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photos by Amanda Hatfield


Sporting a DMX shirt, Kitty Pryde (who now just goes by Kitty) came to 285 Kent last night (2/7) for a show with She's Ryan, Nina Sky, and Lauren Flax. Kitty's set was fun (maybe because she kept encouraging the crowd to "have fun!") and during it a scarf or a hat was thrown on stage, then a sweatshirt, and finally, a bra.

Unfortunately, the show ran pretty late and we missed Nina Sky (if you stayed, did they play "Move Ya Body"??) and Lauren Flax. Check out more pictures of Kitty and She's Ryan, and a video of Kitty playing "Orion's Belt" below. Also below is a stream of Kitty's new EP, D.A.I.S.Y. rage.

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