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Showpaper #20, cover art by Kim Schifino

In addition to tirelessly listing all-ages NYC shows for 7 years, bi-weekly, print-only newspaper Showpaper (which sadly just called it a day), commissioned a beautiful piece of artwork for their cover every single issue. Browse all of them at their Facebook.

The cover artists often came from the scene which Showpaper was covering. Dustin Pilkington of Best Fwends & Total Abuse designed issue three. Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt did issue four. Bjorn Copeland of Black Dice, Hisham Bharoocha of Black Dice & Lightning Bolt, Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO (!), DJ Dog Dick, Dan Deacon, members of Lucky Dragons, graffiti artist COST, photographer Tod Seelie, Les Savy Fav's Tim Harrington, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Daniel Higgs, Pictureplane, Prince Rama, and many more designed covers. Issue 20, which came out in 2008, was designed by Kim Schifino aka Kim from Matt & Kim. That's her art pictured above.

Showpaper was founded by DIY concert promoter Todd P. Todd's name used to be synonymous with DIY shows in Brooklyn. Bands who played his shows a lot became "Todd P bands". Breakout Todd P bands included Vivian Girls, Dan Deacon, and yes: Matt and Kim. It's hard to believe now, but the cheerful duo was once more associated with sweaty, semi-legal, all ages shows in Brooklyn than they were with big festivals, MTV awards, car commercials, and large, Bowery Presents-booked venues like Terminal 5 which is where they're playing on May 14 (tickets go on sale Friday, 1/16). The NYC show is part of a just-announced spring tour that goes from Virginia to Minneapolis. All dates are listed below.

The tour is in support of a new record called New Glow which Harvest Records will release on April 7th. Pre-orders of the album also come with pre-sale show ticket access. Matt & Kim say:

"Anyone who has seen us knows we love any style of music you can have fun and get wild to. I'm not sure we were able to put that diversity on any of our albums the way we did on New Glow. While there are definitely songs that will feel familiar to people who know our stuff, there are also songs like "Get It" which have always been part of who we are but went unrecorded to this point."
Watch a lyric video for "Get It", the album's first single, below.

Matt and Kim
Matt & Kim @ Danbro Studios, 2008 (more by Ryan Muir)

Meanwhile, Todd P has been busy working on reopening Brooklyn venue Market Hotel which should be officially open as a legal venue sometime this year. Todd probably doesn't speak much to Matt or Kim these days, but I would love to see a reunion happen in the form of a sweaty show at the ex-Dominican nightclub in Bushwick. The So So Glos and TheDeathSet can open. Tod Seelie will take the photos. Kim can design the flyer.

Matt & Kim dates, new song and album tracklist, below...

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(photo via @torresveronica)

There's no doubt that NYC's DIY music scene is changing. Glasslands, Death by Audio, 285 Kent and other venues closed last year, and now Showpaper, the "FREE bi-weekly print-only publication which aims to list and promote all ages DIY shows in the NYC and tri-state area" that's been in print for years, is suspending publishing. They write on Facebook:

It is with sadness that we at SHOWPAPER announce that the paper has suspended publishing.
The SHOWPAPER team have toiled for over seven years now to produce a new, beautiful, free, advertising-free newsprint issue of SHOWPAPER every two weeks, without fail, over 170 issues! - and it is with heavy hearts that we now stop publication
We make this difficult decision out of exhaustion at the challenge of funding and producing the newspaper, but we are hopeful that sometime in the near future, after a well-deserved break, we may revive the concept of SHOWPAPER in a new format.
SHOWPAPER has always been a chronicle and document of the scene, and a future revival may continue that role, as well as the public service of providing comprehensive all ages show listings, in the form of a web-based listings page, coupled with a more occasional print newspaper featuring creative, editorial content about the all ages show community.
For now, we at SHOWPAPER bid the NYC tri-state area farewell! It has been our honor to present you listings of Greater New York's affordable all ages shows, wrapped in a beautiful cover designed by a prominent visual artist, every other Wednesday for 7 years!
Please keep going to shows, starting bands, putting on shows, and opening venues - you can DO IT YOURSELF.
Hope to see you soon - love, SHOWPAPER
This comes just a few months after Showpaper got a huge shoutout from Dan Deacon when they competed against Death by Audio in his dance competition during his set at Barclays Center opening for Arcade Fire.

On the bright side, Market Hotel had their first show in years (a private one though) last night!

photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin, words by Andrew Sacher

Arcade Fire @ Barclays Center - 8/24/14
Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire completed the three-night Barclays Center run of their current tour last night (8/24). Like the first two, Dan Deacon and the reunited Unicorns opened, but this one was extra special because it also included an opening set from New York's legendary Television.

The Unicorns kicked things off early at 7:15 PM, and unfortunately the soon-to-be-filled venue was mostly empty for them, but this rare set (one of six dates they're playing this year) was a treat for those in attendance. They mostly stuck to material from their classic Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?, and despite Nick Diamonds and Alden Penner's more "serious" recent projects, they retained all the quirk from their Unicorns days for this show. Alden and Nick both ran around on stage, cracked jokes ("Some people have told us now that they've finally seen us they can die happy ... that is very accurate"), and seemed to be having a genuinely good time on stage playing those old songs. We certainly had a good time hearing them.

Television followed with an excellent set that included half of the classic Marquee Moon ("See No Evil," "Prove It," "Torn Curtain" and it's sprawling title track), but was more of a jammy psychedelic trip than a rehashing of old favorites. The band, whose lineup is 3/4 of the one that recorded Marquee Moon (Jimmy Rip in place of Richard Lloyd), are now almost 40 years past the release of that album and they don't perform all that frequently, but they were dead on last night. The interlocking guitar solos went on endlessly without dragging, and the rhythm section was locked in for all those jams. As improvisational as some of it sounded, parts like the ending of the instrumental break on "Marquee Moon" were exactly like the album. It was as powerful blasting from the stage at Barclays Center as it was the first time you heard it on record.

Immediately after Television's set, Dan Deacon got started on the small stage on the opposite end of the floor, hosting a huge dance competition on Barclays Center's ground floor which ended with the whole floor dancing. A second dance competition was then framed as a battle between Brooklyn DIY venue Death by Audio and NYC print-only show listings publication Showpaper. This was the second recent show we've attended that a now-big act playing to a lot of people in NYC gave props to Death by Audio from the stage (the last was Future Islands). Also spotted dancing in the crowd to Dan Deacon was fellow bald, bearded indie music maker Tim Harrington of Les Savy Fav (Dan thanked him at the end). Dan's set was both a fun/funny activity for the crowd and an entertaining precursor to what was to follow.

Arcade Fire then took the stage at 9:30 for a 2-hour set (encore included) which was all thrills. At least in the world of music blogs and music twitter, Arcade Fire have gotten more than a little criticism for the last year or so of their career, which has included an elongated album rollout, lots of costumes, cover songs, and other gimmicks. But last night's show was such a truly good time, you'd have to be bitterly cynical to have been there and felt otherwise. Yes, it is a huge spectacle built for the huge venues they now typically play (this was their third arena show of the weekend in Brooklyn, and all three were full), but they do it without falling into bombast.

One of Arcade Fire's first NYC shows was ten years ago at the tiny Mercury Lounge (October 2004 to be exact). Core members Win Butler, Régine Chassagne, Richard Reed Parry, William Butler, Jeremy Gara, Tim Kingsbury, and Sarah Neufeld were all on stage that night, and impressively they're all still there ten years later. This time around they're joined by multiple other musicians (including sax genius Colin Stetson who you can catch in a more intimate environment at Baby's All Right TONIGHT (8/25)), a few people in paper mache bobblehead masks, dancers, confetti, and an elaborate light show, but they make it all unmistakably their own. The Arcade Fire of 2004 may not have written the dance-heavy "Reflektor" or "Sprawl II," but when the Arcade Fire of 2014 plays them right next to "Rebellion (Lies)" and "No Cars Go," nothing sounds out of place. The setlist was heaviest on Reflektor and lightest on Neon Bible, but it mostly felt like a very well curated collection of the many sounds Arcade Fire have made over the years, each song flowing perfectly into the next.

You know by now that Arcade Fire have been doing location-specific covers on this whole tour, and with NY Dolls' David Johansen (as Buster Poindexter) joining them for a cover of "Hot Hot Hot" on Friday, followed by Marky Ramone joining for two Ramones songs on Saturday, and Television opening last night's show (not to mention Deborah Harry joining them at Coachella), it seemed like a pretty good bet that they'd keep the CBGB theme going for this final show. And they did. But Television, though their opening set fit the theme, did not end up being the guest. Win Butler, like Dan Deacon before him, did point out how amazing it was to play with Television though. In fact, Win said last night's show was the best lineup of bands they ever played with at one show.

Arcade Fire & David Byrne
Arcade Fire

The CBGB-themed cover ended up being Suicide's "Dream Baby Dream," after a fake-out of LCD Soundsystem's "All My Friends" playing through the PA as The Reflektors mimed the song from the smaller stage at the back of the floor. Nobody from Suicide joined them for this one, but they brought out Talking Head David Byrne (who was also on stage with Arcade Fire almost ten years ago) to sing guest vocals, complete with white face makeup on. It seemed like a good bet that David would be joining them when we heard he was spotted in the building, and we're pretty sure he was even out dancing in a mask to Dan Deacon. (There was a rumor they'd be covering Bruce Springsteen after someone got a hold of the setlist early, uploaded it to setlist.fm, and must have mistakenly not realized Bruce's recording of that song is in fact a Suicide cover.)

"Dream Baby Dream" segued into "Here Comes the Night Time," followed by "Normal Person" (which included Win singing "New York I love you, but you're bringing me down" over the intro, further teasing those of us who were hoping for a James Murphy cameo), and then the show ended with the longest-ever version of "Wake Up." Even after the song's huge ending and the crowd's applause, Win started singing the "whoa-oh, whoa-oh-oh-oh" part again as he and the band walked off stage, then the horn players joined back in, and the whole band proceeded to leave the stage in marching band fashion (the same way they had entered the venue 2 hours earlier) playing the song even once the PA was turned off until they fully exited the room.

Pictures of the third and final night are in this post (though unfortunately none of the openers this time). Saturday pictures HERE. Friday pictures HERE. More from Sunday, with a video of the Suicide cover and AF's setlist, below...

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Real Estate at Treasure Island 2013 (more by Autumn Andel)
Real Estate

Real Estate have been relatively quiet lately, though they do have a third album in the works, but they will play a last-minute NYC one-off happening on Saturday (12/7) at Baby's All Right with Chicago's Bare Mutants (who are touring), Free Time, and Turnip King. Tickets for that show go on sale today (12/6) at 11 AM. Their only other announced date at the moment is San Francisco's Noise Pop Festival in 2014.

Real Estate side project Alex Bleeker & the Freaks recently announced a Mercury Lounge show (12/30), which goes on sale today at noon.

And you can also see Turnip King tonight at Emet (75 Stewart Ave in Brooklyn) for the Showpaper benefit that also includes Painted Zeros, No One and the Somebodies, Hippy and Gingerlys.

Yo La Tengo @ Maxwell's, Hannukah 2012 (more by PSquared Photography)

today in NYC
* Lulu @ B.B. King's
* Jack Grace @ Barbes
* Yo La Tengo @ Town Hall
* Saul Williams @ BAM Cafe
* Bloodshot Bill @ Union Pool
* Gilbert Gottfried @ Stage 72
* Chia's Dance Party @ Barbes
* Keller Williams @ City Winery
* Moist Paula Henderson @ The Stone
* Thing-One, Big Girl @ Mercury Lounge
* Janeane Garofalo @ Eastville Comedy Club
* Indian Rebound, Carroll, Napoleon @ Big Snow
* Jonathan Toubin, Gibby Haynes @ Brooklyn Bowl
* US Girls, Amen Dunes, Slim Twig @ Death By Audio
* Princely DJs, 12 x 12, Ram Emmanuel @ Glasslands
* Yellow Dogs, Life Size Maps, Papertwin @ Glasslands
* Empress Of, Softspot, Cigarette, Railings @ Silent Barn
* Courier, Suite 709, Blind Man Leading @ Bowery Electric
* Dynasty Electric, The Deep Pink, Lexelle @ Cameo Gallery
* Maroon 5, Neon Trees, Owl City @ Madison Square Garden
* The New Facility, Butcher Knives, The Academics @ Pianos
LODRO, Bueno, Night Visions, John Mizrachi @ Living Bread
* Embalmer, The Von Frankensteins, Throdl @ Saint Vitus Bar
* The Vicious Guns, Matthew Fox, Catfox @ Pete's Candy Store
* The Nightwatchman (Tom Morello Acoustic) @ The Allen Room
* Throw Vision, Vensaire, Half Waif, Celestial Shore @ Paper Box
* The Maccabees, Reputante, Gambles @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
* Science Police, Chandeli'ers, ILLS, Wealthy Assholes @ Cake Shop
* The Pink Chardonnays, Ivory Fox, Little Motown @ Le Poisson Rouge
* Soul Asylum, Miles Nielson and The Rusted Hearts @ Bowery Ballroom
* Ken Stringfellow (of R.E.M and The Posies), Chris Mills @ Mercury Lounge
* The Beets, The Black Shades, Desert Sharks, The Jigglers @ Shea Stadium
* The Soul Rebels, John Medeski, Igmar Thomas, Alecia Chakour @ Brooklyn Bowl
* Aliens, Blackout Stereo, Bikini Carwash, The Back Burners @ Otto's Shrunken Head
* Chrissy Murderbot, Galapagoose, Archie Pelago, Barille, Nooka Jones @ Cameo Gallery
* Stephen Tobolowsky Presents "The Dangerous Animals Club" @ 92YTribeca

All-ages/DIY listings guide SHOWPAPER is celebrating the publication of its 150th issue tonight at Silent Barn's new screening room. Footage of past Showpaper events will be screened and more info is here. Congrats and here's to 150 more issues.

UK singer Lulu, most famous for "To Sir with Love," plays her first ever (!) NYC show tonight at B.B. King Blues Club.

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What else?

Showpaper art

Todd P has been keeping busy. Among other things he has announced:

I have a new lease on a familiar space off the L train, with legal certificate-of-occupancy and other paperwork baked into the deal, at no cost to the space. This space will open as an all ages music venue for "new music" (aka noise, avant composition, deconstructed rock, etc) - with an onsite (licensed) bar for the grown ups. Doubles as a neighborhood bar on nights without performances, and a gallery. Separate gallery space within, to open at a later date.
You might remember that in 2011 Todd was working on opening a similar type of venue in the old Mo Pitkins space in the East Village. That didn't work out, so it's great to hear that the dream is still alive. Todd is also still working on reopening the Market Hotel.

Meanwhile, the new Silent Barn is open and Dead Herring is on its way out.

The picture at the top of this post is the art you'll find on the new issue of Showpaper, another Todd P project that is now nearing its 150th issue.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Monster Island (more by Leia Jospe)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Monster Island, Williamsburg's landmark center for the arts home to, Live With Animals, Secret Project Robot Art Space, Kayrock Screenprinting, Todd P. Practice Spaces, Mollusk Surf Shop, Oneida and a multitude of studios and rehearsal spaces would like to say goodbye in style.

Over the last 7 years we have always thrown an annual Block Party where we invite the entire neighborhood in to listen to live bands on the street, tour the building and host 2 giant art installations; as that this is our last block party ever (the building is slated for demolition in November), we'd like your help.

This year's block party will entail over 12 live music performances from building bands and members of bands such as Golden Triangle, Oneida, Man Forever, Soldiers of Fortune, DudknowDub, Cult of Youth, Vaz, K-Holes, Knyfe Hyts, Divine Order of the Blood Witch, TrycryTry and many more. It will host 2 art installations themed "Outer Space the Final Frontier" and "Liquid Gold." It will also host open studios, an all day BBQ, DJ's, a video installation in the basement by Robot Death Cult and live music in several practice spaces.

Monster Island aims to keep the Block Party FREE and is seeking donations via kickstarter. "It will go towards paying performers, printing T-Shirts and totes, setting up a killer PA system on the street, purchasing supplies for 2 art shows and securing the proper permits." They are more than halfway towards their goal. Monster Island's end is looming, but there's still time to go out in style.

The block party will take place September 10th, 2011 from 2pm until 10pm. Monster Island will be closed by October 1st.

Secret Project Robot said back in January that they'll be moving to a new space. That is still true according to their website.

Oneida played Secret Project Robot in June. NYC Taper just posted a live recording.

In related news, Todd P recently wrote, "My show schedule this summer is very reduced, for happy personal reasons. More than ever, I recommend you check out SHOWPAPER for show listings (big announcements coming soon from that organization!) and also follow the list of links to independent, all ages venue/organizer folks on this page."

And the Silent Barn Kickstarter is now over $31,000!

Defeated Sanity @ Silent Barn (more by Samantha Marble)
Silent Barn

"The Silent Barn is an immersion into the art of New York City as it lives. It's a double-floor music venue inside of a kitchen, an independent video games arcade, an art theater & performance space, a party surveillance system, a zine library, a museum of gigantic murals, and a home for Castle Oscar. Founded in 2004, The Silent Barn is now grandfather to a beautiful re-emergence of similar spaces across Brooklyn, and a quintessential model for all-ages DIY art and music culture in America. It resides proudly alongside Flux Factory and the Museum of the Moving Image as a rare contemporary art institution in Queens, New York. It has long been the headquarters of both Showpaper and Babycastles, young and booming art institutions in NYC. It has birthed the careers of The Dirty Projectors, Dan Deacon, Future Islands, Deerhunter, Teengirl Fantasy, Vivian Girls, Real Estate, The Black Lips, Pictureplane, and many, many others.

A recent and massive theft has put the Silent Barn in a position to temporarily close operations, and we are viewing this as an opportunity to begin our transition into a viably permanent, resilient, and safe part of New York City. After several years of a rotating cast of operators, including Skeletons, Todd P, John Chavez, and Andy Borsz, The Silent Barn has settled into permanent marriage to G. Lucas Crane (Woods, Nonhorse), Joe Ahearn (ART on AIR, Showpaper), Kunal (Loud Objects, Babycastles), and Nat Roe (WFMU). We are working to co-sign a new 5-year lease for Silent Barn, officially making this a long standing piece of New York City.

We are now raising up to $80,000 in order to ensure the viability of The Silent Barn as a permanent all-ages venue for independent and experimental music, games, and art...."

That blurb comes from the DIY venue's new Kickstarter page which they're using to raise the money. As of this posting, they're at $3,912 already. Those who pledge $1000 or more will get free admission to the venue for life. Those who pledge $10 get some stickers. There are lots of other prices and prizes too. Check it out.

Check out a video of Dirty Projects playing the Queens venue below...

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Wham City Comedy

The show is a broad hybrid of things, over 20 acts of stand-up, skits, music, and a very broad "other."

A sampling:

Kizer, playing the archetypal patient, but being asked to peer into his doctor's very, very exposed asshole.

Avant-garde musician/David Bowie impersonator/internet talk show host Ed Schrader singing a busted-up song about "kids jail" involving kids meeting various forms of execution.

Dan Deacon reworking the audio from a particularly choice segment of The Wizard of Oz backed by a building, anxious bassline to an effect as sinister as it is funny.

Performance artistist/ventriloquist April Camlin having a few very heavy existential moments: "What happens to me when we die?" asks her dummy.

Truth be told, the Wham City comedy tour is full of a ton of bleak, cutting stuff. Maybe that's another misconception about the group: that it's full of cartoon people that live cartoon lives. Watching nearly all of them do comedy, you can't shake the feeling that, funny or not, the collective's stacked with some seriously cynical people.

That description of the Wham City City Comedy Tour comes from a SPIN review of the Baltimore show. The tour ends in NYC at Showpaper 42nd Street Gallery tonight (11/20). Todd P's full listing for the show, below...

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photos by Leia Jospe


THE SHOWPAPER 42ND ST GALLERY (which opened in October) is located at 217 East 42nd St @ 3rd Ave in Midtown, Manhattan - out of Todd P's normal territory, but Todd P-affiliated nonetheless. They recently hosted a show with Nullsleep and George & Jonathan. Pictures from that, with a listing of some more upcoming events at the space (including the So So Glos show we just mentioned), below...

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"new Showpaper cover's apparently scandalising the community. haha get over it, the back of VillageVoice or NYPress is ok, but not out front?" - Todd P


The above quoted tweet above doesn't flat out say what you'll find on the cover of the new issue of Showpaper, their 89th one-sheet, designed by artist Borden Capalino, but it gives a pretty good idea. For that image, which mimes the fairly explicit ads in many NYC weeklys (and brings to mind the fact that Craigslist recently removed its own 'adult services' ads), click below.

Showpaper will be running a gallery on 42nd Street through the end of December. It opens this Friday, October 8th, with DJ sets by Das Racist and International Tapes and solo music from The Beets' Juan Wauters. The installation will have art, DIY video games...

More info with the new cover art, below..

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...five full days of parties at Cheer Up Charlie's

Cheer Up Charlies

Todd P has been downplaying his participation in unofficial SXSW activities this year. He made people think he wasn't returning to Austin at all due to his latest effort in Mexico, the MtyMx Festival (March 20th-22nd in Monterrey).

Not only will he be in Austin, he's just announced five full days of shows at his old haunt Ms Bea's (though it's now called Cheer Up Charlie's). His final free Austin day show even overlaps with Mexico. That said, it looks like he did step away from SXSW at least a little bit. Almost every one of the lineups has a listed curator. You can check them all out below...

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photos by Stephen Kosloff

Happy Holidays! I take on more than I can handle. That results in a lot of unposted content. In the name of catching up, while also taking it easy during this final week of the year, here's some of that lost material.

Jason Trachtenburg & Rebecca Schiffman
showpaper benefit

On Saturday, September 26, the Red Hook-based gallery and artist collective Kidd Yellin, where I am an "artist-in-residence," hosted a benefit concert for ShowPaper, a free bi-monthly print-only newspaper which lists all-ages music and art events in the tri-state area and features a work of art on each cover.

The event was a collaborative mix of musicians and artists. Shilpa Ray (sans all-male "Happy Hookers") was backed by friends- including Kendrick Strauch (of the recently dissolved Harlem Shakes which featured my fellow Dalton alum, Lexi Benaim). Jason Trachtenburg played keyboard on two of my songs and Rachel Trachtenburg played drums for Kendrick Strauch, before the the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players' own set, which also featured Tina Trachtenburg playing the slide projector. Sarah and Michelle Cagianese opened the concert with pretty songs using vocal and cello harmonies, and Your Nature closed the evening with a hard rockin' bang! - Rebecca Schiffman

More pictures and some video from the event (and about Showpaper), below...

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DOWNLOAD: Real Estate - Beach Comber (MP3)

Real Estate @ Brooklyn Bowl in August (more by Oren Loloi)
Real Estate

Real Estate have only been around short time, but it seems like hardly a week goes by without a show from the band or one of its member's solo projects (Ducktails, Predator Vision, etc.). They'll finally get around to releasing their debut LP, a self-titled record, on November 17th on the Woodsist label. The first track from that is posted above and two other "album versions" are up on their Myspace.

Real Estate play a tour send-off/Showpaper benefit on October 14th at Monster Island Basement with Big Troubles and Honeydos. The tour in question is a short jaunt down South, before they return for a slew of CMJ-related shows. The first of those happen October 21st at Pianos and Santos (the later of which is an Oh My Rockness party with The Drums and others). Their other CMJ gigs include an Underwater Peoples showcase at The Delancey, a Death & Taxes show at Glasslands on October 22nd with Japandroids (one of many CMJ gigs for that band) and a Mexican Summer/Kemado Showcase at Music Hall of Williamsburg on October 24th. Joining them at MHOW will be Farmer Dave Scher (his first in NYC since opening for Jenny Lewis in June), Young Prisms, The Smith Westerns who have other CMJ shows TBA), and The Amazing, a Swedish group with members of the Kemado-signed Dungen, Anna Jarvinen and Sagor & Swing (streaming tracks at their MySpace). Tickets for that Music Hall show are on sale.

Washed OutOne artist who's not playing that show or any CMJ shows at all is Washed Out (Georgia's Ernest Greene). He'll play just one NYC show (his second live show ever) one day before CMJ at Santos Party House on October 19th with Restless People. Tickets are on sale. I tried to get him to open the BrooklynVegan CMJ show at Music Hall on October 20th (one day later), but he said he can't even stay in town that long due to personal commitments back home.

Restless People features members of Professor Murder (and Tanlines). Listen to their first single "Victimless Crime", HERE. The Santos show will be their first show.

Rising, Breaking, Band to Watch vs Bear, Washed Out (the next Neon Indian even), though fairly new to the scene, already appears on a free Outfitters compilation that also includes tracks by Girls, Vivian Girls, A Place to Bury Strangers, No Age, Le Loup, Rain Machine, The xx, The Very Best, Kurt Vile and The Dodos (who have two NYC shows this week). Washed Out's "Life of Leisure" 12" is out on Mexican Summer now.

One day after CMJ (10/25), Real Estate play a 1:00PM NYC show just for kids (Kidrockers) at The Living Room with... Neon Indian. Tickets are on sale ("Adults must be accompanied by a kid and vice versa").

Real Estate will follow up their CMJ with a November tour with Girls. That hits Maxwell's on November 2nd and Bowery Ballroom on November 6th. Real Estate album, tour dates and flyers below...

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DOWNLOAD: Kendrick Strauch - 48 Hour Fever (SENDSPACE ZIP LINK)

Issue 61 (out now) - cover by Aron Wahl of Big A little a

Showpaper, "the volunteer-run, free, and one-of-a-kind 'DIY' newsprint of concert, art, and film listings," is hosting a benefit for itself on Saturday, September 26th (7pm) at Kidd Yellin Gallery (133 Imlay St in Red Hook, Brooklyn).

The excellent musical lineup includes Your Nature, The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, Shilpa Ray, Rebecca Schiffman, Sarah & Michelle Cagianese, and Kendrick Strauch. Kendrick is the keyboard player of the now-broken-up Harlem Shakes. Earlier this year, before the Shakes left for tour with Passion Pit in May, Kendrick spent two days recording a cover version of the entirety of Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Fever to Tell. All he used was "a beat-up piano and a dinky drum machine".

"So Fever to Tell by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is the best album to have sex to of all time. I can't play drums, I can't play guitar, and I'm not a banshee of a girl. But I wanted to cover it because I like it, and because I wanted to win a bet. So here is my impressionistic, masturbatory act of devotion. I recorded it in a noisy rehearsal studio with whatever was laying around. I only had two weekend days and a case of Sparks (which I supplemented with a bottle of Old Granddad Sunday) before I was leaving town, so now I know what my inebriated intuition sounds like. So I hope you like this Christmas Card to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Listen to the songs I put up, if you like them, I put a sendspace link where you can download the whole album" - Kendrick
Check it out above.

In addition to the music, there'll be artwork from Gibby Haynes of Butthole Surfers, covers of the paper and other art and photos on display. A flyer and more info are below...

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Shea Stadium

Shea Stadium, the new Brooklyn space that's hosting a Showpaper benefit with Fiasco, Dinowalrus and others on May 30th, is opening in full this weekend (May 22nd).

On Friday, May 22nd, Whack, Grocery Thief, and No One & the Somebodies play the venue. Then, Shea hosts a kick-off party on Sunday, May 24th with Golden Error, Pow Wow!, Bad Credit No Credit and Donner Party Picnic with the So So Glos DJing.

It turns out the venue is also rigged for live recording and has plans to release recorded shows on their website ("think Daytrotter with an audience").

Shea Stadium is a progressive art space that serves a dual purpose as both a recording studio and live music venue. Our deal is simple....bands are invited to come and use our space and our equipment free of charge to make a live recording of their set. During these live recording sessions our doors will be open to the public: all bands are encouraged to treat these sessions as a show and bring as many of their friends/fans as they like. A small cover charge at the door (we have to pay the bills right??) grants you admission to the entire night of sessions as everyone is welcome to stay for the duration of the evening's festivities. As both a studio and show space, our mission is to create a fun-loving environment that will bring out the best in all the bands who perform, as well as the audience.
The new venue was started by producer Adam Reich, who is a childhood friend, and the producer of, The So So Glos, who are some of the people behind Market Hotel. It's one big DIY family.

More info on the venue, the kick-off-show flyer, and more below...

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92YTribeca (200 Hudson Street, New York, NY) is hosting two music shows tonight (1/24). The first is at 8PM, is free, and will feature a rare performance by Boston's Dave Godowsky. The second is at 8:30, a benefit for Showpaper, and is being brought to Manhattan by none other than Brooklyn's Todd P (and Manhattan's Less Artists More Condos, and Showpaper, and everyone else involved in promoting it). Asa Ransom, The Muggabears, Sigmund Droid, and Nymph are all playing the $10/all-ages bill.

Also coming up at the new downtown venue:
Jan 30 - Gogol Bordello: Non Stop / NYC Premier Party
Feb 06 - These Are Powers, Bird Names
Feb 17 - Medeski Martin & Wood
Feb 21 - Todd P Presents: Telepathe, Teengirl Fantasy, Hawnay Troof, Silk Flowers
Feb 27 - White Magic

Gogol Bordello Non-Stop documentary trailer below...

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Titus Andronicus @ McCarren Pool (more by Jason Bergman)
Titus Andronicus

Fiasco have a bunch of interesting shows coming up including one tonight (Sep 5) at Death By Audio and one tomorrow (Sept 6) at the LES Howl Festival in Tompkins Square Park (on the North Stage):

SHOWPAPER Presents (Saturday)
4.00pm The Crayons
4.20pm The Sediment Club
4.40pm No One and the Somebodies
5.00pm FIASCO

Howl! Presents (the last band)
5.30 Left Over Crack

Fiasco hits the stage the same time as The Cockettes. The rest of Fiasco's tour dates are below.

Titus Andronicus are also playing a show tonight (Sep 5). Sup Mag presents this one at Lit Lounge. Chairlift and a "special guest girl band" are also on the bill. Titus's next area show is at Maxwell's in October (for now anyway). That's the show with Love is All & Abe Vigoda. All dates below...

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Showpaper show

Last night around 11:15 pm, I got to the Market Hotel--a/k/a the 20 day-old all-ages space where Todd P and other DIY-minded folks have been booking rad shows, the same tremendously rad space where I snapped these nifty No Age pics couple Mondays ago--only to pull open its metal door and find the lights on, total silence, and a NYPD officer standing at the top of the stairs. Then, a frustrated bark: "We're closed."

It was supposed to be a four-band benefit for Showpaper, topped off by Ninjasonik and Team Robespierre. But according to a couple kids who'd already been inside (one of whom was Crowd-Surf Girl--her name turns out to be Stephanie), the bill didn't make it past the Vivian Girls before the po-po showed.

No official word yet what this means for the stellar line-ups scheduled for the next two nights (High Places/Lucky Dragons tonight; Ghengis Tron, Aa, Ponytail, Shooting Spires on Saturday), but as of this moment all the dates are still on the Market Hotel MySpace page. [Village Voice]

I just talked to someone else who was there when it happened. They said it got shut down around 10:30 and there were around 100 people there. The Vivian Girls had finished playing and there was a DJ on at the time. Scary part: supposedly anyone with a Showpaper shirt was told to stand against the wall. Everyone else was allowed to leave. They don't think anybody was arrested, but tickets were issued. It all may have had to do with someone drinking on the street. Lots of rumors (including the show possibly starting back up at 1am?) and not many exact details at this point.

The Vivian Girls @ Market Hotel (pre-bust), Feb 28, 2008 (Tod Seelie)
Vivian Girls @ Market Hotel

Just last week a much more packed Black Dice show happened at the Market Hotel with no problems at all.

by Finger on the Pulse

DOWNLOAD: The Phantom's Revenge - For Those Who Came In Late (MP3)

The Phantoms RevengeEvery once in a while, something just comes across the headphones that is just so good, so amazing that it takes precedent over all your other songs. The ohmygodthisisthebestthingever feeling sweeps us in and nothing can top it. The current spot is held by French producer The Phantom's Revenge for his track "For Those Who Came In Late".

We were floored when we heard this on Solid Goldberger. From pounding bass to disco vocals to strings to a huge build for the end of the track that fools you at first then pays off. This track is and should be massive. We tried to get more info on The Phantom's Revenge, but to no avail. All we really know is that his plan is to save the world and that he is afraid of spiders. Get more tracks at SG.


P.S. Help Showpaper stay alive and have fun at the same time by stopping by the benefit show happening at Market Hotel Thursday night. Details below.....

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Showpaper art by Lightning Bolt's Brian Chippendale

There was one Dirty Projectors & Ecstatic Sunshine tour date I forgot to mention - the one that goes down this Saturday August 4th at Death By Audio in Williamsburg...


|| Dirty Projectors
|||| Effi Briest ------------> mems Psychic Ills
|||||| Ecstatic Sunshine
|||||||| Spectre Folk -----> Pete Nolan from Magik Markers

8pm | $7-15 sliding scale | ALL AGES

As you might know, Ecstatic Sunshine is another one of those hot bands from Baltimore - the same place that brought us (the band who opened for Suicide on Friday) TheDeathSet, and TheDeathSet are also playing ANOTHER BENEFIT SHOW in Brooklyn w/ the impressive top-to-bottom, Baltimore-to-Philly-to-NYC lineup of Peelander-Z, The Teeth, The Boggs & DJ Nick Catchdubs. This one is for Universal Healthcare, and tickets are on sale for it. More info below....

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Showpaper is a FREE bi-weekly print-only publication which aims to list and promote all ages DIY shows in the NYC and tri-state area. We hope to spread the word about shows that would otherwise slip under the radar. Each issue will also feature a full color piece of art by a contemporary artist. Look for it in your local record store/gallery/café.
The recognizable art you see on the cover of issue 3 above was done by Best Fwends' Dustin Pilkington.