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Photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Pop Noise Release

The Journal of Popular Noise comes to Santos to celebrate their newest release! For this newest issue, the evening (Dec 15, 2008) will feature performances from
free with RSVP to first 100 who RSVP: rsvp@popularnoise.net
$10 for everyone else. Free Blood also plays a show tonight, Wednesday November 12th, @ 205. PWRFL Power was among those who performed (with Friendly Fires and others) at the BrooklynVegan day party at Pianos during CMJ. More pictures from that quirky-entertaining performance, and tour dates, below...

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photos by Leia Jospe

Friendly Fires

Thursday during CMJ (10/23) I headed over to the BrooklynVegan CMJ day party at Pianos to see Friendly Fires for a third time after seeing them at Bowery on Tuesday and popping round the corner to the Annex after Wednesday's show at Mercury. Friendly Fires were consistently awesome each time, but I think they played some different songs at Pianos making that set even more enjoyable. After they finished I hung out for a while and was able to catch Sebastien Grainger and the Mountains, who I thought were very good, despite not being an electronic/dance act. They basically rocked in a very straightforward and loud way (like lots of less than amazing bands do) but Sebastien Grainger and the Mountains were actually talented musicians, so it was good. - Showtrotta
Of all the bands who played the BV party that day, Friendly Fires definitely won "biggest draw". Based on that logic, I'd say they're sure to pack the Annex in NYC (again) on December 9th. Tickets are on sale. They also play Spaceland in LA two days earlier. More pictures from that Pianos show below...

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Photos by Kyle Dean Reinford


Phosphorescent closed out the day at the free BrooklynVegan day party at Pianos on Thursday, October 23rd. He played to a packed room upstairs right after Wye Oak who also tested that room's capacity limits. Unlike Wye Oak, Phos played played his set solo acoustic, and as always he sounded great.

Catch Phosphorescent, on tour now with full band band and opener Virgin Forest, at one of the many dates listed below. Catch Phosphorescent in Brooklyn at the Bell House on November 28th. All shows and more pictures below...

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Photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Sharon Van Etten

Those lucky enough to be upstairs at the Thursday BV party at Pianos (10/23/2008) got to hear the sweet singing voice of Sharon Van Etten. Those who missed her have plenty more chances including a November 25th show at Glasslands with Luke Temple who is playing with Deer Tick this Saturday and who played one of the 2007 BV afternoon CMJ parties in the same exact room Sharon played in this year.

More of Sharon's upcoming songs and more pictures below...

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Photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Twi the Humble Feather

Our Thursday (10/23) day party at Pianos got a late start - the upstairs anyway. That ended up being a good thing for Twi the Humble Feather whose set time switched from 12:15 pm to the usually more-desirable 2:00.

Unlike the Mercury Lounge show where they had a full choir, Twi (rhymes with eye) played this one as a trio, each of them with a guitar. To quote L Magazine,

The exclusively acoustic three-piece come across as a live-action tape-loop of sorts, their chanting falsettos bleeding through cycles of finger strumming dwindles and swells. It's part Gregorian chant, part Christmas carol and part Panda Bear's Person Pitch unplugged.
One excited patron of the Pianos shows called them otherworldly.

Your next chance to see Twi is November 11th at Music Hall of Williamsburg when they open for The Sea and Cake. Death Vessel, another artist that utilizes a high voice (though unlke Twi I think his isn't falsetto), is also on the bill. More The Sea and Cake dates HERE. More Twi pictures and tour dates below...

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words & photos by Faith-Ann Young


The Coathangers played in the den upstairs at Pianos to a jammed crowd of hipsters during the Sub Pop/Hardly Art/Suicide Squeeze CMJ night on Friday, October 24th. As previously mentioned, the Atlanta all-girl group recently started calling Suicide Squeeze their label home.

The chicks reminded me of the ultimate punk girl band- the type that subsists off of cigarettes and reverb, who smashed barbies into smithereens as kids, and that currently has a revolving group of 20 boytoys (or girls) knocking on their door at all times. Their songs were loud and frenetic- with statements that were totally non-sequitur - the way punk used to be before top 40 came along and sat its fat ass on originality. Like a stale joke, they had My Little Ponies and candles set up at the front of the stage like some sort of voodoo warning: stay away feeble ones. And the crowd went wild. The thrill lay in the fact that, though you couldn't clap, snap or swivel to even one note, (though the drunken ones tried), the music was angry, funny, sadistic, and bold. Hell, they've got lyrics about nestling in boobies and shit and other f*ed up, fun pretexts-(but if you're easily offended- don't worry-because you could't really hear what they are saying anyway.) Plus, as if to confuse you or amuse you even more, the chicks just kept revolving instruments and places and microphones like the set was musical chairs and the songs were just preludes to a switch. The ended with multi-colored confetti and riffs. The crowd? Still wild.

To sum The Coathangers up: it isn't pop, it isn't pretty, and it may not even sound good. It's tattooed punk chicks with attitude and if you don't like it, go home, they definitely don't give a damn.

More pictures below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Wye Oak

Thanks to everyone who played and attended the free BrooklynVegan party at Pianos yesterday (10/23). We're working as fast as possible (on no sleep) to get CMJ coverage up (while still attending as much of CMJ as possible), but before it's too late I wanted to highlight at least one band who played the show. That's Wye Oak. It was the Baltimore duo's first show of this CMJ and they were the surprise hit of the whole day. Friendly Fires may have had the biggest draw, but Wye Oak is probably the band on the bill that gained the most new fans (not to mention the band with the most gear, especially on the gear to member ratio) (they make good use of it though). They played the second stage upstairs (usually reserved for singer-songwriters) while Sebastien Grainger was rockin' downstairs on the main stage and, not that it's a competition, but I think Wye Oak ended their set with the bigger crowd.

Check them out if you can. They're playing three more CMJ shows including TONIGHT (Friday, October 24th) at the Bell House on a great bill that includes their Merge labelmates The Rosebuds and Ladybug Transistor, and the great NYC band Crystal Stilts AND (the recently added) DJ JENS LEKMAN (no "singing" this time though). Wye Oak are also playing the Merge Records showcase at Mercury Lounge (again with the Rosebuds) before leaving town. In November they're touring Europe with Dr. Dog. In December they're back in NYC to play the Bowery Ballroom with O'Death. More pictures and all dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Pretty & Nice - Tora Tora Tora (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Eagle Seagull - Photograph (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Twi the Humble Feather - higher than the end (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: James Jackson Toth - Nothing Hides (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: James Jackson Toth - Doreen (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Muslims - Beside Myself (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Shad - I Get Down (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Japanese Motors - Spendin Days (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Japanese Motors - Single Fins & Safety Pins (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Peasant - Exposure (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Sharon Van Etten - It's Not Like (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Sebastien Grainger - American Names (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Wye Oak - Warning (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Phosphorescent - A Picture Of Our Torn Up Praise (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Friendly Fires - Jump in the Pool (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Crystal Antlers - A Thousand Eyes (MP3)


ABOVE: You can download at least one MP3 from every artist playing the BrooklynVegan party at Pianos today (Oct 23, 2008). Which one do you like best?

Phosphorescent's video for "At Death, A Proclamation" below...

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@ Pianos in NYC, full club, Thursday, October 23, 2008, FREE

time (PM), band, stage
12:00 Pretty & Nice (downstairs)
12:15 Twi the Humble Feather (upstairs)
12:45 Eagle Seagull (downstairs)
01:00 James Jackson Toth (upstairs)
01:30 The Muslims (downstairs)
01:45 Shad (upstairs)
02:15 Japanese Motors (downstairs)
02:30 Peasant (upstairs)
03:00 Friendly Fires (downstairs)
03:15 Sharon Van Etten (upstairs)
03:45 Crystal Antlers (downstairs)
04:00 Pwrfl POWER (upstairs)
04:30 Sebastien Grainger (downstairs)
04:45 Wye Oak (upstairs)
05:30 Phosphorescent (upstairs)

I already announced the downstairs stage. That's why the upstairs artists are bolded.

Check out James Jackson Toth's video for "Doreen", below...

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DOWNLOAD: Friendly Fires - Jump in the Pool (MP3)

Friendly Fires
FRiendly Fires

@ Pianos in NYC, Main stage, Thursday, October 23, 2008, FREE

time (PM), band
12:00 Pretty & Nice (Hardly Art)
12:45 Eagle Seagull
01:30 The Muslims
02:15 Japanese Motors
03:00 Friendly Fires
03:45 Crystal Antlers
04:30 Sebastien Grainger
There is also a 2nd stage upstairs running concurrently (and slightly later) with eight more bands, also free. That lineup will be announced shortly, but you already know it contains Wye Oak, Phosphorescent, Peasant, and Pwrfl POWER (lots of p's). (21+)

Friendly Fires play their first of two NYC shows with Lykke Li tonight (Oct 20)

Check out a video of Crystal Antlers playing a show at The Yard below...

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DOWNLOAD: Sebastien Grainger - American Names (MP3)

CSS @ a BV Pianos during-CMJ show, Nov 1, 2006 (CRED)
CSS @ Pianos

BrooklynVegan is returning to Pianos on the Lower East Side of Manhattan this year for another free 2-floor day show during CMJ. The date is Thursday October 23rd. The times are noon to 5:30 PM. The initial lineup is Peasant (an encore BV Pianos performance), Pwrfl POWER, Merge Records' Wye Oak, the one and only Phosphorescent, The Muslims, Crystal Antlers, Friendly Fires, and as someone figured out, Sebastien Grainger (check out our interview with the ex-DFA1979er) (his official showcase is at Mercury Lounge). As always, this party is 100% free. Full lineup and schedule TBA very soon!

Not free: the Tuesday night BV showcase at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Also free: another BrooklynVegan day party. Announcement coming soon!

Check out Wye Oak's official video for "Please Concrete" below...

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photos by Jason Bergman

Man in Gray @ Pianos

Man in Gray gave a powerful performance at Pianos last night (June 18, 2008). It was the NYC band's second-to-last show ever, and their penchant for noise was a nice contrast to the more listener-friendly sounds of the Futureheads who came on after them. The combined show was the fifth installment of our recurring series of music and comedy shows called Rock n ROFL. Catch Man in Gray one last time tonight (June 19) at the Delancey. More pictures below....

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photos by Jason Bergman

The Futureheads @ Pianos

I didn't make it to the Bowery Ballroom show two nights ago, so last night's more intimate show at Pianos was the first time I had seen The Futureheads live in a while. I forgot how tight (and funny) they are. They played a mix of old and new songs that had a good amount of the crowd jumping up and down for the majority of their set.

Before we knew it, they were ripping through "Beginning of the Twist," arguably the best song off their latest release, This Is Not The World. The drummer, looking every bit of American Idol's David Cook, either screwed up the set intro or was, as some suggested, really drunk. His inability or unwillingness to come in at the right times became a running joke for the night. Before the final few songs of the set, he held his drum stick in the air like half-baked conductor holding an orchestra hostage. If there was more on the line, this would have been annoying. But they knew what we knew: everyone came here to have fun. If you were one of the lucky people in the door, you sure as hell weren't going to get down on the drummer for being drunk. The beer was free and the band was big. What else do you need? [32ft/second]
Thanks again to everyone for another fun Rock n ROFL show (June 18, 2008). The Futureheads said they would be back in September. More pictures below.....

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words by Klaus Kinski, photos by Bao Nguyen

Louis CK @ Pianos

As a person who gets pretty agitated when a schedule starts to fall apart before my very eyes, the fact that the Channel 101 show was running 45 minutes behind schedule had me wound pretty tight. Add to that the fact that we couldn't get The Perfect Storm's sampler working, forcing them to (rightfully) bail, and you've got a Klaus on your hands who's on the verge of frenzy. Luckily, a blown schedule and the loss of part of our line-up turned out to be really just minor bumps in what ended up being a completely off the hook night of comedy and music (May 5, 2008).

When I got to Pianos, somebody told me that a beardless Louis CK was hanging out and host Max Silvestri persuaded me to see if he'd want to do a set. He agreed on the condition that he could go on as early as possible in the show. I was beside myself with glee. However, we were plagued with delay upon delay, so much so that during Max's opening, Louis waved good-bye to me and left. I was heartbroken. But then a few minutes later he re-appeared, I gave Max the 'times-up' light, and Louis ended up doing nearly 20 minutes of completely new (to me at least) material. As already pointed out, his set really was mostly amazing. Like any comedian trying new material, some of his jokes didn't hit the mark, but even those were hilarious. Louis is beyond one of my favorites. He's almost a deity to me. The fact that he showed up to do a set was really a ridiculous honor.

continued below....

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Rehab Jasper

Jasper used to book Pianos. Now Zachary and Billy book Pianos. Zachary just opened his own new bar on Avenue A. Midway on Avenue B is now Rehab. Jasper now books at Rehab.

You might also remember Jasper as the man behind Jenyk.com.

photos by Ryan Muir

DOWNLOAD: John Vanderslice - My Old Flame (MP3)

John Vanderslice and St Vincent

If you're just joining us..... it went comedy, Bell, Takka Takka, and last, but not even close to least...John Vanderslice & violin player. Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) joined them for two unamplified songs on the floor in the crowd at the end (and then more DJ David Bruno with the perfectly timed, and JV-requested, dance party). Thanks to everyone who helped make our second Rock 'n' ROFL party a huge success. More pictures below.....

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Reggie Watts

Monday, March 31, 2008 @ Pianos

7-8: DJ David Bruno AND all the Newcastle you can drink for free

8-9: Will Franken, Larry Murphy, Kumail Nanjiani, Sean O' Connor and REGGIE WATTS

9-12: 3 bands TBA any second (I know, we're slow)

A second hour of Newcastle open bar will happen too (we're just not sure what time yet). $10 tickets are on sale.

words by Klaus Kinski, photos by Elizabeth Weinberg

We had our first ever Brooklynvegan and Klaus Kinski present Rock n' Rofl at Pianos on Thursday February 28th, 2008. Aside from the noise coming in from the bar everytime someone opened the door and the lack of chairs for the comedy, I thought the show went really well. An ill (literally, as in he had the flu) Peasant started off the show with some surprisingly powerful folk music.

Rock n ROFL

Comedians Joe Mande, Dave Hill, Pete Holmes, Kristen Schaal, Leo Allen, and host Bobby Tisdale were really incredible. They brought such a great variety of videos and comedic material to the table. This was my first ever comedy showcase I felt honored to have such amazing talent on the bill, and especially to be playing host to host Bobby Tisdale who had just hosted his very last Invite Them Up at Rififi only one night earlier. It was a bummer Kurt Braunohler couldn't make it last minute (because a wizard turned him into a llama), but Kristen did a great job handling it on her own, and the world premiere showing of the new New Pornographers video that they both star in was an extra special treat.

Bobby Tisdale
Rock n ROFL

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Demetri Martin, Invite Them Up, RIP (Marianne Ways)
Invite Them up

Tonight (March 10, 2008) @ Pianos goes something like this:

11:00 SOUTH (UK)
8:00 IT IS IT
"It is It" is free, and goes something like this....

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So we got to New York last night and it's been raining hard since .
We played our first show in about a year at the Hoxton bar and grill last wednesday . brushing the cobwebs off we are looking forward to playing Pianos on monday and tuesday .
We're playing some new stuff and some old stuff with some new players and some old .
Tom has been drafted in as a last minute keyboard player as Asha has been in for repairs . We have George playing bass and Joel switching to guitars , it's going to be a new sounding South and we're exited to be playing again .
In recent news , Joel has been touring with UNKLE , Jamie has been shooting the new " Better things video " I've been producing some more "Bobby cook " ( see Brett Shaw productions in our top friends ) stuff .
Looking forward to SXSW please come say hello if any of you are coming to the shows .
Cheers , hope to see you there . [South]
Both NYC shows are with Kristoffer Ragnstam from Sweden. All tour Dates below...

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ECNY award winner Joe Mande & Andrew WK (Anya Garrett)
Joe Mande & Andrew WK

Joe Mande just won the ECNY "Emerging Comic Award". Joe Mande is the latest addition to our Rock 'n' ROFL party tonight (Feb 28) @ Pianos in NYC.

7:30 pm - music by Peasant
8:30 pm comedy by Kristen Schaal, Dave Hill, Bobby Tisdale, Kurt Braunohler, Leo Allen, Pete Holmes & Joe Mande.
10:00 pm music by The Forms
11:00 pm music by Bear In Heaven
$10 admission includes a free bottle of Newcastle, three bands & seven comedians. Tickets will be available at the door. Check out a Joe Mande video below...

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DOWNLOAD: Peasant - Exposure (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Forms - Knowledge In Hand (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Bear in Heaven - Bag of Bags (MP3)

BrooklynVegan and Klaus Kinski
Bear in Heaven

BV & KK present.....Rock 'n' ROFL -- TH, Feb 28, 2008 @ Pianos, NYC

7:30 - Peasant
8:30 - comedy hosted by Greg Johnson
10:00 - The Forms
11:00 - Bear in Heaven (pictured above)
$10 admission includes a complimentary bottle of Newcastle ale. Tickets are on sale. More info, the flyer (that was designed by Creek Bed Industries), and a video of The Forms covering Nirvana at Union Hall, below....

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DOWNLOAD: Earles & Jensen - Introducing Bleachy: Poised To Sweep The Nation
DOWNLOAD: Earles & Jensen - Bedroom ETA A Jermaine Stewart Cover Band (mp3)
DOWNLOAD: Earles & Jensen - My Friends Call Me Ditchweed. Don’t Ask. OK, Go Ahead and Ask (mp3)

Endless Boogie

January 2008 @ Pianos, NYC
06 - Endless Boogie + Early Man (Matador metal) + Bogan Dust
13 - Endless Boogie + Human Bell (Thrill Jockey) + TBA
20 - Endless Boogie + Jeff Jensen (Matador comedy) + Andrew WK solo keyboard
Love 'em or hate 'em, Endless Boogie is bringing an impressive line-up of artists to play with them at their upcoming Sunday night residency @ Pianos in NYC. Note: The Early Man show is THIS Sunday (Jan 6).

The 3 MP3's on the top of this post are from Earles & (Jeff) Jensen's new CD on Matador: "Just Farr A Laugh Vol. 1 & 2: The Greatest Prank Phone Calls Ever!" - out Feb 19, 2008.

Endless Boogie and Matador are tight.

Arlenes Grocery

Establishments that don’t charge at the door are dotted throughout the city, but the Lower East Side is the capital. Within two blocks of Pianos — which usually has paid shows in its main space but free events upstairs — there are 10 or so such bars. Expand the radius a bit and you have dozens of choices. The Living Room is the Bottom Line of this sphere, packing in four or five singer-songwriters a night. With a similar average of sweaty rock bands, Arlene’s Grocery is the no-cover CBGB. [NY Times]

Max Silvestri @ Rififi, NYC - Oct 29, 2007 (CRED)
Max Silvestri

In addition to all the special comedy shows always going on, don't forget that there are plenty of shows that happen weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly in NYC that are always reliable, rarely over $5, and usually feature some of the biggest comedians in the business. Why, just the other day Invite Them Up featured Jim Gaffigan, Demetri Martin, Nick Kroll, Andy Blitz, and Max Silvestri. Nuts, right!? Here are some other recurring shows I highly recommend.

What else? -Klaus