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photos by Kassandra Carmona; words by Doug Moore

Overkill @ Stage 48, 11/24/2013

The Overkill/Kreator/Warbringer fall tour reached its conclusion with two NYC appearances at Stage 48 this past Saturday and Sunday (11/23 and 11/24). Metalheads with mortgages and 401(k)s everywhere are bummed it's over. Since you've no doubt read every single word of our preposterously epic Overkill interview on Invisible Oranges, you knew exactly what to expect from Overkill's headlining sets. If you missed the show (or want to relive its circle pit-infused glory), check out the pictures of all three bands from the 11/24 gig in this set. And if you need to brush up on Overkill's catalog, all 17 of their albums are streaming in the aforementioned interview.

More pics from Stage 48 below...

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by Doug Moore (with interview by Turk Durmac)


We mentioned several months back that NY thrash legends Overkill would spend the fall touring with equally time-tested Teutonic thrashers Kreator and youngbloods Warbringer. Their tour is wrapping up this week with two dates at Stage 48 on 11/23 and 11/24. Appropriately, Overkill will headline both of these home-turf shows. Tickets, including a two-day pass for the truly obsessed, are available.

We've got an interview with frontman and noted cancer survivor Bobby Blitz over at Invisible Oranges, and goddamn is it a doozy. Guest contributor Turk Durmac talked to Blitz about every single album of Overkill's 33-year career, including their as-yet-untitled 2014 effort. Here are a few excerpts:

On blowing his voice as a young singer:

In the early days, my father used to accuse me of doing this for free beer and girls, and to some degree that was true -- it was just a cool thing to do. On Feel the Fire, I approached my vocals wide-eyed, just wanting to tear it up. Not over-thinking anything, just standing behind the mic. I remember in those days, I'd push so hard that I'd lose my voice. You know, I'm in my early twenties and I should be losing my voice, but I'd scream so loud or sing so hard that I did. But that was the approach: action versus reaction. Action was the tape I was hearing in the headphones and the Reaction was the vocal I was laying down, trying to match that energy.

On the mid-tour collapse of Megadeth's first lineup:

They were coming off the rails and they were a really exciting band because they were coming off the rails. There was something really charming about that explosiveness. You know, I remember standing in Philedelphia and Dave saying to the audience, "You've just witnessed the last performance of Megadeth." And this was 1987! I think there was a great camaraderie between the bands. Even with Dave and Junior, there still is. They're great guys and great friends. I still think of that tour fondly, one of my favorites.

On being forced to re-audition for Megaforce Records:

I was so insulted. We were getting the Horrorscope stuff together and Megaforce said, "We're not sure we want to keep the band." They wanted us to audition for them. And I said, "You're kidding." We had some people in our corner, for sure, but we had to stand in front of fifteen Megaforce people and play the Horrorscope record on a stage in Brooklyn -- that's not well known, but now it is. I was so insulted, but the amount of energy I had for that record...I remember standing next to D.D., who's always calm and collected, and I said, "I'm gonna shove my fist so far up Johnny Z.'s ass..." (laughs) It worked out pretty well.
Read the whole monster over at Invisible Oranges. The remaining dates of the Overkill/Kreator tour and a stream of Overkill's most recent record are below.

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Kreator at Best Buy, September 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro)

German thrash gods Kreator will team with Overkill as part of a string of North American dates this fall, InvisibleOranges reports. The co-headlining dates will see the bands on the road for four weeks, including two NYC shows at Stage 48 on November 23 & 24. Ticketing info is on the way.

Tour dates and some streaming audio is below, including a stream of Kreator's latest release, 2012's Phantom Antichrist.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Testament at Wellmont Theater, Oct 2012 (more by Greg Cristman)

Bay Area thrashers Testament will team with Overkill, Flotsam & Jetsam and 4arm for a string of dates in the new year, kicking off at The Filmore in San Francisco. From there, look for the bands to head south and eastward, eventually towards the New York area for two dates: Feb 14 at Best Buy Theater in NYC and Feb 15th at The Paramount on Long Island. Tickets for Best Buy go on AMEX presale at 10AM on Wed (11/28), with regular sale hitting on Friday (11/30), while tickets for The Paramount are currently on Citi presale  with regular sale also hitting on Friday.

The trek, named "Dark Roots of Thrash", is a play on the name of Testament's new album title Dark Roots of The Earth, out now via Century Media. Stream a track from that LP alongside a list of all tour dates below.

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"bomb scare outside killfest 2010 at nokia theater in times square.. mayhem inside and out" - John

Times Square

The Nissan Pathfinder that prompted police to close off parts of New York's Times Square contained bomb-making materials, the city's mayor said.

"There were gas cans and bomb making materials in the car," Mayor Michael Bloomberg told reporters early Sunday morning. "Who abandoned the car and why are under investigation."

Bloomberg said authorities found propane cylinders, fireworks and timing devices in the car.

The shutdown began late Saturday when a foot patrol officer saw smoke coming from a box inside the car with Connecticut plates on 45th Street between 7th and 8th avenues. [CNN]

Though some weren't able to get to the show due to Nokia Theatre's Times Square location (Broadway between 44th & 45th), Overkill, Vader and the other bands on the Saturday night metal bill, did play. John says, "yea the concert went uninterrupted just had to talk my way past police line. overkill, vader and god dethroned were on fire." BlueEyedDevil had less luck. He wrote that he "was enjoying a great afternoon in the city and walked to TQ to find it barracaded off. Just got home and what a f'n waste. Would have been a great time." Sucks, but at least nobody was hurt.

by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Integrity - Those Who Fear Tomorrow THE ALBUM (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Blacklisted - Live on WERS 2006 Live Show (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Converge - Live in Minneapolis, MN 9/21/05 Live Show (MP3)

Cursed, cold

Oh you silly Cursed! Why, oh why, do you have an such a crushing new album (III: Architects Of Troubled Sleep) and yet you spurn us Americans? I mean only Burlington, VT and Niagara Falls, NY? Are we not big enough fans? Did we not read your interviews in Decibel, Chart Attack, and Exclaim? Until we get an answer, look below for some Canadian dates, European dates, and every other goddamn place dates.

Thrash metal legends Testament have posted a new song, "More Than Meets The Eye" from their new album The Formation Of Damnation on their myspace. Make sure and check them out April 6th (tickets are still available) at BB Kings.

Dwid Hellion has announced a new Integrity album, "The Blackest Curse", for Deathwish Inc this year, accompanied by a DVD film. Head over here for a FREE copy of their landmark album "Those Who Fear Tomorrow"! Integrity will hit the roads of Europe with Converge and Coliseum this summer.

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