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photos by Marielle Solan

Real Estate

Real Estate will play a free show on 12/19 at Brooklyn Bowl. The 21+ event kicks off with 6PM doors, is their only current tour date and is part of the "Local by Local" series that also recently brought Crystal Stilts to the venue (on 11/14).

Real Estate played a private (and also free) show on a Rocks Off concert cruise on Saturday (11/13) in celebration of the birthday of Mike Greenhaus (of jam band magazine Relix Magazine). It was invite-only, though one attendee told me they weren't actually checking a list at the door. According to Amy Jacques (via an email to me):

"...in keeping with the Relix theme, Real Estate teased Phish's "First Tube," thanked bassist Alex Bleeker for "being more into jambands than the rest of us" and guitarist Matthew Mondanile joked about taking mushrooms at a Phish show.

Also, in keeping with the jamband cover theme, [opener] Rottweiler the Best (which shares members with [other opener] Diehard) opened with a punk version of "I Know You Rider," made famous by the Grateful Dead, and Diehard's Ezra Selove nodded to his Weezer cover band Blue Album Group by riffing on a few Weezer songs between sets. [Fourth band on the bill] MiniBoone closed the night to a packed house and continued playing as the ship docked."
More pictures from the show are below...

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photos by Chris La Putt


Ume ended up playing more than one CMJ show afterall. Pictures in this post from a Relix Mag party for their new Keith Richards issue that took place Wednesday at Touring Company in NYC (440 Broadway and Howard). Catch the rocking Austin band tonight at Mercury Lounge and on tour. More pictures below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

Allison Moorer

"Although the [Clearwater] festival was geared towards an older crowd, it did have a pretty stellar lineup. Artists worth noting [that played the first day] were the now 90 years old Pete Seeger (of course), the man who opened Woodstock 1969, one Richie Havens, Susan Tedeschi (wife of guitar prodigy Derek Trucks), Tao Seeger, Old Crow Medecine Show and one of my new favourite bands, Dr. Dog. I was at the festival to work, as Relix had a booth set up for the purpose of selling subscriptions. I did get to drop in on Seeger briefly, he played with the kids from room 12, an assortment of children no older then 9 years old. The man really sparks to life when he is on stage and is simply a musical institution. After meeting and greeting Richie Havens (he was signing autographs and taking pictures at a booth directly across from Relix) I was able to pop in on his short set and catch a powerful rendition of Bob Dylan's "All Along The Watchtower". Mr. Havens stuck closely to the original version but with the addition of a lead acoustic guitarist accompanying him. I also managed to drop by Old Crow Medecine Show's set and catch some of their highly upbeat bluegrass and country music. People were really diggin Old Crow, taking advantage of an excuse to hoe-dance and get down in the mud." [Back in 15 Minutes]
The Old Crow Medicine Show will be back in August, that time as part of a tour of venues where there is guaranteed to be no mud to dance in.

The Clearwater Festival took place on 6 outdoor stages & tents at Croton Point Park in Croton-on Hudson, NY over this past rainy weekend. Alejandro Escovedo, Jennie Arnau, and Allison Moorer were also among those who played on Saturday (6/20). More pictures from that day below...

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Phish @ Bonnaroo 2009 (Graeme Flegenheimer)

"We discussed playing a 45-minute version of 'China Cat Sunflower,' [at Bonnaroo 2008]" said MGMT guitarist James Richardson with a straight face shortly before his set, sporting a well-worn tie-dyed Grateful Dead T-shirt. "I think pretty much everybody in MGMT secretly loves jambands--well, not so secretly. We always have."

A few yards away his bandmates are catching up with Vampire Weekend drummer Chris Tomson, who despite his band receiving an impressive 8.8 ranking by seemingly devout hippie-hater website Pitchfork, is proudly decked out in a T-shirt that meshes the Phish and the Philadelphia Phillies' logos. "When it was announced and the band's names were listed, I remember thinking that everyone was going to playing there," he reminisces about his experience at the first, more jamband-oriented Bonnaroo in 2002....

...Indeed, though both the blogosphere and the mainstream media are quick to make it seem like hipsters and hippies are as different as hair gel and hemp, in reality some of the day's most popular "indie bands" have at least one direct tie to the jamband world--not they're openly citing String Cheese Incident as they're favorite band on Facebook. Yeasayer's Ira Wolf Tuton played in Disco Biscuits' associates The Ally, Band of Horses' Bill Reynolds was a member of jam-friendly roots rockers Donna the Buffalo, Brazilian Girls' Jesse Murphy had another life in John Scofield's Uber-Jam, Leslie Feist sang on The New Deal's Gone Gone Gone, New Deal's Dan Kurtz doubles in the electo-pop band Dragonette, all three members of the Lake Trout spinoff Big in Japan serve as the backing band for UNKLE and even the members of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Interpol have name-checked Phish...." [Jambands.com]

That is just an excerpt of an article that appeared in a recent issue of Relix, and which is re-published in part on JamBands.com. No mention in the article on whether any members of Guided By Voices, Sonic Youth, Neutral Milk Hotel, Slint, Pavement, Pixies, Belle & Sebastian, Sleater-Kinney, Superchunk, Yo La Tengo, R.E.M., The Smiths, My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr, or Husker Du, ever followed around the Grateful Dead. You need to get, or subscribe to, the the recently-saved Relix to read the whole thing.

Bonnaroo 2009 headliner Bruce Springsteen joined Bonnaroo 2009 headliner Phish on stage at Bonnaroo 2009 last weekend. Video of that below...

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Relix Magazine was launched by Les Kippel in 1974, stemming from the underground network of Grateful Dead concert-goers who taped and traded live recordings. The newsletter was originally distributed under the name Dead Relix and featured hand-drawn black and white concept artwork covers created by artist Gary Kroman. Averaging 20 pages per issue, the articles focused on taping tips and Grateful Dead news.

Even as early as the second issue, non-Dead editorial found its way into Dead Relix's pages and, with the addition of an editor, the young magazine expanded its scope to cover the music of the San Francisco Bay Area psychedelic scene. By 1978, Dead Relix contained reviews, essays, short features and artwork, and had dropped the "Dead" from its title. In a world that was moving away from hippy culture, Relix managed to remain relevant, by expanding its scope of coverage beyond "Bay Area psychedelic rock" to cover genres as diverse as reggae and heavy metal, with varying degrees of success. [Wiki]

To quote an anonymous source, someone "bought RELIX and Jambands.com and saved both from going under." The investor "didn't buy any of the other Zenbu entities though."


I don't think an official statement has been released, but there were massive (relatively speaking) layoffs at Zenbu Media, home of the jamband-friendly music magazine Relix and, Metal Maniacs and Metal Edge (the magazine titles speak for themselves). Rumors are flying...

An anonymous source has confirmed to MetalSucks that legendary magazines Metal Maniacs and Metal Edge -- both published by Zenbu Media -- have closed their doors for good. At this time we can't report whether either magazine will print any final issues or whether Zenbu itself is in trouble, but we can confirm that the end is nigh for these once mighty metal publications. [Metal Sucks]
Just as The Dead are set to reform and head on the road, the one-time Grateful Dead fanzine [Relix] has officially gone the way of its somewhat peers No Depression and Harp... [Stark Magazine]
The current issue of Relix, slightly modified, is pictured above.

ALMOST INSTANT UPDATE: Idolator says that, "contrary to earlier reports claiming its imminent closure, Relix editor-in-chief Josh Baron has said that his magazine is going to continue publishing."

UPDATE 2: sources close to the magazine say that, though they are publishing one more issue of Relix, there is a good chance it will be their last.