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photos by Ryan Muir

DOWNLOAD: Yacht - So Post All 'Em (MP3)


If the pictures from SXSW are to believed (in this post and here), Yacht is now a male/female duo like Jona's previous group The Blow was before he left to take his solo project Yacht full time. The girl (his girlfriend I think) is Claire Evans (also a musician from Portland), and we can find out if the addition to the group is permanent this week at one of the following Yacht shows:

Wed 04/16 - Brooklyn, NY Studio B %
Thu 04/17 - Annadale-on-Hudson, NY Bard College
Sat 04/19 - Purchase, NY SUNY Purchase
% = w/ Stars Like Fleas & Parts & Labor
$10 tickets to the Brooklyn show are on sale at Ticketweb, OR you can take your chances by signing up for a $7.00 reduced list which will be at the door. Details on how to do that, more tour dates and pictures, below....

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photos by Ryan Muir

the Breeders @ Mess With Texas, Austin, Tx - March 15, 2008
Breeders @ Mess With Texas

As you probably heard, The Breeders released a new album today (April 8, 2008) - their first in over six years. It's called Mountain Battles and it's streaming in its entirety at Spinner (and you can buy it too). I like it. Most like it too.

story time: The biggest Breeders fan I (don't actually) know has to be Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and Atlas Sound fame. My first encounter with his fandom was at the SXSW Pitchfork party. Atlas Sound played and towards the end of the set Bradford told everyone to go to see the Breeders at the Mess With Texas party the next day. He didn't even bother mentioning that he was ALSO playing the same show.

I went to Mess With Texas too. I saw Atlas Sound there again, and then a few hours later I started watching the Breeders (their only appearance in Texas that week....well actually I think they recorded an Austin City Limits episode too,....so, I got pretty close, and that's when I spotted him: FIRST ROW CENTER for the entirety (I think) of the Breeders' set. Yes, Bradford. I wish I had a picture. He's pretty tall. He's very distinguishable. The crowd was massive and not as tall as him (or so it seemed). And there he was face to face with Kim Deal, by himself....having a great time. It was fun to watch (the stage and occasionaly the audience). No pics of Bradford, but more pics of the Breeders from that show (which was pretty decent too) below.....

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photos by Ryan Muir, words by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Monotonix - Summers & Autumns (MP3 from the upcoming Body Language EP out April 22.)


Take Eugene Hutz (almost literally... a similar manic energy, voice, even looks to some degree, but with a more impressive 'stache) and dial him up a few notches, put him in front of an insane-o heavy garage punk two-piece with a blues bent, and you have Israeli madmen Monotonix. Comin' straight outta Tel Aviv, Monotonix have a new EP on the way (Apr.22 on Drag City) recorded by Tim Green (ex-Nation of Ulysses, current member of The Fucking Champs). And if "Summers & Autumns" (download above) & "Body Language" (streaming at their myspace) are any indication, Body Language is probably a killer.

For now though, I'll stick with what I know: there is alot of buzz about their live show. Flaming drum heads, hanging from the rafters, beer baths.... check out the mayhem for yourself in videos (below). Check out the pics Ryan took at their March Noise Pop show with The Gutter Twins (in this post).


Monotonix and their much talked about live show will swing into Union Hall tonight (April 7) with the colorful recent VICE-signees Dark Meat, as well at Cake Shop (again with Dark Meat) on the 20th, and Death By Audio on the 25th (a Todd P show). More pictures, the videos and full tour dates, below.......

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photos by Ryan Muir

Chairlift @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, Valentine's Day (Feb 14) 2008
Chairlift @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Chairlift opened that MGMT/Yeasayer show at Music Hall of Williamsburg back on February 14th. All three bands call Brooklyn their home. All three bands are friends, or at least Chairlift and MGMT are because the two bands are going to play some more shows with each other when they leave on a short tour together later this week. And although MGMT is not advertising a Brooklyn show, I'm pretty sure that the band "Tenspeed" (listed on Glasslands' schedule) that is playing with Chairlift at Glasslands TONIGHT (Monday April 7, 2008) is really MGMT in disguise (possibly now with a new member).

In related news, MGMT made this really cool 3-D video that you can actually use 3-D glasses to watch on the Internet. I am a sucker for 3-D stuff, and besides the fact that the video takes forever to load, I have to admit it's pretty cool. Find a pair of 3-D glasses (or make your own) and watch it at their site.

More Valentine pictures, and tour dates, below.....

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Atlas Sound


:: ATLAS SOUND + secret longtime buds band
:::: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome WOLF
:::::: more guests tba

we're selling advance tickets to next Friday's ATLAS SOUND + secret
buds show. Only ticket holders will be emailed the location.
----> tickets go on sale @ 5PM SAT, 3/5 @ CINDERS GALLERY
----> [ 103 Havemeyer St @ Hope St - 718.388.2311 ]
----> location will be emailed to ticket holders @ 7pm night of show

My first guess for "secret longtime buds band" was Black Lips, but they're on tour in Europe. Bradord is definitely "friends" with Grizzly Bear, but I don't know about "longtime", so my new guess is Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but maybe that's just wishful thinking. I was also thinking maybe Deerhunter, though I'm not 100% sure why they wouldn't just say Deerhunter. Maybe it's because Deerhunter aren't supposed to play any other advertised shows before their next one in Brooklyn. Any other ideas?

I ended up seeing Atlas Sound twice at SXSW - first at the Pitchfork Party and then again the next day at Mess With Texas. Both were pretty good. Ryan Muir saw them at Mess With Texas too. More of his photos below....

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photos by Ryan Muir

Gutter Twins pictures

The Gutter Twins' new "All Misery/Flowers" video, and more photos from their March 1st Noise Pop performance at Bimbo's in San Francisco (better late than never), below....

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photos by Ryan Muir

Matt & Kim 'Mess With Texas' - March 15, 2008
Matt & Kim

Matt & Kim, Team Robespierre, Pteodactyl and the What Cheer? Brigade! are playing SUNY Purchase Zombie Prom tonight (April 4), and Matt & Kim and Team Robespierre are playing Pratt in Brooklyn tomorrow (April 5). More SXSW photos and tour dates below....

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photos by Ryan Muir

DOWNLOAD: Black Moth Super Rainbow - sun lips (MP3)

BMSR @ The The Thirsty Nickel, Austin, TX - March 15, 2008
Black Moth Super Rainbow

In a pairing that seems predestined, the almost indescribable Black Moth Super Rainbow has signed to Waxploitation. Tobacco, a key member of Black Moth Super Rainbow, will also work with Waxploitation on his forthcoming solo project.

Waxploitation is a record label, management company and music publisher also known for its commitment to humanitarian causes.

Its not clearly fixed which of the three or four hats Waxploitation will wear at any given moment with BMSR, but chaos is underrated. To us its more important to simply be down with an artist and lend support in all aspects of their vision, rather than limit our role to a one-dimensional category says a spokesperson for Waxploitation.

Black Moth Super Rainbow are playing Knitting Factory in NYC on May 23rd, and then McCarren Pool in Brooklyn on July 27th (a Sunday). More SXSW pics and tour dates below....

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Beach House @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC - Apr 2, 2008 (Ryan Muir / Metromix)
Beach House @ Bowery Ballroom

"Went to this show last night. Papercuts, perhaps the most boring live show I've ever seen." [Anon]

"papercuts were absolutely awful" [Jason]

"beach house was bad. papercuts were the worst live band i've ever seen." [Jason again]

"I thought beach house was great. maybe you never heard like their records?" [Anon]

"Papercuts were all right. Beach House was excellent." [Eduardo]

photos by Ryan Muir

Market Hotel

Crime Novels (above) & Knyfe Hyts played too. More pics below...

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photos by Ryan Muir

DOWNLOAD: John Vanderslice - My Old Flame (MP3)

John Vanderslice and St Vincent

If you're just joining us..... it went comedy, Bell, Takka Takka, and last, but not even close to least...John Vanderslice & violin player. Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) joined them for two unamplified songs on the floor in the crowd at the end (and then more DJ David Bruno with the perfectly timed, and JV-requested, dance party). Thanks to everyone who helped make our second Rock 'n' ROFL party a huge success. More pictures below.....

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photos by Ryan Muir

Takka Takka

I'm sorry if I'm gushing, but I really still feel good from the show last night (March 31, 2008). First the great comedy. Then Bell. And then a whole new Takka Takka. I always liked Takka, but now they're really great. I'll admit that opinions I heard of Bell ranged in that Antony/Joanna Newsom/Bjork-love-her-or-hate-her kind of way, but everyone I talked to last night really seemed to like Takka Takka. Their new songs (off their now-finished new album) are great, their show is tight and fun, and as you can see from the pictures, Gabe (the frontman) gets in this zone on stage which is a little bit fascinating to watch. More pictures below....

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photos by Ryan Muir


Last night's Rock 'n' ROFL party (March 31, 2008) was kick-ass and special from beginning to (Vanderslice & St Vincent singing on the floor into dance party) end. Bell made sure the music portion started off as strong as it ended. Everyone felt like a headliner. Not only can (Olga) Bell sing, her band can PLAY. At times during the set I would become completely obsessed with just the drummer which is saying a lot considering the powerful charisma of Olga herself. Catch them in a small venue while you still can....

Bell - 2008 Tour Dates
Apr 18 - nublu // mini-residency // EP release // oh yes New York
Apr 25 - nublu // mini-residency // EP release // oh yes do it again!
Download her Bjork cover at Stereogum. Download four more MP3s HERE. Buy the new EP at her site.


More pictures below......

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photos by Ryan Muir

Larry Murphy
Rock and RoFL

Last night's Rock 'n' ROFL party started out right with a hilarious hour of comedy by Reggie Watts, Will Franken, Kumail Nanjiani, Larry Murphy & Sean O' Connor. Go see all these guys when you have the chance. Having them all in a row was just ridiculous. Good work putting that together Klaus. Pictures and tour dates below........

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photos by Ryan Muir

DOWNLOAD: Fleet Foxes - Oliver James (MP3)

Fleet Foxes @ Emos Lounge

If I had to do it over, I definitely wouldn't have put Fleet Foxes (think Crosby Stills & Nash, Band of Horses, My Morning Jacket) on after Clipd Beaks (think noise) who came after Genghis Tron (think metal). Actually, I wouldn't have done it that way the first time either. Fleet Foxes' set time at my Thursday SXSW day party was more of a last minute necessity, and I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to have one of the bands I wanted to see the most at SXSW on the bill - even if it meant they went on after Clipd Beaks. It did end up being a little of an awkward transition, and there were a lot more people across the street checking out Holy Fuck at the time (I went back and forth), but ultimately it didn't matter. Fleet Foxes' performance on the stage of Emo's Lounge was great (as were the bits and pieces I caught of some of the other shows they played in Austin that week).

After the show, an employee of Emo's told me that he discovers that "ONE BAND" at SXSW each year, and it looked like Fleet Foxes were filling that slot for him in 2008. Seattle PI had something similar to say...

I didn't even try to see the festivals' buzz bands, which had impossible three-hour lines looping around the block. The only band I waited for was Seattle's Fleet Foxes. They gave what was the most professional-sounding concert I heard all week. Their Crosby, Stills, and Nash vocal harmonies were effortless and blissful, and they had the stage presence of The Band.
The excitement of seeing them for the first time won't be there for me tonight (March 29 at Bowery Ballroom in NYC), but that doesn't change the fact that I'm still looking forward to it. And it's a much more fitting bill for them this time: Fleet Foxes play before Blitzen Trapper and after Ola Podrida. More tour dates HERE. More SXSW pictures below.....

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photos by Ryan Muir

White Rabbits @ SXSW

White Rabbits are not playing the Spoon and Handsome Furs show at Terminal 5 on April 9th. Neither are the Walkmen even though both bands will be on tour with Spoon before and after that show. It's probably because The Walkmen and White Rabbits just played a NYC show together at Webster Hall not long ago.

Supposedly White Rabbits are playing a show tonight though (March 28) - not WITH the Walkmen, but in their rehearsal space, and it's with Soft, The Subjects and Frankpollis also on the bill. All Ages. 140 w 24th street btwn 6th and 7th. $5.00 at the door. White Rabbits are also playing Music Hall of Williamsburg on June 7th. Tickets are on sale. They also played SXSW, and have a ton of other shows coming up all over the world.

To hear the latest song by White Rabbits, head over to RCRD LBL. More Texas pics, and all dates, below....

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photos by Ryan Muir

Blitzen Trapper

STEREOGUM: I was forwarded a link to Manos: The Hands of Fate. Who wrote it? Were you somehow involved?

MARTY MARQUIS: It was Brian, our drummer, who did the adaptation of a terrible B-movie of the same name. I don't know who the original writer was -- if Brian wanders in while I'm answering these I'll tell you (Hal P. Warren). He does a lot of writing, little skits, comedy routines, etc. This was his first adaptation and he worked with a producer; the two of them were basically Last Rite Productions (along with a web guy, maybe?).[Blitzen Trapper to Stereogum]

Blitzen Trapper are on tour with Fleet Foxes. They play Bowery Ballroom in NYC Saturday night. Ryan didn't stick around to see them at the Sub Pop showcase at SXSW, but he did manage to catch them at one of the Stereogum/Paste day shows. More photos from that below.....

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DOWNLOAD: Surkin - Hoes Get Down (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Gorillaz - El Manana (TTC Remix, prod. by Para One) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Para One - Midnight Swim (Surkin Drowning Mix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Bobmo - Legally Dead for 4'31 (YOUSENDIT MP3)

Crystal Castles @ Mercury Lounge, NYC - Mar 26, 2008 (Ryan Muir / Metromix)
Crystal Castles @ Merucry Lounge

Digitalism @ Webster Hall, NYC - Mar 22, 2008 (Madaes)
Digitalism @ WEbster Hall

We're in the last week of March dance madness. Despite it seeming like every good deejay is down in Miami for WMC the line-up in New York this weekend is surprisingly awesome.

Thursday night (March 27) New York's Cut celebrate their 3-year anniversary bringing French electro label Institubes here to host the Paris Terror Club at Studio B. Cut has done a lot over the past 3 years to bring some of the top dance music talent to New York. You can check out a short video about them and what they do here.

Last August's Paris Terror Club party at Studio B was great. Thursday's should be no different as Para One and Surkin are back again with the addition of label-mate Bobmo.

Para One is a great producer out of France. He got people moving with his album 'Epiphanie' in 2006, specifically with the smash hit ' Dundun-Dun'. He's done production for French rap act TTC in the meantime, as well crafted a beautiful soundtrack (a great departure from his dancefloor jams) for the French film 'La Naisssance Des Pieuvres'. No stranger to manipulating beats, expect a clean set full of knob-twisting from Para One that will leave you with no option but to get down.

Next of KinSurkin and Bobmo are two very young, successful deejays out of France. At ages 22 and 17, each of them has already produced some great tracks. Bobmo recently followed up last year's 'Let's Go Bobmo EP' (featuring the B-more/electro hit 'To the Bobmobile') with his '3000% Yes EP' which has more of an electro-ravey feel (be sure to check out the great track 'Legally Dead for 4'31'). Surkin's 'Ghetto Obsession' and 'Radio Fireworks', as well as his countless remixes have been devastating dancefloors over the past year. In the meantime he's been working on his follow-up, the 'Next of Kin EP' due out on Institubes shortly. The cover art features a black knight printed on a silver foil pattern, designed by Gaspirator who you might know better as Gaspard Auge (the moustached half of Justice). The EP features equally impressive tracks:

A1 White Knight Two
A2 Kid Gloves
B1 Next Of Kin (as heard in Justice's XMAS mix)
B2 Next Of Kin (Todd Edwards' re-kindled Mix)
$10 advance tickets available here, $15 tickets at the door, AND.....we have three pairs of tickets to give away courtesy of Cut & Finger on the Pulse (who are coordinating this contest and who are celebrating a birthday of their own this weekend). To win a pair of tickets, be one of the first 3 people to email them now (subject: cut).

More events, flyers, & whatnot, below.....

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Phosphorescent @ Emo's Annex, Austin, TX (March 13, 2008) (Ryan Muir)

Ryan Muir took the above shot when Matthew Houck (Phosphorescent) jumped into the crowd at the BrooklynVegan day party at Emo's Annex on March 13th. His band stayed on stage - the same stage that Holy Fuck played on right after they were finished.

Phosphorescent is playing a solo show with Nina Nastasia & Jim White and Gary Higgins at Bowery Ballroom in NYC on April 7th. Tickets are on sale. Check out the new 'Phos' video, and all tour dates, below.....

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DOWNLOAD: Health - Triceratops (Acid Girls Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Health - The Problem Is (THRUST LAB Remix) (MP3)

Health @ R Bar (BV CMJ), NYC - Oct 19, 2007 (pirate hat)

Health @ Panache/LovePump showcase (SXSW) March 14, 2008 (Ryan Muir)

Health @ Studio B, Brooklyn, NY - March 25, 2008 (Leia Jospe)

This is the ultimate catch-up post! Health (more MP3s HERE) have been destroying all over the country since (and before) CMJ, and sometimes I inadvertently ignore those I love the most (planning on seeing a shrink about that some time soon).

Last night (March 25) Health played Studio B with Crystal Castles, and tonight they do it again at a very sold out Mercury Lounge. I was actually confused when all of a sudden all these people kept saying "Crystal Castles are playing","are you going to Crystal Castles?", etc, etc....because I thought they were HEALTH SHOWS that Crystal Castles was tagging along on (no offense Crystal Castles - I'm enjoying your new record.).....And there's more....

Health - 2008 NYC Tour Dates
March 25 @ Studio B w/ Crystal Castles (last night)
March 25 @ Mercury Lounge w/ CC, Apache Beat & Team Robespierre (tonight)
March 31 @ Knitting Factory (all ages) w/ Genghis Tron, High Places & Telepathe
April 01 @ Market Hotel (all ages) w/ Aa & "SPECIAL SECRET GUEST"
More tour dates, SXSW photos, and Studio B pictures, BELOW...........

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DOWNLOAD: Kelley Stoltz - Your Reverie (MP3)

Kelley Stoltz - Sub Pop showcase, SXSW 2008 (more by Ryan Muir)
Kelley Stoltz

Since we're talking about Sup Pop, it's worth noting that Kelley Stoltz's latest album "Circular Sounds" came out on Sub Pop in February, and that he's playing Mercury Lounge and Maxwell's in April. All tour dates and a video below.....

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photos by Ryan Muir

DOWNLOAD: Sera Cahoone - Only As The Day Is Long (MP3)

Handsome Furs, SXSW 2008
Handsome Furs

The Sub Pop showcase was one of the greatest official lineups at SXSW this year (Friday, March 14, 2008).

Love As Laughter - 8pm
Sera Cahoone - 9pm
Grand Archives - 10pm
Kelley Stoltz - 11pm
Fleet Foxes - 12am
Blitzen Trapper - 1am

The Ruby Suns - 8:30pm
Pissed Jeans - 9:30pm
Handsome Furs - 10:30pm
The Helio Sequence - 11:30pm
No Age - 12:30am

Fleet Foxes and Blitzen Trapper are currently on tour together. The March 29th Bowery Ballroom show (which also has Ola Podrida on the bill) is still not sold out. Handsome Furs are opening for Spoon at Terminal 5, and playing Bowery Ballroom without Spoon even sooner. No Age have a Bowery Ballroom show coming up, and Pissed Jeans have one scheduled at Knitting Factory.

The Ruby Suns just played two NYC shows, and they're coming back soon with Foals (also on Sub Pop). All those dates and pictures of them from SXSW are HERE. The rest of the SXSW showcase photos are below....

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"anna plays crystal castles" (schtephie)
Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles @ an NME Party, SXSW 2008 (Ryan Muir)
Crystal Castles

Hopefully now fully recovered, Crystal Castles are in town with (no pun intended) Health to play two shows. The first is tonight at Studio B (March 25, 2008), and the second is the Friction party at Mercury Lounge on Wednesday (March 26).

Crystal Castles' debut self-titled album is out now. Stream the whole thing at AOL. All tour dates and an official video below....

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