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photos by Jason Walker, words by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Pollution - "Tiny Black Burns" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Unearthly Trance - "Diseased" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Defeatist - "Isolation Tactics" (MP3)

Unearthly Trance
Unearthly Trance

Call me greedy, but when I recently posted the Show No Mercy/BV-BBG lineup of Keelhaul, Minsk, and STATS, followed by that lonely "+1 TBA"... I got a little sad. Why just one? Luckily, Brandon Stosuy & I (we came up with the lineup together) were on the same page, so that +1 TBA is now +2, AND we are proud to announce the addition of Unearthly Trance and Defeatist to the August 2nd lineup at Public Assembly!

Defeatist, which contains members of the much lamented Anodyne (with Mike Hill of Tombs), recently dropped Sharp Blade Sinks Deep Into Dull Minds on Willowtip. The LP is actually a compilation of previously released EPs and splits that will have to sate us while we await the arrival of Sixth Extinction, featuring 19 new tracks recorded by Colin Marston. The band is scheduled to take on the destructive Texas duo of Mammoth Grinder (who we profiled here) and Hatred Surge (who I loved at SXSW) on July 17th at The Charleston.

Unearthly Trance recently played the BV-BBG bash at Europa, and are scheduled to take on Lit Lounge on Monday (7/13) with the mighty Harpoon, one of two dates for Harpoon (they headline The Charleston on 7/14). Full Unearthly Trance & Harpoon dates are below.

In possibly related news, Pollution, a band that may or may not contain members of Unearthly Trance and/or Villains, has been added to the kick-ass Harvey Milk/Torche shindig at Music Hall of Williamsburg on July 26. Tickets are still available. The band is also scheduled to play Don Pedro's on Saturday (7/11) with The Choke and Bukkake Boys. Pollution dropped the nasty.DNA cassette, which will reportedly surface on LP via Feast of Tentacles. Check out "Tiny Black Burns" from that release above. Feast of Tentacles is responsible for the recent 2LP of another fave, Cough.

More pics and some thoughts on Unearthly Trance, Cough, Howl, Javelina, Doomriders, Sourvein, and Clouds at the BV-BBG at Europa on 6/14, as well as tour dates for Pollution and Harpoon are below....

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photo by Ryan Muir

Motel Motel

Gothamist: How did the band come together, and where did the name come from?

Motel Motel member: Well, I was depressed and without any friends, like a lot of people are when they first move to New York. I met Eric Engel and Timo Sullivan at The New School in September of '06. All three of us were students there. That was the beginning of the band.

Currently on a tour of the Carolinas, Motel Motel played a Northside Festival show at Public Assembly on Saturday, June 13th. Their next NYC show will be opening for the Harlem Shakes at Bowery Ballroom on July 1st. All MM dates and more pictures from Brooklyn, below...

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photos by Maryanne Ventrice

Drink Up Buttercup @ Bruar Falls
Drink Up Buttercup

"After seeing somewhere around forty bands, eating exactly four amazing taco truck tacos, and drinking something like 40,000 beers, half of which were free and half of which I'm totally going to expense, the first annual Northside Festival has officially come to an end.

I believe I can speak on behalf of the L Magazine staff, as well as our sponsors and various partners, when I say thank you--to the people who bought badges, the press people who covered it, the pedestrians who stopped doing what they were doing so that they could watch bands perform on the street, the venues who trusted us with their spaces, the showcase presenters, and most importantly, to the nearly 350 bands that played--for making this entire thing an overwhelming success. [L Magazine]"

Mayanne Ventrice was running all over the place for the four dates of the Northside Festival. On the second day, Friday (6/12), she saw nine bands in four venues (Public Assembly, Spike Hill, Cameo, and Bruar Falls), stopped by Music Hall of Williamsburg for a peak at the BV photo show, and accidentaly caught Shilpa Ray playing with her band on the street. The rest of her pictures from that day are below...

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julianna barwick at cafe grumpy, greenpoint, BK (Alias Pail)
Julianna Barwick

The way that I found out about Bjork was I was 14 or something and I saw at the mall the cover of Debut and I was totally drawn to it...If you start at Bjork, you're gonna find some good things along the way, and I was definitely more into the indie side of music after that. Radiohead was huge for me too. But I've always loved like pop, too. I love Rihanna and I love Boys II Men and Mariah Carey and things like that, too. [Julianna Barwick @ 17dots]
Tonight (Wed, June 3rd) Julianna Barwick is having a CD release party at Pianos for her Florine EP, which came out at the end of April. Joining her will be local dream pop trio Twi the Humble Feather.

The show kicks off Barwick's three-week Wednesday residency at Pianos. The singer will also play the Northside Festival on June 11th at Cameo Gallery.

Twi the Humble Feather will be at Northside too, on an amazing bill with Bell, Death Vessel, Teengirl Fantasy, Arrington De Dionyso and Weekends. That show, on Saturday, June 13th, was to happen at new Williamsburg venue Berry Park, but has since been moved to Public Assembly. Berry Park is not quite ready for business yet.

And that's not the only Northside show to switch from a not-yet-opened venue. O'Death's Northside show that same day moved from Brooklyn Bowl to the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Both gigs coincide with Williamsburg Walks, which will close Bedford Avenue to traffic on select Saturdays.

Julianna Barwick's Florine EP track list and art, with all tour dates for her and Twi, below...

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by Black Bubblegum

Seth Putnam of AxCx at his most thoughful (more by Justina Villanueva)

June's Show No Mercy event is this Sunday (6/7), and we already have another event to look forward to after that! Eclectic is the name of the game as Anal Cunt (who recently played Europa) will team up with grinders Fuck The Facts, Locrian, Gwynbleidd, and Copremesis for a July 5th show at Public Assembly. Until then, Salome awaits on June 7th with Black Anvil, Woe, and Snake Sustaine (mems-A Life Once Lost).

Want to go Sunday? I have two pairs of tickets to give away. Email us at BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM with a subject line of "SALOME", and include your first and last name. Two winners will be selected at random and notified the afternoon of June 5th.

Fuck The Facts recently announced the vinyl release of Disgorge Mexico via Stillborn Records on June 9th. The limited edition pressing will have 500 total copies, with 400 on white and 100 on black vinyl. Preorder that here.

Locrian has been busy since the beginning of 2009, dropping Drenched Lands earlier this year on At War With False Noise, and more recently, the Land of Decay VHS + 3" CD available here. 2009 will also see the releases of the Drenched Lands LP (via BloodLust) and a split 7" w/ Harpoon on Hewhocorrupts Inc. Show No Mercy is not their only upcoming NYC-area show either. They've added another on July 3rd at Lucky Cheng's. All dates below.

Copremesis, who describe themselves as "NS Death/Grind performed by minorities to hail the ARYAN RACE!!!", recently released the lilting ode to transexual perversion Muay Thai Ladyboys and are now offering all of their other releases for gratis download.

Rosetta recently played a Show No Mercy show, and will be in NYC once again on June 5th at Death By Audio.

Full AxCx, Fuck The Facts, Locrian, Copremesis, and Rosetta dates are below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Justina Villanueva

A Life Once Lost

The outer reaches of hardcore had it's time out of the darkness on May 3rd, as A Life Once Lost teamed up with Buried Inside, Rosetta, and Wetnurse for Show No Mercy at Public Assembly. The show was one show of a previously announced tour for ALOLwho currently has dates lined up through middle May with Thy Will Be Done.

If you missed Rosetta, make sure and catch the "astronaut-metallers" next month at Death By Audio on June 5th.

The next Show No Mercy is lined up for June 7th with Salome, Woe, Black Anvil and Snake Sustaine (featuring members of ALOL).

More pictures below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

Child Ballads

"Child Ballad w/ Tiger Saw, The Wailing Wall and Emilyn Brodsky (EARLY SHOW) We ( Stewart S. Lupton and a Couple of Pirates) are boarding the ship , the lip, the the cape of the stage around 9, maybe 9:30, pirate time. Take the N & the ARRGHH. This show is dedicated to the BALLAD'S new god daughter, one beautiful BEATRICE BLUE COE MULLIN. May she grow up to be a cowboy, lawyer, or some other form of outlaw. Haven't played in N.Y.C. in some time. Been spending most of time assembling the final galleys of 1st poetry book, illustrated by Dame Darcy of Meat Cake ( Fantagraphics) and Gasoline (Merrill) fame, Jamie Hince from the Kills, and Jennifer "J.J."Herrema of Royal Trux, RTX, among others, not the least of whom is BEATRICE'S FATHER, best of brothers blood , KEVIN Regan MULLIN, American Artist / Actor and Professional Best Friend. If you haven't heard of him yet, you will, mark my scars. In the mean times, The Ballads have grown in scope, wrotE some new songs , stole even more. Come with cheap wine for yr playtime, hickeys and scurvy, and tread the boards lightly, and make out to sea shanties penned for a one year old.. see you @ the naughty nautical nite.... keep a weather eye on the horizon." [The Childballads]
That's how The Childballads described Saturday night (4/25)'s show at Public Assembly in Brooklyn. It was an early show. They were the headliners and went on around 9:40, and were finished about 45 minutes later which was when the laser lights came on for the dance party happening right afterwards. Besides breaking the smoking-indoors law, no crazy behavior by Stewart to report. More pictures below...

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photos by Justina Villanueva, words by Black Bubblegum

Black Anvil, in mid thrash.
Black Anvil

The bunny was shown no mercy on Easter Sunday, as Genghis Tron, Tombs, Wetnurse, and Black Anvil took care of business at Public Assembly (4/12). The Brooklyn venue was packed for the show that "might be" the last NYC show for da 'Tron in 2009 - the band is setting aside some time post-Coachella to work on new material.

Tombs, who are back from a long trek with Pelican and Wolves in The Throne Room, have only a couple shows lined up until the band hits the road with Isis (and Pelican on some dates). Tickets for Isis/Pelican/Tombs on June 2nd at Irving Plaza are on sale.

Wetnurse have a couple area dates in the next couple weeks: April 16th in Bloomfield, NJ with Landmine Marathon (who fuckign DESTROYED last night, more on that later) and April 26th at Union Pool with The Austerity Program & Tournament. After that, the band will play a second Show No Mercy event at Public Assembly on May 3rd with A Life Once Lost, Buried Inside, and Rosetta. A month and a half after that, the band hits the road with Lord Mantis (who we profiled here) for a US tour.

By my strictly unscientific polling, Black Anvil might have recieved the most "oohs and ahhs" of the night. If you missed them, then you have two more chances to catch the band in NYC in the coming months: May 20th at Chief Bodega with Vermefug, Entrails Massacre, and PLF and July 11th at Rock Star Bar with Dimentianon. The band has one additional show lined up for Richmond, on May 9th, where they will team up with Occultist and Bastard Sapling.

More pictures from the show below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Buried Inside - "V" (MP3)

Buried Inside

After all of the doom & gloom and icy blackness, it looks like Show No Mercy, the recurring metal party at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, is going a little (experimental) hardcore. Buried Inside and Rosetta have been added to the May 3rd Edition.

Show No Mercy also has upcoming shows with Genghis Tron, Tombs, Wetnurse, Villains, Castevet, Nocnitsa, and Dimentianon.

Buried Inside released their latest album yesterday (March 3rd), the highly recommended Spoils of Failure on Relapse. Stream some tracks at their myspace and download the track "V" above.

Rosetta is currently booking a European tour but have a few (mostly Philly area) dates on the calendar. All tour dates below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Justina Villanueva


February 15th was a challenge... logistically and emotionally: Logistically because I had planned to catch as much of both Show No Mercy's Ocean/Salome/Riff Cannon/Batillus event AND Zoroaster / Amenra / A Storm Of Light show as possible. Emotionally because obviously, there were some casualties... namely Ocean who I only caught 15 minutes of, and Batillus and Riff Cannon who I completely missed. Frown. The single positive out of missing this trio of bands is that Batillus are good 'ol local boys, so the chances to catch them again in NYC are much greater in the near future. If you have a chance to catch them (and I have before) you should.

Now on to more positives.... I was able to catch most of the Europa show (more on that later) and almost all Salome, who were just devastating! The thundering duo of R. Moore (guitars) and Deal (drums) punctuated an already frightening performance by lead howler Kat. Hell hath no fury like Kat's shredded voicebox.... how a sound that unholy comes out of a person that small, I will never know. Make sure to look for them when they make it up to NYC next, and if you are going to be in ATL for the OMG Fest (read: Scion Rock Fest), make sure and catch them.... they'll be on early.

More pictures below...

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by Black Bubblegum


As we sit idly with Static Tensions awaiting the release of the new Kylesa LP, the band have dropped off a few new tour dates and are streaming the new track "Said & Done" at their myspace.

Skeletonwitch (who recently played Public Assembly as part of Show No Mercy) and Black Tusk will team up with Kylesa for a few dates sandwiched between Kylesa's appearance at the Scion Rock Fest and their upcoming tour with The Haunted, Nachtmystium, and Intronaut (that hits BB Kings on 4/19 and tickets are still on sale).

The new dates include a stop at SXSW in Austin, with Skeletonwitch & Black Tusk, but also with Rwake, Warship, and Dixie Witch as part of the Tone Deaf Touring Showcase on March 20th @ Red 7.

If for some god-forsaken reason you have forgotten about the Kylesa show TONIGHT (1/28) at The Charleston with Tombs, Tournament, Black Anvil, and The Brass, let this serve as a reminder. Lots of heavy riffing and bowel-shaking pleasure lies ahead.... but get there early... doors at 8PM. New (less secretive) flyer below.

Kylesa will also be at the equally earth-moving show tommorrow (1/29) at the Bowery Ballroom with crust legends Amebix, Thought Crime, & Atakke.... but unfortunately, that show is now sold-out.

Skeletonwitch played the last edition of Show No Mercy. The Feb 15th edition at Public Assembly will feature Ocean, Salome, Riff Cannon & Batillus.

All dates below...

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by Black Bubblegum


My favorite of the two Oceans, the one missing a definite article in front of their name (Ocean of Maine), will be the next heavy band to headline Show No Mercy at Public Assembly (Feb 15th). As part of some sort of bizarre doom-off, Ocean will try to out rumble and underpace the mighty Salome, Riff Cannon, and Batillus who are also on board for the (anti-) festivities. Both Ocean (profiled here) and Salome (who we profiled in August) released full-length LPs last year... Pantheon of The Lesser and S/T respectively. Riff Cannon will drop their debut LP in 2009 and Batillus recently made their new self-titled EP available for free download here.

Speaking of Salome, lead vocalist Kat will make her first Agoraphobic Nosebleedappearance on Agorapocalypse, the latest LP from Scott Hull's pummeling grindcore project. Due April 14th, Agorapocalypse won't be the lone AnB in 2009; the band plans a series of splits for this year with a wide array of bands including Despise You, ANS, Agents of Satan and Thrones!

Mayhem, Marduk, Cattle Decapitation, and Cephalic Carnage have added a date together in Seattle Washington @ Studio Seven on June 5th. Pleasegodletitbeafulltour... Pleasegodletitbeafulltour... Cattle Decapitation's The Harvest Floor dropped on Jan 20th.

Brutal Truth recently announced their involvement in the Auditory Assault Festival (with Gadget, Kill The Client, Jig-ai and others), and now comes word that the band will have released their new record before then! Enter Evolution Through Revolution, recorded at Watchman Studios by Doug White (Psyopus) and due on April 14th via Relapse. Stokeage. Brutal Truth drummer Richard Hoak will do double duty at the Auditory Assault festival, also playing with his Total Fucking Destruction project.

Isis announced their new album, Wavering Radiant, due on May 5th via Ipecac Records! Produced by Joe Baressi (Tool, Queens of The Stone Age), look for the wax to hit the streets on Apr. 21. Tool's Adam Jones contributed guitar tracks to a pair of songs on Wavering Radiant.

Sweet do, Jared Big Business!
Big Business

Big Business have announced their new album, Mind The Drift due in April via Hydra Head Records. Produced by Phil Ek (The Shins, Earth, Fleet Foxes, Built To Spill), the record is the first to feature new guitarist Toshi Kasai. Stream the new track "Gold and Final" at their myspace.

Ahhh... NOW I know why 1349 are heading out on tour.... Revelations Of The Black Flame is the name of the recently announced new album by the black metallers! Recorded at StudioStudio Nyhagen in Bøverbru, Norway, 1349 have enlisted Tom Gabriel Fischer to help man the boards! Look for it sometime this spring. Meanwhile, Tom Gabriel Fischer's new venture post-Celtic Frost, Triptykon, is currently in the demo phase. 1349 will be at BB Kings on March 2nd, tickets are available here.

The sickos in Sourvein have scheduled a few new dates, including an NYC date that looks to be part of an upcoming US tour. No details just yet, but set aside April 19th until then. Tour dates below.

The previously announced Converge show at Europa on March 27th (tickets here) just got a little bit nuttier with the addition of Genghis Tron, Ceremony, Rise and Fall, and Pulling Teeth.

Lair Of The Minotaur's new DVD, WAR METAL BATTLE MASTER is out NOW at Southern Lord. Meanwhile, bassist Nate Olp (Demiricous) has been sent in to replace the departed DJ Barraca for live gigs. DJ recently left LOTM to joined Harpoon, who's new record, Double Gnarly / Triple Suicide is due on Feb 10th via Interloper Records.

News on Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, Weekend Nachos, Carcass, Blut Aus Nord, Lamb Of God, Javelina, and more below...

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by Black Bubblegum


The blackened-thrashtastic Skeletonwitch will team up with weed-death metallers Cannabis Corpse for a handful of dates in the new year, including one on Jan 11th with Atakke as part of the monthly Show No Mercy series at Public Assembly (Nachmystium played last month's).

Cannabis Corpse (featuring members of Municipal Waste) are currently working hard at a follow-up EP to this year's Tube of The Resinated (get it?). Look for that on the mighty Tank Crimes in the coming year.

All tour dates, and the Brooklyn show flyer, are below....

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DOWNLOAD: Titus Andronicus - Titus Andronicus (MP3)

photos by Michael Gruen

so, like I used to have this beard you see.. (Patrick Stickles @ Market Hotel)
Patrick Stickles

Titus Andronicus's Patrick Stickles played a solo show at Market Hotel in Brooklyn last night - he was opening for his friend Ted Leo who also played solo (and solo Cale Parks was also on the bill) (12/15). As you can see, Patrick is now without beard.

As previously posted, Titus Andronicus are playing a home-state show at Maxwell's on January 14th followed immediately by a national tour with Los Campesinos!, BUT FIRST: another NYC New Years Eve option:

Public Assembly & MEANYFEST USA present New Year's Eve Blow Out Party!

24 hour liquor license means party all night into the afternoon the next day!!!

Performances by:
*THE JOHNS @ 12:30
+ Plus DJ VHS (LADY GA GA)!!

$35 and/or $70 tickets are on sale for the show at Public Assembly which is the venue right next door to where Crystal Castles are playing twice that night. More pictures of Patrick playing Market Hotel, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Ewan Pearson - Buzzin' Fly, August 22, 2008 (MP3)

XLR8R Issue 123 - Best of 2008
Drop the Lime

This past weekend, which I was really looking forward to, wound up being pretty lame dance-wise. Things started off okay at Webster Hall Friday night. D.I.M. began his set with some oldies but goodies from last year: Boys Noize - "Lava Lava", and the Chemical Brothers - "Salmon Dance" (Crookers Wow remix), then immediately launched into a three song burst of new stuff - MGMT - "Kids" (Soulwax remix), Tiga - "Mind Dimension", and Mr. Oizo - "Positif", which was entirely too short-lived as D.I.M.'s set quickly devolved into what could have unfortunately been a playlist titled "Best Electro of '07". Mostly good songs, just a year old. This can be fine, but nothing D.I.M. was doing was really grabbing my attention.

I started hoping Switch's set would blow me away and save the evening. Unfortunately that was not the case. Switch, apparently nowhere to be found, did not go on, and AC Slater who was scheduled to close out the night, filled in his place. At that point I was frustrated, cold (Webster wasn't too full at that point and was drafty), and having my ear talked off by some drunk a-hole about how great Switch was (after I informed him that it was D.I.M., NOT SWITCH), so I left.

Saturday I was so looking forward to seeing Green Velvet at Sullivan Room (after missing him the past 2 times he was here), but I got a cold and decided to stay in. Apparently he had the packed floor moving all night...

video of that and many upcoming events below....

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Nachtmystium - "Your True Enemy" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Nachtmystium - "Worldfall" (MP3)


In last our last installment of Week In Metal, we announced that sickening Philly sludge metallers Javelina would hit the stages of Public Assembly on Dec 7th with Velnias, Bloody Panda, Malkuth, and a "very special guest". Welllll... according to the venue that special guest is... f'n Nachtmystium! Tickets are $18... info is forthcoming.

Nachtmystium, touring in support their massive psych-black metal opus Assassins: Black Meddle Part 1, recently dropped off their tour with Opeth and High On Fire ("Due to some issues beyond our control").

In other Javelina news, the band recently announced that they are currently working on a follow-up to their massive self-titled record from Translation Loss, recording it with the mighty Sanford Parker (Minsk, sometime touring member of Nachtmystium)

Minsk will be in town on Nov 20th at Maxwell's (tix here) and Bowery on Nov 22nd (tix here) with Baroness and Coliseum.

Get more news in last week's Week In Metal post, and look for the new post coming early this week. Check out a video interview with Nachtmystium below...

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Miracle Fortess

I just realized Miracle Fortress was in town for this random show that Earl Greyhound are also playing at the venue formerly know as Galapagos tonight....

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Public Assembly & Music Hall of Williamsburg (cred)

According to Gothamist, the new owners of the Williamsburg space that held Galapagos have decided upon a name. That name is Public Assembly. It is not clear whether or not someone actually won the contest though.