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Randy Bewley

"Pylon guitarist Randy Bewley died this afternoon after suffering a heart attack while driving in an Athens neighborhood Monday.

Bewley was driving on Barber Street on Monday evening, and his van drifted off the road and tipped over, bandmate Vanessa Hay said in an e-mail to supporters.

He died shortly before 5 p.m." [Online Athens]


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Pylon @ Knitting Factory in December (more by Lori Baily)

"Pylon guitarist Randy Bewley suffered a heart attack while driving in an Athens neighborhood and is in the cardiac intensive care unit at Athens Regional Medical Center, bandmate Vanessa Hay said in an e-mail to supporters.

Bewley was driving on Barber Street on Monday evening, and his van drifted off the road and tipped over, Hay said.

Rescue workers treated him at the scene and took him to ARMC." [Online Athens]

Get well soon Randy.

photos by Lori Baily


Michael of Pylon, to the Village Voice: The way it's been going this year is I don't think we really had any kind of a plan. And all of the six shows that we're going to end up doing this year were ones where somebody came to us and just kind of, you know, persuaded us to do the show. And the first one wasn't until August. In the spring and on into the summer Curtis was working on a TV show that was being filmed here in Athens, but he was working 14 hour days. And we practiced a little bit in there because we were getting ready to go play Winston-Salem for a show that Mitch Easter's wife had put together as part of a film festival. But that wasn't until August, and then we finally played in Athens at the place called the Melting Point where they wanted to record the show to play on a syndicated radio program. And we've been stalling on doing that show for four years. They've been asking us for three and a half years or so to please, please, please play it...

...We finally did that show and it was actually a blast. We had a really good time playing there and a really good show. And then the other shows have all been people calling us up and asking us to play.

Pylon headlined a WNYU-curated show at Knitting Factory in NYC on Monday December 15th. More pictures, and the setlist from it, below...

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Monday, Dec 15, 2008 // DOORS 7:00 PM // ADV $20// DOS $25

WNYU 35th Anniversary Celebration (a full club event!) with special guests Pylon, Psychic Paramount, Grouper, Ehnahre, Sword Heaven, Zola Jesus, many more!

This is currently Pylon's only scheduled show. Tickets are on sale. Watch a video of Deerhunter covering a Pylon song HERE. The reunited group came around a couple of times last year too.

This event is one more big one in the month-long celebration that is Knitting Factory's final month open in Tribeca. They close for good after New Years Eve. Bands rumored to be playing that night include Dirty Projectors, Deer Tick, Deerhoof and Akron/Family.

Deerhunter @ Market Hotel, Brooklyn, NY - April 11, 2008 (A Year of Hyperliving)
Deerhunter @ Market Hotel

Deerhunter opened their set Friday night with a cover of Pylon's "Cool". Video below...

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DOWNLOAD: Pylon - Cool (live @ Little Kings - Apr 4, 2007) (MP3) (via)

Pylon @ Earl Club, Atlanta, GA - Nov 1, 2007 (CRED)

Oxford Collapse sent out this message about tonight's Brooklyn show...

Oxford CollapseSubject: we play with PYLON!


normally we're not all like, "come to our show" but this one is different, tomorrow, Thursday, Nov - 8, we play with one of our all time favorite bands, Athens GA's own PYLON! We're psyched to be sharing the stage with these sweet southern folks! It should be an all around awesome night, Free Blood is playing and Hugo from Gang of 4 is going to play records!



9PM, $12/$14 DAY OF SHOW

PS. dont forget your snapcase tixxxxxx!

Pylon played Mercury Lounge last night. Sound Bites was there,
...Pylon may not have made an album since 1990's Chain, but it was apparent they've still got the chops. Drummer Curtis Crowe and bassist Michael Lachowski, in particular, don't seem to have missed in beat -- nothing sluggish or sloppy about their playing. And Randall Bewley's wiry guitar lines still sound fresh. In fact, Pylon felt more of the moment than nine-tenths of the bands who have been aping post punk sounds since it came back in fashion five years ago.... [Sound Bites]
Pylon GyratePylon also played Atlanta on November 1st (the picture above), Brooklyn tonight (see above also), and have one more scheduled show at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia on November 10th.
Before there was the "next Seattle" craze that led the music industry drooling in the direction of Chapel Hill, there was Athens, Ga. And before Athens' R.E.M. became a household acronym, there was R.E.M.'s favorite band, Pylon. [Independent Weekly]
Download Pylon's whole April 4th show @ Southern Shelter. Gyrate (the DFA reissue) ("on CD for the first time") is out now.

DOWNLOAD: Vetiver - Luna Sea (MP3)

random photo of Andy of Vetiver & Michael Lachowski of Pylon (VIA)
Vetiver & Pylon

(As just posted) Kristeen Young dropped off the Morrissey tour. Her voice is shot.

UPDATE: Minutes after I posted that Vetiver ARE opening for Morrissey, Vetiver sent out a second message. Now they are NOT opening for Morrissey....

Subject: ok...now this is just plainly ridiculous

hey everybody....

ok, so....basically we just got a call a half hour ago to find out that we in fact ARE NOT now opening for Morrissey after all. as it turns out, friends of his, a NYC band called "Girlfriend In A Coma" are now opening up the shows, and
Morrissey has apparently apologized and told us that he is "very, very sorry",
that he likes Vetiver very much, but that "it just doesn't make sense".

you're telling me!

so anyway, no hard feelings, we're all actually very excited to head home and get some rest, and i'm sure all of this will be for the best.

tour w/ Morrissey? we Never Had No One Ever!

love to you all,


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Pylon is playing the Music Hall of Williamsburg on November 8th. Tickets go on sale Friday. That's in addition to the previously announced Mercury Lounge show.


Tickets are on sale for a November 7th Pylon show at Mercury Lounge in NYC. More details below....

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