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Patrick Wolf at Highline Ballroom in 2009 (more by Leia Jospe)
Patrick Wolf

In honor of Patrick Wolf's 10th year as a recording artist, he'll release a double album of re-recordings of songs from throughout his career called Sundark & Riverlight, due out September 25 via Bloody Chamber Music/Essential Music. After years of adding electronics and other instruments to his sound, the new album will be Patrick's first totally acoustic album and was recorded on analog tape.

Patrick Wolf will support the album with an international acoustic tour that brings him to some pretty intimate venues. He'll come to NYC for shows at Joe's Pub on September 20 and 21 with Woodpigeon supporting the 9/20 date and Mice Parade on 9/21. Tickets for both of those shows are on sale now.

A list of all dates and a video are below.

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POP Montreal

POP Montreal is returning to Montreal this year from September 19 - 23. The initial lineup was revealed and it includes Grizzly Bear, Gang Gang Dance, David Byrne, Tim Hecker, Julia Holter, I Break Horses, Hot Snakes, Dirty Three, Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, Cate Le Bon, Bertrand Burgulat (!), and more. The full initial lineup is listed below and many more announcements to come. Early Bird tickets are on sale until June 30, when regular sale begins.

Meanwhile, Montreal will be getting the Ohsheaga Festival even sooner.

Initial POP Montreal lineup below...

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Lily Allen @ Roseland Ballroom (more by Natasha Ryan)
Lily Allen

"I havent written on here for a while but I've taken the time to write this as I think music piracy is having a dangerous effect on British music, but some really rich and successful artists like Nick Mason from Pink Floyd and Ed O'Brien from Radiohead don't seem to think so. Last week in an article in the Times these guys from huge bands said file sharing music is fine. It probably is fine for them. They do sell-out arena tours and have the biggest Ferrari collections in the world. For new talent though, file sharing is a disaster as it's making it harder and harder for new acts to emerge." [Lily Allen on MySpace, September 14, 2009]
On September 20th Lily Allen started a blog called "It's Not Alright". Her first post was a letter by James Blunt that started with the line "Lily is our Leader". Other posts include a letter from Tim Rice Oxley from Keane, one from Matt Bellamy from Muse, and, ironically, a post about 50 Cent that she lifted without credit from Techdirt. She has since, sort of, apologized. There are also posts by/about Mark Ronson, The Futureheads, Patrick Wolf, and Bat For Lashes' Natasha Khan.

photos by Leia Jospe

Patrick Wolf

"Patrick was all bite last night as he lashed out on gay marriage policies, shitty microphones, feedback and one annoying dweeb in the crowd. Before he jumped into the rights anthem "Battle" he aroused the crowd with by asking a series of questions ending in "Who here wants to marry the same sex?" followed by cheers and fist pumps. Then he brought up the UK's bogus policy on not allowing public schools to discuss gay marriage, inciting the crowd further. Through The Bachelor he finally decided to call out these injustices and turn it into a song like Battle, which is a powerful heavy metal civil rights chant when done live." [Girl Props]
More pictures from last night's show below...

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The Rural Alberta Advantage show at Mercury Lounge is also the I Was a King show at Mercury Lounge. Tickets are on sale (@ noon).

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the TV On the Radio show in Prospect Park.

Fountains of Wayne added a second acoustic show at Maxwell's. Tickets for the June 29th date are on sale (@ noon). The June 26th show is sold out.

Tinted Windows (Cheap Fountains of Smashing Hansen) are playing Highline Ballroom on June 17th. Tickets are on sale.

Patrick Wolf (who just played a show at Le Poisson Rouse) is playing Highline Ballroom on June 23rd. Tickets are on sale (@ noon).

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the Jarvis Cocker show at Terminal 5.

Maximo Park is playing Webster Hall on September 21st. Tickets are on sale (@ noon).

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the Psychedelic Furs show at Wellmont Theater.

"The Germs" are playing a show with Krum Bums at Mercury Lounge on July 2nd. Tickets are on sale (@ noon).

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the Deer tick show at Bowery Ballroom.

Tickets are on salee (@ noon) for the Little Joy show at Bowery Ballroom.

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the N.A.S.A. show at Bowery Ballroom.

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the Peaches show at MHOW.

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the Maccabees show at MHOW.

Patrick Wolf

From: Patrick Wolf
Date: Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 9:03 AM
Subject: The Bachelor comes to New York...

Hi people,

Great news for those Wolf fans over in or nearby NY, now. Patrick will be showcasing his brand new album with a one-off acoustic performance at Le Poisson Rouge in New York on May 6th. This performance will give New Yorkers, or indeed anyone who fancies travelling to Manhattan from out of town, their first chance to see Patrick perform songs from his new album, The Bachelor, which will be released on June 2nd in the US.

At this first US date of 2009, Patrick will perform acoustically, playing stripped down versions of the songs from his new album that ranges across confrontational electronica to heart wrenching ballads. This will be the first time an American audience has the chance to see Patrick perform as he started out, on his own, without a band. He plans to return to the US in the summer with the full six piece outfit.

Patrick said: "I am excited to be going back to America, to play songs from my new album. And to show New York how it all started by going there on my own with only a case full of instruments for company".

As you all know, with to Patrick's new album being funded via Bandstocks, Bandstock holders are entitled to many privileges and rewards. To this end there will be a two day pre-sale for stockholders, with tickets going on general sale on Monday, April 6th.

Team Wolf x

I guess the first single, "Vulture" (a collaboration with Alec Empire), falls into the... "confrontational electronica" category. You can watch the video, featuring a half-naked, S&M-outfitted Patrick (NSFW), below...

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model Patrick Wolf & model friends
Patrick Wolf and friends

As was first announced around the Internet right before the holiday that coincided with an apartment move that has me slipping behind a little, Patrick Wolf is going on a tour of the U.S. in the Fall. Tickets are now on sale for an October 3rd show at Webster Hall.

Back in April, Patrick played inside the Virgin megastore in NYC, and speaking of slipping behind, Untucked Films and I videotaped the whole thing. Check out the video (finally), and all tour dates, below....

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"Patrick Wolf is adorable, but so are the Carleton Singing Knights when they sing 'Magic Position'." [bassnowbrdr]

Patrick Wolf - Magic Position (A CAPPELLA)

In case you were wondering, Patrick Wolf's friends in Grizzly Bear ARE opening for both of the Feist shows at Town Hall in NYC (June 11-12). Grizzly Bear are also playing with the Decemberists and Land of Talk at Summerstage on July 16th. Land of Talk are also playing Citysol on July 14th.

The Carleton Singing Knights also do Grizzly Bear and Nellie McKay. Grizzly Bear practices in Williamsburg. Videos related to all these facts below....

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"Patrick Wolf is not quitting music. Despite his recent post on a fan message board saying, 'My final concert will be this November... I am not sure whether there will be anymore public communications after that. In fact, I am pretty sure there will be none,' it turns out Wolf just plans to take a little break from the cycle of touring and promoting records." [Pitchfork]

Who are you and why are you looking at me?
Patrick Wolf @ Misshapes

As previously reported, Patrick Wolf is playing Virgin Megastore in NYC, opening for Amy Winehouse on a few dates, and no longer works with his fuct up drummer. If you've been reading the Internet the past few days, you may also already know that Patrick left an emotional message in his own message board declaring that he is quitting music. He references the incident that went on with his drummer right here at Misshapes in NYC.

.....because my drummer was causing arguments within my road family, taking sedative drugs before an important show in a city i really love, so much so he could not play the music I wrote, the songs that I have survived on in the last six years... because I had to slap him to see if he was even CONSCIOUS on stage.... the fact that the only thing that got any reaction out his corpse happened to be made of metal.. because all of this.. does this make me seem like I was on cocaine, or on some power trip? I was pissed off because this was just one more musician or businessman taking my good nature and generosity for a ride... trust me, that moment onstage was the end of a long line of bad behaviour that it would unfair to go into in public. Yes I was drunk, but It was one oclock in the morning after seven hours of interviews.....
I was there that night, took a bunch of pictures (like the one above), and am now finally posting them all (in this post).

Will Patrick every play again? Who knows. Tickets are on sale for a May 9th show at Bowery Ballroom. It's the day after Patrick plays with Amy at the Highline.

Patrick's entire letter, the rest of the pictures, the full story, and all tour dates, below.....

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DOWNLOAD: Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position (promo mix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Gossip - Ain't It the Truth (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Gossip - Standing in the Way of Control (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Amy Winehouse - You Know Im No Good (skeewiff Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Of Montreal - Suffer For Fashion (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Ghostland Observatory - Sad Sad City (MP3)

Gossip @ Knitting Factory, NYC - April 14, 2007 (CRED)
Gossip @ KF

I'm so bad - I still haven't told the story (or finished posting the pictures) of Patrick Wolf beating up his wasted drummer on stage at Misshapes two Saturdays ago (well actually, that basically IS the story). I know, I know - you hate Misshapes, but you can't argue that they're not doing OK in the booking department. Two weeks ago was Patrick, this Saturday (April 21) they have Ghostland Observatory, and last weekend they got Beth Ditto from (Columbia Records recording artist) The Gossip (who they - the Mishapes DJ's - are soon also touring with).

Ghostland Obervatory are also playing a sold out show at Bowery Ballroom in NYC tonight. (April 18). More dates at the end of this post.

Patrick Wolf just announced that he'll be playing opener on some of Amy Winehouse's upcoming North American tour dates. That's an amazing combo - hopefully the shows actually happen. The NYC show is May 9th at Highline Ballroom, but Patrick will also be here over a week earlier to perform for free at Virgin Records in Union Square. That show is April 30th. All tour dates below....

But first back to Beth....The Gossip played Knitting Factory in NYC on Saturday night (April 14), and it appears Beth stayed fully clothed at that show (see above). I can't say the same for her appearance at Misshapes later that night though. There, she DID take off her clothes (again). NSFW (don't blame me) photos (and lots more) below....

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Exhaustion kicked in last night and I literally fell asleep sitting up before I moved to my bed and missed Land of Talk @ Mercury Lounge, Parenthetical Girls @ Cake Shop, Kiiiiiii @ Cinders Gallery, and what-I-really-didn't-want-to-miss Patrick Wolf at Hiro Ballroom....

Patrick Wolf @ Hiro Ballroom, NYC - April 5, 2007 (CRED)
Patrick Wolf @ Hiro Ballroom

How was he? At least one person told me the sound sucked. Did you get a drink? How were the other shows?

Patrick Wolf plays again tonight and tomorrow.