg Waterfront this summer. In fact, the plan is to have 10 ticketed shows and 5 free shows." And, "The five free concert dates are still TBD, but one will be of a classical/philharmonic nature, and one will be geared towards kids. The free shows may or may not be on Sundays or even on weekends, and they will definitely not have anything to do with Jelly."

Since then three ticketed shows have been announced: Kid Cudi on Wednesday, July 6th (on sale), Death Cab For Cutie/Frightened Rabbit on Tuesday, August 2nd (on sale 5/6, but a presale starts 4/29), and Sonic Youth/Wild Flag on Friday, August 12th (on sale Friday). Seven more announcements to come.

Service Charge-free tickets are available at the Best Buy Theater Box Office (44th and Broadway in Manhattan) and at Sound Fix Records (44 Berry St. at North 11th St. in Brooklyn).

Two of the five free shows have also now been announced. The first is nothing like what Jelly would have booked: Coheed and Cambria, Adrian Belew Power Trio, and Tigers Jaw play the Williamsburg Waterfront on Saturday, June 11th. The second is sort of like what Jelly might have booked, but more closely resembles what you'd get at Celebrate Brooklyn: Eugene Mirman "& Pretty Good Friends Featuring Kristen Schaal & Many Surprise Guests" open for They Might Be Giants at Wiliamsburg Waterfront on Friday, July 29th.

Assuming TMBG won't be playing a kids set, and that the comedians will tell a few dirty jokes, the free kids show announcement is still to come, as is the classical concert date info (which means just one more completely unknown free lineup to come). Both announced free shows open their doors at 5:30pm.

All five shows, ticketed and free, are part of the "2011 T-MOBILE WILLIAMSBURG WATERFRONT CONCERT SERIES PRESENTED BY OSA" and "supported by Onitsuka Tiger, Vitamin Water, and Brooklyn Brewery."

All five shows are listed in an easy-to-read format below....

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I just spoke to the Open Space Alliance who oversee all concerts in North Brooklyn parks (and do a whole lot of other park stuff too). They assured me that, despite what may or may not have gone down at the community board meeting last night, there will be concerts at the Williamsburg Waterfront this summer. In fact, the plan is to have 10 ticketed shows and 5 free shows, though none on weekends in July and August (a state rule related to staffing and other costs). The total number of shows this year is also related to state rules.

The five free concert dates are still TBD, but one will be of a classical/philharmonic nature, and one will be geared towards kids. The free shows may or may not be on Sundays or even on weekends, and they will definitely not have anything to do with Jelly who promoted the free 'Pool Parties' in the space last year.

The ten ticketed concerts, like in the past, will be promoted/booked by AEG. Part of the money earned goes towards improving the parks and to fund the free events (though there will also be some sponsors). Some of the money from last year's concerts was used to purchase solar lighting that now allows the Williamsburg Waterfront park to stay open later at night.

OSA has no plans of stopping concerts at Williamsburg Waterfront either. The outdoor state park venue, a North Brooklyn alternative to Central Park Summerstage and Prospect Park's 'Celebrate Brooklyn' series, is still in its infancy and there seems to be optimism that it will only get better year after year.

Also, they say ex-Pool Party venue McCarren Pool is on track to be a pool again in 2012, and that the blacktop space in McCarren Park that is being used for the Northside Festival shows will not be used for any other concerts this summer.

Stay tuned for more info on the shows (like which artists are playing them).

MAJOR UPDATE: There will be concerts @ Williamsburg Waterfront this summer! (ticketed and free)

Williamsburg Waterfront concert in 2010 (more by Chris Doss)
Williamsburg Waterfront

Brooklyn 11211 blog writes about what went down at last night's CB1 meeting...

"A number of local residents got up during the public session (which usually happens after most of the public has left) and complained about the concerts at East River State Park (the "OSA" concerts). Basically, their complaint was that all the things that Greenpoint residents were afraid would happen if the Brooklyn Night Bazaar went down were already happening to them. Loud music (very loud music if you happen to live right there). Crowds of people walking to and from concerts (and much less steadily on the from side). In other words, a regular shitshow 10 or 15 times each summer.

So, the Community Board voted (unanimously) to ban the waterfront concert series from East River State Park.

It happened before an empty house - I guess the press left before the news happened."

huh? Brooklyn 365 also has the same story...
"After the crowd cleared out the public was allowed to voice their opinions. What came up was the waterfront concert series held at the Williamsburg Waterfront / East River State Park and the cluster-fuck it causes every Saturday and Sunday. The throngs of people ebbing and flowing and the VERY loud music being pumped through the sound stage were the biggest issue and as such, the board voted to ban the waterfront concert series at East River State Park (Williamsburg Waterfront)."
First of all, that sucks. But this is confusing...
  1. Are they differentiating between the free Sunday "OSA concerts" (Jelly concerts) and ticketed AEG-produced concerts? The one article does say "every Saturday and Sunday". The articles make it sound like they mean all concerts, but don't know that last year was not just one "'series." update: After I wrote that I realized that technically all the shows fall under OSA. OSA works/worked with both Jelly and AEG.
  2. No free concert series has been announced in that location for 2011, but if it had been, or if it's secretly being planned, the board is potentially saying "we don't care if you already spent lots of money and planned all these concerts and booked bands already and rented stages and hired staff, etc, etc... concerts cancelled...."
  3. The rumor is that OSA was already looking elsewhere, McCarren Park for instance.
  4. You'd think that they couldn't just ban established concerts without getting both sides of the story first, or at least without letting all interested parties know in advance. update: They maybe can't. See below.
  5. There are supposedly concerts happening at the waterfront this year, but AEG ticketed ones (not Jelly ones). Many of them are most likely already booked. It's hard to believe that if AEG does already have concerts booked there, that this community board meeting decision will cause them to be cancelled. There will be a battle at least...
...lots is unclear actually, and I'm just thinking out loud (and I know nothing about how these things work, and I only just read those two blog articles so details might be missing.). Am I missing anything? To be continued...

UPDATE: Someone wrote in and told me, "I was at the meeting. The board voted for the ban. Not sure whether it's a final thing or not. I would say that its not looking good though. People are ridiculous. Williamsburg neighborhood backlash will get much worse over the next few years."

UPDATE 2: A commenter asks, "do the community boards actually have the power to ban concerts? I was under the impression that they don't have direct power over anything, but that they make recommendations that are usually followed by the relevant City agencies." That makes sense. "Voting to ban" is probably different than actually banning it, though the titles of the two linked blog posts above are "Williamsburg Community Board BANS Waterfront Concerts" and "WILLIAMSBURG BANS MUSIC."

MAJOR UPDATE: There will be concerts @ Williamsburg Waterfront this summer! (ticketed and free)

In related news, the beginning of the same community board meeting (the part that had the big crowds and press) is where they discussed not allowing any more liquor licenses in Williamsbrg.

McCarren Park

It will look much prettier when they build a stage and stuff, but those asphalt softball fields are where Beirut is playing on June 17th (tickets) and Guided by Voices & Wavves are playing on June 18th (tickets). The "Open Space Alliance benefit shows" are both part of the 2012 Northside Festival for which you can also buy a badge.

Whether OSA has plans to use the 'McCarren Park' space on other dates this summer remains to be seen, but there have been rumors of OSA trying to "sponsor their own concert series ten blocks down" from a waterfront area that was being proposed for a controversial "Brooklyn Night Bazaar."

I'm assuming the OSA "concert series" is not the JellyNYC Williamsburg Waterfront Pool Parties which are probably not returning this summer after much controversy last year. That controversy was especially related to Jelly's relationship with OSA.

There will reportedly still be concerts at Williamsburg Waterfront again this year though, but probably not free ones. McCarren Pool meanwhile (Jelly's original free show location), also part of McCarren Park, is still being wasted I think.

Stay tuned for more updates on all of this.

Schumer @ the 1st Pool Party of 2010 (more by Kyle Dean Reinford)

Summary: Senator Chuck Schumer (says he) saved the final, August 29th, Pool Party (that had been cancelled), OSA points out that they also found other financial donors to cover part of Jelly's tab, Assemblyman Lentol was working on this too, and OSA Board member Adam Perlmutter said "OSA looks forward to presenting diverse free programming in the future, from Chromeo to Copland". Today's Pool Party (with Chromeo) happens in the rain?

Press releases from Schumer and from OSA, in full below...

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..."New York is creating a two-tier system," said Geoffrey Croft of New York City Park Advocates, a frequent critic of the Parks Department.

"The nightmare is that all these deals are going on behind closed doors and that people are taking city dollars away from other parks," Croft said.

The situation is unusual. Although it is not uncommon for the city and nonprofits to hire from the same pool of advocates and experts, it is extremely rare for people to work for both at the same time....

...In 2008, Stephanie Thayer became director of the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn - and the Parks Department's director of North Brooklyn Parks.

Records show Thayer got $86,528 from the city. She said her work for the nonprofit is voluntary.

"I'm still fighting the good fight," she said. "I'm just doing it in a different way."

Figuring out which hat Thayer is wearing has created frustration among some park advocates.

Laura Hofmann, a member of Open Space's steering committee, said Thayer spurned her when she tried to find out how many trees would be planted in a new park.

"She basically told me you have to trust the Parks Department and you have no business asking for this kind of information," Hofmann said.
[Daily News, July 11, 2010]

PREVIOUSLY: Final Pool Party cancelled, OSA blatantly blames/hates Jelly

OSA Presents @ The Williamsburg Waterfront (more by Chris La Putt)

Whoah. Earlier today I got a tip, from someone that would know, that the final (August 29th) Pool Party has been cancelled. While trying to confirm that tip, I got the below insane press release from the "Law Offices of Adam D. Perlmutter, P.C.". Adam also happens to be on the board of OSA

"The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA) is a nonprofit that raises funds and works with our community, elected officials and the New York City Parks Department, to improve existing parks and help create new parks in North Brooklyn."
There are some weird dates mentioned in the release (update: a fixed press release was sent out), but its consistent with my tip. The press release (which I confirmed with a 3rd source after it was sent) also says August 29th is cancelled. That's the day that was billed like this:
August 29th
Dominique Young Unique
Basically the press release says that OSA hates Jelly and so no more Pool Parties (except August 22nd with Chromeo which is still apparently happening). I wonder what Schumer thinks. Check it out in full below...

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