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by Black Bubblegum

Wata, Pitchfork Fest 2008 (more by Joseph Juechao Xx)
Boris Pitchfork Fest

That East Village Radio Festival on September 6th looked pretty damn interesting already..... I mean how many times do you get to see Devin The Dude, John Oliver, AND Awesome Color on the same stage? Well, its about to get a little bit LOUDER, because the mighty Boris has been added to headline the whole shindig! Yikes! Boris for free? You guys shouldn't have.

So far, that makes the uber-ecelectic lineup look like this:

Hosted by KRS-One,
Awesome Color,
Vivian Girls,
High Places,
Dr. Lonnie Smith,
The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble,
Flying Lotus,
Ólöf Arnalds,
Devin the Dude,
John Oliver of The Daily Show
Boris recently vibrated the stages of Pitchfork Music Festival (check out the pics here) and Webster Hall with the Miami badasses Torche. Watch a video from that Pitchfork below...

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photos by Elizabeth Weinberg

Apples in Stereo

Bad news. The Apples in Stereo have cancelled the show they were supposed to play Thursday July 31st at Brooklyn Masonic Temple (home of future TV on the Radio & Broken Social Scene shows).

Earlimart (who are playing an in-store at Sound Fix tonight) were supposed to open at Masonic Temple, but now they're going to play a late show that night at Union Hall instead (after the Spinto Band residency show). And as you can see....

The Apples In Stereo - 2008 Tour Dates
The Apples in Stereo

...The Apples ask that we go to the Jersey show at Blend on Friday. And then we can watch them on The Colbert Report too. A few more pics from last weeked's Pitchfork Festival (that they DID play) below...

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DOWNLOAD: Icy Demons - Miami Ice (MP3)

Icy Demons @ 2008 Pitchfork Festival (more by Joseph Juechao Xu)
Icy Demons

Icy Demons is an experimental music project started by Bablicon's Griffin Rodriguez (credited as Blue Hawaii) and Man Man / Need New Body's Christopher Powell (Pow Pow). A project of various Chicago musicians, they have released three albums, Fight Back! on the Elephant 6-associated label Cloud Recordings. Tears of a Clone on the Eastern Developments Music, and in 2007 Miami Ice on Easel (Japan release only). [Wiki]
Tour dates below...

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photos by Elizabeth Weinberg

"Sunday was the ideal day to visit the church of Spiritualized, who reminded everyone they've all but secured their status as Gen-X's Pink Floyd, with mastermind Jason Pierce pleasing his unwashed congregation by pulling out Spacemen 3 songs along with material from the recently released Songs in A&E." [Seattle Weekly]

Spiritualized @ Pitchfork Fest

Spiritualized are working their way around the United States since playing the Pitchfork Festival on Sunday. On Friday night they make a stop at the 9:30 Club in DC and NPR is making that show available to everyone with an internet connection. Then Saturday and Sunday it's Music Hall of Williamsburg and Terminal 5 in NYC respectively. A few more Pitchfork pics below...

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photos by Elizabeth Weinberg

Bon Iver

Bon Iver

Bon Iver is out on tour and making his way to NYC to play two sold out shows in less than a week from now. On Sunday he played a set at the Pitchfork Fest in Chicago.

Justin Vernon expands Bon Iver to a four-piece and they infuse the lonesome, dark-night-of-the-soul songs on his debut album a with a communal, campfire glow. [Chicago Tribune]
More pics from that below...

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photos by Elizabeth Weinberg

Jarvis Cocker @ PF

Lessons in how to win over a crowd start now. Hope the guys in Vampire Weekend were in the wings taking notes. Jarvis Cocker is so skinny, his glasses so large, he's practically a caricature of himself. Yet he commands the stage like a pro, a veteran of countless European festivals dating back to his days in Brit-pop giants Pulp. He jumps from glam-rock audacity to blue-eyed-soul sincerity, and sells each song to the far corners of the park. Cocker's no hack. His songs brim with clever wordplay, devastating humor and honesty, and supersized hooks. But he never assumes his audience is just along for the ride. [Chicago Tribune]
That review, and these pictures, are from Jarvis's performance Saturday (July 19, 2008) at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. Moving on, Jarvis is now in NYC to play two more American shows. The first is tonight (July 21) @ Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. The next is Tuesday at the much larger Terminal 5. Tickets are still available for the latter. More pics below...

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photos by Elizabeth Weinberg

Sebadoh @ PF

Friday night featured three groups performing their respective definitive albums. Mission of Burma's trademark post-punk sound pervaded for its performance of 1982's Vs. Sebadoh's set, which comprised the noisy-to-folk renderings of Bubble and Scrape, found the trio trading instruments and vocal leads. The set was derailed in the midst of Lou Barlow's acoustic Think (Let Tomorrow Bee) by Public Enemy's production duo, The Bomb Squad, which started its set before Sebadoh was finished. This incited audience members to chant for Public Enemy. Sebadoh completed its set, and The Bomb Squad spun dance rhythms as a precursor to Public Enemy's performance of 1988's groundbreaking It Takes a Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back. Flavor Fav was missing on stage during Bring the Noise, though his vocal parts were curiously present in the mix. Later, even though Flavor Flav and Chuck D exchanged terse quips during the Fight The Power finale, Chuck D departed the stage leaving Flavor Flav to lead the audience through "peace" and "power" chants. The set included Party for Your Right to Fight and Don't Believe the Hype. Flav's antics caused tension with fans, too: While plugging his reality show, he was booed, to which he responded, "Boo your girlfriend, don't boo the Flav." Chuck D brought the show back on track, and other gems included Public Enemy No. 1 and for the first time live in 18 years, Terminator X to the Edge of Panic. [USA Today]
More Sebadoh pics below...

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photos by Elizabeth Weinberg

Mission Of Burma @ PF

"Sun is falling down/Sky is falling down/Seasons falling down/Air is falling down," Boston art-punk legends Mission of Burma sang in "Weatherbox" Friday night, midway through the opening set of the fourth Pitchfork Music Festival, as their guitars, bass, drums and tape loops evoked the fury of bombs falling in the midst of an earthquake during a vicious thunderstorm.

Thankfully, the real downpour stopped not long before the band officially opened the three-day festival in the West Side's Union Park. But it was an ominous message nonetheless, with the weather threatening to dampen souls if not spirits all weekend long at what has become the premier celebration of the musical underground in Chicago and the entire U.S.

It's easy to take shots at Pitchfork's opening-night "Don't Look Back" concept of bands performing one of their classic albums in its entirety and to dismiss it as a gimmick or cheap nostalgia. But as with everything else, it all depends on the music in question.

A long since gone-Hollywood Liz Phair performing "Exile in Guyville" or the reunited sorta-Smashing Pumpkins rendering "Gish" arguably are as sad as any state fair act. But a band like Mission of Burma is a different story: Its music was always far ahead of its time; it ended the first round of its career prematurely, in part because of guitarist Roger Miller's tinnitus, and the new albums it has recorded since 2004 have been every bit as good as "Vs." (1983), the subject of Friday's retrospective.
[Jim DeRogatis @ Chicago Sun Times]

More pics below...

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photos by Elizabeth Weinberg


8:17 p.m.: Public Enemy takes the stage. Yeah!!!! Or, do they? No, wait, it's really their Bomb Squad production team --- Hank and Keith Shocklee --- laying down some dub-reggae beats on the turntables.

8:45 p.m.: The band shows up but seems in no particular hurry to get going.

8:50 p.m.: Air-raid sirens, three guys in Desert Storm camouflage (the S1W's, who double as dancers and security guards), and finally the megaphone voice of Chuck D. "Bring the Noise" begins a tour through "It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back." This 1988 album served as a rite of passage for a generation in the way it distilled African-American dissent into a series of Molotov-cocktail songs. It still feels like the soundtrack to Eldridge Cleaver's "Soul on Ice" or "The Autobiography of Malcolm X." Its beats --- built on James Brown's "Funky Drummer" syncopations --- were every bit as fierce as Chuck's rhymes. It hasn't dated a bit.

9:10 p.m.: Flavor Flav, who shows up late and is chastised by Chuck D, trumpets his reality-TV show and the audience lets him have it. "Sell-out!" "Boooooo!" Flav is not amused.

9:17 p.m.: Flav momentarily redeems himself by restarting "Mind Terrorist." "Where the volume at?" Indeed, the volume is a few dozen decibels short of adequate. The band's urgency isn't matched by what's coming out of the speakers.

9:45 p.m.: Like a heavyweight boxer sensing a knockout, Chuck D closes in for the kill. "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" creeps with menace, and the music surges. The crowd is into it too, as the set closes with a furious "Rebel Without a Pause," "Prophets of Rage" and "Party for Your Right to Fight," before seguing into "He Got Game" and its central riff from Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth."

10:30 p.m.: The band roars through a half-hour's worth of hits after wrapping up "Millions." "Fight the Power" sends everyone home. Time to get home and recharge for Day 2.
[Greg Kot @ the Chicago Tribune]

This happened Friday night (July 18, 2008) @ The Pitchfork Fetsival. More pics below....

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Jarvis Cocker

Jarvis Cocker has explained that he plans to release a new studio album in 2008, and has revealed the names of two tracks set for the record.

Speaking to NME.COM, the ex-Pulp singer said that he had two new songs written - 'Girls Like It Too' and 'The Usual' - and hoped to have enough material to record the follow-up to his 2006 solo debut 'Jarvis' soon.

"I've got vague ideas," he said of the forthcoming LP. "I'd like to do another [album] before the end of the year."

Cocker explained that 'Girls Like It Too' was, as its title suggests, about how females enjoy sex as well as men. "Which boys sometimes forget," said the singer.

Jarvis is visiting America again in July. He'll play the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago on July 19th and then make his way down to NYC to play shows at Music Hall of Williamsburg and Terminal 5. Tickets for the NYC shows go on sale Friday. All dates below.....

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