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by Ian Chainey


The above pic was posted on Slayer's Instagram earlier in the week. Does it herald, as many expect, a new Slayer album in 2015? Is it the genesis of their pivotal post-Hanneman/Lombardo/Rubin album? Or is Kerry King just a huge Fraiser fan? I guess we'll let time decide.

At least we know Dave Lombardo isn't planning a Slayer comeback. He's more than content with his current project PHILM, telling Metal Hammer regarding a possible return to Slayer's drummer's stool: "No. That's it. I'm done now. I've got lots of other things on my plate and I now know that, when it comes to money, you don't have any friends in this business. I won't ever be going back." No friends in this business? Maybe my friend George Washington will change your mind! (Sorry, I need that back for the parking meter.)

Speaking of money, here's a name that might send shivers down the spine of your PayPal account: Blake Judd. The Nachtmystium frontman is again accused of making away with fans' money without delivering the merch. Whether or not there's any validity to the allegations, the Nachtmystium Facebook page is no more.

As for albums that have a good chance of finding your hands, Iron Maiden have embarked on a huge reissue project. Not only will their entire '80s run get repressed on vinyl, but the original singles are making their way back in print, too. Check out the details plus release schedule below along with a shot-for-shot LEGO remake of Maiden killing "The Wicker Man" from Rock in Rio. Everything is awesome.

Corrosion of Conformity will also be reissuing two of their albums on wax, 1991's Blind and 1994's breakout Deliverance. The band is set to hit the road with GWAR later this year.

For new stuff, the mighty Moss will be putting out an EP on the perfect date of October 31 via their own Stone Tapes. Check out "Carmilla (Marcilla)" below. The adventurous Manes have penciled in October 10 as the day for Be All End All through Debemur Morti. And Orange Goblin will add to the mountainous October pile of anticipated releases with the long-awaited Back From The Abyss, out on October 7 through Candlelight Records.

In live show notes, the first round of bands for Roadburn 2015 have been announced, tapping cowgoths Fields Of The Nephilim along with stoners Monolord and Electric Citizen. In other fest news, Housecore Horror Fest lost Satyricon and gained Napalm Death and Origin. Satyricon had to kill all of their US dates, so, alas, they will not be playing Knotfest.

If you were catching some High-A baseball action, you may have seen Exmortus shredding through "The Star-Spangled Banner." Sleepy Hollow has taught me that Francis Scott Key probably would've been like, "Hell yeah," before punching a demon in the face. History, man.

Finally, in more serious news, former Metal Maniacs editor Katherine Ludwig has non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Metal Maniacs certainly helped school a generation of extreme metalheads before the Internet. Check out her Facebook page for more information including donations. Wishing her the best.

YOB's 'Clearing The Path To Ascend' artwork

Now that you're, ahem, fully briefed, let's recap all of the A/V transmissions.

Full albums first: YOB streamed the entirety of Clearing The Path To Ascend at Pitchfork (September 2, Neurot Recordings - preorder). And OSDMers Disinterred have put up Live at Vlamrock 2014 for 'name your price' at their Bandcamp. Stream the latter below.

For single tracks and videos, Opeth gave the audio of "Eternal Rains Will Come" a visual. Consult your doctor before taking all of the drugs. Anaal Nathrakh have unveiled "Idol" from Desideratum (October 28, Metal Blade - preorder). They'll be playing Maryland Deathfest 2015. Obituary are also showing off the first cut from Inked in Blood (October 28, Relapse - preorder). They'll be touring later this year with Death to All along with dates with Carcass. 1349 have stirred the pot for Massive Cauldron of Chaos and "Exorcism" spilled out (September 30, Season of Mist - preorder). And Old Wounds -- who are heading out on an Invisible Oranges presented tour -- dropped "Ritual" from Death Projection (September 16, Good Fight - preorder). Stream all of the tracks below.

Got it? Good. To shows we go:

TODAY (FRIDAY 8/29): Provided you're not following up on your dream last night where Crüe played, today is loaded. Mouth of the Architect, Set And Setting, So Hideous, and Hush are at the Acheron (tickets). Meanwhile, the Paper Box has the enormous bill of Foreign Sounds, Sol y Nieve, Red Stream, Inc, Krieg, Horrendous, Wastelander, Sacristy, Human Bodies, and Dweller In The Valley (tickets). For those that like it with a more traditional/thrash lean, there's Fantom Warior, Castrator, Sacrificial Blood, Devolving Messiah, and Maximum Oversatan at Saint Vitus (tickets).

SATURDAY (8/30): Okay, deep breath. Punk? You got it: Negative Approach, Agitätor, Go Deep, and Spewing Cum at the Grand Victory (tickets). Want a slightly more metallic edge? Modern Life Is War, Nothing, Give, and The Land of Blood & Sunshine at the Bowery Ballroom (tickets). But if you're here for metal -- and of course you are -- there's Dehumanized, Scaphism, Necroptic Engorgement, Corpse Hoarder, and Lethal Entity at the Acheron (tickets). More? Sure: Pentacle, Perversion, Mutant Supremacy, and Hypoxia at Saint Vitus (tickets). And if you you just need volume, J Mascis' psychedelic blues jam project Heavy Blanket play Union Pool's backyard in the afternoon for free.

Looking for late adds and dates ahead? NYC Metal Show Calendar has got you covered.

Let's talk IO: We dredged the new release lake in Upcoming Metal Releases. We had premieres from Falls of Rauros, Nightbringer, Sandworm, and Myopic. And we got our transcribed talk on with Austin Lunn of Panopticon and wrestler UltraMantis Black.

Alright, consider the decks cleared. What did we miss? What are your Labor Day Weekend plans? Let us know and catch the reams of streams, and other noted details below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Enslaved at Gramercy Theater, Sept 2011 (more by Greg Cristman)

Norwegians Enslaved have a single show scheduled in the US for 2012, a free (with RSVP) Scion A/V Roadburn Records showcase in Los Angeles with White Hills, Earthless and Astra this weekend (11/10 at The Roxy). After that undoubtedly epic show goes down, look for the progressive black metal crew to plot their next attack on North American shores in the new year. Enslaved will join the great Pallbearer and Ancient VVisdom for a three-week whirlwind tour of North America that kicks off in late January and terminates on February 22 at Bowery Ballroom. Tickets go on sale Friday (11/9) at noon.

Pallbearer is confirmed to play Roadburn 2013 in the months following the tour, where they'll join names like Electric Wizard (who is curating part of the fest), Amenra (who have a new album on the way), Moss, Die Kreuzen, Godflesh, Uncle Acid & The Dead Beats, Royal Thunder (who play Saint Vitus this weekend), Maserati (who play Union Pool TONIGHT), Castle (who recently played Saint Vitus) and many more to come. Roadburn is sold out, but you can drool at the lineup below and try your hand at the secondary market.

All tour dates are listed below, along with the tour flyer and the Roadburn 2013 lineup.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG


Hexvessel are a self-described "psychedelic forest folk" band from Finland who go by the slogan "Plant trees and worship Sagan!" This isn't what someone might normally associate with your typical Roadburn 2012 entry, visions of dancing, luted sprites and such, but Hexvessel maintains an eerie undercurrent that keeps things dramatic, haunting, and overall listenable.

"Woods to Conjure" is an excellent example of Hexvessel's take on eerie folk music and is culled from the band's latest LP, No Holier Temple, which is due on September 7 via Svart Records. In addition to some of the dark folk elements that factor heavily here, look for moments of ambient, neo-classical, americana, and even touches of proto-doom at moments. We're premiering the song and video for that track, both of which you can check out below.

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by BBG

Voivod at Roadburn 2013

If you're anything like me, you spent the weekend wishing you were at Roadburn 2012. This year's Tilburg festival included Voivod performing Dimension Hatröss in full. Luckily youtube allows us to live vicariously through the weekend, and you can stream the entirety of Voivod's set, along with video recaps of each of the four days of this year's fest, below.

Roadburn announced their 2013 edition recently as well... featuring curator Jus Osborn of Electric Wizard!

As curator, Jus Oborn will personally select the bands that will play during the special event at Roadburn, and Electric Wizard will perform a special headline show... Their horror film fixation and psychedelic tendencies are completely in tune with Roadburn and their music is loved by all who come to our festival, so it makes perfect sense that Jus Oborn will be the next in the select group of curators that includes David Tibet, Neurosis, Tom Gabriel Warrior, Sunn 0))), and Voivod. In addition to Jus curating, Electric Wizard will be bringing their live show to Roadburn on Friday, April 19th, 2013.

Jus also shared these thoughts regarding the event "I am planning the ultimate ELECTRIC ACID ORGY...its gonna be sick...only the heaviest, most evil drugmetal possible and we will bring our mind altering light show and visuals. Also we are gonna have a room showing all our favourite horror and sleaze movies...Roadburn 2013 is gonna be a real 'bad' trip ...hahahahaha."

Sounds more like a good trip to me.

Electric Wizard (with a reportedly all new rhythm section?) will play Maryland Deathfest this year.

2012 Roadburn video reports, Voivod's performance and the NSFW Roadburn 2013 flyer, below...

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by Kim Kelly


dISEMBOWELMENT are the definition of a "cult" band. Formed in Melbourne in 1989, these avowed practitioners of unsettling, decrepit art released a handful of seminal early recordings before unleashing their sole LP and magnum opus. With 1993's Transcendence Into the Peripheral, the Aussie quartet unwittingly created both one of the cornerstones of modern death/doom and one of the first widely acknowledged funeral doom recordings (the band prefers the death/doom tag, while many others seems hellbent on dubbing them "funeral doom;" in this instance, we'll defer to those who actually wrote the damn songs!). Unfortunately, Disembowelment languished in relative obscurity for years, breaking up immediately after the release of their LP and busying themselves with other musical pursuits. Those who stumbled across their recordings, though, were captivated by the band's atmospheric, crushingly heavy amalgam of murky death metal, wretched doom, and dark ambiance, and their posthumous influence filtered through the underground as a new wave of bands began to take their cues from Transcendence Into the Peripheral.

Much like the rebirth of Winter, it took a concentrated outside effort to lure Disembowelment out of retirement, and even then, it didn't quite work. Disembowelment is good and dead, but some of the minds behind it, namely bassist Matt Skarajew and drummer Paul Mazziota, were willing to play ghost. In 2010, the duo recruited a few new members and announced that they would be playing Transcendence Into the Peripheral in its entirety at Netherlands' prestigious Roadburn Festival, under the moniker d.USK. That gig turned into several gigs, and the inevitable rumours of new music began to spread until the cat was let out of the bag - Skarajew and Mazziota had formed a new project, christened Inverloch, that was recording new material and planning to engage in a handful of live performances. Relapse Records have signed on to release their debut EP, Dusk...Subside, and anticipation's running high for next month's d.USK performance. I spoke to Skarajew and Mazziota about the past, present, and future - and of course, did my damnedest to convince them to come play NYC.

Check out the interview with Inverloch along with a track stream for "The Menin Road" below.

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by BBG

Christian Mistress
Christian Mistress

With not only the sound of early NWOBHM, but more importantly some of the fire that propelled those legendary bands, Christian Mistress are preparing to release their follow-up to the well-received Agony & Opium (which was released via 20 Buck Spin in 2010). Possession, due 2/28, is the band's second LP and first due for new home Relapse, and you can stream three songs including the title track which makes its first appearance here. Listen to "Black Gold", "Haunted Hunted", and "Possession" below.

We also sat down with the woman behind the soaring voice of Christian Mistress, Christine Davis, to discuss their new label home and LP, early Scorpions, and their upcoming date with Roadburn. The results, and all song streams, are below.

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by BBG


ÆGES at The Power of The Riff in San Francisco (more by Taylor Keahey)

Combine past and present members of Pelican, Shift, Undertow and 16 and you'll get LA's ÆGES, a crew preparing their new LP The Bridge for release via The Mylene Sheath on April 17th. The record mines metal and hardcore in many of the same ways that Quicksand or Betty-era Helmet did in the 90s and Cave In or its contemporaries have in latter years; melodic vocals top thundering guitar riffs on tracks like "Wrong" which makes its debut here today. Check out "Wrong" streaming below or downloadable above.

In related news, Pelican is preparing their new release the new Ataraxia​/​Taraxis EP via Southern Lord on April 12th. Stream a new track, "Lathe Biosas", below. In the meantime, you can catch up on previously released Pelican material via their 10xLP boxset available now (with domestic shipping!).

All streams are below, as well as a set of Pelican tour dates in the EU surrounding their appearance at Roadburn.

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by BBG

Wino (center) on stage with Saint Vitus (more by BBG)

The hits keep on coming! Legendary doom greats The Obsessed will reunite to play Roadburn 2012 this year! The band, which features doom legend Wino on guitar/vocals, will be in The Church Within formation, featuring Greg Rogers (Goatsnake) on drums and Guy Pinhas (Acid King, Goatsnake) on bass. The Obsessed will join d.USK (aka diSEMBOWELMENT), Voivod, Saviours, Agalloch, Sleep, Om, Sólstafir, and 40 Watt Sun (who play Public Assembly tomorrow with Woe and new addition Pilgrim).

Wino's latest concoction, Premonition 13, will hit the road for a string of dates on the West Coast with the mighty Witch Mountain before heading to the EU. Tour dates are below. P13's new LP 13 is out now, and features "La Hechicera de la Jeringa", available in video from below.

Wino's other other band, Saint Vitus, is scheduled to play Maryland Deathfest X at Sonar in Baltimore. Though lineups by day (except for Thursday) have yet to be revealed, tickets for MDF go on sale Monday, September 26th

All tour dates, that P13 vid, and more is below.

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by BBG


A true "oh, shit" moment this morning! diSEMBOWELMENT (performing as d.USK - "the final embodiment of diSEMBOWELMENT) will perform at Roadburn 2012! The legendary death-doom band will reunite to perform all of Transcendence into the Periphera, their 1993 masterpiece of darkness and slow destruction. The show is billed as an exclusive performance.

diSEMBOWELMENT joins names like Sleep, Om, and Voivod, all of which were previously announced for Roadburn 2012. Stream all of the band's discography below.

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by BBG

Sleep at Terminal 5 (more by BBG)

It was inevitable. Sleep will headline Roadburn 2012. Al Cisneros' other current project Om (with Robert Lowe) and the previously announced curators Voivod also ae on the bill of the European festival. More impressive additions are surely to follow.

Meanwhile, Maryland Deathfest's lineup has finally solidified with the final addition of Autopsy. The band will headline the first night of the jawdropping lineup, alongside other Thursday bands like Agalloch, Eyehategod, Rorschach, Dying Fetus, Desaster, Needful Needful Things, Die Pigeon Die, and Extermination Angel.

The show is one of two Baltimore festival appearances scheduled for Eyehategod, who will also play the A389 anniversary with Integrity, Gehenna and a cast of others.

Full MDF lineup and flyer is below.

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by BBG

Voivod at Maryland Deathfest (more by BBG)

Voivod will curate 2012's Roadburn, following names like David Tibet, Neurosis, Tom Gabriel Warrior (of Celtic Frost/Hellhammer/Tryptikon), and Sunn 0))) who curated days during previous years. The band will be responsible for the 4/13 day of the four day festival (4/12 - 4/15/12).

Voivod recently released a live record, Warriors of Ice via Sonic Unyon Metal. The band has no upcoming tour dates thus far. Check out some live video from earlier this month below.

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by BBG

Swans at Roadburn 2011 (more by Stefan Raduta)

After a triumphant set at Roadburn 2011 (pictures from day one HERE, two HERE, and three HERE), Swans have announced a new NYC show that will happen almost a year after the first NYC reunion dates took place. Swans will land at Music Hall of Williamsburg on September 27th. Tickets to the Brooklyn show go on AmEx presale at noon on 4/20 with regular sale kicking off on Friday. At the moment it's their only North American date scheduled, though they'll be touring other areas of the world throughout May.

All tour dates and some video of Swans at Roadburn 2011 is below.

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photos by Stefan Raduta


Roadburn 2011's third and final night was Saturday (4/16) (day 1 pictures HERE and day 2 HERE) with a headlining set from Swans and sets from Candlemass, Ludicra, Weedeater, Ramesses, Shrinebuilder, Voivod (again), Yakuza, Evoken, Ufomammut, The Gates of Slumber, and many others.

It was the last official day of the Holland festival, but the festivities continued on Sunday at Afterburner, which featured sets from Sourvein, Black Mountain, Dead Meadow, Coffins, and others. Pictures from Afterburner are on the way. More pictures and videos from Saturday, below...

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photos by Stefan Raduta, words by BBG


After kicking off Thursday, Roadburn 2011 continued on Friday 4/15 with another day of wall-to-wall unmissable heavy music. The day was the sunn o))) curated portion of the program, which meant appearances from the band as well as some of their favorites like Trap Them, Winter, Earth, Void Ov Voices, Caspar Bro¨tzmann Massaker, Mamiffer, Sabbath Assembly, and many others.

Voivod was also on the bill, and the band played new material at the festival. Video of that, and more pictures and videos from the whole second day, below...

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photos by Stefan Raduta, words by BBG


Coachella isn't the only heavyweight festival going on this weekend... Roadburn 2011 is in full swing over in Holland. It kicked off on Thursday April 14th, and pictures from that first day in are in this post. They include Alcest, Godflesh (who played all of Streetcleaner), Soilent Green, Year of No Light, Winterfylleth, Pentagram, Wovenhand, Ghost (who are headed to the states soon), Circle, Wardruna, and more. They continue, with some videos too, below...

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by BBG

Yob at Scion Rock Fest (more by BBG)

Amongst the zillions of bands playing billions of showcases, every year presents certain must-go events at SXSW. Thursday Mar 17th at Barbarella Patio will feature an incredible line-up of bands as part of the Nanotear Showcase, co-headlined by the one-and-only Yob with Agalloch, and featuring appearances from Witch Mountain, Worm Ouroboros, Amber Asylum, Arabrot, and Wizard Rifle. The show will be Yob and Agalloch's lone appearance at SXSW, and the first date of a East Coast tour for Agalloch/Worm Ouroboros that will eventually land them at NYC's Le Poisson Rouge on March 22nd. Tickets are still available.

Yob recently cancelled their appearance at Roadburn, as well as their entire European tour. While that comes as sad news, the festival has added Keiji Haino, Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter, and a performance of Eve by Ufomammut in its entirety to counteract that. Full Roadburn lineup is below.

Arabrot will hit the road with Wizard Rifle, playing dates along the East Coast. More on those dates very soon, but for now check out some video, the Roadburn lineup and all Agalloch dates below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Nachtmystium - "A Seed For Suffering" (live) (MP3)

Nachtmystium at The Studio at Webster Hall (more by Markus Shaffer)

While Nachtmystium may experiment with different directions from LP to LP, there is always one constant, an unstoppable live show. Now that punk ethos and those icy blasts are the focus of a new release, Nachtmystium Live at Roadburn due on Feb 17th via Roadburn Records (on 2LP) and currently available for pre-order in Europe and at select US distros.

Nachtmystium has been known to feature different configurations on the live stage. Their Roadburn appearance not only featured Ron van Herpen from The Devils Blood/Astrosoniq and Teun van der Velden from Astrosoniq on guitar/keys respectively, but it was the first time they played with them following the abrupt departure of Jeff Wilson mid-tour:

"For your information, ...these two guys had THREE HOURS of practice with us EVER, on the day of the show none the less. We had not met them in person previous to the day of the show. They'd been asked to help us out (due to some unfortunate circumstances with a member of Nachtmystium having to leave for home mid-tour) about nine days before our performance at Roadburn. Both of them learned the entire set from the album recordings of the songs we played in these nine days, and then had a three hour window in the afternoon on show-day to rehearse with us as a full band.
With all of that turmoil, it's hard to envision the live document to be anything less than calamatous, but I submit "A Seed for Suffering" as proof to the contrary. The song is taken from the live 2LP. and you can download it above, and stream it below.

Nachtmystium will hit the road with Cradle of Filth, playing Best Buy Theater in NYC on March 3rd and Starland Ballroom in NJ on March 5th as part of the "Creatures From The Black Abyss Tour". Tickets are still available. All dates are reposted below.

The song stream and the tracklisting/art for the new release are down there too...

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by BBG

The cover for the classic Winter LP, Into Darkness

It's official, you will see me at Roadburn 2011. The European festival announced today that the sunn o))) curated day at Roadburn would feature an appearance for NYC Doom Metal gods WINTER (wow), along with Earth, Scorn, Beaver, Aluk Todolo, Menace Ruine, Hooded Menace, The Secret and Atilla Csihar's Void Ov Voices. For Winter, it'll be their first show back together since their split nineteen years ago (1992). For the unfamiliar:

"Winter were an American doom metal band from New York. Employing vocals reminiscent of death metal, they were acknowledged as creators of some of the heaviest and slowest doom metal ever composed! Hour of Doom demo tape (1989) Into Darkness (1990) Future Shock Records Eternal Frost (1994) (EP) Nuclear Blast Records The album was re-released in 1992 by Nuclear Blast, and again in 1999 (including the EP)"
The announcement is paired with the additions of Today Is The Day and Black Math Horseman to the other days at the festival. Must.

As previously mentioned, NYC band and recent Thrill Jockey signees Liturgy were also recently added to the festival lineup. What we didn't know at the time was that Liturgy are also playing Glasslands on December 9th in addition to their show witu Orphan, Dope Body, and Elks at Acheron on December 3rd. All dates below..

Roadburn flyer and current lineup below too...

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photos by Tim Griffin, words by BBG

Slim Cessna's Auto Club at Spiderhouse, March 2010
Slim Cessna

Directly after the great Dub Trio teams up with CSC Funk Band, alt-country gothabilly band Slim Cessna's Auto Club play the late show at Mercury Lounge TONIGHT (11/10) with The Lingering Doubts. Tickets are still available for both the Dub Trio and the Slim Cessna show. Slim Cessna's appearance is part of a tour of the Northeast that will include Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ tomorrow, 11/11 (where Dex Romweber Duo play tonight).

Slim Cessna's Auto Club played the BrooklynVegan/AnSo day party at Spiderhouse in Austin this year, where these belated pics originate from. Check out more below.

Slim Cessna's Auto Club contains members of Delta 72, 16Horsepower, and Wovenhand. Wovenhand recently announced their participation in Roadburn 2011. Roadburn has also added a gang of other awesome additions in the past week or so, including Voivod (who also played a BV party this year), Rwake, Ludicra, Shrinebuilder (who were supposed to play last year, but played NYC instead), Liturgy, Black Mountain (who just played NYC with Black Angels), Cough (who just played the BV-BBG CMJ showcase), and Yob, who will play The Unreal Never Lived in it's entirety! Full lineup is below.

Speaking of Liturgy, the band recently signed with Thrill Jockey Records and will play Acheron on Dec 3rd with Orphan, Dope Body, and Elks. The show will celebrate Orphan and Dope Body's recent split release on Black Tent Press, pick it up. Liturgy are currently on tour, dig on dates below.

Cough and Naam (both of which will be hitting Roadburn) are scheduled to play The Charleston on 12/11 for a BrooklynVegan presented show with Batillus and new addition Sea of Bones. Congrats to Batillus, who recently signed to Seventh Rule for their new and Sanford-Parker-produced LP Furnace. Look for it next year and look for their tour dates below.

More of those Slim Cessna pics, and all tour dates are below.

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by Kim Kelly

Tom Warrior at Gramercy Theater (more here)

Thomas Gabriel Fischer - Tom G. Warrior to you - is one of extreme metal's truly legendary figures. He is the definition of a lifer. From the first primal screams of Hellhammer through the incredibly influential and ever-tumultuous Celtic Frost to his latest endeavour, the darkly cathartic Triptykon, the man has spent well over half his life creating, appreciating, and inspiring metal, and his fans love him dearly for it. However, as he was quick to remind your humble narrator, Tom is still a mere mortal, made up of the same flesh and blood and heartache as you, me, and the legions of metalheads the world over that call him their hero. He has had his doubts, his failures, and his own demons to fight, but has risen above to offer us yet another chance at redemption.

Our interview took place in a cramped office backstage at New York City's cavernous Gramercy Theatre. As paint-streaked members of 1349 wandered by and the dull roar of excited fans outside filtered through the door, Tom offered up an deeply personal and intensely honest look at his new band, his past, and himself. It was an honor and a great pleasure to speak with him, and I hope you enjoy delving into this admittedly gargantuan account. Only one question remains...are you morbid?

continued below...

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by BBG

Kyuss 1992: Josh Homme, Brant Bjork, John Garcia, Nick Oliveri

Is Kyuss ready for a reunion? The influential desert rock band which featured Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri in their pre-Queens of The Stone Age role is set to tour Europe as "Kyuss Lives". The 2011 incarnation will not feature Homme though, but will reunite vocalist John Garcia, bassist Nick Oliveri and drummer Brant Bjork. Guitarist Bruno Fevery, who recently played Kyuss songs with John Garcia on a tour called "Garcia Plays Kyuss", will play the Homme role. The "Garcia Plays Kyuss" tour hit both Hellfest and Roadburn. Both Oliveri and Bjork played with Garcia at the Hellfest gig. Josh meanwhile is keeping busy with his three current projects: Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, and comedy.

Speaking of Roadburn, the 2011 version of the Holland festival will welcome the great Godflesh (!) who will perform Streetcleaner in its entirety and in order, including the Tiny Tears EP? The announcement comes on the heels of other recent (and notable) additions to the festival including Swans (who just added some new dates), Evoken (who are playing NYC on 11/13), Dragontears, Carlton Melton, Yakuza, Lonely Kamel, Ghost, Liturgy, Winterfylleth, Zoroaster, Naam, and many others. Godflesh reunited to play Hellfest this year.

All "Kyuss Lives" dates, the full Roadburn lineup and some videos are below...

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by BBG

Coroner, 1991

The Swiss thrash trio Coroner were originally road crew for Celtic Frost. They eventually formed their own group, recording their demo Death Cult in 1986 with Tom G. Warrior of Celtic Frost on vocals. Their first full-length album R.I.P., released in 1987, featured bass player Ron Broder on vocals and he assumed the role for the rest of the group's existence.

The group released several albums through to 1993, ending with a greatest hits collection, Coroner, in 1995. Lack of media exposure brought this band to disbanding in 1995 -- and to their farewell tour consequent to their self-titled album in January and February 1996. -[Wiki]

Coroner will return from the grave to play Maryland Death Fest 2011, alongside newly announced bands Nuclear Assault (who played NYC recently), Death Breath, the reactivated Doom, Oak (who have a new LP), and Visceral Disgorge. The full band listing is below.

In other notable festival news, Roadburn 2011 is shaping up to be pretty impressive with recent additions of The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Zoroaster, Wardruna, Acid King, Naam, The Atomic Bitchwax, Quest for Fire, and...

Swedish doom metal legends Candlemass have been confirmed for Roadburn Festival 2011. Originally scheduled to celebrate 25 years of doom at this year's Roadburn in April, Candlemass ended up stuck in Stockholm due to logistic complications arising from the volcanic eruption in Iceland. Candlemass is now scheduled to play on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at the 013 venue, Tilburg, Holland. Starting at 15.45, Candlemass will perform a very special 2-hour set, which will include "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" in its entirety; featuring original vocalist Johan Längquist.

Naam will play Bruar Falls in Brooklyn on 10/29 with Mutant Supremacy, Total Social Suicide, Pilgrim Concussion, Bezoar, and So Hideous My Love.

In related news, Neurosis, Bong, and Wino have all released "Live at Roadburn" LPs in the recent past. You can pick up Neurosis's Live At Roadburn 2007 via Neurot. Wino's Live at Roadburn 2009 is out now, while Bong's Live at Roadburn 2010 is due by the end of the year.

Current Roadburn & MDF IX lineups, as well as some video of some of those bands, are below.

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photos by Greg Cristman, words by BBG


I will never again underestimate a Norwegian psychedelic/punk/shoegaze band. The quintet's jackhammer volume was enough to drown out even the odious gaggle of industry back-slappers talking next to the stage...

Headbanded singer Emil Nikolaisen offset his Liam Gallagher sneer with a gleefully destructive sense of showmanship. Midway through a glorious finale built upon a single riff that could have gone on for an hour without exhausting itself, Nikolaisen freaked out, nearly destroying his guitar while he assaulted a monitor with such enthusiasm that the crowd jumped back from the stage...

This was perhaps not the best prelude to Wovenhand's sombre mysticism. David Eugene Edwards is a mesmerizing presence with a granite-carved voice. But whether it was the lingering effect of his tourmates' liberation or a set list that -- at least based on the first 40 minutes -- was far more tension than release, the performance was more claustrophobic and less freeing than his appearance at La Sala Rossa during last year's Pop. -[Montreal Gazette]

The Serena Maneesh/Wovenhand train made it's way to NYC with a stop at Knitting Factory on Monday (10/4) after a tour that included an appearance at Pop Montreal (which is where the above review is from).

The trek is ongoing, closing in New Mexico next weekend. Following that Wovenhand will embark on a European tour of their own in late November that will stretch until middle December, before David Eugene Edwards takes his band back across the pond to play Roadburn 2011, joining an already jaw-dropping lineup of Circle (!!!) and Pharaoh Overlord, Winterfylleth, "heavy 70s legends" Incredible Hog, Year of No Light, Pentagram (now with 100% more Victor Griffin), Soilent Green, Alcest, In Solitude, Ghost, Blood Ceremony, sunn O))), Place of Skulls, and oh, did I mention? Swans.

More pictures from Knitting Factory, where they played with Apse and K-X-P, are below.

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by BBG

"Sunn O))) broke the Brooklyn Masonic Temple". -juddgreenstein

"power problem sideswipes #sunn #Boris #altar show. Band breaks character, lifts hoods and asks audience 10 mins to straighten out" -Robert Chow

"Power outage@ Brooklyn masonic temple: praying to the doom metal gods: let sunn o))) & Boris finish" -thejass

"Sunn 0))) blew the power to the Masonic temple. Everyone's running around trying to fix it. Having punk rock show flashbacks". -americab

"All the mobile device tweet power in here should be
routed into the amps #altar" -Toby Driver

The massive sunn O)))/Boris rig at ATP NY 2 nights earlier (more here)
sunn boris

After sets from Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter and BXI, two songs into last night's (9/7) sunn O)))/Boris set at Brooklyn Masonic Temple, the power blew. With the heat sweltering inside the venue and the Brooklyn Masonic staff scrambling to fix the issue, a number of people from the audience decided to hit the road. The venue later fixed the issue, and sunn O)))/Boris played in complete darkness to conserve power. Reportedly the police then showed due to noise complaints, but according to one attendant, "Saw the cops, but can you shut down a show that's already over? Or did someone give Sunn and co. the signal to stop? Either way I don't think anyone noticed. Shit was excellent." Stay tuned for more info.

The noise did get the police there, but they didn't shut it down.

Hopefully the power won't buckle tonight at Sleep at BMT (all went well Monday night) (and by the way, tickets will be released at the door) or at the sunn O)))-curated Roadburn 2011 with the newly added Pentagram and Swans. Swans will also play Masonic Temple on October 8th, tickets are still on sale. Their Bowery Show the next night is sold out.

BXI sat down with someone for a video interview 2 days ago (right after ATP). In it, the interviewer says that people called the last sunn O))) show at Masonic Temple, "the loudest they ever heard". You can watch that below...

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sunn o))) at Brooklyn Masonic Temple (more by Greg Cristman)

Roadburn has announced that sunn o))) will curate April 15th of the 2011 edition of the festival taking place from Thursday, April 14 to Saturday, April 16 in Tilburg, Holland. The festival will be followed by a fourth "Afterburner" event on Sunday, April 17, 2011. Details are sketchy/non-existent so far, but we'll have more as they arise.

Due to volcanic activity in Iceland, the 2010 Roadburn (review part 1, part 2) was marred by cancellations from Shrinebuilder, Enslaved, Jesu, Candlemass, The Gates of Slumber, Yakuza, Black Math Horseman, Soilent Green, and many others. I wouldn't find it too far-fetched to expect some of those bands to make it over for the 2011 edition.

sunn o))) will team up with Boris (who just played NYC) to perform Altar twice in the coming weeks. First, at ATP NY on Sept 5th and then again on Sept 7th at Brooklyn Masonic Temple with BXI (in between the two Sleep shows at BMT). Greg Anderson of sunn o))) recently played LA with Goatsnake as part of the Power Of The Riff Festival.