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photo: Coheed & Cambria at Saint Vitus - 10/9/15 (via Sam Valorose)
Coheed and Cambria

Like many bands in the surrounding NYC-area (or even from further away than that), Nyack proggers Coheed & Cambria recently made a move to Brooklyn. Frontman Claudio Sanchez and his wife settled into an apartment in Park Slope, and he tells Team Rock that dealing with the new setting is what caused their new album The Color Before the Sun to be the band's first non-concept album:

One of the places we found ourselves was in an apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn. And coming from a country house in upstate New York, I kind of fell out of my comfort zone. I like to wake up very early, usually around five o'clock in the morning, as that's when I tend to be at my most creative.

In a country situation, in a house of our own out there in the woods, I can do that whenever I want. But in an apartment it just doesn't work out that way, and I found myself writing these songs later in the day when my neighbours were home. And I knew they could hear me because I could certainly hear them. So this sense of exposure started to leak into the execution of both the music and the lyrics.

I ended up thinking I had some sort of writer's block, because none of these songs fit into the formula that I was accustomed to with Coheed. For a second I almost thought of this record as a solo album, because I couldn't see a concept around it and a lot of things were happening in my life.

In that same interview, he mentions how the first song on the album, "Island," is centered on his new hometown:
"Island" is very much the beginning of the record. It opens with the sound of the Q Train going into Brooklyn, and that's the train that I would frequent when going in and out of Brooklyn into Manhattan. It's very much the beginning of my identity crisis when writing this record, too. I had a hard time writing songs in this new apartment - or at least I thought I did. And it's basically a song to my wife, saying that she needed to hear me and understand that it wasn't working for me. I needed to leave and get back to the country, and that's essentially what "Island" is about - just the apartment being too small, and the exposure being too much for me. When I started the song it was all on acoustic, and that was the beginning of this idea of the album being a solo effort. But we transformed it into a rocker, and the guitar at the beginning claws into the idea of distance and landscape, which I really didn't have being in that apartment. I was longing for space, and the opening guitar line is supposed to resonate that. Then the band comes in, and everything becomes tight and crunchy. Again, that's meant to be a musical representation of the chaos I was experiencing inside the space of that apartment.
Some of the first people to hear the song were actually a group of Park Slope kindergarteners. Before the record was out, Claudio performed the song on a sidewalk for the children earlier this month.

That song now has a music video, and true to its theme, it was filmed inside two different Park Slope subway stations (the 7th Ave station and Grand Army Plaza). That video premieres in this post. You can watch it below.

Update: They're playing the Theater at MSG with Glassjaw and Silver Snakes.

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Veteran Park Slope, Brooklyn rapper Pumpkinhead (real name Robert Diaz) sadly passed away this past June in a Somerville, NJ hospital (the Rock Steady Crew threw a tribute to him in Central Park in July), and now his home neighborhood is taking steps to immortalize him, and the news is positive so far.. Park Slope Stoop reports that the first hurdle is cleared to have a street in Park Slope named after the rapper...

A request to rename a street for Robert "PH" Diaz -- a rapper who also went by the name Pumpkinhead -- passed handily in a vote by the Community Board 6 Transportation/Public Safety Committee on Thursday, September 17. The vote was almost unanimous; one committee member abstained because she came late to the discussion.

The committee will now bring the request to the general CB6 meeting that involves renaming Degraw Street between 4th and 5th Avenues to Robert "PH" Diaz Way. The City Council will have final approval.

Listen to Pumpkinhead's song "Park Slope" below...

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Tea Lounge

As Gothamist, Eater and The Daily News pointed out, Park Slope's Tea Lounge is closing for good this weekend:

This is the big Union St. location across from the Park Slope Food Coop that sometimes hosts live music (though The Daily News mentions "live music at night and trivia events did little to lure customers and generate business."). Their cozier 7th Ave & 10th St. location closed in 2008 (and is now a bubble tea place).

The Daily News talked to the owner:

Jonathan Spiel, 45, is closing the Brooklyn java joint Monday after 14 years due to dwindling business caused by customers who plug away on laptops for hours without ordering anything more than a measly cup of joe.

"People take advantage of the space," Spiel said. "I'm running a business, not a community center."

Some people obviously took that the wrong way, so the Tea Lounge since tweeted, "The article in the daily news was crap. I truly appreciate all of the loyal customers."

Goodbye Tea Lounge!

Permanent Records

First Bradford Cox plays Greenwood Park and now a popular Greenpoint record store opens at 20th Street and 4th Ave. South Slope/Windsor Terrace/Sunset Park/Gowanus/Greenwood Heights/Whatever-You-Call-This-Area is getting hipper by the minute! Head over to 159 20th Street in Brooklyn (between 3rd & 4th), and welcome Permanent Records to the area (hopefully a permanent addition).

Look close though, or you might miss the spot (the above-pictured sign helps). It's not a traditional sidewalk storefront. You need to buzz to get in (#1B). They're open 11-7, 7 days a week and are within Brooklyn Works. Check out a few more pictures below...

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Moving sale
Moving sale

Today is your last chance to shop (and get a really good deal) at Permanent Records' Greenpoint location. They open in South Slope/Greenwood Heights/Windsor Terrace/Sunset Park in October.

Permanent Records

As you may remember, Greenpoint's Permanent Records lost their lease and have to be out of their current Franklin St. locale by the the end of September. The store has found a new location, they're going South (Slope that is). From their Facebook:

New digs will be housed within the swanky spaces of our equally fancy new friends, BrooklynWorks at 159, who selected us to be their only retail establishment. The new space, located at 159 20th St. in ______, -- Hmm, what IS that area called this week? South Slope? Greenwood Heights? Gowanus-lite? -- will offer up a unique and non-traditional retail experience. We hope you'll embrace its unconventionality with us.

Our Timeline:
8/25 - 9/15 - Business as usual at 181 Franklin St., regular store hours: 12-8, 7 days

9/16 - 9/30 - Transition time! We'll keep you posted as to the official last day on Franklin.

October 1 - OPEN FOR BUSINESS: 159 20th St., Brooklyn, NY 11232 (3rd & 4th Ave)

Greenpoint record buyers will have to hit the G Train to get to Permanent Records now, or maybe they'll just make do with Academy Annex, Captured Tracks, and Record Grouch. However, this is very good news for music lovers in Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Sunset Park, and South Brooklyn in general (maybe not great news for one of the last hold outs in the same area, Music Matters). We look forward to checking out the new location.

by Scab Casserole

Melody Henry serving a drink @ Lucky 13 in 2007
Lucky 13

South Slope heavy metal watering hole Lucky 13 is leaving its namesake address. Formerly located at 13th Street and Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn, the headbanger's dive is relocating to 644 Sackett Street, between 3rd and 4th Avenues, where it'll have a bar in front and a full live stage in back.

"The rent is too damn high, for one," says co-owner Melody Henry of the motives behind the move. "With the new place, we can get more space, and we move away from people. I don't want to upset neighbors anymore. At this new location, we have no one living around us."

Lucky 13

Melody promises the feel of the original bar in the front-horror movie and heavy metal paraphernalia as far as the eye can see, soft-core ninja porno on the TV-but is most excited to see bands play Lucky 13 on a real stage, in addition to even more live burlesque and pole dancing (a staple of the current location).

"When we first opened Lucky 13, I knew it was a little small to have shows, but we made it happen with what we had," says Melody. "Cerebral Bore played at Lucky 13! That was awesome, but sometimes it got a little scary, because we had guys diving off the bar. I'm really excited to have shows again. The new space used to be a five-truck garage, and we're leaving a lot of that industrial feel. Jeff [Blanchard, co-owner] bought some awesome doors that once belonged to a church, so that's going to be the front-these massive church doors. It's going to be bigger, better, more awesome, more noise."

the new space
Lucky 13

Building your bar (a second time-Jeff and Melody built the original Lucky 13 themselves in 2003) is expensive as fuck, so keep your eyes peeled for a crowdsourcing campaign to help aid Lucky 13's relocation. Big contributors will get a special place of honor at the new location: "We don't own the jukebox from the original bar," says Melody, "so we might have it that our biggest contributors get to pick a CD for the new bar's jukebox as a prize."

Stay tuned for more info as things progress. Meanwhile, go have a drink at 273 13th Street while they're still open. Read more in the Daily News, and check out more pictures and some videos below...

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Only two days left until Bar4 says goodbye forever, and now comes word that...

It's last call for beloved Park Slope dive bar Jackie's 5th Amendment. The old saloon, which has been owned and operated by the same family since the '50s, will close next month on September 14th, bartender Tony Ferrara tells us. "The owner's health is deteriorating," Ferrara explains. "It's going to be taken over by the pharmacy next door."

Jackie's, known for its cheap drinks and mini beer buckets, was beloved for being a no-frills sanctuary in a sea of all-consuming yupsterfication. (Last November, employees of the bar petitioned President Obama to allow the bar to secede from Park Slope.) "I'm just sad," Ferrara says. "We open up at 8 a.m. for people getting off the night shifts. Back when it was Costello's in the '60s my parents used to come here to drink. It's a shame to see these kind of bars leave the area, because once they're gone they're gone forever."

News of the closing [was] first reported by Brooklyn Magazine" [Gothamist]

Meanwhile, still time for one last drink at Bar 4.


South Slope bar and music venue Bar4 closes its doors forever this Thursday, August 15th. That gives you a more few days to catch a show and say your final goodbyes.

They've been celebrating all weekend by hosting the 4th annual Local Correspondents Fest, a packed schedule of bands and singer-songerwriters who have graced the stage over the years. Surprise sets so far have included a reunion by the Undisputed Heavyweights whose singer Casey Shea was also on the schedule. Maybe Furthur drummer Joe Russo and Cass McCombs or Zach Williams of Park Slope success story The Lone Bellow (they met at Dizzy's and recently headlined Prospect Park) will stop in like they have often in the past (note: we have no clue if either really will or already did). Tonight looks like this:

Monday August 12th
7:40 Andy Kirmayer
8:00 Rich Varroney
8:20 Craig Chesler
8:40 Sheryl Cohen
9:00 Jimmy Hoffman (COMEDY)
9:20 Shannon Pelcher
9:40 Matt Singer
10:00 The Bright Silence
10:20 Derek Zimmerman
10:40 pinkwing
11:00 Jeremiah Birnbaum
11:20 SkyMs
Tuesday is Bar4 open mic. Wednesday is the final Motherfuckin Bingo followed by a "dance party with some of our regular DJs from over the years". August 15 currently has nothing listed on the schedule.

Bar 4

Sad news for the South Slope:

Friends and family,

It is with great sadness that we announce that after 14 years as a neighborhood institution, music venue and beloved Slope staple, Bar 4 will be permanently closing its doors on August 15, 2013.

In 1999 President Bill Clinton's impeachment trial ended in acquittal in the Senate, a little file-sharing website called Napster was sued by the RIAA on charges of copyright infringement and a wee Canadian boy named Justin Bieber turned 5.

Oh, and Bar 4 opened its doors at the dusty end of 7th Avenue in a pre-hip Park Slope.

For a decade-and-a-half this venue has been a launching pad for musicians who have gone on to international acclaim and played host to local acts with world class talent. The neighborhood has changed, and so have we. But as one era gives way to another we must face the financial realities that have confronted so many other good, hardworking Brooklynites.

We have been a home and refuge to many and we will be eternally grateful to the wellspring of goodwill, support and love so many of you have provided over the years.

We've hosted your dance parties, queer nights, vinyl DJ's, killer comics, striving musicians (our epic open mic night is surpassed by none), lonely souls, love connections, breakups, burlesque ensembles, baby showers, Food Co-op revues, art shows, strip poker, Halloween freakouts, New Years Eve bonanzas, spontaneous weeknight drinkathons, bingo bouts, karaoke, karaoke, karaoke and did we mention our epic open mic nights?

We'll miss seeing your faces, hanging your posters in our windows, cleaning up your broken glasses, taking your forgotten umbrellas home, looking at your Instagram photos (THAT's something that wouldn't have made any sense 14 years ago), doing shots with you and telling you to keep it down for our neighbors.

The next few weeks will be one long goodbye. Come share it with us. There will be homecomings, hugs, tears, pickle backs, and lots and lots of music. Stay tuned for the specifics as we work out our calendar, but rest assured you are invited to every last minute we have.

With love,
Ted, Larry, Erin, and The Entire Bar4 Family

They survived Hurricane Sandy, but are no match for gentrification. I guess it remains to be seen if someone might take over the space and leave the stage, though that seems doubtful.

Sad to see you go Bar4.

people waiting to get in Sunday morning (via)

They really thought they were going to open today. They even announced that more tickets were being released today and that James Murphy, following in Sharon Jones's footsteps, had cancelled his performance today due to a family emergency. But the rain has won, and the second day of the 2nd GoogaMooga is now officially CANCELLED. The people pictured above waiting to get in today are probably especially upset.

Official reason: "NYC Parks Dept, Prospect Park Alliance & #Googamooga have canceled today's event in the interest of safety & prevention of damage to park."

All Sunday VIP ticket purchases will be refunded in full.

Bands and DJS that were supposed to play today included Delicate Steve, Cults, De La Soul, Kool & the Gang (instead of Sharon Jones), Nancy Whang & Pat Mahoney (instead of James Murphy), and M.A.K.U. Sound System.

Stay tuned for our pictures from Friday and Saturday, coming soon. Meanwhile watch a channel 12 video report that was filmed in the park early Saturday (it claims GoogaMooga will be back "bigger and better in 2014"), and a video of the Flaming Lips playing "You Lust" on Friday (you can hear people screaming "Vaseline, Vaseline!"), below...

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Jackie's 5th Amendment (photo via Here's Park Slope)
Jackie's 5th Amendment

That East Williamsburg petition has started a trend:

Allow the bar Jackie's 5th Amendment to secede from the neighborhood of Park Slope in Brooklyn, NY.

Due to the changing nature of the neighborhood and the fact that we are beginning to take offense when potential customers come into the bar, look around them with disdain, and leave, immediately, we the people of Jackie's 5th Amendment at 404 5th Avenue request the permission of the United States Government to peacefully secede from Park Slope and become our own neighborhood, to be tentatively known as "Brooklyn".

They only need 24,972 more signatures. Not too bad.

DNA Info points out:

Jackie's is one of the few remaining dive bars in the neighborhood, and drinkers who wander in looking for high-priced artisanal cocktails poured by "mixologists" will be disappointed. The bar's specialty is a $10 ice-filled bucket of six "ponies," or 7-ounce domestic beers.

"The neighborhood is changing," [bartender Rebecca McCarthy who started the petition] said. "People walk in and they're like, 'Oh no, not this.' We don't even have vermouth. We couldn't make martinis if we tried."

They should get in touch with the Old Carriage Inn on 7th and make it a movement!

For further reading, check out an interview with Linda the bartender at Here's Park Slope.


No more shelter at the Park Slope Amory. DNA Info reports:

The Hurricane Sandy evacuees that were staying at the Park Slope Armory YMCA have moved out of the building and it will reopen soon to YMCA members -- but officials don't know exactly when.

The last of the evacuees -- many of whom were elderly people from senior homes in the Rockaways damaged in the storm -- left on Sunday, according to City Councilman Brad Lander. One group moved back into an adult care facility, and two other groups will stay in "transitional housing" at other assisted living facilities while their buildings are repaired, Lander said in an email.

The Armory, which usually houses a YMCA branch complete with an indoor running track and spinning and yoga classes, will reopen "as soon as possible" to its members, a spokeswoman said, but she declined to speculate on an exact date.

A bit of good news at least (for the shelter residents, and the YMCA members).

Park Slope residents (or anyone) looking to still lend a helping hand can do so via Congregation Beth Elohim who have been posting sign up sheets with jobs ranging from "Food Preparation in the CBE Kitchen" to "Volunteer for Field Work in Coney Island." If you choose the latter, just make sure to stay healthy.

As always, Occupy Sandy (who held a big benefit concert over the weekend) can also use your help.

photo via shaka_lulu
G Train

The MTA reports that "After working around the clock for days and testing systems all night, the first G trains for passengers started rolling at 8:55 am." Still no L though.

The Holland Tunnel is now also open to all traffic again.

tree down near Prospect Park on PPW - 10/30/2012

"In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which left a trail of deadly destruction, devastating power failures and extensive flooding, millions of people in the New York metropolitan region spent Tuesday assessing the damage and preparing for the possibility that it could be days or even weeks before life returned to normal.

Throughout the day on Tuesday, there were reports of daring rescue operations as people began to grasp the magnitude of the damage done by the violent winds and lashing rains that transformed the landscapes of New York City and the wider region into tableaus of destruction both stark and unprecedented..." [NYTimes]

As a quick perusal of our "hurricanes" and "Hurricane Sandy" tags will prove, we've been keeping busy this unprecedented hurricane. One glance at our "pictures" category and you'll see that we also like to post pictures taken by an assortment of BrooklynVegan photographers. Here's another post about the hurricane and some more original pictures. They continue below...

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UPDATE: The Village Halloween Parade is now cancelled too.


As mentioned earlier today, the famous, annual Village Halloween Parade seems determined to happen, but is "awaiting the Mayor's Decision...". Meanwhile, the less famous, more family oriented parade that happens in Park Slope each year (it starts right near the currently damaged Bar 4), is officially not happening...

NYPD and NYC Department of Sanitation are focusing on clean-up and safety efforts, post Hurricane Sandy. Therefore, the annual Park Slope Civic Council Halloween Parade will be cancelled this year. The parade WILL NOT be rescheduled.

Best wishes for your safety during the post storm clean-up, and we'll hope for better luck with the weather next year.

Oh well. More pictures like the above, by Chris La Putt, HERE.

UPDATE: The Village Halloween Parade is now cancelled too.

Mr Bill

And Greenpoint. Luckily for Patrick Stewart, he lives in Park Slope!.

Concerts in the Park

"A beloved New York tradition, Concerts in the Parks returns for its 47th season with five free outdoor concerts throughout the New York City boroughs, plus a free indoor concert in Staten Island. Music Director Alan Gilbert will lead the Philharmonic in concerts at Central Park and Prospect Park and conductor Andrey Boreyko will conduct concerts in Cunningham Park, Van Cortlandt Park and Central Park with violinist James Ehnes as soloist. Music under the stars with family and friends makes for a perfect summer evening. And it's free -- join us!"
The 2012 Concerts in the Parks series begins tonight (7/11) in Prospect Park - probably not at the bandshell where Dirty Projectors played last night, but right behind there in the longer field. Regardless, you can enter at the same place ("Enter at Grand Army Plaza, Prospect Park West at 9th Street or Bartel-Pritchard Circle at the intersection of Prospect Park West, Prospect Park Southwest and 15th Street."). Thursday is Queens, Friday and Monday are Central Park. Full schedule below...

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Southpaw, July 2009 (more)

And, it's true:

"A long-standing Park Slope concert hall will close and become a tutoring school now that the hood caters more to kiddies than roadies, owners say.

Southpaw -- the legendary music venue that hosted the likes of Patti Smith and Joan Jett -- will close on Fifth Avenue and Sterling Place by the end of February, according to co-owner and music guru Mikey Palms.

"I'm kind of over Park Slope -- it's not a destination for nightlife anymore," said Palms, who also owns Public Assembly NYC in Williamsburg. "It's time to go."

He said a firm called New York City Kids will soon replace the grocery store-sized house of music, offering academic tutoring and rock climbing for tots." [Brooklyn Paper]

PREVIOUSLY: Southpaw closing in February?

Southpaw in 2010 (more by BBG)

According to many with connections to the Park Slope club (some who emailed me and some who are tweeting), Southpaw is closing on February 20 (possibly because "The venue's been sold."). The 5th Avenue Brooklyn venue was getting ready to celebrate their 10th anniversary in a big way too, which would make this news, if confirmed, even sadder.

Home of The Rub, Nuclear Family, numerous soul shows, many hip hop ones (like the upcoming Action Bronson/eXquire gig), and even a lot of indie rock at one time (just off the top of my head I remember seeing Sufjan Stevens, John Vanderslice, Andrew Bird, Mogwai, Davila 666, Mannequin Men, Keren Ann, Metric, Neko Case, Sondre Lerche, Bob Log III, Sharon Jones, and Negative Approach there), Southpaw has been a great piece of the NYC music scene for almost a decade. Unfortunately, possibly due to the increasing popularity and number of Williamsburg venues, and newer competition from Union Hall and the Bell House (not to mention Littlefield), shows have been somewhat less frequent there in the past few years (especially notable indie rock ones).

Stay tuned for more info, and an official confirmation (one way or another). Meanwhile check out their schedule (which at the moment has four shows on it past 2/20).

Royale, RIP

I honestly didn't even realize Brooklyn bar/club Royale closed. Their website is still up even, but a new business is already planning on opening open in the space located at 506 5th Ave in South Park Slope. The new venue ("performance space") is called The Fifth Estate and they have a "grand opening" scheduled for October 1st (they are open already) ("it had a soft opening a month or so ago.")

A press release they just sent me can be read below...

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Rock Shop

The new Skippy-booked, Bowery-associated, Park Slope music venue is selling tickets for (two) shows on Ticketfly.

They just added a bunch more shows to Ticketfly. The current July schedule is listed below...

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Budos Band @ the 5th Ave Street Fair, 2007
Fifth Avenue Record Fair

Park Slope's annual 5th Avenue Street Fair is Sunday, May 16th. It runs from Sterling to 12th Street and starts at noon. Not your typical corn dog and lemonade street fair (though they do have that stuff), the Brooklyn event features multiple stages of live music including two hosted by Southpaw which is also home to the day's Punk & Underground Record Fair (10am-6pm, $5 entry). Southpaw's stages, assuming it doesn't rain, will be in front of Southpaw, and at the Gate (5th Ave & 3rd St). If it rains, music moves inside Southpaw where the record fair will also be taking place.

While on Fifth Ave, you can also stop by Union Hall (season finale of tearing the veil of maya at 7 / indie rock all stars cover tusk by fleetwood mac at 9), and walk a block down to 4th Ave to check out new venue Rock Shop.

Flyers and music lineups (which aren't 100% consistent with the flyers) below...

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The Rock Shop
The Rock Shop

"[Today], Michael Winsch of the Bowery Ballroom will give the bi-level space that once housed Cattyshack a butch makeover. He's teaming up with Brian Harkenrider (a former Bowery manager) to open what you might or might not consider a sports bar -- "we're not necessarily going to call ourselves a sports bar," says Harkenrider, "but we have a bunch of flat-screens." Ten of them, to be exact. But sports won't be the only focus here: With a new stage and soundboard intact, the first floor will eventually host the sort of live bands you'd expect to see at the Bowery Ballroom's sister club, Mercury Lounge (the booker is Diane Perini, who's also responsible for the just-announced lineup of the 2010 Siren Music Festival).

Upstairs, a bar will offer nightly $3 drink specials, and Cattyshack's roof deck remains. In about a month, the Rock Shop will serve "simple bar food" (burgers, pizzas, panini, etc.) -- until then, you can score grub across the street at another newcomer, Oaxaca.

The Rock Shop, 249 Fourth Ave.; 718-230-5740"
[New York Magazine]

The above photo is via NY Magazine who have more like it. As you can sort of see in the picture, the venue is next to a tire shop on 4th Ave. Cattyshack was seen as brave for venturing past 5th Ave which is the prettier and more foot-trafficked avenue with lots of shops and restaurants. Southpaw and Union Hall are both on 5th Ave. Of course, Littlefield and The Bell House are even braver - their locations are even further in the "middle of nowhere".

"Bowery Presents" is a complicated company. Michael Winsch is one of two owners of Bowery Ballroom and Mercury Lounge which are part of Bowery Presents. The Rock Shop will not be part of Bowery Presents. How they coordinate remains to be seen. In the meantime, check out some videos taken inside the space when it was Cattyshack (RIP), below....

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Cokie the Clown

"The lead singer from the band NOFX is under fire for giving out free shots of Patron during a recent show -- shots that appeared to have been watered down ... with the punk rocker's urine.

The guy accused of pissing everybody off -- Fat Mike -- put on a solo performance as his alter-ego "Cokie the Clown" at last week's South by Southwest festival in Austin ... covered by punk news website DyingScene.com.

Mike began the show by passing out the shots to fans and even downed a couple himself. But after a bizarre half hour in which Mike described his friend hanging himself, smothering his dying mother to death and milking a fan, Mike decided to show the crowd a very, very disturbing video.

The video appears to begin just moments before Mike took the stage and shows the singer urinating into a bottle of tequila ... and then serving it to the audience. The video did not appear edited.

So far, cops are not investigating the situation, but when we called the Austin Health Department to ask if they had taken any action, they told us they were unaware of the incident ... but would be looking into it.

Fat Mike told TMZ, "I confirmed that urine was not classified as a biohazard waste and not subject to the risks of legal ramifications of blood, semen, or feces." [TMZ]

The show took place at Emo's (who reportedly have banned Mike from ever coming back) on Saturday, March 20th (it was the Fat Wreck Chords showcase - 3 days after the BV show at the same place). Check out the TMZ-uploaded video of the incident, and information about the new restaurant Fat Mike is co-opening (yum?) in Park Slope, below....

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