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words by Doug Moore; photos by Drew Gurian, videos by unARTigNYC & Frank Huang

Pig Destroyer @ Saint Vitus -- 1/11/13
Pig Destroyer at Saint Vitus
Pig Destroyer at Saint Vitus

Our latest BrooklynVegan (and Invisible Oranges)-curated installment of Red Bull Sound Select went down at Saint Vitus on Saturday night (1/11) with Pig Destroyer, Dysrhythmia, Trenchgrinder and Mother Brain, hosted by Dave Hill. Steady rain in the late afternoon and early evening didn't keep Saint Vitus from filling up almost immediately, and the bands raged just as hard as we expected. From our IO writeup:

Mother Brain's new two-man format only intensifies the lean mayhem of their live delivery. Trenchgrinder have an Asphyx-esque gift for making their one-guitar death metal sound bigger than most bands with two axes can. Dysrhythmia are the most impossibly tight live metal act in New York City, which says something given the number of shred-inclined bands based here. And Pig Destroyer were Pig Destroyer, if a bit thicker and heavier for the addition of John Jarvis on bass. People go wild for that band, and for good reason. Opening with "Hymn" from the Benümb split: awesome curveball.
Photos and full-set vids of every band (Dave Hill's taint-filled intros included) are in this post. Thanks to everyone who came out; hopefully you had just as much fun as we did.

NYC Red Bull Sound Select shows happen every month and this year are curated by either BrooklynVegan, Afropunk, or Giant Step. The same happens in other cities, like the upcoming Earthless, Destruction Unit, Yakuza & Running show in Chicago. Stay tuned for our next BV one which is coming in April.

More pictures, videos and another look at the El Jefe-designed poster, below (and some really big versions of the photos at the BV Facebook too)...

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by Doug Moore

Pig Destroyer at Gwar-B-Q 2013 (more by Josh Sisk)
Pig Destroyer

First things first: tomorrow night (1/11) is the BV/Invisible Oranges-curated Red Bull Sound Select show featuring Pig Destroyer, Dysrhythmia, Trenchgrinder, Mother Brain, and very funny host Dave Hill. If you want to get inside, heed the following directions (as told by IO):

--The show is entirely first-come, first-served. No tickets have been sold yet; they're all being sold at the door.

--An RSVP does NOT guarantee you entry. If you were one of the first 150 people who RSVPed, then great! When you show up at the door, you'll only be charged $3 instead of $10. But either way, you still need to show up before Saint Vitus fills to its 220-person capacity if you want to get inside.

--Doors are at 6. Mother Brain will start at 8, but if you want to get in, show up early.

--Once the show is full, it's full. You will not be able beg, plead, cajole, bribe, coerce, or threaten your way inside. SO SHOW UP EARLY.

That stuff aside, it should (will) be a rager. I'll be DJing between bands, so expect death metal of varying degrees of idiocy.

There are a bunch of other live heavy music options this weekend, too. Tonight (1/10) you can choose from Weekend, Vaura, and Nothing at Bowery Ballroom (tix), Destruction Unit, Cottaging, and Crystalline Roses at Vitus (tix), and the more hardcore-flavored Anasazi, La Misma, & Damages at Lulu's. Tomorrow is Pig Destroyer (duh), though if you don't like blastbeats and have a car / live in Port Chester, NY, you can catch Clutch, The Sword, and Crobot at the Capitol Theater. You can also check out our NYC Metal Show Calendar for even more options. It rules.

IO got back up to full speed this week. We debuted new music from Torrid Husk, Délétère, Lvcifyre, Murmur, and the amusingly-named Waldgeflüster. We also gave away the ONLY pair of advance PxDx tickets for tomorrow night on East Village Radio, with more giveaways in the offing -- tune in every week on Tuesday at 10pm. And, as always, our mighty new-release guru Ian Chainey ran down all the new heaviness fit to buy.

Oh, and though we mentioned it earlier today, RIP Brutal Truth and Danny Lilker's touring career. Thanks for all the years of music, guys.

What else?

by Doug Moore

pig destroyer

What are you doing on January 11, 2014? What's that? You can't plan things that far in advance? Welp, you have a plan now: Pig Destroyer, Dysrhythmia, Trenchgrinder and Mother Brain are playing a BrooklynVegan/Invisible Oranges-curated Red Bull Sound Select show at Saint Vitus. The very funny Dave Hill is hosting. Entrance will be $3 with an RSVP or $10 at the door otherwise (no advanced tickets). There is a 100% chance that it will be an utter shit show.

Pig Destroyer fully deserve their reputation as modern grindcore's most vital band; this show will mark their first NYC appearance with new (and first-ever!) bassist Scott Jarvis in the lineup. Dysrhythmia, who may well put on the most thrilling live show of any New York metal band, will put in a breather set (kinda, sorta, not really) between Kevin Hufnagel and Colin Marston's touring duties with Gorguts, whose Colored Sands is deservedly among the most acclaimed metal albums of 2013. Fellow locals Trenchgrinder and Mother Brain will deliver dirty death metal and maniacal grind, respectively -- both bands work hard and shred harder.

This is the first IO-curated Red Bull Sound Select show, but it's the third BV-curated one overall; our previous installments included Bouncing Souls/Brian Fallon/Aye Nako/Nude Beach and Foxygen/Amen Dunes/LODRO/Prince Rupert's Drops.

I seriously could not be more stoked about this lineup. Clear your calendars and stream music by all four bands below.

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by Doug Moore

new guy is second from left
pig destroyer

Pig Destroyer has been a band since 1997. That's a long time; some of you reading this were probably born that year. During that 16-year run, various members have come and gone -- the band has had four drummers (if you count Municipal Waste/Burnt By the Sun drummer Dave Witte's brief stint) and three samples/electronics folk, but never once have Pig Destroyer included a bassist in their ranks.

Until now, anyway. In an interview with Terrorizer, guitarist Scott Hull has announced that John Jarvis (drummer Adam Jarvis's cousin) will be joining the band on the four-string. Here's Hull's explanation for the change:

"After so many years of remaining bass-less, why did you decide to welcome a bassist into the fold now?
Scott Hull: Well, the biggest reason we DIDN'T have a bass player, or another guitarist, for so many years was that we just didn't want the added complication of someone having to learn lines that I'd already written. Additionally, we just didn't want to have another person in the band because it adds complexity; travel arrangements for shows, space in a van/bus. . .etc etc. As the years progressed, we just thought "well we've gone this far without anyone else, why bother introducing a new headache now?" But honestly, I've been wanting to broaden the scope of our music for quite some time. It would be very difficult, for instance, to really do some Jesus Lizard-y type of material without a bass player, but we want to bring that sound into our material somewhat as well as some other styles that would really require a bassist, so that really made us think about it seriously. Luckily, the bass player we chose is a really good fit technically and personality-wise. He gets where we are at and knows we are picky about what we do and when, so he wont get impatient that we aren't touring 200 days out of the year.

Does this mean you'll be retroactively adding bass lines to your old classics when playing live?

Scott Hull: Yep, we've been doing that. And for the most part, it's added some real depth to the tracks, which is exciting. In some cases, like for the songs 'Terrifyer' and 'Starbelly', it's really changed them altogether. It's very cool. I feel like we kinda reinvigorated ourselves when Adam came into the band, and we're kinda doing it again with John. Change is good.

This decision was arguably overdue; Pig Destroyer have had a tough time replicating the thickness of their recorded material when they play out in the past, and a bass presence will make a huge difference for them. The Jarvises also play together in the awesome grind/death/hardcore outfit Fulgora, who hopefully won't throw in the towel now that both guys are working on Pig Destroyer.

Pig Destroyer will debut their new lineup at Phil Anselmo's Housecore Horror Film Fest, which starts on Friday (10/25) and runs until Sunday (10/27). Housecore has quietly become one of the best American metal festivals of the year, and it'll host a couple of other significant firsts: Goblin playing their Suspiria live with the film, and Dale Crover (of Melvins) drumming for Eyehategod. You can still buy walk-up tix for the fest or venue-limited badges; check out the full lineup of bands below.

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photos by Karen A. Mann, words by Doug Moore,

Gorguts @ Hopscotch Festival - 9/6/13

Reports continue to trickle in from Raleigh, N.C.'s Hopscotch Festival. The metal marched on during Friday (9/6) night with an extremely intimate set at Slim's, featuring Pig Destroyer, Gorguts, Vattnet Viskar, and Brooklyn's own Sannhet. Slim's has a capacity of just 100 people, and either Pig Destroyer or Gorguts could easily have sold the place out.

For Gorguts, the Hopscotch show was part of their short tour, which has come to a close, but they recently told us on the Invisible Oranges East Village Radio show that they're planning some more dates for the end of the year, and they're also confirmed for Maryland Deathfest 2014. Their new album, Colored Sands, is out now and can be streamed below (via Revolver).

Pig Destroyer also recently debuted a new song via Adult Swim. They'll be at Hudson, NY's two-day Basilica Sound Scape festival this Friday (9/13) with Pharmakon, Richard Hell (reading), Evian Christ, Julianna Barwick, and more. Tickets for both days are still available.

In case you missed them, we also posted pictures of ASG and Golden Void's Hopscotch show. More of Pig Destroyer/Gorguts at Invisible Oranges, and below...

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words/photos by Josh Sisk

Gwar-B-Q 2013

This weekend (Aug 18th, specifically), I decamped to scenic Richmond, VA to catch the 4th annual Gwar-B-Q at Hadad's Lake, featuring Gwar (of course), Pig Destroyer, Municipal Waste, Corrosion of Conformity, Cannabis Corpse, and a host of other bands. Hadad's is a"water park" that could only exist in the most chill of Southern cities -- consisting of a murky natural pond with a ramp for bicyclists to do insane flips into, and a beach surrounding a man-made 'lake' full of fun (but dangerous-looking) swings, slides, and platforms to jump off of. Hadad's was, for many years, the site of the epic Best Friend's Day parties, which seem to be over, but Gwar-BQ fills the slot nicely -- offering the same fun activities along with a good lineup of acts on two stages and a slew of Gwar-themed products ranging from Gwar beer to Gwar BBQ sauce to even Gwar water.

Good line-up this year, with a slew of solid openers like Detroit's Wilson and the costumed Kung Fu Dykes starting the day off. X-Cops, a Gwar side project making their first appearance since 1996 (and not the Brooklyn indie band with a similar name), were the first band on the main stage that really caught my attention -- they were basically a lower production value Gwar, with various costumes and mini-skits. Cannabis Corpse and Warbeast both put in solid, crowd-pleasing performances on the main stage as well, but for me the day really got into high gear when CoC took the stage. I've caught them 3-4 times in the last couple of years but I never get tired of seeing them. Richmond's own Municipal Waste followed, and really ratcheted up the crowd excitement with party anthems, RVA anecdotes, a "wave of death" and general good cheer. Beach balls and inflatable sex dolls were flying into the photo pit during their set, along with endless crowd surfers..

Pig Destroyer/Gwar fans
Gwar-B-Q 2013
Gwar-B-Q 2013

The moment the Waste's set ended, Pig Destroyer began to play on the second stage, and the crowd went crazy, keeping the energy going. The second stage was set up in a sort of gazebo, with high rafters, and once the crowd spilled onto the stage, surrounding the band, they also climbed up into the ceiling, pounding on the rafters, making it rain a fine white silt on all of us. (Hopefully not asbestos.) The security came into the crowd, trying to get everyone to come down, with only partial success. All this chaos going on just seemed to encourage the band, though, and they turned in one of the best shows I've ever seen them play.

Gwar took the stage in daylight, a fact that surprised me, but shouldn't have since there weren't any lighting rigs present. At first it was odd seeing them play in broad daylight, but it didn't really detract from the copious blood-spraying, decapitations and anal spelunking being played out on stage, and it certainly didn't seem to slow the crowd down. I saw one kid be launched from the crowd, fly over the barricade, land on his head and shoulders unaided... only to bounce right back up and run back around to get back in the mix. Gwar fans are serious.

All in all, a very fun way to spend a late summer day in Richmond, though I wouldn't want to be the one to have to clean that pool afterwards...

More pics from Gwar-B-Q are below.

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by Bill Pearis

No Joy @ Chicago's Lincoln Hall, May 2013 (more by James Richards IV)
No Joy

We didn't figure No Joy would come down from Canada for Pitchfork's Basilica Sound Scape festival in September and not play at least a NYC show. It turns out, however, they've plotted a whole tour. That does indeed include an NYC show: Mercury Lounge on September 17. Tickets to that show go on sale Friday (8/2) at noon. All dates are listed below.

If you haven't checked out No Joy's latest album, Wait to Pleasure, yet it does a great job of blending the heavy and ethereal. You can stream it via Spotify.

Meanwhile, Basilica Festival (September 13-14) has announced it's full line-up which includes additions like Julianna Barwick, Teengirl Fantasy, Malang Djobateh, artist Genevieve White, and a reading from Peter Sotos. Tickets are still available and you can check out the full line-up below.

You can also catch Julianna Barwick even sooner at her previously discussed NYC show happening at Judson Memorial Church on August 20. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

No Joy tour dates are listed, along with Basilica Sound Scape flyer and line-up, below...

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by Fred Pessaro

Pig Destroyer at MDF 2013 (more by Fred Pessaro)
Pig Destroyer

Every week, you can tune into Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio on Tuesday at 10 PM Eastern to listen for the latest and greatest in the heavy underground. Check out this week's episode in the EVR archives and you can check out the playlist too. We are very excited to announce that Pig Destroyer will be joining us this Tuesday (7/30) for a live interview and a very, very special announcement. Tune in!

Polish death machine Vader will crush skulls as part of a string of dates with Vital Remains, Sacrificial Slaughter, Execration and Extremely Rotten. The shows, part of a full US campaign for the package, kick off in September on the West Coast and head east by middle September when the bands hit Paper Box on September 17 -- tickets are on sale.  Full tour dates are below.

If you missed it, in the past week on InvisibleOranges we interviewed Gorguts, reviewed a Vattnet Viskar show, reviewed the new Trouble, streamed material by Selfish, Jucifer, All Pigs Must Die, Unmothered and Cowards, lamented the end of A Life Once Lost, posted videos by Black Tusk and Locrian, and got excited about new Shining material. If you missed any of it, get over to InvisibleOranges for the best in heavy music.

For more metal/hardcore/punk shows, head to our fancy new NYC Metal Show Calendar. It rules.

Classic Pig Destroyer video and the Vader tour schedule are below...

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Pig Destroyer at Maryland Deathfest 2013 (more by Fred Pessaro)
Pig Destroyer

You may remember from last summer that Basilica Hudson in Hudson, NY began hosting live music, like the Basilica Music Festival and a Grimes show, and the festival (co-presented by Pitchfork) is set to return this year, only now it's called BasilicaSoundScape.

This year's festival happens from September 13-15 with sets from PIg Destroyer (9/13), Cass McCombs, DIIV (9/14), and more TBA. Tickets for the fest go on sale today (6/28) at 5 PM. Head to the festival's site for more info.

Cass McCombs also just released a new song, "Morning Star," which you can watch the video for here.

Basilica Sound Scape flyer below...

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One of the most eclectic lineups in the US, Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh, NC, will be back for 2013 on September 5 -7. Pulling from all genres, this year's line-up includes names like Big Boi (who plays NYC tonight), Spiritualized, Sleep, Wolf Eyes (who have a new video), The Breeders (performing Last Splash), John Cale, Kurt Vile & the Violators, Gorguts, Inter Arma (who play NYC on Saturday), Double Negative (who played NYC this past weekend), Swearin' (them too), Pissed Jeans, Dan Friel, Waxahatchee and many many others. Three-day wristbands are on sale now with individual day tickets going on sale in June. Full lineup is below.

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Pig Destroyer

In the wake of the fallen Pat Egan (RIP, brother), Relapse stepped up to release their Patlapse comp, and now Pig Destroyer have also thrown their hat in the ring to help with the effort. Enter Mass & Volume, Pig Destroyer's new two-song doom-focused effort on sale now via Bandcamp. Order yours, and though the tracks haven't surfaced before and are from the Phantom Limb sessions, don't mistake them for throwaways AND 100% of the proceeds benefit a good cause. Stream it below...

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photos by Shaun Regan

Converge @ Union Transfer, Philadelphia, 1/19/2012
Decibel 100th Issue show

Congrats to Decibel Magazine on their 100th issue, who celebrated in style in their native Philadelphia on Jan 19th at Union Transfer. Featuring a headlining appearance from Converge as well as well as Pig Destroyer, Repulsion, Municipal Waste, Tombs and Evoken, the show was also chockful of guests including John Darnielle (of Mountain Goats, a regular contributor), J Bennett, Tomas Lindberg (Disfear, At The Gates), John Baizley (Baroness, who would open for Neurosis the next night at the same venue) and more. Pictures from Converge's set are in this post and a full review and photo set is available at at Invisible Oranges.

In addition, the magazine announced their annual tour which will feature appearances from Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse and Immolation. So far details regarding dates are still TBA, but we'll let you know when those surface.

More pictures from Converge's set at Union Transfer, plus a few live videos, are below...

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Pallbearer at Knitting Factory, September 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)

Decibel Magazine has compiled their annual list of top 40 albums of the year. As usual, there are some surprises but the 2012 top ten is basically a list of nine veterans with only a single newcomer to the bunch. The full list of top records of the year according to Decibel Magazine is below, along with a tweet from the winning band. Buy your copy HERE.

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Pig Destroyer at Public Assembly last week (photo by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
Pig Destroyer

Pig Destroyer, who took NYC by storm with their CMJ set at Public Assembly (10/18), is celebrating the release of their new LP, Book Burner, out NOW via Relapse Records. Stream that in full below, alongside the full Pig Destroyer CMJ set. Setlist is below too.

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Bat For Lashes

NPR has got the streams of Bat For Lashes' new moody synth pop opus, The Haunted Man (listen), Titus Andronicus' very worthy back-to-basics successor to The Monitor, Local Business (listen), Sinkane's funky DFA debut, Mars (listen), and Pig Destroyer's grinding comeback album, Book Burner (listen).

Sinkane will be playing a number of CMJ shows including the BrooklynVegan day party at Public Assembly on Saturday (10/20). Stay tuned for the full BrooklynVegan lineups coming soon.

Pig Destroyer will be here for CMJ too.

Titus Andronicus won't, but their tour with Ceremony hits NYC on December 2 at Webster Hall (tickets) after a sold out show at Maxwell's (12/1).

Most Wanted autograph
Insane Clown Possue

The Insane Clown Posse is suing the FBI because "Juggalos were unjustly called a gang in its 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment."

Speaking of juggalos, you know that Throbbing Gristle Nico tribute we posted about? Genesis P. Orridge has some qualms with it being called a TG release and has gotten in a Twitter fight with Chris Carter over it. Pitchfork has all the gory details.

How was your Yom Kippur? Did you fast? Drink coffee? Gothamist editor Jake Dobkin spent his holiday live blogging his experience with caffeine suppositories.

Honey Boo Boo will be (in your) home for the holidays.

Voxtrot's Ramesh is funding a new album via Kickstarter.

Grizzly Bear scores #7 on the Billboard chart (beat only by Pink, Kanye, The Killers, Dave Matthews, Little Big Town and the unstoppable Carly Rae Jepsen).

Check out pictures from Grizzly Bear's recent Radio City show, and the pictures we posted earlier today from ATP.

'PUSSY RIOT! A Punk Prayer for Freedom,' the book we told you about already, is available now for your e-reader.

Coming soon to a cool coffee table near you: '80s punk photo book We Got Power! Till then check out our photo gallery excerpts.

Portland stoners Red Fang have released the new single "Crows In Swine" which is currently available for purchase. Check that out at Soundcloud and check out a tour documentary below.

If you're near Texas on October 4, we'd like to invite you to Dana Falconberry's LP release party. if you're in NYC on October 18, we'd like you to experience Texas in Manhattan.

CMJ is three weeks away. We're still tired from SXSW!

More stuff below...

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Yeasayer in Austin earlier this month (more by Tim Griffin)

We already posted lots of posts today. Here's some more, and some reminders too...

Yeasayer played Summerstage last night (9/12). We missed them but caught them in Austin where Dead Can Dance also recently played. How was the NY show?

As BV Chicago pointed out, Smashing Pumpkins frontman BIlly Corgan opened a tea shop outside of Chicago, and he played acoustic sets there today to celebrate.

Bat For Lashes is releasing her new album, The Haunted Man, on October 21. Back in July, she revealed the first album cut, "Laura," and today she's let loose a second taste of the album. Continuing a trend thus far of naming songs after women's names, this one's called "Marilyn." You can stream it below.

The final track on the new Lower Dens album, Nootropics, has become the inspiration for a new beer brewed by Stillwater Artisanal Brewing for their new Stillwater Sensory Series. The beer is called "Stillwater Artisanal, Sensory Series v.1 - Lower Dens" and will be out this November with a QR code on each bottle that leads to an exclusive video of Lower Dens performing the song when scanned.

The Walkmen, whose tour brings them to NYC for a show at Terminal 5 on October 18 with Dum Dum Girls (tickets) will play Conan tonight.

more below...

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Pig Destroyer at Brooklyn Masonic Temple, 2009 (more by Justina Villaneuva)
Pig Destroyer

Metalsucks/MetalInjection/1000Knives have announced their CMJ showcase which goes down on October 18 at Public Assembly. The show will feature a headlining performance from Pig Destroyer, their first NYC date since supporting Repulsion at Brooklyn Masonic Temple in 2009, as well as appearances from the great KEN Mode (who played their first BV show in 2010, and has since played three BV-SXSW shows), Early Graves (who played their first BV show with original vocalist Makh - RIP), and Encrust. Tickets are on sale.

Pig Destroyer are preparing to release their new LP Book Burner on October 22 in the US.

by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Neurosis at Maryland Deathfest 2011 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)

Two major metal heavyweights will release what will arguably be the most anticipated releases of the year this fall! First up is Oakland's own Neurosis, who are readying their new LP Honor Found In Decay for release via their own Neurot imprint on October 30 in the US. The release is the band's 11th record overall, and first since Given To The Rising released more than five years ago. The band has released a series of teasers in the recent weeks, all of which you can view below.

Another hotly anticipated record due this fall will come from the mighty Pig Destroyer, who's 19-track LP Book Burner will hit via Relapse Records one week before Neurosis (on 10/23). Head below for the album art and an in-studio episode.

So far no US dates have been scheduled for either band, but with these releases on the way I am sure that will change very soon. Videos and art is below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Repulsion at Brooklyn Masonic Temple in 2009 (more bu Justina Villanueva)

Maryland Deathfest 2013 expands with another round of additions, this time bringing exclusive performances from Pagan Altar & Vinterland, as well as performances from Pig Destroyer, Broken Hope, Weedeater (who hits the road with Saint Vitus, who played this year, this fall), Loss (who played NYC in May) and repeat offender Gride (who played Bushwick Bikes in addition to MDF in 2010). The additions come shortly after the news broke of the first round of bands, which included names like Venom, Antaeus, Righteous Pigs, Carcass and Midnight. Full 2013 lineup, as it stands, is below.

In related news, Repulsion will play NYC over Labor Day weekend as part of Power of The Riff East, joining names like sunn o))), Poison Idea, Pentagram, Agnostic Front, Double Negative, Coffinworm and more. Tickets are still available for each day separately (day 1 HERE, day 2 HERE) but two day passes are sold out.

Current MDF lineup and a few videos are below.

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Here is the initial lineup for Willamette Week's MusicfestNW, scheduled for Sept. 7-11, 2011 in Portland, Oregon, and it's pretty great. The multi-venue fest includes big outdoor performances by Band of Horses (Sunday, Sept. 11), Explosions in the Sky (Saturday, Sept. 10), and Iron & Wine (Friday, Sept. 9), in addition to shows with everyone from Archers of Loaf to Big Freedia to Butthole Surfers to Neurosis. Tickets go on sale Friday, June 3rd. Check out the full list below...

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words by BBG, photos by Chloe Rice

Sammy Duet of Goatwhore (also ex-Acid Bath)
Goat Whore

Village Voice: It's been noted that CMJ is noticeably more "metal" this year, and there's a sense that metal's becoming more and more respected all-around.

Mike Williams of Eyehategod: Well, I wouldn't call Eyehategod "metal", but I do see extreme, heavy music in general getting new attention from some different areas of the population. Also we've played in NYC for CMJ before, back in the '90s, so it doesn't really seem like a new thing. Anyway, is it "respected" or is it "trendy"? "Trendy" meaning hipsters now have discovered us. Who knows? I welcome all people who are remotely interested to check us out.

In what was definitely one of the most highly anticipated NYC metal shows of the year, and one of only a handful of metal shows during CMJ (Type O Negative at Irving Plaza, the official BrooklynVegan-BBG Relapse Records Showcase, among others), Eyehategod returned to NYC with an appearance on a Rocks Off Boat Cruise with Goatwhore, Pig Destroyer, and Strong Intention. To say people went a little apey is a bit of an understatement (see below pictures of moshpits, people hanging from balconies, and general insanity for further proof).

The caged animal is unleashed again TONIGHT (10/26), when Eyehategod play their SECOND area show, this time at Europa with Unearthly Trance, Tombs, Strong Intention, and BV-BBG/Relapse showcaser Howl. Tickets are still available.

Pics of Howl, along with Misery Index, Salome, Revocation, Black Anvil, Complete Failure, and Gloominous Doom from the BV-BBG/Relapse Showcase at Fontana's are on their way. More pics from the boat cruise (from hell?) are below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Justina Villanueva


"We went mainly to see Repulsion, a seminal grindcore band from Flint, Michigan, who opened the show. Before setting on their current moniker they called themselves "Ultraviolence" and then "Genocide", which lends some insight into the group's aesthetic. Song titles include "Splattered Cadavers", "Pestilent Decay" and "Maggots in Your Coffin", and lyrics concentrate on fear, outrage and death. The crowd that gathered to see Repulsion at the Temple was 98% male and 90% under the age of 30. More than half boasted shoulder-length hair (or longer); nearly everyone wore a black T-shirt." [More Intelligent Life]
Repulsion, Brutal Truth, and Pig Destroyer added a little filth and decay to an already waterlogged Brooklyn on 7/31 at Brooklyn Masonic Temple. It was Repulsion's first NYC show EVER. The teaming also doubled as a release party for Decibel's Precious Metal book, which showcases Repulsion's Decibel Hall Of Fame comp LP/classic Horrified as its centerpiece.

More pictures from the show are below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Justina Villanueva

Goatwhore @ Gramercy! (July 23, 2009)

The legendary dark sons of southern hatemongering, Eyehategod, will trudge their way through the swampy muck of the Lousiana lowlands towards the Northeast where they will team up with Goatwhore and Strong Intention for a trio of dates. One of those dates will include Pig Destroyer on Oct 24th as part of a Rocks Off Boat Cruise in NYC!!! Tickets go on sale today (8/3) at noon. All dates below.

Goatwhore, winners of my award for "favorite band with the least favorite name", has a particularly amazing pedigree of former members of Acid Bath as well as current members of Soilent Green (which in turn shares members with EHG). Dax Riggs (of solo and Deadboy & The Elephantmen fame) was also a member of Acid Bath.

Goatwhore released the mega-Carving Out The Eyes Of God earlier this year and the band recently played (7/23) Gramercy Theater in NYC with Abigail Williams, SWAATS, Abysmal Dawn, and Daath. Pics from that show are above and below.

Meanwhile, EHG affiliated projects are going full speed ahead. NOLA supergroup Down (with Jimmy Bower of EHG) is hitting the road with Melvins & Weedeater (Nokia on Sept 11, tix here).

Pig Destroyer played NYC on July 31 with Repulsion & Brutal Truth. Those pics are forthcoming, but dig on a killer three way interview done between the guys here.

Other bands who recently announced boat shows include Deer Tick and Dead Meadow.

Pics and dates below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Repulsion "The Stench Of Burning Death" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Brutal Truth "Evolution Through Revolution" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Pig Destroyer "Loathsome" (MP3)


Only four days left (July 31st) until the upcoming NYC debut of grind gods Repulsion along with the unfathomable support crew of Brutal Truth and Pig Destroyer at Brooklyn Masonic Temple. Tickets are still available.

DecibelThe show will double as a book release party for Decibel's new book Precious Metal, which compiles 25 of their favorite "Hall Of Fame" LPs like Slayer's Reign in Blood, Napalm Death's Scum, Eyehategod's Take as Needed for Pain, Darkthrone's Transilvanian Hunger, Sleep's Jerusalem, The Dillinger Escape Plan's Calculating Infinity as well as the centerpiece for July 31st, Repulsion's Horrifed (Brutal Truth's Need To Control was also a Hall of Fame recipient, but didn't make the book). Decibel will also release a special "Decibill" at the show featuring pieces on all three bands by Decibel greats J. Bennett and Jess Blumensheld (cover of that is below).

In celebration of this momentous show, we asked Kevin Sharp (Brutal Truth), JR Hayes (Pig Destroyer) and Col Jones (Repulsion) to discuss one of the other bands on the bill, what they mean to them and extreme music. Their thoughts are below... a must read!

In addition, we'd be remiss if we didn't (again) mention another major show going down this weekend.... the Show No Mercy/BV-BBG event on Sunday, August 2nd at Public Assembly with Keelhaul, Minsk, Unearthly Trance, Defeatist, and STATS! So to get even MORE celebrate-y up in this mutha, we are happy to announce a MEGA-giveaway for BOTH shows. The prize includes tickets to both shows, records, the Decibel book and more.

Details on that prize and how to win it, the above-mentioned interview, as well as flyers for both shows, and more, below...

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