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by Doug Moore

YOB at the Bell House, 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro)

As we've said before, Oregonian psych-doom unit YOB may be the best slow-and-heavy band around today. Among their many accomplishments is the role they've played in the ascent of Profound Lore Records, which has become one of metal's premiere taste-making labels over the past decade. YOB signed to PFL after their brief mid-aughts hiatus for the release of The Great Cessation in 2009, and recently re-released their second album Catharsis through the label.

It thus comes as something of a surprise to hear that YOB have moved on to a different label. Specifically, they've signed on with Neurot Recordings, which is the in-house label for Neurosis (the other best slow-and-heavy band around today). The musicians involved have crossed paths before, having played shows together both under the YOB/Neurosis monikers as well as in solo or side-project formats. (More on that in a sec.) Comments Neurosis guitarist/vocalist Steve Von Till on the signing:

"This was meant to be. Neurot has always sought out to work with those who share in the purification of spirit through sound and who harvest their sound from originality and intensity. When I listen to YOB, see them leave it all on the stage, or share a conversation with them about life, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that they embody what Neurot stands for completely and we are so very honored that we get the opportunity to work together with them on their next album."
The signing announcement also comes with some welcome news: YOB will release their seventh album later this year. Frontman Mike Scheidt has been quite busy with side projects lately, including both solo touring and the supergroups Vhol & Lumbar, so it's good to hear that the gears are turning in his main band too.

Speaking of Scheidt's solo material: he is one of the participants in the second edition of an ongoing series of Townes Van Zandt tribute LPs. (Neurosis dudes Von Till and Scott Kelly contributed to the first edition -- another connection between them and YOB.) Scheidt will perform "To Live is to Fly," "The Rake," and "Highway Kind"; John Baizley (Baroness), Nate Hall (U.S. Christmas), Stevie Floyd (Dark Castle), Dorthia Cottrell (Windhand), and Katie Jones are also on board. Neurot will handle that release as well.

Check out a Baizley/Jones duet rendition of the TVZ classic "If I Needed You" below...

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

RJ Ober w/ Magrudergrind at Warsaw in June (more by Joe McCabe)

Much like in years prior, in addition my own favorites list of 2012 I sought out lists from some of my favorite artists as well including members of Loss, Coke Bust, Witch Mountain, Magrudergrind, and much much more. We already posted lists by Eugene Robinson of Oxbow and Curran Reynolds of Today Is The Day, and we posted Trevor De Bruaw of Pelican on BV Chicago. Check out more lists of the best of 2012 according to select metal/punk/hardcore bands below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

The Bell Witch @ Acheron, 10/16/2012
The Bell Witch

Recent Profound Lore signees The Bell Witch (members of Samothrace) had copies of their new CD, Longing, when they rolled into Acheron last night (10/16) as part of the band's US tour. The show, which also featured an appearance from Yellow Eyes, was the band's first NYC showing, and the two-piece ripped a set of melodic, melancholic doom via drums and a six-string bass. Yellow Eyes, this time a three-piece due to a cycling injury to their bassist, played tight black metal with touches of melody peppered throughout.

More pictures from the show are below, and The Bell Witch's tour soldiers on with a show in Baltimore tonight (10/17).

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Bloodiest at Saint Vitus, Nov 2011 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)

Saxophonist, vocalist and all around Chicago rennaissance man, Bruce Lamont welcomes Beyul today, the new LP from his long-running experimental metal outfit Yakuza. The longplayer is Yakuza's first LP in two years, and it has been just as long since the band last appeared in NYC with Triptykon. That will all change when Yakuza headlines the BV-BBG CMJ showcase on 10/20 at Saint Vitus with Royal Thunder, Fight Amp, Enabler, Helen Money and Sannhet. Tickets for that event (just $5) are still available, or get in with your CMJ badge.

With Beyul out now and CMJ officially here, we asked Bruce Lamont about the new record, his other projects and hometwon of Chicago. That conversation is below.

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Bruce Lamont of Yakuza, with Bloodiest, Aug 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
Bruce Lamont of Yakuza

Chicago experi-metal-ists Yakuza are welcoming their new monster, Beyul, via the venerable Profound Lore Records next week (specifically, 10/16). The record is currently available for preorder and "The Last Day" from the record can be found at Pitchfork, but now you can stream the entire Beyul record in full below!

Yakuza have two dates scheduled in celebration of the LP, a record release show in Chicago with Dysrhythmia on 10/16 at Empty Bottle and the official BV-BBG CMJ showcase at Saint Vitus on 10/20 with Royal Thunder, Enabler, Fight Amp, Helen Money and Sannhet. Tickets are still available and $5 (or use your CMJ badge), plus complementary PBR/Sailor Jerry/Mercy drink while supplies last.

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by Andy O'Connor

Pallbearer L to R: Devin Holt, Joe Rowland, Chuck Schaaf, Brett Campbell (photo by Erika Taylor)

Doom unit Pallbearer hail from Little Rock, Arkansas, but if that makes you think of down-tuned moonshine madness, you'll have to adjust your expectations. Whereas most of their contemporaries are influenced by punk and filth, Pallbearer guide you through long songs that bear grace with pain. Brett Campbell's vocal work soars high above the uncomprimising melancholic doom. Think of Robert Lowe of Solitude Aeturnus/Candlemass with the grandiosity cut back just a tad enough to fit the music. There are heavy riffs aplenty, as any doom band should have, but Pallbearer also have some of the most poignant minor-key leads you've heard in ages. All this makes for a band where sadness is next to godliness.

In 2010, they released a self-titled demo (available for streaming below), and while it took a little over a year to burn into the consciousness of the metal public, that flame couldn't be brighter. Profound Lore took notice, and they'll release Pallbearer's full-length debut, Sorrow and Extinction, on February 21st. Sorrow is a continuation of the demo's strengths, with an added dose of heaviness on the guitars and two songs that break the ten-minute point. You may have just gotten through a bevy of year-end lists, but this album will make you start your 2012 list very early.

Check out "Devoid of Redemption," a re-recording of a song from the demo, making its debut in this post. Stream it below.

We spoke with Pallbearer's bassist Joe Rowland about Sorrow, the band's cover of "Gloomy Sunday," and Rites of Darkness. The results and all streams are below...

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photos by Samantha Marble & BBG, words by BBG

Tombs @ Lovejoys

After a day of mayhem and floorpunches with Ringworm on Friday (3/18), the BrooklynVegan/Profound Lore Records day show on Saturday at Lovejoys centered more on the metal side of things. The 3/19 show featured nine bands in total, of which four called the label home. The amazing Tombs headlined, and I couldn't help but feel a large share of local (NYC) pride since three of the nine bands call Brooklyn home (Tombs, Castevet, Batillus).

more below....

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by BBG

Flyer, with art by Glyn Smyth of Scrawled Design
BrooklynVegan/ProfoundLore Day Show

I am ecstatic to announce my partnership with the great Profound Lore Records for an Austin day party at Lovejoys (604 Neches St, right downtown) on March 19th! The free day show (lineup above) will run from noon-7pm and include Dark Castle, The Body, Deafheaven, Wolvhammer, Grayceon, Castevet, Batillus, Altaar from Norway (!), and the blasting NYC killers Tombs. Set times and more details are forthcoming but in the meantime save the date!

Altaar @ by:Larm 2010

March 19th is the last of FOUR BV DAY PARTIES catering to fans of heavy music, including the previously discussed Full Metal Texas show on 3/17 at Emo's with Trap Them, Rwake, Hull, All Pigs Must Die, and the recently added Kvelertak! Details on March 16th and 18th are still to come.

Moments after the BrooklynVegan/ProfoundLore day party comes to a close, the official Profound Lore SXSW showcase will begin at Valhalla! That show kicks off at 7PM and will feature a headlining set from Slough Feg, as well as performances from KEN Mode, Castevet, Grayceon, Bruce Lamont, and Wolvhammer. Check out the incredible show poster below and get a screened copy of it at the show from the artist, Glyn Smyth of Scrawled Design.

Bruce Lamont plays Union Pool in Brooklyn on SUNDAY (2/27) with Lichens, Kevin Hufnagel & Cocaine & Abel. Union Pool will also host The Body TONIGHT (2/22) with Braveyoung & Elks.

Show flyers, a stream of Deafheaven's awesome demo and more pictures of the mighty Altaar from Norway's by:Larm 2010 are below!

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by BBG

John Cobbett, always METAL.
John Cobbett

Ludicra's current tour (which impacts NYC on 4/18 at Europa with Krallice, Castevet, and Atakke - tix) is dubbed the Decancellation Tour in honor of their desire to soldier on post Mayhem's cancellation. And even though adversity has again reared it's ugly head, Ludicra is soldiering on...

As the tour began, the second day in the tour, guitarist John Cobbett (also the mastermind in HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE of course) felt a pain in his stomach/abdominal area and it was revealed he had appendicitis and that his appendix had burst, along with having an abscess growing inside his body which, in a weird twist of fate, actually helped him. Prior to the tour, before the Pentagram show in SF which LUDICRA recently played, Cobbett felt the symptoms of such a sickness and went to get checked out. Even though he went to get checked out though, the ever reliable and helpful (sarcasm) doctors at San Francisco General Hospital simply dismissed it and told Cobbett there was nothing wrong with him.

So in Olympia WA, Cobbett had to be rushed to the emergency room to be tendered to. He is currently still in the hospital in Olympia and is awaiting word on the doctors of when he can re-join his band mates and is recovering really quickly. - Ludicra

The band's message continued below...

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words by BBG, photos by Samantha Marble, BBG

Coffinworm (by BBG)

If there was a single SXSW show that intrigued from top to bottom, it'd have to be the Profound Lore/20 Buck Spin official showcase at minuscule Headhunters on 3/19 (we were proud to be a sponsor). With an estimated capacity of no more than 100 people (and probably considerably less), the show was packed from top to bottom with a wide palette of heavy music that dabbled in doom, noise, powerviolence, and everything in between. All my favorites were present and delivered predictably blistering sets (Salome, Dark Castle, White Mice, Liturgy, others), and there were other bands on the lineup that delivered to the fullest (Yakuza, Coffinworm).

By the time their set rolled around at Headhunters, I had already seen Coffinworm once (one day earlier) at the BV show at Hoeks Death Metal Pizza. Promises offered on their demo were delivered, and the band played a punishing set that realized all of the bite of their recorded output. The theme of focused and taught blackened doom continues on their new album, When All Became None, which is a contender for one of my favorite debuts of the year. Must.

Another band that I hadn't caught in the flesh, Yakuza, is a bit of a peculiar character. This Chicago band's progressive metal is punishing live, with seriously heavy and catchy riffage that, in itself, would be very distinctive.... and in comes the saxophone! Frontman Bruce Lamont's replaces guitar leads/solos with a saxophone that, despite what you are thinking, sounds nothing like a metal Dave Matthews Band. Though it was admittedly off-putting the first time I heard it, I have come to find the sax to be a crucial part of their sound, with all of the parts tailored around it compelling and awesome. Yakuza ripped it at Headhunters.

More pics from the show (except The Atlas Moth and Liturgy ones which are forthcoming) are below, as well as a few videos of Coffinworm, White Mice, Hatred Surge, and Salome...

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by BBG

The Atlas Moth @ Union Pool (more by Samantha Marble)
The Atlas Moth

BrooklynVegan is proud to announce Salome, The Atlas Moth, and Dark Castle as on board for the BrooklynVegan Day Show on 3/17 at Emo's along side Torche, Fucked Up, and Javelina! Stay tuned for more announcements, it's gonna keep getting bigger, I assure you!

In addition, BrooklynVegan is also proud to announce sponsorship of one of the best official metal showcases at SXSW 2010, the 20 Buck Spin/Profound Lore showcase at Headhunters on 3/19! Featuring an absolutely jaw-dropping lineup of Yakuza, Liturgy, Coffinworm, White Mice, Salome, and The Endless Blockade, the show will be punched up by some of our favorite bands that currently don't reside on either label, The Atlas Moth, Dark Castle, and Hatred Surge! Set times and the show flyer is below, so get there and stay there... it's gonna be pretty amazing.

Both The Atlas Moth and Salome will be in NYC in the coming weeks, and both on unmissable shows. The Atlas Moth will open the night at LPR on 3/8 with Coalesce and Harvey Milk (tix), while Salome will play NYU on 3/11 with Shrinebuilder and Wolves In the Throne Room. Tickets for the NYU show are currently on sale for NYU students, while details for non-NYUers are forthcoming.

20 Buck Spin/Profound Lore flyer and some videos below...

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words and photos by BBG

Laurie & John of Ludicra!

This sounds like a highly appropriate tweet from guitar great John Cobbett:

just spent approx 12 hours working on one riff. It divided like a fractal into 4 riffs, an intro and a multi-part verse. fascinating eh?
Though I can't guarantee it, there's a good chance that Cobbett was referring to riffs written for Bay-Area black metal greats Ludicra, who have announced completion of their new LP The Tenant due in March 2010 via Profound Lore!

The Tenant will be the band's first LP since 2006's Fex Urbis Lex Orbus, a record that I still go back to from time to time. Highly recommended. In August, Ludicra descended upon NYC with Hammers of Misfortune, Ludicra, Villains, and Liturgy for their first EVER appearance in their ten+ year history. After hearing my west coast brethren rave on about their outstanding live show, it felt like a big sigh of relief to finally catch the Bay Area black metal band in action.

Ludicra vocalist Laurie is a very watchable front-woman with amazing vocal prowess; her powerful screeching bellows were just as impressive live as they are on LP. Searing/soaring solos by John Cobbett, killer fills from Aesop Dekker (Agalloch), and Ross Sewage (also of Impaled, Ghoul, ex-Wolves In The Throne Room, etc) laying down the low end added to the unbelievable performance from the Ludicra. Fantastic show, but eleven years from existence to NYC appearance is unacceptable! Here's to hoping the band hits the road again in celebration of the new LP.

Guitarist John Cobbett of Ludicra is also one of the masterminds behind Hammers of Misfortune, a prog-power-folk metal band that released the double LP Fields / Church Of Broken Glass. "Prog-power-folk metal" is usually not my cup o' tea unless it was timestamped 20+ years ago, but Hammers of Misfortune is one of those rare exceptions. Majestic, powerful, and plush with memorable twin guitar riffage from Cobbett and ex-Pansy Division-er Patrick Goodwin, melodic passages were just as compelling and anchored by vocalist/keyboardist/Amber Asylum contributor Sigrid Sheie (check out an AA MP3 here) and vocalist Jesse Quattro. The occasion marked Hammers of Misfortune's second NYC appearance, and the performance was brief (30ish minutes?) but powerful nontheless.

Local faves Villains and Liturgy opened the night with a predictably awesome sets from both. Villains are currently gearing up to play the Nuclear War Now! Fest this weekend in Berlin along with faves like Bone Awl, Revenge, Dead Congregation, Abigail, and many esteemed others. For more on that fest, head to NWN.

Liturgy are scheduled to play two big shows this weekend: Union Pool this Friday (11/13) with Krallice, Malkuth and Orphan and the BV sponsored Shrinebuilder / Rwake on Sunday at LPR (11/15, tix). Both shows are part of a killer week of shows that includes TWO BV shows: Dark Castle / The Atlas Moth / Wetnurse / Tiger Flowers at Union Pool on 11/17 and a Special Guest (Southern Lord), Javelina, Black Tusk, and Batillus on 11/18 at The Charleston in conjunction with Chronic Youth.

More pictures of Ludicra guitarist Christy Cather's mic/beer stand, as well as pics of her and her band, as well as Villains, and Hammers of Misfortune, below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Chloe Rice

DOWNLOAD: Krallice - "The Mountain" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Krallice - "Dimensional Bleedthrough" (MP3)

Kraliice's Mick Barr (solo) at Show No Mercy September edition
Mick Barr

After a triumphant debut, the mighty Krallice is back with Dimensional Bleedthrough, their NEW LP for Profound Lore! Due on Nov 10th, the band recently debuted the title track, but now dig on their latest skullcrusher "The Mountain" available above! Featuring the meaty guttural screams of bassist Nick McMaster on vox instead of the banshee wail of virtuoso Mick Barr, "The Mountain" is a seriously heavy track. Check out the cover art and track listing for the album below.

To celebrate the release, the band will team up with Malkuth, Orphan, and Liturgy at Union Pool for a show on November 13th! That date is just 12 days after the virtuosic Colin Marston is scheduled to play NYC with Dysrhythmia as the last date of their tour. Right before that Liturgy and Malkuth also share a bill at Market Hotel on Halloween.

Mick Barr recently played the September edition of Show No Mercy alongside the mighty Gnaw, Castevet, and Period. A few more pics from that show are below.

Castevet AND Malkuth are also on board to play Union Pool with the incredamazing Woe and the equally awesome Aluk Todolo on 10/4. $8 gets you in.

Besides Krallice, Profound Lore is also prepping the new LP from Portal, as well as the new Dan Lilker (Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault, Anthrax, etc) project Crucifist, which is out NOW.

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Justina Villanueva

DOWNLOAD: Bloody Panda - "Pusher" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Bloody Panda - "Miserere" (Excerpt) (MP3)

Bloody Panda @ Santos Party House on 6/27
bloody panda

Fresh off of their show at Santos Party House (6/27) with Swans legend Jarboe, the hooded "doomusic" lowlifes of NYC's Bloody Panda have announced a US tour in support of the upcoming album Summon slated for liftoff in late-July. The tour, which is scheduled to bounce along the east coast, is scheduled to conclude on August 21st at Union Pool where the band will play a record release party for the LP/DVD. In a previous edition of This Week In Metal, we dropped an excerpt from "Miserere" off of Summon, but this week we have a NEW treat in the form of the song "Pusher" which is downloadable above!

Summon will be released on the mighty Profound Lore, current home to YOB, Krallice, Amesouers, Hammers of Misfortune (who are touring with Ludicra and coming to NYC), Wold (who had a "greatest hits" tape) and many other faves.

While Bloody Panda are a crew of hooded menaces, but they aren't THE Hooded Menace, who recently signed to Profound Lore and will drop the follow-up to Fulfill the Curse in early 2010. More about Hooded Menace HERE.

More pics of Jarboe and Bloody Panda, and all tour dates, below.....

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Hammers Of Misfortune - "Rats Assembly" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Hammers Of Misfortune - "Church of Broken Glass" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Ludicra - "One Thousand Wolves" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Ludicra - "In The Greeenest Maze" (MP3)

Hammers of Misfortune

Bay Area metal staples and two sides of the John Cobbett coin, prog-power-metal gods Hammers of Misfortune and blackened killers Ludicra, are hitting the road in August. On the EAST COAST. That's right, the pair have lined up an East Coast tour in August including an NYC date, August 11th, at Santos Party House! Ticket info is forthcoming, as well as (we hear) more dates as well.

Hammers of Misfortune dropped their double LP, Fields / Church Of Broken Glass, via Profound Lore/20 Buck Spin in the tail end of 2008. Ludicra's last release was 2006's Fex Urbis, Lex Orbis on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles imprint.

John Cobbett, formerly of Slough Feg, has also contributed to Amber Asylum. Ampber Asylum has a new LP and recently dropped a new MP3.

Dates below....

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