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photos by Ryan Muir

Kim (and Nomi)
Hercules & love Affair @ Studio B

Their record company describes them as "a pan-sexual mix for our troubled times". That is one way of saying that Hercules and Love Affair are the kind of band in which guest vocalist Antony Hegarty - the Mercury prize-winning torch singer and radical gay performance artist, with a strong interest in gender reassignment - is the Charlie Watts figure: integral, but a bit stolid and suburban by contrast with his flamboyant bandmates. These include transsexual vocalist Nomi; dancer Shayne, a gay B-boy and mainstay of New York's voguing scene; and Kim Ann Foxman, a Hawaiian lesbian jewellery designer famed for running a notorious club (club?) called Mad Clams, where one could apparently "get away with anything - smoking, sex, drugs, peeing in the corner, dancing naked".... [Guardian]
Nomi (she wore 2 outfits)
Hercules & love Affair @ Studio B

Hercules & Love Affair played their first official show at Studio B in Brooklyn on Saturday night (May 17, 2008). As advertised, Antony (who sings some songs on the album) was NOT there, but Nomi (who is awesome and will be touring Europe with them) was there to sing with Kim. More about the show later. More pictures and tour dates below....

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photos by Ryan Muir

A laptop, a vinyl record & DJ GRANDMASTER FLASH
Grandmaster Flash @ Webster Hall

Grandmaster Flash @ Webster Hall

Even Grandmater Flash, the "first dj to play the turntables as a musical instrument", uses a laptop now. That said, he was the only DJ at Webster Hall on Friday night that ALSO had a crate of records with him. He played the usual hip hop favorites and the occasional rock hit by bands like The White Stripes and Nirvana. When not mixing, he could often be found at the front of the stage hyping up the crowd and his long career that includes an induction into into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. More pictures below....

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photos by Ryan Muir

DIOYY @ Coachella 2008
DIOYY @ Coachella

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the upcoming Bloc Party shows at Webster Hall.

Does it Offend You, Yeah? is opening for Bloc Party on all non-festival U.S. dates. Ryan happened to catch them (DIOYY) at Coachella. More pictures (and video) from that show below....

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photos by Ryan Muir

Im From Barcelona @ Coacehlla

I'm From Barcelona (who are actually from Sweden) went from Hoboken to California to play Coachella (and 2 other shows) and then back to the east coast to play a show at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple in (duh) Brooklyn last night (May 1, 2008). The pictures in this post are from the Coachella one. More below....

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photos by Ryan Muir

Gogol Bordello @ Coacehlla

Gogol Bordello @ Coacehlla

Coachella holds many, many thousand. Well imagine Gogol Bordello's normally explosive energy amplified by hundreds. Stifling heat, a relatively meager Sunday turnout, daylight and what seemed like about 10 intrusive video cameras did not slow down Eugene Hutz and crew. He shook, shimmied, high-kicked, guzzled wine, shouted and belted while his fellow lithe female cheerleader/percussionists also demanded the audience's attention. And they got it. Couples danced, thick-necked dudes who had never heard of the band jumped and screamed at the tops of their lungs and every spectator that wasn't bouncing held up a digital camera to capture the moment.

They came, they saw, the conquered. Would we expect anything less? [Arizona Daily Star]

Tickets are still on sale for Gogol Bordello's upcoming show at McCarren Pool.

USELESS FACT: Gogol Bordello's song "Wonderlust King" 'was featured in the trailer for the Morgan Spurlock documentary Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?'.

More Coachella pictures below...

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photos by Ryan Muir

Metric @ Coacehlla

Emily Haines, lead singer and synth player for Metric, gave a special girl power shoutout on Sunday ... to her Pro-One keyboard.

"The Pro-One is one of those instruments, they're like a woman. You can't understand them, there's like 1,000 knobs, and it cries every time you touch it," she said as the temperamental Pro-One faltered on a song.

"I'm proud to be a girl! And I'm proud to play an instrument that behaves like an [effing] woman every show!"

Then after ordering the audience to tell the Pro-One they loved it, in unison, Metric launched into "Poster of a Girl." [San Diego Union Tribune]

More pictures from Coachella below....

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photos by Ryan Muir

Swervedriver @ Coachella

The foursome's reunion for Coachella (they were a late add to the lineup) was largely unheralded, except by a few passionate fans who were keenly tuned into the band's recipe of guitar riffs and effects.

Swervedriver's set before a one-third-full Mojave Tent on Sunday afternoon certainly ranked as a triumph artistically, as Adam Franklin and mates bathed the faithful in angsty roaring and subtler noodling. Ever stoic as a frontman, Franklin remained expressionless throughout (save for a smile of acknowledgment to a friend sidestage), but the music and the obvious joy with which drummer Jez Hindmarsh played spread smiles all around. [The LA Times]

Tickets are still on sale for their two NYC shows in June. More tour dates HERE. Photos & video from Coachella below....

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photos by Ryan Muir

Stephen Malkmus @ Coachella

Mr. Malkmus's old band, Pavement, is one of the few remaining first-tier holdouts not to reconvene for Coachella. The quieter reunions this year were those of Swervedriver and Love and Rockets; the more significant one was Portishead, reunited after 10 years, which played a mesmerizing set on Saturday. (The main stage at Coachella in the evening is one of the glories of concertgoing in America: enormous sound, ample space, desert air.) [NY Times]
More pictures below....

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photos by Ryan Muir

St Vincent @ Coachella

As spindly and diminutive is Annie Clark, the frontwoman for St. Vincent more than filled out the Gobi tent as her band propelled her twee pop through a vibrant and exciting set. Performing songs like "Jesus Saves, I Spend" and "Landmines," one almost got the feeling that Clark was taking the audience back to the same sort of intimate, spotlight-eschewing indie rock show a la 1995; but massaging a guitar that looked bigger than her and singing clear, loud and pure at the setting sun opposite the stage, there was no doubt that no matter how tiny she seems, there's barely enough spotlight to contain her talent and personality. -TG [IGN]
St. Vincent's next NYC show is at Castle Clinton. More Coachella pictures below....

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photos by Ryan Muir

My Morning JAcket

Roger Waters played two sets, flying pig incident included, to close out the main stage of Coachella 2008 on Sunday. But first ....

One of the summer's most-heralded live act, My Morning Jacket, treated fans on Coachella's main stage to a surprise early in their set by bringing on guest M. Ward -- one-half of the Monsters of Folk also featuring MMJ's Jim James -- for the now-classic 'Off the Record,' from the band's breakout album, 'Z.' The band kept the treats coming with two songs -- the title track and 'I'm Amazed' -- from the upcoming album, 'Evil Urges.'

MMJ also offered up the potential new song of the year, 'Smokin From Shootin,' as well as favorites like 'Gideon.'

James told the crowd that it was an honor to play Coachella. "On a personal note, it was great to see Portishead back in action. Whenever I hear Portishead, I feel like I'm trapped in an evil funhouse," he said. "But Beth [Gibbons'] voice guides me through like a spiritual angel and I was just so happy to see them."

The crowd felt the same way about MMJ. [Spinner]

More pictures from the show below....

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the pig, pre-escape (more by Ryan Muir)

Anonymous wasn't kidding! As you can see in the video at the end of this post, Roger Waters' pig got loose at Coachella on Sunday - it just zig zagged away, never to be seen again. Although it sounds like a practical joke, I'm pretty sure this press release I just got is real....


COACHELLA organizers are offering $10,000 and four (4) festival tickets for life in exchange for the safe return of the two-story inflatable pig that broke loose during Roger Waters' set on the final night (Sunday, April 27) of the 2008 COACHELLA VALLEY MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL. The pig escaped and floated into the desert sky just prior to the intermission between Roger Waters' back-to-back sets--marking the only back-to-back COACHELLA sets by one artist in the critically acclaimed festival's history.

Anyone with information on the lost pig, should email lostpig@coachella.com.
Watch it happen in the Coachella video below...

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photos by Ryan Muir

Roger Waters headlined the main stage of Coachella on Sunday

Roger Waters @ Coachella

Perfected after a week of rehearsals at the Forum arena in Los Angeles, all of it was matched with the sort of special effects and spectacular images Waters and Pink Floyd are known, like the giant inflatable pig covered in graffiti ("Don't be led to slaughter") that floated above the crowd during "Sheep" to explosive sparks of electric guitar by Dave Kilminster before being allowed to break free as spotlights crisscrossed the sky. Waters' night ended with songs from The Wall, with fiery virtuosic soloing by violinist Lili Haydn taking over Gilmour's original leads on "Comfortably Numb." During "Run Like Hell," a pair of dudes in baggy shorts responded on the grass with a lengthy interpretative dance -- falling to one knee, finger pointed in the air, stepping forward and back, bowing and swinging their hips -- a routine no doubt practiced back home between multiple bongloads. [Rolling Stoned]
He played 'Dark Side of the Moon' in its entirety (as he has done many times before). More pictures below...

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photos by Ryan Muir


A rising Denver band, DeVotchKa, walked off the stage before the end of its performance Saturday at the Coachella music festival in Southern California, one of the nation's largest independent music festivals. The four-member band was playing in 110-degree desert heat when Jeanie Schroder, who plays the standup bass and sousaphone, dropped her metal instrument and walked off the stage.

"She was holding a hot piece of metal in the afternoon sun and said, 'I can't do it, I'm dizzy and I'm done,' " said Rob Thomas, band manager. She did not receive medical attention. Other band members followed her. [Denver Post]

Devotchka's next NYC show is May 20th at Terminal 5 (an indoor venue). Tickets are still on sale. More tour dates here. More pictures below...

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photos by Ryan Muir

Etta JAmes @ BB Kings

Etta James played three NYC shows earlier this month. Ryan stopped by to take some pictures at the last one. He and everyone I asked about the shows said something like, "girl can sing!" (and "girl can talk a lot"). On Beyonce portraying her in an upcoming movie Etta said something like, "Yeah she looks good, but can she sing?" Etta's two sons were both in her band (guitar and drums) and she played a lot of covers including Randy Newman's "You Can Leave your Hat On".A recent review of a Michigan show adds:

Etta was amazing! She had "The Roots" band with her that was an 8 member band + 2 additional musicians, very tight and included a great harmonica. (I think 2 of the musicians were Etta's sons). Anyway, Etta's voice was as rich and full as its ever been, the show was punctuated with naughty little comments, spicy moves (watch out "chair dancers"!) and juicy tidbits of her life. She received a standing ovation when she first walked onto the stage and 2-3 more throughout the show . . . Outstanding Lady!
More pictures below.....

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photos by Ryan Muir


Sadly Marina is gone, but Ryan said that the new lineup was actually good. According to Entrtainment Weekly:

Then Josh wanted a veggie corn dog. As he munched, we listened to the cacophany of Brazilian hip hoppers Bonde Do Role-- whose sound I will equate to the foreign-language street fights outside my old apartment in Queens, combined with the bass thump of a thousand souped-up cars in the East Village on a hot summer day-- before moving to the Outdoor Stage for grownup time with Steven Malkmus and the Jicks.
Bonde Do Role are now on tour and tickets are on sale for two NYC shows in May. More Coachella pics, and some videos, below....

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photos by Ryan Muir


Last time I checked, 120 Days only had one NYC show - the one at Mercury Lounge tonight (April 28, 2008). Now they're also listing a DJ set at Europa in Brooklyn tomorrow. On Saturday they played Coachella....

"This is music for dancing. You're supposed to be dancing," said Adne Meisfjord, the vocalist of the Norweigian 120 Days.Yeah, well, you were supposed to be on stage at 3 p.m. I don't mean to be an annoying stickler for time, but during a packed Saturday at Coachella, appearing for only 15 to 20 minutes before a waiting Gobi tent full of people, especially when that performance is only scheduled to last for 45 minutes, is just going to disengage fans and hinder the chance of converting new ones. And add to this reality, the way the band requires a slow electronic build up for its moody metallic dance noise, and I'm really left to wonder what could have been. [OC Register @ Coachella]
More photos from that short performance below...

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photos by Ryan Muir

Prince @ Coachella

The main stage at Coachella Saturday night went Kraftwerk --> Portishead --> Prince. That single four hour period makes me wish I wasn't just watching Coachella from my computer.

The Prince portion of the show already has a discussion going. Now here's the rest of the pictures (Morris Day & Sheila E included). Video and setlist (Radiohead cover included) below too.....

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photos by Ryan Muir


I can't remember the last time I wished I was at a show as much as I wished was at Portishead last night (April 26, 2008). Watching the stream was both the ultimate pain and the ultimate pleasure. I hope they play NYC six nights in a row. Or maybe I don't. For my own sanity.

Ryan Muir WAS actually there (he's covering the festival for this very website). He said it was as good as the live video made it seem. The rest of his pictures, the setlist, and some video are below....

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photos by Ryan Muir


more pictures, and vidoes that were ripped from the stream, below....

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Prince @ the Coachella Music Festival - April 26, 2008
Prince @ Coachella

You are the coolest place on earth right now!" Prince declared to a sea of tens of thousands.

Prince, who had been sought out to perform at Coachella since the festival was founded nine years ago, told the crowd that when he agreed to perform, he informed the organizers that he would not only play, but party too.

True to his word, Prince then launched his band -- complete with a horn section and background singers -- into "Jungle Love." Morris Day came out to sing his song, while Prince strolled around the stage with his guitar.

For the beginning of the show, Prince preferred to let his guitar do the talking. He also welcomed the singer and drummer Sheila E, who took the lead for a song and then joined Prince in an extended jam.

Finally, Prince satisfied the crowd with a celebratory performance of "1999." His classic "Little Red Corvette" soon followed. [AP]

The rest of Ryan Muir's photos from the evening are HERE.

Check out the rest of our Coachella coverage HERE.

Check out video of Prince on Leno, HERE.

Check out video of Radiohead on Conan, HERE.

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photos by Ryan Muir


The Breeders kicked off their North American tour with a performance at the Coachella music festival on Friday night (April 25, 2008).

"Don't forget to wear your sunscreen," lead singer Kim Deal warned the crowd as the group finished its 40-minute set on the main Coachella stage. [WIRED]
More Coachella pictures below....

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