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Frog Eyes

Initially self-released in 2013, Paperbag Records will re-release Frog Eyes' "Carey's Cold Spring" record on on vinyl and CD on June 17...

The label will also be releasing Carey's book called Clouds of Evil, a collection of essays compiled for his son Ivan. Essay titles include: "A Story about the Time I Broke Up Wolf Parade, a Popular Independent Rock Band, by Starring in Their music Video and accepting One Thousand of Their Dollars" and "A Few recollections of the Time my Band Frog Eyes Went to Moscow."
Pre-order the book and album in various combinations at Paper Bag Records' site.

We hope Carey is doing well after 2013's scary news. In 2006, Carey formed a project called Swan Lake with Dan Bejar (aka Destroyer) and Wolf Parade's Spencer Krug. We're still waiting for them to tour. Wolf Parade are meanwhile still on hiatus.

The Frog Eyes album's tracklist and a song to listen to, below...

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St. Vincent

In addition to everything else we posted, today, here's some more, and some reminders too...

Hope to see you at Pianos tonight, unless of course you're celebrating Yom Kippur which started at sundown (or under 21).

It's also National Voter Registration Day, as miss Annie Clark has so kindly reminded us above. Did you register to vote yet? We also would like to know, however, what's the deal with the Tiny Tim photo in the background?

That photo is actually part of a series orchestrated by HeadCount where over 200 celebrities, including Jeff Tweedy, were photographed with "Register to Vote" clipboards. You can see them all here.

Speaking of St. Vincent, it's David Byrne / St. Vincent Week here in NYC. Their first of three area shows together happens tonight at the Beacon Theater, as Kelly Pratt pointed out in the latest edition of his tour diary.

Neil Young has started a Twitter account and will be taking your questions via it in October. Right now, though, @NeilYoung seems to handled by a marketing intern.

Prince took a 40 minute encore break last night in Chicago.

Paper Bag Records just released the free David Bowie tribute album, Paper Bag Records vs. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars, with covers by Austra & CFCF, PS I Love You, The Luyas, Yamantaka/Sonic Titan and more. Download it for free HERE.

Speaking of Yamantaka/Sonic Titan, they performed at the Polaris Prize Gala in Toronto last night, but ended up losing to Feist.

Converge is back with "Shame In the Way" a new song from their forthcoming LP All We Love We Leave Behind. Stream that new track, coupled with an interview with vocalist Jacob Bannon in the latest Show Now Mercy at Pitchfork. Look for the LP on 10/9 via Epitaph.

Sweden's Terrible Feelings have released a new video for "Next Round's On You" from their Shadows LP. Check that out below.

Field Report visited the A.V. Club's HQ in Chicago and took on the Sufjan Stevens mainstay "Chicago" for their Undercover series. Check out the clip below.

You can also check out Thee Oh Sees' side of the new Famous Class' "LAMC" 7" series which they were selling last night at their very sweaty Death by Audio show. It's streaming below.

Main Mountain Goat John Darnielle talks (vegetarian) food - including pizza, popcorn and, yes, hummus over at FoodRepublic. He and the band will be in NYC next month.

More stuff below...

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by Andrew Sacher

DOWNLOAD: PS I Love You - "Princess Towers" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: PS I Love You - "Sentimental Dishes" (MP3)

PS I Love You at Deluna Fest 2011 (more by Dana (distortion) Yavin)
PS I Love You

Canadian duo PS I Love You are set to release their sophomore LP, Death Dreams, on May 8 via Paper Bag. The album follows their 2010 debut, Meet Me at the Muster Station, and like that album, Death Dreams is shaping up to be jam-packed with fuzzy rockers like "Priness Towers" and "Sentimental Dishes," both of which you can download above or stream below.

The band just announced that they'll be following the album's release with a tour of the US and Canada. That tour hits NYC with Army Girls onMay 25 at Mercury Lounge and May 26 at Glasslands. Tickets for the Mercury show go on sale Friday (3/30) at noon with an AmEx presale starting Wednesday (3/28) at noon. Tickets for the Glasslands show are on sale Friday (3/30). not on sale yet but check Ticketfly for updates.

Toronto duo Army Girls, who put out their debut EP called Close To The Bone (produced by Fucked Up's Ben Cook) in September,

All dates and streams below...

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photos by Toby Tenenbaum

Slim Twig / Josh Reichmann
Slim Twig
Josh Reichmann Oracle Band

"It's not just a clever name. Slim Twig is also a comically accurate description of this emerging rocker's appearance -- tall and gaunt, with a jet black pompadour, pencil-thin moustache, starched-white button-down shirt and tight black pants, the avant-crooner carries himself like Tim Burton's idea of a Nashville star. On stage, gnashing at a semi-hollow-body guitar and howling in reverb-drenched tones about snake-oil salesmen and sweaty gunmetal, Slim Twig's persona is made flesh. Even his film debut last year alongside Ellen Page in Bruce McDonald's visually compelling psychodrama The Tracey Fragments bore the charcoal shading of his stage presence." [Eye Weekly]
Canada's Paper Bag Records showcase still happened at Pianos in NYC on Tuesday night (2/24), but without the band we were most looking foward to. According to Toby, "Winter Gloves who were headlining couldn't make it past homeland security at the Canadian border and were forced to cancel. The bill was therefore pushed back and Slim Twig took to the stage at 9.30." Josh Reichmann went on after that. More pictures from the show below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Winter Gloves - Let Me Drive (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Woodhands - Dancer (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Slim Twig - Gate Hearing! (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Pow Wow! - My House. Your House. Mine (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Pow Wow! - 23 19 (MP3)

Mystery Jets
Mystery Jets

While I'm sure there are all sorts of excellent bands playing in NYC this weekend (one of which I'll get to further down), I'm going to skip ahead to two shows that I'd being going to if they weren't both happening the same night, Tuesday February 24...

Priority for me goes to The Mystery Jets who are at Bowery Ballroom. They haven't played here in a while (since September 2007) and you may remember them, if at all, as the overly weird prog rockers whose singer's father was in the band. (That would be singer Blaine Harrison's father, Henry.) Well, Mystery Jets have changed a lot since then. Henry, dropped out of the band and with him went Mystery Jets' prog-rock tendencies. With the help of producers Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur) and Erol Alkan (Late of the Pier, The Long Blondes), the band embraced the pop song fully on their second album, Twenty One, which was my #2 album of 2008. It's single, "Young Love," which features Laura Marling (who unlike MJ is playing SXSW this year), topped my Best Songs list. The great video for that song, is at the bottom of this post.

The whole album is full of actual and potential singles, and if it errs on the side of being a little too '80s at times (there's saxophone straight out of a Whitney Houston song on "Two Doors Down," and "MJ" might be a little too similar too "Don't Stand So Close to Me" for some) there is no denying the inventive arrangements and giant, stick-in-your-head hooks that are all over Twenty One. (I wrote a lot more about the album over on my blog last year if you care to read it.) It is a mystery (sorry) to me that it hasn't been released in the U.S., but one can guess that this show (and the one they played in L.A. earlier this week) mean they're trying to rectify this. The band just signed to Rough Trade who are re-releasing Twenty One overseas. Hopefully that will happen here too. Tickets are still available for the NYC show.

Winter Gloves
Winter Gloves

If I wasn't going to see Mystery Jets I would definitely be at Pianos that night for the Paper Bag Records showcase. The Canadian label, home to Tokyo Police Club and The Acorn, are bringing down three of their more recent signings: Winter Gloves, the Josh Reichmann Oracle Band, and Slim Twig. I caught Winter Gloves last November at M for Montreal where they were already local favorites. Not dissimilar from Tokyo Police Club, we're talking keyboard-driven dance rock with a lot of participatory handclapping. "Let Me Drive," which you can download at the top of this post, is pretty typical of their debut album, About a Girl, which came out last year. They're very good live, and I would say it's worth the $8 just for them.

The rest of the lineup has potential, even if I'm not so familiar with the two other bands. Josh Reichmann used to front post-punkers Tangiers, but his new group is more rootsy and soulful, with a lot of saxophone going on. Fans of The Acorn will probably dig. And apparently the group includes a live dancer so that's something you don't see so much these days. Look for the debut, Crazy Power, this spring.

The third artist on the bill, Slim Twig gets compared to everyone from Jon Spencer to Genesis P. Orridge to Scott Walker to Thurston Moore, which is enough to make me want to see him. You can definitely hear those influences in his recordings, which are claustrophobic and paranoid sounding. He's got a full band when he plays live, as well as multimedia elements, so the evening very well could start off with a bang.

pow wowAnd finally, a weekend show for consideration. I don't know a whole lot about Greenpoint-via-Jersey band Pow Wow! besides what Ive gleaned from their MySpace. Basically a duo of brothers Edward and Jeff Nazareno, the two have been writing together for about three years but only began releasing music last year. And most of it is pretty catchy stuff. The band list Burt Bacharach and The Smiths as influences but their songs are in a similar, laid-back vibe to the Little Joy record. There are two songs to check out at the top of this post and if you like those, pretty much everything they've released is available to download for free from their website. Not sure how their lineup is fleshed out live, but Pow Wow! are playing a bunch of NYC-area shows, the first of which is this Saturday (2/21) at The Annex.

Tour dates, flyers, pictures and videos after the jump...

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by Bill Pearis


The second night of M for Montreal was easily the best of the fest, with no bands I didn't like and three or four who were pretty incredible. Like the previous night, we were herded between the two performance rooms at Juste Pour Rire which is normally a comedy club, (Just for Laughs is the translation if you're French is like mine) but actually had great sound and lighting.

Judging by audience reaction alone, of which there were many locals in attendance, Beast were the most loved of the night - kind of impressive as the band only played their first live show in March. Some have called Beast "trip rock" which sort of works - you can definitely draw comparisons to Portishead or even Moloko, but they are heavier and louder. Most of the adoration, deservedly, goes to singer Betty Bonifassi, who was the main singing voice in the movie Triplets of Belleville, and who has one of Those Voices (Shirley Bassey comes to mind) - smoky, world-wear, yet powerful, enough to cause the hair on the back of your neck to stand at attention.

I also really liked Arkells who are from Hamilton, Ontario and who sounded to me like '80s heartland rock - both the Bruce Springsteen / Bob Seeger, and Replacements / Soul Asylum varieties. No pretension, just ridiculously catchy songs - I've been singing the chorus of their song "John Lennon" in my head ever since Friday.

Also on the bill: Chinatown, who were sort of a melding of The Strokes and traditional French pop with very catchy songs (in French); The night featured two new signings to Paper Bag Records (home of Tokyo Police Club and The Acorn), Winter Gloves and Woodhands. Montreal's Winter Gloves play keyboard-oriented indie rock a la TPC or Passion Pit and were definitely local favorites. Toronto keyboard-drums duo, Woodhands, were the only band to feature a laser show and were there to make you dance. You may have caught them when they played Studio B in Brooklyn with Crystal Castles.


The night's "official selection" ended with CLAASS, which is two-thirds of We Are Wolves plus a DJ friend on keyboards, have loads of style -- dressing like they were in a '40s noir film and shrouded in smoke machines. They pump out the kind of dance music I haven't heard since the heyday of Wax Trax! It's pastiche, but they do it well and I have a soft spot for this kind of stuff.

Next came the after-party which was free and open to the public. The place immediately flooded with kids, there to see Misteur Valaire, who I'd never heard of before, but are obviously massively popular in Montreal. Shout Out Out Out Out are the easiest comparison, but it's more musically varied (they're all trained jazz musicians apparently), more of a seamless dance party. Their album, which is available for free on their website, sounds more like the kind of club music you'd hear in Asian-fusion restaurants (but better) and absolutely does not do justice to their amazing live show. Hopefully they'll be bringing it across the border soon.

More pictures below...

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by BrooklynVegan Mike

DOWNLOAD: Woodhands - I Wasn't Made For Fighting (MP3)


Woodhands are a keytar and drums electro-pop duo that have been making waves in Canada and are poised to take their act stateside. After a series of introductory shows south of the border (including SXSW) Paper Bag Records have announced that their debut record Heart Attack will be available this fall. Their quirky, frantic sound falls firmly in the space established by label-mates Tokyo Police Club and You Say Party! We Say Die!.

Arrive early at the free show at Studio B tomorrow (June 19th). Woodhands are playing with fellow Toronto natives Crystal Castles and there will be DJ sets by Frankie Chan and Radioclit. Live video and other tour dates below...

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