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photo by Son Le

Just after Tournament signed to The End Records, Brooklyn's Heliotropes did too. The band are set to put a new album out on the label Spring 2016. Singer Jessica Numsuwankijkul says, "I'm very excited to release our upcoming album. We've been working on it for a while now and we're very pleased to work with The End, who are gracious enough to remind us to do normal stuff like make album artwork."

The band play locally a lot, and their next scheduled show is opening for Rob Crow's Gloomy Place when their tour hits Knitting Factory Brooklyn on March 10. Tickets are still available.

Listen to Heliotropes' 2013 album A Constant Sea below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Rob Crow's Gloomy Place

Earlier this year, Rob Crow of Pinback and other bands announced that he'd be quitting music (and social media), but it turns out that he couldn't stay away. Now he's got a new band called Rob Crow's Gloomy Place set to release an album called You're Doomed. Be Nice. on March 4 via Temporary Residence Ltd and tour in 2016. The album features the lead single "Business Interruptus," which fans of Rob's previous work should find instantly satisfying. Check it out below.

The tour begins on leap day (February 29) and hits NYC on March 10 at Knitting Factory. Tickets for that show go on sale Friday (11/20) at 10 AM.

All dates are listed, with the new song stream and tracklist, below...

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by Bill Pearis


Thee Oh Sees are one of many cool artists participating on a new compilation titled 50 Bands And A Cat For Indiana Equality which stands against the recent anti-gay legislation in the state. The comp features 51 tracks by the likes of Deerhoof, Thurston Moore Band, David Yow, Protomartyr and lots more...plus Lil BUB (that would be the "and a Cat" part). You can stream Oh Sees' contribution, "The Ceiling," that is one of their prettier songs, below. The comp is a $25 download and you can choose any of the tracks to be made into a lathe-cut flexi 7". All proceeds go to Freedom Indiana, the ACLU of Indiana, and Indy Pride. All participating bands are listed below and more info is here.

Meanwhile, as Stereogum points out, Thee Oh Sees have shared another song from their forthcoming Mutilator Defeated at Last which is out via Castle Face on May 18. "Withered Hand" is as wild a rager as we've heard from John Dwyer lately, amped and adrenalized. You can stream it below. Thee Oh Sees are now sporting a two-drummer lineup and will be in Texas next month for Austin's Levitation Fest and are also on the lineup of LA's Berserktown II in August.

Dwyer has a new Damaged Bug album on the way too, titled Cold Hot Plumbs, that is out June 9, also on Castle Face. Here he favors synths and while it's poppy, this ain't Visage or Depeche Mode. (Not that there's anything wrong with those bands.) Check out two songs, below.

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photo: Rob Crow w/ Pinback at ACL 2013 (more by Dana (distortion) Yavin)
Rob Crow

Pinback frontman Rob Crow (also of other bands and a solo artist) plans to quit music (and social media) to focus on his family. He wrote on Facebook:

I'm fine.
I have just come to the realization that making music in this climate is financially irresponsible to my family and ultimately humiliating to my psyche.
Im going to finish and release the work I've already spent my heart and tears on, but even that is likely to ruin me.
My kids are growing and my downstairs studio would probably be put to better use as a bedroom.
I'll keep a small setup with which I can use for scoring, editing and things when they come up.
Also quitting Facebook and Twitter and using that energy to concentrate on writing in my journal.
Chucking the booze as well will help with that.
I just trying to make a mature decision and be a responsible husband and father.
He also tweeted, "In fact, i think I'm gonna finish up & release all my current records & give up. Thanks you guys! I really appreciated it."

No new music is a bummer to hear, but it's hard to argue being a responsible parent. Here's to hoping we get another album when they go to college!

Pinback last released Information Retrieved in 2012. Stream a fan favorite off their 2001 album, Blue Screen Life, below...

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"Drive Like Jehu set was great. Hoping for more gigs & that this is not a one off despite what John Reis says. Worth 3.5 hour drive. sinews!" - Toddrick Spalding

"Drive Like Jehu, best show of the summer man." - Madison Woodward

"Wow Drive Like Jehu just sounded amazing. Like no time had passed. And with Rob Crow from Pinback joining. They need to tour. No question" - P Squared

"Words I never thought I would ever get to say: 'Drive Like Jehu sounded amazing live.'" - Luke Sigler

"drive like jehu concert was short but they sounded tight as hell" - Justin Hogg

"Pretty sure Drive Like Jehu just played the loudest show in the 99-year history of the Spreckels Organ Pavilion. " - Matthew T. Hall

"OMG drive like jehu!!!! jk I dunno who the fuck that is lol" - Tennie Marie B.

Drive Like Jehu in San Diego's Balboa Park - 8/31/2014 (photo by Tod Seelie)
Drive Like Jehu

Legendary, influential post-hardcore band Drive Like Jehu reunited for their first show in 19 years last night (8/31) in their hometown of San Diego. The free show, which they're saying was a one-off, happened in Balboa Park and was a chance for them to perform with the outdoor venue's Spreckels Pipe Organ (played by organist Carol Williams), one of the world's largest pipe organs and one that's been used for concerts since 1914. Their 5-song set included four songs from their final album, 1994's Yank Crime, as well as one from their 1991 self-titled debut. For their closing track, "Luau," they were joined by Rob Crow of fellow San Diego band Pinback. The show streamed live online last night, and you can now watch videos of the entire show, with the setlist, below.

Though they're saying that's the only Drive Like Jehu reunion show (but our fingers are crossed that it won't be!), the band has members in other bands including Hot Snakes who play Riot Fest Chicago in September, Rocket from the Crypt who play Fun Fun Fun Fest in November, and others.

Videos and setlist below...

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Culture Collide

FILTER Magazine's Culture Collide festival is returning to various LA venues this year from October 9-12. It begins with a kickoff show with Phoenix and Dinosaur Jr (maybe they'll join each other for "Entertainment"?) at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena (10/9), which tickets (separate from the rest of the festival) are on sale for now.

Then, the rest of the fest will include sets from Liars, King Khan & the Shrines, The Raveonettes, Rhye, Iceage, The Men, Medicine, Fuck Buttons, No Joy, Heliotropes and many other bands from around the world. Festival passes that you get in to all non-Phoenix/Dinosaur Jr events are on sale now.

Full lineup below...

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Pinback at MHoW (more by Tim Griffin)

Filmmaker John David Schardt writes:

It's been a long time coming. Pinback deserves a documentary about them.

They've been carving their way through the indie rock scene over the last decade. This ultimately private, unconventional, yet fan friendly band has definitely made their mark on the music industry and more importantly their fans.

I have been granted access to join [Pinback] and step behind the scenes where no one else has quite gone before. This was an idea that had always been floating about but never really picked up any steam. I asked Rob Crow, who's a good friend of mine, about why there hasn't been one... the band is humble and, well... private... they're not a typical touring band... they're not really a typical band at all... but I think that's what's so appealing about them. So, as it goes, I am independently embarking on this journey, albeit with Pinback's blessing. I am doing it as a labor of love for the band and the acknowledgement that so many out there would love to see more about this amazing group.

Soon they're heading to Europe and while I have most of the costs covered thus far, I need a bit more help to make sure this part of journey goes off as planned.

I have already joined them on other legs of their most recent past tours. Slowly, I am adding up footage. I am also in the process of shooting as many interviews with the eclectic group of people who were past touring band members who are now strewn across the country.

Please, help support this amazing this amazing project. ^_^

Currently $95 into its $1100 goal, you can contribute to the cause at Kickstarter.

Speaking of Pinback, Rob Crow has a new album entitled He Thinks He's People out next Tuesday (10/18) via Temporary Residence Limited. Stream it in full below.

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by Black Bubblegum

Merle Allin, Pinback's Rob Crow, and Dino Sex (Sweet shirt Rob!)
Rob Crow & Scumfucs

Pinback are hitting the road this fall. The San Diego band, whose last LP was 2007's Autumn of The Seraphs on Touch N Go, will be premiering some material from their upcoming Temporary Residence Limited debut, not due until Spring 2010. One of the new dates is on Devil's Night (10/30, apropo for Senor Goblin Cock?) at Irving Plaza. Tickets for the NYC show go on sale Friday, 6/19 at noon here. They play Halloween in Boston.

Rob Crow's Goblin Cock played with Orphan earlier this year at Highline Ballroom. Wow, that last sentence sounded kinda sick.

Orphan has a few dates of their own as well, including a string of dates with the great Malkuth, none of which are in NYC. However, the band IS playing NYC on June 21st as part of the Tom Tom Magazine Benefit at Public Assembly, and again on August 16th with Night Horse and Tournament at Union Pool. Night Horse has also scheduled a second NYC date, at Pianos three days earlier (8/13) with TK Webb & The Visions, Barracks.

All Orphan, Night Horse, and Pinback dates are below..

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photos by Justina Villanueva

Goblin Cock

In between sets a bunch of what looked like DudeBros wearing ringer tee's that said Goblin Cock Crew came out and set up equipment. A few minutes later the band pops out of no where in the now famous druid cloaks.

Basically, the band dresses up not only on stage but in preparation to go on stage. Greatness.

The set was a mix of tracks from the old album, Bagged and Boarded and songs from the new disc, Come with Me If You Want to Live. The only band members face that is visible is Rob Crow's, the rest of the band look like some kind of Anton Levay rejects that do nothing but throw devil horns.

The stage was intermittently lit up by strobe lights and was covered with skulls. The keyboard player actually had black pom-poms that he gave to some chick in the audience,

Did I mention how badass this show was??? [Indie-Verse]

That review came from a the Dallas show earlier on the tour. Last night (2/11) Goblin Cock played Highline Ballroom in NYC with Orphan and Warship. Rob told Wired that he'll be working on Pinback again when this tour is over. More pictures from the NY show, and GC's new video, below...

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Goblin Cock

"Goblin Cock is a band from beyond time, beyond space, beyond your naive concept of dimension in METAL. Since before your pathetic "god" had supposedly "created" you and your kind, Lord Phallus was hunkered in a cybertimeship/fun dungeon skating the layers of what was considered "true metal"in all societies and in all generations. Eventually His Majesty realized that he really didnt care and launched a full-scale war against bland metal with and emphasis on ACTUALLY HAVING A GOOD TIME! "Bagged and Boarded" is the first assualt on your laughable 5 senses (Lord Phallus and his kind have 32). Expect a future double whammy in the form of "Come With Me if You Want to Live" - a collection of new supercharged action-metal wonderhits, and "Dragonfucker" - the 20+ minute uberpiece with a bside of numerous BRUTAL cover songs (the roaches, the osmonds, and the monkees have been rumored). arrrgghh! -"Total" Dick McThinkseeknowseverything"
As promised, Rob Crow's hooded metal project Goblin Cock are going on tour soon, and that includes a February 9th show in NYC at Highline Ballroom. Tickets are on sale. NY's own Warship ("the crushing new project by From Autumn To Ashes members Francis Mark (vocals/drums) and Rob Lauritsen (guitar/bass)"). open all dates, which are listed below...

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DOWNLOAD: Pinback - From Nothing To Nowhere (new MP3)

First here's a never-before-seen picture of Pinback vocalist Rob Crow performing in a pink hat and Thor t-shirt at the BrooklynVegan/AAM SXSW party in Austin, TX @ The Scoot Inn on March 15, 2007....

Rob Crow @ Brooklyn Vegan Party - SXSW

Pinback's new album Autumn of the Seraphs is out on Touch and Go on September 11th. The first track on the album is available for download above. Album art and tour dates below...

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