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Lá-Bas is something of an indie supergroup, comprised of Nathan Larson (Shudder To ThInk, Swiz), Angelica Allen (My Midnight Heart), and Jordan Kern, and their self-titled debut album features contributions from Jon Natchez (Beirut, Camera Obscura, The War on Drugs), Daniel Mintseris (St. Vincent, David Byrne), Brian Kantor (Nina Persson band, Yellowbirds), Bengt Lagerberg (The Cardigans), Eric D. Johnson (Fruit Bats), Grant Zubritsky (MS MR, Nina Persson band), and Kevin March (Guided By Voices, Shudder To Think). The album comes out next week (5/12) via Nathan Larson's label Modern Imperial, and it can now be streamed in full below (via SPIN).

Their album release party, which will be their first-ever live performance, happens May 12 at Baby's All Right, with a DJ set by Midnight Magic. Tickets are on sale now.

Show flyer, with the album stream, below...

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The film Wet Hot American Summer came out Summer 2001 and didn't do much at the box office but had cult hit written all over it. A satire of '80s summer camp movies, it was written by David Wain and Michael Showalter of The State and featured most of the rest of that comedy in the cast. It also starred a lot of folks who'd soon be a lot more famous -- Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, and Elizabeth Banks, to name a few -- and featured songs by Shudder to Think's Craig Wedren. You probably know all this.

Director David Wain, and pretty much all of the original cast (including Cooper, Rudd, Pohler and Banks), are going back to camp for an eight-part miniseries, subtitled "First Day at Camp," that will air on Netflix this summer. Also appearing on the new series: Chris Pine, Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, Paul Scheer, Rob Huebel, John Slattery, and Jason Schwartzman. And probably more. They just debuted a trailer for the miniseries, which doesn't show much beyond the names of the castmembers, but you can watch it below.

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Though Fruit Bats are no more, main member Eric D. Johnson is now pursuing a solo career, which should hopefully fill that Fruit Bats void in our lives. He's releasing his self-titled debut album as EDJ on August 5 via Easy Sound. Here's a bit of what Eric said about the album's collaborators:

I had a bunch of my favorite people come and join me on this. Sam Cohen, Brian Kantor, and Josh Kaufman (all of Yellowbirds and a million other bands) made up the backbone of the band in the early part of the tracking. And then there were appearances by people from all the different chapters of my musical life - Andy Cabic from Vetiver and Tim Rutili from Califone dropped by to add stuff. James Mercer from The Shins sang some gorgeous high harmonies, and Nathan Larson of Shudder to Think (also my sometime film score collaborator) laid down some drone-y guitar vibes. And of course Thom Monahan, my usual studio co-conspirator, was there to make everything come together.
Stream two tracks from the album, along with a teaser video, below. You can also check out a recent Aquarium Drunkard session EDJ did where he covered Joe Jackson and Richard & Linda Thompson here.

EDJ is going on a tour with Delta Spirit soon, and though he's not opening their NYC shows, he'll play his own show here right after the tour ends on September 25 at Mercury Lounge. Tickets for that show go on sale Friday (7/25) at noon.

All dates are listed, with the streams and video, below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Craig Wedren/St. Vincent
Craig WedrenSt Vincent

You've already heard more than half of the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tribute album, Just Tell Me That You Want Me (due out 8/14 via Concord, but up for pre-order on iTunes now), which features mostly indie rock bands offering their takes on songs from throughout Fleetwood Mac's expansive career. Today we premiere another song from this collection -- Craig Wedren (of Shudder to Think and Baby) and St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) tackling "Sisters of the Moon," a Stevie Nicks-penned standout off 1979's Tusk, with co-production from Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio). The two artists' shared love of off-kilter distortion come together nicely to turn one of Fleetwood Mac's dreamier songs into something entirely new. The first part of the song prominently features Craig singing lead, and a bit more than halfway through, Annie takes over with some heavily processed vocals and gives the song a complete 180. Have a listen for yourself by streaming the cover below.

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photos by Justina Villanueva

Shudder to Think

Shudder to Think had many different lineups while they were active from 1986-1998. Staying consistent with that, they've had varying lineups during this 2007-2009 reunion period as well. Frontman Craig Wedren has also has had many different musical projects since 1998, projects that maybe better represent where he is now than the one he just got back together. One of those solo-like projects, which he has performed with at Le Poisson Rouge and Joe's Pub in recent times, is a collaboration with the mini orchestra ACME.

With that background in mind, maybe last night's show wasn't actually too peculiar. First, Shudder to Think guitarist Nathan Larson wasn't at the show. The official reason was that he was busy with his other band (and wife in) A Camp. Oddly, A Camp doesn't/didn't have any shows scheduled, and Nathan has been a part of the reunion since the start. Second, after a first set of Shudder to Think songs, Craig switched the format of last night's show and actually did bring out, and perform with, ACME. Craig explained that he actually wrote the songs with Jefferson Friedman while STT was still together, so it still counted. None of this made it a bad, possibly final, show... just sayin'.

Shudder's last drummer Kevin March was the drummer last night (as he has been for the whole part of the reunion), and Shudder bassist Stuart Hill was nowhere to be found (same for the whole reunion). The show opened with old songs like A Vampire's Proposal, Lies About the Sky, and About Three Dreams and then seemed to segue into Pony Express material (still no Nathan).

But then came a surprise. Chris Matthews who was the original Shudder guitar player even before Nathan joined the band, came on stage for two songs, one being Red House, the other being Day Ditty (both songs he originally played in). The other guitarist in last night's band is the new guy who has been there since 2007. After the ACME bit they came back to rock again.... Overall they played for around two hours. Other songs included Gang of $, Lies About the Sky, Nine Fingers, She's A Skull, No Rm. 9 Kentucky, Love Catastrophe, X-French T-Shirt, and Hit Liquor... full setlist in the comments.

Hit Liquor is one of many songs that appears on the new Shudder To Think live album being released by Team Love soon. You can grab that track for free HERE.

Pattern is Movement and Blame the Patient opened the Bowery show. More pictures below...

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DOWNLOAD: Shudder to Think - Hit Liquor (live) (MP3)

Shudder to Think @ Webster Hall in 2008 (more by Tim Griffin)
Shudder to Think

As previously mentioned, Shudder to Think are playing a show at Bowery Ballroom in NYC TONIGHT (9/2) with Pattern Is Movement and Blame The Patient. Tickets are still available, and I have a pair to giveaway (details below). Why should you go to this show? Two good reasons are:

  1. Bowery Ballroom is smaller than Webster Hall
  2. This will be the last Shudder to Think show.... for now anyway, or for the foreseeable future, or possibly forever (they won't commit to that last part, but they say they have no plans at the moment to keep it going.) (I obviously feel insecure about repeating the claim, but the email was titled "Shudder To Think Play Final Show in NYC on Sept 2")
They reunited at the end of 2007 and went on to play a bunch of shows in 2008 (including at Bowery and then at Webster Hall). On September 15th they're releasing a live album on Team Love. Two never-before-seen pro-shot live videos, and contest details, below...

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Shudder To Think @ Webster Hall, Oct 2008 (more by Tim Griffin)
Shudder To Think

In the fall of 2008, ten years after the band's breakup, ...Shudder To Think embarked on a limited number of tour dates during which the band delivered some of the most compelling and potent shows of their career... The best of the band's live shows can be found on Shudder To Think's new album Live From Home to be released via Team Love on September 15.
And with that live album comes ANOTHER live date for NYC (yay!), Sept 2nd at Bowery Ballroom. Amex Presale kicks off at noon TODAY (7/15), with gen pop getting a crack at 'em at noon 7/17. No more Shudder dates to report at the moment, though STT front-man Craig Wedren has a show scheduled at Joe's Pub on August 4th. At that one he'll be playing with The American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME). Not only does that sound like a bill straight out of the Worldless Music Series, it is a bill straight out of the Wordless Music Series.

Team Love, the NYC-based label that was co-founded by Conor Oberst (and who are releasing the new Shudder album) are also the people that released Craig's 2005 solo album.

Live From Home cover art and full track-listing, along with a message from Craig about the album, is below..

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by Andrew Frisicano

A Camp

A Camp, the trio fronted by Cardigans singer Nina Persson, has announced a full European tour and (so far) one US date in support of its second album, Colonia, out April 28th via Nettwerk. The band will be playing the Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday, May 26 (on sale Friday at noon, Am Ex presale on Wednesday) - which will be a hometown show of sorts for Persson and husband/ex-Shudder to Think member Nathan Larson (who, with ex-Atomic Swing musician Niclas Frisk, make up A Camp).

An article in the UK's Independent discusses Persson's life, The Cardigans, and the move:

[After recording The Cardigans reunion album Super Extra Gravity,] Persson finally spread her wings, moving to New York with Larson. "I was feeling positive, strong," she says. "It was a nice sensation."

Eighteen months ago, Persson and her husband decided to get on to Manhattan's property ladder. They couldn't afford much by themselves, so decided to go in with Larson's parents. They now share a four-storey brownstone in a part of Harlem that has yet to undergo full gentrification.

"We've been burgled three times in 18 months," Persson notes, "but that's just something that happens. And besides, the police are really helpful. They know us by name now..."

The band, which won four Swedish Grammys for its 2001 self-titled debut, performed at this year's ceremony, video below. One of A Camp last NYC shows was at Union Hall in August 2007.

All tour dates, plus a live video/interview, below...

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Shudder to Think (Craign Wedren) @ Webster Hall (more by Tim Griffin)
Craig Wedren

"I'm so excited to break out of a traditional band scenario for the Wordless show. For the last few years it's felt like strings in the daytime (composing film scores), and RAWK at night (performing in bands). I've been looking forward to blurring, bending, and ultimately burning those boundaries and just smooshing it all together live for some time now, and the Wordless show -along with an orchestral song cycle Jefferson Friedman (TFG-Total Fuggin Genius) and I have been writing (which is being performed the night before at Columbia University's Miller Hall) is the first chance

I've had to do it.

For the Wordless show, I'll be singing with The American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME), as well as members of my band. We'll be performing some amazing muzix by Jefferson Friedman, Louis Andriessen, me, Shudder To Think, and John Cage.

Time to crack it open. Do come."
- Craig

photos by Tim Griffin

Shudder to Think

Shudder to Think is an American Post-Hardcore/Alternative rock group. Formed in 1986, they released three albums on the Washington, D.C. Dischord Records label and have been labeled a punk band, though they drew upon a wide range of stylistic influences, including pop. Their music is characterized by a complex mix of these stylistic influences, as well as by technical precision and melodic virtuosity. Singer Craig Wedren's characteristic operatic singing style set the band apart from other post-punk D.C.-area bands. [Wikipedia]
Though they quietly made some appearances here and there over the past year, Shudder to Think played their first official NYC reunion show at Webster Hall on Saturday night (Oct 4, 2008). I unfortunately had to miss it, but Craig promised a "fucking amazing show". Was it? Openers were Pattern Is Movement and The Jealous Girlfriends. More pictures and the official setlist below...

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Shudder to Think @ the Baltimore Virgin Fest (more by Bao Nguyen)
Shudder to think

Every show we've ever played in NYC has some surreal brain-Polaroid attached to it: 1st time playing CBGB, 1st show after I went into remission, last show with Shudder To Think, 1st show with Boy George in the house, etc. I also have perfect memories of historical shows by other bands at Webster Hall (then The Ritz) in the late-eighties, including one that Nathan and I attended in '87, where a then-unknown Guns N Roses played for about 200 people, after which I vowed never to wear underpants again, such was the sheer force their tawdry excellence.

We at Shudder To Think are fairly certain that the combination of all of the above (history, location, no underpants) will make for a fucking amazing show on Saturday.

Come XO!
Craig Wedren

This Saturday: Shudder to Think is playing Webster Hall. Hot Chip is playing Terminal 5. Common and NERD are playng Roseland. Fleet Foxes are playing Grand Ballroom. Jenny Lewis is at the Apollo. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds are at the WaMu Theater at MSG. Stereolab is at Irving Plaza. Glasvegas is at Mercury Lounge. The Kills are at MHOW. Crystal Stilts/Cause Co-Motion/Tyvke is at Death By Audio. Etc...

DOWNLOAD: The Dead Science - Throne of Blood (The Jump Off) (MP3)

The Dead Science

The Dead Science have left Seattle to tour in support of their new album Villainaire, out now on Constellation. Tonight (10/1) you can catch them at Knitting Factory in NYC. Extra Life, Aa & Vakashi Sensei are also on the bill.

Incorporating contemporary R&B drum sounds and structures within their aesthetic has beefed up The Dead Science, to the point where they sound like a pimped-out post-hardcore band on Villainaire. As a singer, Mickens' airy, soaring delivery borders on falsetto, much like his friend and vocal collaborator, Craig Wedren (Shudder to Think). [Eye Weekly]
Maybe Craig Wedren will make an appearance tonight at the Knit. And speaking of Shudder to Think, their first official NYC reunion show is this Saturday at Webster Hall. It's still not sold out. The Dead Science open for Shudder to Think when they play Seattle on October 30th.

And speaking of good friends of the Dead Science, The Parenthetical Girls are in town just one day later (Thursday) to play a show at Cake Shop. By then the Dead Science will have reached Philly though. They should have toured together! All Dead Science (not to be confused with Dear Science) tour dates below...

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Pattern is Movement
Pattern is MovementPattern is Movement

Tonight's show was supposed to be at Studio B and was supposed to have The Jealous Girlfriends on the bill (August 20). Instead, Pattern is Movement, Jukebox the Ghost, Bryan Scary and "a very special unannounced guest" (not Sarah Silverman) are playing at Le Royale on 7th Ave in Manhattan. Is the special guest The Jealous Girlfriends or is it The XYZ Affair or is it somebody completely different? I don't know.

On September 10th, Pattern is Movement kick of a tour in Canada and keep going through October when they eventually meet up with the reunited Shudder to Think to play a few shows including the October 4th one at Webster Hall. The Jealous Girlfriends are also on that bill. Less than a week later The Jealous Girlfriends go out on tour with the Wedding Present. That tour does not currently include the two NYC WP shows. All PIM and TJG tour dates (and the Le Royale flyer) below...

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by Black Bubblegum


The recently reformed Bluetip (featuring members of the mighty Swiz) have lined up a handful of dates including one at Mercury Lounge on August 24th. Tickets are on sale. Let's hop in the time machine, courtesy of the world's most accurate encyclopedia:

Bluetip was a rock band from Washington, D.C. It was formed in 1995 by ex-members of Swiz, and released four albums, an EP, and a number of singles before splitting up in January 2002.

Bluetip's music is a fairly accessible brand of 'post-hardcore' punk rock, but without the bleak introspection of many of their Dischord labelmates.

The reunion is based on the 1996 lineup of Jason Farrell, Dave Stern, Jake Kump, and Joe Gorelick.

Following the demise of Bluetip, Jason Farrell and Joe Gorelick went on to form Retisonic, who are also on hand for the show. Retisonic was captured by Punkcast a few years ago. The Netherlands (the band, not the country) and The Surrounding Areas, a band constructed Frankenstein-style from pieces of Texas Is The Reason, Walking Concert, and Jets To Brazil, will jumpstart the evening.

Ex-Swiz-er Nathan Larson recently reunited with his band Shudder To Think at Baltimore's Virgin Festival.

Walking Concert figurehead Walter Schriefels has reformed Rival Schools.

photos by Bao Nguyen


"Got there early&saw a bit of Andrew Bird and checked out Shudder to Think because we were interested..then went off to get a good spot for She&Him..ahhhhh Zooey Deschanel&M. Ward were great&one of her backup singers sang a song of her own for a bit,apparently people thought lil wayne was in the audience(ummm it wasn't him)&yelled "we want weezy" during the performance. A lot of people were throwing the beach balls around&I really wanted to punch someone because it kept landing on my head(Kate counted 11 times that it hit her in the head)...I really wanted to deflate it&rip it to shreds...as soon as everyone walked off stage people began to push because they wanted to be up front for Lil Wayne"
[High-Low Twist]
Interested is better than not interested. Unfortunately there is very little out there in terms of actual reviews of Shudder To Think's first official reunion performance that took place at the Baltimore Virgin Fest this past weekend. Spin has about a minute of video, the Baltimore Sun thinks Craig's name is Chris, and the Washington Post points out that they were playing to many "teenagers who were staking out prime spots for the Paramore/Taking Back back-to-back".

You can read about their last (unofficial) reunion shows that took place earlier this year. And you can check them out for yourself later this year. Tickets are still on sale for a show at Webster Hall. All tour dates HERE. More Baltimore pics below...

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Six legged fawn

Tickets are on sale for the benefit show Nada Surf are playing.

The Juan Maclean are playing Bowery Ballroom on October 4th. Tickets are on sale.

Trey Anastasio is playing Music Hall of Williamsburg. Tickets will sell out immediately on Saturday.

Tickets are on sale for the Shudder To Think show at Webster Hall.

Both Cut Copy / Presets shows at Webster Hall are on sale.

The M83 show at Webster Hall is on sale.

The Rosebuds are opening for She & Him at Terminal 5. Tickets are still on sale.

Brian Jonestown Masscare play Terminal 5 this Friday. Tickets are still on sale.

Now with a Mercury Prize nomination, The Last Shadow Puppets are playing Grand Ballroom. Tickets are on sale.

Tickets are still available for next Friday's Wolf Parade show. Thursday is sold out. Wintersleep are opening both shows.

Goldfrapp's Radio City show is now on presale.

Mr. Brownstone are playing Irving Plaza on November 28th. Tickets are on sale.

Also on sale: The King Khan & BBQ Show, Ben Kweller, Black Moon & Smif-N-Wessun, Bob Dylan in Philly, Marc Ribot & Dan Friel, and Laurie Anderson.

Sonic Youth @ McCarren Pool - on sale soon.

Check out the free show calendar for FREE SHOWS.

Shudder To Think @ Bowery Ballroom (more by Chris La Putt)
Shudder To Think

As previously reported, "Shudder to Think officially back together, playing Virgin Fest". Add Chicago, Ontario, Philadelphia, Boston, New Orleans, LA, San Francisco and NYC to that list...

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Shudder to ThinkShudder to Think

Most of Shudder to Think got back together to play an Obama benefit at Bowery Ballroom in February (and another show not long before that). At the time, Craig said, "...we want to continue in that spirit and see where it takes us." Well, so far it looks like it's taking them to the Baltimore Virgin Festival in August (where they'll play along with Bob Dylan, Kanye West, .Sharon Jones, The Black Keys, and many others).

Virgin Festival

"People have eagerly awaited our lineup, and now everyone can see that we've achieved the 'Whoa!' factor," said Virgin Mobile Festival concert producer and I.M.P. Chairman Seth Hurwitz. "Our job is that of a curator, finding only the absolute best acts for the most discerning of audiences. We want people to count on us every year for an amazing lineup from start to finish. When fans buy their tickets to the Virgin Mobile Festival, they know they are going to have a great time, be well-treated, and see the best acts in the world, which is why they come back."

Chuck Berry"This is an incredible event for music fans, our partners and customers, as well as a tremendous introduction to our brand," said Bob Stohrer, Chief Marketing Officer, Virgin Mobile USA. "The lineup once again is awesome and, like most things 'Virgin,' it's more than just a concert, but two days full of unexpected and interactive happenings. This year, we have also added the creation of a special edition Virgin Mobile Festival Wild Card handset from Kyocera Wireless, the premier handset sponsor of the event for the past three years."

Bob DylanHurwitz noted that more artists will be added. "Our bill is really strong now," he said, "but in the last two years, acts came along at the last minute that I had to pass on as the lineup was set in stone. This year I'm adding a new element of keeping a couple of choice slots open so I can take advantage of new opportunities over the next few months."

Current lineup below....

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Shudder to Think

With Nathan Larson also on the bill Monday night, rumors are swirling about another Shudder to Think impromptu reunion. What are the odds on that?

The odds are 99.999999 %. It looks like me, Nathan and Kevin March, who was our last drummer, are going to do some Shudder to Think songs. Stuart Hill, our bass player, is not going to do it; I think he has officially hung up his spurs. But we'll try him again in a few months if we keep doing shows. But we're not advertising this show as Shudder to Think because we're wading one toe at a time back into that ocean. I mean, we're very happy with where our friendships are; the music still feels fresh. We played a show a few months ago and it was great; it was very familial and we want to continue in that spirit and see where it takes us. But this seems like a great occasion to play some Shudder to Think songs because we are all pretty much on board about Obama and it gives it a little extra purpose and excitement.[Gothamist spoke to Craig right before the show about that and other stuff]

And in case you missed it, a video from the Bowery show is below....

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photos by Chris La Putt

Stella Hosted, Nina Persson, Alberta Cross, OK Go & Joan as Policewoman played

Shudder to Think setlist

Get Up and Vote

Paul Rudd also showed up at the event. More photos & videos below...

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DOWNLOAD: Craig Wedren - Poolkiss (MP3)

Craig Wedren & Angela McCluskey @ Ars Nova, Dec 1, 2007 (CRED)
Craig Wedren and Angela McCluskey

* VOTE tomorrow
* or Register to Vote
* Exodus & Goatwhore @ BB King's
* Death Vessel & Thao Nguyen @ Knitting Factory
* Barack Rock hosted by Stella w/ Craig Wedren, OK GO & more
* The Slits play Webster Hall for Chloe Sevigney (RSVP may be necessary)

Craig Wedren, Stella and the rest of the cast of tonight's sold-out Barack Rock show at Bowery Ballroom reminded me to remind you to get up and vote tomorrow. In honor of that, Craig gave us a brand spankin' new MP3 that you can download at the top of this post, and Dangle & Junior of Reno 911 recorded some special video messages that you can watch below. What else?

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Craig Wedren @ Pianos, NYC (BV CMJ), NYC - Oct 20, 2007 (Bao)
Craig Wedren

Craig Wedren helped put together this "Get Up And Vote" show at Bowery Ballroom on February 4th. All his friends from Stella will be there, his former bandmate Nathan Larson, Nathan's wife Nina Persson, Joan as Policewoman, AND: OK GO (of YouTube fame) are headlining. More details below.....

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Now that all that Shudder to Think reunion business is out of the way, we can get back to focusing on Craig Wedren's solo career again. His newest song "Fall In" is streaming at MySpace, and here's where he'll be over the next few days....

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Angela McCluskyI can't help but really want to go see Angela McCluskey at the intimate Mercury Lounge tonight (Sept 24) - maybe more than I want to go see Bjork which is at the huge Madison Square Garden. To make the Merc show even more appealing, Angela will be joined on stage by Shudder to Think's Nathan Larsen. That's two weeks in a row that Shudder to Think has a presence at a Papercranes show.

Not familiar with Angela? Check out her songs (and her VOICE which you might recognize from Telepopmusik) at MySpace. She doesn't play that often.