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Seinfeld Apartment Milk Studios

If you've ever wondered what the fourth wall of Jerry Seinfeld's Seinfeld apartment looked like, we now have your answer: floor-to-ceiling glass windows that look out onto 10th Avenue and the Highline. (Also his apartment is street-level. And in Chelsea.) Well at least that's the case with the nearly perfect recreation of the Seinfeld apartment that you can visit at Chelsea's Milk Studios (451 West 14th Street). The "nearly" comes from replacing Jerry's classic Mac with a PC desktop (UPDATE: they've fixed this egregious error), but nearly every other detail is there. It's to celebrate Hulu getting streaming rights to all nine Seinfeld seasons, and the exhibit also includes some of the diner, props (the Maestro's wand) and more. It's free to visit and will be open now through Sunday (6/28) from 10 AM - 7 PM. But expect lines to be longer than at the Soup Nazi.

You can also take a virtual tour right now. If you go, don't try and burst in like Kramer. Some guy tried that already and broke the set on the exhibit's first day. (Or if you must try it, take off your backpack first.) Video of that (via Vulture) below...

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Chris Rock

Chris Rock, who recently made surprise appearances at UCB, and with Louis CK (who he definitely thinks is great), and who has been known to show up at Hannibal Buress's weekly Sunday night show at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, just talked to Judd Apatow for Vanity Fair. Judd asked him if he thinks comedians are better now? Chris said:

Do I think comedians are better now? Hell fuckin' no. Show me one guy or woman as funny as Rodney Dangerfield or as good as George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, or Joan Rivers. There are a lot of good comics out there, no doubt, but as far as the quality of the comics goes, I think what you have is a bunch of situational comics. What we have now is black comics that work only black crowds, gay comics that do only gay crowds, and southern comics that only work down South, and so on with Asian, Latino, Indian, midgets, etc. The previous generation's comics were better because they had to make everybody laugh. Richard Pryor could do The Ed Sullivan Show and play the Apollo. Seinfeld can work any crowd. Ellen can work any crowd. Lopez can work any crowd. And a few more, but the rest of them are just situational comics.
Judd Apatow's new movie "This is 40" is out soon, music and acting by Graham Parker included.

Watch Chris, Louis, Seinfeld, and Ricky Gervais talk about what is funny, below...

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Uncle Leo

"Veteran actor Len Lesser died in his sleep Wednesday morning in Burbank, California, of complications from pneumonia. He was 88.

"It was very peaceful," his daughter, Michele Lesser, told CNN, saying the family had hoped for a quick and painless death. "He was a great grandpa, and an amazing father. He had a heart of gold -- and a sense of humor of platinum."

Best known as Jerry Seinfeld's Uncle Leo on TV's "Seinfeld," Lesser made more than 500 film, television and stage appearances. His TV roles ranged from "Studio One in Hollywood" in 1949 to a 2009 role on "Castle."" [CNN]

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HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" finale / "Seinfeld" finale redux was the most-viewed "Curb" closer in more than five years.

About 2 million viewers tuned in from two telecasts Sunday evening, putting the total number of viewers 24% higher than last season's finale in 2007.

"Curb" is averaging a gross audience of 5.1 million viewers this season when you combine linear airings, DVR and HBO On Demand, up 36% from last season. [Hollywood Reporter]

If you missed it, check out the video featuring Michael Richards, Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander and co-creator Larry David, below...

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SOLD! Moby helps Zach G sell a piece of art (pic via Pitchfork)
Zach Galifianakis & Moby

Zach Galifianakis hosted a Bad Art Auction at the Hiro Ballroom on 7/10/07. Once inside, patrons were given a numbered auction paddle (sort of like this), a small auction catalogue, and a bottle cap good for one free Pom based alcoholic drink. Zach opened the show with a pretty decent set peppered with things I hadn't heard yet. The crowd seemed to really dig it, and Zach had a pretty good command of the room. The auction followed, and to my surprise, most of the items went way past the $100 dollar mark. Most of the art was really awful, yet a lot of it was really appealing to me. Musical artist Moby was there, and a performance by Band of Horses followed the auction.

9th Annual Del Close MarathonUCB Theater's 9th Annual Del Close Marathon is near and this one looks like a doozie.

Del Close was the driving force behind improvisational comedy in Chicago for over 30 years influencing Bill Murray, Tina Fey, Mike Myers, John Belushi, Chris Farley and the Upright Citizens Brigade to name a few. After Del's passing in 1999, the UCB started the Del Close Marathon to celebrate their mentor and keep alive his name and teachings for future generations.
From Friday, July 27th through Sunday, July 29th, the UCB Theater, The Hudson Guild, and F.I.T. will host non-stop improv from all over the country; over 150 shows!. Details on ticketing are still a bit murky, so keep your eyes on the 9th Annual Del Close Marathon website. You wouldn't want to miss this this this this this this or one of the other zillion awesome shows, would you??

Jerry SeinfeldTickets are on sale for a Jerry Seinfeld show at Hammerstein Ballroom on October 11, 2007. Tickets are in the $100 - $275 range.

Remember when I mentioned that The Ten event at the Gramercy Theater? Well David Wain has given the event its own corner of the internet. Check it

Comedy fans have some TOUGH decisions to make tonight (July 12, 2007). Do you try to get into the sold out Fabrice Fabrice show at the UCB Theater? Or do you head into Brooklyn and agonize over choosing between the FREE Patton Oswalt at Sound Fix and the Tinkle show at South Paw featuring David Cross, Todd Barry, Jon Benjamin, Eugene Mirman, and MORE?


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