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Raspberry Bulbs at Saint Vitus, Oct 2011 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
Raspberry Bulbs

The previously discussed Raspberry Bulbs / Salvation / Pharmakon show at Saint Vitus on January 13 (tickets) has expanded to an extended weekend tour. Check out the dates of the four-day run below. Raspberry Bulbs contains members of Bone Awl, Rorschach, Italian Horn and more, and the band recently reissued Demos 2009/2010 via Personnel Records (a subsidiary of Seed Stock).

UPDATE: Raspberry Bulbs have also joined on as support for the previously discussed Iceage show at 285 Kent (tickets)

Pharmakon is hitting the road for a string of dates with Soren and Foreplay on the West Coast next week.

Members of Salvation also serve time in Night Sins, who have a new LP and recently played NYC.

All tour dates are listed below along with video.

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words by Lauren Jackson, photos by Shaun Regan

Rorschach at LPR - 5/26/12

After a killer set at Maryland Deathfest, Rorschach performed three times in one day this past Saturday (5/26) -- first at ABC No Rio, then in the early evening at Le Poisson Rouge and, finally, at a late night surprise show at Brooklyn's Acheron.

Both later shows were brimming over with enthusiastic fans of Rorschach as well as the supporting bands, especially at Le Poisson Rouge. Much like the venue itself -- polished, cool, even a bit too cool -- so too was the show. Decidedly more star-studded than its later counterpart, the penultimate line-up included noisy newcomers Xaddax (mem Dazzling Killmen), local heroes Indecision and the ever-popular Converge, who played alongside Rorschach to a predictably sold out LPR.

Those in attendance were a curious mix of young and old (see: potbellied old schoolers surrounding a pit of fresh-faced and angsty teenagers). Most of the former faction left before Rorschach took to the stage, obviously drawn to the show less by the legends of both the headliner and Indecision and more by the celebrity of Converge.

Converge acted as a peculiar, if not entirely misplaced, bridge between Rorschach and Indecision. Their younger fan base and undeniably "edgier" aesthetic (frontman Jake Bannon sported a t-shirt for the band Master's Hammer, an obscure and experimental Czech black metal band) added a singular and ever-so-slightly awkward segue between bands. Their performance, however, was as brutal as fans have come to expect of Bannon and company.

In similar fashion, Rorschach delivered the night's crowning performance, bringing the show at LPR to a shrill crescendo. Though one might expect their final performance of the night to be more subdued than the two prior, their set at the Acheron was perhaps more uproarious than at LPR.

The show at the Acheron was significantly more intimate--and more raucous--than the two that came before... and not only because both frontmen of Concrete Cross and Psychic Limb ended up in various states of undress during the night. The true, dedicated, and bedraggled few trekked to Rorschach's final performance of the night, bringing with them an air of camaraderie and familiarity that Le Poisson Rouge lacked.

Characterized by sweat, laughter and grown men in underwear, Rorschach's last hurrah on Saturday was definitely the one everyone should have attended... if not for the striptease, then definitely for the fraternal atmosphere that shows these days too often lack.

More pics from LPR and a video from ABC No Rio are below...

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by BBG

Eric Cutler of Autopsy
Maryland Death Fest

Bullet belts, flip flops, studded gauntlets, chicken suits... yep, its Maryland Deathfest time again. Though it was milder this week, in true MDF fashion the first of the four day Baltimore music festival (on 5/24) kicked off with high temperatures, humidity and unrelenting sun, making for a strong contrast to the pitch black indoor room at Sonar. Luckily, escape from the sun also meant catching some of the best heavy music out there.

The day started with sets by Extermination Angel and Die Pigeon Die, both of which I missed unfortunately, so the "opening" set by Needful Things was a fierce blast of grind that was a great perk-me-up for the rest of the day's activities. For the most part, a lot of the bands on Thursday I had seen in recent months: Eyehategod at A389 (dudes, please... we need new songs... the set is getting tired), Absu and Agalloch at Inferno, and Autopsy at Inferno and in Brooklyn. All delivered excellent, though familiar (to me) sets with the exception of Agalloch whose focus was on their earlier material (no Marrow of the Spirit here). Excellent way to cater to the crowd and make it special.

Of the remainder of the bands, Dying Fetus's death metal-slam style has never been my cup of tea but Rorschach... that's another story. Rorschach's unique noise/metal/hardcore sound was the clear winner for favorite set of the day for me, coming out with unmatched energy and playing their cover of King Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man" as well as material from their Protestant/Remain Sedate release (which was available in exclusive colors just for this show)(wow). I remember being floored when I saw them at Santos and The Charleston way back when, but this might have been their best set yet. I could watch them play forever, but I'm guessing there's a short window of time left for this band... don't miss them. Rorschach pictures are HERE.

More pictures from Day 1 at Maryland Deathfest including Autopsy's setlist are below.

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photos by BBG, words by Sally Secret

"See you soon. MDF Thursday, I don't know how many shows in NYC on Saturday and Sunday in NJ." - Rorschach

Rorschach @ Maryland Deathfest - 5/24/2012
Maryland Death Fest

The Rorschach show at LPR this Saturday (5/26), that Converge was added to, is now sold out, but if you don't have a ticket, don't dispair. There are plenty of other ways to roar on Saturday courtesy of Black God who are now on an east coast tour. As previously mentioned, the Kentucky band that features members of Coliseum, Young Widows and By The Grace Of God, will play TWO NYC shows on Saturday, and both are sort of a mystery. The first, which was just finally listed on the venue's website with a "secret guest", is a matinee at ABC No Rio. The second is still just listed as "Sa 5/26 (night) - Brooklyn, NY @ Announced Day of Show!". Stay tuned!

Rorschach also play a show at Warehouse Motor Club in Middlesex, NJ on Sunday with Torchbearer, Too Many Voices, and Brain Slug (5pm, $10). They played Maryland Deathfest last night (Thursday). Review coming soon. That's one picture above. More below...

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by BBG

Kiss It Goodbye
Kiss it Goodbye

As discussed, the recently reunited Kiss it Goodbye is now an active band, albeit missing some of their original personnel. The band recently announced the addition of Jim Winters (Starkweather, Turmoil, Earth Crisis, The Promise) to their lineup and with that intact, it was just a matter of time before KiG announced an NYC show. That day has come. Kiss it Goodbye will play Acheron on June 1st with Tiger Flowers and Fashion Week. Details on additional shows, if they exist, are still on the way.

Members of Rorschach (specifically Gormely and Huckins) will NOT participate in the reunion, but they will play NYC at LPR (with Converge, tickets) as well as Maryland Deathfest.

photos by Johnathan McPhail, words by BBG


There's this awkwardness that I love at a hardcore show, the moment when a beloved band plays a new song. It's clear that the crowd wants to dance and go nuts (especially, in the case of Converge who have a rather large hit rate), but no one knows what to do. I can see the Converge-fan's thought process now:

Do I swing my arms now?
Is it time to make the pizzas?
Should I start pacing in circles?
Is this the break?
Is this the end of the song?

That awkwardness happened a few times at Music Hall of Williamsburg on April 14th, when the Massachusetts band played with Pianos Become The Teeth, Git Some and Birds in Row. Converge's new tracks, not suprisingly, sounded exactly like you would expect (no left turns on these) and had names like "Aimless Arrow", "No Light Escapes" and "Empty on The Inside". Check out a video of the band performing "No Light Escapes" below. Of course it wasn't all about testing the waters; Converge also broke out the requisite favorites like "Eagles Become Vultures", "Concubine" and "Jane Doe" among many others (setlist below).

The confused Converge-fan will have the ability to get more familiar with the new tracks when the band teams with Rorschach, Indecision & Xaddax at Le Poisson Rouge on May 26th (!). Tickets are still on sale.

Though we unfortunately missed sets by Birds in Row (who just played another NYC show) and Git Some (them too), pictures from the Music Hall show continue below...

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by BBG

Rorschach at The Charleston (more by Ryan Muir)

Rorschach is scheduled to play Maryland Deathfest this year, so it doesnt come as too much of a surprise that the legendary band will ALSO return to NYC for a show right around that timeframe! Rorschach play Le Poisson Rouge on May 26th (during MDF) with support still TBD. Tickets are $12 in advance/$13 at the door, and are on sale.

Rorschach joins names like Autopsy, Church of Misery/Rwake, Negura Bunget, Nasum, Ulcerate, and Ghoul who have all added NYC dates in addition to their MD festival appearance. More will surely come.

Rorschach's last NYC venture was in 2009 when they played a pair of NYC shows including The Charleston (pictures) and Santos (pictures). We interviewed Charles Maggio around the same time. Check out some video from their 2009 appearances below..

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by BBG

Rorschach at The Charleston (more by Ryan Muir)

While we wait for the Maryland Deathfest lineup to expand, one of those bands have slipped past the goalie! Rorschach will play Maryland Deathfest and will presumably be announced with their final batch of artists in the coming weeks. Final bands announced! and they are: AGALLOCH, ARCHGOAT (Finland), BRUJERIA (Mexico), YOB, BLACK WITCHERY, DYING FETUS, UNANIMATED (Sweden), MORGION, RORSCHACH, NEEDFUL THINGS (Czech Republic), DIE PIGEON DIE (Australia), and EXTERMINATION ANGEL.

Show No Mercy returns with an interview and a new song from Leviathan. The interview is short and Whitehead doesn't exactly delve deep, but it and the song are both definitely worth a listen.

Cannabis Corpse will support The Black Dahlia Murder and All Shall Perish at Knitting Factory on 10/11 as part of a larger tour together. Tickets are on sale, and their full tour schedule is below.

Vanishing Leper is Justin Detore (Mind Eraser/Rival Mob/Righteous Jams etc) and Jordan Darby (Dry-Rot), and the band is currently streaming a new EP and are preparing it for a limited release on Cold Vomit. Listen below.

The always fun Skeletonwitch are on the road with Arch Enemy, Devildriver, and Cthonic for a show at Best Buy Theater on 9/9. Tickets are still available

Kvelertak is coming.

Absu added more dates since we first posted. Original post updated.

Rise And Fall have a new 7" on the way entitled "Deceiver", alongside a reissue of Hellmouth. Look for both on Deathwish.

Portal are currently tracking their new LP.

Mastodon's Remission has been repressed on 2xLP.

We recently debuted new songs by Falloch, Rosetta, Battlefields, Bosse-de-Nage, and The Atlas Moth.

Have a fun weekend. More NYC shows listed below. What did I miss?

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by BBG

Rorschach at The Charleston (more by Ryan Muir)

Last year's jaw-dropping lineup at Chaos In Tejas was sick, and 2010 is proving to be no different. For four days across four different Austin venues, May 27th to the 30th at Emo's, Mohawk, Red 7 and Beerland, the festival will offer some of the most impressive names in the independent/underground scene including the indestructible Rorschach, the first ever US appearance from Australian punk greats X, a one-time reunion of Japanese crust-core band Bastard, the quirky cutesy indie pop-punk of Grass Widow, Gehenna (who just played A389), Subhumans, Bastard Noise (who have a new record), Bone Awl, BV faves Jeff The Brotherhood, The Spits, Psychedelic Horseshit, Ty Segall, The Ponys, Iron Lung (who recently played Cake Shop), Poison Idea, Inquisition, and many many many others.

In addition to the obvious mayhem that will ensue over the four days, Chaos in Tejas will also showcase art from some of the scene's most interesting names including Tim Kerr (of Big Boys), Winston Smith (responsible for tons of collage work, including the Dead Kennedys best album art), and Bryan Ray Turcotte (best known for his book Fucked Up and Photocopied).

The full (and intimidating) list is below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Ryan Muir


"Charleston show was hands down the best show I have ever seen. I still cant comprehend it. It was so jam packed, that if you made it on top of the crowd you were just kinda up there for a bit. Played essentially the same set too but in different order and a bit shorter I think. Hellbastard headlined too.

Rorschach opening with "Raw Nerve" at Santos Party House and later doing "Mandible" right into "In Ruins" blew my fucking mind. Un fucking real." [p @ theB9]

After a triumphant set at Santos, the rough got rougher and sweatier when Rorschach hit up the Brooklyn Vegan/Chronic Youth co-sponsored show at The Charleston, a venue around 1/5 of the size. This "secret show" was hinted at heavily, and then fully announced on Friday. It also featured an appearance from crusty UK thrashers Hellbastard who were on their first EVER US tour after reuniting a couple years ago after a 10+ year hiatus. Like Rorschach, Hellbastard also played a show earlier in the evening. There's was at Europa.

Psychic Limb opened the show at The Charleston. Unfortunately, Ryan Muir and I both missed them (I was at Santos & Europa, he at Julian Plenti), but Klaus Kinski affectionately referred to them as sounding like "old Napalm Death".

Then came Rorschach. Though they had only left the stage at Santos less than two hours earlier, none of their energy had dissipated. In fact, (and I could be biased here) I feel like Rorschach, considering their salad days at ABC No Rio and similar small venues around the tri-state, was probably more in their element at the basement of The Charleston. The crowd in the packed room, which included Ted Leo (who sang at the first show) and Tim Harrington among many others, enjoyed a somewhat shorter set than Santos, but a powerful one. People even crowdsurfed despite the the low 10 foot ceilings above. Amazing show, amazing setlist, and any doubters can check out the video below.

After a mix-up with the Hellbastard folks that caused a delay in their already-late-show start time, the UK band eventually hit the stage and burned out a set of crust-meets-early-Celtic-Frost pummel to the remaining spectators (the room was still about 2/3 full). They definitely won over some of the unconverted.

Reformed U.K. thrash metal/crust punk band HELLBASTARD has inked a deal with Poland's Selfmadegod Records. The label will issue "The Need to Kill" on CD, as well as the newly recorded "Eco-War" CD EP, in late October 2009. "The Need to Kill" features six re-recorded HELLBASTARD ragers, while the six-track "Eco-War" release includes a track originally on the band's 1986 demo as well as a SLAYER cover. [Blabbermouth]
Full picture set, and a video of Rorschach performing "Checkmate", "Someone", "Raw Nerve","Impressions", "21st Century Schizoid Man" and "My War" at The Charleston, below...

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"Dear NYC - Rorschach owned you." - Dawn Geary

words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Chloe Rice


As part of their short burst of reunion tour dates, Rorschach played TWO NYC shows on Friday night (9/25). The first was at Santos Party House with Celebrity Murders (their last show EVER) and The Degenerics.

It was an early show for a Friday. Santos was packed to the gills, which was amazing to see when I arrived at 9:15 - a testament to the legacy that Rorschach left. The openers had already played, and Rorschach were 15 minutes into their hour-or-so set. The water-tight NJ band were barreling through their classics with unmatched precision. They played like they'd been on the road for 16 years, not dormant as they actually have been. Precision start-stops, wild guitar/bass swings while delivering killer riffs, and tons of energy. This is how all reunions should be.

Not only was it a fantastic performance, the energy in the crowd was palpable. Even Ted Leo got into the proceedings. To kick off the encore, Ted joined the band for a cover of the Black Flag classic "My War" before diving into the crowd. (video below). They closed with "Recurring Nightmare 105".

In the course of an hour, Rorschach tore through nearly every single song they knew. "It's so awesome you're doing this!" screamed one of the faces in the crowd.

It was clear throughout the evening what a special occasion this was for a band whose name has been dropped countless times since their breakup but who received little fanfare during their brief existence.

"If I thanked everyone in this room for the support they've given us," said Maggio in a rare break between songs, "we'd have to cut the set off right now." [Grudge City Activities]

This show was one for the record books, and was only matched by what would happen later that night across the river at The Charleston (pics & review of that one coming soon).

The above-mentioned video, and pictures of Celebrity Murders and Rorschach (we completely missed The Degenerics), below...

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Why? @ Bowery Ballroom in 2008 (more by Leia Jospe)

tonight in NYC
* Tiesto @ Hammerstein
* Samara Lubelski @ Sound Fix Records
* Bear Hands & Tony Castles @ Bruar Falls
* Bloodshot Records BBQ @ The Bell House
* Holy Ghost! (DJ) @ Tribeca Grand Hotel
* Sing for China tour @ Santos Party House
* Marva Whitney, The Sweet Divines @ Southpaw
* The Rifles, Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band @ Union Hall
* Ornette Coleman @ Lincoln Center's Rose Theater
* Phoenix, Passion Pit @ Central Park Rumsey Playfield
* Why?, Owen Weaver, Flexible Music @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
* Boogie Boarder, Mother Fletcher, Forest City @ Union Pool
* These Arms Are Snakes, DD/MM/YYYY, Rk Wins, Orphan @ Mercury Lounge
* Screaming Females, Cheap Ventilators, The Weird Fantasy Band & more @ DBA
* The Giraffes, Goes Cube, The Midnight Show @ Studio at Webster Hall
* Dub Trio, Skeletonbreath, Bottle Up & Go @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn
* Shellshag, Uzi Rash, Battle Avenue Tea Club, Weird Weather, Haru Bangs, The Pharmacy @ Don Pedro
* The Electric Tickle Machine, Zoos Of Berlin, North Highlands, Dream Diary, Werewolves @ Market Hotel
* Derrick Adams and Mickalene Thomas (AKA DJ Professor of Music and Dean of Admissions), Hercules and Love Affair, Justin Carter, Eamon Harkin @ MoMA (Benefit dance party)
* Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, Shilpa Ray, Kendrick Strauch (from Harlem Shakes), Rebecca Schiffman, Sarah & Michelle Cagianese, Your Nature @ Kidd Yellin aka Red Hook Labs
* New Languages Fest w/ Akoya Afrobeat Orchestra, Shaikh/Peterson/Formanek, John Hollenbeck & Theo Bleckmann @ McCarren Hall

The band Future Lives who open for These Arms Are Snakes tonight at Merc is new band from Rob Hampton who was in one of Band of Horses' incarnations.

WAVVES + Black Lips = drama.

Video from last night's Rorschach show at The Charleston, below...

What else?

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by Black Bubblegum


As many have discussed, and I held as one of the world's most poorly kept secrets, Rorschach will indeed play The Charleston shortly after their set at Santos Party House TONIGHT (9/25, Santos tix here). The other secret, and still unannounceable, band playing The Charleston, will FOLLOW Rorschach who follows Psychic Limb. Doors are at 11. Let's rage.

And check out our interview with Charles Maggio of Rorschach, HERE. Fliers below...

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by Black Bubblegum

Charles Maggio of Rorschach

June 1993 at ABC No Rio with Assuck & Scrog.

That's the last time that the mighty Rorschach blessed NYC. The band called it quits shortly after, splintering into projects like Gern Blandsten Records, Beautiful Skin, Deadguy, Kiss It Goodbye, and tons more, but those great successes only highlighted an undeniable fact: Rorschach were innovative and before their time.

After deciding to reunite earlier this year in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Remain Sedate LP, Rorschach announced a short east coast tour. The band is currently in the midst of that tour, which impacts Asbury Park in their native New Jersey tonight (9/24) and Santos Party House TOMORROW (9/25, tix here).

We spoke with the mighty Charles Maggio (Vocals, owner Gern Blandsten Records) to get to the bottom of the reunion and what we can expect going forward....

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Rorschach are back. Tickets are on sale for New York (Santos) and Philly (First Unitarian Church). NJ (Asbury Lanes) is on Ticketweb too, but is either sold out or not on sale yet.

by Black Bubblegum


According to the great folks at Prank Records, you now have the ability to mark a date on the calendar with respect to the impending Rorschach reunion.

"All original lineup, all original roadies, Jon Hiltz of Born Against on the sound board." September 23rd to the 27th. Details are Still being worked out, but so far it looks like this:
"this", below...

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by Black Bubblegum

"I would imagine the RORSCHACH reunion shows also deserve a mention" - [BV commenter frosty]

Charles Maggio of Rorschach circa early 1990s

Rorschach was a New Jersey-based band that existed from 1989 to 1993. The group often blended hardcore punk and dissonant elements of metal providing the inspiration to a number of hardcore and post hardcore bands thereafter.

The first release by the band, Remain Sedate, shows the band's sound at a stage when they played fast, heavy hardcore with a metal slant and raspy hardcore vocals. At this time they also drew heavy comparisons to Die Kreuzen for their bizarre chord progressions and Charles Maggio's unearthly howl. However, as the band progressed, they developed a slower, more sinister, sludge sound that was influenced by fellow New York band the Swans. Additionally, the vocals developed into high-pitched, tortured screaming rather than shouting, due in part to voice problems Maggio was experiencing at the time. This change in sound can be heard primarily on their second full-length release, Protestant. Shortly after issuing this album, the group disbanded, some members eventually joining Deadguy. - [Wiki]

As rumored and discussed, Rorschach WILL reunite. According to the frosty-linked post in the livewire message board, the shows will take place September 23 - 27 in "Boston, NY, NJ, D.C. and Philly". Guitarist Nick Forte confirms to Lambgoat that "all original members will be involved". The message board also says "all original roadies". Stay tuned for more details.

Also of note, Charles Maggio went on to found Gern Blandsten Records, one time home to Chisel, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, The Van Pelt, Dalek, Garden Variety, Radio 4, and many others.

The Van Pelt reunited for a show at SXSW, AND for one happening this Saturday in Brooklyn as part of the Northside Festival. The Brooklyn show, that the band curated, is at Coco66 and also includes Ghost Gamblers, The Holy Childhood, and Beats Antique on the bill. The entire Northside Fest kicks off today (6/11).

Other recently announced reunions: 1.6 Band and Errortype:11.

Rorschach videos below...

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