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Sunny outside Sunny's last night (via @jwgates)

Ten months after Hurricane Sandy swamped the place, much-loved Red Hook watering hole Sunny's finally reopened last (8/29) after friends, patrons, and neighbors helped raise over $100,000 to repair it. There was a ribbon-cutting ceremony and then the party began (they also celebrated co-owner Sunny Balzano's 79th birthday). which featured a performance from swing band Smokey's Round‑Up and The Secret Family.

Tonight at the bar, you can catch The Xylophone People. Welcome back, Sunny's!


At the end of November we reported that Sunny's Bar in Red Hook was still closed and raising money to repait itself from Hurricane Sandy. Five months later and not too much has changed, from a high level at least...

Dear Friends,

An awful lot has happened since you heard from me last. We are finally able to forge ahead with the big fix in the basement! It has been surveyed, drawn, and is currently with the engineer. He came here early April with the contractor. The work is estimated to take one month, and we are optimistically hoping to have it done by the end of June.

To pay for the repair, we are launching a month long fundraising campaign. To kick it off, we're throwing a big old Sunny's party at the Bell-House, May 1st! Buy your tickets here, SunnysMaydayParty or at the door. Please copy and invite your friends! Can't wait to see you all.

Please share our link:
(http://igg.me/at/sunnys-red-hook/x/3042670) to our fundraising campaign with your friends and friends of Sunny's Bar. We can all be drinking together in a few short months with everyone's help.

xxx & cheers
from everyone at

Today is May Day and that's the flyer for tonight's show up above. Tickets are still available.

The Underachievers @ BrooklynVegan-SXSW (more by Bruno Simões)

Summerstage presents free shows in parks around NYC each summer. One of those parks is Red Hook Park where 2013 shows will happen on June 4 - 7. Check out the exact schedule below...

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Sunny's in sunnier days...
art basel

Due to Hurricane Sandy, Sunny's was badly damaged and we have been unable to reopen. We have been pumping, cleaning and trying to restore order since teh day after the storm. While we have had a ton of volunteers (thank you all) and have made much progress with the clean out, Sunny's is still in need of major fixes to all our equipment, boilers, hot water heaters, compressors, etc. There are also some issues with the space that need to be addressed as well. We have started a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the money needed to get back up and running. Sunny's Bar is an icon and will be back helping people enjoy life, music and friends, but we need your help.

Anything you can give is appreciated. We have great rewards on offer as well to help sweeten the pot. Thanks again for your help and good wishes. We will be back better than every (but it will still be the old Sunny's, just with more reliable equipment).

As mentioned before, iconic Red Hook institution Sunny's suffered much damage from Hurricane Sandy and have been closed since, despite hope that they'd be back already. The bar started a Kickstarter to help fund repairs (and they are already past their goal!). You can watch their Kickstarter video (which incorporates Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations segment in it) below.

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Trying to salvage a stack of waterlogged Norton Records LPs (via @monster_mama)

We posted yesterday about serious damage Hurricane Sandy inflicted upon the people and businesses of Red Hook, including the offices of New Amsterdam Records. But it was not the only label affected there. Great soul/R&B/rockabilly/etc reissue label Norton Records has their warehouse in Red Hook and lost nearly all their stock in the flooding. They posted on their blog earlier today about the situation and how you can help:

Thank you again to all the volunteers who have been helpingNorton Records recover the near total destruction of our Brooklyn warehouse at the hands of Hurricane Sandy. We have been able to salvage some stock but the job is incredibly overwhelming. We will need able hands to help with the salvage effort here at Norton HQ in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. This is an indoor job, pulling records out of wet boxes, etc. If anyone has a vehicle of any sort to assist in getting wet boxes from the Red Hook warehouse to HQ in Prospect Heights, please call...

...Norton asked for help through the weekend but we actually will continue to need any help that we can get throughout the upcoming week. We are working from 11AM until 11PM every day. Anything that you can do to pitch in would be most appreciated. The folks who have helped so far have been simply incredible. Friends, neighbors, Norton artists and complete strangers - we thank you all for the work, the food and snacks you brought and the much needed support you've all shown through this ordeal.


We have gotten messages from people who live too far to get here. Thank you. If you are in our hurricane area, please direct your efforts to helping those who you can reach. Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Staten Island, the entire East Coast needs a neighborhood effort.

Norton Artists!
We are heartbroken to report all of this destruction to you. We will do everything in our power to get your records back into print as soon as humanly possible. Please believe in us 'cause we sure do believe in you as musicians, friends and superstars!

For more details, including contact numbers and email addresses, visit the Norton Records blog.

Red Hook on Monday / Fairway throwing out food (via Red Hook Recovery)
Red Hook Hurricane Sandy
red hook

Brooklyn non-profit "post-classical" label New Amsterdam Records released the new album by accapella group Roomfull of Teeth on Tuesday, which should have been the biggest news of the week for them. But instead, Hurricane Sandy had other plans, making a total mess of their new Red Hook headquarters:

Despite the many hours we spent on Sunday preparing for the storm-stacking furniture on cinder-blocks and moving everything we could to higher ground-our space was flooded with almost four feet of polluted sea water. As a result, about 70% of our catalog of CDs has been destroyed-CDs we hold on behalf of our artists (we do not own them). Literally ALL of our financial records were destroyed, including our back-up hard-drive. Sewage, gas, spilled paint thinner, and bleach all blended with seawater, creating a toxic mess. A mess that is sure to corrode our newly installed drywall, kitchen cabinets, and office furniture. Even the basics like doors and plumbing are compromised and will need to be replaced. Musical equipment, amps, and priceless vintage synthesizers were also destroyed, along with countless personal items, clothing, two couches, records, and other furniture. We will need to move swiftly to acquire industrial dehumidifiers and hire professional mold-cleaners to help us combat the high risk of toxic mold. We have yet to assess the damage to our donated Steinway grand piano which we wrapped with a plastic tarp prior to the storm; the water mark from the flood was drawn inches from the piano's lid.

Over the last few months, we've invested countless hours preparing our space, and thousands of dollars renovating it -- money and time we were hoping to make up for with a series of public events and private fundraisers this fall and winter. Now that plan is in severe jeopardy. Our financial future is intimately tied to our space; we were "all in," so to speak. After sharing news of our plight on Facebook, literally hundreds of you have offered to help. The outpouring of love and concern from our larger community has been staggering and truly inspiring. At the suggestion of a number of NewAm friends and artists, we have decided to create this page -- an official home for our Hurricane Relief Fund. New Amsterdam's label arm operates on a non-profit-model that distributes 80% of album revenues directly to artists, so while we encourage the community to continue to buy albums and help support our artists who were also all affected by this disaster, the organization itself will receive the most benefit from direct contributions.

If you'd like to donate to New Amsterdam Records' relief fund, visit their donation page. "Your donation will be fully tax deductible, and will be returned with heartfelt thanks and supreme gratitude."

Red Hook was crushed by Hurricane Sandy and is still without power. The Red Hook Fairway, right on the water's edge, was pretty much destroyed by flooding. Red Hook Recovery has been set up to offer assistance to the neighboorhood and you can donate relief funds there as well.

In similar news, there is a benefit concert tonight at Union Hall for the neighborhood outreach program Red Hook Initiative with performances by Riot Fox and Mount Sharp. You can also donate directly to RHI here.

UPDATE: Norton Record got hit in Red Hook too.

Deer Tick (more by Tim Griffin)
Deer Tick

As part of SummerStage 2012, Red Hook Park in Brooklyn will host free shows for a week in June including, AraabMUZIK, Das Racist, Deer Tick, and a Comedy Central showcase featuring Hannibal Buress, Kevin Barnett, and Josh Rabintowitz. Check out the full schedule below...

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photos by Vincent Cornelli

"1st free show this summer included: scary Drake fans, chairs flying, mase, riots, & scared cops. Should have went to Dan Deacon." - Sasha Camacho

"Dan Deacon Ensemble was truly amazing. Such a great show
and intense audience." - Nick Helderman

Dan Deacon

While Drake (and Hanson) was causing chaos at South Street Seaport, Dan Deacon was leading group activities over in Red Hook Park. More pictures (though none of opener Lower Dens) and some videos from the free Brooklyn Summerstage show, below...

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Brooklyn Folk Festival

Down Home Radio is proud to announce the 1st annual Brooklyn Folk Festival, Friday, May 15th - Sunday, May 17th, 2009 at the Jalopy Theater. This festival will feature the best in old-time music, blues, pre-blues, jug band music, New Orleans jazz, folk style songwriting, African folk music and Mexican folk music and dance. Come down and check it out, its gonna be fun!
There are no advance tickets for the Red Hook festival. "$10 Per Day or $25 for 3 days - Afternoon Workshop Included!" In addition to shows and workshops at the Jalopy, there are also official festival jam sessions taking place at Moonshine. Full schedule and poster below...

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Hello Brooklyn

Hello Brooklyn? No comment on the name. More details on the new Red Hook Brooklyn venue below...

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Red Hook

MTV isn't talking about where it will film the 21st season of its "Real World" reality show, but in Red Hook, everyone knows the real deal.

The hardscrabble home of Fairway and the hot new Ikea is clearly ready for its close up now that MTV has confirmed that it had abandoned the BellTel Lofts building Downtown.

As The Brooklyn Paper reported last Thursday, sluggish renovations of the luxury condo led MTV to seek a new spot, this one on Pier 41 at Van Dyke Street. Greg O'Connell who owns Pier 41 admitted that he had "signed some papers," but wouldn't say more.

Others in the neighborhood gave far juicier details.

"They came in to ask us to sign a waiver last night," said barista Claire Moore from the popular coffee hangout, Baked, on Van Brunt Street, adding that the producer was excited to find such a "cute" place to set a scene for laid-back Red Hook life...
[The Brooklyn Paper]

Santogold video shoot in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY - June 18, 2008
Santogold in REd Hook

Gothamist stopped by that Santogold video shoot in Red Hook Yesterday, possibly on their way to the opening of the new IKEA.


Amy spotted the above sign in Red Hook today.

You probably already heard that Converse is giving away a song written by Pharrell Williams, N.E.R.D., Santogold and Julian Casablancas "as part of the brand's Century celebration". I put the whole press release for that one below....

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Jungle Brothers

Red Hook Park & Rec Center
Bay St. btwn. Henry St. & Clinton St.
Tuesday, August 5th: Jungle Brothers
Tuesday, August 12th: BT Express
Tuesday, August 19th: Michael Stuart
All three shows are 7-9pm and FREE.


The barge’s historical mission and the popular “Circus Sundays” will continue, but the concerts, which have encompassed almost every form of music from a swing-era revival big band to a Southern solo blues guitarist, are now a thing of the past.

So says Capt. David Sharps, president of the historic former railroad barge, which is docked at Red Hook.

The reason, he says, is that he has been asked not to serve liquor at his concerts, due to liability concerns, by Greg O’Connell, the Red Hook developer who gives him space to dock his barge for free. Even if the concerts went on without liquor, he said, they would degenerate into a “BYOB [bring your own bottle] type of affair,” Sharps fears. [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]

Not to be confused with Bargemusic under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Someone from The Hook got in touch to let me know that they're not going out just like that. There will be one final party at the closing venue on October 27th, and strangely - it will be a Halloween party called "The Death of Astroland" - "a laying rest of the Coney Island we all once knew". So basically the final party at the Red Hook venue will be in honor of the closing of Astroland in Coney Island. I guess, why not? More details below....

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This past Saturday August 25th, 2007, a bunch of bands from Ohio played The Hook in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, and they called it ClevelandFest. Nate from The Apiary (who happens to be from Cleveland) was there.....

Cleveland Fest

"You better watch out with that shirt around these parts, you could get yourself hurt," the big galoot of a doorman at The Hook lazily slurred. You mean here? At ClevelandFest? I am wearing a Cleveland Indians tee (Grady Sizemore). "It's you who better watch out, you dildo," I say internally. For tonight, the spirit of Ohio shimmers like the golden sands of a Lake Erie beach on one of the 40 days a year they're not issued biohazardous swimming advisories. Midwestern ex-pats from across NYC have assembled into this desolate and grey strip of Red Hook to see the first ever ClevelandFest, a rock show celebration/mill-about featuring 15 bands, all from Cleveland, Ohio.

I slink into the bar expecting to see Big Chuck and Lil' John mosh dancing to Mushroomhead while a perky Romona Robinson works the merch booth, pushing hoodies, Terminal Tower trinkets, and Malley's chocolates. Maybe there'd be an area where we can take virtual reality tours of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? Or get free copies of The Plain Dealer? There wasn't any of that. I was however greeted warmly by two ticket-takers who looked like somebody's mom and dad. These people turned out to be the parents of the dude who organized this thing: Alex Lombardo - an upbeat former Cleveland native and current designer at Rolling Stone. I grabbed a beer, checked to see if Derek Hess was lingering about, then watched Roger Hoover and the Whiskyhounds' boot stomping set before I ventured into the venue's courtyard....

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