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David Bowie

The BrooklynVegan "Blog Radio" show has been airing weekly on SiriusXMU every Wednesday at noon EST for almost ten years. Last week, in honor of the late David Bowie, host Nick Masi did a show entirely made up of Bowie covers. The artists ranged from Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr and Melvins to Morrissey, The Cure and Bauhaus to James Murphy, TV on the Radio and Chairlift to Tori Amos to Behemoth to Seu Jorge. (Goes to show you how far Bowie's influence reached.) You can check out the full list of songs played below. If you missed the show, it's available on demand for SiriusXMU subscribers.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the show live on SiriusXMU every Wednesday at noon EST, including today (1/20) right now. The show repeats at midnight EST.

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Hard to believe, but our BrooklynVegan "Blog Radio" show has been airing weekly on satellite radio for over 6.5 years. It started on Sirius which then merged with XM and became SiriusXM. The station, which was originally "Left of Center" on Sirius, is now called SiriusXMU (on SiriusXM). You can currently hear the two hour show on the "indie/college" station every Wednesday at noon EST and again at midnight that night (which is technically Thursday morning in Eastern Standard Time).

At some point years ago I brought on like-minded music lover Dominic (Nick) Masi to be my co-host, and to cover when I couldn't make it. Now, though I still may pop in occasionally (my New Year's resolution!), Nick has taken over completely, hosting the show week to week with a selection of music you'll find on BrooklynVegan.com and on his own iPod. Recently Nick also started hosting a show called "Cover Me" (all cover songs) on Bruce Springsteen's E Street Radio, and other programs on the network too.

In his spare time, Nick now tour manages members of Odd Future - a job which was an offshoot of his huge passion for hip hop (and traveling around the continent in a van).

What were Nick's favorite records and songs in 2012? We asked him and he gave us a list of his top 10 albums and "top 15 hip hop songs of the year that don't feature 2Chainz, Kanye, Drake, Rick Ross or (fill in the blank with your favorite rapper you've seen on every remix this year)."

You can check out both of Nick's lists, along with videos or streams for each song on his hip hop list (Odd Future songs included), below...

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photos by Jonny Leather


Ponytail is a 4-piece art rock band formed in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, on the label We Are Free. Their sound has been compared to Deerhoof as well as Ecstatic Sunshine, due to the band's experimental guitar work and unique vocal stylings. The band has toured internationally, with bands such as Battles, Hella, Don Caballero, High Places and others. They have released two albums, Kamehameha, and Ice Cream Spiritual. They were named "Best Live Band" by Baltimore City Paper in September 2007 and "Best Band" in September 2008.[Wikipedia]
Nick Masi and I had to put together this feature for our Sirius-XMU show at the end of December (it ran in early January). They asked us to name "Best Live Band of 2008" among other things. It's hard to pick stuff like that, but we finally agreed on Ponytail for that award too. I realize that some people think exactly the opposite.

Ponytail brought it to The Bell House in Brooklyn on Friday night (1/23). Download an ACOUSTIC session they did for Daytrotter (if you haven't already). See more pictures from the Brooklyn show and all tour dates, below...

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Bob Dylan

Sirius XM Radio, the pay-radio marriage of the two former satellite services, formally combined their program lineups Wednesday.

Some channels from each service went away in the merger, with Sirius and XM Radio subscribers each getting new channels from the other service. Some channels will be moved and/or re-named.

Sirius XM said there will be no increase in the subscription fee or need to change or upgrade existing radios for the basic service, but that doesn't include the "Best of" packages.

XM subscribers will have to pay extra if they want a "Best of Sirius" package with such premium draws as Howard Stern, Martha Stewart Living, Playboy, NASCAR and the NFL. Sirius subscribers will have to shell out more for a "Best of XM" lineup that includes Oprah Winfrey's Oprah & Friends, the NBA, the NHL the PGA and The Virus, which is home to Gregg "Opie" Hughes and Anthony Cumia.

Among the Sirius channels going away are Movin' Easy, Punk, Sirius Disorder, The Strobe, Boombox, Backspin and Universo Latino. XM channels being retired include XM Sports Nation, the Weather Channel, XMX, X-Country, Fungus, Rhyme, Raw, Beyond Jazz, Fine Tuning, The System, Chrome, Viva, Aguila, Caricia. [Chicago Tribune]

In case anyone was wondering, "Blog Radio" survived the cut. Indie/Alternative station Left of Center (Sirius) merged with XMU (XM) to form the new Sirius-XMU, which, although its name is closer to "XMU" is actually more like "Left of Center" (Blog Radio included). The new lineup for Sirius can be found here. The new XM lineup can be found here.