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by Andrew Sacher


Torres has been playing new songs live for a while now, and she's finally announced the followup to her excellent 2013 debut LP. It's called Sprinter and will be out on May 5 via her new label home of Partisan Records. PJ Harvey collaborator Rob Ellis produced it and PJ's bassist Ian Oliver backed Torres on the record, as did Portishead guitarist Adrian Utley. Working with PJ Harvey collaborators is a good fit for Torres, who gets a bit of a To Bring You My Love-style howl out on new single "Strange Hellos." Like her recent live shows predicted, the new song dives deeper into the heavier rock vibe that her debut only hinted at. Check it out, with the LP tracklist, below. That's the album artwork above.

Torres also announced a tour which follows her previously discussed Brooklyn Night Bazaar show and SXSW. The BK Bazaar show is this Friday (1/30) and also features Mainland, Heliotropes and Ancient Ocean. Like most BKNB shows, it's free.

All dates are listed, with the tracklist and new song, below...

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by Andrew Sacher


Yesterday, Pitchfork posted their top 200 tracks of the decade so far, and today they've listed the top 100 albums to have come out between 2010-2014. There's some surprises on there. For example, I didn't expect to see Bon Iver's self-titled, their #1 album of 2011 and with a score of 9.5, rank as low as #27 on this list. I was also surprised to see Chief Keef make it but not, say, Shabazz Palaces or Schoolboy Q. And there's a few other glaring omissions: nothing by The National? Grizzly Bear? One thing that will surprise no one though, is their #1 pick.

You can check out the full list below...

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"There was a certain amount of science to it. An entire week of work experience students left the office thinking that cutting-edge music journalism in 2014 mostly involves calculating which bands have been mentioned most in NME in the past two years, then hunting out references to the bands that influenced those acts online and finally adding up the number of times each influence came up. This gave us a rough list which our editorial team - heads swimming with all of the bands that Wolf Alice (or whoever) have raved on about over 4am ciders - then took to the pub, tore into shreds, fought and shouted about and finally reconstructed in the rundown of 100 you see in the mag today. The Beatles didn't make it. Sorry." [NME[
NME went ahead and listed who they think the 100 most influential musicians and bands are (their latest cover story). Radiohead topped the list. Read the rest with justifications at NME, or just look at their full list below...

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In The Guardian's latest Google Street View series, they've posted pictures of classic album covers taken in public places pasted onto the Google Street View snapshot of the location. The post includes PJ Harvey's Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea, Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti, Pink Floyd's Animals, Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique (which is right here in NYC and not being renamed "Beastie Boys Square" anytime soon), Bob Dylan's The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (also NYC), The Streets' Original Pirate Material, Rush's Moving Pictures, The Beatles' Abbey Road, and more.

That's the Dylan one above. Check out a couple more below & the rest at The Guardian.

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Kurt Cobains

Via Buzzfeed & Laughing Squid, comes this handwritten list Kurt Cobain made, as published in Journals in 2002. Read the whole thing typed, below...

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I hate writing year-end lists, as might be obvious to many long-time BrooklynVegan readers. That said, I also like them. They help organize things, which is related to my problem though. I'm too unorganized and hectic to ever get around to making one! But this year a few of us (BrooklynVegan contributors) got together and decided to come up with a collective list of albums that we loved that we think most represented 2011 in BrooklynVegan land. Our indie rock-centric list purposely does not include metal (that's HERE) or hip hop (we should make a separate list). With that in mind, our top 26 albums of 2011, in alphabetical order, are listed (with some commentary and a list of honorable mentions too) below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Pitchfork Top 50 Albums

Last week, Pitchfork posted their much anticipated top 50 albums of 2011 and their top 100 tracks of 2011. It's no huge surprise that Bon Iver took best album and that M83 took best track with "Midnight City," but some other choices were a little less expected.

PJ Harvey, who was basically unanimously the UK's choice for album of the year (says NME, Uncut, Mojo, The Guardian, and the Mercury Prize, among others) came in at #4, making it her first album of the new millennium to end up on a Pitchfork year-end list. Odd Future's Frank Ocean's Nostaliga, Ultra came in at #35, while the crew's ringleader Tyler, the Creator's Goblin was nowhere to be found (though "Yonkers" was named the 16th best track). The King of Limbs was the first Radiohead album released during Pitchfork's existence that didn't make the year-end list. Wild Flag and SBTRKT both released albums that initially surprised us by not getting "Best New Music" but have both ended up in the top 50. Liturgy's Aesthetica, which didn't end up on Pitchfork's best metal albums, though it was given an honorable mention, where Brandon Stosuy wrote, "In many ways it was the album of the year," came in at #41 on the top 50, the only metal album on the list.

As for the top 100 tracks, as usual, the higher rated tracks were pretty pop-dominated, with Nicki Minaj beating out the bulk of this year's indie rock. Some other odd ones made the list like Britney Spears, Kreayshawn, and Soulja Boy, but there were also some great tracks that went a little overlooked this year like Action Bronson's "Larry Csonka," Cities Aviv's "Coastin'" and Peaking Lights' "All The Sun That Shines" that made the list.

Both lists can be quickly viewed below...

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UK music magazine Uncut weighs on this year's best albums. Like Rough Trade, they give Josh T Pearson serious placement. They put Tinariwen, who appeared on The Colbert Report last night (!) with Tunde and Kyp from TV on the Radio, at #18. Check out their whole list and video from Colbert, below...

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Bon Iver

Since we're starting with the lists already, might as well point out this fun one from Chicago's Jim DeRogatis who writes stuff like:

"This is what happens if you cross the insufferably cute Zooey Deschannel with the Natalie Portman of Black Swan," I wrote in my original review. But that sounds way more interesting than the actuality of this bad modern Disney soundtrack.
That was in reference to St. Vincent's new one. Jim's complete list of what he believes are the top 10 turkeys released in 2011, below...

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The bookies were right. Guardian posted the following this morning:

The favourite for tonight's Mercury prize among bookmakers remains PJ Harvey, with Ladbrokes and Paddy Power offering odds of 5/4, William Hill 6/5 and Bet 365 an impressive 9/5 that the Dorset-born singer will take home the award for her album Let England Shake. According to the bookies, Harvey's main competition comes from self-titled albums by Anna Calvi and James Blake, with some shops also backing Adele's 21.

Ladbrokes gives Calvi, Adele and Blake 4/1, 5/1 and 7/1 odds, respectively; William Hill offers 7/1, 6/1 and 5/1; and Paddy Power puts them at 6/1, 6/1 and 13/2. Although a couple of outfits are giving similar odds to Metronomy's The English Riviera, others have relegated them to the second tier of nominees, which includes Ghostpoet, King Creosote and Katy B.

Congrats to PJ Harvey. Maybe next time James.

Mercury Prize

The shortlist has been revealed for the 2011 Mercury Prize. The list includes some major albums like James Blake's incredibly striking self titled debut, PJ Harvey's massive comeback Let England Shake, and Adele's 21, in addition to some other interesting choices like Anna Calvi's self titled debut and King Creosote & Jon Hopkins collaborative album Diamond Mine.

Katy B, who paid a brief visit to the US in June, is also nominated.

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins were just in NYC for two shows, including Thursday (7/14) at Mercury Lounge and Sunday (7/17) at The Rock Shop. The shows were part of a short tour which ends this week. They also play some shows together in August and September.

It's also interesting to note the absence of Radiohead on this list. The King of Limbs is the first of the band's album not to be nominated since Amnesiac's nomination in 2001 (though they've never actually won).

Spotify, which is now available in the US, has a playlist of all the nominated albums. Check it out here if you have Spotify installed already.

Check out the full list below...

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photos by Andrew St. Clair, words by Andrew Sacher

PJ Harvey

After much anticipation and applause from the crowd, the lights in the tightly packed Terminal 5 finally dimmed around 9 PM last night (4/20), and out walked PJ Harvey in a blinding white dress and extravagant headgear. She took to the far right of the stage, picked up her autoharp, and leapt right into the drifting chords of "Let England Shake." On the opposite side of the stage, PJ was backed by long time contributors John Parish, Mick Harvey, and Jean-Marc Butty. The band's backing vocals and tactful musicianship complemented PJ effortlessly. Throughout the night, PJ alternated between the autoharp, two electrics, and her acoustic guitar. But the most unforgettable point in the set came when she abandoned all of her instruments for "Pocket Knife" to approach the mic with nothing but her voice and endearing dance moves.

Their set included every song off Let England Shake, in addition to some older favorites. The varied mix offered quite a few exciting juxtapositions. After being mesmerized by PJ Harvey's soaring falsetto in "On Battleship Hill," the last thing I expected was to hear John Parish rip out the opening chords to "C'mon Billy," yet nothing could have sounded better. A handful of the older songs were off 1998's Is This Desire?. Of course it would have been great to hear more of the older '90s cuts as well, but the Is This Desire? tracks felt right at home with the new material, as both albums see PJ Harvey taking steps in a more experimental direction. PJ and co. left the stage after executing an hour and a half long set (three song encore included), and my only complaint is that I easily would have seen them stay for twice as long.

Our pictures and a review/setlist from the first night are HERE. More pictures from Night Two, and a couple of videos, are below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Rachel Kowal

PJ Harvey

It may have been a day early (4/19), but an unmistakable trail of pot smoke lined the blocks on the long walk to Terminal 5, as if showing the way to PJ Harvey.

Without an opener to help ease the tension, the excitement level steadily rose as the large room filled to capacity. When she finally walked out on stage at around 8:45, the crowd's reaction caused vibrations in the floor. Intermittent bursts of "I love you, Polly Jean!" and "I will give you my firstborn child!" rippled through the crowd as if the audience as a whole had instantaneously given over to bouts of turrets.

Harvey wore an ankle-length, long-sleeve white dress, hiked up just enough in front to reveal large, black lace-up boots. A majestic (if not a morbid) black-feathered headdress topped off her look and called attention to both her beauty and her eccentricity.

With an autoharp cradled in her arms, Harvey and her three-man backing band wordlessly launched into "Let It Shake," the eponymous first song on her latest album (which is out now). Though she attempted to maintain a low profile on the far left side of the stage, all eyes were on her. Her striking appearance transformed her into mythical creature (whether she was a messenger of hope or a harbinger of death was uncertain).

As predicted, references to her motherland of England were many. Normally, such brazen patriotism would be a deal-breaker (even though the references aren't solely positive or nostalgic), but Harvey gets a free pass even with the obnoxious (some may say triumphant) bugle sample in "The Glorious Land." The new material is lively and well executed... and at least she's not singing about America.

Harvey breezed through the set, stopping only to briefly introduce her band mates. In an age when the passing thoughts of friends and stars alike are highly accessible thanks to sites like Twitter and Facebook, it's kind of refreshing to behold an artist who still manages to hold onto the mystique - even after twenty plus years as an award-winning musician. (To be fair, back in 2009, PJHarveyUK did tweet exactly one time. Doesn't lool like she wrote it though.)

But then as quickly as it had all began, the spotlights suddenly became brighter and everyone on stage stepped forward to bow. It seemed like no time had passed at all when in reality, Harvey had played nearly twenty songs.

After a break back stage, the group returned for a three-song encore of older songs. When she walked off stage for the second time, even the sound engineer seemed to be willing her to come back. Instead of immediately queuing up house music, the only sound for over ten minutes was the cheering and chanting of fans desperate for one last song.

The full setlist and more pictures from the first of two sold out nights at the Manhattan venue (the second show is tonight, 4/20), below....

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photos by David Andrako


"While it was kind of a running joke that the gnarled dance-punk band was one of the biggest reunions at this year's Coachella (Death From Above 2005 jokes abounded), the band reasserted what made them such a strange and compelling commodity in the first place.

Lacerating bass, Grainger's falsetto wails and a relentless rhythmic urgency both hearkened back to the mid-'00 dance punk craze, yet reminded the audience that their palpable violence set them apart from their more trend-minded peers.

"Romantic Rights" and "Blood on Our Hands" rode slithery, distortion-tangled bass lines over the kind of four-on-the-floor that bassist Jesse F. Keeler would explore more thoroughly in his disco aegis MSTRKRFT.The audience seemed simultaneously enthralled and a bit confused."
[LA Times]

Death From Above 1979's performance on Sunday was the second time the reunited band graced a public stage since announcing their return. The first was a semi-surprise appearance at this year's SXSW at March that got much more attention than anyone even anticipated due to a bit of violence that made the late night news. In May the band does it again at Sasquach.

Coachella 2011 concluded on Sunday with a big headlining set by Kanye West. I already posted some pictures from that one, but a more proper set is also in this post which also includes our full set of pictures from the California festival's final day (day one pics HERE, day two HERE).

Bon Iver's Justin Vernon who played Friday night with Gayngs, made two guest appearances on Sunday, first with the National earlier in the day and then with Kanye West during one of the most high profile sets of the weekend.

The other big set of Sunday was by the Strokes who weren't afraid to play the hits. Their full setlist is below.

The Strokes

PJ Harvey (who arrives in NYC this week) played her headlining set on the "Outdoor Theatre." It overlapped with both The Strokes and Kanye...

"Backed by a nimble three piece band, Harvey, with the Strokes audible from the nearby main stage during the silences between songs, delivered the most emotionally intense performance I witnessed at this year's Coachella, singing songs of violence, war, love and lust (mostly from her harrowing new Let England Shake), before a crowd of rabid supporters...." [SPIN]
a rabid supporter... (this pic not by David Andrako)...PJ

More pictures from Sunday, below...

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Beach House @ ACL 2010 (more by Tim Griffin)
Beach House

today in NYC
* The Ventures @ BB King's
* Meat Loaf @ Irving Plaza
* Mandingo Ambassadors @ Barbes
* White Rabbits, Caveman @ Maxwell's
* James Hunter, Jesse Dee @ City Winery
* Anne Carson, Robert Currie @ The Stone
* Chess Smith and These Arches @ Barbes
* Beach House, Papercuts @ Webster Hall
* Fred Frith, Laurie Anderson @ The Stone
* David Gray, Lisa O'Neill @ Beacon Theatre
* Apollo Run, David Rogue @ Mercury Lounge
* Broken Records, U.S. Royalty @ The Rock Shop
* Daniel Higgs, Hubble, Random Cutting @ Zebulon
* Favourite Sons, Serena Jean @ Pete's Candy Store
* Tristen, Teletextile, Springs @ Knitting Factory
* Kaki King, Pedro da Silva @ Museum of Modern Art
* Ninjasonik, Allen Ritter, Phony PPL @ Public Assembly
* Jeffrey Lewis, Peter Stampfel (WFMU 7 second delay) @ UCB
* Arms, Dinowalrus, El Topo, Bear In Heaven (DJ set) @ Pianos
* Chicago Afrobeat Project, Zongo Junction @ Le Poisson Rouge
* Gutbucket, Allison Miller's Boom Tic Boom @ Le Poisson Rouge
* Max Tundra, Junk Culture, Nite Club, George & Jonathan @ Glasslands
* Gianni Lenoci/Gianni Mimmo Duo, Ramin Arjomand @ Issue Project Room
* Religious To Damn, Greg Petersen, Man's Gin, Oscar Rodriguez @ Union Pool
* Gunfight!, Raccoon Fighter, Dead Stars, Nat Brower & The Power @ Cake Shop
* Rocky Business, Trouble Andrew, The So So Glos, Hussle Club @ Mercury Lounge
* Paul Baribeau, The Boy Who Could Fly, Emilyn Brodsky, Spoonboy @ Death By Audio
* The Big Terrific Comedy Show w/ Max Silvestri, Gabe Liedman and Jenny Slate @ Cameo
* Fergus & Geronimo, Air Waves, Human Resources, Idiot Glee, Web Dating @ Monster Island Basement

Beach House and Papercuts play their first of two shows at Webster Hall tonight.

Daniel Higgs continues his Zebulon residency.

PJ Harvey, who has two shows coming up at Terminal 5, has a new video for "Let England Shake". Check that out below...

Kanye West recently the video for "All Of The Lights" ft. Rihanna, Kid Cudi. Watch that below...

What else?

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PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey has added a second show at New York City's Terminal 5. The new date will take place April 19, the day before the previously announced April 20 show which sold out completely within hours of on-sale.

PJ Harvey will be making two other U.S. appearances in support of her new album Let England Shake: an already sold out April 14 date at the Warfield in San Francisco and an April 17 set at Coachella.

Let England Shake is out Tuesday in the U.S. and today, February 14th, in the UK and Europe-the same day PJ Harvey will debut her new album live in a one-off, special show from Paris to be streamed live at 8pm GMT by the French music site Deezer www.deezer.com and the cultural chanel ARTE www.arteliveweb.com

The webcast will also be available on the official PJ Harvey site www.pjharvey.net

Look for tickets to the new Terminal 5 show to go on sale this week.

New Villager
New Villager

There was a band presale Tuesday morning, but Ticketmaster tickets go on AmEx presale at noon today (2/2) for the Fleet Foxes show at United Palace. General sale starts Friday.

Tickets also go on AmEx presale at noon for the PJ Harvey show happening at Terminal 5. OOPS: No AmEx presale on this one. Tickets on sale Friday at noon.

Suckers are headlining a show at Bowery Ballroom on February 25th with Prince Rama and NewVillager. Tickets go on sale at noon. The show is a full week before Prince Rama kick off a tour with Amen Dunes at Glasslands (also on sale).

NewVillager recently signed with IAMSOUND (home of Salem who just announced some shows too). Check out NewVillager's video for "RichDoors", the first single from the upcoming album, below...

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PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey has confirmed two U.S. headline shows in addition to her appearance at the already sold out Coachella festival.

The headline dates-April 14 at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco and April 20 at Terminal 5 in New York-fall on either side of the April 17 Coachella set.

Tickets for the San Francisco show are on sale now and New York tickets will go on sale February 4. PJ Harvey's band for these rare U.S. headline gigs and Coachella will be John Parish, Mick Harvey and Jean-Marc Butty.

PJ Harvey's eighth studio album, 'Let England Shake', will be released February 15 in the U.S. by Vagrant Records.

PJ Harvey is also playing the Portishead-curated ATP in the UK in July. Hopefully she comes back to play the ATP Portishead are curating here too.

All PJ Harvey dates are below...

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'I'll Be Your Mirror USA' is not the only 'I'll Be Your Mirror' that Portishead is curating for ATP. As previously mentioned, the English band is also helping pick the bands for the event happening in London in July (tickets still on sale by the way).

So far we don't know any of the bands that will open for Portishead in NJ in October, but it would be crazy if they didn't have at least a few of the same bands on both. This is who they have on the UK one so far: PJ HARVEY (also playing Coachella), DOOM, COMPANY FLOW, THE BOOKS (played ATP NY 2010), FACTORY FLOOR, BEAK> (played ATP NY 2010), DD/MM/YYYY, GRINDERMAN, SWANS, BEACH HOUSE, LIARS, THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC, ANIKA, and S.C.U.M. The full UK lineup so far, is listed by day below...

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PJ Harvey & John Parish @ Weesner Amphitheatre, MN - 6/13/09 (dastinkytwinz)
PJ Harvey John Parish

"I've been a PJ Harvey fan for years, but never got around to seeing her until tonight. Only songs from her two albums with John Parish were played -- understandably, as this is the tour for A Woman A Man Walked By --- and though this was somewhat of a disappointment, it was wonderful to finally see her. Since I got the aforementioned album I've been loving it, but hadn't realized just how...theatrical it is, for lack of a better word, and she played that aspect up on stage. One minute she'd be doing a spazzy dance and the next she was still, arms at her sides, doing delicate as the song demanded it. Doug and I disagreed on the lighting: it reminded him of our high school, and I thought it was perfectly intimate. The bare set and minimal lighting matched the rawness of the music for me." [Alicia DK]
The above review is from PJ Harvey and John Parish's Beacon Theatre show on June 9th. That gig was part of their A Woman a Man Walked By tour, which finishes on the West Coast this weekend (June 21st). The colorful shot above was from Saturday's Minneapolis show. The setlist from both of those shows are below.

PJ Harvey and Parish have a long history together - the pair also collaborated on Harvey's most recent solo album, 2007's White Chalk. The band on that disc was filled out by members of Dirty Three, Eric Drew Feldman and Jim White. That band (Dirty Three) will be in NYC and touring North American in September.

Videos from the Beacon show, setlists, and all tour dates, below...

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PJ Harvey

Tickets are on sale for the PJ Harvey and John Parish show at Beacon Theater.

PJ Harvey & John Parish @ Irving Plaza in March (more by Jacob Blickenstaff)
PJ Harvey

"Polly and John have confirmed the following shows in the States for June. Performing songs from their current album A Woman A Man Walked By and their previous collaboration Dance Hall At Louse Point the pair will be backed by Eric Drew Feldman, Giovanni Ferrario and Jean Marc Butty. Polly and John are currently on tour in the UK, where their opening night show in Brighton has been receiving rave reviews from the Independent and Guardian amongst others."
John and PJ were just here for a quick east-coast/west-coast/SXSW publicity blitz. In June they'll be hitting a few more cities, and NYC again - this time it's The Beacon Theatre on June 9th. Tickets will be on sale April 24th. All dates so far, below...

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photos by Jacob Blickenstaff

PJ Harvey

"PJ Harvey's previous album with John Parish was 1998's Dance Hall at Louise Point, but the 12-year wait was worth it. Harvey's brutal doctrine - that nothing should sound like anything either of them has done before - has produced a thrilling, boundless work. The songs are riots of changing themes and multiple musical personalities. Black Hearted Love, in which Parish's granite riff fuels one of Harvey's best ever rockers, finds two lovers frolicking in the abyss, while Pointless, Passionless chillingly catalogues a stone-cold relationship. April, with its snail's pace, is plaintive and purifying. Harvey's vocals range from animalistic shrieks to haunted narratives, as she depicts everything from the gleeful humiliation of a cuckold ("lily-livered balls!") to the days that follow a death. It all hangs together brilliantly, suggesting the mutual understanding of two artists at the peak of their powers." [Guardian]
PJ Harvey and John Parish have now finished up a short U.S. tour that included a stop at SXSW (pic, setlist), a stop on Leno (Hulu video), a visit to KCRW (video), a show in LA (setlist below), and a show at Irving Plaza in NYC last night (3/26). More pictures from that last one, below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

PJ Harvey & John Parish @ Stubb's in Austin - March 21, 2009 (zenametalz)
PJ Harvey

In a rare US appearance, Polly Jean Harvey took the stage looking like a straight-jacketed geisha, and delivered a set of mostly new material - at turns crying, laughing and screaming - one minute delivering lines like "there's no more laughter in the garden," with a tiny, childlike voice and the next, snarling "stick it up your fucking ass," with an empowered roar. The crowd responded with riotous screams and applause, and she humbly, quietly thanked them each time. When she announced that the next song would be their last, the audience loudly protested, and she tried to explain that everyone was being kept to strict time slots. To the chants of "come back soon," she had no reply. -[Creative Loafing]
PJ Harvey & John Parish playned Stubb's in Austin for SXSW on Saturday, March 21st, a performance that was met with mostly positive reviews.

The pair (with full band) will play two more stateside shows, including this Thursday (3/26) at The Fillmore At Irving Plaza in NYC. The dates, in advance of A Woman A Man Walked By, out March 31th on Island Records, prelude Harvey's UK/Europe tour in April and May.

SXSW setlist and all tour dates below...

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