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Year-end list season began earlier this week, and now metal mag Decibel has published their Top 40 Albums of 2015. You can check out artwork and commentary if you pick up the issue, and browse the full list below. Like last year, they saved the top spot for a promising young band (and actually this time the #2 slot is one too). But they've of course got veterans as always, like Enslaved (#37), Napalm Death (#25), Iron Maiden (#23), Satan (#12), Killing Joke (#10) and more. They have a good amount of the "indie crossover" metal on there, like Ghost (#34), Myrkur (#28), Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats (#27), Deafheaven (#19) and the Baroness album that isn't even out yet coming in at #6. There are also comeback albums from two not-exactly-metal bands: Failure (#22) and Refused (#15). Check out the full list below.

Two bands on this list will be going on the Decibel Mag tour in 2016.

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by Andrew Sacher


Frodus, the now-defunct post-hardcore band of vocalist/guitarist Shelby Cinca, drummer Jason Hamacher and a rotating lineup of bassists, got back together in 2009 -- the same year they reissued 1998's hate-letter to corporate America, Conglomerate International -- for some shows including NYC's Death by Audio and they followed that with a 7" of new music a year later. They say they're done playing live (though more new music isn't out of the question), but they're now set to reissue Conglomerate International's followup, And We Washed Our Weapons in the Sea, on November 23 via Lovitt Records.

Weapons was their fifth and final album, and though it was set to be released in 1999 on MIA Records, that label went under and the band broke up before it could come out. Eventually Fueled By Ramen put it out in 2001, and despite Frodus no longer existing as a band, the album had a lasting impact that helped inspire the 2000s wave of post-hardcore that was just starting to near the mainstream at the time. Thrice covered one of its songs, "The Earth Isn't Humming," on their 2008 album, The Alchemy Index Vols. III & IV.

The record stuck to the boundary-pushing elements they had been injecting into hardcore since day one -- shifting time signatures, unpredictable switches from sung to shouted vocals and quiet-loud dynamics -- but it was also the clearest sounding thing they'd done, and some of their best work. Maybe actually their best. "[Even if we stayed together] I'm not really sure we could have made a better record," Nate told us. It's great to finally have re-pressed, after basically getting lost for good when Fueled By Ramen sold it along with much of their back catalog to a holding company, and the reissue comes with bonus features too. It includes original lyric sheets, journal entries, never seen before tour photographs, and a 7" of demos, including one of "There Will Be No More Scum," which premieres in this post.

I talked to Shelby and Weapons-era bassist Nate Burke over email to discuss the reissue, Fueled By Ramen, post-hardcore's mainstream period, Death by Audio, Refused (who initially broke up while on tour with Frodus), and more:


BV: So it's not a 10th or 15th anniversary of 'And We Washed Our Weapons in the Sea' or anything like that. What made you choose to reissue that album and why now?

Shelby Cinca: We've actually been talking about it for a few years but it kept on getting delayed for one reason or another. Then finally Lovitt Records was ready and I had the time to work on the layout and dig deep into the archives for liner-note photos.

A neat fact is during that deep archive dive, I found in my copy of the LP, a letter bassist Nathan Burke wrote post-breakup that he gave me in 2001. Attached to the letter originally was a cassette of a Frodus cover he did before he joined the band which I also rediscovered. All this ended up as the bonus 7" which really gives candid insight of thoughts around the band during this time as we were actually playing together in various incarnations and were attempting to maybe start things up again in 2000-2001 but it just didn't work out.

interview continues, with the album & demo stream, below...

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photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin

Faith No More / Refused
Faith No More

The band is older now and not the same 20-somethings that ran around like maniacs on the stage of Saturday Night Live back in December of 1990. That doesn't mean they aren't still lively. They opened the show with the title track off The Real Thing and my god, was it sensational. That performance was jam-packed with the type of raw energy that very few bands can do night in and night out but these guys somehow find a way. Each one of them leaves a piece of themselves on that stage and there is no holding back the intensity. It's hard to believe it's the same band that had so much infighting that led to the implosion seventeen years ago. The band seems like they really like, no, love each other, and put all egos aside, much to the delight of me and thousands and thousands of fans.

They remained active over the years between breakup and reunion. Patton put out a slew of albums with his bands Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Fantômas, Peeping Tom and more. Hell, I even saw Tomahawk and Fantômas both open for Tool a decade or so ago (to, um, mixed reactions from the crowd). And of course drummer Mike Bordin kept busy by playing with Ozzy Osbourne's band and sometimes subbing in for Bill "Fucking" Ward of Black Sabbath. And while they all can list accolades outside of Faith No More I think they all can agree that when they get together, something magical happens. [The Supernaughts]

Faith No More brought their tour with Refused to NYC on Wednesday (8/5) for a show at The Theater at MSG (moved from the main arena). Both bands were supporting solid post-hiatus albums, and played off those and gave us classics too. Pictures and setlists of both bands are in this post.

After the MSG show, Refused did what they usually do after playing a big NYC show, and headed to a much smaller venue (The Studio at Webster Hall this time) for a midnight show. Did you make it to that one? How was it? Setlist from that below too.

Even with Faith No More back in action, Mike Patton isn't content to work on just one project. He's also currently busy with Nevermen, his collaboration with Tunde Adebimpe (TV on the Radio) and rapper Doseone.

More pictures and setlists below...

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photo: Refused at Theater at MSG tonight (photo by Dana Distortion via BV Instagram)

Refused just played The Theater at MSG opening for Faith No More (who go on soon), and like they did their last couple times in NYC, they'll squeeze in an intimate aftershow tonight. They play The Studio at Webster Hall at midnight. No word yet on advance tickets. UPDATE: TICKETS ON SALE.

UPDATE 2: This happened. Check out a video below...

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photo: Faith No More at Webster Hall in May (more by PSquared)
Faith No More

Faith No More's upcoming tour with Refused hits NYC on August 5 at Madison Square Garden, but the show has now been moved from the main arena to the Theatre at MSG, which is the smaller room in the facility. If you purchased tickets to the show, those will be refunded, and you get access to tickets for the new show in the previous purchaser presale. That starts today (7/22) at 5 PM with password FNMFAN. General on-sale begins Friday (7/24) at 11 AM.

FNM's tour also includes three Texas dates with Napalm Death, an appearance at day 1 of Riot Fest Chicago and more. Updated dates are listed below...

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by Andrew Sacher

photo: Refused at Bowery Ballroom earlier this month (more by Mathieu Bredeau)

17 years ago, Refused declared The Shape of Punk to Come with a record that put '80s hardcore, '90s metalcore, progressive rock and more in a blender. It didn't turn out to be the shape of punk to come for many bands (besides like, maybe The Blood Brothers and a few others), and that's part of why it's lived up so well and doesn't sound dated. Next week, they'll give it a long-awaited followup, Freedom (due 6/30 via Epitaph), and the whole thing is now here to stream.

Even for the members of Refused, their 1998 album wasn't the shape of punk to come, as singer Dennis Lyxzen instead spent much of the time since Refused's breakup exploring his love of pop in The (International) Noise Conspiracy. He hasn't lost that pop side on Freedom, and it's not a surprise that they approached Taylor Swift/One Direction songwriter Shellback to co-write two of its songs. But Freedom actually sounds poppiest on songs Shellback had nothing to do with, like the stadium rock swagger of "War On The Palaces," "Françafrique" and "Servants of Death." Elsewhere on the album, Refused still crush in the way that only Refused can. "Elektra" and "Dawkins Christ" sound like lost b-sides from Shape of Punk, and "Destroy The Man" pretty much nails the middle ground of their poppy and heavy sides. Check out the whole thing for yourself, below.

Refused will be back in North America later this summer for a tour with another band that pushes the boundaries of heavy music, Faith No More. That tour hits NYC on August 5 at MSG. Buy tickets or win them.

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photo: Refused at MHOW earlier this month (more by Amanda Hatfield)

After releasing "Elektra" and "Françafrique," Refused are now back with a third song from Freedom, their first album in 17 years (due 6/30 via Epitaph). It's called "Dawkins Christ," and it's way more on the band's heavy side than the most recent poppier single. Listen below, via BBC Radio 1.

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photos by Mathieu Bredeau


Refused's tour hit NYC for three shows last week. We already posted pictures of MHOW and a review of MHOW and Vitus, and now we've got a set of pictures from the Bowery Ballroom show (6/3) that had quality openers Big Eyes and War On Women.

Refused's next NYC show is a big one, opening for Faith No More at MSG on 8/5 (buy tickets or win them).

More pictures from Bowery Ballroom below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Andrew Sacher

Refused @ MHOW - 6/4/15

Last night (6/4) on stage at Music Hall of Williamsburg, Refused singer Dennis Lyxzen told the crowd how he was a metalhead as a kid, but one day traded his copy of Napalm Death's Scum for a Youth of Today record, and the rest was history. He said he wanted his band to be just like those New York Hardcore bands, but there was one difference: they weren't tough. And it's true, Refused are not tough. They sound tough -- when they incorporated the intro to Slayer's "Raining Blood" into their own "The Deadly Rhythm" you would have thought it was part of the song if you didn't know any better -- but their stage show is pretty much the exact opposite of macho. They came out wearing blazers, and Dennis is more about flamboyant dancing than the typical moves of the hardcore bands that influenced them. It was as good a reminder as any that they were once labelmates with fellow Swedes The Hives.

Sometimes it was a little funny, like when you'd watch some of the burlier dudes stage dive in front of this band in suits, but mostly that juxtaposition is what makes them great. On one hand, you've got these could-be pop stars on stage, and on the other, they're chugging away at their guitars and screaming their heads off. It's not like no other band ever tried that approach, but even 17 years after their last record few can do it like Refused.

After the MHOW show, Refused headed to Greenpoint for a last-minute aftershow at Saint Vitus (similar to what they did at Acheron after Terminal 5 in 2012). Refused already played their great, regular Refused set for the night, but at this point it was 2 AM, Dennis had been "sweating for four hours straight" (as he said on stage), and they wanted to have some fun. They did a few off Shape of Punk (including the "Deadly Rhythm/Raining Blood" thing again and a ballistic encore of "New Noise"), a new one, and a handful of covers including Black Sabbath's "Fairies Wear Boots," Black Flag's "My War," Fugazi's "Bed For the Scraping," and threw in bits of Snapcase and Earth Crisis and more. They clearly weren't taking themselves too seriously, and I think just about everyone in that room, on stage and off, was having a killer time.

Refused at their late show at Saint Vitus #refused #saintvitus

A photo posted by Brooklyn Vegan (@brooklynvegan) on

The Vitus show was opened by Primitive Weapons, and the MHOW show had Creepoid and an unannounced set from Obliterations. Obliterations play NYC again tonight (6/5) with Refused's west coast tourmates White Lung, which Dennis told the crowd they should go see (you can still get tickets).

MHOW was Refused's second NYC show of the week, after Bowery Ballroom with War on Women the previous night. And they'll be back to open for Faith No More at MSG on 8/5 (buy tickets or win them).

Last week, Refused played an in-store at LA's Vacation Vinyl, which pro-shot video has now been released from. Watch that, with more pictures from Music Hall of Williamsburg, Refused's MHOW setlist and a video of the Sabbath cover from Vitus, below...

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photo: Refused at Europa in 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro)

Refused's tour hits NYC for its second time this week TONIGHT (6/4) at Music Hall of Williamsburg with Creepoid (who have three other NYC shows). That's been sold out for a while, but if you didn't get in (or you did but you want to pull a Refused double header), you're in luck. After the MHOW show, Refused will head to Greenpoint for a late Saint Vitus show!. Doors are at 12:30 AM, and Primitive Weapons open. Tickets are on sale now.

That show happens after the Iron Reagan / Angel Du$t / Noisem show at VItus, which tickets are still on sale for.

Refused return to NYC for a slightly bigger show this summer: MSG on 8/5 opening for Faith No More. You can buy tickets or win them. Updated dates are listed below...

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photo: Creepoid at BV-SXSW 2015 (more by Tim Griffin)

We already knew War On Women were opening Refused's Bowery Ballroom show, and now Philly shoegazers Creepoid were announced to open their other NYC show: 6/4 at MHOW. Both are sold out. That's not long before Creepoid's tour hits NYC for a headlining show at Mercury Lounge (6/23) with Ecstatic Vision (tickets).

Both Creepoid and War On Women are on a few other Refused dates too. The West Coast dates are with White Lung. And Refused also has a run opening for Faith No More which hits NYC on 8/5 at MSG. You can buy tickets for MSG or win them. Updated tour schedule below.

Refused also put out a new song today which you can hear below too.

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Refused recently released "Elektra" from Freedom, their first album in 17 years (due 6/30 via Epitaph), and now they put out a second track. It's called "Françafrique" and you can hear it below (via The Guardian).

Refused also have tour dates, including sold-out NYC shows on June 3 at Bowery Ballroom and June 4 at Music Hall of Williamsburg, and one opening for Faith No More at MSG on August 5, which you can buy tickets to or win them.

Since we last spoke, War On Women were added to the Bowery Ballroom show. They play another NYC show with RVIVR on 6/21 at Palisades. Also on that bill is Arm Candy and Rips. Tickets are still available.

UPDATE: Creepoid are opening the Brooklyn and DC dates, and War On Women also open Chicago and Boston.

New Refused song and tour dates below...

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photo by Dustin Rabin

Refused, now without guitarist Jon Brannstrom, have been talking about a new album about a new album for a few months, and now it's finally official. Freedom, the band's first album since 1998's essential The Shape of Punk to Come, will be out June 30 via Epitaph. Drummer David Sandström says, "Nobody wanted us to fuck with the image of the band who makes a great album and splits up. Nobody wanted us to dilute it. That actually provoked us."

Production for the album was overseen by Nick Launay (PiL, Nick Cave, Arcade Fire) and two tracks were produced and co-written by Shellback (Taylor Swift, One Direction). One of those is "Elektra," which is streaming below.

You can pre-order the album here, and check out the tracklist and artwork below. Refused also have tour dates coming up, including NYC shows on 6/3 at Bowery Ballroom and 6/4 at MHOW (sold out), and opening for Faith No More on August 5 at MSG (tickets).

All dates are listed below...

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Tickets for all dates on the Faith No More / Refused tour, including the MSG show, go on Faith No More's presale today at 10 AM local time. PASSWORD = SUPERHERO.

Faith No More also have a more intimate tour including two sold-out Webster Hall shows in May, and Refused have one too including a Bowery Ballroom show and a Music Hall of Williamsburg show in June, both of which are also sold out.

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Faith No More (photo by Dustin Rabin)

Refused recently announced a tour of intimate US venues, including two now-sold-out NYC shows in June with TBA openers. (West Coast gets White Lung.) Now they've announced another tour, which brings them to slightly larger venues, this time supporting the reunited Faith No More!

The Faith No More/Refused run hits NYC on August 5 at Madison Square Garden. Tickets for that show go on sale Friday (4/10) at 11 AM. An artist presale for all dates starts Wednesday (4/8) at 10 AM local time, and the MSG show also has AmEx, MSGE, and Chase presales starting Thursday (4/9) at 11 AM.

UPDATE: Win two tickets to MSG on Facebook

Faith No More's first album since 1997 will be out in May, and they also have dates of more intimate venues including two sold-out Webster Hall shows in NYC that month with Le Butcherettes.

All Faith No More/Refused dates are listed, with a stream of recent FNM single "Superhero" and a live video of Refused from 2012, below...

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photo: White Lung at Fuji Rocks 2014 (more by Erina Uemura)
White Lung

Last week, post-hardcore greats Refused announced a US tour, and it's now been announced that Vancouver's ripping White Lung will support them on their West Coast leg. No openers announced for their NYC shows yet though (which sold out immediately).

White Lung's dates include a run with Obliterations, a stop at Chicago's DRILL Festival, NYC's Governors Ball, and more. Their bassist for this tour will be Lindsey Troy of Deap Vally, rather than Wax Idols' Hether Fortune who they had previously been playing with.

All dates are listed below...

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photo: Refused at Europa in 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro)

Swedish post-hardcore greats Refused briefly reunited in 2012, said the reunion was over, but then announced festival dates this year and also have hinted at a new album. Now they announced a run of US club dates, including two in NYC.

The tour has them playing 500-ish cap venues, which are much smaller than the last tour's Terminal 5 show and the Williamsburg Park show that was cancelled (but not smaller than the Europa show they played to make up for the cancellation). The tour stops in NYC on June 3 at Bowery Ballroom and June 4 at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Tickets for those shows go on sale Friday (4/3) at noon.

All dates are listed below...

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by Andrew Sacher


Quebec's Amnesia Rockfest goes down from June 18-21 in Montebello, QC and the lineup was just announced, including the back-in-action Refused, Pixies, Slayer, Melvins, Buzzcocks, Descendents, ALL, Tenacious D, Deftones, Bad Religion, Snoop Dogg, Propagandhi, Gogol Bordello, Bouncing Souls, Ministry, Down, The Exploited, GBH, Carcass, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Bolt Thrower, Sick of It All, Cro-Mags, Snapcase, Rancid (performing ...And Out Come the Wolves), The Offspring (who toured Smash last year but will now play the less good Americana) and more. Full lineup here. Tickets are on sale now.

The lineup is also includes the first announced reunion date for Thrice, who went on hiatus about three years ago. It's arguable that they didn't go out on the best note, but those early records are pretty great -- 2002's The Illusion of Safety and 2003's The Artist in the Ambulance especially -- so it should be cool to hear that stuff live again. Revisit some old highlights below. They also recently reissued stuff on vinyl.

Assuming the reunion includes bassist Eddie Breckenridge, he'll be pulling triple duty this year. He's a current member of the reunited Knapsack (who have dates coming up), and he plays with former (?) blink-182 member Tom Delonge in his arena rock band Angels & Airwaves. blink-182 (without Tom) have a similarly-themed festival that they curated coming up, too.

And ahead of Amnesia Rockfest, Thrice singer Dustin Kensrue (who has a new solo album coming) will go on a tour with Manchester Orchestra singer Andy Hull, which hits NYC on April 30 at The Bell House. Tickets go on sale Friday (2/13) at noon.

All dates are listed below...

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Punk Rock Bowling 2015 already announced its initial lineup which includes great names such as Refused, Rancid, The Muffs, Murder City Devils, Discharge and more, and now the rest of the fest has been revealed. Joining those bands will be Sick of It All, Turbonegro, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, A Wilhelm Scream and more. Tickets go on sale January 10 at 1 PM PST.

Full lineup below...

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Las Vegas' annual Punk Rock Bowling will be returning in 2015 from May 23-25. The initial lineup was just announced and it includes some pretty sweet names. There's the once-again not-dead Refused (their first announced US show of 2015), Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, Murder City Devils (who recently put out their first new album since 2001), The Muffs (who recently put out their first new album since 2004) pioneering D-beaters Discharge, The Business, Swingin' Utters and Bad Manners. Tickets will be on sale in January.

photo by Dustin Rabin

Earlier this month, rumors began circulating that Refused, who claimed their reunion was over and since fired a guitarist, were not in fact finished as a band and would be putting out a new album. There's still no word on that album, but the band have since become active on Twitter, Facebook, and they have a new website. They first posted the above picture (with the caption "Old Friends / New War") and now confirmed three festival dates for 2015. They're playing Belgium's Groezrock, Canada's Amnesia Rockfest, and the UK's Reading / Leeds Festivals.

No US dates yet, but at least now we know for sure the reunion's not over. Hopefully more dates (and that new album?) to come. Meanwhile, watch a video of the band at Terminal 5 during their 2012 reunion, with their current list of dates, below.

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Refused at FYF Fest 2012 (more by Debi Del Grande)

Refused reunited in 2012 and said that was it but now Property of Zack is pointing to an Instagram that seems to confirm they're recording a new album. The caption reads, "in austria tonight for the ahoi pop festival weekend along with st. vincent and this guy's band invsn which he's doing between finishing vocals for the new refused album that's coming out next year."

Meanwhile if Refused are in fact recording a new album, it's presumably without guitarist Jon Brannstrom. Earlier this month, Brannstrom posted to Facebook that he was fired from the band. The rest of the band responded saying:

Any collective effort will have its ups and downs and when people really pour their hearts into something, things get complicated. We cut ties with Jon already in 2013 because he did not share our passion for the band. We don't know why he decided to emit this narrative on facebook or why he did it now, instead of just calling one of us up, but we wish him the best in his future endeavors.
Read Jon's full letter below, and hopefully stay tuned for more on that album...

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Tickets for the The Feelies show at The Bell House go on sale today at 10 AM.

Tickets for the The Lillingtons and Stabbed In Back show at Knitting Factory go on sale today at 10 AM.

Tickets for the Rodrigo y Gabriela shows at Beacon Theatre go on sale today at 10 AM.

Tickets for the Neutral Milk Hotel and Circulatory System show at Prospect Park Bandshell go on sale today at noon.

Tickets for the Kevin Drew show at Bowery Ballroom go on sale today at noon.

Tickets for the Mastodon, Gojira and Kvelertak show at Terminal 5 go on sale today at noon.

Tickets for the Turin Brakes show at Mercury Lounge go on sale today at noon.

Tickets for the Ringo Starr shows at Beacon Theatre go on sale today at noon.

Tickets for the Shlohmo show at MHOW go on sale today at noon.

Tickets for the Dean Wareham show at Bowery Ballroom go on sale today at noon.

Tickets for the Nickel Creek show at Beacon Theatre go on sale today at noon.

Tickets for the Action Bronson, The Lox and French Montana show at Best Buy Theater go on sale today at noon.

Tickets for the Owen Pallett and Doldrums show at Bowery Ballroom go on sale today at noon. Tickets for their Glasslands show are on sale now.

Taking Back Sunday sold out their two Best Buy Theater shows and added a third happening on April 21. Tickets for that show go on sale today at noon.

Tickets for the Tennis show at MHOW go on sale today at noon.

Tickets for the Kelela show at Rough Trade go on sale today at noon.

Tickets for the Peanut Butter Wolf, J. Rocc and Jonwayne show at MHOW go on sale today at noon.

Tickets for the Margot & The Nuclear So and Sos show at Bowery Ballroom go on sale today at noon.

INVSN (featuring Dennis Lyxzen from Refused) play Mercury Lounge on March 27 and Knitting Factory on March 28. Tickets for those shows go on sale today at noon and 10 AM, respectively.

Browse our 'Tickets On Sale' tag for more recently announced NYC shows.

Browse our NYC Concert Calendar for shows happening today and every day - comedy shows, heavy metal concerts (courtesy of our heavy metal blog), and free shows included.

photos by Debi Del Grande

Refused / Warpaint / Sleigh Bells, FYF Fest 9/1/2012
FYF Fest 2012 - Day 1 in Pictures
FYF Fest 2012 - Day 1 in Pictures
FYF Fest 2012 - Day 1 in Pictures

...Next came the great Warpaint / Hot Snakes / Chromatics dilemma of 2012. We love Hot Snakes, but with not-to-be missed hardcore Refused closing the evening, we needed something cerebral.

We picked Warpaint, and it made all the difference. The Angeleno quartet packed the main stage area to an earnestly mind-blowing set. No joke. Stella Mozgawa's metronomically perfect drumming is infused with the right amount of personality and swagger. To say nothing of the occasionally ethereal vocals and sonically interdimensional floating guitar licks. On top of the brain high, the all-lady act Warpaint drives a bit of a body-moving groove. If it weren't for the, er, gopher pockmarked ground, we might have just laid down and vibed out or whatever. Enough people did anyways... -[LA Weekly]

The ninth annual FYF Fest happened in Los Angeles with an incredibly stacked line-up that included M83, Warpaint, The Vaselines, Sleigh Bells, Fucked Up, The Men, Redd Kross, Refused, Chromatics, Cloud Nothings and loads more. And that was just the first day. Pictures of those bands and more from Saturday (9/1) are below.

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Baroness at Terminal 5 in May (more by Joe McCabe)

Earlier this week, we posted an update from Baroness showing that things were looking upwards for the band. Unfortunately though, with two members having broken vertebrae and frontman John Baizely having a broken arm and leg, it doesn't come as much of a surprise that Baroness have in fact cancelled some of their upcoming North American tour dates, including their NYC show at House of Vans and LA's FYF Fest. They will not be replaced on the House of Vans lineup, which happens on August 29 and now just includes Turbonegro, Doomriders, and Nightbirds. This is a bummer but it makes sense that the band takes the time they need to recover, and we wish them a speedy and successful recovery!

Meanwhile, FYF Fest, which Wild Flag also dropped off of, recently expanded its lineup. It now features The Faint (who just announced they'll be reissuing Danse Macabre and touring the album), Glass Candy, King Tuff, and newcomers The Orwells. Tickets for FYF Fest are still available. The updated lineup and flier are below.

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