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by Doug Moore

Immolation @ Gramercy, 2013 (more by Greg Cristman)

The Maryland Deathfest lineup for 2014 grows ever spookier. The fest's organizers have taken advantage of Samhain to announce a whole string of new bands -- no huge names in this round, but there are a bunch of notables, including Castevet (who just played an IO-sponsored record release show), Sweden's Entrails and the hilarious Birdflesh, Germany's Necros Christos, Japan's Coffins, Canada's Mitochondrion, Austrialia's Whitehorse, plus local favorites Immolation, Incantation, and Mutilation Rites. That's a lot of -ations.

This announcement is extra noteworthy because it included venue details, which have been the subject of much speculation since the fest announced that it would not return to the former Sonar compound. The short version is that MDF 2014 will take place in three places: a parking lot a few blocks from Sonar, the Baltimore Soundstage (again), and the Rams Head Live. Here's the full announcement:

3 stages, including the 2 main stages, will be located at 545 N. High Street (Edison Parking lot), which is 1-2 blocks from the old location of Sonar. The setup at the Edison space will eliminate a variety of logistical problems and will ultimately lead to a better experience for you at MDF next year. This space has an approved capacity that is significantly higher than what we're used to, we can open the entrance 2 hours before the first band each day, we won't be getting in the way of the Farmers Market on Sunday, we don't have to close off streets, and once again, we will have MORE space. In addition to adding more shaded areas, there is already existing shade here, so if it gets hot, you won't be roasting on concrete all day. As far as parking goes, there is an enormous parking lot next to the space we're using that you'll be able to park at, and as always, metered parking is possible under the highway that everyone is familiar with from previous years.

On Thursday, bands will only be playing at Rams Head Live, located in the Power Plant Live! section of downtown Baltimore at 20 Market Pl. On Friday-Sunday, bands (death and black metal) will be playing at Rams Head Live between the hours of 10 pm - 2 am, (bands will conclude at the Edison parking space at 11 pm).

On Friday-Sunday, once again, we are doing a grind/hardcore/punk/crust stage at Baltimore Soundstage, located across the street from Rams Head Live at 124 Market pl. Unlike last year, bands will play here all day/night and there won't be any large gaps between bands.

Generally speaking, this setup was the most sensible solution for us, as it allows us to book a lot of bands, give bands respectable set lengths, eliminate many issues/concerns from last year, and keep the fest close to hotels and other downtown conveniences that everyone is used to.

As early as next week, we will break everything down so you know who is playing where. We will also announce more bands at that time. We still have a few up our sleeve for the main stages, but mostly, we're down to rounding out the Soundstage billing before being completely finished with booking.

The parking lot in question was in use as an actual, y'know, parking lot at this year's festivities. Some of you undoubtedly drank beers out of a cooler there. The prospect of an mostly outdoor version of MDF makes me a little nervous, given the mid-Atlantic's rainy late spring, but we all survived last year, right?

Check out the full list of newly announced bands and the complete lineup to date below...

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photos by Kris Alan Carter

Infest @ Churchills, 3/09/2013

Reunited California hardcore heroes Infest played their first show outside of their home state of California on Saturday (3/9) at Churchills in Miami. The show, packed to the gills, also featured full sets from Insult, Assholeparade, Magrudergrind, Strong Intention, Shitstorm (mems of Torche), on-again-off-again grinders Maruta, Vaccine and more. The mega-gig was a precursor to the band's forthcoming dates at Chaos in Tejas and Maryland Deathfest, and followed a recent set of California dates that included a stop in Los Angeles.

Pictures and video from all bands are below.

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Infest at The Echo, Los Angeles 1/13/2013 (via @robcoons)

It goes without saying that the legendary Infest made their distinct imprint on hardcore and grind. The LA Powerviolence pioneers played their first show in 16 years last night (1/13) at The Echo in Los Angeles with bassist Chris Dodge (Crossed Out, Despise You, Spazz, etc) in tow. Check out video from their performance below.

Infest already have dates lined-up for Maryland Deathfest and Chaos in Tejas in 2013, but the band have also added a date with Insult, Magrudergrind, Shitstorm and Strong Intention in Miami on March 9. Full tour dates are listed below, along with video from last night's show.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Jonathan of Torche at Metro in Chicago, Oct 2012 (more by Jimmy Farabi)Dag Nasty

BrooklynVegan and Invisible Oranges are proud to announce the return of Torche to NYC at Saint Vitus on March 2, a one-off appearance for the sunny sludge metal Floridians. Support is still TBA, but tickets are on sale.

In related news, 50% of Torche (namely Jonathan Nuñez and Rick Smith) also serve as part of the grind crew Shitstorm. THAT band will be involved in a whopper of a show in Miami.... the FIRST show in ages from the legendary Infest! That band, who are confirmed to reunite for Maryland Deathfest and Chaos in Tejas in May, will join Strong Intention, Magrudergrind, Insult, Shitstorm, Asshole Parade and Vaccine for the March 9 appearance at Churchill's in Miami. More details, including tickets can be found here.

All Torche dates and a stream of 2012 favorite Harmonicraft is below.

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by BBG

Merchandise at Mouse Trap in Chicago last month (more by Jimmy Forabi)

Merchandise's Children of Desire has been on heavy rotation since the LP dropped a few months ago via Katorga Works (download it for free). When not on the road, the band has been busy releasing tons of videos from the effort, including the recently released "Time." That video, along with some streams and more videos from the album are available below.

The only East Coast dates that Merchandise have scheduled at the moment are a few in their native Florida. One of those shows is the impeccably curated 305 Fest featuring names like Bastard Noise, Iron Lung, Dropdead (who played Europa recently), Torche, Floor, Mauser, Full of Hell, Black Mayonnaise, Fistula, and so many more. Full lineup is below and tickets for the fest are on sale.

All Merchandise dates, videos, streams, and the 305 Fest lineup is below...

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photos by Samantha Marble and Jason House, words by BBG

Cripple Bastards @ Public Assembly (by Sam Marble)
Cripple Bastards

Before the shitstorm that was Maryland Deathfest (pictures of day 1 HERE, day two HERE, day three HERE, and day four HERE), another Shitstorm was brewing in Brooklyn. Shitstorm (the band) played an NYC MDF pre-party at Public Assembly with Italian grindcore band Cripple Bastards, Magrudergrind, The Kill, and Noisear on May 25th. Pictures from that show adorn this post.

All mentioned bands except Magrudergrind played MDF. Cripple Bastards, Shitstorm and the Kill also played secret MDF after-shows in Baltimore on Friday & Saturday, both of which eventually got shut down by the cops. Dropdead, Lack of Interest, DOC, Coke Bust, Triac, Mammoth Grinder, Extortionm and others were scheduled to play the after-shows.

More pictures from Public Assembly below....

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words & photos by BBG

Tragedy @ MDF
Maryland Death Fest

There's four days of this?

Maryland Deathfest 2011 (May 26-29 at Club Sonar) kicked off at the early hour of 4:45PM Thursday with a set from Witchaven, an LA thrash four piece that is currently on the road with Nocturnal (who play the 2nd outdoor stage today, 5/27). The band was followed by the blasting grind of Shitstorm, a fantastic side project featuring 2/3 of Torche and Eric from Capsule. Noisear followed Shitstorm. The New Mexico quintet played pieces from their recent Subvert The Dominant Paradigm (out now on Relapse). Miasmal (who have a new LP) was next, and their throwback nod to Swedish Death Metal of yesteryear was a good palette cleansing after two sets of grind destruction.

One of my favorite sets of the day followed. LA's Lack of Interest killed the stage with their lightning fast hardcore. The show was the band's first on the East Coast, and the crowd responded appropriately with singalongs. Flesh Parade followed LOI with a set of brutal grindcore while the MDF Party Brigade tore up the pit with inflatable items and costumes (like Teletubbies, Ketchup outfits, a shack boy and more).

Maryland Death Fest

Next was Extortion's speedy hardcore which represented well live, though the band had some technical difficulties... though no where near as many as Buzzov-en. Buzzov-en fried a bass head before they could even start, and took a little while to set up. I don't know how K.Lloyd could function on stage (he seemed a bit, um, impaired) but regardless they ripped a killer set.

Tragedy, as usual, was amazing. The band's crusty d-beat incited pits and stage dives. Between them and LOI, I would have been content with an excellent day of shows. Cathedral's last-ever US show closed out the evening. I have always like Cathedral, but was never as mad about them as some.... but Sonar's soundsystem did them right last night. They sounded amazing.

Today is Neurosis! More pictures from Day 1 are below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Capsule - "Neuralize So Numb" (MP3)


After releasing the triumphant and impressive Blue on Robotic Empire (which was recently repressed), Capsule is back with No Ghost due on April 12th via Rorschach Records. Unmastered versions of the LP show promise; a band that has always impressed with over-the-top technicality piles hooks into their math-y post-hardcore to great effect. Dig on exhibit A from No Ghost, "Neuralize So Numb" which makes its first appearance here, downloadable above/streamable below.

Capsule is on the road in March, and will play Acheron on March 25th with two more bands TBA. Full dates are below. In addition, Eric Hernandez of Capsule and formerly of Kylesa, has another forthcoming show with his other project Shitstorm. You can catch Shitstorm in NYC when they team up with Cripple Bastards, The Kill, Noisear, and many others at Public Assembly on 5/25.

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by BBG

Rick Smith of Torche at MHOW (more by Justina Villanueva)
Rick Smith of Torche

Torche closed out the room with an assist from a fill-in drummer in the absence of Rick Smith (who broke his hand while touring with his side project Shitstorm). Although Smith's theatrics were missed (you rarely ever see anyone standing and jumping down TOWARD the kit, save for Rob Shaffer of Dark Castle and a few others), the band played a well-executed set of bubblegum pop which contained one song from their upcoming split with Boris, and a ton of thundering but sugary classics. [BV at SXSW 2010]
When Torche played the BV show at SXSW (and again at Beerland) sans drummer Rick Smith, it was all because of his pummeling work in Shitstorm, a grind side project. Now said grind venture that once shared a split with Magrudergrind (who are playing NYC on August 7th) and who now also feature Jonathan from Torche and Eric of Capsule/ex-Kylesa fame, will hit the road for a string of east coast dates.

Look for the band to brutalize NYC at The Acheron on September 1st alongside the fantastical Pollution (also see them at Acheron with Megasus and The Love Below!), Syphilitic Lust (playing another show with Coffinworm and Unearthly Trance), Curandera (who just played with The Body), and Divorce Money.

Meanwhile, Rick Smith will be in NYC next week with Torche at Music Hall of Williamsburg on August 6th. Tickets are still available for the show which also includes Boris and Russian Circles.

Full Shitstorm dates, and some video is below...

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