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photos by Chris La Putt

Dent May

Bad news, my friends. I'm down with what my doctor now believes to be the dreaded H1N1 flu virus. I was especially bummed to cancel my hometown Halloween show on Saturday, but now I'm sorry to announce the following performances w/ Fiery Furnaces and Cryptacize have been cancelled:

11/4 hoboken, nj
11/5 northampton, ma
11/6 troy, ny
11/7 toronto, on

I'll be back in full force for a special headlining show at Schuba's in Chicago on Tuesday, Nov 10th, and I'll continue on with the Furnaces and Cryptacize to finish out the tour. I can't apologize enough to you guys, and I hope to make it up to the aformentioned cities sooner than later. - Dent May

As noted by the date above (11/4), that Maxwell's show is tonight. According to the venue's website, there is no one replacing him and tickets are still on sale. Feel better Dent!

Tickets are also still on sale for the two shows the Fiery Furnaces are playing in NYC in December (MHOW with Private Income and Bowery Ballroom with opener TBA).

More picture of Dent May from the BV/BoweryPresents day party at Pianos on Saturday (10/24) during CMJ, a video of him playing in Fader's CMJ bathroom, and all tour dates, below...

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photos by Bryan Bruchman

DOWNLOAD: Freelance Whales - Ghosting (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Freelance Whales - Generator 2nd Floor (MP3)

Freelance Whales

Queens' Freelance Whales were one of the stand-out acts at this year's CMJ. The still-unsigned band played a number of shows, including the BV Pianos day party on Thursday, October 22nd, where they played a very applause-worthy, acoustic set of feel-good indie pop in the venue's upstairs to a large crowd for 1pm on a weekday. Among the many instruments they had with them: a watering can. Picture above. Another picture and some videos below.

The NY Times caught their Wednesday, October 21st set at Santos...

Freelance Whales sang anthems for the utterly diffident: "We could be friends/We have several interests in common." Quavery high lead vocals, banjo picking, march beats and the inevitable glockenspiel were elevated by crescendos that were no less effective for being so methodical, each verse thickening with countermelodies from synthesizer and guitars. Sure, Freelance Whales -- really, it's not too late for a band name change -- is glancing over its shoulder at Arcade Fire, but in song after song, twerpiness discovered its own dignity.
The band, whose self-released debut, Weathervanes, came out in September (tracks from it are above), are doing well for themselves without a label (though that probably won't be their status for long). They're set to head out on a six-week tour with Fanfarlo that starts Nov. 9th in Chicago. The tour finishes with a show at Webster Hall on December 18th. Tickets are on sale.

Before they leave, Freelance Whales will play a pre-tour, kick off show at Pianos on Friday, November 6th with Radical Sons and The Invisible (who are also playing two other NYC shows while they are here from the UK). Tickets are on sale.

The band also writes that they're going to be featured on this week's seaon finale of Bored to Death, in which "jason schwartzmann and zak galafianakis (sp?) get colonics and dodge strollers in brooklyn, as they themselves deal with their oral and anal fixations, as adult infants." Sounds interesting!

Videos from their acoustic set at Pianos, and all tour dates, are below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

Cymbals Eat Guitars

That cancelled Cymbals Eat Guitars Sound Fix Records in-store has been rescheduled for 6pm TODAY (10/29). A set of pictures from their set at the BV/BP party at Pianos on Saturday (10/24), below...

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sorry it took me so long to get a post up on this...


12:00 Moonbabies
12:45 A Classic Education
01:30 TBA Sky Larkin
02:15 Surfer Blood
03:00 Lovvers
03:45 Duchess Says
04:30 JEFF the Brotherhood

01:00 Freelance Whales
01:45 Rebecca Schiffman
02:30 Peggy Sue
03:15 Chris Denny
04:00 Holly Miranda
04:45 Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson
05:30 Alec Ounsworth (CYHSY)

14 bands. 100% FREE. At Pianos on the Lower East Side (158 Ludlow Street, New York City). Free Miller beer so get there early. Free Vitamin Water so get there early too. No badges or money necessary. See you there, and then see you in the same exact place with lots more free bands with the same free drinks on Saturday.

And in between those two, see you at Fontana's on Friday.

Moonbabies, on at noon, are making a rare appearance from their home in Sweden. This day party is in addition to their other two previously-announced CMJ shows.

You can also catch Duchess Says today (10/21) at the M For Montreal showcase at Arlene's Grocery.

More later. If I type any more this post will be even more late. Duchess Says and Rebecca Shiffman video below...

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DOWNLOAD: The Wheel - Whimper and Wail (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Surf City - Records of a Flagpole Skater (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Surf City - Kudos (MP3)

Dent May
Dent May

Sharon Van Etten
Sharon Van Etten

Cymbals Eat Guitars @ Brooklyn Bowl in August (more by Oren Loloi)
Cymbals Eat Guitars

By the time Saturday, October 24th gets here, six BrooklynVegan shows will have come and gone. The first is on Tuesday. Then there are two on Thursday (night and day), and three on Friday (day, night, and night). Finally, the seventh and final BV party of CMJ 2009 (which is not technically part of CMJ) is happening Saturday at Pianos, and the 2-stage lineup is:

DOWNSTAIRS @ Pianos on the afternoon of 10/24/2009

1:15 Surf City
2:00 The Moondoggies (Hardly Art)
2:45 Local Natives
3:30 Still Life Still
4:15 Deastro
5:00 Cymbals Eat Guitars
UPSTAIRS @ Pianos on the afternoon of 10/24/2009
1:00 Dave Godowsky
1:45 Sharon Van Etten
2:30 The Smith Westerns
3:15 Pete & The Pirates
4:00 JBM
4:45 Dent May
5:30 Nathaniel Rateliff and The Wheel
Those times are all P.M. It's an afternoon show and it's 100% free. Come hang out.

Not only is this show 100% free, there will be free Miller beer (High Life and Lite) and free Vitamin Water (first come, first served). Same free stuff at all three BrooklynVegan day parties this year (Thursday @ Pianos, Friday @ Fontana's, and Saturday @ Pianos aka this party). Flyer for this party, which was put together in conjunction with Bowery Presents who wanted the same space on the same day (Double Booked!), below.

We talked about Surf City who are from New Zealand, and a bunch about Pete & The Pirates from the UK.

For the Moondoggies, this is one of only two CMJ-time shows. Their other is the official Sub Pop / Hardly Art showcase at Mercury Lounge.

Two bands on this bill are playing two BV parties. LA's Local Natives are also in the loft. Denver's The Wheel are also Tuesday night at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Still Life Still are that band that new Arts & Crafts band that just came through town. You know Dent May from the roster of Animal Collective's label Paw Tracks.

Dave Godowsky and Sharon Van Etten are both singer-songwriters making their second appearances at BV parties in the upstairs room of Pianos. You may have caught Dave when he opened for Dave Bazan at Bowery Ballroom on Sunday night. You may remember Sharon's voice from the new Antlers record (The Antlers are another band playing the BV show at MHOW).

Ghostly International artist Deastro has a tour coming up with Max Tundra in 2010. Don't wait that long to see him.

The Smith Westerns. You remember them. JBM too. And Cymbals Eat Guitars. Maybe another band TBA (probably). I'm too tired to keep writing. Flyer below!

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Noah and the Whale

Former Noah and the Whale member, and occasional collaborator, Laura Marling, will be in NYC later this month (for CMJ).

Not long after that, the UK's Noah and the Whale be here themselves, playing a three-night run at Mercury Lounge from November 2nd through the 4th. Tickets are on sale now.

One day prior to those three shows (November 1st), The First Days Of Spring, the directorial debut of Noah And The Whale's Charlie Fink, will be screening at Pianos' Upstairs Lounge. Fink will be on hand to conduct a Q&A after the film (one of only two such events). Entry is listed by the band as first come, first served. (Just the film is also at Angels and Kings on Oct. 20th.)

The film shares a name with a Dali painting, and with Noah and the Whale's new album, which came out October 6th on Cherry Tree. Trailers for the film and tour dates (for the band and for the movie) are below...

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Japanese electronic/experimental duo/trio Rye are in NYC for a trio of shows this week. Joly caught their gig at Pianos on September 7th. His video of it is below.

If you missed it (or if you saw it), there are two more chances to catch the band. They play at Monkey Town tonight (Sept. 9th) with Luminocolor (from France) +
Dorako, and "somewhere in the park" on September 11th.

Further uptown tonight (9/9/9), Rye's Japanese brethren, the Boredoms, are playing a show at Terminal 5.

Rye video, tour dates and flyer are below...

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photos by Kurt Christensen

David Bazan

" [On Tuesday I] had the opportunity to attend an invite-only show at Pianos on Manhattan's Lower East Side. In a small room packed mostly with music journalists and other industry types, Bazan and his band blasted through a 10-song set in just under an hour, still making time for his typical practice of Q&A.

The entire set was drawn from the new record, he played almost the entire album, with the exception of "Harmless Sparks" and the addition of "Cold Beer and Cigarettes" and "How I Remember" from the "Fewer Moving Parts" EP. I have had the opportunity to see Bazan many times in concerts in a variety of venues, and I can honestly say that I've never heard him and his band sound as polished and tight as they did [Tuesday at Pianos." [Patrol Mag]

More pictures and the setlist below...

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"Did Pianos burn down last night?" - moy

Piano on fire

Pianos did not burn down, but supposedly there was a small electrical fire at the club last night/this morning and the sprinklers soaked everything so they need a day to clean up. As their official STATEMENT above says, they will be closed tonight/Friday (8/21), but plan on opening in time for Vulture Whale to hit the stage on Saturday.

"And the words sound so good sung. 'We were drunk while we were married a week and we both had us a farmer's tan, I like rock songs, hey baby baby yeah' ('What Do'). God, that's good stuff." -heartonastick

Vulture Whale

There is a gaping hole in rock music between mindless dude rock and what gets foolishly called "literate" rock, and that murky in-between can be a pretty freeing ocean to swim through. Which is exactly what Vulture Whale does. This is a band that knows that the real spectacle of rock and roll is found in playing the music with all of its unruly sound and energy. When your songs are this good, and when they clatter along pushing against their tight and brilliant structures at every turn, well then you don't need light shows or pyrotechnics. You also don't need Pynchon references or 50-cent words. [Pop Matters]
Alabama's Vulture Whale will be coming to the NYC-area for two shows this weekend: Friday, August 21st at Maxwell's with Della Valle, Neil Nathan and Elisa Girlando, and Saturday August 22nd at Pianos (their Pianos set time is 8PM).

The above review is from the group's self-titled album which came out in early 2009 on Skybucket Records. It's one of two self-titled albums the band has released.

Two videos, "Teedy" and Sugar," both of which showcase the band's bar-rock chops, are posted below with all tour dates (and tour poster), and the new album cover, but first a note from John Darnielle...

"So it is that when I heard there's a band called Vulture Whale I said to myself "self-fulfilling prophecies be damned, a band called Vulture Whale has gotta kick ass." And indeed my brethren the shit is live. They sound like Silkworm. Then after a while they sound kind of like the 3Ds a little. Mainly though there is a heavy Silkworm injection here. That is 100% OK by me. There should be more bands who sound like Silkworm and less who sound like they think they have something original to contribute to the field of Rocking Dionysiac Abandon. That shit is straight played out, man. Vulture Whale is not played out. They groove like Silkworm and I, for one, will take it."
John has his own tour and NYC shows coming up as well. Vulture Whale stuff below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

The Grates

"Australia's The Grates are set to release their sophomore album Teeth Lost, Hearts Won on September 15th via Thirty Tigers/Dew Process. The 13-song album was produced by Peter Katis (Interpol, The National) at Tarquin Studios in Connecticut and features guest appearances by Kori Gardner of Mates of State (vocals on "Milk Eyes") and Tim Fite (vocals on "Not Today"). [The] album [is a] follow up to their 2006 Interscope Records debut, Gravity Won't Get You High...

"If Teeth Lost, Hearts Won was a beast, I imagine it'd be like something from Where The Wild Things Are," lead singer and front woman Patience says. "They're big and scary, but they've also got this sensitivity, and pick up the little kid and protect him." Drummer Alana adds, "Or maybe like the griffin In Alice In Wonderland. He's like a lion and eagle together, but a really gentle creature."

The Grates played their third and final residency show at Pianos in NYC last night (July 29). Pictures from Week Two are HERE. More pictures from last night (with the setlist), along with their new album tracklist and some more dates, below...

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photos by Bao Nguyen

Sissy Wish

Sissy Wish's trip to NYC from Norway was in a bit of disarray at first, but she/they still ended up playing four shows while they were here. The final one was last night (7/25) at Union Hall. The two before that were both on Wednesday at Pianos (7/22). That's because they played their originally scheduled slot of 7pm, and then were immediately asked by the venue if they wanted to play again that same night at 11:00 (they said yes). The Grates played the same show at 10:00, their 2nd of a three-week residency at the LES club.

I missed The Grates (two weeks in a row so far), but I made it to the early Sissy Wish set. Though I didn't love about half of the songs they played - pop songs in the vein of Robyn, Lykke Li, and Annie (Tori Amos and Kate Bush get thrown around a lot too), overall they were good, with a few hits to make up for the boring ones.

"I'm not sure why Norway's Sissy Wish hasn't gotten more attention in American. Maybe it's the name, which is off-putting. "What am I doing tonight? Going to see Sissy Wish in concert." I digress. Unfortunate moniker or not, her music is really appealing, not that far off from what Lykke Li has everyone in such a tizzy. Her latest album, Beauties Never Die (nominated for a Norwegian Grammy), is dancey, but with an organic feel to it that separates it from the glitchy, Frenchy, dirty, chopped-up sounds that are so in fashion with club-fillers." [Bill Pearis]
Bill wrote that a year ago, and Sissy Wish still haven't really taken off. Their were about 20 people at Pianos - which isn't actually that bad for a 7pm set on a Wednesday (especially considering they said the shows were cancelled on their own MySpace page), but that didn't stop the two-piece band from playing like there was a large audience in front of them.

Front-woman Siri Wålberg, wearing a shirt made of actual cassette tapes (see above and below), jumped around and asked for crowd participation, and she expressed her appreciation for everyone at the show (her 'new friends'). Her Scandinavian accent and non-mastery of the English language came across as endearing all the time, though her male partner in the band (he was wearing an Atari t-shirt) wasn't that happy when she announced how happy they were to have not messed up any songs yet ("you shouldn't have said that"). He played keyboards, guitar, and computer. Strangely, an unrelated band named Sissy Clemens went on right after them (complete coincidence apparently).

How were the Grates? Sissy Wish's Beauties Never Die is out in the US on 22nd of September. More pictures from the show below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Sissy Wish - Dwts (MP3)

Sissy Wish

Norwegian electro-pop singer Sissy Wish is back in New York this week with two shows at Pianos: tonight (7/20) with Cincinnati's Slow Claw and locals Ghost Robot Ninja Bear, and on Wednesday (7/22) with The Grates. Both shows, Sissy Wish is on first. There may be a free show tomorrow as well at Bell House but that is still being sorted out.

It was almost a year ago exactly that Sissy Wish (real name Siri Ålberg) was in town. Her 2007 album, Beauties Never Die, has been available digitally since last year but is finally getting an official U.S. release on September 22. Pitchfork gave it an 8.0 in April:

The pseudonym may initially evoke images of cardigan-clad musicians strumming playground-set songs, but Ålberg's music is anything but twee and naïve. Rather, the name Sissy Wish implies a combination of playfulness and wistfulness-- two qualities in good supply on Ålberg's third full-length. Originally released in Norway in 2007 and finally getting a U.S. release this spring, Beauties Never Die balances maturity and wonder as it takes a hard left turn away from the guitar-driven rock of the first two Sissy Wish albums. Instead, Ålberg and producer Jørgen Træn toy with computers, synths, and a few live instruments to animate these 10 inventive, diverse tracks. As such, the album shares some similarities with recent efforts by fellow Scandinavian dancing queens Annie and Sally Shapiro, but it sounds as though Ålberg has arrived at this new sound not through a well-stocked record collection or a thorough knowledge of pop history (although one expects she has both), but by giving full rein to all her personality quirks and musical curiosities.
You can download her single "Dwts" at the top of this post and you can stream the whole thing at Afternoon Records' website. If you don't catch her this week, Sissy Wish will be back in the States this fall. All upcoming 2009 dates and a video after the jump...

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photos by Tim Griffin

DOWNLOAD: Oxford Collapse - Last American Virgin (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Oxford Collapse - The Boys Go Home (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Oxford Collapse - Proofreading (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Oxford Collapse - Celebrity Art Party (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Oxford Collapse - Back in Com Again (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Oxford Collapse - The Money You Have Is Maybe Too Little (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Oxford Collapse - If It Dies in Peoria Then Who The Hell Cares? (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Oxford Collapse - Grasses of Anne (MP3)

Oxford Collapse

"Hey guys,

The venue for our last show has been moved to COLLECTIVE HARDWARE, 169 Bowery. Everything else stays the same. Hope to see yinz there! -Oxford Collapse

We just realized we had this never-published set of Oxford Collapse pictures from CMJ 2008. It seems like a good time to post them... just a couple of days away from the end. Grab some songs above. Check out the rest of the pics below...

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DOWNLOAD: Japandroids - Young Hearts Spark Fire (MP3)

Japandoids @ Pianos 7/11 (cdevil)

For an hour, as the drummer David Prowse played jumpy, unflamboyant arrangements, [guitarist Brian] King was electric. He threw his lanky frame around the small stage, occasionally making his way to the microphone to sing lines in an affectionate bleat. His soft, wispy curls, when the fan hit them just right, splayed out in radial fashion. In snapshots it would have made for a regal look, the rock-star ideal.

But Mr. King, in an unstructured white blazer with the sleeves pushed up high on his forearms, was a cocksure dweeb, and what a relief that was.

"Make it as loud as you can," he told the sound engineer. "These kids need rock."

Like most of his banter, those lines could have been parodic, but they were utterly sincere, in keeping with the band's sunny gleam. [NY Times]

The above review is from Japandroids' Friday, July 10th show at Brooklyn's Cameo Gallery. They also played July 11th at Pianos (see photo above). What did you think of the shows?

The band remains on tour across North America. Like Future of the Left who also just played 2 NYC-area shows, they'll be at Siren Fest this Saturday, July 18th.

Japandroids' debut, Post-Nothing, is being re-released August 4th on Polyvinyl, the band's new home. "Young Hearts Spark Fire" from that is above.

All tour dates, with two recent video segments on the band, below...

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photos by Faith Ann-Young


L.A.-based band Princeton collaborated with with the Stephen Pelton Dance Theater at their June 5th show at Lincoln Center's Pope Auditorium. The day after that (June 6th) the band played more standard set at Pianos with The Young Republic. Pictures from that Pianos show are in this post.

Coming up, Princeton has a fall North American tour planned in support of their debut record, Cocoon of Love, set to come out September 29th on Kanine Records. That trip stretches from the end of August into September, with tour-mates that include Ice Palace, Ra Ra Riot and Maps and Atlases. In NYC, they'll play with Phil and the Osophers at a Wednesday, September 9th show at Brooklyn's Union Hall. Ticket info to come.

More pictures from Pianos and all tour dates below...

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Pianos (more by Tim Griffin)

"A bar or club isn't technically allowed to play a copy written song without first securing the appropriate licenses from the performance rights group--such as ASCAP or BMI--that represent songwriters. Enforcement has traditionally been pretty lax over the years, although every once in a while, the organizations file a lawsuit to remind venue owners that they exist. In 2007, for example, ASCAP filed suits against a handful of spots, including Jay-Z's 40/40 and Hiro at the Maritime Hotel. More recently, ASCAP and BMI slapped Cafe Wha? with a suit back in March.

This time around BMI is turning its attention to the Lower East Side and coming down on Pianos, claiming the venue caused "great and incalculable damage" for illegally playing such favorites as "Say It Ain't So" by Rivers Cuomo; the Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black"; and your fave hit from 1986, "Final Countdown"." [Cityfile]

Kuroma, Acrylics, and Suckers all have shows coming up at Pianos. So do The Grates. Japandroids play there on July 11th.

Kuroma in Prospect Park (more by Natasha Ryan)

Kuroma used to be in MGMT. Last night he opened for them in Prospect Park. Tonight (7/2) you can catch him at Pianos with Acrylics.

Suckers also opened for MGMT last night. They don't play Pianos tonight, but they do have four shows coming up there starting with one on July 9th.

photos by Tim Griffin

Roadside Graves

"Interweaving elements of The Band, John Prine, Townes Van Zandt and a dose of Bruce Springsteen, The Roadside Graves manage to produce a unique and coherent sound, pulsing with the energy of their large ensemble and anchored by the gritty and melodic vocals of lead singer John Gleason. My Son's Home is an 18-song comprehensive tour of quality American music. Deftly moving from folk, to rock, to back-porch country, the Roadside Graves have produced one of the best roots-Americana records of the past five years, hands down." [Stark Online]
The Roadside Graves played Pianos on Friday (6/26). We weren't there, but Tim did get this set of pictures from their show earlier in the month when they opened for Lucero at Maxwell's. Catch them this Friday (7/3) at Union Hall in Brooklyn. More of the Maxwell's pictures below...

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DOWNLOAD: Roadside Graves - Far and Wide (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Roadside Graves - Ruby (MP3)

Roadside Graves

The Roadside Graves. Like The Band before them, the New Jersey group pull from several different genres - country, folk, Cajun, southern gospel, and big-time rock 'n' roll - to produce something that can maybe only be called American Music. Taking a cue from fellow Jerseyite (and part-time folkie himself) Bruce Springsteen, the Graves build their songs layer by layer, adding stinging guitar lines over strummed acoustics and boozy horns with barreling piano runs until the entire seven-piece band is dancing a country waltz in perfect step...[says Aquarium Drunkard whose record label Autumn Tone Records...]
...released the band's third album, My Son's Home, on June 9th . Its CD release party is tonight (June 26th) at Pianos, where Roadside Graves will be joined by The Loom, Gunfight! and Blair. Tickets are still on sale.

Two tracks from that record, "Far and Wide" and "Ruby," are posted above.

The band, more or less NYC locals, has several upcoming NYC/Brooklyn/Jersey City shows planned. They'll also be at the Monolith Festival in Colorado this September. Tracklist, album art, and tour dates below...

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The Grates @ Mercury Lounge (more by Tim Griffin)
The Grates

Australia's The Grates visited NYC for a string of post-SXSW shows earlier this year. They're back in July for a three-week residency at Pianos. The first show will be Wednesday, July 15th. Tickets are on sale.

The Grates' last album, Teeth Lost, Hearts Won, came out in 2008 on Dew Process. "Call of the Wild" off that record is available as a free download.

All dates and a video below...

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First there were three. Then there were four. Now there are five. The Legends open for The Lemonheads at Bowery Ballroom tonight, and then head over to Pianos to play a just-added set at 11pm (6/25).

DOWNLOAD: Anni Rossi - Ecology (MP3)

Anni Rossi

Tiny Mix Tapes: Any favorite experience [at SXSW], your own sets or someone else's?

Anni Rossi: Well, there's an artist whose out on Rough Trade right now called Micachu and the Shapes. Her and I played this show together, which was pretty notable for my set too; it was on this patio at this placed called Ms. B's. Her and I played back to back one day, and her live show is awesome. We actually played with her in New York, too.

TMT: How have your influences changed or matured, specifically in classical, on strings...?

AR: Um, well, I've always loved pop music more than classical music, from when I was little. But I think that's natural. I mean, that transitional point when I really started writing music and transitioning out of classical music was when I was playing chamber music, like quartet music. I really liked Bartók and more contemporary composers. Then I discovered Laurie Anderson and Meredith Monk -- that was maybe like 5 years ago. My musical taste now has really ranged from somebody like Modest Mouse -- I really like their recordings -- and, like, Black Sabbath I've been really into lately. I generally go through phases where I'll listen to one thing over and over.

Anni Rossi plays a one-off show tonight (6/23) on the main stage at Pianos weekly Cross-Pollination series. Joining Rossi will be Pearl & the Beards and Ezra Furman & the Harpoons (who have a residency at the venue). Tickets for tonight are on sale.

The show comes in midst of Rossi's tour with Camera Obscura. As part of that, both acts will play Webster Hall on Wednesday, June 24th. Tickets are still on sale. In March, Anni opened for Camera Obscura at the much smaller Mercury Lounge.

Anni will join Micachu on some of her July tour dates leading up to Micachu's appearance at the Siren Festival in Brooklyn. Maybe Anni will add another NYC show around then too.

Anni Rossi's second LP, Rockwell, came out in March on 4AD. In April she played "West Coast" off that record live at Permanent Records in Brooklyn. The video, with all tour dates, below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

Jack Penate

"I'm not really sure how to describe what kind of music these Brits make. It's sort of like...rock disco. Frontman, Jack Penate, shakes and rattles around with confidence that I think only a UK pop performer can pull off. His British cockiness reminds me ever-so-slightly of The Libertines, but the music is so much harder to position. What is it exactly? It seems like he could almost be the male Lily Allen, writing what everyone knows are actually pretty decent songs, but are just too enjoyable to be actually, truly good. In the end, whatever it is exactly that he does, he does it very well, but I don't think I like it." [NY Rockmarket]
Jack Penate concluded his most recent NYC visit with a show at Pianos on Thursday (6/4). Opening the show was Florida's Holiday Shores. More pictures below...

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julianna barwick at cafe grumpy, greenpoint, BK (Alias Pail)
Julianna Barwick

The way that I found out about Bjork was I was 14 or something and I saw at the mall the cover of Debut and I was totally drawn to it...If you start at Bjork, you're gonna find some good things along the way, and I was definitely more into the indie side of music after that. Radiohead was huge for me too. But I've always loved like pop, too. I love Rihanna and I love Boys II Men and Mariah Carey and things like that, too. [Julianna Barwick @ 17dots]
Tonight (Wed, June 3rd) Julianna Barwick is having a CD release party at Pianos for her Florine EP, which came out at the end of April. Joining her will be local dream pop trio Twi the Humble Feather.

The show kicks off Barwick's three-week Wednesday residency at Pianos. The singer will also play the Northside Festival on June 11th at Cameo Gallery.

Twi the Humble Feather will be at Northside too, on an amazing bill with Bell, Death Vessel, Teengirl Fantasy, Arrington De Dionyso and Weekends. That show, on Saturday, June 13th, was to happen at new Williamsburg venue Berry Park, but has since been moved to Public Assembly. Berry Park is not quite ready for business yet.

And that's not the only Northside show to switch from a not-yet-opened venue. O'Death's Northside show that same day moved from Brooklyn Bowl to the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Both gigs coincide with Williamsburg Walks, which will close Bedford Avenue to traffic on select Saturdays.

Julianna Barwick's Florine EP track list and art, with all tour dates for her and Twi, below...

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