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Beast @ CMJ 2009 (more by Chris La Putt)

Lady Gaga was nominated five times. Considering her rocket to fame over the last year, many were expecting more for her. But at least the contests are going to be really interesting: Beyoncé, [Taylor] Swift and Lady Gaga are going head to head in three of the most important categories: album, record and song of the year. Will one of them sweep, or will the lady vote be split?

One of the usual complaints about the Grammys is that it over-rewards older, established, familiar acts at the expense of newer, fresher ones. MGMT, the Brooklyn synth-rock duo, was nominated for best new artist, a big coup although not unexpected. But some of the shoulda-been names that have been circulated and Tweeted: Grizzly Bear, another acclaimed Brooklyn group; Regina Spektor, a young New York songwriter who started in the underground and has found some mainstream popularity; Diane Birch, a young soul-style singer, just the revivalist type the Grammys usually adore; and the Decemberists, an alt-folk-rock band from Portland, Ore., that released an ambitious concept album this year. [NY Times]

Neko Case, Imogen Heap, Phoenix, Silversun Pickups, David Byrne, Wilco, Death Cab for Cutie, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs are some of the other familiar names in the list of Grammy nominees this year. As Ben Sisario in the NY Times alludes, the nominations are a complete joke and predictable... but fun to look at anyway. Nobody expects Animal Collective to get picked, despite their soon-to-be status of being one of the highly rated artists of the year (and decade maybe).

One surprise (for me anyway) came this year in the video category. Montreal's Beast were nominated for "Mr. Hurricane". That video with a list of some of the other nominees, below...

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by Klaus Kinski

'Big Fan' - April 1, 2009 (AFI Dallas)
Patton Oswalt

It slowly dawned on me after mentioning Patton Oswalt's participation in the upcoming New York Comedy Festival that I was neglecting a small pile of other bits of Patton Oswalt related news. To begin with, Patton is about to embark on a tour that will have him zig-zagging all over the country for the next few months. The entire schedule is below, but what you may not know is that he'll be at COMIX on August 16th. And it's only FIVE BUCKS. Yowza! He's part of a stellar line-up. Buy. Tickets. Now.

On August 25, Patton has a new live album and DVD coming out on Warner Brothers Records (no more Sub Pop?). It is entitled My Weakness is Strong! and features an hour of new material. The CD is pretty straightforward and contains the full hour long performance. The DVD, however, contains the full hour long performance as well as bonus features including some short films and more! Watch the trailer below.

I mentioned Patton's starring role in the film Big Fan a while back. Be advised that it is opening at the Angelika Film Center on August 28th. But if you're feeling antsy, you can catch the film followed by a Q&A with writer/director Robert Siegel and actor Kevin Corrigan at the 6:30pm screening on August 26th at Planet Hollywood (1540 Broadway, NYC). There's also an 8:30pm screening that night, sans Q&A.

All dates and tickets and videos below...

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by Klaus Kinski

Patton Oswalt, Johnny Depp, & Tim Burton @ Comic Con - july 23, 2009 (Anime Nut)
Patton Oswalt

"Some of the 3-D effects aren't going to look absolutely perfect," said Patton Oswalt, the comedian and voice actor who moderated a presentation of Disney's forthcoming "A Christmas Carol," "Alice in Wonderland" and "Tron: Legacy." Mr. Oswalt asked attendees not to blog about effects being "quite subpar." [NY Times]
The New York Comedy Festival isn't until November 4 - 8, but with the line-up just announced, Carnegie Hall tix available now, and ticket presales (and some on sales) starting on August 12, the time to mention it is NOW. This is the 6th installment of the festival and unlike NYC music festivals such as CMJ or Northside (festivals where you can wander the city for days on end catching hundreds of bands), the focus here is on having a few large-scale shows over the course of a few evenings. NYC is a place where you can catch cheap or free comedy with big name talent almost every evening, but sometimes it's nice to venture out of the back rooms, basements, and comedy clubs and see one or two of your faves at a fancy pants venue. The full schedule is below, but for me some of the better highlights include:
  • 11/4 - Stand Up For Heroes - a special benefit presented by NYCF and the Bob Woodruff Foundation at Town Hall
  • 11/5 - Ricky Gervais - Carnegie Hall - ON SALE NOW
  • 11/5 - Mike Birbiglia - Town Hall - Presale 8/12, On Sale 8/17
  • 11/6 - Tracy Morgan - Carnegie Hall - ON SALE NOW
  • 11/7 - Patton Oswalt - Town Hall - Presale 8/12, On Sale 8/17
Full schedule (Andy Samberg included) and ticket info below...

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by Klaus Kinski (of Klaus Kinski's Comedy Canon)

Patton Fan

Two films I've been dying to see quickly made their way in and out of our fair city this past June. Being an idiot that cannot seem to prioritize anything, I missed them both. The films I speak of are Big Fan starring Patton Oswalt and Visioneers starring Zach Galifianakis. You may recall from previous articles that Zach and Patton are among my favorite comedians of all time; thus the eagerness to see these films and the anguish at missing them. Big Fan is the directorial debut of Robert Siegel, the man wrote The Wrestler, a film that featured comedian Todd Barry (another favorite). In Big Fan, Patton plays the role of Paul.

Paul is a 35-year-old toll booth operator from Staten Island who lives and dies by his New York Giants. When he has a chance encounter with Giants linebacker Quantrell Bishop, however, things go horribly wrong and a brutal beating at the hands of his idol tests Paul's allegiance to the team. Comedian Patton Oswalt delivers a heartbreaking, layered performance in this pitch-black comedy that reveals the disturbing side of obsessive fandom.
Thankfully, word is out that Big Fan will begin showing in theaters in New York and Philadelphia August 28th, Los Angeles, D.C, Dallas and Houston theatres September 11th and then expanding! In the meantime, visit the official website for trailers and whatnot. And definitely check out Patton's diaries from when Big Fan played at Sundance back in January. Trailer below.

VisioneersHaving seen the trailer last year, I feel like Visioneers has been on my radar for a really long time. It definitely looks to be a somber, Orwellian, supremely dark comedy. The film, directed by Jared Drake, stars Galifianakis as George Washington Winsterhammerman.

George lives a comfortable yet completely uneventful life, and when he starts having dreams in which he's the first President of the United States, his doctor informs him that they could be signs of impending explosion. Later, as the dreams become more frequent and his co-workers continue to detonate, George is prompted to reevaluate his mundane existence.
It looks like that June 3 screening at the 92Y Tribeca may have been my only opportunity to see it theatrically; it comes out on DVD July 21st (using Zach's role in The Hangover to reach a broader audience) and there only seems to be independently organized screening parties scattered across the US. Trailer below.

Zach did a split 7" with Ted Leo a while back, available only via Chunklet.com and only available if you purchased another item from the Chunklet store. Now you no longer need to buy a second item in order to purchase the record. This extremely limited edition 7" is only $5 and is available on four different types of wax. Get 'em while they're hot!.

In Other News........

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DOWNLOAD: Motel Motel - Coffee (MP3)

Todd Barry in the Wrestler

today in NYC
* Les Paul @ Iridium
* Ferraby Lionheart @ Pianos
* Jimmy Eat World @ Terminal 5
* Whiplash @ UCB w/ Patton Oswalt
* It is It comedy @ Pianos w/ Todd Barry

Aziz Ansari was born today in 1983.

And a belated happy birthday to Yoko Ono who was born February 18, 1933.

If Pianos sticks to set times, you could potentially start the night with the free 8PM It is It comedy show . The lineup is Todd Barry (of The Wrestler), Chelsea Peretti, Kevin Williams, and Rob Cantrell. Then you could stick around for most of Ferraby Lionheart's set. It's his last residency show. Then you could jump in a cab and get to the UCB Theatre on 26th St. and see Leo Allen's free weekly Whiplash show. One of this week's guests is Patton Oswalt who just got done playing multiple nights at Caroline's.

As Todd told San Francisco Comedy Blog, he plays Mickey Rourke's boss at his day job. Mickey lost the Best Actor Oscar to Sean Penn at last night's Academy Awards which closed with a recorded cover of Bob Dylan by Beck. Mickey did win the Independent Spirit Award though.

Kate Winslet won best actress for The Reader. Nico Muhly composed the soundtrack to that movie.

M.I.A. did not win an Oscar.

Vicodin earrings.

Cheap Ballet tickets.

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday.

They're giving away 2 VIP tickets to the REM tribute at Carnegie Hall to the the person who uploads the best video of themselves covering R.E.M. to YouTube.

Motel Motel were added to the upcoming Phosphorescent show.

Paul Weller won a Brit Award. U2, who are streaming their new album at MySpace, performed at the ceremony. Video below..

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Morgan Murphy the pregnant Hanukkah fairy (more by Tim Griffin)
Morgan Murphy

The lineup for tonight's Whiplash show at the NYC UCB Theatre is great as usual. Leo Allen hosts Paul F. Tompkins, John Mulaney, Andrea Rosen, Jesse Popp, and LA's Morgan Murphy. If anyone knows of any other shows Morgan is playing while she's in town, please leave details in the comments.

Also coming up at UCB: The Benson Interruption on Wednesday 2/18, and A-Side / B-Side with Kurt and Kristin on Thursday.

Patton Oswalt plays six shows at Caroline's this month. Tickets are on sale at Ticketweb.

Zach Galifianakis has a few shows coming up of note. On February 19th he'll join Bobby Tisdale, Pete Holmes, Shane Mauss and Andrea Rosen for a short set at 92YTribeca. Then on March 5th he's doing a full, $40, show at NYU. On May 24th he's playing the new comedy/dance tent at the Sasquatch Music Festval in Gorge, Washington.

The venue attached to Sound Fix Records in Williamsburg is closing soon. Upcoming comedy shows there include Entertaining the Bartender w/ Jena Friedman on Tuesday 2/17, Totally J/K w/ Joe and Noah (Paul F. Tompkins, Michelle Collins, Ted Alexandro, and Paul Oddo) on Wednesday 2/18, and Big Terriffic w/ Max, Gabe and Jenny on Thursday 2/19.

Eugene Mirman recently celebrated the release of his book at the Bell House in Brooklyn. His upcoming shows include two dates with John Wesley Harding at Le Poisson Rouge.

Dave Hill appears at Village Underground on February 24th.

Commercials have started to air for Parks and Recreations, by the people who brought you the Office, coming Thursdays to NBC and starring Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, and Aziz Ansari. That commercial, and more videos, below...

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by Klaus Kinski

Max & Gabe D & friend @ MoMA - Jan 6, 2009 (by Fred Benenson) (via)

I don't get to see nearly as much comedy as I used to, but the scene is as vibrant as ever. If the mood strikes and I find myself wanting to get my yuck-on there is absolutely no shortage of one-off shows and recurring weekly shows. The Tribeca branch of the 92nd St Y has been booking some insane comedy shows recently. I caught Zach Galifianakis there a few weeks ago and was mightily impressed by the performance space and the insane, reasonably priced beer list at the bar. Sound Fix in Williamsburg has free comedy every Wednesday and Thursday. Joe Mande and Noah Garfinkle host Totally J/K every Wednesday at 9:30pm, while Max Silvestri, Gabe Liedman and Jenny Slate host Big Terriffic at 8:00pm on Thursdays. These shows fill the void left by the demise of Rififi and its staples Invite Them Up and The Greg Johnson & Larry Murphy Show by attracting big names like Zach Galifianakis, Sarah Silverman, Janeane Garofalo, Todd Barry, Eugene Mirman, and zillions more. Speaking of Greg Johnson, he's got a free show every Sunday at Pianos. And speaking of Invite Them Up, former host Bobby Tisdale now has a semi-regular, RSVP only show happening in Greenpoint called Wards of Merkin. It's usually $10 and there's usually free booze and top shelf comedians. And don't forget that the UCB Theater and The Pit have calendars bursting with options as does Comix's underground lair Ochi's. And that's just barely scratching the surface of the goings ons. Below are some shows currently on my radar...

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Lita Ford

Til Tuesday (Aimee Mann then)
Til Tuesday

Aimee Mann (now)
Aimee Mann

Twisted Sister
Twisted Sister

What do Aimee Mann and Twisted Sister have in common? They were both popular in the eighties (though maybe Twisted Sister are the only ones still living in it) and are still at it today, they both put out Christmas albums in 2006, they both played Christmas shows in 2007 (Aimee also played one in 2006), and they both are playing Christmas shows in 2008 - both of which are at Nokia Theatre in NYC in December. Twisted Sister plays two nights (tickets are on sale), and Aimee Mann plays one (she had two nights, but one was already cancelled) (tickets are also on sale).

In case the title confused you Aimee & Dee are not sharing the same bill (just the same BV post, again).

Twisted Sister is advertising two openers: ZO2 and The Dirty Pearls. Aimee Mann is saying that "This years special guests include: Nellie McKay, Grant-Lee Phillips, Morgan Murphy, Patton Oswalt and Paul F. Tompkins.", but her tour is eleven dates long and it's unclear who will be appearing at each show along the way, BUT Nokia Theatre IS listing all of those guests EXCEPT Patton. All tour dates and a whole bunch of related videos, below...

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patton Oswalt

"Indeed, I will be liveblogging the election coverage for four hours. Four fucking hours of me scanning through all the election coverage -- the three majors, MSNBC, FOX, CNN and, God help me, PBS. Why not drop by at INDECISION 2008? Would it kill you?* (*If it would literally kill you, please don't)" [Patton Oswalt]
Patton Oswalt on your computer. Diplo (live deejaying) on your (Current) TV.

For more election-related ideas on how to spend this evening, check out our own full list (and don't forget to look in the comments for even more).

Ben Stiller, Beastie Boys, Diplo, Santogold and others appear in the official Get Out and Vote video below...

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photos by Zach Dilgard, words by Black Bubblegum

Zach & BB are up at Kutscher's this weekend for the first-ever NY All Tomorrow's Parties festival...

Patton Oswalt

"I feel like David Lynch would walk into this place and say 'This is perfect! Production designer, you're fired.'"

Leave it to Patton Oswalt to say exactly what I was thinking.

"I half expect to walk by a room and see a guy getting blown by somebody in a bear suit."

Kutscher's Country Club is an odd "resort"... a decaying, frozen-in-time artifact from the 60s with shag-carpeted walls, pale pink wall paper, musty smell, and brown water showers to prove it. But let's get real, no one came to Kutscher's for the surroundings.... It was for the sights, sounds, and overall vibe and in that respect, the location for the New York version of All Tommorrow's Parties delivers in spades.


Due to more traffic traffic than I anticipated, I ended up missing both Bardo Pond and Meat Puppets, sliding into Kutscher's slightly before Tortoise hit the main stage, the Stardust Room, on Friday (Sept 19, 2008).

The Stardust Room is circular, comparable in size to NYC's Nokia Theater and also tiered, presumably for dinner-shows. It's painted black and covered in stars and while it may have passed for "class" in the age of the beehive, in 2008, Stardust feels more like a rejected set from Star Trek. Where it counts though, the sound, I was definitely impressed, and from all viewpoints.

words to be continued. more assorted photos from Friday below....

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Patton Oswalt @ the Sub Pop Festival (more by Shawn Brackbill)
Patton Oswalt

We are pleased to announce further artists for the ATP New York event. The final batch of tickets and accommodation is now available through www.atpfestival.com

The latest acts to be confirmed are...

Patton Oswalt who will be both performing and curating an evening of other comedians on Friday September 19th.

Curated by My Bloody Valentine - Brian Jonestown Massacre and Robin Guthrie plus more acts to be announced.

Curated by ATP - Lightning Bolt

We are also pleased to announce that the Criterion Collection will be working in conjunction with ATP to host the cinema at the event.

(Also, look out for the games room where you'll find Steve Albini at the card table...)

Continued below...

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words by Klaus Kinski, photos by Shawn Brackbill

Comedy @ SP20

Comedy @ SP20

Right off the bat, I want to bring something to your attention that's been making it's way around the internet recently. Back in June, comedian Patton Oswalt delivered a graduation speech at his old high school. Anyone familiar with Patton's comedy, his blogs, and his interests in life will realize rather quickly that, in addition to being one of the funniest people alive, Patton is a sharp, thoughtful individual. Anyhow, read the damn speech.

Another one of my favorite comedians is putting out an album. LA-based comedian Doug Benson will unleash his debut CD DOUG BENSON: PROFESSIONAL HUMOREDIAN on July 15th via AST Records.

Whether you know him from VH1's "Best Week Ever," NBC's "Last Comic Standing" or his documentary "Super High Me," chances are Doug Benson has made you laugh before. Now he will make you laugh again, repeatedly, with his first full-length solo comedy album, "Doug Benson: Professional Humoredian." Recorded live at the world-famous Hollywood Improv, "Professional Humoredian" catches Doug at his loosest, silliest and most hilarious. Playing to a rowdy sold-out house on 4/20, Doug tears through his set with wild abandon, delivering material on such wide-ranging topics as movies, politics, relationships, anti-drug campaigns and the miracle of modern science known as McGriddles. A perennial favorite among comedy aficionados, Doug placed sixth on Season Five of "Last Comic Standing" and was named "Stoner of the Year" by High Times Magazine in 2006. Patton Oswalt calls him "prolific ... a resin-scented miracle." One listen and you'll understand why Doug has won such acclaim: witty, charming, relentless and irrepressible, Doug Benson is a Professional Humoredian.
This CD is only 10 bucks and will be worth every penny. If you aren't familiar with Doug, I HIGHLY suggest attending The Doug Benson Interruption on August 7th at 9:30pm at the UCB Theater. The Interruption is for me the funnest, loosest comedy event on the planet. These shows ALWAYS sell out and feature line-ups so majestic and stupefying that many comedy fans fall to their knees and weep. Maybe you'll be able to buy the CD at the show.

As I write this, tickets are still available for all three Ricky Gervais shows happening at the WaMu Theater at MSG on July 14, 15, and 16. And I couldn't be more excited that Todd Barry will be the opener for the 15th and 16th shows. Todd had no problem winning over the sold out crowds at the Flight of the Conchords shows at Town Hall in May so I look forward to his domination of WaMu.

Speaking of Todd Barry, he and several other comedians were part of Sub Pop's 20th Anniversary Festival. The comedy portion of the Festival took place on Friday, July 11th The Moore Theatre and featured David Cross, Patton Oswalt, Kristen Schaal, and Eugene Mirman. I so with I was there. That's where the pictures in this post came from.

More pictures, news, vidoes and upcoming shows, below...

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by Klaus Kinski

"Playboy & Program Signed by Patton Oswalt" (that's what it says)
Patton Oswalt

If any of you have been wondering when the Comedians of Comedy will hit NYC again, I have the answer. NEVER! It was announced today (well, late last night) that Zach, Patton, Maria, and Brian (and special guests) will do their last show as a team on July 26th at the beautiful Spreckels Theater in San Diego CA. Tickets are on sale now. CoC shows were, for me, the funnest experiences of my comedy-going life. The core group is simply amazing and the friends they'd bring to the stage at each show was always awe inspiring. Obviously, the gang will probably make stops to NYC as individuals at some point in the future, but I sure am going to miss the sheer magnitude of what CoC delivered to fans across the country at each and every show. The entire farewell letter is below.

Also, I caught All Tomorrow's Parties Comedy Curator Patton Oswalt's 8:30pm show at Caroline's this past Saturday (Juen 28, 2008) and he, with the help of openers John Mulaney and Julian McCullough absolutely tore the roof off the place. Patton kicked the extremely diverse crowd's ass with huge pile of new material. It was so great. I wonder if it's only a matter of time before he has a solo show at a place like Town Hall. He should.

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by Klaus Kinski

Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn
Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn

On Friday May 9, 2008 the NYC UCB Theater has an incredible night of comedy lined up, but two shows in particular are absolutely worth seeing.

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Nick Cave @ Terminal 5, NYC - March 6, 2008 (tina gao)
Nick Cave at the Plug Awards

Nick Cave played an awesome 45-60 minute set to an appreciative crowd at Terminal 5 last night. Most people were clearly there to see Nick. The rest of the Plug Awards didn't have as much energy - really wasn't that exciting, but it wasn't that bad either.....at least I thought so.....

cave played nine songs, six from the new album. the bad seeds set was awesome. the rest of the show, like someone said earlier, was "awkward and pointless". [anonymous]
I thought it all went pretty fast for what it was. Unlike previous years, they sped right through things - no weird skits or iPod battles. In fact, maybe they sped through it too much. I got there about 20 minutes late and it was hard for me to hear what they were saying on stage a lot so I may have missed it, but I was waiting for Patton Oswalt to tell a joke all night. Instead he basically just read off cards, introduced who was next, and kept things moving along. Of course I was happy to see St. Vincent, Dizzee Rascal, Jose Gonzalez and the Forms, but their sets were only 2-3 songs long (not that I expected them to be longer).

Strangely Animal Collective beat The National for "Best Indie Album", but The National did win "Best Song" - which they were there to accept. Arcade Fire won "Best Album" (a different category than "Indie Album"). Stereogum won best blog, Pitchfork won best website for the 2nd year in a row, and Blog Radio on Sirius (that I am a part of) won "Best Specialty Radio Show" (thanks!) for the 2nd year in a row. Justice won "Best New Artist" and I think Hot Chip won best DJ album. Other awards I can remember went to Bowery Ballroom for best venue, Other Music for best store, and Coachella for best festival. I'll list them all out below when they publish a list.

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Sweeney Todd

I saw Sweeney Todd last night. I loved it. I kind of wish it was nominated for 'Best Picture', but it wasn't. "Atonement," "Juno," "Michael Clayton," "No Country for Old Men," and "There Will Be Blood." were though. I still need to see Atonement. I don't really know anything about Michael Clayton. Johnny Depp was nominted for best actor, so that's good. Ratatouille is up for best animated film - yay Patton Oswalt. All nominees below...

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There Will Be BloodIf you haven't heard yet, The Golden Globe awards were handed out last night at - due to the writer's strike - a quickly done press conference that any TV station was free to broadcast. I watched some of it on CNN which meant I got to hear all of Larry King's unintentional hilarious commentary when awards were announced ("a great movie everyone needs to see", etc). I felt tense when they were about to announce best picture. Would it be "There Will Be Blood" or "No Country For Old Men"? They were the only two I saw in that category, and the two I was misled into believing had to win. I was about to feel bad for the one that didn't win, when it was announced that neither won. "Atonement" took it instead. I need to see that - and "The Great Debaters" that Sharon Jones is in, and "American Gangster" that inspired the new Jay-Z album.

Daniel Day Lewis did win best actor though, and Javier Bardem won best supporting actor, so both NCFOM and TWBB were well-represented. "Ratatouille" starring future Plug Awards host Patton Oswalt won best cartoon, "Sweeney Todd" beat "Juno" for best musical or comedy, and Eddie Vedder won best song. Jonny Greenwood didn't win anything, which could be because they don't even seem to have a soundtrack category.

Also happened this weekend: Bjork flipped out again

David Cross @ The Plug Awards, 2007 (CRED)
David Cross at the Plug Awards

David Cross and Patton Oswalt must still agree on at least one thing: hosting the Plug Awards ceremony is OK. I say that because, David Cross hosted them last year, and Patton Oswalt will be hosting them this year. They take place at Terminal 5 in NYC on March 6th. St Vincent is playing, and so is Jose Gonzalez. More TBA.

VOTE for the winners while you still can.

The ChipmunksA couple of days ago I wrote a summary of recent back and forth between Patton Oswalt, David Cross and the public at large. In Patton's final response he explains...

I doubt you remember this, but back in March of 2006 I was in New York, and ran into you at Rififi. I was wearing a suit, and without anyone asking about it or being the least bit interested (unlike you, I am in constant, panick-y worry about what people think of me), I explained, “I just came from the premiere of Failure To Launch.
Miraculously, photographic evidence of this now infamous meeting has been uncovered....

David Cross and Patton Oswalt

THE LATEST: In true fairytale goodness, David's future self has since wrote David's present self a letter to round things out, and cool things off. It can be read in it entirity at David's site. Here's an excerpt...Ratatouille

Just don't sweat the small stuff is what I'm getting at here. Nobody really truly gives a shit about it. You're being more than a little vain if you think they do. And if they really, truly do care and you really truly care that they care, then you can drive down to Best Buy and hash it out with them in person (and don't forget to take a look at their screenplay that's almost finished. It's kind of like "Kill Bill" meets "Kill Bill Vol. 2 but waaaay radder). Also, just so you know, you and Patton will remain good friends. Although when Fox buys Pixar and makes "Alvin and The Chipmunks vs. Ratatouille - The Reckoning" things will get a little hairy for awhile. (No pun intended!!!!)

by Klaus Kinski

David Cross in The Chipmunks

So, David Cross (see what he liked in 2007) has a part in the recently released CGI/live action family movie Alvin and the Chipmunks. It didn't take long before message boards and blogs were alight with Cross fans (and people who think money grows on trees) crying 'sell out!'. Of course, this silly backlash on its own certainly didn't merit a defensive move by Cross. However, a few weeks ago, Patton Oswalt (see what he liked in 2007) published a characteristically funny and insightful myspace blog. Like most of his blogs, it was a good read and nothing within it struck me as particularly provocative, but to Cross this blog contained a stinger:

Oddly enough, both Brian Posehn and I were offered the part of Ian, the agent. We both threw the script across the room in disgust. David Cross caught it.
Oh no he di'int!

These three sentences, coupled with a pre-existing backlash, provoked a whopping 5-part response from Cross which sets out to not only counter Patton, but to also address the petty whining of legions of disappointed Cross fans. For me, no explanation was needed; a person needs work. And to be honest, I found his 5 part response to be a mega-invaluable resource for learning what Cross has been up to these days.

But wait.... Patton ain't done. Via the Onion AV Club, Patton unleashed a counter-letter in response to David's treatise. That same day, Steve Hyden at the Onion had some strong, yet not altogether off-base, words on the subject. With message boards and commenters in full throttle, it looks like the argument is far from over. Who doesn't like cyclical arguments and flogging dead horses?


Todd Barry

Todd Barry is easily one of the greatest comedians in existence. Period. On November 1, 2007 at Union Hall Todd celebrates his 20th year in comedy on the exact date he first went on stage. Also on the bill are David Cross, Sarah Vowell, Michael Showalter, Heather Lawless, Slovin and Allen, and some surprises. Or maybe just one surprise. Probably more than one. There are a hand full of tickets left online and a few will be available at the door so buy now or get to the venue EARLY (doors are at 7:30pm). All proceeds go to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

JensWhile others were bouncing from JENS Lekman to Danzig on Saturday night, I was bouncing from (Fred Armisen's) JENS Hannemann show at Sound Fix to Comedians of Comedy at Irving Plaza. Jens came out at around 8:00pm to a comfortably crowded room . His stage was flanked with two drum kits and he began with a drum solo that was a pitch perfect caricature of every instructional drum video solo I've ever seen. From there he spoke for a short time and challenged anyone who was willing, to a drum-off. Shortly after that, the wig came off and Fred was Fred which is what I hoped would eventually happen; it isn't often that Fred Armisen does an appearance like this. He covered topics such as SNL (2 years left on his contract), Trenchmouth (don't expect a reunion EVER), and TV he likes (I couldn't agree more). He even played some melodies on the piano. He was extremely funny, gracious, and a real joy to hear talk.

MAria BamfordFrom Sound Fix, I hopped on the L-Train to check out the second of two Comedians of Comedy shows at Irving Plaza. Comedians of Comedy is the one show I look forward to more than any other on the planet. And with the fear in the back of my head that this might be the last CoC tour, I enjoyed this show with maximum relish. It was one of those shows that made me feel so lucky to live in NYC as we were treated to easily the best line-up of the entire tour. The line-up included Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Maria Bamford, Eugene Mirman, David Cross, Aziz Ansari, John Mulaney, Jon Glaser and Jon Benjamin, and Heather Lawless. From start to finish, the show was absolutely rock-solid. Even when some douche-nozzle had the balls to heckle Maria Bamford, the show never lost its momentum. As a matter of fact, that heckler probably added to the show's velocity as the subsequent comedians worked destroying said heckler into their routines. Every single comedian commanded the room, but I have to say the highlight of the show was John Mulaney. Sure, I've seen all of his material before, but he is such an amazing performer that his bits are always funny to me. Come to think of it, if there's one comedian out there who needs to make a CD ASAP, it's Mulaney. Sadly, no Zach Galifianakis this time around.

More comedy & NYC show listings, below....

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Glaser, Oswalt & Posehn - Comedians of Comedy 2005
Comedians of Comedy 2005

The moment comedy fanatics across the country have been waiting for has finally arrived - The Comedians of Comedy fall tour dates are finally starting to get announced. NYC will be blessed with not one, but TWO shows at Irving Plaza that will feature Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Maria Bamford,Eugene Mirman, and SCADS of special guests. All tour dates below.....

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