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by Rob Sperry-Fromm

photo: Planning for Burial at Saint Vitus in March (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Travis Barker

NJ's Planning For Burial has been up to some stuff this year. He just played a NYC show with So Hideous, he released a heavier-than-usual split with Mother Room, and he went on tour with Mother Room and King Woman, who used to sing with Whirr and released a solo EP earlier this year. That tour that ended up being the subject of a short documentary about the bands. You can watch it and stream that split below.

Now PFB has a NYC show coming up Friday (11/6) at Cake Shop with San Francisco's Chasms and Dark Tunnels. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

For Chasms, they're making their NYC debut this week and that show with PFB is the second of two gigs. The other is tonight (11/5) at Silent Barn with Courtship Ritual, Winkie, and Decorum. They make a sort of heavy electronic shoegaze music, as you can hear by checking out a video below.

King Woman is playing a couple west coast shows with True Widow. You can check out those dates below too.

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by Rob Sperry-Fromm

photo by Dean Chooch Landry
So Hideous

Local orchestral black metal band So Hideous are playing a release show for their new album Laurestine. The show is at ABC No Rio on Saturday (10/24) as an early show (doors at 3), and tickets will be at the door. It features support from excellent PA doom/shoegaze artist Planning For Burial, Black Table and Barbarian.

Laurestine is a pretty insane, extremely ambitious mix of shoegazy black metal with the orchestral theatricality of someone like Septicflesh or even Goblin. It came out last week on Prosthetic and you can stream it below.

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by Andrew Sacher


Plenty of great metal, hardcore and other heavy shows in NYC are getting announced all the time. We don't get a chance to write about all of them, so here's a roundup of some recently-announced stuff coming up:

California old school-style death metallers Gravehill are playing shows in support of last year's Death Curse, including NYC on August 12 at the Acheron. It's a good lineup all around with their Dark Descent labelmates Ghoulgotha and Horrendous, plus Brooklyn locals Mutant Supremacy. Tickets are on sale. Stream Death Curse below.

Long-running death/thrashers Deceased are still active and will celebrate their 30th anniversary with a NYC show on November 14 at Saint VItus. Opening that show will be Bat, Iron Force and Grey Skies Fallen. Tickets are on sale now.

French grinders Department of Correction are touring the US with Mother Brain (again), and hitting NYC on August 8 at Saint Vitus with local staples Pyrrhon. Tickets are on sale.

Crust supergroup Severed Head of State (with members of World Burns To Death, Tragedy, J Church and more) come to NYC on July 30 at the Acheron with Razorheads and Indignation. Tickets are on sale.

Local black metal faves Krallice appear to be hinting at a new album on their Facebook. While details on that aren't confirmed, a live show for July 27 at the Acheron is. Radiation Blackbody and Feast of the Epiphany open. Tickets are on sale.

The doom and gloom of Planning for Burial returns to the stage on July 24 at Grand Victory with Iron Gag and Prostitution. Tickets are on sale.

Mexican black metal veterans Xibalba Itzaes (previously known as Xibalba, but changed to Xibalba Itzaes in 2010 to avoid confusion with the California hardcore band Xibalba) have been at it since the early '90s and will play their first-ever NYC show on Halloween at the Acheron. Opening is Fantom Warrior and Occult Burial. Tickets for what sounds like a pretty spooky Halloween are on sale now.

Die ChokingHuman Bodies

Die Choking are a new-ish Philly grindcore band with members of Total Fucking Destruction and Cop Problem. They debuted last year with two EPs, titled I and II, and you can stream both in all their brutal rapid-fast glory below. They're coming to NYC for a show on July 29 at Saint Vitus with Blänk, Sangharsha, Ides and Hounds. Tickets are on sale.

Sangharsha also play a Nepal benefit a bit sooner at Acheron on July 15 with Tiger Flowers, Skullshitter and Brute Mukti (tickets).

Boston black metal/punk blenders Human Bodies will descend upon NYC on July 21 at Acheron with One Master, Syphilitic Lust and Salo (tickets). Earlier this year, they put out the MMXIII​-​MMXIV, which compiles last year's No Life with 2013's MMXIII demo and includes two previously unreleased tracks. It's raw, eerie, and surprisingly kinda catchy. Stream it in full below.

Anthrax's Scott Ian is spending a lot of time at Saint VItus this year. His band Motor Sister played there in February, and now he's set to return for spoken word shows on August 4 and 6. Tickets for both are available. Scott's also taking part in the NYC performance of The Doomstar Requiem, the metal opera (or "Klok-Opera") from the Metalocalypse/Dethklok guy, Brendon Small. Tickets are available for that too.

Tucson sludge band Godhunter are making their way to NYC for a show on August 13 at Saint Vitus with Destroyer of Light and Immortal Bird. Tickets are on sale now. They released their debut album, City of Dust, last year. You can stream that below.

Death metal locals Artificial Brain play Saint VItus on July 30 with Cognitive, Organ Dealer and Skullshitter. Tickets are on sale.

Throwback riffers Ruby the Hatchet play Acheron on July 24 with Joy, The Golden Grass and IYEZ. Tickets are on sale.

Lastly (for now), the Destroy Cleveland documentary will be celebrated on July 25 at the Acheron with a set from Cleveland's Fuck You Pay Me (tickets). Here's the documentary description:

Destroy Cleveland is a documentary film by Matt Greenfield about Cleveland Hardcore from 1987 through the early 2000's.

Featuring interviews and performances by Integrity, Ringworm, Judge,H100s, Cider, Hatebreed, Quicksand, Apt 213, 9 Shocks Terror, Inmates, In Cold Blood, Quicksand, Civ, Dwid Hellion, Aaron and Lenny Melnick, James Bulloch, Tony Erba, Tony "Chubby Fresh" Pines, Paul Schlacter, Steve Peffer, Chris Pellow, and many more!!

Other previously discussed heavy NYC shows coming up include Windhand, Noisem, Revocation / Cannabis Corpse, Cult of Luna / Kylesa, Caspian / Circle Takes the Square, The Body, Earth, Slayer / King Diamond, Motorhead / Anthrax, Thou / False, Rosetta, Power Trip / Red Death / Foreseen, The Atlas Moth / Vattnet Viskar / Atriarch, Weedeater / Kings Destroy, Uncle Acid, High on Fire / Pallbearer / Lucifer / Venomous Maximus, Primitive Man, Ghost, Neurosis / Brothers of the Sonic Cloth / Sumac, Old Man Gloom, Godflesh / Prurient, Catharsis, Christian Mistress / High Spirits, Trap Them / Full of Hell, and more.

Speaking of Christian Mistress, their new album To Your Death comes out September 18 via Relapse and they recently put out its single "Open Road." Listen below.

What else?

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Andrew Sacher

TWDY / Sannhet / Planning for Burial @ Saint Vitus - 2/27/15
This Will Destroy You
Planning for Burial

Post rockers This Will Destroy You played a BrooklynVegan-presented two-night stand at Saint Vitus on Thursday (2/26) and Friday (2/27) with different openers each night. The first had their collaborator Christopher Tignor and local atmospheric metal band So Hideous, and the second had the gloomy Planning for Burial and local instrumental post-metal band Sannhet. The pictures in this post are of night 2.

Planning for Burial's set sounded a little less consistent than his recent album, as he was doing everything with a loop pedal and drum machine which just didn't fully capture what makes the album so great. But there was no denying the power of the raw, cathartic ending which had him screaming into the air without a mic.

Sannhet, whose new album Revisionist comes out this week on The Flenser (same label as PfB) and had hit the web a few days prior to the show, sounded huge. Though atmospheric black and sludge metal are influences, their approach to instrumental rock is not too unlike TWDY's and the pairing of the two of them was perfect. Sannet makes music that overwhelms you, and as good as their albums may be, there's nothing like standing in front of the band with their wall of sound towering over you.

In comparison, This Will Destroy You played a much softer set, but still the kind with the ability to mesmerize. They opened with a newer one, but then took it right back to old favorite "A Three-Legged Workhorse" which really set the mood for the set. While Sannhet's light show makes them a sight to see, TWDY is the kind of thing you want to close your eyes to. The minimal stage show feels intentional -- one member even plays sitting down.

More pictures below...

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by Andrew Sacher


Sannhet have been one of Brooklyn's best post-metal bands for a while now, and next week they'll release their anticipated sophomore album (and first for The Flenser), Revisionist. We already posted the crushing single "Lost Crown" and the title track, and now they've made the whole album available to stream. It's soaring, epic music that stays captivating from start to finish, despite the lack of a vocalist. And sure their metal ties make this a heavy album, but it's nothing that wouldn't appeal to fans of Explosions in the Sky and Sigur Ros as much as it would appeal to fans of Neurosis. Take a listen below, via Pitchfork.

Pitchfork also interviewed them, and they talked -- among other things -- about the band's light show, which you know is a big part of their performance if you've seen them live. Says bassist AJ Annunziata:

It's meant to be as choreographed as possible--I trigger the flood lights and the strobe lights with my foot--but it does still have a little bit of openness and responsiveness to the set. John and Chris were apprehensive about the lights because, again, it was like defining a theme or idea to the songs, and they're very much about keeping that ambiguous and interpretative. So they made a rule for me when I was making the projections: They cannot be tied to any one realistic physical thing or idea. So I did a lot of animations akin to animation experiments from the early part of the 20th century.
You can see that light show in action when the band hit the road with Liturgy this spring. They also play their hometown sooner than that with the likeminded This Will Destroy You and their Flenser labelmates Planning for Burial. It's night 2 of TWDY's BrooklynVegan-presented two-night stand at Saint Vitus this week. Both sold out.

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by Andrew Sacher


The Native Sound is introducing a new split 7" series which begins on February 24 with Unconditional Arms / Threading, and continues in April with Former Ghosts / Funeral Advantage and May with Planning for Burial / Mother Room.

We've got the premiere of Michigan band Threading's track "Ember" from the first split. It's dense, somber shoegaze that trudges along at a glacial pace. Listen for yourself below. You can pre-order that split here and subscribe to the series here.

In related news, Planning for Burial open night 2 of This Will Destroy You's BV-presented 2-night stand at Saint Vitus, along with Sannhet. Night 1 is with So Hideous and Christopher Tignor. Tickets for both are still available.

Both Threading and split-mates Unconditional Arms have upcoming dates too (none in NYC). Those are listed, with the new Threading song, below...

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by Andrew Sacher

photo: Sannhet at Saint Vitus in 2014 (more by Greg Cristman)

As discussed, Brooklyn instrumental post-metal trio Sannhet have signed to The Flenser for their upcoming sophomore album, Revisionist, which is due out on March 3. They've now premiered its new single, "Lost Crown," over at Stereogum, and it's more proof that this band can build one hell of a wall of sound. Check it out below.

We're also happy to announce that Sannhet and their Flenser labelmate Planning for Burial (who released the excellent Desideratum LP last year) have been added to night two of This Will Destroy You's BrooklynVegan-presented two-night stand at Saint Vitus (2/26 & 2/27). Night 1 openers still TBA. Tickets for both are still available.

UPDATE: So Hideous and Christopher Tignor are opening night 1.

Sannhet also play Vitus with Youth Code and Statiqbloom soon. Stream their new song, along with PfB's album and a track from TWDY's latest album, below...

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by Rob Sperry-Fromm

Planning for Burial at Saint Vitus in 2011 (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Planning for Burial

New Jersey's Planning For Burial, who released the excellent Desideratum earlier this year, is heading out on a short run of east coast dates this month into December. He'll be hitting NYC for a show at Grand Victory on November 30, which will feature support from Phily's Psychic Teens (who just put out a new 7"), Street Sects nad Hex Cult. Tickets for that show are on sale now. All dates are listed below.

Planning For Burial also recently released a split with Minnesota goth/post-punk crew Liar In Wait. Planning For Burial's track, "Mischief Night," which you can stream below, is really a continuation of the more accessible flavors of Desideratum, showcasing a strongly developed take on shoegaze and post-rock. Its a legitimately lush, beautiful, enveloping listen. Check it out, with the list of dates, below...

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Prurient at Saint Vitus in January (more by Greg Cristman)

You can browse our full NYC show calendar for all of tonight's shows, but here are some highlights...

The Rock *A* Teens, Will Sheff, Bird of Youth @ Poisson Rouge
Nineties era indie rock band The Rock*A*Teens took from rockabilly (love of reverb, crazed playing), they added elements of music hall and powerpop, creating a boozy sound all their own. Having been broken up since 2000, the band reformed for Merge 25 and are playing a few more shows while back in action. Having Will Sheff on the bill doesn't hurt.

Tiny Ruins, Tashaki Miyaki, Weyes Blood, Belle Mare @ Baby's All Right
NZ folk act Tiny Ruins will soon be on tour with Sharon Van Etten but they'll be playing NYC club shows first. Tonight actually has a stacked lineup, with LA's misty Tashaki Miyaki, and Brooklyn's very talented Weyes Blood.

Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Bobby Patterson, Music Maker Blues Revue @ Damrosch Bandshell
The free Lincoln Center Out of Doors series continues today with a show headlined by soul great Charles Bradley, whose musical career dates back to the '60s but only recently began including albums of new, original music.

Parasites, Shellshag, Flamingo Nosebleed, The Homewreckers, Giant Peach @ Death By Audio
Two melodic punk bands, Parasites and Flamingo Nosebleed, are on tour together and tonight they hit NYC. Locals Shellshag practically call this venue home, and should be a great fit with the touring bands.

Sunflower Bean, Mirror Kisses, Teen Body, Surfing @ Glasslands
Lightly psychedelic with grooving basslines and sweet harmonies, new Brooklyn Sunflower Bean seem to have a firm grasp on their sound.

Baauer, Boys Noize, L-Vis 1990, LE1S (DJ Set), Pilo, Samo Sound Boy, Spank Rock @ Governors Island
Both Baauer and Boys Noize are producers of bass-heavy, in-your-face electronic music, and there's no doubt their sets will be gigantic dance parties at today's outdoor show. It's an all-day thing with solid openers too.

Prurient, Clay Rendering, Lussuria, Dual Action, Sandess, DJ Akitsa @ Home Sweet Home
Tonight's show at Home Sweet Home features some Hospital Productions heavyweights paying tribute to Euronymous of of the forerunning Norwegian black metal band Mayhem, who was notoriously killed by Varg Vikernes of Burzum 21 years ago. At midnight, the venue will play Mayhem's classic debut album De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas in its entirety.

Allen Toussaint @ Joe's Pub
As a songwriter, producer and performer, Allen Toussaint helped shape the sound of New Orleans R&B. Rediscover his rich catalog tonight

King Parrot, Die Choking, Organ Dealer, Nightcrawler @ Grand Victory
Australian trashers King Parrot and Philly grinders Die Choking are on the road together, and tonight they take over Brooklyn for a show at Grand Victory.

Planning for Burial, Sea Creature, Earth Mover @ The Acheron
Planning for Burial put out an excellent album on The Flenser this year which combined elements of drone, shoegaze and black/doom metal, but was also surprisingly catchy for such dreary music.

Heathered Pearls, Lord Raja, Starchild, Tallesen @ Trans-Pecos
Polish-born Brooklynite Jakub Alexander, who is Heathered Pearls, makes ambient soundscapes in the Eno tradition with just enough melody to keep it from completely floating away into the ether.

Comedy Night @ Knitting Factory
Big league comedy talent (Chris Rock, Louis CK, etc) show up regularly (and unannounced) for Hannibal's very popular free comedy show at Knitting Factory's front bar. Having had his own Comedy Central special and a featured performer on Broad City, Hannibal himself is getting pretty big league. Get there early.

For all of tonight's shows, and tomorrow's, check out our NYC concert calendar.

For laughs, check out the NYC Comedy calendar too.


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What else?

Pallbearer at Europa in 2013 (more by Greg Cristman)

Arkansas doomsters Pallbearer, whose 2012 debut album Sorrow and Extinction was one of the buzziest metal albums of that year, are about to hit the road with another buzzy metal band, Deafheaven, with Wreck & Reference along for the ride too. That tour doesn't hit NYC but Deafheaven play Governor's Ball and Pallbearer will play a Northside Festival show on June 12 at Europa, presented by Pitchfork's Show No Mercy & Hell Awaits. Also on the bill is Hull, Planning for Burial, Yellow Eyes and Vilkacis. Tickets are on sale now or you can also try to get in using your Northside badge. All Pallbearer dates are listed below.

Pitchfork is also presenting two Northside shows at Saint Vitus which include Perfect Pussy, Hop Along, Frankie Cosmos, Marissa Nadler, Pharmakon and more.

Meanwhile, that Northside show is one of three chances to catch Planning for Burial, whose excellent new album can be streamed now, in NYC. He also plays the Metal Cats release party at Union Pool on Saturday (5/17) and his tour hits Grand Victory on July 7 (tickets).

Speaking of Hull, the band play Brooklyn's Saint Vitus on Saturday (5/17) with Bloody Hammers. The show, dubbed "Liz & Luis: The Unholy Fucking Union," is actually an afterparty for a wedding but is open to the public. If you go, please give the happy couple your congratulations. Tickets are on sale.

Updated Planning for Burial dates are also listed, with the list of Pallbearer dates, below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Planning for Burial at Saint Vitus in 2011 (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Planning for Burial

NJ's Planning for Burial, who previously had releases out on Have A Nice Life's Enemies List label, has signed to trusty dark music label The Flenser (also currently home to HANL) for his newest full length, Desideratum, which comes out next week (5/13). Words that typically get thrown around when discussing Planning for Burial's music include drone, shoegaze, and black/doom metal, so you know you're in for some bleak, out-there stuff. But Desideratum isn't really a "difficult" record either. HIs voice is great (buried in the mix, but with a passionate, gothgaze delivery) and for such dark music, some of these are downright pretty. A full stream of the record premieres in this post, and you can check that out below.

Planning for Burial will also kick off a tour this June that culminates in a TBA Brooklyn show on July 7 at Grand Victory with Gholas. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

All dates are listed, with the album stream, below...

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by Wyatt Marshall

Erik Kluiber of Gypsyhawk with his cat

By this point, perhaps you've heard of the Metal Cats book, which is full of photos of metal musicians with their cats (Hai Doug!). With Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and more getting in on the Metal Cats rage, you know furry furor is reaching a fever pitch. The book is out now, and we scored a few unpublished photos originally intended for the book: Erik Kluiber of Gypsyhawk is above, and check out Steven Darrow of Sonic Medusa, animal activist Andrew Buchanan Carter and tattoo artist and piercer Alexander Nathan Ward with their feline friends below. Metal Cats is available to order from publisher powerHouse Books right meow.

A book release party is happening in NYC at Union Pool on May 17 with performances by gloomy experimentalist Planning for Burial, sludge purveyors Sea of Bones, doom band Belus (who just premiered a new song over on Invisible Oranges) with between-sets tunes from DJ Jake Boyle. There will also be an art exhibit, raffles (win "Catpathian Forest" prints) and vendors. Check the event's Facebook page. Tickets are $7 at the door with 100% of the proceeds going to Bobbi & the Strays, a no-kill shelter and rescue center in NYC.

Between Metal Cats and the Metal Meowlisha, the bonds between heavy metal and cats has never been stronger. More purrrfect (and unreleased) pics and flyer for the release show after the jump...

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by Wyatt Marshall

James Kelly with Altar of Plagues at Saint Vitus in 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro)

In 2013, Irish experimental black metal stalwarts Altar of Plagues broke up, an event that understandably left fans bummed out -- they turned out some of the most interesting and heavy hitting black metal out there for the better part of a decade. As you may know, some members went on to form Malthusian, and guitarist/vocalist James Kelly went on to start an electronic project, WIFE.

WIFE will finally come to NYC to play a show on Saint Vitus on April 16. It's a full night of outer sound with gloomed-out one-man experimentalist Planning for Burial, avant-metal band Psalm Zero and experimentalist Greg Fox (ex-Liturgy). Tickets are on sale now. Planning for Burial is the headliner on this one, and though it's his only date at the moment, he's planning a summer tour.

WIFE is releasing his debut album, What's Between, on June 9 via Tri Angle Records (Evian Christ, Forest Swords, Balam Acab). Listen to a clip of the new LP below.

Also, James Kelly's WIFE is not to be confused with California duo WIFE (aka Nick Steinhardt of Touche Amore and Andrew Thomas of Vow). To make matters more confusing, neither WIFE has played many shows, but both have shared bills with Deafheaven, Nick Steinhardt's in LA, and James Kelly's in London.

Stream the new James Kelly WIFE clip, plus some recent Planning for Burial, below...

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by Wyatt Marshall

Giles Corey
Giles Corey

Dan Barrett is Giles Corey. Not the Giles Corey that was pressed to death in New England in 1692, but Barrett isn't much different. Giles Corey is the moniker of Dan Barrett, the Connecticut based mastermind behind Enemies List Recordings and one half of shoegaze/drone/industrial/metal outfit Have A Nice Life. This self titled release is Barrett first official solo release as Giles Corey and since I received a copy in my mailbox to review on Friday I have been trying to tackle the idea of how I'm going to do this record justice with a review. Before we go on, you must understand that this isn't just a record. This isn't just nine tracks of some of the best gloomy folk music you have heard. This is a memoir. This is a cry for help. This is a dark, black memory. This is something so personal that it challenges the listener. This is listening to a plane crash or a car wreck. This is listening to a suicide note. This is something we haven't heard before. Accompanying this nine track album is 150 page book.

"Sometime in the Spring of 2009 I tried to kill myself. Six months before that, I used a Voor's Head Device for the first time"

This is the first sentence of the introduction. Following this sentence, the introduction goes on to tell about how Barrett wore this device over his head, sat at his piano and blacked out. He remained unconscious for an hour, until his tape recorder clicked to a stop. [Heavy Boots]

Dark folk one-man band Giles Corey is playing NYC on January 12 at Cameo with Planning For Burial, My Mountain and Whip Angels. Giles Corey has teamed up with Planning for Burial before--the two share a similarly bleak vibe, with Planning for Burial bringing droning, shoegaze-y minimalist songs with occasional hints of black and doom metal to the table. Giles Corey's music brims with melancholy, so prepare to revel in your mid-January SAD. Tickets for the Cameo show are on sale now.

Listen to a live Giles Corey set (with Planning for Burial on keyboard in one song), the self-titled LP mentioned above, and Planning for Burial's latest below...

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Dysrhythmia at Saint Vitus, Jan 5, 2012 (photo by Caroline Harrison)

Dysrhythmia played Saint Vitus on Jan 5th, 2012, joined by a rare appearance from California crew Wreck & Reference with Soren (of Rosenkopf) and Planning for Burial. Check out a review, videos and a full set of pictures at Invisible Oranges.

AFE; file under brutal promo shots, houseplants
A Fucking Elephant

You had better have some big cojones to name your band A Fucking Elephant. The technical/progressive two-piece (bass/drums) are prepping to release their classily-titled Seven Inches of A Fucking Elephant, a two song effort that demonstrates the band's prowess as an instrumental powerhouse. At times AFE sound like they've studied the jaw-dropping skills of their recording engineer Colin Marston (the 7" was laid to tape at his A Thousand Caves studio) while others give glimpses of latter Bastard Noise. Stream that release in full below for the first time, get your copy via Nefarious Industries, and see themon the road at the dates below --  including at Public Assembly on Jan 20 with Hannibal Montana, Noxious Foxes and Multitudes. Advance tickets are on sale.

Speaking of Colin Marston, the multi-instrumentalist will be at Saint Vitus on Saturday (1/5) as part of Dysrhythmia's appearance with Wreck & Reference, Soren and Planning for Burial. Tickets are still available.

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photos by Jonathan McPhail

Dysrhythmia @ Public Assembly

Dysrhythmia finished their round of dates in celebration of Test of Submission in Brooklyn at Public Assembly on Saturday (11/17). They were joined by a rare appearance from Loincloth (who we profiled here) and NYC's STATS and Rivers of Nihil. Though the latter band leans more toward the death metal end of things, the other three made it clear to see that the night was dedicated to math-y technical metal in different variations. Pictures from the show are in this post.

Dysrhythmia will join Wreck & Reference (profiled here and here), Soren (of Rosenkopf, who played his debut show at WIERD) and Planning for Burial on January 5th at Saint Vitus. The show is a rare appearance for Wreck & Reference, who are are visiting from their native Bay Area. Tickets are on sale.

More pictures from Public Assembly, though unfortunately none of Rivers of Nihil (who we missed), below...

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Thisquietarmy have teamed with Year of No Light to produce a new LP out now via Destructure Records. The four-track 12" features songs that fall in the nether between ambient, post rock and post-metal, with two fresh jams from each band and a pair of collaborative songs. Stream the entire Thisquietarmy/Year of No Light collaborative record below and order it at Destructure.

As pointed out previously, Thisquietarmy will play a string of East Coast dates with Aun and Planning for Burial, hitting Acheron on June 7th with Mario Diaz De Leon. All other tour dates are listed below, along with videos from Thisquietarmy and Planning for Burial.

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by BBG


Aun, Thisquietarmy, and Planning For Burial will embark on a trio of dates on the East Coast in early June, including stops in Boston (on 6/6), Philly (6/8 at Eris Temple Arts) and a NYC show at Acheron on June 7th with special guest Mario Diaz de Leon. $8 gets you in the door for this Annihlvs/BrooklynVegan event. For those unfamiliar with the muscular ambient-drone-psychedelia of Aun, you can stream "Return to Jupiter Jazz" from Aun's Full Circle 10" at Denovali where its available for order. Meanwhile, Thisquietarmy recently released a collaborative LP with the great Year of No Light. Flyer and more streams are below.

It's the season for killer shows! Maryland Deathfest and Chaos in Tejas are right around the corner and as such we have MANY upcoming shows to thank for it. If you arent heading to either fest, make sure to check with BV for coverage and listings of bands heading through town on their way to and fro!

In related news, MDF-bound Nashgul have added a second show in addition to their previously discussed appearance with Ghoul. Look for Nashgul to join forces with Marrow, Skleptarsis, Cold Inside at Saint Vitus on May 31. Tickets are on sale. Needful Things & Agents of Abhorrence will also play NYC surrounding MDF, adding a show at Acheron on May 29 with Dissent and Chainsaw to the Face.

Brooklyn thrash favorites Natur have added a show with Occvlta, Syphilitic Lust and Hessian at Acheron on June 15th. Stream a track by Occvlta below... pretty ripping.

All suggested shows are listed below along with some streams. What did I miss?

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by BBG

Kevin Baker of All Pigs Must Die @ Power of The Riff (more by Taylor Keahey)
Kevin Baker

Here is our third and final installment in a series where we asked our favorite artists about their highlights of 2011. This batach includes contributions from members of All Pigs Must Die, Altar of Plagues, Hull, "Grim" Kim Kelly, J.Bennett, Chris Bruni (Profound Lore) and many others. Part 1 is HERE. Part 2 is HERE. Part 3 is below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by BBG & Andrew Sacher

Chelsea Wolfe @ St Vitus
Chelsea Wolfe

Cult of Youth (who headlined), Chelsea Wolfe, and one-man show Planning for Burial (who opened) played Saint Vitus in Brooklyn on Wednesday (8/17). The packed out BrooklynVegan-presented show also featured opening and between set DJing from Robin of Tri Angle Records.

Though unfortunately without her band, who she prefers to play live with, Chelsea Wolfe still made a strong NYC debut. Conjuring up images of the demons she sings about, Chelsea stood veiled in a sea of fog before a backdrop of blood red visuals, as Ben Chisolm casted beats and atmospheres into the mix. Her set was way too short, but I enjoyed every second of it. She played some standouts off the upcoming Apokalypsis, which comes out this Tuesday, and some reworked material off the self-recorded The Grime and the Glow. Chelsea removed her veil for the last song, revealing a hypnotizing stare that never wavered for the entire song.

Cult of Youth started no later than 10 minutes after Chelsea's Set came to a close, with the band blazing through a heavy folk set indebted to gothic greats like Death in June, Angels of Light, Current 93, and others. Violinist Christiana Keys punctuated vocalist/guitarist Sean Ragon's fire-and-brimstone delivery (sidenote, how does he not break a string every song?) with similarly passionate string touches and texture, while the galloping rhythm section moved things along with a healthy thump. Despite the lack of a distortion pedal and even a guitar amp, it is clear that Cult of Youth is definitely a punk band.

More pictures and videos from the show, below...

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photos by Philip Cosores, words by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Chelsea Wolfe - "Movie Screen" (MP3)

Chelsea Wolfe at recent LA show
Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe is preparing to release her debut LP Apokalypsis via Pendu Sound on August 23rd, the follow-up to her impressive The Grime & The Glow which dropped last year. Stream "Mer" from said release below.

After a string of dates overseas, Chelsea Wolfe will make her NYC debut on August 17th at Saint Vitus (1120 Manhattan Ave in Brooklyn). Brooklynvegan is proud to present this rare East Coast show, with Cult of Youth and Planning for Burial also on the bill. Robin C of Tri Angle Records will DJ. $8 will get you in the door. Tickets are on sale.

Cult of Youth is also scheduled to play Bowery Ballroom this weekend (August 6th) with Cold Cave and Austra as part of Cold Cave's larger US tour. Tickets are still available.

Planning for Burial will hit the West Coast in September, bringing along with them a demo cassette entitled Late Twenties Blues. Pick up a copy at Saint Vitus, and look for a full-length in the months ahead.

Chelsea recently played some West Coast dates with Liturgy. A few pictures from her LA show at The Echo are in this post. More of those, all tour dates and a teaser video for Apokalypsis , below...

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by BBG

Deafheaven @ Cake Shop

Sans KEN Mode (who was originally scheduled to play the show but changed their tour to go to Europe), Deafheaven ripped the basement of Cake Shop on Friday night (6/17) with the help of the one-man-black-metal-meets-Jesu of Planning for Burial (who I enjoyed thoroughly), as well as the impressive doomy post-hardcore boom of Gholas who also played with the band in Philadelphia and Connecticut (the shows surrounding NYC). The Cake Shop appearance is part of an ongoing tour for Deafheaven, who will link back up with KEN Mode in the coming days after KEN Mode returns from an appearance at Hellfest in France.

All three bands were impressive on Friday night. Planning for Burial combined black metal, shoegaze, clean vocals, and looping to create ethereal soundscapes before Gholas brought the shock and awe with their Isis-influenced hardcore nuggets featured on their current LP Загадка. Get that for FREE via via mediafire. Though Deafheaven is clearly derived from strains of black metal, the band's roots in hardcore show live as vocalist George gets into the crowds faces and provokes singalongs, shoving the microphone into members of the crowd's face. After the show, I was talking to George outside of Cake Shop when a fan approached him:

"Your lyrics are so inspiring to me. You are an English major right? So am I, I can definitely tell in your writing".

I've been to enough bullet-belted and nail-cuffed shows to know that this sort of interaction is a rarity amongst the corpse-painted set, but then again Deafheaven doesn't neatly fit into that or any category.

After the show, I headed to Public Assembly to catch Iceage and Prurient. More about that later.

More pictures from Cake Shop, all tour dates and a video of all of Planning for Burial's set, below...

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