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photo: Pianos Become the Teeth at Webster Hall last month (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Pianos Become the Teeth

Title Fight and Pianos Become the Teeth are both forward-thinking post-hardcore bands who share a big portion of each other's fanbases, toured together as recently as last year, and are sort of labelmates (PBTT is on Epitaph and TF is on Epitaph's sister label ANTI-). As 2015 comes to a close, both bands have given us lists of their favorite albums of the year.

Title Fight's is from bassist/vocalist Ned Russin, and it's pretty unique. It has their recent tourmate Alex G's album Beach Music, a live on KXLU set from hardcore band Fury (whose EP was on Ned's list last year), a Kelefa Sanneh article from The New Yorker, and more.

PBTT's list is from the whole band (except drummer David Haik, who didn't contribute), with each member offering up two choices and writing some commentary too.

As for their own releases, Pianos put out a 7" this year and TF released their latest full length, Hyperview. Check out both lists below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Andrew Sacher

The Menzingers / Pianos Become the Teeth / Restorations
The Menzingers
Pianos Become the Teeth

The stacked tour of The Menzingers, mewithoutYou, Pianos Become the Teeth and Restorations hit NYC at Webster Hall on Friday (11/27). It was the final date of the tour, and all the bands mentioned on stage how much they had been loving it. Pianos singer Kyle Durfey said of his band, "I think I speak for the five of us when I say we could tour with these three bands for the rest of our lives."

The venue was still gradually filling up as Restorations abruptly took the stage for their very early 6:15 set time, going right into "Separate Songs" without so much as a "hello" or anything. Each band on this bill was distinctly different from every other, and with Restorations' post-rock-infected heartland rock, they managed to occupy the exact middle ground between The Menzingers and Pianos Become the Teeth. They sounded awesome as always, with a set mostly pulled from last year's LP3 (but with a few older ones too). It was a great start to a night that just kept getting better.

Pianos Become the Teeth followed, with the most dead-serious set of the night. Kyle's sincerity is always disarming, and the band continue to be one of the most intense live bands on the post-hardcore circuit (thanks in no small part to the inhuman ability of drummer David Haik). It's not often you'll see a huge chunk of the crowd screaming their lungs out for the second band on a four-band bill, especially one who finished their set well before 8 PM, but that's exactly what happened for Pianos Become the Teeth. They're the kind of band that elicits fiercely emotional reactions from their fans at just about every show.


Next was mewithoutYou, whose career began something of a second life this year thanks to their great new album Pale Horses. They released two post-hardcore classics before the rest of the bill commercially released even one song, yet they fit in seamlessly with the other three bands. It seems entirely possible that a portion of the crowd gravitated to mewithoutYou more recently, and Pale Horses is a fine entry point to the band. They focused most heavily on that album, but if you did come hoping for older stuff you got plenty of that too. "Torches Together," "Messes of Men," "Gentlemen" and "Son of a Widow" were all played and sounded great next to the new songs. Not many bands can smoothly transition from acoustic guitars and accordions to distorted guitars and screaming, but mewithoutYou seem to pull it off effortlessly.

The Menzingers
The Menzingers

And finally it was The Menzingers. The first three bands were the more difficult/ambitious bands of the night, but The Menzingers bring total fun. Beers were flying, bodies were endlessly moving, and the crowd never stopped screaming. The band members were in great spirits too, smiling the whole time and loading their set with favorites like "Good Things," "Gates," "The Obituaries," "I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore," "In Remission," and so many more. As killer of an end to the night as you could ask for.

The tour is over, but The Menzingers will play their holiday show in Scranton with Tigers Jaw and more this December. More pictures from Webster Hall, below...

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photos by Mimi Hong, words by Andrew Sacher

PBTT / TWIABP at LPR - 8/22/2015
Pianos Become the Teeth
The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die

Former Topshelf and current Epitaph labelmates Pianos Become the Teeth and The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die wrapped up their tour together in NYC at Le Poisson Rouge (8/22) over the weekend. It was an early show, with openers Take One Car taking the stage at 6 PM for a set of their mewithoutYou/La Dispute-style post-hardcore, but even at that early hour there was a decent-sized crowd. Turnover were up next to shift the vibe towards ethereal jangly pop, which worked especially well with their light show (really everyone's light show was on point that night). Catch Turnover again on their tour with Basement.

TWIABP have an anticipated new album due out in a month, though they chose to play none of that. Instead, they put on the most gorgeous set I've ever seen them play. They have a slightly updated lineup for this tour, which includes three guitarists, a violinist, a keyboardist and more, and a total of four members sing. Like any of their shows, they're all stuffed onto a stage that's too small and you usually can't see every member at once, but what a beautiful wall of sound they make. Their post-rock climaxes and atmospheric interludes were in full force at this show, peaking with set closer "Getting Sodas" that had even more people join them on stage (members of Take One Car) for the song's group vocals.

Pianos Become the Teeth were at least as excellent, and also a massive-sounding band (though with a few less members). They opened with "Hiding" off their 2013 Touche Amore split, which may be their best song to date, but that didn't mean the set peaked early. We got most of the best songs from last year's Keep You and a few old favorites that got the mosh pits going, and the band were tremendous the whole time. As musicians, they're impossibly tight (especially that drummer!) and singer Kyle Durfey is as sincere and passionate as you could ask for. They looked like they were putting just about everything they've got into that performance, but they somehow made it look easy too. It was an amazing show.

Pianos Become the Teeth will be on the road again with The Menzingers, mewithoutYou and Restorations, which is yet another fantastic bill. That tour hits NYC on November 27 at Webster Hall. Tickets are on sale now.

More pictures from LPR, below...

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photo by Mimi Hong, words by Andrew Sacher

Pianos Become the Teeth @ Le Poisson Rouge - 8/22/2015
Pianos Become the Teeth

The Menzingers / mewithoutYou tour was already going to be a killer double bill, and this thing just turned into a killer quadruple bill. Heartland punks Restorations and gripping post-hardcore band Pianos Become the Teeth were both added.

The tour hits NYC on November 27 at Webster Hall. Tickets for that show are still available.

Pianos Become the Teeth just played NYC with TWIABP over the weekend. More on that coming soon HERE. Meanwhile, full list of tour dates and some standout tracks from all four bands, below...

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by Andrew Sacher

TWIABP Harmlessness

First a split with Rozwell Kid, then a two-song single on Topshelf, and now The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die have announced details for their sophomore LP and first for Epitaph, Harmlessness. It's due out on September 25 via their new label home (pre-order), and it features lead single "January 10, 2014," which is out now. TWIABP vocalist David Bello has this to say about the new single:

'January 10th, 2014' is a song about retaliation against predators. The character in the song, Diana, is based on the story of a woman from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico who avenged unprosecuted and largely ignored sexual assaults being committed by bus drivers on their routes. The video replaces the real life Diana with Dianic Wiccans who protect themselves using hexes and their own spirituality. The male character in the video is a predator, and therefore must be destroyed.
Sonically, TWIABP continue their streak of combining late '90s emo with mid '00s chamber pop, and those styles are both in full effect here. It's the kind of song you could easily imagine coming out on either Polyvinyl, Saddle Creek or Arts & Crafts at any point in the last decade. Watch the video (via NPR) and check out the album tracklist below. That's the artwork above.

The band's lineup is always revolving, and for this album it's David Bello - vocals, Josh Cyr - bass, Derrick Shanholtzer-Dvorak - guitar & vocals, Steven Buttery - drums, Chris Teti - guitar & trumpet, Tyler Bussey - guitar, Katie Shanholtzer-Dvorak - keyboards, vocals, and Greg Horbal - guitar (who is no longer a live member).

The band's tour with their Epitaph labelmates Pianos Become the Teeth, plus Turnover and Take One Car, hits NYC on August 22 at Le Poisson Rouge. Tickets for that show are still available.

PBTT also recently put out a video for "Ripple Water Shine" off last year's excellent Keep You. Watch that, with the list of tour dates and TWIABP video/tracklist, below...

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Government Issue

Gainesville punk bonanza The Fest has added more bands to its 2015 lineup. There's reunited hardcore legends Government Issue (who also play NYC this month), party animal Andrew WK, Ramonesy punks Mean Jeans, Gainesville vets Radon, one of Mikey Erg's many bands Hatrabbits, a solo set from KJ of Chixdiggit, emo revivalists Football etc, and more.


The lineup also includes a lineup of late '90s/early '00s Florida punks The Beltones, who played a few other reunion shows this current decade like Punk Rock Bowling 2012. To quote a 5-star Punk News review of their second and final album, 2001's Cheap Trinkets:

The Beltones possess a wide variety of influences-from rockabilly to the Pogues-and the convergance of such varying styles while maintaining a strong punk feel is no easy task. But the Beltones do it really well, and such talent recalls the brillaince of a band like the Swingin' Utters. Another reason this band stands apart from the rest is the emotional depth of the songs. I'm not going to make absurd comparisons by calling the lyrics Dickinsonian or whatever, but singer Bill McFadden is a pretty adept song writer. His lyrics of alienation, pain, lost hope are a refreshing substitute to the "beer guzzling because my girl left me so I'm gonna go to the pub and get in a fight with my bros backing me up" b.s. that is so prevalent in punk today.
Stream Cheap Trinkets, and check out the full list of Fest additions and updated lineup, below...

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by Andrew Sacher

photo by Gingerdope Photography
Milk Teeth

Pianos Become the Teeth recently announced a tour, which includes a US leg with TWIABP, Turnover and Take One Car, followed by a European run with the UK's Milk Teeth. Milk Teeth released their newest EP, Sad Sack, earlier this year via Hopeless Records. It's another entry into the '90s rock revival, taking influence from a number of bands that got airtime on MTV in the middle of that decade. (Their videos even include a riff on the MTV logo in the top right corner that spells their band name.) There's a little Smashing Pumpkins, a little Garbage, a little Hole, and for the last minute of "Melon Blade," they sound like a more polished Sonic Youth. If you dig that stuff, or other recent bands like Superheaven or Bully, you may dig Milk Teeth too.

Find out for yourself below, where you can listen to an Rdio stream of the EP and watch the videos for "Vitamins" and "No Fun," the latter of which is premiering here. Tour dates below too.

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photo: PBTT at Skate & Surf 2015 (more by Mimi Hong)

Epitaph labelmates Pianos Become the Teeth and The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die will go on a co-headlining tour this summer surrounding their appearances at Wrecking Ball fest. As if that double bill wasn't good enough, they're taking out the excellent Turnover (who we just caught in NYC) and Take One Car (who signed to Derrick from TWIABP's label Broken World).

The tour hits NYC on August 22 at Le Poisson Rouge. Tickets go on sale today (6/5) at 1 PM. All dates are listed on the tour flyer below.

TWIABP recently announced that in addition to their upcoming album on Epitaph, they have two 7"s on the way, one of which is a split with Rozwell Kid called Fourteen MInute Mile, due June 23 via Broken World. TWIABP's contribution to that split, "Chest & Shirt," is out now and can be streamed below.

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photos by Mimi Hong, words by Andrew Sacher

The Gaslight Anthem / The Front Bottoms / Cloud Nothings
Skate and Surf
Skate and Surf
Skate and Surf

After a successful day 1, the 2015 Skate & Surf Festival held its second and final day at the Asbury Park oceanfront on Sunday (5/17). While most of the exciting stuff on Saturday started later on (for me at least -- maybe Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! have fans?), Sunday kicked off in a big way with Modern Baseball taking the opening slot on the main stage (the Gameloud Stage). I had been wondering how a band who's risen as quickly as them could be put so early on the main stage, rather than getting a mid-day or evening slot on a side stage, but once Modern Baseball came on I knew the answer. Their crowd probably wouldn't fit anywhere else. The park was filled with fans who came early to see them, and it wasn't just people there to check out the hype. A majority of the crowd knew every single word.

As great a turnout as Modern Baseball had though, the band who had their crowd going off more than anyone -- even more than headliners The Gaslight Anthem -- hit that same stage a few hours later: The Front Bottoms. They're actually kinda likeminded to Modern Baseball (both bands reminded me of The Weakerthans at first) with their knacks for nasally vocals, super specific lyrics, and music with the drive of punk but cleaner guitars. It's kind of amazing to see stuff like this catch on too. Both bands have pretty indie/DIY approaches, and on a festival which still gets called a "pop punk festival," they're not exactly your typical fare. More importantly though, both bands are a hell of a lot of fun.

Over on the smaller stages, Sunday had a lot of good stuff too. There was Beach Slang, who were on the small East Stage mid-day, but played like they were headlining the festival. Not that it was a surprise. They may only have nine songs out so far, but they've been putting on shows like they're the biggest band in the world since the beginning. We of course got all those usual favorites, as well as "Ride the Wild Haze" (heard earlier this year in Brooklyn) and another new one, both presumably off their upcoming debut LP on Polyvinyl.

Unfortunately, Beach Slang's set was disrupted by a power outage due to a faulty generator which affected the adjacent East and West Stages a few more times throughout the day before they got a new generator hours later. More than one of those times was during the band who immediately followed Beach Slang, Hot Rod Circuit.

Beach Slang and Hot Rod Circuit getting some air
Skate and Surf
Skate and Surf

Hot Rod Circuit were back with their Sorry About Tomorrow/If It's Cool With You, It's Cool With Me lineup for this show and their Connecticut show a day earlier (which were their first shows since 2011 and reportedly the only two they're doing), and their set leaned most heavily on that era. They kicked off with the ripping "Radiation Suit," and you really couldn't have asked for a better opener. It's the one where their punk energy and pop hooks come together the strongest, and taking that one right into the fist-pumping "At Nature's Mercy" had the crowd amped enough to sing an entire verse a capella after the power cut out for the first time. The band picked the song back up once the power came back, but it very quickly went out again, at which point Andy Jackson got out his acoustic guitar and played "Camo," the acoustic bonus track on The Underground Is A Dying Breed. It was hard to totally make it out with all the other sounds of the festival -- including Cloud Nothings' set on the World Stage (which I unfortunately missed due to it overlapping with HRC, but we did get pictures of both) -- but a cooler experience than having us just wait around.

Once they came back, we got a few more favorites including "Stateside," "Now Or Never," "Irish Car Bomb" and "The Power of Vitamins." And even though the flow of the set was interrupted, when HRC were on, they were on. Casey Prestwood's lead guitar was flawless, which was even more amazing considering he was either jumping around or rolling on the floor for most of the set. And really the whole band sounded fantastic on every song. It's a bummer they aren't playing more shows.

A couple slots later on that stage was Small Brown Bike, another veteran band who had been silent since 2011, and who played that same CT show with Hot Rod the night earlier. Their 7:05 set was completely delayed until a new generator was brought in, not starting until closer to 8 PM. Delays aside though, when SBB got up there, they sounded great. We got stuff from all four of their albums -- "The Cannons and Tanks"," See You In Hell," "Tragically Ending," "Onward and Overboard" and plenty more. And while you did kinda get the vibe that they would've gone over better in a small venue (I was hoping their set would've looked a little more like it did at Cake Shop in 2010), SBB still gave it their all.

Pianos Become the Teeth
Skate and Surf

Other highlights that day included the grungy, headbanging Manchester Orchestra, reunited post-hardcore band Poison the Well, headlining home state heroes The Gaslight Anthem, singer/songwriter Kevin Devine and his rocking band (Kevin also joined The Front Bottoms on stage for "Twin Size Mattress"), and a highly intense set from Pianos Become the Teeth. One of the best times I've ever seen them.

Day 1 pictures HERE. Day 2 pictures continue below...

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photo: Title Fight at SXSW 2015 (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Title Fight

Gainesville punk festival The Fest returns for its 14th year from October 30 - November 1, and today they added a bunch of more bands to their lineup. Additions include Title Fight, Modern Life Is War, another reunion show from The Progress, Into It Over It, Pet Symmetry, As Friends Rust, Pianos Become the Teeth, Smoke Or Fire (playing Above the City), Bigwig, Loma Prieta, TWIABP, Cayetana, Superheaven, Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), Told Slant, War On Women, Pujol and many more. Full list of additions below.

The newly-added bands join Desaparecidos, The Menzingers, mewithoutYou, The Jazz June, Beach Slang, Iron Reagan, Modern Baseball, Lagwagon and many more.

Tickets go on sale June 1. Lineup additions below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

Pianos Become the Teeth / Loma Prieta @ Saint Vitus - 5/13/15
Pianos Become the Teeth
Loma Prieta

Pianos Become the Teeth visited NYC last year on their short release week tour promoting their excellent third album Keep You, but it wasn't until this past April that they began their first extensive tour in support of the record. That tour brought them back through NYC last night (5/13) for a sold-out show at Saint Vitus. As you know by now if you follow the band, Keep You is their first album without screaming. But it's no less intense than their earlier work, as last night's wild and passionate crowd reinforced throughout the entire set. The show was mostly the new album, but Pianos did of course work in some older ones too.

Opening the show was atmospheric rock band Gates, who also opened their last NYC show, and the crushing boundary-pushing screamo band Loma Prieta. They haven't released a new album since 2012's great I.V. on Deathwish, but they've been trying out new material on this tour so hopefully that means one is on the way.

Pianos Become the Teeth return to the NYC-area for Asbury Park's Skate & Surf festival this weekend (they're one of the ten bands we think you should see), which we're giving away tickets to.

More pictures from their Saint Vitus show, below...

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by Andrew Sacher

photo: Cloud Nothings at NYU Strawberry Fest last week (more by Mimi Hong)
Cloud Nothings

Asbury Park's Skate & Surf festival returned in 2013 after being inactive for eight years. This weekend (May 16 & 17) it's back for its third consecutive year, and the 2015 lineup is by far the best of the three. This year, there's only a few bands that we wouldn't want to see, so to narrow things down a bit, we made a list of the ten bands we're most excited to see at Skate & Surf 2015. Hopefully this will help you out if looking for some suggestions, or maybe it'll help you decide if you're on the fence about attending.

By the way, we're also giving away tickets. You can enter to win, and check our our list (in alphabetical order), below...

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Asbury Park's Skate & Surf festival is this weekend (May 16-17) with a pretty great lineup of punk, pop punk, indie rock, post-hardcore and more. There's a few conflicts (fans of both Hot Rod Circuit and Cloud Nothings have a tough choice to make), but it mostly looks like a pretty convenient schedule. Check out the full thing (including a few recently-added bands) below.

Tickets for the festival are still available, and we're giving a pair away! Enter the contest below...

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by Andrew Sacher and Bill Pearis


Record Store Day 2015 is this Saturday (4/18) and there's an almost overwhelming amount of special/exclusive product being released for it. Does the world need a vinyl pressing of The Pizza Underground demos? Should you buy the RSD repress of Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run when original copies of the album can be found in most used record stores for $10? Probably not, but there are some things of actual interest coming out for RSD15, according to BV editors Andrew Sacher and Bill Pearis who have put together a list of 15 recommended releases. You can browse that list below. What are you hoping to score tomorrow?

If you're heading out in NYC on Saturday, check out our NYC RSD guide to in-store performances, special events (and free beer). Our RSD picks in alphabetical order, with some song streams, below...

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by Andrew Sacher

photo: PBTT at BV-SXSW 2015 (more by Tim Griffin)

Pianos Become the Teeth are releasing the Close 7" this Saturday (4/18) for Record Store Day with "895" and "Dancing," two unreleased tracks from the sessions for their great 2014 album, Keep You. The band have now shared "895," which leans even more on their post-rock side than most of Keep You. The guitars are delicate and pretty, the vocals are somber, and the whole song is really worth listening to -- it's not some throwaway album outtake. Watch the video (dir. Tyler W. Davis) below, via AV Club.

The band's previously-announced tour with Loma Prieta and Gates hits NYC on May 13 at Saint Vitus. Tickets for that show are still available. The band were also recently announced for Atlanta's Wrecking Ball festival, which includes Descendents, Judge, Desaparecidos, The Get Up Kids, The Appleseed Cast and many more.

Updated list of dates and the new video, below...

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Wrecking Ball Fest

Atlanta venue The Masquerade celebrates its 25th anniversary this year with the inaugural Wrecking Ball Festival. The lineup was just announced and its loaded with punk and punk-related bands from several generations, including Descendents, Judge, Desaparecidos, The Get Up Kids, The Movielife, Title Fight, Modern Life Is War, American Nightmare, Samiam, Braid, The Appleseed Cast, Knapsack, Thrice, Glassjaw, Blacklisted, Small Brown Bike, Cave In, The Lawrence Arms, Pianos Become The Teeth, Yuck, Beach Slang, Girlpool, Frankie Cosmos and so many more. Check out the rest of this amazing lineup below.

The fest happens August 8-9, and there's also a Karaoke pre-party on August 7 with reg Hetson of Bad Religion, Derek O'Brien of Social Distortion and The Adolescents, Eric Melvin of NOFX, and Stan Lee and Edward Tater of the Dickies. Festival tickets and pre-party tickets go on sale Monday, April 6 at 10 AM.

Full lineup below...

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photos by Tim Griffin, words by Andrew Sacher

Rat Fist / Pianos Become The Teeth / Single Mothers
20150320 - BrooklynVegan Day Party - Friday - SXSW 2015
20150320 - BrooklynVegan Day Party - Friday - SXSW 2015
20150320 - BrooklynVegan Day Party - Friday - SXSW 2015

The three 2015 BrooklynVegan SXSW day parties at Red 7 continued on Friday (3/20), once again bringing a handful of bands to the venue's two stages from noon to 6 PM. This one was co-presented with Invisible Oranges.

Unfortunately, Walter Schreifels' band Vanishing Life had to cancel at the last minute due to illness, so Creepoid were moved from the outside stage to the inside stage and the show got a slightly later start. But other than that (and some rain), day 2 went off without a hitch.

Philly's Creepoid, who since ran into some legal trouble, started the day on a psychedelic note, with hazy smoke machines filling the room and their bass and their swirly logo (emblazoned on their bass drum) lit up from inside the drum. It was the perfect setting for their rocking shoegaze. After them it was Kevin Devine & the Goddamn Band. The band's currently a power trio, and while Kevin's equally (or better) known for acoustic singer/songwriter stuff, they stuck mostly to their harder material which was a great fit for the day's bill. After them was The Velvet Teen, the shapeshifting rock band who are about to release their first full length in nine years on Topshelf. They played mostly stuff off that album, and the new songs sound good: like a mix of their indie rock early years and the artier tendencies they took on later on.

Power Trip
20150320 - BrooklynVegan Day Party - Friday - SXSW 2015

After Velvet Teen, the inside stage went officially into heavy mode with Canadian punks Single Mothers. They were in beast mode as usual and got a good amount of the crowd rowdy as well, with a handful of people up front shouting along. Then came their Canadian neighbors KEN mode who have a new bassist and a new album on the way that they previewed a handful of songs from. The new stuff has them sounding a little less metallic and a little more AmRep noise rock. It sounded great. They were followed by Power Trip, who recall a handful of early thrash and crossover bands but sound way too urgent to come off as retro. Like they tend to do, they had the whole room turned into a total madhouse. Wrapping up the inside stage was United Nations, one of Geoff Rickly's current bands. Their album makes a joke out of punk rock (while also being a killer punk album), and they did the same at their show, pairing their crushing set with stage banter that sarcastically poked fun at things like McDonald's' presence at SXSW. And for one song, Geoff broke out his old mask.

Meanwhile, the outside stage began around 12:30 with Rat Fist, a trio featuring members of No Age and Pissed Jeans who played a solid set indebted to garage and early punk. They were followed by Swedish post-punks Makthaverskan, who are currently on their first US tour and were one of the bands we were very excited to finally check out. They sounded great, and their singer's excitable stage presence was fun to watch too. Then came their Run for Cover labelmates Pity Sex, whose hard-hitting shoegaze sounded as good as ever. Up next was Pianos Become the Teeth (who share a rhythm section with United Nations), who played an intense set pulling almost entirely from their newest album, the post-hardcore band's first without screaming. Then the day ended with two veterans: first Mac McCaughan of Superchunk who previewed his upcoming debut solo album, and then shoegazers Swervedriver who just put out their first album since 1998 that (perhaps thanks to bands like Pity Sex and Creepoid) doesn't sound dated at all.

20150320 - BrooklynVegan Day Party - Friday - SXSW 2015

Thanks to our sponsors Dropkloud, Esurance (who let 30 people skip the line each day) and MailChimp for helping make the party possible. If you unlocked our party playlsts on your phone with the DropKloud app, you can go listen to them now. If you're still in Austin, you can still unlock them when at Red 7 with the app installed on your phone. Thanks also to Sailor Jerry for helping keep our artists relaxed.

Pictures from Thursday HERE. Saturday coming shortly. More from Friday below...

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photo: Mew at Webster Hall in 2009 (more by Dominick Mastrangelo)

Power Trip
photo: Power Trip at BV-RBSS in 2014 (more by Ryan Muir)

The three FREE BrooklynVegan SXSW day parties at Red 7 in Austin begin TODAY (Thursday, 3/19). We're taking over both stages of the 6th & Red River venue from noon-6pm and doing it again Friday (3/20) and Saturday (3/21) too. You can RSVP for all three days. If you're in Austin, hope to see you there!

Over the course of the three days there's sets from Mew, The Pop Group, Swervedriver, Frank Turner, Ceremony, Iceage, Screaming Females, METZ, Speedy Ortiz, Power Trip, United Nations, Pianos Become the Teeth, Superchunk's Mac McCaughan, The Octopus Project, Broncho, Frog Eyes, Girlpool, Mitski, Chastity Belt, Alex G, Yumi Zouma, KEN mode, Kevin Devine, The Velvet Teen, Pity Sex, Makthaverskan and more.

Check out the flyers and set times for all three days, below...

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Pianos Become the Teeth

Baltimore atmospheric post-hardcore band Pianos Become the Teeth have a 7" planned for this year's Record Store Day (4/18) titled Close. It features "895" and "Dancing," two unreleased tracks from the sessions for their excellent 2014 album, Keep You (on Epitaph). The record will be available on white/blue/clear swirl vinyl.

Pianos have a ton of tour dates coming up, including SXSW this week where one of their shows is the free BrooklynVegan Friday day party at Red 7 with United Nations (with whom they share members), Power Trip, Swervedriver, Superchunk's Mac McCaughan, Pity Sex, and many more.

After SXSW, Pianos tour with Loma Prieta and Gates, hitting NYC on May 13 at Saint Vitus (tickets). They also play two festivals near NYC: Long Island's Spring Mixtape Fest on 3/28 (with Title Fight, Defeater and more) and Asbury Park's Skate & Surf (with Cloud Nothings, American Nightmare, Beach Slang and many more).

All dates are listed, with a video from Keep You, below...

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photo: Pity Sex at Webster Hall in 2014 (more by Mimi Hong)
Pity Sex

Ann Arbor shoegazers Pity Sex are touring this year, playing a few SXSW shows this week, hitting Europe in May, and playing a few US shows in between. Their SXSW schedule includes the free BrooklynVegan Friday party at Red 7 with Swervedriver, Superchunk's Mac McCaughan, Pianos Become the Teeth, Makthaverskan and more.

In April, Pity Sex will make their way to NYC for a free show at Brooklyn Night Bazaar on April 17. That's the same weekend as the Album Leaf show at the same venue.

The next day (4/18), PS hook up with Pianos Become the Teeth again for a Quinnipiac University show in CT. All dates (including full SXSW schedule) below...

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We're happy to announce that we're returning to Red 7 for three FREE BrooklynVegan SXSW day parties this year on the Thursday (3/19), Friday (3/20) and Saturday (3/21) of SXSW. RSVP in one spot for all three days.

We'll be taking over the 7th & Red River venue's two stages from noon-6pm each day, Thursday's lineup is HERE. Saturday's lineup will be announced soon, here's the Invisible Oranges co-presented Friday lineup!


12:30 Vanishing Life (featuring Walter Schreifels & mems of Trail of Dead)
01:15 Kevin Devine & the Goddamn Band
02:00 The Velvet Teen
02:45 Single Mothers
03:30 KEN Mode
04:15 Power Trip
05:15 United Nations (featuring Geoff Rickly)

12:00 Creepoid
12:45 Rat Fist (No Age/Pissed Jeans)
01:30 Makthaverskan
02:15 Pity Sex
03:10 Pianos Become the Teeth
04:05 Mac McCaughan (of Superchunk)
05:00 Swervedriver

Please RSVP for all three days.

The Friday inside show begins with Walter Schreifels' (of Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, Rival Schools, etc) new band with two Trail of Dead members, Vanishing Life, followed by a full-band set by long-running singer/songwriter Kevin Devine (who's in the midst of a series of splits with Nada Surf's Matthew Caws, Perfect Pussy's Meredith Graves and more). Then comes The Velvet Teen, who just announced their first LP since 2006 on Topshelf Records. After that, the inside stage gets heavier, with snotty Canadian punks Single Mothers, sludgey post-hardcore band KEN mode, crossover thrashers Power Trip, and finally the screamo band of former Thursday singer Geoff Rickly, United Nations.

Outside, the day begins with Philly shoegazers Creepoid (who have a new LP coming), followed by Rat Fist, the new-ish punk band with No Age and Pissed Jeans members. Then it's Swedish post-punks Makthaverskan, their shoegazey Run for Cover labelmates Pity Sex, and atmospheric post-hardcore band Pianos Become the Teeth (who also have members in United Nations). The day wraps up with two veterans: Superchunk frontman Mac McCaughan (who has his debut solo LP on the way) and reunited shoegazers Swervedriver.


This year we're proud to be partnering with DropKloud, a new app that is launching just in time for SXSW. Recently acquired by TuneCore, DropKloud uses GPS technology to allow people to unlock exclusive music content in specific geo-targeted locations. You'll be able to try it out at our parties at Red 7 where we'll have special content from the artists playing our shows. Once you unlock it, you can listen later. Stay tuned for more details, but meanwhile get that app on your phone via Google Play or iTunes.

Thank you also to esurance who will provide expedited access to our shows to some people who are following @Esurance on twitter each day, and to MailChimp who powers the daily BrooklynVegan newsletter you'll get on if you RSVP for our shows.

Follow @BVSXSW on Twitter for more updates all week long, and keep an eye on BrooklynVegan.com/SXSW for full lineups too..

Listen to some of the bands playing, below...

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photo: Pianos Become the Teeth at Webster Studio in 2014 (more by Mimi Hong)

Pianos Become the Teeth went on a short headlining tour last year in support of their great 2014 album Keep You, and they've now announced a much longer one. Like last time, this one will include support from Gates, as well as hardcore rippers Loma Prieta.

The tour hits NYC on May 13 at Saint Vitus, where related band United Nations played last night (3/2) (how was that?). Tickets will be on sale soon via Ticketfly. All dates are listed below.

Pianos also play two nearby festivals: Long Island's Spring Mixtape Fest on 3/28 with Title Fight, Defeater and more (tickets); and Asbury Park's Skate & Surf on 5/16 & 17 with Cloud Nothings, American Nightmare, Beach Slang and many more (tickets).

In addition to those, they also play SXSW and two other fests. Before Skate & Surf they play Cleveland's Spring Fling Festival (5/15) with The Movielife, mewithoutYou, Defeater, Iron Chic, Loma Prieta and more. Tickets are on sale. Full lineup below.

And a few days after Skate & Surf they play Michigan's Bled Fest (5/23) with Touche Amore, Modern Life Is War, The Early November, Modern Baseball, Small Brown Bike, Restorations and more. Tickets are on sale. Full lineup below.

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by Andrew Sacher

photo by Vincent Rizzotti
Soda Bomb

Long Island fuzz punks Soda Bomb have a new LP on the way titled Wanna Jam? due out April 7 via Derrick from TWIABP's label Broken World Media. We've got the premiere of the video for "Brainbuster" (shot & edited by Colin Bonilla), a catchy blast of slacker/stoner lo-fi that fans of Wavves should definitely check out. Watch, and see the album artwork and tracklist, below.

Soda Bomb have a handful of shows in their hometown area coming up too. The first is a free show this weekend at Brooklyn Night Bazaar on Friday (2/27) with Have Mercy, Banquets, Republic of Wolves and Heeney.

The next is March 25 at Shea Stadium with Free Throw, Battle Ave and Pocket Hercules. ($8 at door.)

Then a few days later they'll hit the previously-mentioned Long Island festival Spring Mixtape Fest (3/28) with Title Fight, Defeater, Pianos Become the Teeth, Bane, Superheaven and more (tickets).

They're back in Brooklyn on April 3 at Aviv with Vulture Shit, Show Me The Body, Flagland, Death Vacation, Nonsense and Huffers.

And finally, heading to Connecticut for the unfortunately sold-out Broken World Fest with label heads The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), I Kill Giants (reunion), Glocca Morra, Joie De Vivre, John Galm (ex-Snowing, Street Smart Cyclist, Slow Warm Death), Told Slant and more.

In the midst of all that, they'll be heading out on a tour with Mumblr which includes a TBA Brooklyn date on April 24. Full dates/cities schedule for that tour, with the new video and album info, below...

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Skate & Surf

Asbury Park festival Skate & Surf has expanded its lineup once again, and this thing just keeps getting better and better. Cloud Nothings, Iron Chic, Defeater, Defeater alt-country side project Alcoa, Hot Rod Circuit (first show announced for their Sorry About Tomorrow-era lineup reunion), and Thrice (first US reunion date announced) have all been added, joining a lineup of The Gaslight Anthem, American Nightmare, Manchester Orchestra, The Front Bottoms, Modern Baseball, Small Brown Bike, Beach Slang, mewithoutYou, Pianos Become the Teeth and more.

The day-by-day lineups have also been revealed, and you can check those out below. Tickets are still available.

In related news, Alcoa recently announced a tour which hits NYC on March 13 at The Studio at Webster Hall with Choir Vandals, AJ Smith and Owel. Tickets for Webster are on sale now. All dates are listed below. Defeater also play Long Island in March with Title Fight, Pianos Become the Teeth and more (tickets).

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by Andrew Sacher


Baltimore hardcore band Whenskiesaregray have a few EPs out, and they're now set to release their self-titled debut LP on March 31 via Mayfly Records. The album was produced by Mike York, guitarist of fellow Baltimore band Pianos Become the Teeth, and if you like early Pianos, you'll most likely dig this band too. We've got the premiere of the album's new single, "We Passed Each Other Quietly," which you can listen to below.

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