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photo by Jake Weinstein

NYC's historic Roseland Ballroom closed in April, began getting gutted in August, and now its roof has been torn down. The photo above reveals an aerial view of what it looks like now.

Once this gradual demolition process is over, a 62-story residential tower will be built in its place.

UPDATE: There's now drone video footage of the gutted Roseland and you can watch that below...

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(via Rosa Goldensohn)

Roseland Ballroom shut its gates for good back in April after 56 years on 52nd St. The guts of the club are now being demolished which you can witness six seconds of via a Vine (via Gothamist) below. Do you miss Roseland?

Sad Vine video below...

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by Bill Pearis

confetti rains at Lada Gaga's Roseland farewell, 4/7/2014 (photo by @talithaanne)

Roseland this morning (photo via @sayitaintsosis)

Roseland opened in New York in 1919 and hosted icons like Count Basie in the Thirties. It relocated to its 52nd Street home (a former skating rink called Gay Blades) in the late Fifties, where a display inside touted the number of couples who'd met there and married. In the Seventies and Eighties, the spot was a disco haven; in the Nineties its 3,500-capacity crowds moshed to Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Its next occupants will be a 59-story apartment building, according to the New Yorker.

As a Manhattan native, chances are Gaga has many connections to the club, but she didn't regale the crowd with any personal stories about transformative nights on Roseland's famously springy dance floor (she earlier told a reporter about a Franz Ferdinand show there during her senior year of high school where she broke her nose in the pit). Instead, she stuck to her usual self-empowerment lectures ("Do you love you? Then scream!") and spent an outsized amount of time bidding farewell to the female dancer who slithered across the stage with her for Artpop's squelchy bisexual romp "Sexx Dreams." - [Rolling Stone]

Lada Gaga's seven-show run at Roseland came to a close last night (4/7) and with it the end of one of New York City's most famous clubs which had been in its present location since 1958.

Roseland was also home to the annual, over-the-top gay dancefest The Black Party and The Village Voice has a cover story on it, the venue and the changing face (and location) of club culture in NYC:

Pevner scouted other venues, but the Black Party not only needs a dance floor large enough to accommodate thousands of people, but also an entire weekend to install its own soundsystem and light rigs. The Saint at Large, which has held the party at Roseland for a quarter century, had a two-year option extending through 2015. "I told my lawyer to write a letter to address that we employ a staff full-time to work on this," Pevner says, "and if you're going to renege, here's the settlement." Pevner insisted that Ginsberg keep the club open at least through the third weekend in March, the one nearest the vernal equinox, which the party celebrates. According to Pevner, "They didn't want to end with the Black Party." So Ginsberg ended up with a win-win: Gaga gets reams of publicity and the club goes out in a blaze of glory.

Still, serious dance enthusiasts will always remember the club more for its unobstructed quarter-acre dance floor than as a midsize concert venue. Everything about Roseland was outsize, right down to its 14 coat-check windows.

More than anything, Roseland's closing marks the most painful sign to date that New York City's big rooms have become an endangered species. That a luxury residential space will likely replace it confirms the main culprit: an insatiable appetite for upscale housing that has transformed Manhattan, from the financial district to Harlem and beyond -- what Fordham professor Mark Caldwell, author of New York Night: The Mystique and Its History, has called "galloping gentrification."

I saw a lot of shows at Roseland, though mostly in the '90s -- Blur, and Oasis come to mind and I got to go to the Rolling Stones show there in 2002. My last visit there was for Big Audio Dynamite in 2011. I was never crazy about seeing shows there, but I always dug the classic vibe. What shows did you see there?

Roseland, you'll be missed.


Portishead famously played their in the late 90s. I say famous because not only was it an exciting show at the time, the show was recorded for a live album and DVD. Watch the whole thing (via someone uploading it to YouTube), below...

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photos by Chad Kamenshine

Black Keys / Albert Hammond Jr @ Roseland Ballroom - 1/31/14
The Black Keys
Albert Hammond Jr.

Albert Hammond, Jr. got the show going, and sounded just as razor sharp as he did when I saw him open for Jake Bugg a few weeks ago. This time the crowd was much bigger, but the execution was just as on point. Was it wrong that all throughout the set I was anticipating The Strokes performance later this summer at Governors Ball? What? Just being honest.

I've seen The Black Keys quite a few times now. At this point in their career, it was a treat to see them at the rather intimate (for them) Roseland Ballroom, which is closing in a few months. Which makes this show likely my last at the venue. Seeing The Black Keys there is not a bad way to go out.

With a show like this, you knew it was going to be a special one. Dan agreed, sharing a bit of cool information during one of the only talk breaks he took. He mentioned that the last time they played Roseland was 11 years ago, when they opened up for Sleater-Kinney (!). Dan said it was them who taught them how to tour. It was a nice moment, something that put The Black Keys insane success into perspective. [We All Want Someone]

Another of the Super Bowl week shows that just happened in NYC was the Black Keys show at Roseland Ballroom on Friday (1/31) (one of the last shows at the venue), which Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. opened. The band's 16-song set relied most heavily on their last two records, El Camino and Brothers, not diving any further back than Brothers' 2008 predecessor, Attack & Release, whose single "I Got Mine" closed the show. Pictures of that show are in this post.

The Roseland show wasn't the only appearance Black Keys made in NYC Friday night. They showed up (not initially announced) at the Howard Stern 60th Birthday Bash at Hammerstein Ballroom which also included Louis CK, Jon Bon Jovi, Steven Tyler (joined by Dave Grohl), and others. A video of the Black Keys from that show, along with more pics and the setlist from Roseland, below...

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Black Keys at Central Park in 2012 (more by Dana (distortion) Yavin)
Black Keys

The Super Bowl weekend concerts in NYC keep coming. After already announcing Red Hot Chili Peppers at Barclays Center, Foo FIghters on the Bud Light Hotel cruise, The Roots on that same cruise, and others, three more concerts, billed as The Evenings With Legends, were announced today.

The first of those happens with John Legend at McKittrick Hotel on January 29, the intimate venue which is home to Sleep No More, and where the just-announced Les Claypool show is also happening.

The next night, Band of Horses play McKittrick Hotel (1/30), which is a one-off ahead of their upcoming acoustic tour which hits NYC for a sold-out show on 2/28 at Town Hall.

And lastly, the Black Keys will headline the soon-to-close Roseland Ballroom on January 31. No ticket links for any of these shows yet.

In other recent Black Keys news, "Bob Dylan's Hair" wasn't actually Bob Dylan's hair, and Patrick Carney is co-producing the new Black Lips album.

Lady GagaLady Gaga

The last we heard, Lady Gaga was set to play Roseland Ballroom's final six shows before the venue closes. All six of those have sold out, and she's since added a seventh happening on April 7, and they're now saying this one will be the final show. Tickets for the newly-added show go on sale Monday (12/2) at 10 AM with a Little Monsters presale starting today (11/26) at noon and a Citi Cardmember presale starting Wednesday (11/27) at 10 AM.

Updated Roseland schedule below...

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crowd at Roseland Ballroom during Kendrick Lamar in Feb (more by Dylan Johnson)
Kendrick Lamar

As discussed, NYC venue Roseland Ballroom closes its doors this April. It was already announced that Lady Gaga would play four nights, but that's since been expanded to SIX nights, including March 28, 30, 31 and April 2, 4, and 6. It's also been confirmed that her April 6 show will in fact be the venue's last ever show. Tickets for all six nights go on sale Monday (11/25), and there's a currently ongoing (while it lasts) Citi Cardmember presale and Little Monsters presale. "Upon entry to the Roseland Ballroom on the night of each show, each ticket holder will receive a special commemorative ticket as a keepsake for this historic event."

Updated Roseland schedule below...

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"Lady Gaga" w/ Gwar at MHOW in 2011 (more by Chris La Putt)
Lady Gaga

NYC's Roseland Ballroom is closing this April, and additions to the venue's final schedule keep popping up. One of those additions is Lady Gaga, who, like her collaborator Beyonce did in 2011, will play four nights at the intimate (for her standards) venue on March 28, 30, 31, and April 2. Tickets for those shows go on sale Monday (11/25) at 10 AM with a Citi Cardmember presale starting Friday (11/22) at 10 AM.

Lady Gaga, who just hosted and sang on Saturday Night Live last weekend, has a new album, ARTPOP, out now and you can listen to one of its singles, "Dope," along with Roseland's current schedule, below...

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photos by Kurt Christensen

Violent Femmes @ Roseland Ballroom - 11/14/13
Violent Femmes

The Violent Femmes returned to the stage for some shows this year, after calling it quits in 2009. They first came to NYC for a show in Central Park back in September, but that show was quickly called off due to flooding, and this past Thursday (11/14), they finally returned for their first full NYC show since 2007 at Roseland Ballroom, one of the final shows for the venue which closes in April.

The trio, now joined by Dresden Dolls' Brian Viglione on drums (following the recent departure of Victor DeLorenzo), opened with the title track of their 1984 sophomore album, Hallowed Ground, and then after a song from their last full length, they proceeded to play their classic self titled debut in its entirety. They ended with a few more cuts from throughout their career, including Violent Femmes bonus track "Gimme the Car" and a reading by singer Gordan Gano of the lyrics to Lou Reed's "Like A Possum." Pictures of the show, including openers Wormburner, are in this post.

Wormburner's next NYC show is their annual Christmas show at Mercury Lounge (12/19) with Yule Dogs, East River Bandits, and Lifeguard Nights. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

More pictures from Roseland, along with Violent Femmes' setlist, below...

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photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin; words by Bill Pearis

Simple Minds @ Roseland Ballroom, 10/24/13
Simple Minds @ Roseland Ballroom

Some bands that aspire to arenas or have played them, can't recalibrate their show to a smaller space. The lead singer of an unknown band can look like a wannabe Bono when making broad gestures and playing to the back of the room when the back of the room is only yards rather than miles away. A big act reduced in scope can appear monolithic. Not Simple Minds. I wish I had credits for the show because their lighting in particular was excellent and far superior to what bands can usually muster for Roseland. It was stadium ready in its subtlety and dramatic effects but their were adjusted well for the stage the band was actually playing on. Their sound mix was excellent: for me, lead singer Jim Kerr's vocals are always slightly buried more in the mix than I would choose, but this has clearly been an aesthetic choice for decades, not the fault of the mixer. The core of the band has always been founding members Kerr and Charlie Burchill (keyboards and co-songwriter on many tunes). But this lineup has been steady for the longest period in the group's history. So this is as Simple Minds a group of musicians as any Simple Minds lineup has ever been and their tightness and power in playing as a group came across wonderfully. - [HufPo]
Simple Minds just finished their first North American tour in more than a decade on Thursday (10/24) at Roseland (which is closing in April). The band -- featuring singer Jim Kerr and longtime members Charlie Burchill and Mel Gaynor -- played two sets, including hits like "All the Things She Said She Said," "Alive and Kicking" and "Don't You (Forget About Me)" plus a fair number of deep cuts, including their terrific instrumental "Theme for Great Cities." No "Up on the Catwalk," but they did do "Hunter and the Hunted" and "Glittering Prize," both from New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84). Full setlist and pictures from the show are in this post.

More below...

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Violent Femmes at Coachella 2013 (more by Wei Shi)
Violent Femmes

Acoustic punk vets Violent Femmes have been back in action this year (now with Dresden Dolls' Brian Viglione on drums), and one of their reunion dates was a NYC show in Central Park back in September. Though as you may have heard, that show abruptly ended early due to flooding. Via Glide:

Flash floods disrupted Violent Femmes 18 minutes into their set Thursday in Central Park, and ultimately halted the band's first New York show since 2007.

After playing only five songs, and waiting 20 minutes for the lightning strikes to pass, they were told to cut the performance short. "It's nobody's fault; it's the law," bassist Brian Ritchie apologized, promising they would return in October. Behind him a crew scrambled to cover the instruments with tarps. At 7:48, event security ordered Rumsey Playfield cleared, and an exodus of people retreated into the park, where its roads swelled with ankle-deep water.

Violent Femmes have now scheduled what appears to be a one-off in NYC, perhaps to make up for that Central Park show, happening on November 14 at Roseland Ballroom (one of the last shows for the venue). Tickets for the show go on a "special presale offer" today (10/24) at 10 AM, with Citi Cardmember and Live Nation/Mobile App presales starting today at noon. General on-sale begins Friday (10/25) at 10 AM.

UPDATE: Tickets purchased for the Central Park show will be honored. You must present original tickets with valid ID.

The only other Violent Femmes date we're currently aware of is Australia's The Falls Music & Arts Festival.

Watch a video of the band at Riot Fest Chicago 2013 below...

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Outside of Roseland in April (more by Robert Altamn)

Whether you actually liked seeing shows there or not, Roseland is one of NYC's classic venues. So sad news from Billboard:

New York City's famed Roseland Ballroom will close its doors in April, according to an internal e-mail obtained by Billboard, though no official announcement has been made.

The venerable venue, owned by developer Larry Ginsberg and booked by Live Nation, opened at its 52nd street location, a converted skating rink, in 1958 and is a sentimental favorite for many bands. The history of the venue in New York dates back to 1919, when it was located at 51st and Broadway, and prior to that in Philadelphia.

Evolving from ballroom dancing in the '20s to popular music, Roseland has for years been a favored New York play for a wide range of bands from the early days of rock, through disco, grunge, modern rock, jam, pop, urban and EDM. The venue found a new gear with a $1 million production/rigging renovation in the early '90s, funded by Ginsberg, which led to more high profile bookings of multiple dates on bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, and other hot acts when competition in that cap range was not as fierce. - [Billboard]

Danzig played the venue last night. We'll miss ya, Roseland!

Jessie Ware at Webster Hall in April (more by Robert Altman)
Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware's rise shows no signs of stopping. Her last trip to NYC brought her to Webster Hall, and she's now just announced another run of North American dates to go down this fall and bring her to her largest headlining NYC show yet, Roseland Ballroom on November 2. Tickets for that show are not on sale yet, but you can check Ticketmaster for updates.

Jessie also has some US dates in early August following her appearance at Chicago's Lollapalooza. Those dates include a Boston show on August 5, a Baltimore show on August 7, and nothing on August 6, the day her collaborators Disclosure play Central Park Summerstage with TNGHT and Julio Bashmore. We've already wondered if Sam Smith is going to appear with Disclosure at that show, and now it doesn't seem impossible that Jessie could too.

Disclosure also, like Jessie, play Lollapalooza. And if they were to join each other on stage there, it wouldn't be the first time they did that at a US festival this year.

All dates are listed, along with her video for the Julio Bashmore-produced "Imagine It Was Us," below...

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Kanye West @ Roseland Ballroom - 5/15/2013 (virgilabloh)
Kanye WesT

Kanye West @ Roseland Ballroom - 5/15/2013 (lacreated)
Kanye WesT

As mentioned, Kanye West played a private show for Adult Swim Wednesday night at Roseland Ballroom in NYC, ahead of his SNL appearance. New songs were played, in a Daft Punk-less tent pyramid thing. Watch a few videos below...

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UPDATE: Check out some videos from the Roseland show

Kanye West

Kanye West's style advisor Virgil Abloh just Intagrammed the above picture with this message: "So it begins. Pop-up show NYC. Somewhere at 10:30 pm. Tonight."

He may or may not be referring to the private "Upfront" show Kanye is playing for Adult Swim at Roseland. If it is the same show, then it is unclear why he used the term "Pop-Up". We'll find out soon!\

UPDATE: Looks like the "pop-up" and Roseland show are the same show, and new songs were played (maybe from the record coming out on June 18).

Kanye also plays SNL on Saturday and Governors Ball this summer.

Justin Timberlake

Here's an interesting concept. Justin Timberlake is playing a Mastercard-sponsored show at Roseland Ballroom in NYC on May 5. Tickets for this intimate-compared-to-Yankee-Stadium show cost $129.50+taxe+fees each, but you need to "register for a chance" at being one of the "lucky" who is allowed to purchase your way in to the "priceless" experience. Good luck!

Justin's two Yankee Stadium shows with Jay-Z are in July.

Head to Veganville with Justin below...

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photos by Dylan Johnson

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar touched down in NYC for two shows at Roseland Ballroom on Tuesday (2/26) (early and late)., part of HOT 97 and MetroPCS's "5 Boro Takeover Tour" that also includes an upcoming T.I. show.

No Drake, but he brought out an incredible group of collaborators including all of Black Hippy (Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, and Ab-Soul), A$AP Rocky, YG, 50 Cent, and Tony Yayo. Kendrick and his friends played a bunch of cuts off of his unstoppable good kid, m.A.A.d city, reached back to early albums and mixtapes, and played some of his guests' material (like "Fuckin Problems" with A$AP Rocky) with the crowd screaming along the whole time. Both shows were sold out and totally packed, and you can check out pictures of the craziness from the early show in this post.

Kendrick's tour continues and brings him to SXSW in March (with all of Black Hippy) and back to NYC for Governors Ball in June.

Ab-Soul (and friends?) sticks around NY and plays SOB's tonight (2/27) with Bishop Nehru and more.

Kendrick also performed "Poetic Justice" on on Letterman on Tuesday with his band. The video of that performance and more pictures and a video from the early show at Roseland below...

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Kendrick Lamar

If, like us, you were bummed that Kendrick Lamar toured in support of his excellent good kid, m.A.A.d city before it actually came out, it probably came as a pleasant surprise when he was announced for this year's Governors Ball, which goes down in NYC this June. But if you don't wanna fork over the cash for a festival, would rather see him at his own show, or simply can't wait that long, you're in luck. Kendrick is on a European tour right now, and upon returning home he's got some US shows on his horizon including a NYC gig at Roseland Ballroom on February 26. Tickets for that show go on "Internet" presale today (1/7) at 10 AM with a general sale starting Friday (2/8) at noon. Anyone know the presale password? UPDATE: The PASSWORD is dazzle.

The NYC show is also part of Metro PCS's 5th anniversary of their "5 Boro Takeover Tour". To quote them, "We've got Kendrick Lamar, French Montana, T.I., Mavado featuring Konshens, and Alicia Keys with Miguel hitting up the boroughs, so stay tuned for more info! Want the first tickets? Stop by the Cipha Sounds live broadcast on Friday from 4-6pm at the Metro PCS on 162 Jamaica Ave in Queens."

A list of updated Kendrick dates and some videos below...

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Radiohead at Roseland, Sept 2011 (more by Dana (distortion) Yavin)

Like Beastie Boys concert film, Awesome, I Shot That (which was also shot in NYC), though on a more guerrilla level, a full Radiohead concert shot entirely on handheld cameras was recently posted online. The full show (with pro-audio) was shot during their two Roseland gigs from September 2011. Watch below.

We were at both of those nights and pictures from night one are HERE and night two are HERE. You can watch the full Radiohead concert below, and read more about it here.

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Hot Chip at Prospect Park in July (more by Toby Tenenbaum)
Hot Chip

As mentioned, Hot Chip will come to NYC to play Roseland Ballroom on April 9, 2013. Tickets for that show go on Live Nation/Live Nation Mobile App presale today (11/29) at 10 AM (password: "record"). General on-sale starts Friday (11/30) at 10 AM.

Also, tickets for the Hurricane Sandy relief benefit featuring Sleigh Bells, Grizzly Bear, The Antlers and Cults at Terminal 5 go on sale at noon today.

photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin

Grace Jones @ Roseland Ballroom - Oct 27, 2012
Grace Jones

Grace Jones, who was last played NYC at Hammerstein Ballroom in 2009, headlined a pre-Halloween/Hurricane show back in NYC at the similar Roseland Ballroom on 10/27. Presented by Red Bull Academy, the show was conceptualized by "British Couturier" Philip Treacy, and 64 year old Grace wore costumes by designers Issey Miyake, Jean Paul Gaultier and Alexander McQueen, as she played a mix of classics and covers.

Jones stayed in a black corset with thong, fishnets and heels the entire evening and spent the night accenting this with her various changes offstage, though she never made clear which designer she was wearing (most of the hats probably were Treacy, and one or two of the more unusual pieces probably Gaultier). Her fans dressed up, too: Holding the concert on the Saturday before Halloween only sealed the deal as the room looked like it was packed with extras from Party Monster and Paris Is Burning.
Fronting a six-piece band and two backup singers, Jones took the stage in near darkness and opened with "Nightclubbing." The woman is in phenomenal shape and appears downright ageless. As she stood on a riser above the stage in an outfit that lit up, her sultry take on the David Bowie/Iggy Pop song set the mood for the evening as she sang, "Oh, isn't it wild?" [Hollywood Reporter]
Full setlist and more pictures from part of the show, below...

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Low Life

New Order added a second Roseland show happening October 19, which is the day after the one they announced earlier (10/18). Tickets to both shows go on sale today (8/3) at 10 AM.

Updated tour dates are listed below...

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DOWNLOAD: Crystal Castles - Plague (MP3)

Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles are set to release a new album in September. The still-untitled LP was self-produced in Warsaw, Poland and is currently being mixed in London. The first new track from it, "Plague," dropped yesterday and you can download it above or stream it at the bottom of this post.

Crystal Castles have announced a tour with with HEALTH including a NYC show happening October 3 at Roseland. Tickets for that go on sale Friday, July 27 at 10AM. All dates are listed below.

Also below are a couple other streams, including a HEALTH remix of Crystal Castles' "Suffocation" and the "Andy After Dark Bootleg Remix" of Crystal Castles vs. HEALTH - "Crimewave."

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by Bill Pearis

New Order, 2012 Edition
New Order

New Order have just announced a Fall tour of North America, including a New York date at Roseland on October 18. No on-sale date has been posted yet, but you can (like we will be) check Ticketmaster for updates.

This will be New Order's first NYC show since their Hammerstein Ballroom show in 2005. As you may be aware, this version of New Order does not feature bassist Peter Hook who is slightly irked that the band are getting someone else to perform his signature bass parts. However, this will mark the return of NO founding guitarist/keyboardist Gillian Gilbert who took a leave of absence from the group in 2001 to care for her and drummer Stephen Morris' child.

Hook is probably not too excited that New Order will play the 2012 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony alongside Blur and The Specials in London on August 12.

Check out a recent interview with Gilbert, Morris and frontman Bernard Sumner via YouTube below.

Meanwhile, despite saying how it's not the same New Order without him, he continues to tour with his band The Light playing Joy Division albums in full. He's also publishing a book about his years with the influential post-punk group, tilted Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division, which will be out in October. Says Hook:

It's very strange. Over the years Joy Division has become a huge part of music culture. A lot of people think they know what happened. But they don't. Anyone who's ever written a book or made a film about Joy Division, unless they were sat in that van or car with us, they don't know anything about it. Me, Barney, Steve, Ian, Rob, Twinny, Terry and Dave. Only us lot know what really happened...I supposed in the end it's almost too easy to look back and say what you should have done, how you might have changed things. How you might have done things differently and ultimately stopped Ian from doing what he did. What's harder, what's much, much harder, is to accept what you actually did do. Accept what you did do, and live with it.
All New Order 2012 tour dates are listed below.

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photos by David Andrako

Jack White at Roseland Ballroom 5/22/12
Jack White

Jack White played his second of two nights at Roseland Ballroom last night (5/22), again supported by Alabama Shakes. Unlike at his first Roseland show (pictures HERE), which was with his all-male band Los Buzzardos, last night's was with his all-female band, The Peacocks, though he was joined by Los Buzzardos for the encore.

Jack covered similar territory to night 1 with seven White Stripes songs, two Raconteurs tracks ("Carolina Drama" and "Top Yourself"), a Rome cut, and a Dead Weather track ("I Cut Like a Buffalo") in the encore. Like he did the night before, Jack finished off the evening with a pair of White Stripes songs, "Catch Hell Blues" and "Seven Nation Army".

If you missed Jack White live and the flesh, hopefully you caught the set on satellite radio.

More pictures and the setlist from last night's show below...

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