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by Andrew Sacher

photo by Josh Sisk
Old Lines

Baltimore's Old Lines is the current band of Mitch Roemer (ex-Pulling Teeth, Ruiner), and they'll be releasing a new album, No Child Left Behind, on October 14 via No Sleep (pre-order), their first for the label. It follows last year's If You See Something, Say Something EP on Reptilian Records. The album's new single "The Hunt(ed)" is still the kind of blaring hardcore we've come to expect from Old Lines and Mitch's past projects, but this time around they're even more metallic and eviler sounding. Here's what vocalist Matt Taylor has to say about it:

The Hunt(ed) is a gut reaction to the sadness and rage of wolf hunting. Not only have we demonized these animals, creating fear and promoting misinformation, but we have also transformed their systemic slaughter into a tragic display of human imperialism. Our collective desire to "conquer" nature, and infantile need to prove our superiority has only served to separate us from the natural world, and will become one more nail in our coffins when the tables turn.
All living things in our world deserve a chance to live freely, and we will never find peace of any sort until we realize that.
That track makes its premiere in this post and can be streamed below.

Old Lines will also be going on a tour which kicks off in NYC on October 24 at The Hideaway (1121 Myrtle Ave). No word yet on other bands or if Old Lines will be playing any other NYC shows while they're here, considering that's the week of CMJ. After that, they'll make their way to The Fest, where they play The Atlantic on 11/1 with Fucking Invincible, Ex-Breathers, Direct Effect and others.

All dates are listed, with the new song stream, below...

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by BBG

Pulling Teeth's final show at A389 anniversary (more by BBG)
Pulling Teeth

A389 Records have dropped their annual mixtape sampler, a ridiculous and borderline obnoxious 52-track extravaganza featuring multiple new or unreleased songs from the likes of Masakari, Mighty Sphincter, Seven Sisters of Sleep, Ilsa, Homewrecker, and many many more in addition to contributions from names like Integrity, Ringworm, Pulling Teeth, Gehenna, Full of Hell, and many many more. Download your copy here for FREE.

Pulling Teeth's contribution to the sampler is a cover of Rorschach's classic "Lightning Strikes Twice" from their flexi of the same name (available here). Reminder: Rorschach plays Maryland Deathfest and the now sold-out Le Poisson Rouge show in the coming week.

words & photos by BBG

Integrity & Pulling Teeth @ A389 Anniversary
Integrity at A389 2012
Integrity at A389 2012

After Weekend Nachos played Sonar's smaller stage on Saturday, the party then moved to the larger stage, where Young and In The Way played their blackened-crust on a candle-lit stage. Black Metal aesthetics and a taut set made YAITW's performance one of my favorites of the day. Make sure and check out the band's new LP V: Eternal Depression, as well as their forthcoming 2LP Amen/I Am Not What I Am compilation due on the label this week.

Junior Bruce, featuring Scott Angelacos of Bloodlet on vocals, played stoner-doom which was a perfect lead-in to the great Seven Sisters of Sleep. The latter, who played Friday at Acheron (pictures on the way), play sludgy-hardcore and ripped out an excellent set of mid-paced pummeling. The always dependable Magrudergrind helped speed things up directly afterword.

Pulling Teeth played their final show after Magrudergrind, and had the crowd bouncing around and singing along to their set. Vocalist Mike Riley spent the final two songs bouncing between the stage and the crowd, as his backing band played material from across their output, including latter works like "From Birth" and "At Peace" from their latest LP Funerary. It's always sad to see a band of that caliber go away, but at least the Baltimore quintet does it with style and grace. Check out my interview with Dom of Pulling Teeth that we posted last week.

The caustic-negativity was ratched up for Gehenna, who played their black-metal-infused hardcore to a somewhat quieter audience. Mike Apocalypse staggered across the stage like a wide-eyed madman for the duration of their set, which seemingly confounded those looking to do some good old-fashioned moshing.

Integrity's metallic hardcore followed Gehenna, closing with the unfuckwithable trifecta of "Vocal Test" into "Hollow" into "Micha: Those Who Fear Tomorrow". The night at Sonar ended with Eyehategod, who dipped into all of the old classics for their set, as well as their "new" song "New Orleans is The New Vietnam" (which they have been playing for a few years now).

Overall, a great night with my personal highlights of the evening being Young and In The Way, Pulling Teeth, Weekend Nachos, Gehenna, Full of Hell, and Integrity. One final note... as much as I love Eyehategod both live and on record (a lot), the band is in desparate need of some new material... its been 12 long-years since Confederacy of Ruined Lives and they definitely have some creative-life left in them (see Soilent Green, Down, the recent Kill Life flexi and Mike's work in noise music, Hawg Jaw, Outlaw Order, Arson Anthem, etc).

Pictures from the first part of the day are HERE. The rest of the pictures from Saturday's A389 Anniversary show, aka everything mentioned above, are below...

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words & photos by BBG

Weekend Nachos
Weekend Nachos at A389 2012

A389 Records descended upon Sonar in Baltimore on January 21st with sixteen bands, hailing from from places like Belgium and Canada, and all over the US. The 9+ hour show was headlined by Eyehategod and included repeat A389 Anniversary offenders Integrity, Gehenna, and Seven Sisters of Sleep. It featured bands, that while rooted in hardcore, dipped their toes into crust, powerviolence, grind, doom, sludge and everywhere in between.

The first portion of the show took place on the smaller stage at Sonar, where Eddie Brock kicked off the evening followed by Homewrecker featuring fill-in bassist Joe Yanick of Masakari. John Hoffman of Weekend Nachos (who is touring with Homewrecker, and recently played ABC No Rio) and Dylan Walker of Full of Hell both dropped in to do vocals for Homewrecker.

Hatewaves, which features members of Pulling Teeth and Triac, followed the pair, opening their set with an appropriately absurd announcement: "Direct from a supporting slot from Don Ho, you wanted the second best, you got the second best... Hatewaves."

The crew deals in ridiculous lyrics over brutally fast hardcore, and delivered on both fronts despite an absurdly short-and-to-the-point set. Triac's blistering grind followed Hatewaves.

Low Places, who were a bit loose at times, played following Triac and pounded the crowd with their negative hardcore, eventually trashing the stage before Full of Hell got on. Full of Hell's noise-peppered hardcore brutality was the first set of the day to get the crowd really moving.

Pick Your Side, a new project featuring Jeff of Haymaker/Left for Dead/Chokehold and two members of Fuck The Facts, followed Hatewaves, and by the end of the second song Beckmann had already incited a pit and stage-dived. The band is prepping to release their new LP Let Me Show You How Democracy Works on A389, but had a select set of the LPs with special screened covers at the show.

Weekend Nachos batted clean-up on the small stage, which was packed to capacity by the time they took the stage. Possibly the most violent pit of the day, the Chicago crew had plenty of stage dives and singalongs to go along with their uber-brutal set.

The party then moved to the larger stage. More on that (with pictures) HERE. More pictures of everything mentioned above, below...

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by BBG

Dom with Pulling Teeth at Maryland Deathfest (more by BBG)
Pulling Teeth

2012 will be the third year that BrooklynVegan will be in attendance at the A389 Anniversary (check out pics from 2010 and 2011), and while the staggering lineup (which now includes Magrudergrind in place of the cancelled Starkweather) will surely mean a day of negative and brutal hardcore, there will also be a bit of sadness mixed in. Pulling Teeth, which contains A389 Records honcho Dom Romeo, will play their final show in their hometown of Baltimore. The band, which formed in 2005, was rooted in the nihilistic hardcore of bands like Left for Dead but experimented with different genres as they grew, eventually releasing last year's Funerary.

As A389 gears up for their annual anniversary show this weekend, and Pulling Teeth play their final practice in preparation for their final goodbye, we cornered Dom to discuss his thoughts on the band, A389 Records, the forthcoming show, and his attempts at a reunion of Bloodlet, Deadguy, or Integrity with the Melnicks. The results of said conversation is below.

FYI, tickets are still available for the A389 Anniversary show at Sonar in Baltimore, MD on January 21st. See you there.

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by BBG

Aaron with Defeatist at their last show (more by BBG)
Aaron of Defeatist

I previously posted my highlights of 2011 but my opinion is obviously just one of many. To try and get a better feel for the year, we cornered some of our favorite artists and heavy music industry friends to ask them about 2011 in music, art, and memories. We have so many responses that we needed to split it into three posts. Here is the first. Head below to hear from members of Noisear, Monarch!, Mammoth Grinder, Pulling Teeth, Sulaco, Bloodiest, and many more...

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DOWNLOAD: Warning//Warning - "Ghosts" (MP3)

Black Cobra at The Studio at Webster Hall (more by BBG)
Black Cobra

In addition to their tour with Kyuss Lives! and The Sword that includes 12/9 at the Paramount in Long Island and 12/10 at the Wellmont Theatre in NJ, Black Cobra have added a round of dates that include Saint Vitus (the venue) on 12/11 with Zoroaster and The Body. Tickets are on sale. The full slate of dates are below. Black Cobra recently released Invernal.

France's Warning//Warning are touring the US and will hit Acheron on 11/20 with Nomad and more TBA. Check out a song from the bands new record There's Nothing Left above and look for them on the road at the dates below.

Saint Vitus (the band) have signed to Season of Mist and will release a new album.

Relapse signed the great New Zealand band Ulcerate. If you havent heard of them, make sure to check out their LP Destroyers of All which dropped this year, not to mention their highly recommended 2009 album Everything is Fire. It's great to see this band's audience growing in the US.

It seems that Seein Red/Larm cancelled their Chaos in Tejas 2011 appearance for a damn good reason... hearing damage. And now Seein Red have called it quits! R.I.P. Seein Red, I posted a live video in tribute below.

That video, a stream of the Pallbearer demo, a stream of a new Rise & Fall song, a new Pulling Teeth video, a new Oathbreaker video, and a live Monarch! video is below along with more suggested NYC shows...

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words & photos by BBG

Maryland Death Fest

After a day of heavy music that culminated in the last US set from Cathedral, the second day of Maryland Deathfest was marked by sets from Neurosis, Aura Noir, Corrosion of Conformity, Funebrarum, Marduk, Exhumed, Kylesa, Machetazo, Cripple Bastards, Pulling Teeth, Nocturnal, The Impalers & Nails. Save for the latter two (and COC), I was able to catch all of them... with my favorite sets of the day going to Neurosis, Cripple Bastards, Funebrarum, and Exhumed.

Neurosis's set touched on songs from their latest Given To The Rising and reached back as far as Souls at Zero for "The Web". The band closed with "Through Silver In Blood" which, considering I had met the album's producer Billy Anderson earlier in the day, had a special meaning and power on top of the band's already considerable weight. Favorites like "Locust Star" and "A Sun That Never Sets" also made an appearance during the band's incredible set. The full setlist is listed below. A picture of Exhumed's is down there too.

Maryland Death Fest

Marduk, Aura Noir, Black Anvil, and Panzerfaust are on a tour that hits Music Hall of Williamsburg on June 3rd. Tickets are still available. Their full list of dates is below.

A ton more pictures from Friday, below...

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by BBG

Pulling Teeth at Sonar in 2010 (more by Chris Bavaria)
Pulling Teeth

Pulling Teeth are releasing their new album Funerary via guitarist Dom Romeo's own A389 imprint. The record is currently up for preorder on vinyl and on CD via Firestarter Records, and will begin to ship soon, but you can stream it in full now, exclusively in this post. The player is below

Dom is also keeping busy with releases from the Pulling Teeth-related project Pala, a new record from Seraphim, a forthcoming The Love Below/Homewrecker split 7", a Withdrawal 7" and the signing of Low Places. The new Pala, We Don't Exist, and Seraphim, The Light In The Distance, are currently up for preorder at A389 too.

Listen to "Funerary" below...

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by BBG

Aldebaran's Buried Beneath Aeons art by Dan Seagrave

Northwestern doom destruction from Aldebaran recently reached our mailboxes in the form of their new Buried Beneath Aeons EP via Parasitic. For Aldebaran, which features Tim Call, head honcho of Parasitic Records and half of The Howling Wind with Ryan Lipynsky of Unearthly Trance, the EP is a step into a new direction. It marks the first release with a new lineup. Stream the new Aldebaran EP in full below, order a CD or wait until the vinyl in May, and look out for a new full-length LP this summer!

As Pulling Teeth's Funerary inches closer towards reality, the Baltimore band has released another new song "From Birth". You'll find it alongside tons of new/rare material from bands like Integrity, Seven Sisters Of Sleep, Weekend Nachos, Triac, Gehenna, and many many others as part of the new A389 Records 2011 Sampler. Get it via Mediafire.

Double Negative will loop up to NYC to play 538 Johnson on 4/30 with Kim Phuc, Nomos. Double Negative released their latest LP Daydreamnation in 2010.

A list of other recommended NYC shows and that Aldebaran song stream is below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Magrudergrind - Crusher EP (ZIP file)
DOWNLOAD: Pulling Teeth - "Whisper" (MP3)

2/3 of Magrudergrind, slaying Cake Shop (more here)

Magrudergrind's mix of blindingly fast/punishing grind peppered with hip hop interludes returns for their new EP Crusher. Featuring six tracks and appearances from Richard Johnson (Agoraphobic Nosebleed/ex-Enemy Soil) and Dom Romeo (Pulling Teeth), the new record officially drops on Monday (11/22), but you can download it for free (above) and stream it (below) NOW! The EP, being released on 10" wax and CD, is currently on pre-order and the price is FREE (but shipping is $6.00). Order your copy.

The reason the EP is "free" is the source of some controversy though...


As you can see, "Scion Audio Visual Presents" and the Scion logo are clearly displayed - an out-of-the-ordinary choice in an overtly anti-capitalist music scene (grindcore). Magrudergrind have commented on said controversy and you can check out their thorough and articulate statement below.

Speaking of Dom Romeo, his incredible band Pulling Teeth have completed their new album Funerary, set for release in March 2011 as a 2xLP on A389 Recordings and on CD/Digital via Firestarter Records. Check out the new song, "Whispers" available for download above and streaming below. No solid touring plans for PT so far, though they recently played LA with Integrity and Ceremony (video of that appearance below).

Streams, Pulling Teeth's album art, Magrudergrind's statement, and some recent video is below...

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by BBG

Starkweather at ABC No Rio

This Is Hardcore Fest 2010 details are officially in the open, and the three day Philly festival will feature appearances from Sheer Terror, Ink & Dagger (with Geoff Rickly of Thursday filling in on vocals), Kid Dynamite, Cro-Mags, Nails, Ringworm, Starkweather, Trapped Under Ice, Seraphim, and many others. The full list is below. Tickets are on sale for the full weekend, or each individual day (Fri, Sat) though Sunday (with Kid Dynamite and Ink & Dagger) is sold out.

One of the This is Hardcore bands, Starkweather, played ABC No Rio on Saturday (May 29) with Rosetta and Shell Shock, one of TWO Rosetta shows for the weekend (the second was the BV/1000 Knives production with Ken Mode). I ducked out before the headliner Shell Shock, and missed a good portion of Rosetta's set due to beverage consumption across the street, but Starkweather were as good (better?) than I had remembered, playing a mix of metal and hardcore all anchored by vocalist weighty and powerful Rennie Resmini's voice. The band's material from their new LP This Sheltering Night sounded fantastic live as well (cop that). More pictures from their appearance are below.

Another This is Hardcore band, Seraphim, is also on board to play SATURDAY at Cake Shop alongside Altered State, Voyager, and Monolith as part of a BV/1000 Knives/Science of Silence production. The show kicks off at 5PM!

Some pics and video of Starkweather at ABC No Rio, and the full This is Hardcore fest lineup are below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Pulling Teeth - "Grudgeholder"
DOWNLOAD: HateWaves - "Day In The Life"

Pulling Teeth at A389 Anniversary (more by Chris Bavaria)
Pulling Teeth

Baltimore hardcore killers Pulling Teeth have released a new song from their upcoming 5" due on A389 Records, dig on "Grudgeholder" above and look for it on A389 this "spring/summer". The release is one of a few the band has on deck, including an upcoming split with Irons (Dwid Hellion + Jacob Bannon + Stephen Kasner) and a new album!

PT will be recording our fourth album over the first few months of the new year. Currently untitled, musically we can tell you that if you liked [Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions] you'll probably be stoked. We're pretty excited on the direction the songs have taken, and are excited to hear the finished versions. The demos sound wild.

The split will feature an unreleased track from the Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions sessions with the great Rennie Resmini of Starkweather on vocals, as well as a remix of "Dismissed In Time" reworked by Jacob Bannon. Pulling Teeth is taking the rest of the year away from the road to attend to "wives, school and babies on the way".

Though Pulling Teeth is away from the road (but not our hearts, swoon), a new PT project has popped up, HateWaves also featuring members of Bmore grinders Triac! Dig on the pounding track "Day In The Life" above and stream another at their myspace from the upcoming Taste The Beast 7" due this spring/summer on A389 Records. The band crams six songs on a seven inch with the longest clocking in at a whopping 52 seconds. Fast and seriously brutal.

Jacob Bannon of Irons will be in NYC with the great Converge on May 6th at Santos Party House as part of a BV/1000Knives Production. Tickets are going fast, but still available. Touche Amore are also on board, and the band will also play the BrooklynVegan/Chronic Youth/Tee Pee Attitude Adjustment show at Red 7 on 3/20.

Starkweather will be in NYC with Rosetta and Junius on 3/28 at Public Assembly.

Check out some Pulling Teeth videos below...

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words by BBG, photos by Chris Bavaria

Dwid of Integrity

Billed as "The Show That Ends The World", heavy music label A389 Records celebrated six years of existence (and it's owner Dom of Pulling Teeth celebrated his 33rd birthday) at Sonar in Baltimore on Jan 8th & 9th, 2009. It marked the second year in a row that Integrity and Pulling Teeth graced the Sonar during one of the first weekends of the year. Integrity (featuring Dom on guitar) teamed up with Oak, Pala, and War Priest last year.

Dwid, PT & the gang were on board for the second night at the venue (along with Ringworm, Seraphim, Gray Ghost, and Gehenna), but Pulling Teeth also made an appearance the night before as the backing band for Jon Mikl Thor of Canadian metal greats Thor:

Jon Mikl THOR is an enduring icon of glam rock/metal, and one of the true originators of rock theatre. THOR's enviable career got off the ground with his appearance on the Merv Griffin Show in 1973 and he has maintained a steady pace ever since, selling hundreds of thousands of records. Over the last three decades, THOR has explored the tongue-in-cheek Sweet/Mott the Hoople/Bowie stylings, hard hitting metal moves of the 80Õs, and flirting briefly with Nu-Rock/Metal in the late 90Õs. - [Thor bio]
Slumlords (which also features Dom of PT), Deathammer (mems of Oak), and No Redeeming Social Value were also on board for the festivities, though the previously billed Starkweather were forced to cancel their appearance. No offense Starkweather, but from the looks of the near riot below, Baltimore did just fine.

More pics and a shit ton of videos from the melee are below...

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by BBG

Laura of Kylesa (more by Paul Birman)

Earlier I discussed my favorite LPs of the year, but why leave the fun to just one? I asked some of my favorite artists and promoters for their 2009 highlights. The responses were great. You already saw some of them. Justina listed some quotes, Liam Wilson talked about Philly, and Josh Graham listed good things about 2009. They continue below. You'll find lists of favorite songs and albums of the year, not to mention answers to crucial questions like:

  • What are Coalesce's favorite pizza toppings?
  • Which one of my top 20 artists of the year tried to get in a cab with Kirsten Dunst?
  • What is the #1 sauce/condiment of 2009?
Find out the answers to those questions and more, below...

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by Black Bubblegum


According to the great folks at Prank Records, you now have the ability to mark a date on the calendar with respect to the impending Rorschach reunion.

"All original lineup, all original roadies, Jon Hiltz of Born Against on the sound board." September 23rd to the 27th. Details are Still being worked out, but so far it looks like this:
"this", below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Justina Villanueva

That singer from Ceremony got ups, yo!

Did I brush shoulders with death during Converge's set? Nate Newton's swinging bass whizzing inches from my face, Jacob Bannon's foot on my hand as the crowd fought to tear me a part, nor Jacob's swinging microphone straight out of a Roger Daltrey/Who video caused my near collapse. It was a moment of deviant kismet; All of a sudden Jacob Bannon snapped his wrist and whipped the microphone cord causing it to coil around my neck only nanoseconds before a stage diver jumped squarely on top of me. Hanging by the mic cord, my feet were on the floor and my body was at 45 degrees, the crowd around me holding me up from behind. I could feel myself choking until a bouncer rushed over and unwrapped for the cord from my neck... Hung at a Converge show... I guess that one hasn't happened yet (luckily).

The bill for the evening was massive, filled with the Deathwish roster of past (Ceremony) and present (Rise & Fall, Coliseum, Pulling Teeth), save for Genghis Tron, Converge's tour mates from last year's trek with Baroness and The Red Chord. Unlike Justina (who shot the whole show), I arrived towards the end of Ceremony's set, missing Coliseum, Rise & Fall, and Pulling Teeth, unfortunately.

Genghis Tron and coordinated lighting rig played their first show of 2009 directly following Ceremony. They opened with the epic title track to their critically acclaimed LP, Board Up The House. Drum-machine centric bands such as The Austerity Program, Godflesh, and GT have a large hurdle to get over in heavy music; the fact that there isn't a human being smashing the kit behind them in a genre that depends on brutality is definitely a negative in the live setting. That said, Genghis Tron make the best of it, and Mookie is a passionate and energetic frontman. Justina managed to catch my favorite moment of their set on video (below)... a cover of "Bad Penny" by Big Black!

Converge hit the stage right around 12:30 AM, running through material spanning the length of their career including "Locust Reign" from their 1999 split with Agoraphobic Nosebleed, "Heartache", "Hellbound", "Eagles Become Vultures" (video below), "Last Light" and many others.

At one point during the show, a crazed "fan" slapped a bear hug on Jacon Bannon wrestling him from the stage and onto the crowd floor.

When Jacob finally got back on stage he remarked, "I don't even know what happened here. I'm like nervous to keep playing... should we keep playing?"

They did (no encores), finishing the evening with "Concubine" from Jane Doe and a special treat for the metalheads mixed in with the hardcore kids... a cover of "Wolverine Blues" by the mighty Entombed sung by John Petitbone (Himsa, Botch, Undertow). It was their "second time" performing the song. Jacob Bannon took a breather during that one.

I've seen Converge a lot, so I was hoping to hear a lot of new songs, ones I haven't seen them perform in a while, or anything else out of the ordinary. Unfortunately the new material was in limited supply, but the two new ones they did play bore the Converge seal of oddball drum fills, Swedish Death Metal guitar tone, and clear roots in hardcore. The Entombed cover in particular was a highlight for me... well, that and the whole not dying thing.

Converge are scheduled to hit the studio in May to record their new album, according to our recent interview with Jacon Bannon.

Genghis Tron will play Public Assembly on April 12th with Tombs, Black Anvil, and Wetnurse as part of the Show No Mercy series.

More pics & videos (from the whole show, 3/27 in Brooklyn), below...

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by Black Bubblegum

108 in South America, (GaryGo)

108, Krishna-hardcore royalty, have announced a short US tour including a date at Santos Party House on April 25th with Have Heart, Cold World, Title Fight, Soul Control & I Rise. Pulling Teeth, Lewd Acts, & Skin Like Iron will accompany the band on the Westside, while the east gets Soul Control & I Rise.

108 is working on material for a new EP, their first release since their 2007 "reunion" album A New Beat From A Dead Heart on Deathwish. The band recently added former Quicksand/Burn/Seaweed drummer Alan Cage to their ranks, and now 108 in 2009 looks like this:

Robert Fish/Rasaraja: Vocals (Ressurection)
Vic Dicara: Guitar, Vocals (Burn, Inside Out)
Trivikrama dasa (Tim Cohen): Bass
Alan Cage: Drums (Quicksand, Burn, Seaweed)
Pulling Teeth won't be in NYC for the 108 show, but will be in town on March 27th as part of their tour with with Converge, Genghis Tron, Coliseum, Rise and Fall, and Ceremony (Europa tix here). They've also added a date at ABC No Rio with Starkweather and Amenra on Feb 28th, according to their myspace. Pulling Teeth's new record, Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions, is due via Deathwish on Mar 31st. Check out the teaser here.

One of those Pulling Teeth/Converge/Rise & Fall/Ceremony shows is more than just a date in Richmond; It is part of the two day United Blood Festival of hardcore galore. Full lineup below.

Rob Fish (108) was recently interviewed by the guys at Kill Fuck Destroy.

Amenra will team up with Zoroaster and A Storm of Light to attack Europa on Feb 15th. Tickets are still available.

Cro-Mags (Jam) are playing Europa. Tickets are still available.

All tour dates below...

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by Black Bubblegum

Converge in Moscow (photo by Alexander Welsh)

Good news / bad news / good news. Let's start with the bad news.

All signs point to Genghis Tron off of the previously announced Deathwish super bill of Converge, Pulling Teeth, Rise & Fall, and Ceremony (now ex-Deathwish) at Europa in Brooklyn on March 27.

UPDATE: Genghis Tron said they will know for sure soon whether they will be playing this show or not. Stay tuned...

UPDATE 2: Genghis Tron are in fact also playing this show.

Tickets are still available.

Now some good news... Coliseum has been added to the Europa bill!

Even more good news: It's part of a seven date mini-tour leading up to the recording of their new long-player in May. Look for the follow-up LP to No Heroes to land on Deathwish/Epitaph later this year. Converge is also playing the embarassingly awesome Scion Rock Fest in Atlanta, GA.

In related news, the Supermachiner side project is back in print. Here's a little history on Supermachiner:

Supermachiner originally began as a collection of four track recordings by J. Bannon (Converge) in 1994. The music was much different than his known vocal work in Converge, having more in common with influences Swans, Bauhaus, and others... Along with the help of good friend Ryan Parker (Daltonic, Black Spot, The Jaded Salingers), the project was brought back to life in the winter of 1998...

The two entered the studio with Kurt Ballou (Converge) in the winter of 1999. During these sessions, Ballou also contributed a great deal to the material. The finished album titled "Rise Of The Great Machine" was released by the defunct Undecided label in 2000 (now out of print). After the album release, future projects were planned but never materialized...

"Rust" features the sought after "Rise of the Great Machine" tracks, as well as four track ghosts of forgotten songs, and other unique audio experiments. All of it showcasing the artistic spirit that made Supermachiner such a unique animal for the time. All the while foreshadowing the future marriage between the "post hardcore" and "shoe-gaze" genres that dominate today's avant garde/experimental music world.

All Converge dates and a Coliseum video below...

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