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by Bill Pearis

Aztec Camera's Roddy Frame in 1984...

You may remember that amongst this year's Record Store Day exclusives were vinyl reissues of Orange's Juice's '80s Polydor albums You Can't Hide Your Love Forever, Rip it Up, Texas Fever and The Orange Juice. Next year, those will get proper CD and vinyl reissues. No bonus tracks, it doesn't look like, but the vinyl will include the original lyrics sheets and inner sleeves. Those will be out February 4 via Domino Records and more info is here.

In related news, Domino will also on February 4 be reissuing High Land Hard Rain, the 1983 debut from Scottish pop band Aztec Camera. (Who, like OJ, were originally on Postcard Records.) The nom-de-plume of Glaswegian 16-year-old Roddy Frame, Aztec Camera had a gift with melody and heart-on-sleeve lyrics that seemed well beyond Frame's years. Though slightly marred by the syn-drums they made Dave Ruffy play, High Land, Hard Rain is jam-packed with great songs like "Pillar to Post," "Walk Out to Winter," the wistful "We Could Send Letters" and college radio hit "Oblivious." It's a genuine '80s classic.

The album was remastered from the original analogue tapes and comes with a bonus disc with the original Postcard singles, radio sessions and more. The first 400 copies come with a bonus 7" of additional rarities. Tracklist and a cover art below.

Roddy Frame celebrated the 30th anniversary of the album by playing it in full at shows in London, Manchester and Glasgow earlier this month. Some videos from those shows are below, along with a couple classic music videos as well.

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by Bill Pearis and Andrew Sacher

Ex Cops DJing at Other Music, RSD 2012 (more)

We're about a week out from Record Store Day 2013. When it began in 2008, RSD was a celebration of brick-and-mortar stores in the face of digital downloads, offering up exclusive releases to get people out to stores. It's blown up considerably since then, with hundreds of RSD-only releases. (Many of which fall into the hands of folks who turn it around on Ebay that same day, but what can you do?) While it is a mob scene these days, there is no doubt it helps what record stores there are left -- though not enough, as Record Store Day will be the last day for Williamsburg's Sound Fix. Participating stores around the country are listed here.

There are always some pretty cool exclusives too, items that may have never seen the light of day without RSD. With that in mind we've gone through the list of North American RSD exclusives to highlight a few things to keep an eye out. This isn't comprehensive, just stuff we wanna get. What records are you trying to get this year?

We've written about the Sacred Bones comp, the Astralwerks comp, Old 97s, Frightened Rabbit, Austra, Sonny & the Sunsets, and Titus Andronicus Check out our new list below...

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Edwyn Collins @ The Rock Shop, March 2011 (more by Dana [distortion] Yavin) Edwyn Collins at The Rock Shop

Onetime Orange Juice frontman Edwyn Collins will release Understated in March 2013, his eighth solo album and follow-up to 2010's terrific Losing Sleep. The album is being released by AED Records, the label Collins started with onetime Rough Trade A&R man James Endicott. You can stream the album's first single, "Too Bad (That's Sad)," below along with the album art which was done by Edwyn as well. And while it's probably too late to get them in time for Christmas, AED is selling holiday cards with a lovely Roe Deer illustration done by Edwyn. Save 'em for next year!

No North American tour announced as of yet, but he does have a Spring 2013 UK tour planned and those dates are listed below, along with the song stream.

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Orange Juice - Felicity (MP3)

Orange Juice

In what I hope (but don't promise) to be a regular feature, I'm gonna recommend a couple notable new reissues. What with the holiday season it full swing, either of these would make good holiday presents for the serious indie music lover.

Firstly is Domino Records' new Orange Juice box set, Coals to Newcastle, that compiles nearly everything the Glasgow legends ever recorded. (The single mix of "Rip it Up" is mysteriously absent.) This marks the first time 85% of this material has ever been released in America. Polydor reissued their albums on CD in 1997 but they fell out of print almost immediately. You can now chart the band's progression from their shambolic, jangly beginnings on Postcard Records through myriad line-up changes and transformation into what could be called an indie equivalent of Chic. Even the weird stuff -- like the high life-inspired "Million Pleading Faces" on Rip It Up -- is pretty good. And even if, like me, you shelled out the dough in the mid-'90s for the Polydor reissues (which went out of print almost instantly) there's previously unreleased 12" mixes, dub versions, rough mixes, non-LP singles, radio sessions, live tracks, and interviews. There's also a DVD containing rare Orange Juice television special Dada with Juice, and a Derek Jarman-directed video for "What Presence?" that I'd never seen before. (Why is this not on Youtube?) At $70 it ain't cheap, but if you think of it as less than ten bucks a disc it's not so bad. And well worth the money. You can stream 18 tracks from the box set over at Domino's website and download classic OJ single "Felicity" above.

While on the subject, OJ's Edwyn Collins' new album, Losing Sleep, is one of the year's best. His first made since two brain haemorrhages nearly took his life in 2005 and left him at first without the ability to walk or talk, let alone write songs. That it exists at all is a miracle, that it's as great as it is a testament to his spirit. Helping him out on the album are a cavalcade of talent -- Johnny Marr, Roddy Frame, The Drums, The Cribs, Franz Ferdinand, The Magic Numbers -- but always in the service of getting Collins' songs on record. Like his last two albums, Losing Sleep hasn't been released in America but is well worth picking up on import. Hey Domino... how about putting this one out too.

Speaking of Domino, the label just reissued Robert Wyatt's entire back catalog on CD and vinyl. If you don't own Rock Bottom, Nothing Can Stop Us and Shleep... now is the perfect time. Then move on to the rest of his records.


The other notable reissue is the four-disc "Omnibus Edition" of The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall, my personal favorite Fall album. The 1984 record was the first fully made with Mark E. Smith's then-wife Brix, who brought pop smarts to the Mancunian band's somewhat difficult sound, and their first produced by the great John Leckie.  Along with guitarist Craig Scanlon, bassist Steven Hanley and drummer Karl Burns this is the classic Fall lineup in my opinion. The Omnibus Edition restore's the album's original running order, putting singles from the same time "Oh Brother!," "C.R.E.E.P." and "No Bulbs" on the second disc with their b-sides and rough mixes of album tracks. The third collects radio sessions, and the fourth is a live recording from their performance at the 1984 Pandora's Music Box Festival in Norway (set time 3:15AM) that shows what a powerhouse live band the Fall were at the time. The box set sold out in the UK, but seems to be easily gettable here in the U.S.

Beggars Banquet also reissued The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall on vinyl (just the album) which lets you hear classics like "2X4," "Slang King" and "Disney's Dream Debased" in their analogue glory. Also out on vinyl: its follow-up, This Nation's Saving Grace which is widely considered by people not me to be their best-ever album. (It is a very close second.) It gets the Omnibus treatment in January. Save up, kids.

An Orange Juice video below...

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