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Offensive Weapon, offensive indeed, at Acheron - 9/21/13
Offensive Weapon

Brooklyn punk/metal venue Acheron faced some controversy over the weekend when they booked an Oi! skinhead show with Oxblood, Offensive Weapon, Stormwatch, The Wolverines, and Maddog Surrender on Saturday (9/21). Certain events that took place at the show prompted the venue to apologize to their regulars. A Facebook post from the venue reads:

It's 2013 and this should not have to be said, but let it be known that the Acheron has no patience or sympathy for any form of intolerance or fascism. The bullshit debate over Death in June is nothing compared to the unfortunate surprise we were presented with tonight. To any regulars that felt they needed to leave, please accept our apologies and know that more vetting will be done on all future shows.
In the comments they continue:
To be clear: this is not directed at the promoters of the show, but at a certain segment of the crowd who made my patrons and staff uncomfortable, and me as well.

...No one was out of line and the crowd was generally very polite and under control. I have no personal issue with anyone at the show and certainly not with the promoters. As a promoter myself for nearly 20 years. I am certainly sympathetic and understanding. Nonetheless, when a member of the crowd says to my door person "you don't get to talk to me. You're not even white". I have a responsibility to address that.

...I just want my regulars and those that see offensive things posted on the internet to know that we do not support the views espoused by some members of the crowd last night and would rather not, at the end of the day, be party to those who would literally wear intolerance on their sleeve. As a business owner, I will always be polite and treat customers with respect. However, I would rather not invite customers that would alienate other customers.

The show was initially kept somewhat of a secret; Acheron never listed the show on their Facebook or website, and didn't even reference any details in their apology. The venue and address are even absent from the show's Facebook event on the label's site and from the flyer. The show is practically non-Googleable, and in a YouTube video we found of Offensive Weapon's set at the show (which also doesn't list the name of the venue), the singer (at 5:50) mentions that they kept the show a secret because of their "friends in the Antifa" who they then dedicate a song called "Yellow Journalist" to.

Antifa is an anti-fascism group who makes it a point to try and shut down shows they believe include bands with fascist beliefs (like Death in June for instance). Members of Offensive Weapons and/or their associates have been pictured wearing Anti-Antifa shirts (not to mention red suspenders). According to record label, Pure Impact, Offensive Weapon are "one of THE non-PC American skinhead bands of the moment, tough Oi! with a touch of hardcore, true heirs to the old Youth Defense League style." But according to some, "All 'no politics' means for these lowlifes is: boneheads welcome."

Regarding the political or non-political motives of the bands on the bill, in response to the venue's Facebook status, Heidi Cavegurl Witmann (self proclaimed girlfriend of Oxblood's drummer) commented:

Seriously? There WERE NO NAZI BANDS THERE LAST NIGHT...there was a mixed crowd there and a few with opposing viewpoints and sure, I saw a few white power skins there...but I actually had a GREAT time last night, as ALMOST everyone was on their best behavior...funny that it seemed like it was the "ladies" who caused the only real ruckus. Fuckin sad...I actually dug the Acheron and it's staff until this thread. This is just another reason why I don't even make it out to see my own boyfriend drum for Oxblood. I have known them all for years and and this racist talk about any of those bands is so fucking tired already. I don't date or cohort with racists and I certainly don't stay commited to one for 13 years. I went to see our best friends (Frank and Val Bruno) come from Texas and to see and hear some kickass Rock and Roll...oh yea...and to watch my man kick some ass on the drums!! FUCK THE POLITICS and enough with the bogus racist hype already! Sheesh...way to ruin a gurl's night out. Ug.
Two videos from the show in question can be watched below...

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photos by Sarja Hasan, words by Woodrow Mousecock

Cockney Rejects @ MHOW, 2/22/2013
Cockney Rejects

This past Friday night (2/22) seemingly all of the old skinheads in the TriState Area made a pilgrimage to Williamsburg for the first ever NYC show by the Cockney Rejects whose tour hit that night at Music Hall of Williamsburg. The venue was filled up from the get go with NYC Oi stalwarts The Templars kicking off the show. Next up were Murphy's Law who's singer Jimmy Gestapo might just be the Don Rickles of Hardcore. Not sure which is more fun -- watching him sing songs or talk shit between them. California's Youth Brigade went next and brought the California street punk.

Then it was time for the Cockney Rejects. From the minute they took the stage with "We Are The Firm," it was clear that they were excited to finally be playing in New York City. Brothers Jeff and Mick Geggus (singer and guitarist), the two original members, looked and moved like the former standout amateur boxers that they are. Both guys bounced around the stage like they were ready for a punch up all night long. If you had just walked into the show, you might have though you were at a West Ham Football Club Rally with all the jerseys and also the massive "NYC Hammers" banner hanging onstage behind the band. (The NYC Hammers are a loosely affiliated group of skinheads and casuals who support the West Ham club.) Hell, if there were a group of supporters of another club in NYC that were crazy enough to fight them, then you might even call them hooligans. The club turned into a drunken singsong / near riot when the Rejects played their cover of "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles," a song traditionally sung by West Ham supporters. The Rejects closed the show with their 1980 hit "Oi Oi Oi" which gave the genre it's name. How fitting.

More pictures from MHOW (though unfortunately none of The Templars) are below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

The Blood UK
The Blood

The Blood are a London-based punk rock band, formed in 1982. Led by Cardinal Jesus Hate and JJ Bedsore (AKA Colin Smith and Jamie Cantwell), the band formed in the early 1980s under the name Coming Blood. Their music is a blend of hardcore punk, Oi!, heavy metal, football chants and shock rock.

Many of their songs criticize religion or discuss political or philosophical topics - [Wiki]

UK punks The Blood will bless Acheron on Saturday (12/8) alongside support from Agitator and Artificial Limbs. Tickets are on sale. The show is one of a select few North American dates scheduled for the UK band, and their full tour slate is below, along with some streaming audio.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Hard Skin at Acheron, 8/13/2012
Hard Skin

One part hilarious comedy act and one part damn good oi band, Hard Skin played Acheron to a sold-out house last night (8/13) as part of a short string of dates surrounding their tour around This is Hardcore. Hard Skin was joined by appearances from the fantastic metallic d-beat crew Murderess, NYC punks Sad Boys, Family Fun and Coffin Fit. Pictures from the show are below.

Hard Skin spent half of their set playing uber-catchy Oi and the other half making fun of the crowd, but it was all in the name of a good time. Fat Bob, who you may recognize from the Record Store Dude series (and who is also reportedly an A&R man at Rough Trade), quipped:

"We've come to take your shit American dollars. We've done that so you can all leave."

"Hello New York, the place so shit you had to name it twice."

"You are the country that gave us the Dropkick Murphys. You have that on your conscience."

After a short set (30+ minutes?), the band announced their last song to the grumble of the crowd. Fat Bob responded:

"Shut the fuck up. You pay peanuts, and you get monkeys."

Fat Bob, I disagree.

If you missed Murderess, make sure to get out to Acheron on August 20 where they'll team with Trenchgrinder and Death First to put a cap on their East Coast tour. Dates are below, along with a stream of one track, "For What?" Probably the biggest surprise of the evening and a fantastic live band.

Pictures from last night's Acheron show, that Murderess stream and all Murderess dates are listed below.

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Hard Skin during CMJ 2010 (more by Konstantin Sergeyev)
Hard Skin

Hard Skin will bring their UK oi comedy show back to US shores this summer when they kick off a round of dates with their previously discussed appearance at This is Hardcore. From there, the band will play one more East Coast show (in Brooklyn at Acheron on August 13th with Murderess, Sad Boys & Coffin Fit) before skipping around the country to play shows on the West Coast and in Texas. Full tour schedule and some audio below...

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photos by Jason House

The Business

Oi! is a melodic type of punk-rock which originated in Britain around 1980 and has since spread throughout the world. The forefathers of Oi! (Sham 69, Menace, The Lurkers, Slaughter And The Dogs, Cockney Rejects, Cock Sparrer, Angelic Upstarts, etc.) played what some of the smarter press of the time dubbed, "real-punk" (i.e. punk-rock with a message/theme of "social realism"). A lot of the press who courted the original wave of punk-rock, wholly ignored or wrote-off what was soon to be called Oi! as "thug-rock," and thus insured unfair treatment of the genre right from the get-go.

Around 1980, bands like the 4-Skins (East London), Infa Riot (North London), The Last Resort (Herne Bay), Red Alert (Sunderland), The Business (South London) and Blitz (Manchester) began to pop-up all across Great Britain. This phenomenon of strikingly similar-minded, yet unrelated bands was quickly clumped together as "Oi!" by Sounds journalist Gary Bushell, taking the name from the classic Cockney Rejects song, "Oi! Oi! Oi!" Bushell not only gave Oi! its name, he compiled and gave the world the first Oi! compilation, "Oi! The Album" (released by EMI injunction with Sounds magazine). "Oi! The Album" -- though not a truly stellar record or even completely representative of the Oi! genre of the time -- set the precedent for the compilation as an important part of the Oi! movement, as witnessed by the release of countless Oi!-focused compilations world-wide ever since its release. Musically, Oi! is generally distinguished by anthemic melodies, terrace-style backing vocals and a pace/tempo more suitable for pogoing and singing along, than slam-dancing and stage-diving. Together with ska and reggae, Oi! forms the musical focus of the traditional skinhead subculture, and together with hardcore and classic punk-rock, it forms the musical focus of the punk subculture. [FAQ for skinheads]

Oi! punks The Business kicked off a US tour at Mercury Lounge in NYC on Friday night (9/2). Pictures from that NYC show continue below...

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