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photos by Caroline Harrison; video by Pit Full of Shit; words by Doug Moore


Disparish is a brand-new band featuring Toby Driver of Kayo Dot on vocals and Andrew Hock of Castevet on guitar, among others. Those bands are both pretty outré by metal standards, but Disparish's music is conservative and maybe even a little retro. I was told to expect early Katatonia worship, but they've got some Thousand Lakes-era Amorphis in the mix too, and their shuffling pace reminds me of '90s-era mid-paced black metal. Driver's vocals have always been one of Kayo Dot's strongest selling points for me, but his tack here is totally different. He delivers straight-ahead growls and rasps, though I anticipate that his clean voice will come into play some time in Disparish's future....

Ævangelist's excellent 2013 album Omen Ex Simulacra flew under the radar for a lot of people, in no small part because of its many eccentricities. The live version of the band has even more quirks. Every member wears tribal-ish makeup; vocalist Ascaris sports a mask and is prone to rolling around on the floor; instrumental main man Matron Thorn plays a hollow-bodied jazz guitar instead of the standard pointy-framed Jackson or BC Rich. Most importantly, the band doesn't have a live drummer. They rely on a drum machine instead -- always a dicey proposition for a death metal band. The band unsurprisingly suffered some sound balance issues for the first half of their set. (Note: always turn down the drum machine. Always.) But once Ævangelist hit their stride, their vortex sucked me in.

Chicagoan death metal curios Ævangelist brought their tour to Saint Vitus on Saturday (1/25) for an IO-cosponsored show. Maryland's Oak and local notables Artificial Brain and Disparish (who were making their live debut) provided support. We've got a full writeup, photos, and video of every band over at Invisible Oranges -- the review is excerpted above. Head over there for the rest of the writeup plus all of the pics and videos.

Some of the pics and a clip of Ævangelist's set below...

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by Doug Moore

Artificial Brain

Labyrinth Constellation, the debut full-length by zany Long Island death metal troupe Artificial Brain, has been a long time coming. They've been around since 2009, but their other commitments -- notably, guitarist Dan Gargiulo's duties in Revocation -- have kept the band in the demo stages and away from the live circuit for almost that entire period. But the album is finally coming out on February 18 via Profound Lore, and it's well worth the wait -- 2014 is young, but I don't anticipate hearing many death metal albums that top this one before it's over.

Artificial Brain's absurdly guttural vocals and cosmic imagery (their Metal Archives page describes their lyrical themes as "space") will automatically draw comparisons to Wormed and Demilich, but this band's counterintuitive high point is their sense of melody. Like Gorguts, whose 2013 album pretty much co-ruled the year in death metal with Carcass's new one, Artificial Brain like to string eerie-but-pretty chord progressions along complicated arpeggiated patterns; Gargiulo and fellow guitarist Jon Locastro's thrashy bent remind me a little of Chicago's underrated The Chasm too. The songs have enough going on that they take a few listens to really process, but it's not a torrent of unrelated parts -- each tune is carefully constructed and periodically catchy.

MetalSucks debuted a song from the album a few weeks back; you can stream it below. A second track debuted on Pitchfork today. Live appearances are still rare for this band, but they'll be playing an Invisible Oranges/Signature Riff co-presented show with Chicago's equally weird (and also great) Aevangelist, along with Maryland's Oak and Castevet/Kayo Dot side project Disparish at Saint Vitus on 1/25. Tickets are available. (Don't forget that Aevangelist are on tour, starting tonight (1/17).)

Stream "Absorbing Black Ignition" below...

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by Wyatt Marshall


A couple weeks back we talked about Metal Meowlisha IV: A Headbangers Furball, death metal greats Obituary's fundraiser fest for feral cats in the Tampa area on 12/21 featuring Exhumed and Terrorizer (lineup below). Those in need of further proof of the inborn bond between metal man and kitty cat need look no further than the previously mentioned Metaldudes Cats book titled, fittingly, Metal Cats will be published in April 2014 and is meow available for pre-order. The book, cover art above, contains photos of over 100 metal musicians and fans with their cats, including:

Black Goat, Thrones, Isis, Lightning Swords of Death, Winterthrall, Wizards of Wor, The Cauterized, Book of Black Earth, Skarp, Harassor, Akimbo, Aldebaran, Atriarch, Oak, Ghoul, Ludicra, Holy Grail, Xasthur, Cattle Decapitation, Murder Construct, Exhumed, Anhedonist, Morbid Angel, Municipal Waste, Skeletonwitch, Gypsyhawk, Nausea, Phobia, Napalm Death.
That's a lot of cats! A portion of the proceeds of Metal Cats will go to no-kill shelters.

In other metal book news, a new Slayer biography has emerged, titled Slayer 66 2/3: The Jeff & Dave Years. A Metal Band Biography. The book was written by DX Herris, who previously has written about Slayer in his 33 1/3 series entry, Slayer's Reign in Blood. The book clocks in at a whopping 628 and here's a description:

This timely rock biography answers burning questions, shatters popular myths, and uncovers new truths about Slayer, the iconic group that became the embodiment of heavy metal. This full-length, exhaustively researched account of the thrash kings' career recaps and reevaluates the years guitar hero Jeff Hanneman and drum legend Dave Lombardo were in the group. Over the course of 59 chapters, 400 footnotes and three appendices, it profiles the members and presents dramatic scenes from 32 years in the Abyss: A fresh look at the group's early days. Reign in Blood tours. A European invasion. The Palladium riot. The seat cushion chaos concert. Newly unearthed details from Lombardo's turbulent history with the band. Historical artwork and photos never seen in public before. The entire diabolical discography. Hanneman's hard times. The Big Four's big year. Lombardo's final exit...
And a lot more -- sounds pretty thorough. It's currently available in an interactive e-book edition for... $6.66.

Slayer recently rolled through Madison Square Garden with Gojira on their first tour since the passing of Jeff Hanneman. We'll have photos soon -- did you go?

Meowlisha 2013 line-up below...

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by Doug Moore


Ævangelist are one of North America's weirdest death metal bands, which puts them in the running for weirdest worldwide. Though they only formed three years ago, they've been on a creative tear throughout, releasing an LP, two EPs, and a split. We debuted their second LP, Omen Ex Simulacra, over at Invisible Oranges.

In related news, Invisible Oranges will also be co-sponsoring Ævangelist's upcoming NYC date at Saint Vitus Bar on January 25, with Maryland's Oak and Long Island's excellent Artificial Brain. Keep an eye out for tickets.

Here's an excerpt from our Ævangelist writeup:

The first three minutes of "Veils," the opening track to sophomore LP Omen Ex Simulacra, has no guitar, bass, drums, or vocals. Ævangelist opts instead to ramp up the atmosphere, with a mix of old-school Cynic space noises and deeply unsettling ambience in the vein of Blut Aus Nord or Xasthur. When the riffs finally arrive, they aren't showy or particularly catchy, serving rather as vessels to keep the atmosphere's momentum going. This goes on for nearly 13 awesome and occasionally terrifying minutes. The rest of the album pulls from the same bag of tricks -- high-pitched Mercyful Fate vocals next to jagged Anaal Nathrakh industrial freakouts next to spooky In the Nightside Eclipse keys. It would probably come off as mere pastiche if any other band was combining this many strange elements in this reckless a fashion, but Ævangelist stands alone.
Check out the rest of the writeup over at IO. Omen Ex Simulacra comes out on November 29 via Debemur Morti. You can preorder it here. Get weird with the full stream (and the rest of Ævangelist's January dates) below.

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by BBG

Loss in Nashville (more by Diana Zadlo)

After their injury and subsequent cancellation from last year's megashow with Disma, Oak and Coffinworm, Loss has been itching to make it back up to NYC to make up the lost date. Now the band has done it, and will team with the mighty Pallbearer for a show with Sewer Goddess at Saint Vitus on May 19th! Tickets are on sale for this BV/Order of The Serpent production.

It's Loss's only East Coast appearances thus far and one of only three shows scheduled tor them at the moment. They also play the Gilead Media Festival and Chaos in Tejas.

Loss's Despond landed on my favorites list for 2011 and Pallbearer, who released their debut LP Sorrow & Extinction this week, is currently streaming their excellent LP at NPR. Pallbearer will be down at SXSW this year for shows including a thus-far-unannounced-BV event. We'll keep you up to date. If you missed it, I interviewed both Loss AND Pallbearer in the past year.

Stream all of Despond below.

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Bloodiest @ Saint Vitus in Nov. (more by BBG)

When music documentarian (((unartig))) was first asked about a year end contribution, his initial reflex was: "Sausage - Hummus - Hitler!", the first two clearly being worse than the third. But then a performance enhancing Hewlett-Packard printer got in the way and spat out the list of 10 bands, video shot (((unartig))) included, that is below...

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by BBG

Inquisition at Maryland Deathfest (more by BBG)

NYC's Studio at Webster Hall will soon host a trifecta of black metal greatness! Inquisition will headline the venue on December 2nd with a rare appearance from Mortuary Drape and Negative Plane. Tickets are on sale.

Italy's Mortuary Drape and Inquisition will then tour their way to Rites of Darkness 3 in San Antonio, Texas where they'll join the newly added Disma, but NOT Urfaust:


URFAUST is very sad to announce that we have to cancel our Intoxication Ritual at Rites of Darkness III in Texas, USA.
Our last Alcoholic Rites on US soil where splenditory, so this is just fucked up...
Nothing more to say about this, we hope to return to the USA and Rites of Darkness in 2012!
All hail the madness!
Ix & Vrdrbr on behalf of Urfaust

Three day passes for Rites of Darkness 3 are on sale. Pictures from Urfaust's recent Brooklyn show HERE.

All known Inquisition dates, the full Rites of Darkness lineup, and some video is below.

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Oak/Grudges by Sarah Coulter, Punch/Loma Prieta/Get Rad/Ten Thousand Leagues by Carmelo Espanola, words by BBG


The Punch / Loma Prieta tour rolls into town TONIGHT (8/18), teaming with Grudges and Nailed Shut at The Acheron. $7 gets you in the door. The tour stopped on Sunday (8/14) for a show at The Strangelight in Chicago with Ten Thousand Leagues and Get Rad. Pictures from that show adorn this post. Punch's new Nothing Lasts EP is out now via Deathwish and 625 Thrash.

NYC's Grudges also recently played Stolen Sleeves on August 5th with Baltimore's Oak, the night before Oak played Saint Vitus with Disma, Coffinworm, and Unearthly Trance. Pictures from Stolen Sleeves are also below.

Grudges will also play Acheron on 8/28 with DBCR, Defeatist and Victims, as part of the latter's US tour that kicked off with a show supporting Ringworm.

All Punch/Loma Prieta dates, and pictures from Strangelight and Stolen Sleeves are below.

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photos by Greg Cristman, words by BBG


Disma headlined Saint Vitus on a rainy Saturday night (8/6) in Greenpoint. They were celebrating the release of Towards The Megalith, their debut LP out which is now via Profound Lore Records. The show, which originally featured an exclusive Northeastern appearance from Loss, instead saw opening performances Coffinworm (who ripped), Unearthly Trance (back from the live-grave!), and Baltimore's Oak (fantastic). Pictures and video are in this post, including virtually all of Disma and Unearthly Trance's sets, a new/unreleased Coffinworm track ("Instant Death Syndrome"), and footage from the dimly-lit Oak set.


The show was one of only two Coffinworm shows on the East Coast, Disma's only NYC date, Unearthly Trance's first NYC date in more than six months, and was one of two Oak dates in two days. They also played Stolen Sleeves on Friday (8/5) with Convulsions and Grudges (who also play The Acheron on 8/28 with Victims).

We interviewed Daryl Kahan of Disma before the show. Check that out if you missed it.

More pictures, the videos and the Disma/Unearthly Trance set lists from Saint Vitus, below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Disma - Spectral Domination (MP3)


The NYC area is rich with veterans of the hardcore and metal scenes, but not quite as fertile with people who have done time in both. Daryl Kahan is one of those. Equally as likely to be found in an SSD shirt as he is to be seen in a Demigod one, Daryl's past is littered with multiple hardcore, blackened, and death metal bands that bear names like Funebrarum, Citizens Arrest, and Abazagorath. One weekend, Maryland Deathfest 2011, called for Kahan to hit the stage with both the blasting hardcore of Citizens Arrest and the unholy death metal of the reactivated Funebrarum. Kahan is an example that the word extreme isn't limited to any one scene.

Daryl's new project, the bulldozing death-metal machine Disma, recently released their latest LP Towards The Megalith and are preparing for their record release party with Coffinworm, Unearthly Trance, and Oak (at Saint Vitus on 8/6, tickets).

I sat down with Daryl to discuss Disma, Citizens Arrest, Funebrarum, Assuck, and cassette trading culture. The results are below.

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words & photo by BBG

Citizens Arrest
Maryland Death Fest

After a three days of mayhem (pictures from day 1 HERE, day 2 HERE, and day 3 HERE) featuring sets from Neurosis, Doom, Lack of Interest, Voivod, Extortion, Aura Noir, and tons of notable others, Maryland Deathfest came to a close on Sunday with another full of performances capped by a headlining outdoor set from the reactivated Coroner, their first US appearance in 20 years.

Later that night, the true close to MDF was led by Ghost, whose set was tight and fun visually, but did not impress me as much as the hype suggests (decide for yourself on June 1st at the Studio). The remainder of my day was filled with pretty much every other band on the bill, except for Visceral Disgorge and Doubled Over who I missed in favor of much needed meals. My favorites of the day go to the foul death metallers Dead Congregation and Repugnant, the always awesome Citizens Arrest (who play Europa with another MDF alum, Tragedy, tonight), the energetic Skinless and the over the top goregrind of Last Days of Humanity.

Maryland Death Fest

Coroner's setlist and more pictures from the final day of Maryland Deathfest 2011, which includes pictures of Oak, Night Bringer, Bad Acid Trip, Gravehill, Malignant Tumour, Dead Congregation, Nokturnel, Repugnant, Orange Goblin, Citizens Arrest, Skinless, Bastard Noise, Nuclear Assault, Wormed, and Last Days of Humanity, are below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Oak - "Cowards And Undeserving" (MP3 Excerpt)

Oak II album art
Oak II

Oak owes a debt of gratitude to the dimly-lit and woofer-rattling corners of doom inhabited by the likes of Burning Witch, Khanate, sunn o))), and funeral doom of the most frightening kind. Light-hearted it is not, but unrelenting and merciless it is. The band's self-titled debut, released on A389 Records, was a sleeper hit for some (like Kim Kelly) and now the band is preparing it's new LP for release, II. The LP, which features "Cowards And Undeserving" excerpted above, is currently available for preorder on 210-gram vinyl in white (100 of em) and black (566).

Also due on A389 is the new LP from NJ's Pharoah, a post-metal/doom/hardcore band who posted their demo for free download earlier this year. The strong, two track demo reappears in 7" form via the label and is currently up for preorder. Check out the cover art below. Maybe you caught the band when they played The Charleston on Saturday with Dutchguts and High Priest.

The label also has a soundboard recording from of a recent Rot In Hell live show entitled Niu (preorder it). The label will also has new records in the works from Integrity, Creepout, Roses Never Fade, Weekend Nachos, Gehenna, The Love Below, Seraphim and others, not to mention a new LP from Pulling Teeth!

In other A389 news, the label confirmed it's annual bash for January 22nd, 2011. No word on the lineup thus far (last year included Ringworm and Integrity among many others) or where it'll go down, but be prepared.

The Pharoah cover art and current Oak tour dates with Anhedonist are below...

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"For 4 years now Wham City has been organizing the WHARTSCAPE. What started as a summer warehouse party turned into a much bigger, multi-day outdoor festival with thousands of bands, performers, and folks traveling to Baltimore from all across the US and Europe.
Since, we organize this festival out of pocket and in our spare time, it is important for us to keep it comfortable and enjoyable for us to do. One thing we talked about at the end of last year's festival was shrinking it down slightly and having it feel more community based and familiar.

This year isn't focused around headliners, but mainly performers and friends that make up the community we tour, work and live in.
We are also greatly reducing the number of MEGA-PASSES (the 3 day pass ticket that grants you entry to every show and every day).
ONLY 300 Mega-Passes will be sold; this is the only guarantee that you can see all the shows.

Tickets will be sold to the individual shows, but it is strongly suggested that you buy a Mega-Pass, as it saves you money and assures you take in the entire poo-poo.
Whartscape will take place July 10-11-12 at the Baltimore Museum of Art, Maryland Institute College of Art Studio Center Parking Lot, and Load of Fun.
We will begin selling tickets at 12 Noon, Monday, June 29th.

More info and full, 140 band lineup below...

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