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by Kim Kelly


Brazil black thrashing maniacs Sarcofago are a band that, to extreme metal fans at least, warrants no introduction. To bring the rest of you up to speed: formed in 1985 when the members were still in their teens, the band went on to release a handful of classic albums (perhaps most famously 1987's I.N.R.I.) and serve as a gigantic influence on black metal's sound, aesthetics, and attitude. Their last official release, the Crust EP, was released back in 2000, and since then, things have been quiet in the Sarcofago camp. When news began to circulate that an officially-sanctioned reissue of 1995's seminal compilation Decade of Decay was due to be released in North America by Greyhaze Records (in association with Cogumelo), it was, to say the least, a big fucking deal.

When Wagner Antichrist, founding member and legend in his own right, agreed to do an interview, it was (to me at least) an even bigger fucking deal. Check out a few choice words (and more Sarcofago news!) from the man himself below.

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