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Tom Waits w/ The Rolling Stones (via Rolling Stones Facebook)
Tom Waits Stones

The Rolling Stones are currently on a North American tour which brought them to Oakland last night (5/5) for a show at Oracle Arena. They played a bunch of the usual favorites like "Tumbling Dice," "Get Off of My Cloud," "Miss You," "Jumpin' Jack Flash," and so on. But most excitingly, on their version of the blues staple "Little Red Rooster," they brought out another blues-lover, Tom Waits, to help them perform it. Check out a video of that performance and the setlist from last night below.

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'Zombie Hipsters' asserting their civil rights on Halloween (more by Amanda Hatfield)

When you think of an outlet with its finger on the pulse of "what's next," it might not be Forbes Magazine. Nevertheless the rag has compiled its list of "hippest hipster neighborhoods" in the US, which lands Williamsburg Brooklyn at #3:

1. Silver Lake, Los Angeles
2. Mission District, San Francisco
3. Williamsburg, Brooklyn
4. Wicker Park, Chicago
5. Pearl District, Portland
6. H Street Corridor, Washington D.C.
7. East Austin, Austin
8. Capitol Hill, Seattle
9. The Uptown, Oakland
10. Warehouse District, New Orleans
Just as interesting, and hardly surprising, is the magazine's comments on the changing face of Williamsburg:
Williamsburg may have spawned the hipster craze, but the neighborhood is evolving in a direction that's far less hospitable to the patchily employed, fedora-wearing crowd. "The more successful neighborhoods like Williamsburg become in attracting people, the real estate prices go up and a lot of the urban pioneers end up moving on," says David Morley, a research associate with the American Planning Association, a nonprofit educational group for community developers.

Real estate prices in the north Brooklyn neighborhood have been steadily rising...his firm reports that Williamsburg rents in July were 23% higher than a year ago ... [and] the mean rent for a studio apartment in Williamsburg was $200 higher than for a comparable (albeit smaller) apartment in Manhattan's Greenwich Village

There you have it folks. The Williamsbur hipster apocalypse according to Forbes.

"The guy behind us decided it was a good idea, after security made his friend leave, to mace the girls behind him. At a Fiona Apple concert." - Garrett Greer

"Drunken beat down,pepper spray,cops¶medics. Who knew Fiona Apple brought that crowd? Ive seen Metal shows with less action#OnlyInOakland" - KQN

Fiona Apple

A bit of excitement at a Fiona Apple concert in Oakland over the weekend. One reader writes in:

i attended Fiona Apple at the Fox hours ago.
halfway through fionas set, we hear fans fighting in the balcony.
we see people running and hear people screaming and people running out to balcony smoking patio.
People start coughing and eventually it lingers to our area. we found out that
a fan got upset because people were being loud and talking during her
set. someone punches the guy and another person then starts pepper
spraying the person. well its in a tiny theather, in about 2 minutes
the whole left mezzanine area cleared out.
kinda crazy, the show didnt even stop.
Fiona played the Fox Theater in Oakland, California on Saturday night, and ended that leg of her tour one night later, last night, 7/29, at the Hollywood Palladium. She hits the road again in September.

The setlists from the Oakland and LA shows (same setlist both nights), and a video from the Oakland show (no pepper spray in it though), below...

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