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by Andrew Sacher


Dommengang is fronted by Castanets/Scout Niblett associate Sig Wilson, and their rhythm section are also members of Holy Sons' backing band (who played NYC a few days ago). Their debut album, Everybody's Boogie, comes out May 19 via Thrill Jockey (pre-order), and the title track is premiering in this post. It's psych rock that's locked into a krauty groove, but it's got more of a jammy free spirit than your typical krautrock band. Check it out below.

Dommengang will play an album release show on June 6 at Union Pool with Ancient Sky and Holy Sons leader Emil Amos on DJ duty. Ticket info TBA.

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by Andrew Sacher

Scout Niblett - 'It's Up To Emma'

Grungy folk singer Scout Niblett released her new album, It's Up To Emma, this week via Drag City. It's her first album not produced by Steve Albini, but her ass-kicking PJ Harvey-esque songwriting is just as raw and powerful as ever. It's fitting for a record of this kind that the first single is opening track is simply titled "Gun." You can watch the video for that one, along with her no-bullshit cover of TLC's "No Scrubs" (which appears on the album!) and the tracklist below. That's the artwork above.

Scout will be supporting the new record with an international tour this year, which includes a run with Baltimore noise rockers/Drag City labelmates Dope Body. That run hits NYC at the mostly-metal Brooklyn venue Saint Vitus on September 13. Tickets for that show are not on sale yet, but you can check Ticketfly for updates.

Dope Body will be in NYC even sooner to play 285 Kent on June 20. No advance tickets for that show at the moment either, and the rest of the lineup is still TBA. This past March, they released the Saturday EP via Drag City, and you can check out the video for its punishing opening track, "Leather Head," below.

All dates for both bands are listed, along with those videos, below...

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Molina Tribute

Weary Engine Blues is the title of a forthcoming benefit album that pays tribute to Jason Molina who died last week. It will be released by Graveface Records and artists contributing Molina covers include Mark Kozelek, Will Oldham, Allo Darlin', Scout Niblett, John Vanderslice, Jeffrey Lewis, Damien Jurado, Jonathan Meiburg (Sheerwater), Hospital Ships, Wave Pictures, and more. The album will be out April 24 and proceeds will go to help medical and funeral costs for Molina's family. Preorder it here. It comes with a screen print by William Schaff which you can see below, along with a note from Schaff as well.

You can stream Kozelek's contribution, "It's Easier Now," below.

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Scout Niblett in Montreal, October 2010 (more by Rachel Kowal)
Scout Niblett

Scout Niblett has released the new No More Nasty Scrubs 7" featuring a pair of reworked pop favorites. The A-side features a reworking of "Nasty" by Janet Jackson while the flip features TLC's "No Scrubs" with Emil Amos of Om/Holy Sons/Grails. Stream the latter below and look for a video of "Nasty" in the coming weeks.

In related news, back in August of 2010, Emil Amos said:

I've finally decided to prepare a re-release of My Only Warm Coals next, god knows when it will come out exactly...
That day has finally come with the announcement of the Holy Sons release on Important in February 2013. The LP spans tracks from 1995 - 2010, look for it in the new year.

And last but not least, look for Emil Amos on tour with Om starting Saturday in Chicago (11/17) and swinging through NYC at Bowery Ballroom on 11/21 (tickets).

All tour dates and that stream is below.

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words and photos by Dominick Mastrangelo

Patrick Watson's Sacred Sunday
Patrick Watson's Sacred Sunday at Pop Montreal 2010

The afternoon of day 5, the final day, at Pop Montreal 2010 (catch up with day 1, day 2, day 3, and day 4) was a toss up between children's entertainer, Fred Penner and friends, or Patrick Watson's Sacred Sunday. With promises of pieces by Arvo Pärt and Bach and artists like Socalled and Brad Barr (from the Slip) along with Patrick Watson in a venue like Ukrainian Federation, it was an easy sell.

I walked into Pärt's "Fratres for String Quartet" and stayed until the end. In between it was an eclectic mix of religious and not-quite-religious songs with a rotating cast of performers. Watson's piano arrangement of "The Lord's Prayer" was beautiful as was Barr leading a re-worked version of Bach's "St. Matthew's Passion". Josh Dolgin of Socalled remembered Lhasa with a Kurt Weill cover. (Mary Margaret O'Hara mentioned Lhasa on Saturday night and it's clear not just by the tributes but in conversations over the course of the festival she is deeply missed by those she touched in the city she called home.) The event closed with everyone involved joining Watson for a rousing, uplifting version of "Old Time Religion." For even the most nonreligious it was hard not to be moved as people clapped, and Watson encouraged the audience with his megaphone. Early on, Socalled's Katie Moore said at the start or her version of "Satisfied Mind" something to the effect that all good religious songs should make you feel good about yourself. Well, the Ukrainian Federation was packed and as the "congregation" filed out there was no shortage of people, even a full 30 minutes after the event, walking - some even skipping - away singing the chorus to "Old Time Religion" and feeling very good about themselves.

I'd like to say that the festival ended on a high note, and maybe if I wasn't airport bound at 3:30am, it would have. Then I would have made it to the closing party headlined by Big Freedia at Espace Reunion. But the logistics were too great to overcome so my festival would come to an end at Casa del Popolo for Film School, Depreciation Guild and if I could swing it, Scout Niblett across the boulevard at Sala Rossa. Not entirely excited about what I had heard from Montreal's Receivers, I arrived an hour late, just in time for... Receivers. The entire show was pushed back as Film School were delayed at the border. So, Receivers were on and the venue was full but even live they failed to impress. It was uninspired shoegaze and the most underwhelming set of the festival. Depreciation Guild were next and when one of the band members said to the in-over-his-head sound guy, "We've lost all power on stage," things looked to get even worse. The power was eventually recovered, but clearly things were not right as band members continued to ask for more vocals. The Brooklyn band soldiered on and were tight and energetic but on a Sunday night, and late at that, the crowd had thinned and gave little back.

I skipped over to Sala Rossa, presented to me as the 'Bowery Ballroom of Montreal', to catch some of Scout Niblett. She was already into her set and had the crowd fully cast. Her hushed, sparse vocals gave way to vicious guitar and heavy metal-drumming on "Hot To Death" and everything felt more sinister with the velvet red background and decor. The evening looked to be turning.

However, by the time I got back to Casa del Popolo I imagined Film School would already be on, but they were still pulling everything together and apparently having more sound issues. By the time they started it was well over an hour from their original start time and the crowd had thinned a bit more. They started strong and sounded good until Greg Bertens' mic went out during the second song. A verbal back and forth with the sound guy, who looked shattered at this point, culminated in Bretens, no doubt frustrated from the delays at the border and scurrying to get to the venue, telling him he should just "leave the board." They played the song over with the mic working this time and carried on but the vocals were still way down and it marred what had the potential to be a great set. And what should have been a positive end to a very enjoyable festival.

Until next year. More pictures from Sunday, and a video from the Patrick Watson church show, below...

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words by Rachel Kowal, photos by Dominick Mastrangelo

Scout Niblett in Montreal
Scout Niblett at Pop Montreal 2010

When Emil Amos, the man behind Holy Sons, walked on stage at the Mercury Lounge in NYC on October 6th, the room was still sparsely populated. It was early - just 7:00, but there was little time to waste. The venue had booked back to back shows.

Amos began his show accompanied by just his electric guitar. After playing his first song, he surveyed the crowd. "I don't know if I've actually been to an early show," he admitted in between sips of whiskey and tea. "So if you feel weird, that's totally fine."

Holy Sons falls mostly under the classification of lo-fi/folk. At times, Amos' voice is reminiscent of Will Oldham's (whom both he and Scout have collaborated with). But his music also features moody and aggressive instrumental pushes, as if Amos didn't quite shake his interest in the hardcore scene of the early 90s.

After a few songs, Amos scanned the room. Upon seeing his band mates, he casually offered them an invitation to join him on stage, bringing the number of performers up to four. Throughout their performance, people slowly filtered in and lurked in the shadows in the back of the room.

When Holy Sons had concluded their short set, Scout (Emma) Niblett left her post in the audience and walked over to affectionately greet Emil with a kiss before continuing with her set up process. In everything from her music to her very appearance, Niblett embodies a compelling mix of casual innocence and I-could-kick-your-ass-if-I-wanted-to confidence. This night, she wore an over-sized army surplus jacket of sorts, offset by touches of femininity - a bright red flower tucked behind her ear and rings on nearly every finger.

After carefully positioning the mic and laying out a notebook containing a hand-written set list, Scout Niblett took a seat behind the drum kit with her guitar hanging around her neck, which allowed her the freedom of moving between the two instruments whenever the mood struck. Like Holy Sons, she played the first few songs of her set solo.

In a characteristically bold and candid move, she turned to the audience. "Any questions?" She waited a few beats for a response. "I always ask if anyone has any just in case." Upon hearing nothing, she played one more song solo (this time at the front mic) before signaling wildly to Dan Wilson to join her on drums.

Scout Niblett's music is marked by furious highs and delicate lows, and she navigates between the two like a restless, overenthusiastic child choosing between new toys on Christmas. There aren't many people who could get away with singing the line, "We're all gonna die" with such a perfect balance of sweet and sinister.

With Wilson's support on drums, Niblett turned up the distortion and things got gritty. Though there is definitely a special intensity to her solo performance, Niblett and Wilson make quite a team on stage. At the conclusion of each song, Wilson watched the singer intently, trying to time the last drum beat with the moment her foot tapped the pedal.

Midway through the set, she paused to take in requests. This time instead of being met with silence, the audience responded by shouting out a number of conflicting song titles. "OK. We'll try to fit some in," she said, reflecting on her options. She settled with one of the first requests made, "Wolfie."

Then, as if remembering she was on a tight schedule, she addressed the sound guy after a few songs. "How much time do we have?" "You've got time for a couple more." She reflected on her set list. "Did I do that Beloved song? No? Shit! That ruined everything," she exclaimed, stomping her foot in mock outrage. To the delight of the modestly sized but clearly dedicated audience (a couple of people apparently drove down from Canada), she launched into "Nevada" with such fervor that she was nearly shrieking the lyrics. Of course, she still managed to smirk through the strain.

"OK, so this is the last one," she said, prompting disappointment and denial from the crowd. Immediately upon wrapping her last song ("Do You Want to Be Burried with My People"), Niblett only had time to offer a brief word of thanks before the house lights and music came back on and severed any hope for an encore.


Emma and Emil also played a show one night earlier at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn (videos below), and a show two nights before that in Montreal for Pop Montreal (pictures in this post) (hopefully those Canadian fans were able to catch that show too). All mentioned gigs were part of a short tour for the couple that has now concluded, though Scout is still on tour.

Holy Sons' new album Survivalist Tales is out via Partisan Records today (10/12). Grab that.

All upcoming dates, a couple more pictures of Scout from the Montreal show, videos from Knitting Factory and Scout's Mercury Lounge setlist, below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Scout Niblett - "The Calcination of Scout Niblett" (MP3)

Emil Amos & Al Cisneros of Om, with Rob Lowe of Lichens (more by Chloe Rice)

Emil Amos aka Holy Sons (and half of Om) will hit the road for a string of dates with Scout Niblett in September including Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on October 5th (tickets) and Mercury Lounge on October 6th (tickets). It'll be the first ever Holy Sons US tour.

The string of US dates should be a cakewalk after what Scout Niblett recently undertook...

Limited Edition! Only 100 copies. Buy your very own version of the song "The Calcination of Scout Niblett" from the Drag City album of the same name. Each version different, recorded by Scout herself.
Those CD-Rs are long gone, but the album of the same name is out/available via Drag City. Download one of, I am guessing, the 100+ versions of the song "The Calcination of Scout Niblett" above. Scout is also confirmed for the Godspeed You Black Emperor curated version of ATP's Nightmare before Christmas. The full and updated lineup for that show in the UK (which now includes Neurosis!) is below.

Meanwhile, Emil has dropped more tidbits about his upcoming project of which, as always, there are many:

...Happiness!,,, I just turned in the new HolySons record,, it's a nightmarish/monster jam that boasts the best artwork yet/ever... 'twill not disappoint!... haven't taken a break since-- been digging out older stuff,, fucking with new stuff,,, ...still planning a killer split release,,, and I've finally decided to prepare a re-release of 'My Only Warm Coals' [ED: which he described in a previous interview] next,, god knows when it will come out exactly... but I've got like 18 bonus tracks for it...
He goes on to list his upcoming records:
Grails:: Black Tar Vol.5
Grails:: next Full Length (February) -Temp Res
Om:: next Full Length (March?) -Drag City
HolySons/Split 12"
Wow, Grails just dropped Black Tar IV and they're on to V. Congrats boys. Grails is currently mixing the above mentioned new full-length for Temporary Residence LTD. Details are forthcoming.

In addition to the above, Holy Sons will release their new full length (numero nine!) Survivalist Tales via Partisan Records on October 12th. Tracklisting for that LP is below.

Emil recently came back from tour with Om who will record their new LP this week in Seattle. Meanwhile, Al Cisneros of Om will be back in NYC on September 8th to play Brooklyn Masonic Temple with Sleep. There he will be joined by A Storm of Light and his touring bandmate Rob Lowe performing as Lichens. Tickets are still available.

Full tour dates, ATP The Nightmare before Xmas Lineup, videos and more are below...

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DOWNLOAD: Memory Tapes - Bicycle (MP3)

Noise Pop Flyer

The intial lineup for Noise Pop 2010, which takes over San Francisco February 23rd to March 1st, has been updated. Newly announced acts include Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band (with Cornelius, Yuka Honda, Sean Lennon), The Dodos & Magik Magik Orchestra collaborative performance, !!!, Harlem, Deerhoof, Memory Tapes, The Fresh and Onlys, Scout Niblett, Far (Reunion Show), The Mumlers, P.E.E (Reunion Show), Mirah, Laura Gibson, Nico Vega, Japanese Motors, Princeton, Free Energy, The Growlers, Nurses, Magic Wands, The Lonely Forest, The Hot Toddies, Tempo No Tempo, Judgement Day. The full current lineup is posted below.

Tickets and passes for most of those are on sale now. Tickets for Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band (with Deerhoof) on February 23rd and the Dodos & Magik Magik Orchestra collaborative shows go on sale on Sunday, January 10th.

Memory Tapes, chillwave Jerseyan Dayve Hawk, is one of the acts scheduled for the fest. He's going to be in the UK for a short run of shows this January, and he's confirmed that US dates and a European tour are forthcoming. The song "Bicycle" off his debut, Seek Magic, is above. The album is being re-issued on Feb 8th, "with an exclusive 48 minute 4 track CD2 through Urban Outfitters and digitally exclusively via iTunes".

UPDATE: Memory Tapes is opening for Atlas Sound at The Bell House on February 3rd. Tickets are still on sale.

More info on Noise Pop 2010 below...

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Scout Niblett

The video for Scout Niblett & Bonnie Prince Billy's song "Kiss" can be viewed below. Check it out. And check out Scout Niblett live tonight (May 1st) @ Knitting Factory, and tomorrow (May 2) @ Europa in Brooklyn. Both shows are with, and possibly further enhanced by, Holy Sons. Holy Sons is Grails' Emil Amos other band (and Emil now also happens to be the NEW DRUMMER OF OM).

In July, Scout Niblett is playing a bunch of shows with Daniel Johnston in Europe. All dates (and that video) below.....

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