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Delta Spirit

BrooklynVegan and Brooklyn Brewery present a day of festivities with Delta Spirit on February 25th, in honor of the band's new self-titled album which is out via Rounder Records on March 13.

Beginning at 3pm, Delta Spirit will invade 3 bars in Williamsburg and Greenpoint to play select tracks from their new album. By the 3rd stop, fans will have heard the album for the first time in its entirety. They will then finish up with an invite/contest-winner-only, intimate, live show at Public Assembly at 6:45pm (see details below on how to win tickets to this show).
To be more specific, the party will look a little something like this:

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by BBG

Dead Congregation at Maryland Deathfest (more by BBG)
Dead Congregation

Signature Riff, BrooklynVegan, Order of The Serpent, and Catharsis PR are proud to announce the inaugural Martyrdoom fest! The two-stage Brooklyn metal extravaganza will feature exclusive area performances from Dead Congregation (Greece), Grave Miasma (United Kingdom) and Cruciamentum (United Kingdom), along with rare appearances from names like Sanguis Imperem (California), Kommandant (Illinois), Prosanctus Inferi (Ohio), Anu (North Carolina), Encoffination (Georgia / California), Father Befouled (Georgia / California), Perdition Temple (Florida), and Evoken (New Jersey), and will go down across two stages at Public Assembly on June 30th. Tickets are on sale NOW and will set you back $20 in advance and $27 at the door.

Dead Congregation's last area appearance went down at Maryland Deathfest 2011. Cruciamentum recently destroyed at Rites of Darkness.

Show flyer and some video is below.

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photos by Chris La Putt

Friends @ BV-CMJ @ Public Aseembly

Much like Dive (who they have played with), Brooklyn band Friends, who recently hit Mercury Lounge with Ganglians, aren't ones to make themselves rare around here and that will be proven four times in the next week. Catch them at Glasslands tonight (12/8) with Zambri, Royal Baths, Doldrums, Xray Eyeballs (that's some lineup), and then opening for Oh Land at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Sunday (12/11), at 285 Kent with !!! that same night, and then again with Oh Land at Bowery Ballroom on Monday. And then that's it for them (for now) until they tour Europe in February.

Friends were one of the many bands who played a BrooklynVegan CMJ day party at Public Assembly in October. Here are some pictures from that show. More of them below...

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photos Dominick Mastrangelo

We Barbarians @ BV-CMJ @ Public Assembly
We Barbarians

NYC via California band We Barbarians, who played one of our CMJ day parties in October, kicked off a tour with Tribes last night (12/7) in Boston. That tour will bring both bands to NYC on Thursday (tonight, 12/8) at Mercury Lounge and Friday (12/9) at Glasslands with Teachers. Tickets for Mercury Lounge and Glasslands are still available. All dates are listed below along with some more never-before-posted pictures from our BV day party.

As Popmatters will tell you, the band released an EP called Headspace earlier this year. As the band told Syracuse's Daily Orange, remixes of all the tracks off the EP, in addition to a full LP, are in the works for next year.

"Chambray" is one of the songs off their EP and we're premiereing the video for it in this post. We're also debuting an acoustic rendition of the same song that frontman Dave Quon performed for us backstage at our CMJ party as part of our continuing Sony Bloggie video series. Check out those videos with the pics and dates, below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield & Dominick Mastrangelo, words by Andrew Sacher

Talib Kweli w/ Idle Warship @ BV-CMJ @ Public Assembly (by Dominick)
Idle Warship

Idle Warship (Talib Kweli and Res), who played our CMJ day party with their full backing band, and who were just added to SXSW, have a few shows coming up this month and next. One of those shows is in Talib's hometown of NYC this Friday (12/9) at Southpaw with Jah C & Jaison Spain, Kyle Rapps, ILLUSTRATE, and The Band Called Fuse. Tickets are on sale. After a short break in their schedule, they'll play NYC again on January 4 at SOB's. Tickets for that show are on sale now. All dates and more pictures from our CMJ show are below.

In related news, Talib Kweli is readying his album Prisoner of Consciousness, which he's been working on for four years, for a 2012 release. He recently spoke to The Boombox about the album:

"Prisoner of Consciousness' is a record I've been working on for the better part of four years," Kweli tells The BoomBox. "I wasn't happy with my last album with Warner Brothers [2007's 'Eardrum,'] and I knew I didn't want to give them 'Prisoner of Consciousness.' I knew the project was too important for me, so I opted to get out of my deal."

The omnipresent Kweli released the follow-up, 'Gutter Rainbows,' earlier this year. The effort was his first solo album off his own imprint, Blacksmith Music. "I'm a touring artist," he admits. "Prisoner of Consciousness' wasn't ready but I still had a bunch of great songs that were timely; a lot of the songs on 'Gutter Rainbows' were songs that work for that time, but if I held on to them, were going to have to be updated. So, I was like let me put together a project and put it out myself and that was what 'Gutter Rainbows was."

However, the 36-year-old rhymer didn't just craft his last project from leftovers from his forthcoming LP. It was all a part of a bigger picture. "'Gutter Rainbows' was not necessarily the outtakes from 'Prisoner of Consciousness,' but 'Gutter Rainbows' was started with the spirit of 'Prisoner of Consciousness' and became its own thing, almost like a prelude to 'Prisoner of Consciousness,'" he explains.

All Idle Warship dates and a belated set of pictures from our CMJ party below...

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by Andrew Sacher

DOWNLOAD: Martyn - "Viper" (MP3)


Martyn began DJ and promoting d&b nights in Holland as far back as 1996, but it was as recent as three years ago that his production began to be recognised. He had releases on Marcus Intalex's Revolv:R, both d&b and dubstep-- fitting since Marcus Intalex released one of the first deep house inspired dubstep-esque singles "Taking Over Me" as far back as 2000. But while Martyn bought into early Wookie material, it wasn't until Kode9's "Sine of the Dub" that Martyn took notice of dubstep. "I heard that record and it fitted right into some of the music I was hunting down at that time such as the reggae/techno from Berlin like Rhythm & Sound, Main Street and Basic Channel," he explains. [Pitchfork]
Martyn released his second LP, Ghost People, last month via FlyLo's Brainfeeder label. The album is full of hollow dubstep beats in the vein of Kode9, who is mentioned above as one of Martyn's influences, and features guest vocals on the first track by Spaceape, who collaborated with Kode9 in 2006 for the pioneering Memories of the Future album, and again earlier this year on the duo's followup, Black Sun. But what really makes Ghost People a memorable listen is the way he works in his house influences. He can come out sounding like a better version of Deadmau5's early material (before he began taking a much frattier direction). The songs layer four-on-the-floor beats with more off-kilter ones and almost always use percussion in the forefront of the song, with a sparse melody in the background. The one exception is the album's especially house-y closing track, "We Are You In The Future," which opens with a catchy bouncing synth line that gets built off for almost 9 minutes, and is by far the longest track on the album. The album track "Viper" is available for download above.

Martyn's only got one North American date coming up and its The FIXED Holiday Bash at Public Assembly on December 16 with Jonas Reinhardt (live), Andrew "The Wiz" Potter, Ulysses, JDH & Dave P, and a back room hosted by Throne of Blood. Tickets for the show are on sale now.

All dates below...

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words by Andrew Sacher, photos by Amanda Hatfield

Born Gold @ Public Assembly
Born Gold

During Purity Ring's set at the BrooklynVegan party Saturday, they mentioned that everyone should catch Born Gold (formerly Gobble Gobble) who were playing an hour later in the backroom, and who used to feature Purity Ring's Corin Roddick as a member. Anyone who took their advice knows what went down, but if you didn't, and haven't seen Born Gold in the past, they've got a show that you won't want to miss. They requested that all the stage lights be turned off so they could use their own blinking light show, and once they emerged from darkness, they revealed a show unlike anything I've ever seen. The singer/keyboard/knob player stayed on stage behind his table of electronics as the other two band members danced through the crowd on stilts, banged shovels together for snare hits, gave audience members high fives, and just about anything else you never imagined a live band would do. Their set was largely (if not entirely) material off their recently released LP Bodysongs, which you can stream its entirety below with options to buy the whole set or download each song individually for free.

More pictures from the BV day party down there too...

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words by Andrew Sacher, photos by Amanda Hatfield, video by (((unartig)))

"I think I finally fell in love with NY.. I miss it already !" - Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe made her NYC debut this past August, but she was unable to bring her band along with her and was forced to accommodate using only her guitar, beats and samples. She returned to NYC this past week for a few CMJ shows, including Europa, Cake Shop, and the BV day party on Friday (10/21) at Public Assembly which is pictured in this post. This time, with her band in tow, Chelsea was able to perform her songs more similarly to the recorded versions, and it was even more mesmerizing than her solo show. As always, her eerie vocals remain the unobstructed focal point of the performance, but while her solo show focuses on dense atmospheres, her band provides intricate subtleties like the guitar interplay and galloping drums of "Mer" and the Sonic Youth-y guitar grit of "Demons." Though every song in the set was great, Chelsea was at her most intense during the mortal desperation of "Moses."

Rachel also talked a bit about the BV day party where she went on after A Place to Bury Strangers and before J Mascis.

A video for "Mer" recently premiered online. You can watch that along with a video from the BV party, more pictures and tour dates too, below...

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photos by Chris La Putt, words by Andrew Sacher

Purity Ring

Purity Ring were just in NYC for a number of CMJ shows including the BV-presented day party at Public Assembly on Saturday (10/22). They took over the front room's stage with an orange and green backdrop recalling the shades used on the cover of their split 7" with Braids and killed the house lights in favor of Corin Roddick's light-up pipe gadget (not that kind of pipe!) (see below), a light inside of an elevated bass drum, and a lamp that hung at the front of the stage. Singer Megan James would often trigger the bass drum light by striking it with a mallet as she pranced around stage. And I'm still not sure if Corin's pipe was actually making music, but either way it looked pretty damn cool when he hit it with drumsticks in time with the music.

Whatever Corin was doing back there, the sounds he was making killed. He threw in witch housey pitch shifts, dubstep bass swells, and skittering glitch hop beats into the band's overly catchy electropop. To those who complain about watching people push buttons at live shows, he put more energy into this than at least a handful of guitarists and drummers who are out there at the moment. While the beats and synths could have made for an excellent show on their own, Megan took everything to another level with her sugary vocal melodies. Purity Ring only have three songs available but the rest of the set was as immediately striking as those familiar tracks. A full length by this band is highly anticipated.

More pictures from their Public Assembly set below...

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words & photos by BBG

What Cheer? Brigade @ Public Assembly
What Cheer? Brigade

My Thursday night (10/20) during CMJ was mostly spent at the Ballistic Missle/Anchor Brain show at Public Assembly, with a stop at the Life or Death PR showcase at Cake Shop to catch an early set from the always enchanting Chelsea Wolfe. Pictures from Chelsea Wolfe's appearance that night (one of several, including Europa and our day party the next day), as well as pictures of noise-rock greats Vaz, ear-shredding spazz-noisers Doomsday Student (3/4 of Arab on Radar), marching band mayhem from What Cheer? Brigade (with Joey in tow), XDS, and the punishing 400 Blows are below.

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Public assembly

Set times & more details HERE.


STAGE 1 (front room)
12:00 Street Chant
01:00 Memoryhouse
01:45 Purity Ring
02:30 Friends
03:15 Peelander-Z
04:00 Vockah Redu (New Oreleans bounce)
05:00 Idle Warship

STAGE 2 (back room)
12:00 We Barbarians
12:40 Polica
01:25 We are Augustines
02:10 The Stepkids
03:00 Born Gold
03:40 Electric Guest
04:30 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
05:15 Fidlar

Finally! Here is the lineup to our 100% free not-CMJ day party happening at Public Assembly on Saturday (10/22), one day after our free Friday day party in the same place!

This Saturday show is going to be non-stop action starting right at noon with New Zealand's Street Chant on the main stage (and We Barbarians in the other room). I'm excited for everyone, but the over the top antics of both Peelander-Z (after the dance pop party that is Brooklyn's Friends) and bounce artist Vockah Redu (who will warm up the crowd for Idle Warship) should make for a very memorable afternoon in more ways than one.

In addition to free music, here are some more reasons to stop by Saturday. We will have FREE SNACKS courtesy of popchips and Raw Revolution and FREE DRINKS courtesy of Sailor Jerry and our official CMJ wine partner HobNob Wines. Check out HobNob's Facebook page for free music downloads and go to Sailor Jerry's website to read more about all of their CMJ events.

We'll also have FREE BrooklynVegan t-shirts for the first 25 people in the door (not many of these exist - we sold them for charity at CMJ last year).

As mentioned in our Thursday Day Party announcement, we've also partnered with Spotify who are offering 48 hour free Premium trials (playlist for this party coming soon) and Sony Bloggie (stay tuned for our post-CMJ video series) for all BV CMJ/not-CMJ events including this one.

Thanks to Zach Jaeger (Tonally Dude) for the flyer you see above.

See you Saturday!

a shot of Public Assembly last year (more by Chris La Putt)
Public Assembly

We're returning to Public Assembly on North 6th Street in Williamsburg this year for another two free during-CMJ day parties on Friday (10/21) and Saturday (10/22). Like last year (Friday & Saturday), these shows will run from noon-6pm on two stages.

As revealed in a post earlier today, one of the many bands playing over the course of the two days is Young Magic. Stay tuned for more details and save the dates!

We also have our official showcase at Music Hall of Williamsburg Friday night (10/21) (right next door to Public Assembly where we'll be all day), and a metal party on a boat on Saturday (10/22). More TBA too! Stay tuned!

by BBG

40 Watt Sun @ Public Assembly
40 Watt Sun

40 Watt Sun played their US debut at Public Assembly on Friday (9/16), headlining a show with lightning fast black metal crew Woe and traditional doom upstarts Pilgrim. The show, part of a string of US dates for the UK crew of ex-Warning members, saw the band stick to the script with newer material from their current The Inside Room LP, and not venturing into any of the much beloved Warning songs during their set.

40 Watt Sun's sad and clean songs were in contrast to the direct support band, the lightning fast and fierce Woe featuring new drummer Ruston Grosse (ex-Master, Sil Veth). Woe's set was primarily focused on their recent recorded output, but they played a new song from a forthcoming TBD release. Pilgrim, who opened the night, was the biggest surprise for me of the night. Though all three members are barely into their 20s, this band has a sound that goes well beyond their years into classic doom metal.

More pictures from Public Assembly are below.

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Grouper at Terminal 5 in 2009 (more by Natasha Ryan)

Mini festival Neon Marshmallow is making its way to NYC, after two successful outings in Chicago. The festival will call Public Assembly home over three days (10/14 - 10/16), featuring live performances, DJ sets, and visuals from many artists who embrace experimentalism. Among the bands performing at the fest are names like Tim Hecker, Rhys Chatham (who celebrates 40 years of The Kitchen in September), Grouper, Phill Niblock, and many others that range in genre from Alan Licht to The Men (who are currently touring and will play Saint Vitus on 9/17) to Xeno & Oaklander to La Big Vic. The festival is currently selling weekend passes, though no word on individual days or who will perform on each day. Full lineup is below.

In other news, Grouper, who recently played LPR and Glasslands, has a new digital 7" available. Stream the title track from Grouper's latest Water People 7" below alongside the full Neon Marshmallow lineup.

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Dr. John at Bonnaroo (more by Graeme Flegenheimer)
Dr. John

Katrina activist Dr. John and friends are playing (ironically) a soulfire4thegulf benefit show at Public Assembly tonight (8/26) with Sera Solstice, Mz. Imani, and Aliza Hava and the Rhythm Shamans. Tickets are still available.

Tonight's show will be the last at Public Assembly until next week because the Brooklyn venue is closed for the weekend due to Hurricane Irene. All events scheduled to take place this Saturday and Sunday are postponed until further notice.

In other show cancellation news, Union Pool's Summer Thunder Series, which was scheduled to continue this Saturday with Blues Control, Soldiers of Fortune, Coconuts, and DJ Dream Weapon is cancelled. According to Union Pool's facebook, they will "work their hands chapped to reschedule the bill."

All Dr. John dates below...

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photos by Tamara Porras, words by BBG

The Men

After a triumphant Brooklyn shows last week at Death By Audio and Public Assembly, The Men will hit the road for a US tour in early August, kicking off with a show at 538 Johnson on August 4th with Nomos, Brain F and Only The Messenger. The tour will last through the end of the month and into September, with the arty punk band covering roads from coast to coast before they return to NYC in middle September. Full tour dates are below.

The Men are touring in celebration of their great new LP, Leave Home, which is out now via Sacred Bones and streaming below in full. The Public Assembly show was the Sacred Bones showcase at the Northside Festival. Pictures from their set there are in this post. More of them with all tour dates below....

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Jason Forrest

Electronic music producer, musician and DJ Jason Forrest plays a free show at Public Assembly tonight (6/3) with Star Eyes, Dev/Null, and Lil Internet. Saturday (6/4) is the first-ever NYC screening of content from Jason's new online TV network Network Awesome at 92Y Tribeca. According to Jason, who launched the website in January:

"There's a fantastic amount of incredible TV shows, movies, interviews and videos that are just not getting the exposure they deserve. I started to wonder what would happen if someone put all these bits of culture together, and this is the main concept behind Network Awesome. We are passionate about sharing what we think is interesting, entertaining and culturally relevant. It's like with your friends, you say 'Cool, look at this!'"
The NYC screening will consist of short films by Karel Zeman, Sally Cruikshank and Guido Manuli, and a rare presentation of the TV show Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. According to 92Y's website, "Special guests will be on hand", though it doesn't specifically say if Jason will be there (we assume he will be). Tickets are available. Check out a video teaser for the show below.

In April, Network Awesome posted a "Live Music Show" curated by Das Racist. Their more-recent Live Music Show was curated by Jason himself. In May they posted "A Time Capsule of Early 1980s NYC's Lower East Side or, "New York's Alright (If You Like Basquiat)": Downtown 81." Browse the site for more.

Jason released an album called The Everything on April 15 in Germany via Staatsakt. You can download the album on iTunes and check out the artwork, tracklist, and the track "New Religion" below.

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photos by Samantha Marble and Jason House, words by BBG

Cripple Bastards @ Public Assembly (by Sam Marble)
Cripple Bastards

Before the shitstorm that was Maryland Deathfest (pictures of day 1 HERE, day two HERE, day three HERE, and day four HERE), another Shitstorm was brewing in Brooklyn. Shitstorm (the band) played an NYC MDF pre-party at Public Assembly with Italian grindcore band Cripple Bastards, Magrudergrind, The Kill, and Noisear on May 25th. Pictures from that show adorn this post.

All mentioned bands except Magrudergrind played MDF. Cripple Bastards, Shitstorm and the Kill also played secret MDF after-shows in Baltimore on Friday & Saturday, both of which eventually got shut down by the cops. Dropdead, Lack of Interest, DOC, Coke Bust, Triac, Mammoth Grinder, Extortionm and others were scheduled to play the after-shows.

More pictures from Public Assembly below....

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Public Assembly co-owner Ted Mann & Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent

"The past six months have been pretty intense for Brooklyn restaurateur, Ted Mann. He opened two new businesses, Cubana Socíal in Williamsburg and No Name Bar in Greenpoint, and started work on a South Slope beer garden and a Bay Ridge deli, both slated to open this summer. He also discovered that Ted Nugent, yes, that Ted Nugent, is his biological father.

Brooklyn born and raised, the Bay Ridge native has been involved in 11 businesses over the past 13 years...

...The nine places that Mann currently has a hand in (Bar 4, Cebu, Apartment 138, Camp, Matchless, Public Assembly, Lone Wolf, Cubana Socíal and No Name Bar, if you're counting) have a total of 13 different partners. They all meet up together once a month, with individual meetings on a more regular basis. Michael Esposito has long been his partner in crime at his South Brooklyn businesses; Larry Highland is an owner of Matchless and books at Public Assembly and has been instrumental in bringing Mann into Greenpoint and Williamsburg. And Jessica Wertz, the driving force behind Lone Wolf in Bushwick and No Name Bar (Mann refers to it as 597, but the moniker No Name Bar is going to prove impossible to shake at this point), is one of his newest collaborators. "She has vision," says Mann." [Brooklyn Based]

Though the article doesn't mention it, I'm pretty sure there's a connection to Southpaw there too. The Daily News, who also picked up the story, points out that Ted Nugent gave Ted Mann up for adoption. Ted Mann found out in October who his real dad was. Crazy. This past Saturday night, Ted Nugent was spotted hanging at/outside Public Assembly & Cubana Social. Now it's obvious why.

words & photos by BBG, additional photos by Jason House

Coliseum @ Public Assembly (by BBG)

Coliseum played two Brooklyn shows with Gods & Queens over the weekend, each with different set lists! And different openers too. Tour-mates Rise & Fall and Masakari were both on the bill at the Saturday Public Assembly show, as was Psychic Limb (who supported Dillinger Escape Plan Sunday night at MHoW too). Sunday's Union Pool show featured Coliseum, The Austerity Program, The Year is One, and Masakari who initially had the day off until they hopped on the Union Pool show last minute in addition to playing a last minute show at C-Squat.

Pictures from Union Pool are forthecoming, but Public Assembly pics are in this post, and there are more of them below...

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Holy Ghost! in Austin last week (more by Tim Griffin)
Holy Ghost

The second edition of Noncerts goes down at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn tonight (4/29). Elvis Perkins, Martha Wainwright, and Jesse Harris will all play sets with the all-star house band and tickets for the benefit are still on sale.

Stick around after Noncerts for the dance party happening in the same venue with DFA DJs Jee Day, Matt Cash and Juan Maclean who may not be joined by his bandmate Nancy Whang even though she will probably make an appearance earlier in the night across the street at the sold out Holy Ghost! show happening at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Nancy is scheduled to instead appear with Classixx tonight at Webster Hall (flyer below). If that's not enough DFA for you, Free Energy play a show tonight at Glasslands too. Oh, and if you're going to Holy Ghost!, save your ticket stub (if you have one). It gets you $3.00 off admission to Cameo (doors at midnight).

Holy Ghost! just got off a tour with Cut Copy whose next NYC show is in Prospect Park with Midnight Magic who you can catch way before that on North 6th Street too. On Cinco de Mayo, while BOBBY are doing there thing over at Knitting Factory, Midnight Magic, Arthur Baker, and DFA DJ Matt Thornley will play a show in the back room of Public Assembly while Colin Rogister [Disocography], Joakim [Paris/ Tigersushi], Sal P [Liquid Liquid], and Tim Sweeney [Beats in Space/ DFA] hold it down in the same venue's loft space. A $15 ticket will get you into both the main event and the "Discography" party in the loft, or you can skip the downstairs and pay only $5. The flyer for that part is below...

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by Andrew Sacher

DOWNLOAD: Alex Winston - Sister Wife (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Alex Winston - Medicine (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Alex Winston - Choice Notes (Tomb Crew Remix) (MP3)

Alex Winston
Alex Winston

Detroit singer-songwriter Alex Winston is starting the new year with a few shows before heading out to Europe in February. She'll be in Brooklyn tonight, January 9th, at Public Assembly for the Communion launch party with Emil & Friends, Marques Toliver, Pearl and The Beard, Bobby Long, and Simone Felice. Alex is the headliner, and there will be DJ sets by The Knocks, Neon Gold and Sean Glass.

Communion (not to be confused with the old Tuesday night party at Limelight) is a music community in London founded by Ben Lovett (Mumford & Sons), Kevin Jones (Cherbourg) and producer Ian Grimble and has been responsible for showcasing emerging and established British music. The Public Assembly show on January 9 is Communion's debut showcase in New York. It's fitting that Alex Winston is performing at the first showcase, considering she covered Mumford & Sons' "The Cave" for her Covers EP.

Winston was also at Public Assembly for the Neon Gold/Chess Club Showcase this past CMJ. I caught her at that show. Winston takes strong inspiration from Motown girl groups and crafts nostalgic pop songsm but she sets herself apart from her predecessors, by using the pop song formula to showcase more thought provoking lyrics. Her stage persona shifted from dramatic to funny multiple times and she never fails to deliver as a vocalist or performer. Winston has yet to release an album, but that will change on March 8th when her debut, "Sister Wife" is released by HeavyRoc. The Mini LP was produced by The Knocks and Charlie Hugall. Download two tracks from that album (one remixed) above.

All dates and the Communion flyer below...

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photos bt Chris La Putt

Ted Leo / Big Freedia
Ted Leo
Big Freedia

Thanks again to everyone for an amazing extended CMJ 2010 weekend that started Thursday night at Music Hall of Williamsburg, continued Friday afternoon at Public Assembly followed by a loft party followed by the free Converse-presented show at Public Assembly on Saturday afternoon, 10/23 (the subject of this post), and which ended on a high, and heavy, note at Union Pool later that night.

Thanks again to Converse who just opened a big store in SoHo, and to our sponsors V-Spot (go eat there for a great vegan meal in Park Slope), Firefly Vodka + Bourbon, Magic Hat, and Raw Revolution.

This second set of pictures from the event continues below...

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Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival 2010

It's a little bit later this year, but the third annual The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival will take place across two venues in Williamsburg on December 18th: Music Hall of Williamsburg and Public Assembly (if you didn't know, they are right next door to each other). The "fest" will feature acts from across the digital spectrum ("emerging and established bands, DJ's and producers from the Boroughs and beyond") including Sinden, Kid Sister, Javelin, Tittsworth, Class Actress, Brahms, Lemonade, and many others, with more to be announced.

Tickets are currently on "Super Limited Reduced Price Advance" sale.

Lemonade meanwhile is out on tour with their True Panther labelmate Delorean. Two NYC shows happen very soon and both are still on sale.

Initial BEMF lineup and two videos from last year below...

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