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by Andrew Sacher

photo: Tribulation at Webster Hall in November (more by Amanda Hatfield)

We already posted Pallbearer's favorite albums of 2015, Stephen Brodsky's (of Cave In and Mutoid Man), and Decibel Mag's, and we told you that James Hetfield's favorite album of the year was Baroness' Purple. Here's more of the best metal of 2015:

Our metal sister site Invisible Oranges had writers post their individual lists. You can check out lists by Joseph Schafer, Vanessa Salvia, Jon Rosenthal, Skid Rÿche, Dan Lawrence, Rob Sperry-Fromm, Bruce Hardt, Rhys Williams, Mat Schmahl, Jason Bailey, Ian Cory, Greg Majewski, Chris Rowella, Chris Brown, Ben Sas, Avinash Mittur, and yours truly. The top 3 consensus picks from the IO staff were:

3. Mgla - Excersises in Futility
2. Deafheaven - New Bermuda
1. Panopticon - Autumn Eternal
Deafheaven were probably the band who appeared most on non-metal lists, including our own. They also topped a few metal-specific lists, including Pitchfork, SPIN, and my personal metal list.

Panopticon topped Stereogum's list, Marilyn Manson (?) topped Rolling Stone, and Horrendous topped that aforementioned Decibel list. Tribulation didn't come in at #1 on any major lists we saw, but they cracked the top ten (and often top five) of almost every one. For more, check out MetalSucks' individual writer lists, Metal Injection's individual lists, and NPR's heavy songs.

Two great albums that popped up on a lot of lists that we never got a chance to talk about here on BV were Dead to a Dying World's atmospheric black metal opus Litany (ft. members of Pallbearer, Sabbath Assembly and Pinkish Black) and Khemmis' sludgy debut Absolution. Listen to those below.

What was your favorite metal of 2015?

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photos by Greg Cristman

Zombi / Pinkish Black @ Saint Vitus, 11/11/2015
Pinkish Black

Fellow synth-driven Relapse bands Zombi and Pinkish Black brought their tour to NYC for a show at Saint Vitus on 11/1. Both bands are touring behind new albums, and Pinkish Black also recently released an early album from when they were called The Great Tyrant. With a lot of shared sonic characteristics, this was a good double bill.

Brooklyn locals Space Merchants opened the night. Check out pictures of their set, and more of Zombi and Pinkish Black, below.

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by Rob Sperry-Fromm

Pinkish Black

Texas dark noise two-piece Pinkish Black are streaming their new album Bottom of the Morning, which is out October 30 on Relapse.

Despite being on Relapse, this really isn't metal in any traditional sense. What it shares with metal is an unrelenting aesthetic of eeriness and darkness, but there's more than a little goth and post-punk presence in this music too. And even if it's dark, some of it's quite catchy -- maybe even fun. Pinkish Black have often been compared to film-scorers like Goblin, John Carpenter, or even Tangerine Dream, and that is pretty much right on the money with Bottom of the Morning. ("Burn My Body" in particular is just really calling out to be put in a horror movie.) This is all to say that the darkness here seems very knowing, as filtered through a fun and eclectic series of influences. Listen below.

The same day it comes out, their former band The Great Tyrant (which featured the late Tommy Wayne) are giving a long-awaited release to their second album. You can stream that here and read the interview we did with them about it on Invisible Oranges here.

Pinkish Black are also heading out on tour with their likeminded Pittsburgh-based labelmates Zombi, which will hit NYC for a show at Saint Vitus on November 11. Tickets for that show are still available.

Zombi also put out a new album recently. It's called Shape Shift and it's also an eerie slice of synth music that wouldn't be out of place in a John Carpenter movie. But it's cleaner, more repetitive, more about atmospherics than the focus on songwriting that you hear on the Pinkish Black record.

Stream that, with the Pinkish Black record and full list of tour dates, below...

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The Great Tyrant

We recently mentioned that Pinkish Black would release their new album Bottom of the Morning on 10/30 via Relapse and that it'd be accompanied by the long-awaited release of the second album by pre-Pinkish Black band The Great Tyrant, The Trouble With Being Born. The Great Tyrant was Pinkish Black members Daron Beck and Jon Teague with the late Tommy Wayne. After Wayne unexpectedly passed away, the album was shelved. But now it's finally here, and we're premiering a full stream of it.

We also interviewed the band over at Invisible Oranges:

This album was recorded some time ago, and some was released in a slightly limited run - why did you decide to release/re-release it now?

Daron: We've both been in other bands that recorded albums that never came out. We didn't want this album to be another one like that. Additionally, I felt as though part of our musical story was missing without that record. We never wanted to stop playing these songs, but we had to. This album shows that we've been working on our sound for a long time now.

Jon: I was somewhat indifferent about releasing it. Recording and mixing that record was a nightmare, but Barnhart's final version definitely seemed worthy of release. I just didn't think that anyone would be interested in publishing a record by an unknown, defunct band. Thankfully, I was proven wrong. It will be nice to finally close the book on that band.

Read the rest here. Pre-orders for the Great Tyrant record and the new Pinkish Black record are available at the Relapse webstore. Album stream below.

As previously discussed, Pinkish Black will soon be touring with Zombi (whose new album came out on Relapse last week), and hitting NYC on November 11 at Saint Vitus. Tickets for that show are on sale now. All dates below.

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by Andrew Sacher

photo: Zombi at Saint Vitus in 2013 (more by Greg Cristman)

We knew experimental duo Zombi would be playing this year's Housecore Horror Festival, and now they announced a tour with their Relapse labelmates Pinkish Black leading up to it. The tour hits NYC on November 11 at Saint Vitus. Tickets will be on sale soon via Ticketfly. All dates are listed below.

Both bands will have new albums out on Relapse before then. Zombi's Shape Shift arrives on October 16 and is prefaced with two synth workouts, "Pillars of the Dawn" and "Mission Creep," and Pinkish Black's Bottom Of The Morning drops on 10/30. Going by eerie lead single "Brown Rainbow," it should be a good one to get the day before Halloween. Check out those songs below.

And actually, Relapse is putting out a second related release by both bands on each album's respective release date. Zombi's Steve Moore is releasing his score to Belgian horror film Cub and pre-Pinkish Black band The Great Tyrant is releasing The Trouble With Being Born.

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The band, which takes their name from a garbage dump near their hometown of Haugesund, straddle that line quite well, to the detriment of many people who want to listen and enjoy their music but just can't. Well, here's a chance to give that uneasy feeling another try. Årabrot just released the third in a trio of EPs, You Bunch of Idiots via Eolian Empire for the band's first stateside release. This EP, streaming in its entirety below, is six tracks spanning just 19 minutes of hostile weirdness. The recording will be released in Europe as 12-inch vinyl via Fysisk Format.

...Whether you think Årabrot is a triumph of high art from the lowest places or just a noise-rock mistake, (I'm not taking a side because I still haven't decided) there's no doubt that their music is loud, heavy, disturbing, and also entertaining in a creepy insane genius sort of way. Take it for a spin and tell us what you think. [Vanessa Salvia for Invisible Oranges]

Norwegian noise rock band Arabrot are streaming their new EP, You Bunch of Idiots, via Invisible Oranges, where the above quote is also from. It's officially out Tuesday (6/23) via Eolian Empire and Fysick Format. Check out the whole thing below.

Arabrot will be in North America soon for a tour that includes a run with the great Pinkish Black. Since we last spoke, GHOLD were also added to all dates. All three of those bands will hit NYC on July 19 at The Studio at Webster Hall. TIckets are still available.

Full tour schedule, with the EP stream, below...

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Norwegian noise rockers Arabrot will follow last year's I Modi EP with another EP called You Bunch of Idiots on June 16 via Eolian Empire in the US and Fysisk in Europe. That's the artwork above, and the tracklist is below, but no music has come out from it yet.

Arabrot also confirmed a North American tour to follow the EP's release, including a run with Texas goth duo Pinkish Black. That leg wraps up in NYC on July 19 at The Studio at Webster Hall. Tickets for that show are on sale now. All dates are listed below.

Pinkish Black last released Razed to the Ground in 2013, and earlier this year they said its followup is done. Details on that are still TBA, but meanwhile stream a track from Razed to the Ground and Arabrot's I Modi EP, with the list of dates, below...

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photos by Caroline Harrison

Kylesa @ Saint Vitus - 10/25/13

Kylesa, Pinkish Black and Sierra's BrooklynVegan/Invisible Oranges-presented tour wrapped up in Virginia over the weekend, after stopping in NYC for a sold-out show Saint Vitus Bar on Friday (10/25). We've got a set of pictures and a review over at Invisible Oranges. Here's an excerpt:

This was my first time seeing Kylesa, so I can't really compare this experience to seeing them in a larger setting, but playing in a small club worked for these guys. The house was packed, the sound was huge (and excellent), and the band crammed onto the tiny stage right up next to each other. Kylesa's dual drummer set-up sounded better closer to the stage -- they often double each other, and any nuance differentiating their parts can be lost at a distance. Regardless, this band knows how to play to their strengths, and it didn't hurt that the crowd was packed with folks who leapt at the chance to see Kylesa in a smaller setting like Vitus.
Check out the pictures and full writeup over at IO. More pictures are in this post.

NYC locals So Hideous (whom we recently debuted a track by) opened this show. We missed them, but they're about to head out on tour. Check out those dates, along with more pictures of Kylesa (including one of their setlist), Pinkish Black and Sierra from Saint Vitus, below...

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by Andrew Sacher


Brooklyn's Meek Is Murder are releasing their sophomore album, Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters, on October 22, and after revealing one of its tracks, the band are new debuting a second, "Ghost Moth," which makes its premiere in this post. Like most tracks on the album, it's a spastic, ever-evolving tune, and it includes some air-guitar-worthy shredding, not unlike what their producer Kurt Ballou did on "Sadness Comes Home" last year. The song only stays whiplash-inducing speed for so long though, before they pull a 180 and end in a head-nodding sludgefeast. Check it out below.

Meek Is Murder also have some previously discussed hometown shows coming up, including the Metal Injection/Metal Sucks CMJ showcase on October 18 at Acheron with Fuck the Facts, Fit For an Autopsy, Hivesmasher and the live debut of Stomach Earth, the new project of Mike McKenzie of The Red Chord (who once counted Meek guitarist Mike Keller as a member too). Tickets for that show are still available. After that, they join their friends So Hideous (who also have a new album on the way) for a day show (3 PM) on October 26 at ABC No Rio with NJ post-metal quintet East of the Wall and Mary Todd.

So Hideous also open the BV/IO-presented Kylesa, Pinkish Black, and Sierra show at Saint Vitus on October 25. Tickets for that show are still available.

Meek Is Murder song stream below...

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by Wyatt Marshall

Kylesa @ MDF 2011 (more by Fred Pessaro)

The second annual all-ages Southwest Terror Fest happens at Tucson, AZ's The Rock from October 10 - 13. This year's line-up is loaded with more than sixty bands including Red Fang (who recently played 285 Kent and are releasing a new album), Early Graves, Sacred Reich, Helms Alee and Subrosa. Single day tickets are on sale now. Most extreme music genres are covered, so feel free to pick your poison. Full line-up and set times are below.

Savannah sludge crew Kylesa (who played MHOW during Northside), Denton psych-weirdos Pinkish Black and Sierra, who are about to team up for a Brooklyn Vegan / Invisible Oranges sponsored tour will perform as the fest's headliners on October 10. Look to hear some of Kylesa's recent album Ultraviolet, Pinkish Black's excellent new album Razed to the Ground and Sierra's debut full-length Pslip (stream tracks from both Razed to the Ground and Pslip here) on that tour that hits NYC at Saint Vitus on October 25 (tickets).

Stream Kylesa's recent album, Ultraviolet, below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Pinkish Black at WIERD in 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro)
Pinkish Black

As discussed, Texas duo Pinkish Black are set to release their new album, Razed To The Ground, on September 17 via Century Media (the followup to their Handmade Birds debut), and the whole thing is now available to stream. Though they've got ties to the metal scene and elements of doom, it's really the goth/darkwave vibes that stick out most, and this should appeal to a pretty diverse audience. Check it out now, via Pitchfork, and you can also listen to two of its tracks below.

As you may know, Pinkish Black are set to head out on a BV/IO-presented tour with another band on the fringes of the metal scene, Kylesa. Also on the tour is Sierra, who recently released their debut full length, Pslip, on Kylesa's own Retro Futurist label (stream it below). The tour hits NYC on October 25 at Saint VItus, and tickets for that show are still available.

The tour dates are listed, along with streams, below...

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Pinkish Black

Pinkish Black have just released another track from the their forthcoming Razed To The Ground. The track, "Ashtray Eyes," first surfaced at Roadburn and is on their first effort for Century Media (9/17) which is the follow-up to their Handmade Birds debut. Stream it and the previously released "Kites & Vultures" in this post.

As mentioned, Pinkish Black will tour the US as part of a string of IO-sponsored dates with Kylesa. Look for that tour to hit Saint Vitus on 10/25 (tickets).

Song streams below...

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BrooklynVegan, in conjunction with InvisibleOranges, is the proud to announce our sponsorship of an upcoming tour featuring Kylesa, Pinkish Black and Sierra that will encompass the entire month of October. The shows head West from Kylesa's native Georgia on October 1, loop around the Northwest and head East by the end of the trek, hitting Saint Vitus on October 25. Advance tickets aren't on sale yet but you can keep checking Ticketfly. UPDATE: Tickets are on sale.

All tour dates are listed, as well as the tour poster, below.

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by Fred Pessaro

Impalers at Red 7 May 2012 (more by Tim Griffin)

As mentioned, on Saturday (8/17) The Acheron will host The Impalers with Vaaska, Back to Back and Missionary, part of the Impalers/Vaaska tour. Its a night of ripping hardcore/punk and surely worth the piddling $8 at the door. But even if you can't swing it, you can STILL see the show by entering to win a pair of tickets. Details on how to win are below.

Don't forget that every week, you can tune into Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio on Tuesday at 10 PM Eastern to listen for the latest and greatest in the heavy underground. If you missed it, check out this week's episode with Pitchfork editor Brandon Stosuy in the EVR archives and you can check out the playlist too. Tune in Tuesday (8/20) at 10PM ET.

Meanwhile, in the past week on InvisibleOranges we checked out new tracks from Pinkish Black, Twilight of the Gods, Pentagram (Chile) and Grave. We also took time out to review the Aerial Ruin / Stevie Floyd split and the new Fyrnask, as well as get really hyped on Vhol's current tour.

For more metal/hardcore/punk shows, head to our fancy new NYC Metal Show Calendar. It rules.

Details on how to win tickets and a stream of some Impalers material, plus the entirety of the Integrity Palm Sunday video from 2006, are below.

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Pinkish Black

After releasing their last LP on the smaller, but well respected Handmade Birds label, Pinkish Black are back and will drop their new effort Razed To The Ground on 9/17 via Century Media. The effort features the new track "Kites and Vultures," which is streaming below.

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KEN Mode at Saint Vitus earlier this month (more by Caroline Harrison)
KEN Mode

Unfortunately, Pinkish Black has been forced to cancel tonight's appearance (March 16) at the BV / Invisible Oranges showcase at The North Door. We are super bummed but happily, valiant Canadian metallic-noise-rock crew KEN Mode are always down to annihilate and as such, a hearty thanks goes out to the trio for filling in at the last minute! Here's what you can look forward to tonight:

7PM doors open
8PM Homewrecker
9PM KEN Mode
10PM Full of Hell
11PM Mutilation Rites
12PM John Baizley
1AM Pallbearer
See you there!

Pallbearer at Knitting Factory, Sept 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)

Invisible Oranges and BrooklynVegan are proud to announce an official SXSW showcase! The show will be the first ever Invisible Oranges showcase and looks like this

Saturday, March 16th at North Door in Austin:
John Baizley (Baroness)
Mutilation Rites
Full of Hell
Pinkish Black
The show, which features everything from black metal to grind to doom to dark post-punk, will go down on Saturday, March 16th at North Door (formerly ND Studios, 501 Brushy, Austin, TX) Doors open at 7PM. Get there early to join in on the festivities, but if you cant make it we will be streaming the show in its entirety LIVE from the venue. Details on that are forthcoming, but you officially have no excuse to miss out!

The official showcase is one of TWO BrooklynVegan Official nighttime SXSW showcases in 2013. The other is one night earlier, and not metal. The show is also one of TWO Invisible Oranges related events going down during SXSW. The second IO event will be a day party on March 15th as part of our residency at the old Emo's location. Details on that party are on the way, but save the date! You won't want to miss it.

Check out video of the bands playing the inaugural IO/BV showcase below!

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Left for Dead at A389 in Baltimore, Jan 2013Left for Dead

Chaos In Tejas have announced the latest batch of bands for the Austin, Texas festival set for late May/early June. New additions include announced reunions for Left for Dead and the Rats (pre Dead Moon/Pierced Arrows), with other appearances including Mobb Deep will perform all of their classic The Infamous LP, No Statik, Parquet Courts, Pharmakon, Pinkish Black, Grouper, Lust For Youth, Waxahatchee, Benediction, Jessica Pratt, True Widow, Vassafor, Violent End, Speedwolf, Waxahatchee, Who Killed Spikey Jacket?, Replica, Lotus Fucker, Cold World, Jessica Pratt, Joyce Manor, Marshstepper and much more. Head below for the current Chaos in Tejas lineup. Tickets are on sale.

Full lineup and a multi-camera video from their Baltimore reunion at A389 is below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

One Tail One Head at Inferno Festival, April 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
One Tail One Head

2012 was a year of considerable personal growth for me, as a person, a photographer and a music fan. As I recounted in my favorite photos of 2012, I got to shoot some of my favorite bands of all time and travel the globe in search of new ones. The beginning of the year was spent dealing with personal drama, and if it werent for key records in my life I shudder to think at where I would be right now. To every band on this list and many who aren't, I cant thank you enough.

First order of business, my musical pallette is much much larger than just a series of metal records. This is NOT a list of my favorite records of the year, because that would surely include other entries from across many different genres. This is, however, a list of some of my favorite heavier records.

To me, the term "heavy" can be defined in many ways, from the elongated riff on a doom record to a noise squall to a particularly punishing punk-rock beatdown. While most of the following records are "heavy" in the traditional "distortion and loud guitars" sense, a few are not. You'll see metal, you'll see deathrock, you'll see raw punk, you'll see hardcore, and many spots in between in the numbered list below. And to answer your question, yes you'll see Swans... right beside D-Clone and Asphyx.

My favorite records of 2012 are below. Hopefully you'll see a connection in favorites or maybe discover something new. Regardless, I hope you found your own favorites of the year whether in this list or outside of it.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Svarttjern at Inferno Festival

Its been quite a ride for me personally and as a photographer in 2012. I've had the distinct honor to cover some of my favorite bands in the world this year, including legends and favorites that vary as widely as Morrissey (HERE), New Order (HERE), Autopsy (HERE and HERE), Godflesh (HERE), Dead Can Dance (HERE), Swans (HERE), Jesus & Mary Chain (HERE), Chain of Strength (HERE) and many many more.

But I'm also very interested in the new, and 2012 afforded me the ability to shoot great younger bands like Terrible Feelings (HERE), Whitehorse (HERE), White Lung (HERE), Milk Music (HERE), Nude Beach (HERE) and loads more. Its been a great year, and though I still have some shooting left in the tank for 2012, here are my favorites as of right now along with brief blurbs on why . We'll start with the above photo....

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Pinkish Black at WIERD, Nov 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
Pinkish Black

Second chances are great. Third chances are even better. Pinkish Black played WIERD earlier this week (on 11/28) and Saint Vitus last night (12/1) and have now added a THIRD show at Acheron on 12/3 with Bezoar, Gentlemen and Dolores Boys for all of you procrastinators who didn't get a chance to catch them their first two times. If you haven't had the pleasure, I highly recommend you do so. - Fred Pessaro // BBG

by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Pinkish Black @ WIERD, 11/28/2012
Pinkish Black
Pinkish Black

Pinkish Black, who have a new record to show off, played the first of two NYC area shows at the WIERD party at Home Sweet Home last night (11/28), part of a stint of dates for the darkwave Texas duo. Bathed in fog, the band seemed perfectly suited for the multi-colored lighting and overall gothic vibe of the weekly WIERD shindig at Home Sweet Home. Pictures from the band's excellent performance are in this post.

If you missed Pinkish Black, the band is currently on the road in the Northeast (dates below) and will return to play Saint Vitus on 12/1 alongside Naam. Tickets are still available.

Next up at WIERD (12/5), the party will host a performance from Theologian which will feature a live percussionist in addition to noise technicians Fade Kainer and Lee Bartow. The rest of the month doesn't look to shabby either.

More pictures from WIERD are below. Before hitting Home Sweet Home, I checked out Eyehategod at Saint Vitus and those pictures are here.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Michael Berdan of Believer/Law, on stage with Veins, June 2011 (more by Tim Griffin)

Dating back nine years, it's no wonder that the weekly WIERD party draws some great bands and especially for a late night on a Wednesday. WIERD's anniversary will be celebrated tonight at their homebase of Home Sweet Home (11/21) with an appearance from Sacred Bones artist Led Er Est. Come out and party.

But if you can't make it to WIERD this week, there are still a bunch of great bands in the coming weeks as well. Next Wednesday (11/28) means an appearance from Texas band Pinkish Black, who just signed to Century Media for a new LP. The band's last NYC appearance was at Saint Vitus on June 15th as part of Northside, on a bill with Deafheaven, Indian Jewelry and Vattnet Viskar.

Sweden's Lust for Youth will begin their trek towards the end of the world (if you believe this kind of stuff) with a show at Wierd on 12/12/2012. The band recently released Growing Seeds via Sacred Bones earlier this month after a smaller release in the EU on Avant! Records. Check out a song stream below.

And last but not least, the WIERD Holidaze Party (12/19) will feature Believer/Law with DJ Ryan DAIS. The band features vocalist Michael Berdan (Drinkdriver/Veins, etc) and steers away from some of his previous hardcore-based focus, instead opting for keyboard-driven gothic-industrial. Check out a new song below, along with a live video. The holiday party will also double as a record release show for the band's upcoming cassette on Robert & Leopold (LP due on Blind Prophet soon).

Check out video from some of the bands with forthcoming WIERD performances below, along with tonight's 9th Anniversary Flyer. Congrats, WIERD!

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Deafheaven at Public Assembly (more by Greg Cristman)

With only twelve days to go, Pitchfork's "Show No Mercy" have announced their Northside Festival showcase with Wierd Records. The June 15th show at Saint Vitus will feature an exclusive headlining appearance from Deafheaven, who will be joined by Austin psychedelics Indian Jewelry, gothic post-punk crew Pinkish Black (who we recently profiled) and black-metallers Vattnet Viskar. Tickets are on sale or you can get in with your Northside badge.

The show is at the same time as the previously discussed show with Harkonen, The Atlas Moth, Fight Amp, and Whores show at Union Pool. The show features a rare appearance from Harkonen, one of their first in NYC since their 2005 dissolution and one of only three dates on the East Coast. Tickets are still available for that as well, or you can also get in with your badge.

Vattnet Viskar, who released a self-titled EP earlier this year, recently signed with Century Media for their next LP. The band played Lit Lounge last month as part of a Broken Limbs showcase (pictures).

Deafheaven appears on the latest Deathwish sampler, which is out now and FREE.

Flyer for the Show No Mercy/WIERD Northside show is below.

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by BBG

Pinkish Black art
Pinkish Black

Fort Worth crew Pinkish Black cite names like Suicide, Magma and Scott Walker as influences on their new self-titled effort which is due via Handmade Birds on May 15th. While there are definitely elements of all of those highly-influential greats, Pinkish Black also utilize elements of post-punk, goth, black metal, deathrock, noise, ambient and all other manners of darkness on the release. They come off like a death-obessed Om on the band's first track "Bodies in Tow" (video below) yet very Nick Cave/Birthday Party on "Fall Down" the band's second track which premieres in this post. Listen below...

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