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photos by Jason Bergman

Man in Gray @ Pianos

Man in Gray gave a powerful performance at Pianos last night (June 18, 2008). It was the NYC band's second-to-last show ever, and their penchant for noise was a nice contrast to the more listener-friendly sounds of the Futureheads who came on after them. The combined show was the fifth installment of our recurring series of music and comedy shows called Rock n ROFL. Catch Man in Gray one last time tonight (June 19) at the Delancey. More pictures below....

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photos by Jason Bergman

The Futureheads @ Pianos

I didn't make it to the Bowery Ballroom show two nights ago, so last night's more intimate show at Pianos was the first time I had seen The Futureheads live in a while. I forgot how tight (and funny) they are. They played a mix of old and new songs that had a good amount of the crowd jumping up and down for the majority of their set.

Before we knew it, they were ripping through "Beginning of the Twist," arguably the best song off their latest release, This Is Not The World. The drummer, looking every bit of American Idol's David Cook, either screwed up the set intro or was, as some suggested, really drunk. His inability or unwillingness to come in at the right times became a running joke for the night. Before the final few songs of the set, he held his drum stick in the air like half-baked conductor holding an orchestra hostage. If there was more on the line, this would have been annoying. But they knew what we knew: everyone came here to have fun. If you were one of the lucky people in the door, you sure as hell weren't going to get down on the drummer for being drunk. The beer was free and the band was big. What else do you need? [32ft/second]
Thanks again to everyone for another fun Rock n ROFL show (June 18, 2008). The Futureheads said they would be back in September. More pictures below.....

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by Klaus Kinski

Birbiglia panda

I really couldn't be happier with how awesome the comedy portions of the Brooklyn Vegan and Klaus Kinski Present Rock 'n ROFL shows at Pianos have been going. As a matter of fact, after each show is over I worry myself sick that I won't be able to put together a comedy line-up that could possibly be as good as (or better) than what I had just witnessed. I am happy to report that the tonight's installment of Rock 'n ROFL (June 18, 2008) will continue the tradition of delivering awesome comedy to y'all. The comedy will begin at 8pm sharp, so be there or risk missing:

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DOWNLOAD: Man in Gray - If You Ride It to the End, You'll Get What You Came For (MP3)

Man in Gray

When I heard that NYC band Man in Gray were playing their last show ever this Thursday night (June 19) at the Delancey, I asked them if they would consider playing their second-to-last show at Rock n ROFL at Pianos on Wednesday night (TONIGHT). It would be opening for the Futureheads. They said yes.

June 18, 2008 @ Pianos
Rock n ROFL
8pm - comedy by Mike Birbiglia, Dave Hill & others
9pm - Man in Gray (2nd to last show)
10pm - The Futureheads

$3.00 lemon drop shots (21+ show)
FREE Kronenbourg beer all night (while supplies last)

A limited number of tickets will be available at the door.

The FutureheadsThe Futureheads

I told you we would announce who was playing the show at Pianos on Wednesday. Now I can. BrooklynVegan & Klaus Kinski present...

June 18, 2008 @ Pianos
Rock n ROFL
8pm - comedy by Mike Birbiglia, Dave Hill & others
9pm - a local band TBA tomorrow
10pm - The Futureheads

$3.00 lemon drop shots (21+ show)
FREE Kronenbourg beer all night (while supplies last)

A limited number of $12 tickets are on sale now (the price includes the comedy, the music and the free beer). The rest of the tickets will be available at the door.

Thanks as always to our radio partner The Sound of Young America.

The Futureheads are also playing a sold out show at Bowery Ballroom tonight (June 17, 2008). Their new album is out now.

Rock n ROFLRock n ROFL

June 18th @ Pianos. All I can tell you right now is that Dave Hill will be returning as one of the comedians. I think we have to wait until the day of the show to announce the rest of it - comedy and at least two bands. Save the date. Watch a video Dave Hill made at the recent New York Comic Con below.....

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photos by Bao Nguyen

well sorta....

rock n rofl

I thought that The War on Drugs' performance at our Rock n ROFL party at Pianos earlier this month was pretty good, but I'm reserving judgement until I ACTUALLY see The War on Drugs live because, for whatever reason, they only played as a two-piece that night and I'm not even sure that the second guy is normally in the band.

The War on Drugs (full band I think) are currently on tour with Bishop Allen. Together they play at Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight (May 16, 2008). More tour dates HERE. More pictures from the Pianos show below....

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words by Klaus Kinski, photos by Bao Nguyen

Louis CK @ Pianos

As a person who gets pretty agitated when a schedule starts to fall apart before my very eyes, the fact that the Channel 101 show was running 45 minutes behind schedule had me wound pretty tight. Add to that the fact that we couldn't get The Perfect Storm's sampler working, forcing them to (rightfully) bail, and you've got a Klaus on your hands who's on the verge of frenzy. Luckily, a blown schedule and the loss of part of our line-up turned out to be really just minor bumps in what ended up being a completely off the hook night of comedy and music (May 5, 2008).

When I got to Pianos, somebody told me that a beardless Louis CK was hanging out and host Max Silvestri persuaded me to see if he'd want to do a set. He agreed on the condition that he could go on as early as possible in the show. I was beside myself with glee. However, we were plagued with delay upon delay, so much so that during Max's opening, Louis waved good-bye to me and left. I was heartbroken. But then a few minutes later he re-appeared, I gave Max the 'times-up' light, and Louis ended up doing nearly 20 minutes of completely new (to me at least) material. As already pointed out, his set really was mostly amazing. Like any comedian trying new material, some of his jokes didn't hit the mark, but even those were hilarious. Louis is beyond one of my favorites. He's almost a deity to me. The fact that he showed up to do a set was really a ridiculous honor.

continued below....

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photos by Bao Nguyen

Louis CK @ Pianos

My comedy dream came true last night at Pianos (May 5, 2008). Klaus and I hosted our third music & comedy show called Rock n ROFL. The early show (the Channel 101 thing) ran way late, so we had to start an hour later than we thought we could start. That made me really angry, but what came next kind of made up for it.

Klaus and host Max Silvestri said that Louis CK was walking around. Louis CK is my favorite comedian. Louis (who I think came with one of the other comedians scheduled to play in the show) was looking for a place to test new material. Coincedentally, we asked him if he would do a set.

Louis CK @ Pianos

I think he performed for about 20 minutes, and it was all mostly-amazing. What sucked was that he went first, so it was a serious challenge for the other comedians to bring the energy back to the room. I think they all did a good job at it though - especially John Mulaney who closed out the hour of comedy with a hilarious story about Jerry Orbach's donated eyes. The Perfect Storm (a comedy trio) showed up, but they never ended up performing because the sound guy couldn't get their mixer working or something. That ended up being okay because we were already running so late - especially with Louis' unannounced set.

More photos of Louis below....

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I'm From Barcelona @ Masonic Temple - May 1, 2008 (Abbey Braden)
Im From Barcelona @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple

The Acorn @ Union Hall - May 3, 2008 (Jonny Leather)
The Acorn @ Union Hall

tonight in NYC
* Rock N ROFL @ Pianos
* Channel 101 screenings too
* Shearwater @ Florence Guild Hall
* Juiceboxxx & many other bands at Death By Audio
* The Cave Singers & Love as Laughter @ Union Hall
* Lou Reed & Highline Ballroom's 1 year anniversary
* Team Robespierre & The Teenagers @ Bowery Ballroom
* Fuck Buttons, Sightings & Pattern is Movement at Mercury Lounge

"Ever since VL started way back when, Jennifer and I have been complaining about Cinco de Mayo being misunderstood and misused as an excuse for half price margaritas." [vivirlatino]

Break stereotypes and come to Pianos for $2.00 Svedka citron drinks instead!.

Lou Reed & Julian Schnabel discussed Berlin at the Tribeca Film Festival.

What else?

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DOWNLOAD: The Acorn - Crooked Legs (MP3)

Channel 101Channel 101Channel 101

What is Channel 101?

Every month, five-minute TV shows are screened for a live audience in New York City. The audience votes to renew some shows and cancel others.

The top five shows become the new "prime time" lineup; losing shows are banished forever.

The next month, prime time shows return with new episodes, pitted against each other and a crop of fresh new pilots.

At Channel 101, your entertainment destiny is in your hands. If you like a show, nurture it with your votes and it will bloom into a series. If you don't like a show, it goes away. Wouldn't it be great if "real" television worked this way?

The monthly screenings happen the first Monday of every month at Pianos. They are the reason we aren't starting Rock n ROFL until 9pm tonight.... make that a bit after 9:00 (May 5, 2008). Their first screening starts at 7:00. Their second screening starts at 8:30 tonight (which I didn't know when we started planning). The screening runs "less than an hour" though, and they'll already have the chairs set up so we can go right into the comedy hour with our host Max Silvestri. The even better news is that you can ALSO come for the screenings, AND that we'll have $2.00 Svedka vodka drinks. So, tonight now looks something like this:

Rock n ROFL

tonight - May 5, 2008 @ Pianos
8:30 - free Channel 101 screening
9:?? - Greg Johnson & 4 other comedy acts (including the Perfect Storm) (ROFL)
10:?? - The War on Drugs (rock)
11:?? - The Acorn (rock again)

First person to email BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM (subject: rofl) right now (include your first and last name) will win a pair of tickets to the show. $10 tickets will be available at the door. $2.00 vodka drinks. See you there.

by Klaus Kinski

John Mulaney
John Mulaney

Our last Rock 'n ROFL was seriously off the hook. Our May 5 Rock 'N ROFL will be no different. The comedy portion of Rock 'n ROFL begins a little after 9:00. Here are four reasons why you should line up early (or buy tix now)...

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DOWNLOAD: The War on Drugs - Taking the Farm (MP3)

The AcornThe War on Drugs

The Acorn are from Canada and have a record out now on Paperbag. The War on Drugs are a Philadelphia band who have a new record coming out on Secretly Canadian ("Wagonwheel Blues" - available June 17, 2008).

These two bands are not going on tour together, BUT they are both playing the next edition of (BrooklynVegan & Klaus Kinski present) Rock n ROFL @ Pianos in NYC on May 5, 2008 (Cinco de Mayo)...

May 5th @ Pianos in NYC
Rock n ROFL
9pm - comedy hosted by Max Silvestri
10pm - The War on Drugs
11pm - The Acorn
We're working on getting an open bar again, and the rest of the comedy lineup will be announced soon. Tickets are on sale.

Both of these bands are also playing a bunch of other shows including ones in NYC with Bishop Allen, The Cave Singers, and Ola Podrida. All dates below....

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photos by Ryan Muir

DOWNLOAD: John Vanderslice - My Old Flame (MP3)

John Vanderslice and St Vincent

If you're just joining us..... it went comedy, Bell, Takka Takka, and last, but not even close to least...John Vanderslice & violin player. Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) joined them for two unamplified songs on the floor in the crowd at the end (and then more DJ David Bruno with the perfectly timed, and JV-requested, dance party). Thanks to everyone who helped make our second Rock 'n' ROFL party a huge success. More pictures below.....

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photos by Ryan Muir

Takka Takka

I'm sorry if I'm gushing, but I really still feel good from the show last night (March 31, 2008). First the great comedy. Then Bell. And then a whole new Takka Takka. I always liked Takka, but now they're really great. I'll admit that opinions I heard of Bell ranged in that Antony/Joanna Newsom/Bjork-love-her-or-hate-her kind of way, but everyone I talked to last night really seemed to like Takka Takka. Their new songs (off their now-finished new album) are great, their show is tight and fun, and as you can see from the pictures, Gabe (the frontman) gets in this zone on stage which is a little bit fascinating to watch. More pictures below....

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photos by Ryan Muir


Last night's Rock 'n' ROFL party (March 31, 2008) was kick-ass and special from beginning to (Vanderslice & St Vincent singing on the floor into dance party) end. Bell made sure the music portion started off as strong as it ended. Everyone felt like a headliner. Not only can (Olga) Bell sing, her band can PLAY. At times during the set I would become completely obsessed with just the drummer which is saying a lot considering the powerful charisma of Olga herself. Catch them in a small venue while you still can....

Bell - 2008 Tour Dates
Apr 18 - nublu // mini-residency // EP release // oh yes New York
Apr 25 - nublu // mini-residency // EP release // oh yes do it again!
Download her Bjork cover at Stereogum. Download four more MP3s HERE. Buy the new EP at her site.


More pictures below......

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photos by Ryan Muir

Larry Murphy
Rock and RoFL

Last night's Rock 'n' ROFL party started out right with a hilarious hour of comedy by Reggie Watts, Will Franken, Kumail Nanjiani, Larry Murphy & Sean O' Connor. Go see all these guys when you have the chance. Having them all in a row was just ridiculous. Good work putting that together Klaus. Pictures and tour dates below........

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Takka Takka drunk on Newcastle
TAkka Takka

David Bruno (who is also DJing Saturday night at Love) will start playing music in the main-stage room at Pianos at 7pm today (MARCH 31, 2008). Bottles of Newcastle will be given away from 7-8 from the new little bar they put inside that room. Comedy starts at 8. Then Bell. Then Takka Takka AND ANOTHER HOUR OF OPEN BAR from 10-11 (while Takka is playing - this will be an experiment)....same type of alcohol, same little bar that is in the show room. Drink as many as you can before John Vanderslice (and Annie Clark) takes the stage at 11 (then keep drinking if you want, but you have to pay for it). Oh yeah, $3.00 Svedka lemon drops all night. See you there.

DOWNLOAD: John Vanderslice - Exodus Damage (alias Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Sound of Young America podcast w/ JV (MP3) (info)
DOWNLOAD: St Vincent - Now, Now (MP3)

John Vanderslice & St Vincent @ Union Hall, April 22, 2007 (Elizabeth Weinberg)
John Vanderslice and Annie Clark

Now that the Mercury Lounge show is over, we are free to announce the Monday night final Rock 'n' ROFL lineup (March 31) (TONIGHT!)....

BrooklynVegan & Klaus Kinski present
rock and roll on the floor laughingThe unofficial & unauthorized "Enjoyed" release party (aka Rock 'n' ROFL II)
@ Pianos in NYC
on Monday March 31, 2008 (did I mention that was tonight?)

7pm: DJ David Bruno AND all the free Newcastle you can drink

8pm: comedy by Will Franken, Larry Murphy, Kumail Nanjiani, Sean O' Connor and Reggie Watts

9pm: music by Bell

10pm: music by Takka Takka

11pm: music by John Vanderslice
(w/ special guest Annie Clark aka St. Vincent)

also: $3.00 Svedka lemon drops all night AND a 2nd hour of free Newcastle (at either 10, 11 & 12) (that's 2 hours of open bar). All that for just $10. Tickets are on sale (and will most likely be available at the door).

DOWNLOAD: Bell - Echinacea (live on Fair Game) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Bell - Brown Bear (live on Fair Game) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Bell - Suerte Loca (live on Fair Game) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Bell - Videotape/Eraser (Thom Yorke/Radiohead) (MP3)

rock and rofl

NOTE: This is not a St. Vincent show, but Annie will be reuniting with John on stage to sing some songs.... for this one night only....PREVIOUSLY:

* St. Vincent interviews John Vanderslice (on the road)
* John Vanderslice interviews St. Vincent (on the road)
* Vanderslice & Vincent played Mercury
* On the Road w/ John Vanderslice part 2 + a Brooklyn show
And yes, John is also playing Bowery Ballroom earlier in the night.

photo of Bell by Alix Winsby

Bell (aka Olga Bell) is a musician from NYC. That might be how you know her, and/or maybe you downloaded that Radiohead cover she did, or maybe you saw her open for Au Revoir Simone, and/or maybe you read about her on Stereogum the other day. If you haven't heard Bell yet, go check out the songs streaming on her MySpace. If you're like me, Bjork will immediately come to mind. That's why I think Stereogum made a good choice when choosing Bell to cover "It's Oh So Quiet" for their ridiculously awesome-looking new "Post" tribute album called "Enjoyed"
(though I haven't heard it yet).....


1. Liars - "Army Of Me"
2. Dirty Projectors - "Hyperballad"
3. High Places - "Modern Things"
4. Bell - "It's Oh So Quiet"
5. Pattern Is Movement - "Enjoy"
6. Evangelicals - "You've Been Flirting Again"
7. Xiu Xiu - "Isobel"
8. Final Fantasy & Ed Droste (Grizzly Bear) - "Possibly Maybe"
9. White Hinterland - "I Miss You"
10. El Guincho - "Cover Me"
11. Atlas Sound - "Headphones"
Nuts... PLUS, the whole album will be a free download starting March 31st (like the REM & Radiohead ones before it). March 31st is also the day that Klaus Kinski and I are throwing our next edition of Rock 'n' ROFL at Pianos which, coincidentally, also happens to include Bell (aka BELL IS PLAYING ROCK N ROFL).

Takka TakkaTakka Takka are playing the show too. It's not the first time they've shared a bill with Bell either, and that's NOT a coincidence. Bell contributed to the new Takka Takka album which is being finished as we speak - an album that takes Takka Takka in a completely new direction with a new sound and a significantly different lineup than who was in the band when their last release came out.

So, it's looking something like this....

BrooklynVegan & Klaus Kinski present
The unofficial & unauthorized "Enjoyed" release party
(aka Rock 'n' ROFL II)
@ Pianos in NYC
on March 31, 2008

7-8 pm: DJ David Bruno AND all the free Newcastle you can drink

8-9 pm: comedy by Will Franken, Larry Murphy, Kumail Nanjiani, Sean O' Connor and Reggie Watts

9-10 pm: music by Bell
10-11 pm: music by Takka Takka
11-12 pm: music by TBA (** can't announce yet, but it's good **)

also: $3.00 Svedka lemon drops all night AND a 2nd hour of free Newcastle (time TBD) (that's 2 hours of open bar). All that for just $10. Tickets are on sale.


Related story: I put together a whole bunch of shows during CMJ. One was on Saturday October 20th at Pianos, during the day, upstairs & downstairs. The Maccabees were the last band to play downstairs. Doveman, Erik Friedlander and Craig Wedren were playing upstairs at the same time. Jefferson, who was there in a semi-official capacity to take pictures, wanted to shoot the Maccabees, but ended up missing them because of the upstairs lineup.

By the time he came back down, the Maccabees were already long gone and the next, unrelated show had started. He really didn't know the difference and started taking pictures of (who he thought was) the Maccabees. Eventually he figured it out and realized he'd just discovered Bell.

When Jefferson and I finally reunited, I think I said something like (now on like no sleep and 4 days into CMJ), "Where the hell have you been? Did you even see the Maccabees? We have to go see Santogold. Let's get out of here." He said something like, "Dude...chill. I was shooting this girl Bell. She was great." I think then by the next day I totally forgot about it, and it wasn't until I recently showed him the already-booked March 31st lineup that he pointed out that he had some never-before-seen Bell pictures (aka the ones you see in this post.....below) (the end)....

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Reggie Watts

Monday, March 31, 2008 @ Pianos

7-8: DJ David Bruno AND all the Newcastle you can drink for free

8-9: Will Franken, Larry Murphy, Kumail Nanjiani, Sean O' Connor and REGGIE WATTS

9-12: 3 bands TBA any second (I know, we're slow)

A second hour of Newcastle open bar will happen too (we're just not sure what time yet). $10 tickets are on sale.

Will Franken is playing Rock 'n' ROFL II
Will Franken

Rock 'n' ROFL is a new monthly comedy and music series at Pianos in NYC brought to you by BrooklynVegan & Klaus Kinski, and which is now also made possible thanks to the help of the awesomeness that is The Sound of Young America - "A Public Radio Show About Things That Are Awesome".

Last month we debuted the series with the very funny comedy lineup of Joe Mande, Dave Hill, Pete Holmes, Kristen Schaal, Leo Allen, and Bobby Tisdale (host). Last month the comedy also went for 90 minutes and you had to stand. This time, based on your feedback, we've reduced the comedy segment to just 60 minutes (which is then followed by 3 hours of music), AND there will be chairs set up during that hour of comedy (which will quickly be removed before the first band hits the stage). This month's show is March 31st (THIS MONDAY!) (at Pianos),

The bands who are playing will be announced shortly. The comedians who are playing Monday night are pictured, described and listed below.....

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It's been a while since I posted much comedy-related news, and the last thing I did post turned out to be somewhat of a false alarm caused by completely erroneous listings on Ticketmaster and Live Nation (which they've since corrected). Sorry about that.

Eugene Mirman & Bobby Tisdale cakes, final Invite Them Up (Anya Garrett)
Invite Them Up

One of the bigger bits of NYC comedy related news was the final installment of Invite Them Up which took place at the still-to-remain-open Rififi on 2/27/08. It was the last of three final shows and, having heard the crowds weren't actually that insane at the previous two, I decided to get there at 8pm sharp. That was a huge mistake. When I arrived the bar was so full that I couldn't even close the door behind me. As the crowd began to file into the live room, I knew there was no way I'd fit in there either, so I decided to watch the show on a large flatscreen from a stool at the bar. The evening's line-up was absolutely insane and featured Kristen Schaal, Jim Gaffigan, Slovin & Allen, Todd Barry,Chelsea Peretti, Eugene Mirman, Jon Glaser & Jon Benjamin, and Demetri Martin. Craig Baldo did the very final "30 Seconds of Stand-Up" during which Rififi received a noise complaint from one of the neighbors.

a cop storms Rififi (Heather Fink)
Invite Them Up

Because the bar itself was completely packed and everyone was really focusing their attention to the flatscreen, I don't feel like I missed anything by not being in the actual live room. Plus, being at the bar I never had to wait for a beer which was truly joyous. Like every other ITU I've gone to, I left this one extremely drunk and amply satisfied with the fantastic comedy they gave me for a mere $5. Although I am sad to see ITU go, the reality is that it isn't the only cheap, awesome, and reliable comedy showcase in town. We've still got Greg and Larry, Totally J/K, Tearing the Veil of Maya, CBS/NYC, Sweet, ITU's replacement Gelmania, and so many more. So cheer up.

Demetri Martin, Invite Them Up RIP (Driven By Boredom)
Invite Them Up

One night later I co-hosted our first installment of Rock 'n' ROFL at Pianos, but more about that HERE. Stay tuned for another announcement coming any second with the lineup of our March 31st edition.

Keep reading for news, upcoming shows, videos and more....

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